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Birth of baby in the star of a parent.




Half-baked knowledge of anything is likely to play a spoilsport.

In astrology such knowledge is dangerous.

One such bit of knowledge is about the birth star of babies.

The birth of a baby is a happy occasion for the parents.

But hear-say is that it will bring suffering or even death

if the baby is born in mother’s or father’s birth star.


The most popular source of this is – ironically –

the most respected and followed Brihat Parashara Hora sastra.

In chapter 85 detailing ‘Inauspicious births’,

sage Parashara does say that if a baby is born

 in the birth star of brother or father or mother,

they will undergo death like suffering (text below).

So saying, the sage continues to say that the malefic effects can be mitigated and

does give the remedial measures in the next chapter.

The details of the redial measure is also given below.

The recommendation to do remedial goes to show that this issue is not a grave one.


When two or more persons in a family are born in the same star,

they experience similar gochara (transit) effects in their lives simultaneously.

In the case of afflictions due to eclipses,

they will face similar prospects of badness.

Due to these reasons, it is told that birth in same star brings inauspiciousness.

But not all sages share the same opinion in this regard.

Different versions do exist.


One such version is given in ‘Brahma rishi Vaakhyam’,

supposedly narrated by the four-faced Brahma.

According to him, there is a qualified reference to same-star birth.

If a daughter born in mother’s star

or a son born in father’s star it will cause ‘eka nakshathra dosha’.

It causes problems to the concerned parent.

He recommends a shanthi pooja to avert the problems.



But a variation of this is given by Prithuyashas, the son of Varahamihira.

He does not consider the above births as causing hardships.

Instead he says that eka nakshthra affliction applies to sons only. 

In chapter 28 -30 of Hora sara, he says that

a son born in mother’s star is not good for the father and

a son born in father’s star is not good for mother.

The application is only to sons and not daughters.

This affliction caused by son’s birth can be averted by shanti pooja.


There is however another issue of birth stars that are said to cause malefic effects to the parents.

They are the gandantha stars that come in the sandhi (meeting points)

of the three groups of rasis in the zodiac.


Of these Aslesha (ayilyam) last pada,  Maga 1st pada.

Jyeshta last pada and Moola 1st pada are seen to be dreaded ones.

Revathy last pada and Aswini 1st pada are also gandantha stars

But they do not necessarily cause suffering.

It is because Ashwini is a curative star.

There may be exceptions to this and we need to study them.


In reality, we have seen the births in these stars causing concern –

say, due to difficult labour for the mother or caesarian births or 

complications in birth or some anxiety at the time of birth associated with birth.

In this context I request interested readers to send me the birth details

of those born in these stars (6 stars) or star padas.

I am doing a research on this issue and I assure you all confidentiality.

I don’t even require the name or any other details except the information

if there was any trouble at the time of birth (the troubles as noted above or otherwise)

The only details I require are the date of birth , time of birth and place of birth.


There is another group of stars that can not be ignored.

There are 5 stars that are said to cause suffering to parents

The 5 stars are

Poorvashada – 3

Revathy -3

Pushya -2

Chitthra -2

Uttara phalguni -1


In these cases too, there is no arishta (death) feared.

In practice we do come across these stars with the effects of gandhantha stars

(like difficult labour and caesarian delivery. The afflictions end with that.)


In the above 5 star-births, the father is not supposed to see the child

for specific months for each of these stars,

at the end of which a shanthi pooja must be done.


In any case of same-star birth (eka-nakshthra birth),

there is no need for panic.

Consult the Purohits and they will do the required poojas for remedy.




From Brihat Parashara Hora sastra:-



Ch. 85. Inauspicious Births


1-4. The Venerable Sage said. O Maitreya!

Now I will describe to you the circumstances, in which the births are inauspicious in spite of Lagna and the Grahas being well disposed.


Although Lagna may be well disposed, births will be inauspicious, if they take place on Amavasya (last day of the Krishna Paksha),

on Chaturdasi (14th Tithi),

in Krishna Paksha (dark half of the month),

in Bhadra Karan,

in the Nakshatr of the brother,

in the Nakshatras of father and mother,

at the time of entry of Sūrya in a Rāśi,

at the time of solar and lunar eclipses,

at the time of Vyati Pata,

in Gandantas of all the three kinds,

in Yamaghant, Tithikshaya, in Dagdha Yog etc.

