Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ram Setu: Latest affidavit of GOI in SC is sacrilege.








            The clandestine manner in which the Counsel for the Union of India had chosen in the Supreme Court today, to file Written Submissions in the Setusamudaram Shipping Channel Project case, two and a half months after the Orders on the same were reserved by the First Bench of the Supreme Court, speaks volumes about the panic in which the Government of India is in the matter. Moreover, the Counsel for the Union of India made a Mention in the Supreme Court of the intention to file their Written Submissions without informing the principal parties in the Writ Petition, such as myself. This is unethical behaviour in the code of law, for which I shall appear in the Court on Thursday to protest.



            These Written Submissions do not add any weight to the arguments already made by the Union of India.  What is  clear though  is that the Government continues to maintain that Rama Setu is not an essential part of Hindu religion  The law is however, very clear and explicit, namely, that what is to be held sacred is decided by a sizeable section of the people and not by any Government or court.



            The mere fact that the Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh and the UPA chairperson, the Italian Catholic Ms. Sonia Antonia Gandhi chose to go on Vijadashmi day to the Ramlila Ground to put 'tilak' on the drama 'troupe's, Rama, Sita and Lakshmana, and by prominently being photographed in order for it to be published in the front pages of media newspapers,   itself proves how Ramalila epic including Rama Setu, is central to the Hindu religion.



            The people of India should give a befitting reply to the sacrilege being committed in the courts of law by the Government by rubbishing the Hindu religion. It sadly is only to facilitate earning of illegal commissions by some functionaries of the UPA in the Setusamudram Project.



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