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Moola, Aslesha, Jyeshta & Vishaka – are they dreadful??

There are some popular beliefs and adages connected to 4 stars in particular –
Moola, Aslesha, Jyeshta & Vishaka.
All these beliefs talk unkindly on the nature and
the future of the persons born in these stars.
The disturbing part of it is that these are applied to women only..

For instance, the popular saying on Moola star is
"AaN moolam arasaaLum, peN moolam nirmoolam"
This means the man born in Moola star will rule the land
whereas a woman born in this star will be a destroyer.

Similarly, girls born in any of the four stars –
Moola, Aslesha, Jyeshta & Vishaka
are supposed to bring some kind of ill-luck to her husband's family.
Even now, marriage prospects of girls born in these stars are a question mark,
unless remedied – which is done by the selective choice of the groom
on respective issues.
But this kind of stigma is not attached to the man born in these stars.
This post seeks to analyze these issues in a rational perspective.

Before analyzing the issues raised above,
it must be made clear that no star is bad.
Every star has some attributes and significances.
Those attributes and significances are supposed to be found
in the person born in a particular star.

For instance, the star BharaNi is regarded like this:-
"BharaNi dharaNi aaLum"
Those born in BharaNi are capable of ruling the world.
Why and how?
This is explained on the basis of the following reasons.

The Ati-devatha of BharaNi is Yama.
Yama is known for exact justice.
But that would make one a good judge, or a lawyer,
not a ruler.
Here we have to see other attributes too.

BharaNi is lorded by Venus, the planet for comforts, riches, prosperity.
So a BharaNi –born must be both a just person
(having a good sense of discrimination of what is right and what is wrong)
and also a rich person, having worldly riches in his command.

But can these two make one a Ruler?
It is here you have to see in which sign, BharaNi is placed.
It is in the Aries, ruled by Mars.
Mars signifies warrior tendencies and prowess at fighting a war.
A person with warring or fighting instincts will not see right or wrong.
He would just plunge into his target and smash it mercilessly.
But if such a person (who is capable of winning territories)
is endowed with the sense of Justice like Yama
and is in command of vast riches bestowed by Venus
(Mars also gives him command over lands),
then he will definitely be a king!
That is how a BharaNi-born person rules the world.

The Ati-devatha of the star,
the planetary lord of the star and the
sign lord (Rasi lord) of the star along with the sign's attributes
determine the primary nature of the person born in that star.

This is like an advantage that the star is giving to a person.
But this must be supported by the rest of the natal chart.
If it does not, it must be understood that the person will not achieve the final result.
He would anyway possess the primary attributes,
but they can not help him in getting the maximum result
even if they were to work at their maximum potential!
That is why, not all those born in BharaNi can rule the world.
But they would exhibit the attributes of fighting against odds
and being noticed wherever they are or
ruling / commanding the area / group where they are.

It is with this rationale we must look into the working of any star.
Apart from the three factors mentioned above
(ati-devatha, planetary Lord and Sign lord)
there are numerous other factors which make a star
exhibit different profiles.
With this background, let us examine the controversies related to the 4 stars.

The sandhi-stars!

The General rule is that the 'sandhi' or the meeting point
between any two major units
denotes neither this nor that.
It is a period of difficulty, as transition will be taking place there.
There are 3 major places in the zodiac indicating Sandhi.

These are called as 'Gandaantham' – the end points of 'gandam' or trouble.
There are gandaamtham for everything.
It is there for stars (nakshthra gandaantham),
for thithis (thithi gandaantham) and
for lagans (lagna gandaantham).
These are the sandhis or meeting points of stars, thithis and lagans.
These areas do not give clarity.
They indicate troubles and therefore are to be avoided.

In the same way, Rasi gandaantham happens after every 4 signs (rasi).
Starting from Aries, the stars keep entering the consecutive signs until Aslesha.
In Aslesha or cancer, the stars end up and the next star begins in Leo.
In this way, gandaantham occurs in
Aslesha- Makha,
Jyeshta – Moola and
Revathy- Ashwini.

Usually if a woman is experiencing labour pain in these gandaanthas,
there is a likely-hood of complications.
The child in most cases will not survive the gandaanthas,
that is, the child will not cross the sandhi and be born in the next star.

If it does, it will be a "Bhoopathy" (ruler or / Great person),
says 'Brahma Rishi vakhyam'.
Such sandhi occurs everyday in sun's sojourn.
Birth at morning or evening sandhi,
or at noon or at mid-night will see complications or even death of the baby.
But if the child survives, it would lead a great life.
Popular examples are Sri Rama (born at noon)
Sri Krishna ( at mid night)
Ravana ( at evening sandhi).

The related information is that the mothers of these persons had a terrible time!
It is a known fact that Rama's and Krishna's mothers were not happy
despite having the greatness of being mothers of Avataras of Vishnu!
This is how the stigma comes to be attached to stars or births at sandhis!!

The stigmas that hurt us in the present times are those connected with gandaantha stars.
Let us examine them.

Moola for men and women.

