Monday, May 18, 2009

Its a vote for the Economist, ManmohanSingh!

The Congress has clearly swept across the nation.

Various reasons for this are being analyzed.

Amidst the various talks to rationalise the Congress victory,

what catches my attention is the response from the corporates and the working class.

They have hailed the emergence of the UPA with less strings of alliance pulls attached.

The way the urbanites have solidly voted for the Congress and the near all India support for the Congress in the elections,

make me think that

it is Mr Manmohan Singh

who won the elections without even contesting it!

Think of the pre poll options put before the voters.

The choice was to be made from

Manmohan Singh,

Advani and

some x,y or z from the Third Front.

The voters have clearly looked at the possible outcome with each of them.

The entire working class accounting for nearly 2/3 s of the electorate faced this election

at a time of uncertainty about whether their job at hand is safe!

Surprisingly no great promises were made by any of these contenders promising this working class a safe passage through the global economic crisis.

With this background, the voter is left to assess for himself who can do something to reduce if not remove completely the uncertainty which is very real in his life.

Can Manmohan do something about it?

Yes, he can, provided his hands are not tied.

His hands were tied in his last tenure-

one side by Sonia Gandhi who was thought to be calling the shots in governance

and the other by the alliance partners.

But will she tie his hands when it comes to pushing the economy forward at the present critical juncture, is the question.

No, she will not.

If Manmohan is left free from the troubles of the alliance partners, he will certainly see his way through his economic wisdom.

His remark during the course of election that regional parties are obstacle to development had not missed the attention of this middle class.

This remark showed his exasperation.

Another pointer to his genuine efforts in taking the country forward in development is his firm stance on the nuclear deal.

The nuclear deal is not a poll- issue.

But the way Manmohan handled it was a feather in his cap!!

He didn’t mind losing the government in the process of sticking to his stance on nucler deal.

To recall his words in his speech in Parliament on August 13, 2007, he made posterity to judge his wisdom is getting the nuclear deal.

"I will let history judge. I will let posterity judge the value of what we have done through this agreement. It is another step in our journey to regain our due place in global councils."

His firmness in spite of the big hue and cry that saw the Left moving away from his party, is something that can be seen only in a professional.

This deal and the way he dealt with his detractors made the public - the working class in particular,

get a feel of his professionalism and commitment in his area of specialty.

The country has witnessed the Inner stuff that Manmohan is endowed with.

This Inner stuff is what is needed in the man who is to control the country’s financial health at this critical juncture of global crisis.

Here is the man who will stick to his stance in spite of the pulls and pushes, if it is about an agenda on development where deft thinking and execution are needed.

Added to this sole performance of his commitment to his ideals,

is the way he handled the Satyam crisis!

In my opinion, the way the satyam crisis has been handled with professionalism, had been taken well note of by everyone of the working class who formed the majority of the voters that had voted in this elections.

Even what an Obama could not do in the US,

Manmohan, the economist had done in India.

The Satyam crisis was deftly handled by the government, by chipping in,

in time with a board of directors who saw to it that the company was not allowed to fall.

Many jobs were lost during this time.

But the confidence of the public and the working class was not allowed to fall,

in managing the Satyam crisis.

This is really demonstrative of what it means to have a person like Manmohan singh at the helm.

He is perceived as ‘weak’ in politicking and other issues.

But when it comes to his area of specialization, he can swing into action,

that too in a very professional way.

Manmohan had a chance to demonstrate his ‘presence’ in the Satyam crisis

at a time the nation was preparing to go to the polls.

The writing on the wall is that if only Manmohan is given a free hand in running the economy and the development oriented issues of the nation,

it will be better for all these working populace.

Compare him with Advani.

Advani may be good and genuine.

But whom will he have with him to do the job that Manmohan is clearly slated to do?

Who is there in the Third Front to match the professionalism and economic acumen of Manmohan Singh?


One may say that it is Sonia who is calling the shots and not Manmohan Singh.

She may be calling the shots in other areas of governance, but not in pushing the economy forward.

His hands are not tied by Sonia Gandhi when it comes to economic agenda..

This was demonstrated in going ahead with the nuclear deal.

Manmohan was ready to sacrifice his government for the deal.

And Sonia backed him!!!

She too didn’t mind losing the government on an issue that called for resoluteness for the sake of nation’s development.

Manmohana Singh will have full liberty to go by his judgment in economics based development model.

The Congress did the right thing by projecting Manmohan singh as its Prime ministerial candidate.

Instead if Rahul had been projected, he would have grabbed the votes of the youth,

but not excited the working class.

In that scenario, the Indian working class would have sided with Advani.

It is economics and the demands of time that had determined the voter behavior.

The working class had done their part to make him free from the alliance pulls.

The ‘weak’ Prime Minister had scored victory on his ‘strength’ of economics and professionalism.

He has to understand this message and people his ministry with professionals.

