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Does Priyanka know what Gita says?

What Bhagawad Gita says:-

“Not by the vedas, nor by austerities, nor by gifts, nor by sacrifice, can I be seen in such a form as You have seen me.” (chapter 11-53)

“For those who dedicate all actions to Me, hold Me as their Supreme Goal, intent on me and worship Me meditating on Me with exclusive devotion,

Of those whose minds are thus focused on Me, I become soon their savior from the ocean of mortal life” (chapter 12- 6&7)

In a situation where doing this devotion to Him and living in the way as prescribed by Him are hampered and criticized as being communal, the Lord ordains one to be ‘His instrument’ and fight the war to restore righteous instincts.

“But if you do not fight this righteous war, you will be turning away from your duty and honored position and will be incurring sin.” (chapter 2-33)

“Better is one’s duty, though ill-done, than the duty of another, though well-performed. When one does the duty ordained by his own nature, he incurs no stain”. (chapter 18-47)

“If in your self-conceit, you think, “I will not fight’, your resolve is in vain. Nature will compel you.” (Chapter 18-59)

“O Arjuna, bound by your own duty born out of your own inner disposition and having no control over your own will, you will be compelled to do that very thing which you now desire not to do through delusion” (chapter 18-60)


Delusion :- keeping mum and not doing anything in spite of all attacks on Hindu identity

Righteous war :- taking on the forces that attack and uproot Hindu ideals.


Press release in support of Varun Gandhi (23 March 2009)

The Indian American Intellectuals Forum expresses regret at the no-holds-barred campaign of vilification and calumny unleashed by the entire 'pseudo-secular' establishment of India on Varun Gandhi, the BJP candidate for Parliament from Pilibhit in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, India.

Varun Gandhi is reported to have said in an election speech that " if someone thinks that Hindus are weak and leaderless.. . if anyone raises a finger towards Hindus - then I swear… I will cut that hand."

This rare display of utter fearlessness and exemplary courage from the young BJP leader has echoed the simmering feelings of millions of Hindus all over the globe. For coming out openly to speak the truth, the Indian American Intellectuals Forum congratulates him.

Judging from the unchecked spate of terrorist attacks on large metropolis like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Jaipur, Varanasi, etc., in which the Hindus incurred the maximum financial damage and the huge loss of lives, there is a widespread feeling that the Hindu Nation is in a 'State of Siege' in its own country.

Despite the bitter condemnation from the English language press, Varun Gandhi is being lauded all over India in the vernacular media. We suspect the slanderous crusade against Varun Gandhi is backed by certain anti-national elements for the sole purpose of demoralizing and demonizing this young would-be MP.

It is worth noting that at the moment Hindu Nation is neck deep into an unprecedented crisis because of the double whammy of Islamic jihad on one hand and the pseudo-secular Congress Party politicians protecting even the high profile terrorists like Mohammad Afzal Guru, the convicted mastermind of Parliament attack, on the other.

It is not hard to look around and see that most Hindus have already been religiously cleansed from the neighboring Pakistan; they have been either converted to Islam or simply killed. The same thing is fast happening to the Bangladesh and Kashmir Valley.

In many other parts of India, Hindus are under attack from the Jihadists in collusion with the Maoists, Naxalites or other Marxist terrorists. (The recent murders of Swami Lakshmananda Sarasvati in Orissa and other prominent Hindus in Kerala are the gruesome reminders of this deadly combination) .

We have to understand that Varun Gandhi's Pilibhit Parliamentary constituency is up North near the Nepal border. Thousands of Muslim mosques and madrasas have sprung up in the area. An extreme fear psychosis is created by Jihadi forces in the region. Several young Hindu girls have been molested and raped in recent times. Cow slaughter is going on recklessly on the streets in open.

In the conditions, Hindus find themselves very unsafe.

They feel persecuted.

The local Hindu population is in a state of shock and bewilderment.

All the above things are, obviously, happening under the very nose of young and vigilant Varun Gandhi. Instead of attacking him thoughtlessly, his speech describing the Muslim terrorist activities in the area should, on the contrary, be analyzed from the national security point of view.

