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Sethu, NILaa DEvi and magnetic field caused by ocean currents!



An interesting correlation to Sethu with the latest reports on what causes magnetic field of earth, has been done by Dr Kalyanraman who called for a study of ocean currents at Sethu in light of these findings.


As one habituated to finding (?) a correlation to Hindu concepts, I am giving here my view on thisJ.


Think of magnetic field, you get reminded of NILaa Devi, one of the 3 consorts of Vishnu, the Protector of the world. NILaa is a hidden force that protects the earth. Holding her as the hump of the ox (earth), Vishnu whizzes past the skies with the earth. This is the bottom line of the NILaa tatwa. This gives an understanding that NILaa is indeed the magnetic cover of the earth.


Of the many posts written on this, the following may interest readers in this context.


NILaa suktam defines the nature of NILaa as follows:

"Rich in ghee, O Savitr, through thy overlordship,

Be the bounteous region rich in milk, for us.

The firm among the quarters, lady of Vishnu, the mild,

Ruling over this strength, the desirable,


Brhaspati, Matariçvan, Vayu,

The winds blowing together be gracious to us.

O Prop of the sky, supporter of the earth,

Ruling this world, lady of Vishnu"


According to NILaa suktam, fluidity is her nature.

She is blown like wind.

She is the after-born of the earth, which means that she was not there when the earth was formed. She formed after the earth came into existence.

Perhaps with more inputs coming from scientific finding, we can fine tune our understanding of NILaa!


But her birth as later born of earth and as one related to earth shows that the magnetic sheath was created later, due to some developments with reference to earth.


-         jayasree




Earth's magnetic field caused by ocean waves?


Scrap Setu project. Study Indian Ocean currents. Create Special Marine Economic Zones for new livelihood opportunities along 8000 km. long coastline extending to 200 kms. from the shoreline (under UN Law of the Sea).

An excellent area for scientific verification of the theory is Setusamudram where the World Ocean Currents Map shows both clockwise and anti-clockwise movements in ocean currents, a phenomenon caused perhaps by the collapsed canyons under Rama Setu. I would suggest to the Pachauri Committee to recommend such a scientific undertaking instead of looking for alternatives to the nautical-eco disaster of unprecedented magnitude called Setu canal project which will destroy the livelihood of millions of coastal people.

Dr S. Kalyanaraman




The Earth's magnetic field remains a charged mystery

Institute of Physics News

14 June 2009

Magnetic field

400 years of discussion and we're still not sure what creates the Earth's magnetic field, and thus the magnetosphere, despite the importance of the latter as the only buffer between us and deadly solar wind of charged particles (made up of electrons and protons). New research raises question marks about the forces behind the magnetic field and the structure of Earth itself.


The controversial new paper published in New Journal of Physics (co-owned by the Institute of Physics and the German Physical Society), 'Secular variation of the Earth's magnetic field: induced by the ocean flow?', will deflect geophysicists' attention from postulated motion of conducting fluids in the Earth's core, the twentieth century's answer to the mysteries of geomagnetism and magnetosphere.


Professor Gregory Ryskin from the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Northwestern University in Illinois, US, has defied the long-standing convention by applying equations from magnetohydrodynamics to our oceans' salt water (which conducts electricity) and found that the long-term changes (the secular variation) in the Earth's main magnetic field are possibly induced by our oceans' circulation.


With calculations thus confirming Ryskin's suspicions, there were also time and space correlations - specific indications of the integral relationship between the oceans and our magnetospheric buffer. For example, researchers had recorded changes in the intensity of current circulation in the North Atlantic; Ryskin shows that these appear strongly correlated with sharp changes in the rate of geomagnetic secular variation ("geomagnetic jerks").


Tim Smith, senior publisher of the New Journal of Physics, said, "This article is controversial and will no doubt cause vigorous debate, and possibly strong opposition, from some parts of the geomagnetism community. As the author acknowledges, the results by no means constitute a proof but they do suggest the need for further research into the possibility of a direct connection between ocean flow and the secular variation of the geomagnetic field."


In the early 1920s, Einstein highlighted the large challenge that understanding our Magnetosphere poses. It was later suggested that the Earth's magnetic field could be a result of the flow of electrically-conducting fluid deep inside the Earth acting as a dynamo.


In the second half of the twentieth century, the dynamo theory, describing the process through which a rotating, convecting, and electrically conducting fluid acts to maintain a magnetic field, was used to explain how hot iron in the outer core of the Earth creates a magnetosphere.


The journal paper also raises questions about the structure of our Earth's core.

Familiar text book images that illustrate a flow of hot and highly electrically-conducting fluid at the core of the Earth are based on conjecture and could now be rendered invalid. As the flow of fluids at the Earth's core cannot be measured or observed, theories about changes in the magnetosphere have been used, inversely, to infer the existence of such flow at the core of the Earth.


While Ryskin's research looks only at long-term changes in the Earth's magnetic field, he points out that, "If secular variation is caused by the ocean flow, the entire concept of the dynamo operating in the Earth's core is called into question: there exists no other evidence of hydrodynamic flow in the core."


On a practical level, it means the next time you use a compass you might need to thank the seas and oceans for influencing the force necessary to guide the way.


Dr Raymond Shaw, professor of atmospheric physics at Michigan Technological University, said, "It should be kept in mind that the idea Professor Ryskin is proposing in his paper, if valid, has the potential to deem irrelevant the ruling paradigm of geomagnetism, so it will be no surprise to find individuals who are strongly opposed or critical."




Secular variation of the Earth's magnetic field: induced by the ocean flow?

Gregory Ryskin 2009 New J. Phys. 11 063015 (23pp)   doi: 10.1088/1367-2630/11/6/063015 


Gregory Ryskin
Robert R McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL 60208, USA

Abstract. Secular variation of the Earth's main magnetic field is believed to originate in the Earth's core. (The main field is operationally defined as comprising spherical harmonics of degree l≤10.) I propose a different mechanism of secular variation: ocean water being a conductor of electricity, the magnetic field induced by the ocean as it flows through the Earth's main field may depend on time and manifest itself globally as secular variation. This proposal is supported by calculation of secular variation using the induction equation of magnetohydrodynamics, the observed main field and the ocean flow field. The predicted secular variation is in rough agreement with that observed. Additional support is provided by the striking temporal correlation (hitherto unsuspected) between the intensity of the North Atlantic oceanic circulation and the rate of secular variation in Western Europe; this explains, in particular, the geomagnetic jerks, and the recently discovered correlation between secular variation and climate. Spatial correlation between ocean currents and secular variation is also strong.


Received 12 March 2009
12 June 2009


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