Moola is a star in the beginning of a group.
It is better known for certain attributes.
Moola is ruled by the ati-devatha called 'Nirurithi'.
Readers having knowledge of Vaasthu know how Nirurithi is a dreaded devatha.
Nirurithi stands for dreadfulness and destruction.
It is always associated with wars.

If Nirurithi or the Moola star is in a favorable position for a person while going on a war, chances are that he would win.
This star's utility is best exploited in waging wars!
So a man who is born in this star is supposed to have the acumen and potential
to go on war and become victorious too.
Hence, 'aaN moolam arasaaLum'.
The man of the Moola star would reign the country
as this star makes him capable of inflicting defeat on his opponents.

Suppose a woman is born in this star.
Is such a woman cut-out for becoming a soldier?
Would she go on a war?
What this Nirurithi would make her or do with her?
If these questions are asked,
we would understand why it was said
'peN moolam nirmoolam'.

The area of operation or reign of a woman is her family.
Whether one agrees or not,
the woman plays an important role in child-bearing and up-bringing.
Her influence in the family can not be disputed.
The family or home is her area of operation. (gemba).
If the Nirurithi tendency rules a woman,
her family itself would become a battle field.
This means her family would have to bear the brunt of nirurithi.
That is how she can bring destruction (nirmoolam).

But as said in the beginning, the tendency given by a star is just one of the many factors.
Not all men born in Moola become rulers.
Similarly, not all women born in Moola cause destruction.
The natal chart also must support such tendencies.
In the case of Moola, only the ati-devatha has negative connotations.
The other factors are neutral or good.
The family in today's world is nuclear and not like the one of olden days.
So there is no need to worry about a Moola woman.

In this regard, my opinion is that any one born in Moola
will be good fighters.
In this age of working women,
Moola - woman has an advantage in outwitting her rivals.
She would be an asset to the company if she is placed in
fire-fighting areas of competitive business.

I hope the so-called stigma attached to Moola woman is understood in right perspective and applied in right contexts as to derive maximum advantage,
to everyone's satisfaction.

Marriage afflictions of Moola, Aslesha, Jyeshta & Vishaka

Now let us see the 'Moola' stigma connected to woman in affecting marriage prospects.
Moola as said earlier comes immediately after the sandhi.
In the sky it is seen at the tail of the Scorpio.
It is Lambda Scorpii of the constellation of Scorpio.
It is known as "Shaula" in Arabic, which means 'the stinger'.

In the picture below,
the delta sign at the head of the constellation is Anuradha.
The alpha sign (Antares) in the body is Jyeshta.
The lambda sign at the tail (bigger star in the twin stars) is Moola.

The first pada (3-2 degress) duration in the beginning is said to afflict the father-in-law.
This is applicable to the girl only and not to the boy born in moola-1

According to Brahma Rishi vakhyam,
if the 3rd house of the girl born in Moola-1 has benefic combination, there is no affliction.
This is arrived by looking at the 9th house (for father) for the husband.
The 9th house for the 7th (kalathra) is the 3rd house.
If the 3rd house has good connection, there will be no problem to husband's father.

This prediction and remedy had been given by many olden texts.
But the exception shows how this operates.
The exception is that this is not applicable to boys.
In the Indian system, boys do not come to live in the girls' house.
If the boy comes to live in the girl's house
or get connected with the everyday life of the girl's family,
his moola will afflict his wife's father!!
That is the meaning of this affliction.

So Moola -1 for anyone will afflict the father of the spouse.
It is not just for the girl.
In today's world of nuclear families, this affliction loses its relevance.
The couples live separately from their parents.
And in addition, if the 3rd house is looked into, in both the cases
(boy and the girl whomever having moola -1),
there is absolutely no need to worry.

The same rationale applies to other stars too.
The stigma attached to Jyeshta (kEttai) is that
it would harm the elder brother of the husband.

Jyeshta known as Antares (Alpha Scorpii)
is by itself the oldest star, in its last period of star-life.
It is a red giant seen in the middle of the Scorpion body.
Scorpion image of the Constellation.

Antares means ' the rival of Mars'.
The star seems to compete with Mars in its colour which is red.
Mars stands for brothers.

Jyeshta in Sanskrit means the elder brother.
The Jyeshta is the last star of Scorpio while
Vishaka pada-4 forms the first part of the Scorpio.

These two are said to cause some trouble –
Jyeshta for the elder brother and
Vishaka (Beta Librae) for younger brother.

In the picture below, the constellation to the left of Libra is Scorpio,
The star Anuradha (delta Scorpii) can be seen.

We can guess the remedies.
11th sign is the house for elder brother and 3rd is for younger brother.
The 11th from 7th is the sign for husband's (spouse's) elder brother.
The 3rd from the 7th is for the younger brother of the spouse.

This applies to both men and women born in Jyeshta -1 and Vishaka-4
While matching the horoscopes, the respective houses, that is,
5th house for Jyeshta -1 born and
9th house for Vishaka-4 born must be checked for benefic combination.

Aayilyam or Aslesha (Alpha Cancri) is known as "Acubens" in Arabic.
It means 'the claws' of the crab.