We do not see anything wrong with Varun Gandhi's statement. Actually, his assertion that " I am a proud Hindu, I am a Gandhi and I am an Indian " should come as a breath of fresh air for all Indians in the suffocating pseudo-secular politics of India.

We look upon Varun Gandhi as valiantly fighting like Veer Abhimanyu, the brave son of legendary Arjun of Mahabharatha. Our modern Abhimanyu has been encircled in a chakraviyuh (the deadly maze) and is being viciously attacked by Kauravas. The role of modern Kauravas is played by an unholy combination of the pseudo-secular politicians of country led by Congress party and other anti-national elements directly or indirectly shielded by this Grand Old Party of India.

As such, we appeal to the Non-Resident Indians in general, and the Indian public in particular, to solidly stand behind Varun Gandhi, the gutsy young leader of the modern India.

It is essential that patriotic Indians provide this dynamic Gandhi all necessary support by sending him congratulatory emails at gandhim@sansad. nic.in.

Narain Kataria


Indian American Intellectuals Forum is a New York based organization. It tries to strengthen Indo-American relationship. It organizes seminars and creates an awareness about the menace of terrorism in the community


COMMENT by Capt. Balakrishnan, IN (Retd.):

The vicious onslaught from the ' secular ' Indian English media notwitstanding, here is what the Task Forces on ' Internal Security ' and ' Border Management ' ( headed by Shri N.N. Vohra, the current Governor of J&K, and Shri Madhav Godbole, respectively.), wrote about the state of affairs on the Indo-Nepal Border ( hopefully our 'secular' English media will understand the geographic location of Philibit!!). I have extracted these from the book -

" Will the Iron Fence save the Tree Hollowed by Termites" - Arun Shourie - Rupa & Co - pp 421 & 422)

" On the Indo-Nepal border, MADRASSAS and MOSQUES have sprung up on both sides of the Terai region , accompanied by a FOUR FOLD INCREASE IN THE POPULATION OF THE MINORITY COMMUNITY IN THE REGION. There are 343 MOSQUES, 300 MADRASSAS and 17 MOSQUES - CUM - MADRASSAS within 10 kms of the border on the Indian side. On the NEPAL side there are 282 MOSQUES, 181 MADRASSAS and 18 MOSQUES - CUM - MADRASSAS. These mosques and madrassas receive HUGE FUNDS FROM MUSLIM COUNTRIES like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Managers of various madrassas and ulema maintain close links with Embassy officials of those countries located in Kathmandu. Financial assistance is also channelised through the Islamic Development Bank (Jeddah), Habib Bank (Pakistan) and also through some Indian Muslims living in Gulf countries. Pakistan's Habib Bank, after becoming a partner in Nepal's Himalayan Bank, has expanded its network in the border areas including Biratnagar and Krishna Nagar. It is suspected that foreign currency is converted to Indian currency in Nepal and then brought into India clandestinely."

Again. " MADRASSAS and MOSQUES on the Indo-Nepal border are frequently visited by prominent Muslim leaders, Tableegh Jamaats and pro-Pak Nepali leaders. Officials of the Pak embassy have come to be noticed visiting the Terai region of Nepal to strengthen Islamic institutions and to disburse funds for them. Pro-Pak elements in Nepal also help IN DEMOGRAPHIC SUBVERSION OF THE TERAI BELT."

Further. " The Northern border with Nepal, being open, porous and with extensive cross-country links, has, with the strengthening of the Western land borders and following entrenchment of Dubai based smugglers in Nepal, now has become volatile for smuggling of gold and general commodities, and also ARMS and EXPLOSIVES, and, INFILTRATION BY HOSTILE ELEMENTS - - -. As regards narcotics, Nepal has long been a major producer of cannabis. Herbal cannabis in particular and also some quantities of cannabis resin have been frequently brought through and siezed near the India - Nepal border. Heroin transited from Pakistan or processed in India, and some other Indian pharmaceutical narcotics and psychotropic substances, have also been siezed in Nepal from time to time."