The birth of a son after three daughters and birth of a daughter after three sons and the birth of a freak are inauspicious.

But there are remedial measures for obtaining relief from the evil effects of such births, which are being described in the following chapters.




Ch. 89. Remedies from Nakshatr Birth


1-7. The Sage Parasara said. O Maitreya!

If the birth takes place in the Nakshatras of the brother and the parents,

death takes place, without doubt, of the brother and the father, or mother,

or they have to undergo death-like suffering.

Therefore I am going to describe the remedial measures to be adopted to escape from these evil effects.

The remedial rites should be performed in a Muhurta,

when Chnadra and stars are favourable on a day,

on which there is no Rikta-Bhadra Dosha.

The remedial rites should be performed in the following order.

Install an idol of the Janm Nakshatr on a Kalash

in the North-East direction from the fire.

Cover it with a red piece of cloth and

then warp two pieces of cloth round it.

Worship the idol

by chanting the Mantras of the Janma Nakshatr.

According to one’s Gotra,

perform Havan 108 times with the recitation of the same Mantra,

facing the fire, with Ghī and other Havan material.

Then the priest, performing the Puja, should sprinkle water

on the parents and brother (whoever is concerned).

Give presents in cash (Dakshena) to the priest and his colleagues,

associated with the ceremony, to the best of one’s means and

then feed the Brahmins to the best of one’s means.







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MS said...
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Unknown said...

My dob 25 aug 72 [8:55 am calicut,kerala] and husband 04 march 69 [20:20 pm palakkad, kerala]. we married late in 2012 with no children. will we ever have a child? or do we have some pitra dosh and what should we do for it? please feel free to answer.thanks

manhitha said...

Hi mam
I was born on 20 june 1986 at 3.45 am and my son was born on 08 april 2015 at 1.09 am and we both share the same nakshatra(anuradha).i'm having a very rough phase in my marital relations. Is it due to nakshatra dosha or transit of satrun? Please suggest some remedies.

SV said...


My daughter is a native of Uttarabahdra Nakshatra and I am native of poorvabhadra nakshatra. Are there any negative effects of such case since both the nakshatras are next to next nakshatras. please suggest.

sampath said...


My son was born on June 30 2016 at 5:42 PM evening. Please let me know is there any dosham in jatakam and any shanti pooja is required.


revathy said...
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revathy said...

My son was born on 09/11/2001 in Makam star in (Kottayam district ,kerala) at 6.12 PM. My husbands star is also Makam.His DOB is 14th Jan 1971 in trivandrum around 12 noon.
My daughter star is karthika born on 26-111-20049 (time 8.55 am) and mine is revathy (dob 7-3-1973)born around 5 AM. My husbands profession changed actually after my daughters birth and he is not in a satisfactory position in his career and financially also. kindly advice .

revathy said...

My son was born on 09/11/2001 in Makam star in (Kottayam district ,kerala) at 6.12 PM. My husbands star is also Makam.His DOB is 14th Jan 1971 in trivandrum around 12 noon.
My daughter star is karthika born on 26-111-20049 (time 8.55 am) and mine is revathy (dob 7-3-1973)born around 5 AM. My husbands profession changed actually after my daughters birth and he is not in a satisfactory position in his career and financially also. kindly advice .

HASEENA said...

jayasree Mam my daughter was born on 06.03.2014 at 12.56 afternoon. Is she has any dosha in her birth.And she is suffering from cerebral Palsy and after her birth financially my family suffered a lot.At present also in same position.please tell me any remedies for that.
plz tell me the answer for this mam.I am waiting for your reply.

deep7even said...

Hi Mam,

Thanks for the insightful article. My baby boy is due for delivery around 20 September 2016, and since the doctor has advised C-section beforehand, we have the liberty of choosing a date around 20th September for the delivery. We are looking for weekdays in the day time (since availability of doctors would be better then). My nakshatram is Ashwathi and my wife's nakshatram is Chitra. Kindly let me know a suitable date and time from 19th September to 24th September.


Unknown said...