This is a faint constellation as seen with naked eye.

The atidevatha is 'sarpa'.
The star is said to afflict the mother – since it is placed
in the natural 4th house of the zodiac, which signifies mother.
One's own mother is also meant by this.
But in the Indian system, the girl moves to her husband's house and
treats the mother in law as mother.
So the affliction is directed at her.

This is applicable to both men and women
and as said earlier, in today's nuclear families,
this affliction has no relevance.
However it is enough to just check the 4th house of the spouse
(for benefic combination)
which is the 10th house.

The injunction was laid to women,
because women were married quite young in those days and
they completely merged with the husband's family..
Nothing could be done about the boy
who was born in any of these stars,
for, he had to continue in the family.
So the affliction of these stars was not exaggerated in man's case.
But when it comes to finding his wife, the people had a choice.
That is why they made these injunctions for brides.

In today's world, family means only the husband and wife.
These injunctions pertaining to the relatives of the spouse
have no relevance in these days.


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Jaya Suresh said...

hai mam
my grand daughter birth date 25/02/2016 time 12.33 pm which is her star good or bad some said its affects her father am very worried plse send reply

Idea4India said...

Your blog on moola, aslesha, visakha and jyeshTha is very interesting, analytical and logical. I would like to know the source and Sanskrit sloka for the doshas generally believed by public for these 4 stars, ansd the source and the Sanskrit sloka rgg. TrijyeshTha. Wud you pl reproduce them here?

jayasree said...


Parashara talks about Moola and Jyeshta birth as Gandantha births and details them along with remedies in Brihad Parashara Hora Shastra (BPHS). Please refer chapters 93 and 94 of BPHS for sanskrit verses. Another text is Muhurtha Chinthamani. Yet another text that gives a very detailed (and frightening) effects of the 4 stars degree-wise is "Brahma Rishi Samvaadam" (sanskrit). I have in my possession the Tamil translation of it called "Brahma Rishi Vaakhyam". You can find the details in Part 1 under the captions, Gandantha and arishta doshas. What is actually told in them is arishta doshas for father / mother / brother / in-laws / father's or mother's families related to these 4 stars. These have been developed into the present day adages (by popular use)that are discussed in the blog post. A text called Vruddha Narada puts a time limit for these doshas to take place. But none of it goes beyond 9 years of age for the girl. From this it is deduced that the doshas had relevance in olden days when the girls were married very early in life. Read my article in an astrological magazine :

jayasree said...

I want to highlight this to the readers of this particular blog post. Read the comment by Ms Jaya Suresh above. The date of the birth she has given gives the birth star as Hastha and not any of the 4 stars discussed in the article. She is a grand mother and old enough to keep a calm mind and not get carried away by ideas that she has mentioned. What kind of answer she (or many others for whose comments I have not replied) expects from me? In her case the birth star is not a dreaded one. This article deals with the dreaded notions of the 4 stars and attempts to remove them or find remedies to them. I expect the readers who come to this post looking for remedies for the 4 particular stars to know the reality explained in the post and make remedies if necessary, by looking for proper matching of the horoscopes of the girls and boys too (who are born in these stars).

csvmcp said...

@ Vaidhesh:
Very Useful and highly informative articles with in-depth explanation and acumen. My star is visakam-3rd padam.
1. What will be my marriage prospects which is getting delayed now?
2. Is 7th lord of my horoscope[mercury] and kalathrakarak [Venus] both in 6th house in D1 will it be the cause of delay in marriage? Kindly clarify my doubts.

DOB: 15-AUG-1983
Place: Chennai
Time: 20:50

jayasree said...

@ csvmcp / Vaidesh.

1. Be happy that your marriage is delayed. If you are married by now. you must have been facing lots of troubles. A few days ago, I came across the same horoscope as yours - born on the same date - but lagna was Capricorn. His was a troubled marriage and unusual marriage too (can't say how unusual due to respect of his privacy). His first baby born a few days ago had 2 holes in the heart. His wife was demanding and there are many cracks in relationship already. Though your horoscope changes a little due to change of lagna, the current dasa- bhukthi period is not conducive. So wait and pray God.

2. The issues in your horoscope for delay in marriage are as follows:

a. The 7th lord Mercury (a baadhak too) is in 6H joined with 8L which is kalathra karaka for men.

b. From the Moon sign, the 7th lord is Mars which goes into debility in the 5th house from lagna. It joins the 6th lord (Sun) from the lagna. This combination is aspected by Saturn the malefic (12L) from 8th house.

c. Conjunction of Mars and Sun in any sign is considered to be malefic for marriage prospects. It means Vidhava yogam for women. For men too it means loss of spouse or separation from spouse. Either the native gets married and loses his wife (nowadays through divorce) or gets past the marriage age and gets married very late as to coincide with a second marriage time, if he gets married already. This implies that such natives have 2 marriages, and if the first marriage itself is getting delayed, that must be taken as a consolation that the native does not pass through unpleasant happenings and sufferings. The delayed marriage will be a better option than to have 2 marriages -with the first one being a broken marriage.