This is a vote for the professional in Manmohan Singh.

Hope he does not belie the expectations of this nation known for its intellectual capital!

Tamil nadu scenario.

As an aside,

I have to talk about the Tamil votes in this election.

I continue to believe that the majority in Tamilnadu wanted to vote for Ms Jayalalithaa.

Such a vote is not for the Third Front.

We all know that she will side with Congress first, and if Congress does badly, then only with BJP after the elections.

Whichever way it goes, there will be advantage to the masses here in Tamilnadu.

The non performing state government will be challenged in such a vote.

Till the day before the elections that was the situation.

But what happened on the polling day?

The entire Tamilnadu has not yet come out of the shock of the verdict reported.

What happened?

What happened?

Is it the ‘Thirumangalam Effect’ ?

In yesterday’s question time to Yogendra Yadav and Rajdeep in CNN-IBN,

a querist from Tamilnadu explained the rates given for the votes.

Yadav agreed that he was indeed getting thousands of calls on this Thirumangalam Effect enacted in all constituencies where the DMK candidates contested.

But Rajdeep chose to play this down.

It is for everyone to see and know how this Thirumangalam Effect was enacted.

But why no media is talking about it?

The DMK supremo is certainly incapable of retorting if cornered by the English TV media.

(We saw his awkward performance on his talks on LTTE Prabhakaran.)

It is doubtful if any from Tamil media can take up this issue.

But why not the English channels?

Why don’t they take these allegations seriously, do the ground survey and bring out the truth?

நடந்தது என்ன?

ஓட்டே உன் விலை என்ன?
என்ற கேள்வியில் ஆரம்பித்து,
என்னதான் நடந்தது என்று,
எல்லாருக்கும் விடை தெரிந்த,
சொல்ல முடியாத,
சொல்ல பயப்படும்
ஜனநாயகத்தின் ஆதாரத்தையே அசைத்து விடும் போல இருக்கிறதே!

The mail published in Dinamalar dated 17-05-2009 is given here.

It tells what everyone in Tamilnadu knows.

The writer belongs to Madurai.

Another food for thought from the same issue…


CodeNameV said...

I respect your notions about Manmohan Singh but I dont agree with that they put the government at stake for the deal.

And that Sonia Maino backed him is laughable! They were not ready to loose the government for it. Remember Amar Singh, remember Revti Raman, remember Cash for vote?

If you still think that they were ready to loose the government, then I guess you should look at how openly UPA and SP were playing chuppa rustum with the help of so called responsible journalists of the nation.

Yeah I would agree that UPA could dodge the whole cash-for-vote because of time factor. It is quite well known that public memory is too low. Well, somewhere else, some vigiliant voter commented, India needs a dose of memory plus. So true!

jayasree said...

This is a comment from

It says that the voting machines can be programmed to rig the elections. As one working the in manufacture of micro processors,the writer details the ways in which the number of votes can be manipulated.
This is of serious concern..


மொத்த 1 லட்சம் மெஷின்களில் ஒரு பத்தாயிரம் மெஷின்களில் ரிக் செய்யப் பட்ட சிப்களைப் பொருத்தி அதை காங்கிரஸ், தி மு க ஆளும் மாநிலங்களில் உள்ள தொகுதிகளில் உள்ள சந்தேகத்துக்கிடமான தொகுதிகளில் நுழைத்து விடலாம்

அதற்கு தேர்தல் கமிஷனரின் ஒத்துழைப்பு இருந்தால் போதும். அதற்காகத்தான் ஊழல் கறை படிந்த அயோக்யன் நவீன் சாவ்லா என்ற கிறித்துவன் வாட்டிக்கனின் கட்டளைப் படி சோனியா அன்னையினால் நியமிக்கப் பட்டான்

தேர்தல் ஆரம்ப்பித்த பிறகு கமிஷனரான கோபால்சாமி ஓய்வு கொடுக்கப் பட்டார். அல்லது அவர் ஓய்வு ஆன பிறகு க்ரூஷியல் தேர்தல்கள் நடக்குமாறு அட்டவணை தயாரிக்கப் பட்டது

இந்த இ வி எம்க்குக்கான சிப்கள் எங்கு தயார் செய்யப் பட்டன, யார் தயாரித்தார்கள் என்று சொல்ல முடியுமா?

அத்தனை சிப்களும் சோதனை செய்யப் பட்டனவா? நான் சொல்லும் சோதனை கம்பெனிகள் செய்தது இல்லை, அனைத்து கட்சிகளின் முன்பாக அனைத்து இ வி எம்களும் சோதிக்கப் பட்டனவா?

