Sunday, September 14, 2008

Is there any governance happening in this country?

Life has become cheap like the Re 1 ration rice.
The common man is bearing the brunt of ineptitude of the political class
who have no qualms in encouraging anti-national elements for vote bank reasons.
If Lallus and Mulayams are foolishly encouraging such elements in the North, abetted by Congress politicians ( I dont want to call them leaders - for, they have no qualification to be called as leaders), their counter part in Tamil nadu often reaches the peak of callousness in nation's safety for the sake of personal agenda.

If the decision to release the life -convicts is the latest in the series of such foolish decisions, the succinct support to the so-called minority religionists by encouraging them to usurp even the solid history of this country is unpardonable.
Turning a blind eye to the assault on Tamil history, that is gathering now will leave its ugly repercussions sometime in future.

- jayasree


(View pictures and weep for a resolve to serve Bharata Maataa, to protect dharma and secure the nation.)

It is clear that national security has been rendered a political claptrap by 10 Janpath chamchas and they should give up power forthwith without waiting for demands from citizens through movements and agitations.

Islamist jihadi terror of 9/13/2008 (13 Sept. 2008) in New Delhi is the blast evidencing utter incompetence of the state to provide security to citizens of the nation. Enormous efforts are spent to protect 10 Janpath residents and chamcha-s of 10 Janpath. There is an UPA ally in Tamil Nadu announcing the release of 1405 convicts to commemorate some party icon.

The limits of tolerance have been reached and the evidences for the utter contempt of rule of law and constitutional propriety by the UPA Government functionaries and utter disregard for the safety of the life and limb of citizens, renders it imperative for the President of the Union of India to dismiss the UPA Government and all the state governments run by UPA partners.

A national government should be constituted with the immediate proclamation of a National Patriot Ordinance as a prelude to a Patriot Act announcing the resolve of the state to mount a total war on islamist jihadi terror.

Politico-s have failed the fundamental responsibility of protecting dharma. The first principle of Raja dharma is to set aside personal interests and place the nation first. I accuse this UPA Government and State governments led by UPA allies of utter failure in Raja dharma. They have forfeited their right to continue in office.

Dr S. kalyanaraman




The decision of the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Mr.Karunanidhi to get released 1405 convicts serving life sentences to mark the birth centenary of DMK founder C.N.Annadurai, is illegal, unconstitutional and downright dangerous to public order.

Mr.Karunanidhi has made a private secret deal with all these criminals that they will work for the DMK in the coming Lok Sabha elections.

The premature release decision was not recommended by the TN Prison Advisory Board, but was effected by by-passing the Board. The TN Cabinet passed a resolution and got the pardon issued under Article 161 by the Governor Mr.S.S.Barnala. This will completely undermine the respect for law and justice in the state.

This decision will be challenged by me in the Supreme Court since in August 2007 a Supreme Court Bench had stayed the Andhra Pradesh Government's similar largesse of freeing 1500 Life sentence convicts.



Terror 9/13

Staff Reporter | New Delhi

Delhi bombed: 5 blasts 30 dead

A series of chemical blasts, ignited by SIMI
avtaarIndian Mujahideen, left over 30 dead and 80 injured in the National Capital on Saturday.

According to information with The Pioneer the chemical Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) was used in the bombs. A senior security official said, "since the police were on the trail of those in the nitrogen trade (as nitrogen bombs were used in Ahmedabad blasts), the terror group decided to dodge the forces by using another chemical," an Intelligence official said. According to information with The Pioneer, at a "seminar" (euphemism for a training camp) the SIMI cadre were trained in the use of H2O2. All the explosives had timers attached to it.

The terror e-mail claiming responsibility for the serial bomb blasts in Delhi to a media house was sent from an IP address of a power company in Mumbai, officials from the Anti-Terrorism Squad of Mumbai Police said.

"The e-mail sent by Indian Mujhahideen has been tracked to an IP address in the eastern suburb of Mumbai," Addl CP (ATS) Parambir Singh said, adding that investigations were on to track the IP address to a more specific place. The address from where the email was sent was that of Kamaran Power Limited in Chembur.

Meanwhile, speaking on the sidelines of the BJP national executive meet in Bangalore, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi said: "Ten days ago when I met the Prime Minister, I specifically alerted him that terrorists being interrogated by Gujarat Police had indicated that Delhi was going to be their next target, that all preparation had been completed for the blasts and that they were just waiting for the orders."

Though Delhi Police Special Cell JCP Karnal Singh denied having any such input, there is information to the contrary. "The terror groups have yet again worked on the lacklustre attitude towards the information on terror attacks," a security official said. The IB had alerted Delhi Police on possible blasts in the Capital as they had found out that the mastermind of the Gujarat serial blasts had camped in Delhi before executing his plan in Gujarat.

Sources in Delhi Police later claimed that they have definite clues about those behind the attack and would soon solve the case. It would, however, be pertinent to mention here that Delhi Police is yet to solve the 2005 Sarojini Nagar blast case in which over 55 people had died.

Even on the fateful Saturday, Delhi Police's reaction was slow with the cops failing to neutralise four blasts, which followed the first one in Gaffar Market at 6.10 pm. The next blast at Greater Kailash happened a full 20 minutes after the first blast and the blasts in Connaught Place 25 minutes later, that too outside Metro stations. "The Delhi Police network failed not only before the blast but also afterwards. I say it with full responsibility that they had information at least four days in advance and they failed to react on it," leader of Opposition in Delhi Assembly Jagdish Mukhi said. After the first blast, no effort was made by the Delhi Police to sound an alert.

On the contrary a message was spread that the blast in Karol Bagh was from a cylinder with no injuries and there was no need to panic. The terror attack became obvious only after the next four bombs went off in quick succession in M-Block Market Greater Kailash and Connaught Place. The young women who lay strewn on the lawns of Central Park in CP would have been saved had the police sounded an alert. No effort was made to clear the crowded bus stands and entry points to the Metro stations, which are sitting ducks for terrorists.

In CP, one of the bombs exploded between the Central Park and Palika Bazar entrance and another placed near the Barakhamba Road Metro station - i.e. between Gopal Das Bhawan and Nirmal Tower. Both the buildings house private offices and banks.

In the GK-I blast, more than a dozen people were injured and 10 shops damaged in the explosion at 6:30 pm. All bombs were planted in dustbins. Security was enhanced at all Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) stations but train services were not suspended in the wake of the serial blasts. "Security has been strengthened and frisking and checking of commuters stepped up. The Metro is under constant vigil," a CISF spokesperson said. Nearly two lakh people commute daily on Metro.

The CISF official said the public transport system is under high alert and extra personnel have been pressed into service to keep a vigil on commuters. As a security measure, all suspect places like dustbins in coaches as well as at stations have been checked. Delhi Metro officials have appealed to commuters to inform them about any unattended bags, suspicious objects or characters.

The most powerful explosion, however, took place at the crowded Gaffar Market. The explosion was so powerful that the auto-rickshaw, which took the brunt of the attack, was blown to pieces and was flung on to a tree. At the time of going to the Press, at least four more explosive devices had been diffused by bomb disposal squads. The bombs were recovered from near the Regal Cinema building in CP, and from the children's park near India Gate.

Though in high security zone, India Gate is visited by a large number of residents and tourists on weekends.

Had the bomb gone off at India Gate, a large number of children would have fallen prey to terror.

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