d. From Venus, the 7th lord is Saturn, which joins the 12th lord (from Venus) in the 3rd. This is also a kalathra dosham. This combination is being aspected by debilitated Mars from the 12th to Venus.

e. Conjunction of Moon and Saturn is known as punarpoo as per KP system and it means delayed marriage.

f. As per KP system Moon is the sub cuspal lord which is placed in the 8th house joined with a malefic. KP rules out marriage for such a combination. But if aspect by Jupiter is there, marriage will happen. Even though there is no aspect by Jupiter to this combination, Moon is posited in the star of Jupiter which also happens to be the lagna lord. So I expect marriage to happen with Guru's blessings.

g. Another reason for the above optimism is because Venus, the kalathra karaka for men, is not aspected by any malefic (sat, Mars, Ra & Ke are the malefics that mar marriage when any two of them join or aspect Venus. Read my article on Mars- Venus in marriage matters.)

h. Yet another reason for this optimism is that your Bhava placements differ. The lagna itself differs (goes to Aquarius) as per Jhora version 4. Though theoretically change of lagna in bhava is impossible, I have found the bhava lagna in jhora 4 version to tally with Vakya computations and in Nadi readings. Therefore I accept the change of lagna in Bhava. Your bhava placements are encouraging. To continue from the above point (g), your 7th sub cuspal lord Moon is in 9H in Bhava and is conjunct with Jupiter. It is not aspected by any malefic in the Bhava chart. This means marriage is assured.

i. In the Bhava chart, the 7L Sun goes to the 6th house and joins with Venus. This is aspected by Rahu. From the Moon sign, the 7L Mars does not suffer debility but goes to the 9th which is good. The 7th from Venus is Saturn which is in the 3rd from it. But this Saturn (7L from Venus) and Mars (7L from Moon) are in mutual aspect. That leaves out the placement from the lagna / LL as the only workable feature for this horoscope.

So what to do in the background?

jayasree said...

1. My first suggestion is not to see horoscope matching and go ahead with an alliance that satisfies your minimum expectations.

2. If the other side insists on horoscope matching, give your Bhava chart as your D1. There is nothing wrong because only the Bhava chart is the working chart. Not many are aware of this and are glued to D1 (where it is different from Bhava chart).

3.From your side you ensure only one condition (you need not even see star matching). You ensure that Rahu or Ketu are not present in the girl's horoscope, in the house of Venus in your horoscope. In your horoscope Venus is in Leo in D1 and in Cancer in Bhava. Make sure the girl's horoscope does not contain Rahu or Ketu in Leo or Cancer. This itself will solve all the malefic features in your horoscope as it would ensure that your marriage will be stable and happy.

4. Propitiate Jupiter, Mercury and Rahu. Seek your family Guru's blessings. Donate to help in the marriage of poor girls. Make a trip to Sethu and do sankalpa snana at Sethu and offer prayers to the Thiru pullani temple. Marriage will happen after transit Saturn moves out to Sagittarius next year, as presently it is aspecting Ve-Mer combination in Leo in D1.

God bless you.

csvmcp said...

@ csvmcp / Vaidesh:
Thanks a ton for your in-depth analysis of my horoscope. I agree what you advise and suggest. Thank you so much.

csvmcp said...

1. One more query madam [out of curiosity], currently I'm working(not with much name and fame) as a software professional in a private concern.
Will my future job prospects improve - will I lead a peaceful and satisfactory life?.

Actually,I came across[3 years- from 2011 to 2013] most terrible years with all sorts of spine-chilling experiences, since my father fell ill with a dreadful disease, with the benevolence of god and pure divine grace- able to bring my father from the jaws of death.

Myself and my mom did lot of prayers, rituals and mantra japam apart from medical treatment during that period of 3 years.

2. My question is all these terrible experiences[during 2011-2013] were due to
a) 7 1/2 period saturn ? or my bhukthi lord - "venus" at that time?. [ since venus is 8th lord in my horoscope]
b) my father's dasa bukthi at that time is GURU/Mercury [Guru-marak, Mecury-8th lord of my fathers horoscope?]

Since I want to clarify my doubt regarding astrological aspects

3.My Fathers detail

4. Madam kindly reply me my fathers health and longevity aspects.

Thank You

jayasree said...

@ Vaidesh / csvmcp,

For the 1st question, I don't want to check your horoscope. Even if I check I wont say any negative things. I don't want to give any wrong opinion either. I am using astrology only in times of distress and / or to give guidance. Its better people use only on such occasions. We approach a Doctor only when we have a health issue. We approach a lawyer only when we have a legal issue. Similarly approach an astrologer only when you have trouble and guidance. You are getting along with the job. Do your best in terms of work and prayers.

For the last question on your father's health also, I don't even want to check his horoscope and give a prediction. Your father has crossed middle age and is along liver. Everyone gets health issues by that age. Only prayers, proper medical care are the remedies, not astrology.

On your 3rd question, the explanation is unnecessary here. I replied to your question on marriage, for that was an issue whereas this question is academic which requires analysis of his horoscope. People like me must not just like that write here for thousands of people read, that 7 and a half sani or this or that reason is the cause. It would form half baked knowledge for many - a trend that is happening now due to many TV shows by astrologers.

