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Dharma for Youth - Program in Chennai

Dharma for Youth (Program on 5 July 2009 4 to 7 pm 

DG Vaishnav College Auditorium, Arumbakkam.

Dharma for You (Spiritual, Soial, Economic and National advancement)

Program schedule:

5 July 2009 4 pm to 7 pm

Venue: DG Vaishnav College Auditorium, Arumbakkam, Chennai

Program launch by Shri S. Gurumurthy, Leading writer, corporate advisor and economist and Poojya Sri Swami Mitrananda, Director, All India Chinmaya Yuva Kendra


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What is 'Youth For Dharma''

'Youth for Dharma' is a movement launched with the blessings of Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswathi for youngsters in the age group of 18 to 35 to create awareness about our Dharma.

What is 'Dharma'

'Dharma is for the stability of society, the maintenance of social order and the general well-being and progress of humankind. Whatever conduces to the fulfillment of these objects is Dharma, that is definite.'

-          Karna Parva of the Mahabharata. Verse-58 in Chapter 69

Why  Youth for Dharma

The movement is started with the objectives

1.To develop a sense of contentment

The self-conscious individual cannot get a sense of success in life because of the many unfulfilled desires that are attributed to constituting his personality. The whole life starts with dissatisfaction and it continues to be so. Therefore people brand desire as the problem. In reality the attitude towards the result of an action is the problem. One has to look upon the results of the actions given to him by the Lord as prasada. Prasada is not an object; it is an attitude towards an object.

2. To strengthen our Family value system

The family is the starting point of unprecedented social and cultural mechanism which endeavors for peace at all levels, including at the global level by likening the world community itself to a family, as evident in the timeless concept of Vasudaiva Kutumbakam. The most crucial aspect of family system in India is the integration between social capital consisting of the trinity of family, community and society and religion and culture.

The reason why Indians emerge as a prosperous lot globally, many researchers claim, is because of the significance attached to the Family system. All working cohesively to solve a problem faced by any one or more members of the family, is what works magic in keeping one tension-free, happy and contended even in today's highly competitive environment. We need to uphold family values for sustained development.

3.To protect our scientific indigenous culture

'I have made the Gita and Sanskrit literature the main source of my inspiration and guidance for the purpose of scientific investigations and formation of my theories'         

            - Albert Einstein

Culture pervades every facet of national life just as life pulsates in the entire body. Man's culture is reflected in his constructive view of life while conquering the high peaks and deep pits of difficulties and hindrances coming the way of life. Ours is not a Nation born just yesterday. It has been here since ages. Its culture was not primitive or uncivilized. It is our profound duty to protect and preserve the scientific indigenous culture that has stood the test of times and pass it over to the next generation.

4.To promote communal harmony and peace

'I shall respect and protect your belief and faith though I hold on to my belief and faith'

The religious sentiment is the most sensitive; therefore this sentiment, a very deep sentiment has to be respected – whether it is a Muslim sentiment, or a Christian sentiment or a Hindu sentiment. If this sentiment is hurt or violated, there is no power that can heal the hurt. So we have to take up efforts with the noblest intention of respecting all religions and faiths to promote communal harmony and peace.

5.To preserve National integrity

'Utharam yath samudrasya, himadre schaiva dakshinam

Varsham thath bharatham naama. Bharatheeyathra santhathi:' – Vishnu Puranam

(To the North of the Ocean, To the South of the Himalayas, the land is known as Bharatham, and its inhabitants as Bharatheeyas)

The world's oldest definition for 'Nation' can be obtained from our Vedas and Puranas. A mass of humanity assuming the nomenclature of Nation should be inspired by the feeling of "we-ness" or a common identity and identification. This means that such people experience a feeling of oneness with one another and consider themselves distinct from others.  National union in India must be a gathering of its scattered spiritual forces, a union of those whose hearts beat to the same tune. We, Indians have to preserve the 'India' in us.

"A few whole-hearted, sincere and energetic men and women can do more in a year than a mob in a century"

Now is the time. This is the place. The call is yours. See what this unique movement has in it for you.


          Hindu culture is indigenous to our country –Bharat. In its vision, there is nothing away from God; therefore everything is sacred it is our duty to preserve this sacred culture .One cannot preserve a culture without knowing it, without living it. Recognize the profundity of your culture. Be grateful for being a recipient of this great tradition. Protect your tradition and hand it over to the next generation.                                                                      


While absorbing the Western ways of improving life in this world we should never give up our hold on the spiritual ideal, which represents the national life and forms the backbone of India. If we do so, in three generations we will become an extinct race, or the foundations on which our national edifice is built will then be undermined and the result will be annihilation all round. Therefore, whether you believe or not in spirituality, for the sake of the nation's sustenance, you have to maintain your hold on spirituality.


"True religion is not a narrow dogma. It is not external observance. It is faith in God and living in the presence of God. It means faith in a future life, in truth and Ahimsa…. Religion is a matter of the heart. No physical inconvenience can warrant abandonment of one's own religion.



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