Friday, March 13, 2009

Astrological pointers for travel.

The chapter on Travel in the astrological book, Kalaprakaashika is given in the link below.
The chapter starts on page 139.,M1

Interested ones can read this chapter and follow the basics.

I must also say that it is not necessary to follow all the astrological factors for travel in today's life style of frequent business travels.

However I do advice to follow the basics with reference to day's star, thithi and yogini if one is going on an important mission on business or any other auspicious venture.

Same holds good for going on sea voyage or going abroad or going on a pilgrimage.

Here are some basics that must be followed.

The basics include seeing one's tara balam and Chandra balam on the day of beginning the travel.

(1) Tara balam must be there. One must strictly avoid the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th star in the 3 rounds of 9 stars starting from one’s birth star.

(2) One must also avoid the 12 stars that are inconducive for travel (arudra, 3 pum stars, barani, krittika, vishaka, kettai, magam, chitthrai, ayilyam and swathi) on the day of starting the journey. But they can be there in further course of the travel. The reason for avoidance is that these stars indicate one-way route. They dont allow return route. This works in giving money (lending), falling sick and going to para-sthaanam. This means money lent on these stars will not be returned. The one falling terribly sick (holds good for those with terminal illnesses) may not recover soon. The one going for a stay in para-sthanam (in those days to in-laws house) will have to stay there and not return as per plan. Today staying in parasthanam is unthinkable. The only probable interpretation is not being able return as per original plan. Like this we have to interpret.

There must be Chandra balam on the day of starting the journey. From one’s moon sign, the day's moon must be in 1,3,6,7,10 or 11 signs.
Moon should not be afflicted.

(4) The lagna at the time of starting from home must be good with ashtama suddhi. There should be no affliction to this lagna or the 8th from Mars and Rahu. If lagna is afflicted by Mars, there will be troubles on the way. If by Rahu, disappointment in the mission. So one must stick to a blemish-free lagna for starting from the house.

(5) Among months, most astrological texts insist that one must not start a journey in the month of Panguni. Panguni or the solar month of Pisces did not find favour with astrologers of olden times.

Starting the travel in Pisces lagna is also not advised. It was because Pisces is the universal moksha sthaan (leading to other worldly plane), besides being a dual rasi with watery property (conducive for travel) In those days travel was through jungles and inhospitable terrains beset with threats and fears of sorts. There was the problem of getting food on the way in those days. So the probability of overcoming those threats and other problems was uppermost in the minds of the astrologers in those days making them look meticulously into every conceivable threat to life. But today these fears and problems are not there. Movement from one place to another has become a very easy and comfortable one too. So no need to adhere to the maasa (month) restriction.

(6) Most people fear Chandrashtama. But avoidance of Chandrashtama is not generally recommended by texts for starting a travel. However Chandrashtama must be avoided only in Krishna paksha.

(7) In Kalaprakashika, chandra kandakam is mentioned. Starting a travel at a lagna where moon is positioned causes chandra kandakam. It must be avoided.

Greater emphasis is laid on Navama-thrayam or Thrividha navami - the 3 nines, namely avoiding a journey on the 9th day after the return from a previous travel, avoiding the return from a travel on its ninth day and avoiding starting a travel on a navami thithi.

(9) Vaara shoolai and Yogini must be avoided while starting a journey.

These two are given in Panchanga for all days

Vaara shoolai is connected to the day of the week.
Yogini is connected to thithi..

Yogini is the name of the servant of KaaLi who lords over the directions. Based on the combination of thithi and day, yogini is known.

In panchanga, yogini is given as the name of some direction, bhoomi and akasha.
One must avoid the direction opposite to yogini and also avoid the direction on the right side the yogini.
That is, if yogini is given as east, the opposite direction is west. (The directions are facing each other.) The right side of east is North. So, one must avoid west and north if the yogini is in east.

Finally, if one's dasa-bhukthi is supportive of the mission for which the travel is undertaken, not much ado needs to be made about all these.


santosh_santosh said...

what do u meant by 3 pum stars????

jayasree said...

Purva phalguni (Pooram), Purvashada (Pooradam) and Purva bhadrapada (poorattaadhi) are the 3 pum stars.

Vijayshankar G said...

What are the parigaram's if in case return on the ninth day of starting day???

jayasree said...

By entry it is meant sleeping in one's house on the 9th day after starting out from the house. Best recourse is to avoid. Or else sleep in another place or another room.

Confused said...

Madam, Is it good if the marriage is conducted on the janma tara? Is it going to be a disaster?

jayasree said...

@ confused.

There are so many important factors to see while fixing marriage muhurtha. Janma tara alone is not the factor.

There are conflicting views on Janma tara. One school of thought says that marriage, nuptials etc must not be done on janma tara. Another school of thought says that this applies to girl's tara only and not boy's tara. Yet another school of thought says that marriage in janma tara for girl and anu-janma and tri-janma tara for boys is good. In reality we dont come across muhurtha dates that fulfills the janma tara criteria fully.

In effect I have not come across anyone complaining problems in having married on janma tara. In fact there are other issues, particularly muhurtha lagna horoscope is very important. In my opinion that carries weightage. I will give a greater importance to Venus and Mars position in the marriage lagna horoscope and the ashtakavarga points. It is difficult to get a muhurtha fulfilling all factors. Common sense and judgement decide which one to consider and which one to ignore.

jalajamani said...

My wife and I intend visiting US between April 25 & May 25th 2015. My star is Uttara phalguni, Kanya rashi while that of my wife is revathi, meena rashi. Can you suggest a 3or 4 dates for onward travel and similarly return journey say 2.5 to 3 months A Subramanyam email id