Hi Jayasri mam, my younger son was born on November 19 2014 . Chitra naksharhram second padham . From then my relation with my husband gone very bad . We went to a stage to get divorce , he stayed separate for almost 6 months nov 2015 till april 2016 My health became very bad along with my married life . Went to a stage to try commiting suicide . Currently we are living under one roof but there is no love ,trust or affection on each other . I have gone through few websites and came to know chitra 2 nd padha will effect parents . If so , how long that effect will be there . Are there any remodels or poojas that I can do .
My dob sep 9th 1984 Nellore AP 1 :05 pm
My husb dob August 17th 1977 Nellore AP 5 pm
My elder son birthday sep 9 th 2012 4:46 pm Sunnyvale califo
Younger son dob November 19 th 2014 7 15 am sunnyvale California

Will be waiting for your reply
Thank you in advance

Jayasree Saranathan Ph.D said...

Mrs Gouri (Gowthami Reddy).

Without the issues being present in the horoscopes of the parents, kids's horoscope alone can not influence the issues in the life of parents. Your and your husband's horoscope suffer from a matching flaw - an issue I have discussed in another blog (
It is that when the nodes (Rahu / Ketu) are present in the signs where Mars / Venus is present in the other's horoscope, marital issues would crop up. Your husband has Rahu in your Venus and you have Rahu in his Mars. In addition both of you have 7th sub cuspal lords in malefic places & combinations. Your 7th sub cuspal lord Ketu joins 12th lord Mars in the 12th (sayana dosha) and his 7th sub cuspal lord Mercury joins 8th lord in the 8th house. These are issues in your horoscopes which are showing their effect in Saturn dasa for you and Rahu dasa for your husband. These are not triggered by kids' birth. But the coincidence had existed. The matru karaka Moon is with Rahu in your 2nd son's horoscope and is in 6th house in your 1st son's horoscope. That made sure that your problems started after the birth of kids.

The problematic planets are rahu and ketu mainly. You may notice that your 1st son has same position of nodes as yours and the 2nd son like your husband's.But there is basic matrimonial harmony in your horoscopes. So you will gain back the peace, trust and love between you two. Propitiate Rahu and Ketu. Recite Devi Khadgamala stotra everyday.

Unknown said...

Hi Jayasree , thank you very much for taking time looking in to our horoscopes and for writing down your detailed analysis .
I have few questions , I don't have any basic idea on horoscope , I tried to understand a little from your email and the link you gave .
It is still not clear but want to ask you is it a severe marriage dosham .( as you mentioned in paragraph 9 in the link) or is it due to current saturn dasa of mine . If yes how long will this dasa last and how often will dasa comes .
Can you please explain a little more

Thank you so much for time

appalanarasamma said...

My daughter was born on 17th October 1984 in visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh with Punarvasu nakshatram, the nakshatram of her father.
. As we dont have an idea we did not perform any shanthi puja.Let us know what to do now. After her 1st birthday I am not living with my husband due to harassment from in laws and husband.

Unknown said...

I m shanthni and my son we both have same rasi and nakshatram.
Viruchiga rasi and keata naskshatram. He was born on 19th April 2014. Saturday.
Is there any problems

Bhuvan said...
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Unknown said...


Im Pradeepa, mother of 6 year old son. Me and my son are having same birth star pooradam and dhanush rasi. Do i want to do any pooja for this?

Unknown said...

My daughter is born on 25th September 2016, and my date of birth is 13th September 2016, when asked to the Brahmani he told that in her rashi there is bhadra shanti pooja and that is to be done before the baby is of 40 days. but my question is if the shanti pooja is done after 3 months then is their any effect on the baby and if it is done then the concerned person has tobe present there or it can be done by me in the absences of her.


Dinesh Awale

Bharat said...

i and my father has the same horoscope and naxatra, Moola Saggitarius . we both also have the same date of birth. i am of 30 years now . neither i am able to get settled in any job nor get any marriage proposals fixed. is this the problem due to those rasi n naxatras.

kindly suggest something.

my dob- 04-06-1985 10.25 AM, Kamakhya Nagar, Dhenkanal, Odisha

Unknown said...

My date of birth is 18-12-1967,@ 19.54 in chennai. My star is Punarpoosam and Mithuna rasi.

I am successful in my job and in the same job for the past 22 years.