My advice to readers is to use astrology only where it is necessary. One can not change fate by astrology. If some change is due for you, fate / destiny itself would take care of it and make the change. The basic requirement is being moral (dharmic), god-fearing and god- praying.

Akash Bhardwaj said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Akash Bhardwaj said...

Hi Madam, I'm a Moola girl. My DOB is 16 Oct 1988, 10:10AM,Bokaro, India. And im in love with a boy 13 Jan 1989, 4:40PM, Dharamavaram, Andra Pradesh. The astrologer says that my kundali is bad for his dad and he will die within one year. let me know if there are any possibility of our marriage because Im very keen on marrying him.Please please help me

shyam said...

Hi mam,
Good day

I am shyam, my DOB is 22 aug 1989, 18:00 hrs, belong to mesh, bharani, birth place: madurai. I have a doubt, the girls dob is 16 DEC 1990, 06:20hrs, birth place: madurai, belongs to jyestha nakshatra.

I would like to marry her, is it ok move forward or are there any implications?

Pramod said...

Hi mam,
I am Pramod - Uthara nakshatra
(We are three brothers)
Elder brother got married*
I am second 2/3
My Dob 20-12-1989
Tob 9:20 am

Girl - jyesta nakshatra - last girl in her home 6/6
Dob 29-11-1989
Tob 12:52 pm

So, We both are interested to get marry but our kundalini and horoscopes are not matching and some of astrologers were saying not to marry and some were saying you can marry but before getting marry you both need to perporm some Pooja he said.
One astrologer said - not to get marry jyesta nakshatra of girl if you marry her you will not live happily and you will get problems in future that too Harmful for your elder brother he may dead he said. After listening this I shocked and I couldn't understand what to do. Some people are said not to believe in astrology. So I am literally confusing in what to take decisions. Can you please suggest me on the same , shall I marry her or not.
Note:- girl side, her parents are interested in me to give their daughter
But my parents are not interested in her and scaring to perform marriage due to jyesta nakshatra and not matching horoscopes or kundali Of us.

Please suggest me asap.

Sasikannan Kasi said...

Hi mam, I have read all your previous comments. You have mentioned not to see jathagam if it's a lov marriage. But couldn't convinc my parents sinc her star is jyeshta and I hv an elder brother. Pls guide whether it ll really affect my brother n how severe if it affects bz of her star effect.. Her DOB: 16-09-1991, born time: 2.52 am and place: thiruvottiyur

Pramod said...

Dear madam kindly give me suggestions soon.

Naimika said...

Hello Mam,

I'm not sure that replying here anymore, but I came across this post when r reading up about issues with marriage Jyeshta girls are supposedly afflicted with. I am a Jyeshta girl in a relationship with a Punarvaasu boy with Chovva dosha. I hear from the multiple astrologers my parents have visited that this is apparently a really bad match.

I can provide our details and would like to hear yours thoughts on is getting married still. I am anyway planning to go ahead, but anything positive that you can give us would be helpful to get my parents on board with this.

Girl DOB: 28 June 1988, time & place of birth: 12:34 pm at Kannur, Kerala
Boy DOB: 10 June 1986, time & place of birth: 7:15 am at Kozhikode, Kerala.

Many thanks in advance.

Vijaya Reddy said...

Hi Jayashree mam,

My name is vijaya. I am facing one big problem regarding my marriage. I’m sending our DOB and nakshatra details for your reference. Please give me a good suggestion.

We already consulted 2-3 astrologers. But they all suggested in a different way.You both will face the problems in future. And some of them are telling that it’s not important for marriage. After that we followed some sakuna method of seeking God's consent directly.In that we received positive answer.

Please give me a correct suggestion and clear our doubts. Please,,,,,,,

This is our birth details—

NARASIMHAM , DOB--01.June.1988 ,
Jyesta Nakshatra, Vruschika Rashi (Scorpio),
Birth Time 3:30-4:30 AM,
Birth place , Kadapa ANDHRA PRADESH .

VIJAYA, DOB-08.April 1988,
Moola Nakshatram, Danush Rashi (sagittarius),
Birth Time 3-4 AM,
Birth place . Kadapa ANDHRA PRADESH.

Awaiting ur reply,please help me .

Thank you.


hello mam
i want to marry a boy with whom i am in relationship.
But acharyas are telling this alliance could be bad for my younger brother due to vishakha-4
my DOB: 3rd April, 1989 20:01 pm
kotdwar, uttarakhand

boy's DOB: 16th Sep, 1988 23:10 pm
mumbai, maharashtra

could you please advise if any harm to my younger brother is there?
also, would be of great help if you could please introduce me to someone who overcame similar situation.

thank you for the help mam

Momof2 said...

My son dob 9-12-2007 jyesta nakshathram and amavasya born
I am worried abt his future.time 3.52 pm at Hyderabad
Kindly give an idea about his overall life

helpseeker said...

