Monday, October 13, 2008

Defective Vaastu of Congress Head quarters!



The Vaastu corrections done at Satyamurthy bhavan

as reported in the media (given below)

seem to be heading for making Thanga balu, the state congress chief,

as 'Thangaatha balu' (the one who will not stay / be there.)



What else can I say for the defects  that are done in the name of Vaastu corrections?

The rear entrance is a laughable stock –

which is similar to the sarcasm 'Crazy' Mohan showed in his latest drama,

"Chocolate Krishna".



The rear entrance is the worst Vaastu defect of all 'Dwara doshas'.

Such a door will make the owner lose money.

In this case both Thanga balu and his party would lose

money and votes with this kind of defect.



The loss of fortunes for the Congress right from 1969

must be traced to the defects at the time of construction of the building.

Or some salya defects must be there under the ground.

The 'pada' division of the site  may not have been properly adhered to

and room and seat arrangement must be suffering from marma vedhas.

Certainly a rear door can not solve the problems

It can only accentuate the problems.








TNCC tries 'vaastu' for party HQ




(reporter's diary )

Deccan Chronicle Oct 13, 2008



With his present tenure as TNCC chief not starting off on a bright note state Congress president K.V. Thangka Balu has turned to vaastu to bring about much needed changes at the Satyamurti Bhavan and in his political career.


Poor Thangka Baalu found himself upbraided in public by M. Karunanidhi for being over enthusiastic about the DMK chief's hint at sharing power with the Congress in the state. Before he could recover from that shock the Salem MP was given a cold dressing down by Congress president Sonia Gandhi who told him off not to raise the issue again. Also he has been unable to assemble his team of office-bearers due to sustained opposition from the G.K. Vasan group.


It was then that some of his well wishers suggested that the vaastu of Satyamurti Bhavan, where the TNCC is headquartered, did not match his horoscope. So under the pretext of improving the acoustics of the large auditorium the entire complex is being remodeled.


The auditorium itself is being made into a standalone hall. More importantly Thangka Balu would enter the building through a new entrance at the rear of the main building, which, according to his astrologers would augur him well.


Sometime ago a peanut vendor was asked by some of Thankga Baalu's chelas not to sell puffed rice (arisi pori) in the complex which they claimed was proving inauspicious for the state unit. But the veteran vendor had refused to change his wares.


Satyamurti Bhavan was built in 1962 during former chief minister Kamarajar's regime. "This is the first time someone is attempting such major changes to this building. Mr Thangka Balu should instead spend his energies in reconstituting the state office-bearers by including all the groups," said a senior MLA.



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