Now, I wish to start on my own. Is the time is right to start new business with one or two of my close friends who are also in this same line and we have very good understanding.

Thanking you

smiley said...


I have deep interest in Vedic astrology and have been trying to learn through various sources. That is how I found your blog which was very informative. I also wanted share a case with you for your research.

DOB: 1st Dec, 1949
Birth time: 8:30 am
Place Cannanore Kerala

smiley said...


I forgot to mention that it was a case for your revathi star implication in parent

kish said...

My name is subramanian. D.o.b is 05/05/1987, time 19:32 PM and star is Pooyam 4th pada.
My father is also Pooyam. I have been having good times from 1987 to 2001. In 2001 I got rheumatoid fever. I had to eat medicines for 7 years. Finished engg in 2008 but certificate came late by 2009. After that I haven't got a good job.
The main problem is not that I don't want a job. It's that I don't feel like.job deep inside me. I feel like doing something on my own. I would have got some job, but Since I didn't have a house, j didn't feel like going for small job. Some kind of fierceness came.

Can you ease help me with getting a good job. Can I start my own business or profession. I feel like wanting to do something.

Raghav said...


My Daughter and my wife are of CHithra nakshatra. Daughter was born on Diwali, October 29 2016 evening 5:34 PM and it was a C-Section delivery. What kind off issues we would face and what are the remedial measures. I was born in Pushya nakshathra? Thanks in advance for your help.

Thank you and have a good day!


Swathi said...

Hi my dob:10-12-1991...Sravani nakshatra 2 nd padam.gender: female.For the past 2 years I m facing lot of life related Critical issues ( career n love).I'm lost in negative thoughts now.can u pls tell me is it bcoz of planetary transition effects..If so how long I will be suffering like long it will take for things get set

Unknown said...

Hi. Me and my daughter born in same nakshatra and same padam and on same tamil month. That is she was born on my star bday. Will there be any problem between me and my daughter? We havent done ayushomam for her. Can we do on her second bday?

.. said...

With the help of a man called Dr.Addo I was able to get pregnant though his root and herbs. I'm 47years of age, it was really difficult for me to pregnant though my husband loves me but it was really hurting me not having my own child but after many years I came across Dr.Addo. I'm 7months pregnant now through the help of the wounderful man and I will advice everyone looking for help to get pregnant to contact this gretae man via his email at: ( ) and be happy like me.


Unknown said...

My husband and son has the same rasi and nakshatra. Kanni rasi & Hasta nakshatra. Will there be any problems because of this.My husbands DOB is 17/02/1986 and my sons DOB is 18/01/2017. what pooja should be done for this.

Unknown said...

My husband and son has the same rasi and nakshatra. Kanni rasi & Hasta nakshatra. Will there be any problems because of this.My husbands DOB is 17/02/1986 and my sons DOB is 18/01/2017. what pooja should be done for this.

Unknown said...


my elder son was born 4th ogos 2010
my younger son was born 28th november 2012
both same raasi and nakshatra will they face any problems due to same nakshatra what are the pariharam to do?
thank you

Unknown said...
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rachana said...

Hi Jayashree mam,

Hope you are doing well. Just happened to browse through your site and having a ray of hope.
Recently I went into depression due to the family situation and I landed up going for an abortion. I am filled with guilt although I know circumstances drove me to take this decision . I am the only person working now and my husband has lost his job and we have tons of commitment . I already have a daughter of 7 years however I am just not able to come out of the guilt and sadness as this was the much awaited child for me. I lost it and grieving today. Please will you be able to tell me a remedy and also why I went through this phase .

My Dob : 14 Feb 1983. Time :5:55:00 a.m.

Thanks and awaiting your response


Unknown said...

Mam my wife and my son has same nakshatram and same padam uttarashada 3rd padam is there any eka nakshatra dosham

Unknown said...

Hi jayashree mam
I am Rajini from Bangalore. I have been blessed with baby boy on 8th February 2017 at 5.07am. We both mother and son born under same rashi- gemini with same nakshatra aridra. I have heard that relationship bw my and son wil not be good and will dis affect our married life? My date of birth is 10th February 1987. I want to know how our future wil be. Please kindly let me know. Regards

Unknown said...