@Jayasree Mam,

I have been going through your blog for a while now. Your articles display the indepth knowledge you possess.Please help answer my problem too.

Mine was love marriage, went against parents and got married.But have been in issues since 2013. I have now decided to get separated but unable to get divorce.
Please tell me when i will get divorce. I have been staying away from my husband since 2015. Please let me know if i can get to speak to you personally. I would like to listen to your predictions in my case.
My D.O.B - Jun 7 1984, 21.24 pm,eluru,Andhrapradesh
My husband - dec 17 1983, 8.30 am ,hyderabad, Andhrapradesh

Simran said...

hello mam,
Your detailed analysis gives very optimistic view regarding these 4 nakshatras afflictions.
Might you please share if remedies provided are part of any shlok or shaastra?
Or if possible to share, what/how to check natal chart houses that cancel out these afflictions?
This will be helpful in bringing awareness among common man and making decision regarding these afflictions on our own.
Thank you

Rachna Joshi said...

Dear Jayasree Mam,
Your in-depth analysis has proven two points here.
-Pratyaksham kim pramaanam (A proof doesn't need any proof)
-Half knowledge is dangerous
It is strange that many astrologers are still unaware of facts what you analysed couple of years back and cause distress to parents and girls/boys who after long relationship face separation.
Can this not be transformed into sloka/remedy (like many are available for Mangal Dosh)?

anuradha mandala said...

Hi I'm Radha
Me nd my baby girl share same star birth jyesta 20/09/2015.nd time 2.02pm .it's c-sec birth.its my baby's birthday .pls let me know the details of same star birth of us nd parihara pooja too.

Hillranger said...

Madam, have you by any chance, researched on Vishkanyas. Chanakya is known to have recognised certain stars with a combination of specific thithis to possess this character. This is not to demean such women but rather a matter of curiosity and to validate the ancient thought that prevailed 2500 years ago.

jayasree said...

@ Hillranger,

No. I have not done on Vishkanya ideas as it is irrelevant and difficult to cross check. Similarly Rithu Jataka also can be ignored according to me, though it continues to be popular with village people. I took up Moola, aslesha ... etc because these stars continue to affect many girls in getting married.

jayasree said...

@ Hillranger,

In the case of Moola, aslesha etc stars' issue, there is counter view in Vruddha Narada. That is, there is age limit applicable to the ill effect of these stars. Nowadays that age limit doesn't apply as they were relevant to child marriages.

Amburish Khanna said...
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Amburish Khanna said...
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Amburish Khanna said...

Hi mam,
My sister was born on 5 nov 1994 Time:9.14. I dont know in which padham she was in kettai star. Please tell me her padham

1) Can she marry a boy who have elder brother?
2)It will definitely affect his elder brother?
3) If so any parikaram please mam?

Thank you so much in advance.

James said...


I would like to relate a simple story,just to show that simply matching nakshatras to guage compatibility is not sufficient to guarantee success or failure of a marriage.

17 yeara ago when I met my wife, who happens to be a Jyeshta woman. I knew nothing about Jyotish, the nakshatras or anything about Vedic Astrology then.I know little about Vedic astology, I am just a mere student starting to learn and study this sacred science.By the way I have Punarvasu as my nakshatra, and when I calculate our compatibility based on the koota/guna parameters, ours is 14/36. A terrible score, indeed.

If someone advised me to stay away from her 17 years ago simply because she is a Jyeshta and I am a Punarvasu, we wouldn't have 2 lovely daughters today. Through good times and very bad times, she was always there for me and she never left me or give up on our marriage. She acts bossysometimes, is very jealous and possessive but I've gotten used to that. She likes to boast that I could not live without her, I would be helpless and people would do nothing but cheat me since I am too trusting and gullible. She isn't perfect, but she is perfect for me.Also she has this funny habit of always taking an umbrella with her wherever she goes, rain or shine.

Ashwini said...

hi mam
Boy details
DOB:02-05-1989 time:8:15 place tirupati,
Girl details
DOB :23-04-1989 time : 7:15 place nizamabad
I am a girl vishaka nakshtra 4th pada if any effect my brother in law
Please reply

Ashwini said...

DOB 8:15 am
DOB 7:15 am
i was not entered above
Please reply mam

Asha Sara said...

Hi Ma'am..My c-section is told on this nakshathra and baby's will then come as same(vishakam).My husband's is Ayilyam.Is there any issues for being in the same nakshathra.Should i tell my doc to reconsider the date.
Please reply.

ragapriya said...

Hi Mam,

I am in love with a guy since 3.5 years. We have made our parents to agree for marriage somehow before few months. But they started lioking for horoscope matching also, my sign is libra and star is chitra.His sign is cancer and sign is Ayilyam.. After hearing that his star is ayilyam, all the astrologers are saying that my mom will die if i marry him and that ayilyam will make mother in law die.. Please suggest.. He is of padha 2. I heard that ayilyam is not considered much for boys.. But none of the astrologers are agreeing..

ragapriya said...

Hi Mam, please reply.. It's very urgent in my life.

jayasree said...