அப்படியே சோதிக்கப் பட்டிருந்தாலும் கூட தேர்தல் நாளுக்குப் பிறகு தேவைப் படும் கட்சிகளுக்கு ஓட்டைச் சேர்க்கும் ப்ரோகிராம் செக்மெண்ட் ஒர்க் ஆகுமாறு டேட் சென்சிட்டிவாக ப்ரோகிராம் செய்யப் படலாம் அது கடினமானது அல்ல. ஆக தேர்தலுக்கு முந்தின நாள் வரை யார் எப்படி சோதனை செய்தாலும் சரியாகவே வேலை செய்யும், அதைப் போலவே தேர்தலுக்குப் பின்னால் யார் சோதனை செய்தாலும் சரியாகவே வேலை செய்யும். ஆனால் தேர்தல் நாளன்று தன் வேலையான காங்கிரஸ்/திமுக வுக்கு ஓட்டுக்களை ஒதுக்கும் வேலையை தேர்தல் நாள் அன்று மட்டும் செய்ய வைக்க முடியும். இது போன்ற மைர்ரோபிராசர்களைத் தயார் செய்யும் நிறுவனத்தில் பணிபுரிபவன் என்ற முறையில் இதைச் சொல்கிறேன்

இப்படியாக திட்டமிடப் பட்டு ப்ரோகிராம் செய்யப் பட்ட ப்ராசசர்கள் பொருத்தப் பட்ட இ வி எம்கள் ஆந்திராவிலும், தமிழ் நாட்டிலும் பரவலாகப் பயன் படுத்தப் பட்டுள்ளன.

இதற்கு ஒரே வழி ப்ரோகிராம் டம்பை எடுத்து பாரபட்சம் அற்ற தொழில்நுட்பர்களால் அலசச் சொல்வது ஒன்றே. அதில் இருந்தும் கூட தப்பிக்கக் கூடிய ஸ்மார்ட்டான வழிமுறைகள் உள்ளன. ஆனால் அந்த அளவிற்கு இதைத் தயாரித்தவர்கள் யோசித்திருக்க மாட்டார்கள் என்ற நம்பிக்கையில் சொல்கிறேன்.

காங்கிரஸும் அதன் கூட்டணி கட்சிகளும் வென்ற காங்கிரஸ் ஆளும் மாநிலங்களில் உள்ள அனைத்து இ வி எம்களின் ப்ராசர்களில் உள்ள சோர்ஸ் கோடும் உடனடியாக அனலைஸ் செய்யப் பட வேண்டும். ஆனால் இந்நேரம் அந்த சிப்கள் மீண்டும் மாற்றிப் பொருத்தி வைக்கப் பட்டிருக்கக் கூடும்.

இந்தத் தேர்தலில் காங்கிரஸ் கூட்டணி வெற்றி பெற்ற காரணம் மக்கள் அல்ல நவீன் சாவ்லா என்றொரு குள்ள நரி மட்டுமே.

இதை தயவு செய்து பி ஜே பி பிரமுகர்களின் பார்வைக்குக் கொண்டு செல்லுங்கள். சுவாமி ஏற்கனவே இது பற்றி பேசினார் யாருமே அவரைக் கண்டு கொள்ளவில்லை

jayasree said...

>>>>I dont agree with that they put the government at stake for the deal.

And that Sonia Maino backed him is laughable! They were not ready to loose the government for it.<<<<<<

But it was almost close to that. Manmohan talked of quitting office and the Congress kept prolonging but saw to it that the deal was made. It was not given up. Finally Manmohan had his day and the message is conveyed that he is serious on issues of economics and development.

Dr.Himanshu M. said...

Dear Blogger
I appreciate your concern over Indian politics but your comments suggest that you are little aware of Dr.Manmohan Singhs' background, intensions. Dr.Singh is a puppet of the USA and is responsible for economic recession to affect India. His Globalization and liberalization policies have made the country poorer and debt ridden. There is enough and more documentry evidences for this. Further I suggest you please go through the nuclear deal in detail. You have posted an article by Adiya Sinha regarding Khanimoizi. Do read articles of Aditya Sinha, one of the front runners who opposed the deal. You can also learn about Singh through Aditya Sinha

Dr.Singh devalued the indan currency, singed the dangerous GATT agreement and messed up our economy. World wide ont a single NAM country has any respect to Dr.Singh. Today as every 1 person gains through his economic model 3 persons give up their livelyhood.
Dr.Singh is a traitor. He has goofed up with the Indian economy and has submitted out country to American Imperialism.
No doubt he is a brillian economist but has used all his skills to do the wrong things and submit our country to USA. Ever since he became the finance minister (1991, financed by the wrold bank) our country's ficial deficet and loans have been on a steep rise. Our resources are drained for a song.

There's a lot about him and his policies. I suggest you read geunine political economics books and look up the finance ministry website.

I have no hesitation in saying that he is an Intellectual prostitute

Jai Hind

jayasree said...

DearDr Himanshu,

It is quite unsettling..and true.
What I wrote is the impression that people who have voted for UPA have about him.