My both son's have same nakshatra satabisha but different padas,my husband and two sons having same rashi kumba,do we need any shanti Pooja?

Unknown said...

Hello Myself Anil. Me and my son are born in same rasi and nakshatra (vrichika rasi and jyesta nakshatram). But I born in 4th Padham and he born in 2nd Padham. Is there any trouble for mother? Do we need to do any Pooja? Please let me know?

Unknown said...


My son was born on 13 January 2008 at 14:25 PM. He is Poorattaadhi 3rd Pada. My birth date is June 6th 1978 22:30 PM. My astrologer told me I would face problems related to my son. He was born premature and in ICU for two weeks. He has also had a cataract in his eye which was removed when he was 4 years old. He still has problems in that eye. We are worried if there are any other significant problems that will be arise related to him?

Appreciate your advice and suggestions.

Thanks in advance,
Kavitha Shreedhar

Jayasree Saranathan Ph.D said...

@ Ms Kavitha Shreedhar.

Please give the place of birth for your son and yourself.

Unknown said...
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Jayasree Saranathan Ph.D said...

@Gangarapu Usha

Nothing like that. Enjoy the baby and your motherhood. I suggest you (anyone) not to see astrology for kids.

Unknown said...

My wife born 30.11.1968 3.37pm in Revathi-3-pada nakshatra at Dharwad and my Son born on 17.8.2003 10.05am Bangalore in Revathi 4 pada nakshatra. So they are in the same nakshatra.

Should we do Shanti for this?
We are planning to do this Sunday Ashada masa Saptami tithi on 16.7.2017.


Unknown said...

My son and I (mother) share the same nakshatra (pushya).He was born last month. Should I do any parihara?

Unknown said...


Me and my son share same rashi,nakshatra and padam (Revath Nakshatram, Meena Rashi, 3 Padam).Below are other details:

Me : 17 July 1987 6:47 PM
Son: 16 July 2017 6:12 PM

Please do let me know if it has some bad effects?

Thank you,

Unknown said...

Hello Madam,

Father and Son were born in the same Mesha Rashi and Krithika 1st Padam. Ever since the birth of the child, wife and husband are fighting and talking about divorce. Wife is anuradha nakshatra 4th padam and makara rashi. Please advise.

Because of this dosha, people are saying it can cause for the couple to separate and at the same time it is not good for the baby to be away from the father.

your insight into this will be very helpful.

Thank you very much.

rajendra said...

Dear Mam,

I have twins female granddaughter. Their birth details are,

1) Dob: 12/04/2017 ,Time of birth: 12.55.20 , Place of Birth: Jalgaon (Khandesh) Maharashtra
Postal pin code: 425001

2) Dob: 12/04/2017 , Time of birth: 12.57.25 , Place of Birth: Jalgaon (khandesh) Maharashtra
Postal Pin code: 425001

They are born in same nakshatra of Swati. Does it has ek nakshatra dosha? What will be its effect . Is pooja necessary? If yes, when pooja is to be perform?
Even there are four planets retrogate. Is this retrogation of planet has nagative effects?
I hope you will give Reply.
Thank you,
Rajendra, Jalgaon maharashtra

meandmomcorner said...

My daughter was born on 14th August2015at 3:23pm- ashlesha nakshatr.
Is there any dosham to father due to his birth on ashlesha nakshatr. Please let me know.

charitha said...

Helo Jayasree garu. My daughter have 40 years. Her star revathi and lagnam makara lagnam. She faced for marriage problem. still she has not married. astrologer saying in her janmalagnam there is no problem. But y still she has not married. I have check another astrologer he was also saying no problem but they were saying problem in my jatakam. my daughter and me born same lagnams crossing. please check my daugher dob 19th december, 1977. Time morning 10.10, place born east godavari in kakinada. Please help me is there any dosham in my daughter jatakam. What type of pariharam will do.

my dob : may 11th, 1939
time : mid night 1 to 2
born : East godavari, ramachandra puram

Swa said...

Hi ,

My daughter born on 8th October 2015 at 2:26 pm - Aslesha Nakshtram - Sydney(Australia).let me know if there is any dosham and which pooja need to be done.

Deo said...

Hi Jayasree

Me and my daughter have same nakshatra - Kritika Nakshatra

My DOB 14-DEC 1986 3.00 AM
My daughter DOB 11-SEP-2017 6.50 PM

Please advise.