@ Ms Ragpriya,

For Chitra girl and Aslesha boy, there is no issue in star matching. In the case of love marriages, I suggest that no star / horoscope matching is seen. If people want to see horoscope matching for lovers, the lovers must be prepared for any outcome. If the girl's (your) 4th house, 4th lord and Moon are afflicted, anyway that would have a bearing on the well being of the mother of the girl (yourself), whatever may be the star of the spouse. So if the issue is the well being of your mother, check with some astrologer that your mother's well being is not afflicted in your horoscope. If not afflicted no aslesha can do anything. Moreover I have explained in the article what it all means and where it applies. In most cases such as the one you have raised, I see this issue as an excuse to discourage you from the relationship.

Nagendra Aryasomayajula said...

Hi Jayashree,

My name is Nagu and I am facing problem regarding my marriage. I am in love with one girl. Our kundali is not matching. I’m sending our DOB and nakshatra details for your reference. Please give me a good suggestion.

Nagu : 28/12/1986 time morning 2.10 am( early morning of 28)
Kumari: 24/07/1991 timing 11.00 Am

Mine is Visakha pada2 and her is moola pada 3.

If I marry her any impact to her younger brother or my father due to these stars?

Waiting for your valuable response.


jayasree said...

@ Nagendra Aryasomayajula

There wont be problems for both of you in star and horoscope match. You can forget about Moola and Vishaka and go ahead with peace of mind.

Nagendra Aryasomayajula said...

Thank you.

But she is having manglik dosa. Due to this dosa any problems to me or family members?

Do we have any remedies for this dosa.


Nagendra Aryasomayajula said...

Hi Jaya Shree,

I am not manglik. But she is having manglik dosa.

So due to this manglik dosha it will impact to me or my family members?

Do we have any remedies for this dosha?


jayasree said...

@ Nagendra
Who said she has Manglik dosha?

Nagendra Aryasomayajula said...


My purohit said she has Manglik dosha.
Her did: 24 July 1991 11 AM


Naimika said...

Hi Jayasree Mam,

This is a really insightful article and I see some great responses and analyses in the comments. That truly reflects on the knowledge and the sanctity with which you look at astrology. I have a genuine query and I hope you would take some time out to read and respond to it.

I am a Jyeshta girl in a relationship for the past three+ years with a Punarvasu boy with Manglik dosh. We have spoken to our parents, and his side of the family have given us the go-ahead; but my side of the family checked with many astrologers who have said the worst possible things about the match, and they are hence completely against us getting married to each other. Astrologers have predicted that one of us would either die, or be afflicted with disease, have children with abnormalities and/or have a dull, sunken future. Basically everything undesirable. We however still want to be with each other, and have decided to go ahead but all of these negative predictions are at the back of our minds. Just for our peace of mind (or not) and for my parents sake, would you kindly take a look and let us know what you think? And if things indeed look bad for us, could you suggest anything we could do to lessen the negative effects?

These are our details:
Girl DOB: 28 June 1988, time & place of birth: 12:34 pm at Kannur, Kerala
Boy DOB: 10 June 1986, time & place of birth: 7:15 am at Kozhikode, Kerala.

Many thanks in advance.

jayasree said...


You can go ahead with your marriage plans without any worries. There is star match and also horoscopy match for you both. The boy has retrograde Mars in the 7th and Ketu in the 5th. May be these two would have become the issues of concern. But retrograde Mars can be deemed to have gone to the previous sign, that is, the 6th house. There are some sayana dosha for both of you which I dont want to elaborate, but which are minor issues that wont affect your relationship and family life. More importantly, Rahu, Ketu do not afflict in each other's horoscopes, that is more important. Similarly whatever affliction is there to Putra sthan (for both of you) is neutralized within the horoscope. So I suggest that you can go ahead with a free and calm mind.

Moreover, I keep telling (here above and elsewhere in this blog), that in the case of love marriage, (where love comes first) dont look at horoscopes. Life is not a bed of roses and the couple must stand up to any problems in life and face with unity. When fate brings them together in its own course as in love marriages, let horoscopy be the last issue to break it up. Horoscope matching is done in arranged marriage as a matter of making a beginning or as a trigger into getting into the right person that Fate has got for one. If your families are ok with your choice, go ahead with optimism and prayers.

jayasree said...

@ Nagendra Aryasomayajula

For the birth details you have given sans POB, she is not a manglik.

Naimika said...

@Jayasree Mam,

Thank you so very much for taking time out to review my case and provide such a sensible and detailed response. I really appreciate it. We had decided to go ahead, but going into it with a clear mind, with no worries is a different feeling altogether. Many thanks to you for doing that for me. May God shower his blessings on you! :)

Yesh B N said...

Hello Mam,

I am B N Yeshwanth born on April 1st 1986 at 1.30 AM in Bnagalore. my nakshatra is moola and rashi is Dhanus.
i have mom , dad and a younger sister.
i have a proposal for marriage and the girl name is D Divyashree(triveni) born on 05/06/1992 9.30 PM in Tumkur, karnataka. Her Nakshatra is Ashlesha and rashi is Kataka and she is the youngest daughter in the family and she has mom, dad and a elder sister who is married.
can i marry this girl ? how will the compatibility be ? will she be dominating ? how will the marriage will be ?


