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Secrets in Thiruppavai. Secret -2 (GarbhOttam)


Another secret hidden in Thiruppavai is about GarbhOttam,
the Yearly water cycle which modern science is yet to catch up with.

Usually, the GarbhOttam days happen in maargazhi.

The days when the Sun moves through the 4 paadams of the star pooradam
are known as 'garbhOtta dinam'.
It is during this period
(these days can be seen marked in panchangam)
the clouds are said to enter the ocean and drink water,
so that they can give the water back during rest of the year.

In other words, the conditions that happen on these days on the ocean
and its surface determine the rain output in the upcoming rainy season.

Thiruppavai begins on the first day of Dhanur maasam.
It also happened to be a pournami.
That means the star of the day was Mrigashirisha.
If the moon is in mrigashirisha on Maargazhi pournami, the sun will be
in Pooradam.

The 2nd pournami comes on 'vanga-ka-kadal ' (pasuram) day within the month of Margazhi.
Two pournamis in one month makes Dhanur maasam (lunar month) a mala maasam.
That may be the reason for Andal taking up another nonbu in

It is possible that when maargazhi began on the day
Andal took up the nonbu,
the sun was in pooradam 1st paadam.

Taking into account the retrogation of the sun by 1 degree every 72 years,
the maargazhi in Andal's times did not begin on moolam.
It could have been on the 2nd day of pooradam 1st paadam
when the sun began its sojourn .
The sun covers 1 paadam in 3 days, 8 hours, 48 seconds.

The first 2 paasurams are a kind of sankalpa,
and 3rd, 4th and 5th are
about garbOttam.

Andal and others of olden days were well aware of Nature's / cosmic happenings
as their day was calculated by the sun and
the moon's chaaram.

Moreover, ancient Tamil works also speak about maargazhi nonbu
with a view to ask for good rains among other benefits.

Pooradam is the star which has Varunan as athi-devatha.

Hence the prayer for rains when the sun moves in pooradam is
seen on the 3rd, 4th and 5th days.

One possibility :- The sun had already entered pooradam and is on the
2nd day of its sojourn.

The first 2 paasurams are on the 2nd and 3rd day of pooradam. With this
pooradam paadam -1 is over.

Now in pooradam paadam-2

The 3 days of sun in this paadam are dedicated to the Lord drinking
water from the ocean,
the peak occurring on the middle of the paadam
with 'aazhi mazhi-k-kanna'.

It is possible to calculate the degrees regressed by the sun from now
till Andal's maargazhi as mentioned above,
to find the time period of Andal.

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