Unknown said...

Hi mam..My son birth date is 2/5/2017 timings 6.58pm ..Is there any dosha present ?Plz let me know mam

Shyama said...

I was born on july, 1 1969, my daughter on June 29, 1991 .. both same nakshatra uttarashadha and same rashi ... normal delivery but she had 3 round of cord around neck at birth. Did not know about ek nakshatra before. She is married, has a child ... any undesirable effects in future because of eka nakshatra ? said...

Hi my nakshstra is magam and my son nakshstra is avittam. Is it good compatibility or not

Unknown said...

hi my rashi is rishabam karthigai husband rasi is mesham barani . both of us no is 1our childs birth due day is 28th july we want to konow is that date is good for parents or pls suggest asuitable date for ceaser

kish said...

Me and my dad have same star I think... It's pooyam. But according to what my dad said about his date and time of birth, I doubt if it's punartham or pooyam... Anyway... If he is punartham, is there and dosha for us.. if he is pooyam also is there any dosha... I am pooyam, 4th pada... Time of birth is 19;32 PM and date is 05/05/1987... Place is vazhuthacaud, Trivandrum...

Sagalakala Vallavan said...

Hello Jayasree Madam... My daughter was born on Nov 23, 2017 4:08 AM in Bangalore. Her start is poorvashada which is same as mine. Do we need to do any remedy

Unknown said...

Hi Ma’am,
My son , born on march 22 2008, place sharjah , time 3:56 pm , kanya rasi , 2nd pasa. Recently i heard from a relative that boy child born in hastam raasi posess danger to the life of father . Is it true? If so is there any remedy. We r not hindus so we do not consult astrologer , but after hearing this i am under stress. Kindly assist

Buvaneshwari Ramesh said...

Respected Mam ,

I am a Mother of 2 Daughters-- born on same nakshathra-Aslesha(ayilyam),
with 4years, differenc .My elder daughter's date of birth is 14.3.1995,(12.28 am) and my second
daughter's date of birth is 28.2.1999,(11.25 am) I had complication s in my first pregnancy ,
it was a forcep delivery..Now after all these years an astrologer suggested that Ekanakshathra shanthi should be done, please advice.

Jayasree Saranathan Ph.D said...

Dear Ms Buvaneshwari Ramesh,

Same star births will have same transit effects. That is the core issue. For your daughters, the age difference being less, they will be running same Maha dasa mostly. But Dasa effect is dependent on planetary positions in individual horoscopes. It is not the same for your two daughters, and you would have seen that in the nature of delivery itself. For first daughter you had forcep delivery, as she has combinations for instrument aided delivery. (Malefic in the 4th aspected by Mars). You must be happy that no complications were there as, by general rule, aslesha (being a gandantha star) births will be difficult.

A common feature in both the horoscopes is that Moon is conjoined with malefics (Mars and Rahu respectively for the 2 daughters) in aslesha star. So I would recommend Eka nakshatra shanthi puja in the next birth dates for each of them or as told by purohit. Take care to do pitru tarpan by whosoever eligible in your family. You may have to do Aslesha Bali for both in Kuke Subramanya some time in future. Nothing to worry, saying these for the affliction to Moon caused by malefics in their respective horoscopes.

Anitha said...

Dear Madam

My sister and her first daughter are born on same nakshathra. She had to undergo immediate C Section due to BP fluctuation in BP but delivery was without any risk.

Sister: DOB: 01/05/1987; 6.40 AM @ Kollam, Kerala
Daughter : DOB : 01/05/ 2014 ; 2.20 P.M @ Malappuram, Kerala

we haven't performed any pooja yet.will there be any effect on parent or kid

With regards

Jayasree Saranathan Ph.D said...

Ms Anita,

It is rare to come across the same date of birth in the Gregorian calendar and the same star of birth for a child and its parent. There is no issue with the date of birth and the horoscopes. Rohini as the same star also is not an issue. The only issue is that the mother and the child will come across the same transit effect.