K D said...

my son was born in jyesta and I had complication - almost died
after that we have been financially destroyed
what can I do?

Ashwini said...

Hi mam i am facing lot of troubles to my marriage my wouldbe parents are not agreeing to my marriage because they said i am a vishaka nakhatra girl and cause troubles to my wouble younger brother.please find a solution maam.
My details.
boy DOB:02-05-1989 8:15 am,
girl DOB :23-04-1989 7:15 am

Please reply mam

abhivarsa said...

Dear Madam,
My son K. R. Abhinav is born on 6-9-2008 at 8.48 AM. in Tirunelveli. Some of the astrologers say that his birth star is Visaka(Pada 4)and few say it is Anusham(Pada 1). When I consulted a nadi astroleger recently for a personal problem of mine and in the course when I was asked for my son's star, I told it is Visaka. Immediately he said that my son should be put in hostel and that he would bring shame and do whatever will defame me. Is there any parikara for it?
I am also having a daughter born on 2-11-2012 at 4.03 pm in Tirunelveli. Her birth star is Mirugasheerisham.
I am myself(Mother) born in Revathi star(pada 4).
Kindly Enlighten
Thanking You,

Harish M.S. said...


My daugher is Moola 2 pada. Her marriage is getting delayed. DOB is 5/4/91 time 9.15PM. Which are the star are suitable to her star. Is Moola Boy and my daughter star Moola are acceptable. Kindly let us know what remedies can be taken.

Harish M.S. said...


People say Moola pada 2 girl will not go along with the boys father, is it true. Some believe and some do not believe this. However, as a father She has brought good luck to me.We are from Bangalore and she was born and brought up here. She has succeeded in her carrier.

We want to get her married however, the marriage is not getting through. Kindly let us have your advice.

jayasree said...

Mr Harish M.S.

I understand your anxiety. I think you read the article and particularly the info about Moola. For 2nd pada there is no dosha. Her 9th house is fortified and 9 lord is well placed. So its all good for her father. But from the 7th house, the 9th house (spouse's father) happens to be 3rd from lagna. There are malefics in the 3rd house. That is of concern when it comes to matching. The best parihara is to marry a boy whose father is no more. Or see that there are no malefics in Capricorn in the boy's horoscope. Or the boy's 9th house and lord are well placed. She is having Sun dasa- Rahu bhukthi now till 16th March 2018. She will get married after that. Propitiate Sun and Saturn. Donate for mangal sutra for a poor girl's marriage.

jayasree said...

@ Abhivarsa / Rani,

Your son Abhinav's birth star is Anusha, not Visaka. I advice you not to see any astrology for your kids or for yourself. The more addicted you are to astrology, the more confusions and worries. Just pray to your Ishta deiva, be faithful, be dharmic and helpful to others. That would safeguard you and your kids.

abhivarsa said...

Thank you madam for your kindness.

Madhu Mathur said...

Dear Ma'am,
I need your urgent advice regarding the health of my daughter, Tanya, born on 29.4.1991 in Jaipur ( Exact latitude:26.8937; longitude:75.8132). I may add that I am born under Aslesha ( 25.2.56 , 7.30am at Agra) and my husband under Moola Nakshatra ( 4.10.54 at 6.30 am at Jaipur). Ours was a love marriage.
Thank you so much! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Madhu Mathur

abhivarsa said...

Dear Madam,
My niece DOB is 23-6-1996, time of birth is 2.30 p.m. , uthira nakashatra, born at Tirunelveli. She has completed her graduation and has an oscillation about her higher education. She likes to go abroad for MS by research. We wanted her to get married(as she has lost her mother when she was studying 3rd std.) and when we consulted a astrologer he predicted that her education has come to an end and she has to go for a job. If she goes abroad for her studies, she has to return halfway. Kindly help her to take a decision.
Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely,

Buddu said...

Hi mam

My son born on 2nd September 2014 afternoon 2.45pm.
Someone told that it is Jyeshta 1st padam which is dosha to mother.
Some says it is anuradha 4th padam.
Please clarify and let us know if any dosha is there and what kind of nivarana has to be done.

Buddu said...

We are not getting correct info about his nakshatram and pada. Our only hope is you mam. Please let us know my son is born in which nakshatra and pada and what are it's effects. Please mam..

Buddu said...

Please reply mam..

Vikas Panwar said...

Hello sir,
My gf born in Vishaka nakshatra and I have elder brother...
Can we merry eachother??
With or without any solution?
Please tell me..

Bify Sabu said...

Hello ma'am,
My daughter is born on 10 feb 2018 at 9.35 pm and son is born on 18 April 2014 at 3.55 am.i want to know their horoscope details.. because in Malayalam calendar my daughter's naal( nakshatra ) is jyestha ( triketta) and all are saying it is harmful for my son. N actually after delivery i had complications ,still on medication ..after her birth ,on the third my 1st cousin died in a blast.

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