The 'secular' Indian English media are the modern day "JAICHANDS".


Priyanka Vadera becomes wise about Bhagavadgita!

Varun issue backfires on EC

Kumar Uttam | New Delhi (Pioneer, Tuesday, March 24, 2009)

· To remain BJP candidate from Pilibhit

· EC selective, has no jurisdiction: BJP

Outraged by the Election Commission's suggestion to drop Varun Gandhi as candidate from Pilibhit, the BJP insisted on Monday that it would field him, while the politician son of late Sanjay Gandhi took pot shots at the Election Commission, saying his 'real court of appeal' lay with the people.

Varun expressed "deep disappointment" over the unseemly haste in which the EC passed an opinion without giving him a fair opportunity to establish his innocence. He pointed out that there were several candidates in the fray who had been convicted of or were being tried for crimes that carry far larger sentences than the one for which he has been accused of.

"Despite the same, at least till now, I find that the EC's eagerness to exercise its "recommendatory jurisdiction" begins and ends with my case alone. This itself coupled with the haste with which the EC has acted leaves one to believe that the action has been pressurised by political considerations," Varun said in a communication to the EC.

Also, in making adverse remarks and recommendations to the BJP and all other parties, Varun asserted, the EC has acted beyond its jurisdiction and has surpassed its powers, including under Article 324 of the Constitution of India.

The Election Commission's judgement also left the BJP fuming. "How the EC can tell us who should or should not be our candidates. It is not vested with any power to pass such orders," BJP general secretary Arun Jaitley pointed out.

The senior BJP leader said the EC was asking the party for something (debarring Varun from contesting the election) that even it was not in a position to ensure till someone was convicted for more than two years.

The party is now preparing for a high pitched campaign in Varun's constituency. "This suggestion of the Election Commission (to drop Varun) is pregnant with serious implications for the Indian democracy. In fact, this unprecedented move on the part of the Election Commission seeks to redefine the contours of democratic practices and traditions in operation since independence," party spokesman Balbir Punj said while announcing the BJP's decision to field him in the forthcoming elections.

The BJP reiterated that despite the serious nature of the speech by the chairman of the Congress Party Minority Cell Imran Kidwai, the EC has yet to take any action on the complaint filed by the BJP in this regard.

Moreover, it said, the presence of senior office-bearers of the Congress party, including the official candidate of Chandigarh, at the venue has also not spurred the EC to act till date and even issue a notice in this regard.

Gita ki kasam

PNS | Lucknow: Priyanka Vadera Gandhi termed Varun remarks "unfortunate" and claimed it was against the ideology of the Gandhi family. She claimed to be deeply 'hurt' as her family had always fought to maintain secular fabric. "The issue has saddened my family and Varun's remarks are not acceptable either by the country or my family," she said.

Priyanka was also critical of Varun's reference to Gita in his speech. "First Varun should read Gita… properly before making such comments," she said.

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Unknown said...

The problem is lack of Unity amongst us Hindus. Someone rightly said "Indians are united, in cricket and war". There's lot of diversity in our country. And Hindu community particularly is never united. The diversity prevents us from being united. Lack of education/ awareness and proper leadership is the cause. We always manage to find differences based on caste,language, region and color.

Slowly, but steadily, the land held by Hindus is on the decline. It has taken over 1000 years, but Hindus who once ruled from Afghanistan and had presence felt even in Indonesia have lost their land. Islamic invasion is surely the major cause.

But lack of unity is surely another. There are our own follies too. We don't treat our own folks properly. I had heard from a former colleague that Jinnah's grandparents were Gujarati Hindus who when faced with financial adversity decided to go for fishing business. Their fellow Hindus objected to it. How could they do something involved in killing life and were ostracized. And so they accepted Islam rather than face humiliation. And we know Jinnah was the cause for us loosing a large piece of our land. I don't know how true this story is.Surely it needs verification but it has a point.

Muslim majority is definitely a cause for concern.
Wherever they got majority, they have kicked out Hindus. History is a witness. Whether we learn from it or not is up to us.

Amit Nanda