A child's destiny also decides the kind of birth, whether cesarean or normal. If Cesarean, obviously that will be reflected in the mother's horoscope. It is reflected in both the horoscopes. But planetary combinations in both show that there is nothing to worry in future too. It is enough you do Eka nakshatra homa on the next birthday of the child (star birthday). Also do puja to Brahma. Locate a temple in you vicinity where Brahma is consecrated. It may be in the side wall and not as a main deity. Many Shiva temples have Brahma installed in the wall. Arrange for puja for Brahma on the star birth day of both the mother and daughter. Continue this every year. That is enough.

Unknown said...

Namasthe Madam
can you please check the emails once again while sending replies, as i have received your reply for other people and i had asked horoscope solution, may be it has gone to some one else, i guess. i could not find your email id to send you personally. this is the only choice left for me. please write to me at
once i receive your email i will forward those emails which i have received.


Jayasree Saranathan Ph.D said...

// Devika Rani said...
Namasthe Madam
can you please check the emails once again while sending replies, as i have received your reply for other people and i had asked horoscope solution, may be it has gone to some one else, i guess. i could not find your email id to send you personally. this is the only choice left for me. please write to me at
once i receive your email i will forward those emails which i have received.


Ms Devika,

You will be receiving all the replies posted here if you have opted for receiving follow-up comments. So no worry about comments flying haywire. I, the blog admin have no access to the email id-s of the people who comment here. All the comments posted here are posted to this site and not to the individual directly.But the individuals would receive the comment every time someone posts here if the individual had checked the box for follow-up comments at the time of posting a comment here.

I am replying to the comments based on the merit of them. Most comments are of same nature and are written without going through the replies I have already given where they could find the reply to their queries. Request readers to check the comments by me to see if they get the clarification for their questions.

Karthika said...

Mam namaskaram. I am mrs. Vijaya lakshmi. I stay in Australia with my daughter. Now my daughter is due for her second delivery and since it is Czech the dates given are 18 th October or 19 th October.
Now 18th is sravana that is my daughters birth star and 19 is dhanishta that is my soninlaws mother’s birthstar. So which day u recommend. As 18th is also vijaya dashami can we proceed on that day or should we ask for a third option. Pl advice. Kind regards. As we have to book in advance pl reply at your earliest convenience. Kind regards.

Jayasree Saranathan Ph.D said...

@Karthika / Mrs Vijayalakshmi.

Avoid the mother's birth star - means your daughter's birth star.

Unknown said...

This is Anupama. Me and my son share the same birth star Makha. Mine is 2nd pada and my son's is 4th pada. My date of birth is 16th December 1962, place of birth - Calcutta, and time 7.20 pm.My son's date of birth is 27th September 1989, place of birth - Bangalore and time 1.00 pm. I had a cessarian delivery. We have not done any shanti or homa. Please advise what we should do. Gratitude

Swetha said...

Hi Madam,
I am a mom belong to punarvasu Nakshatra 3 padam and so does my son but belong to 2 padam. He was born on Jan 15th 2018.
Though I am not sure about which padam I belong since my parents don't remember the exact time of my birth but said it is punarvasu Nakshatra.

We live in USA, we came to India for my son's first birthday. Few months after birthday we came back to US within 2 days my Father in law passed away. He was 60 yrs old, he passed away in his newlyconstructed house.

My husband star is swathi and my daughter star is vishaka.

Could you please tell me if we will have any negative effects of ek nakshatra dosham?

Thank you

Jayasree Saranathan Ph.D said...

Birth year wrong and birth details not sufficient. Death of someone after a year of birth cannot be related to the fate of the child.

Jayasree Saranathan Ph.D said...

@Unknown / Anupama
This is Anupama. Me and my son share the same birth star Makha. Mine is 2nd pada and my son's is 4th pada. My date of birth is 16th December 1962, place of birth - Calcutta, and time 7.20 pm.My son's date of birth is 27th September 1989, place of birth - Bangalore and time 1.00 pm. I had a cessarian delivery. We have not done any shanti or homa. Please advise what we should do. Gratitude//

Going to be nearly 2 decades since your son was born. No effect of Eka nakshtra after so long. As written in a comment earlier, same gochara planets for both would be the only issue for which both of you may have to worship the respective graha at the time of gochara.

Your son's horoscope does show birth by cesarean whereas your's show affliction to putra sthana which manifested in cesarian delivery. Nothing more to worry.

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