Friday, July 10, 2009

Some worries on terror and quakes.

Juts read the news of a bomb threat in Ireland in theYahoo news.

It is disquieting me in the wake of the astrological awareness that places such as
Ireland, Iran, Poland, Asia Minor, Cyprus, France, Italy, Philadelphia, Chicago, Mumbai etc are likely to be targets of terrorist acts in the coming days – particularly after 17th July.

The post on this can be read at Triple Eclipse - facts and real worries!


When I wrote that post on the basis of affected signs related to those places in mundane astrology I was wondering how most of these places which are generally not heard in the news are going to be affected by terror. But Time works in its own precision ways. I only hope that adequate alertness is maintained by all governments. I wish that the underground traffic system of every country is kept under high security cover.


Mars is still continuing in the fiery Krittika – an explanation for the gory fire accident at the cracker unit near Madurai in which 3 school boys who worked after school hours lost their lives. (What plan Kapil Sibal has to stop such losses?)

The planetary combination after the coming New moon (eclipsed) is also disquieting – indicating a threat of earthquake of a massive scale.

The news of an impending one any time now, published in Nature magazine is adding credence to this astrological combination. The quake in Italy a few days ago is disturbing because the very same places (including Italy, France etc) I have mentioned for terror activities are afflicted in the quake charts too.

I have not much worked on astrological principles on earthquake.

But I collected the charts of the worst quakes of the past century – some 10 or so and analyzed for a pattern. Yes, there is a pattern which I will discuss later in this blog.

Such a pattern is arising in the coming days after the new moon of July 22nd.


I only pray God, "SarvE janaah sukhinO bhanvathu".

Let me not hear anything bad for people.

Let me only hear that all are well. 

May the earth be quiet.

May all the people be safe.




Link to the i-paper on analysis of a probable quake / tsunami in the near future:-



Threat to bomb Indian community centre in Belfast

Fri, Jul 10 06:20 AM


Prasun Sonwalkar London, July 10 (PTI)


The Indian Community Centre in Belfast has received a threat letter from Protestant extremists asking immigrants to leave Northern ireland or face bomb attacks. Besides the Indian centre, the threat letter has been sent to the Belfast Islamic Centre and the Polish Association, reports from Belfast said.

The letter, threatening of racist violence, from the youth wing of the Ulster Defence Association warned: "No sympathy for foreigners, get out of our Queen''s country before our bonfire night (July 11) and parade day (July 12). "Other than that your building will be blown up.

Keep Northern Ireland white. Northern Ireland is only for white British.

" Patrick Yu, executive director at the Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities (Nicem), said race-hate crime had grown steadily in Northern Ireland recent years, with increasing incidents of assaults, intimidation, harassment and robberies. Belfast has a small Indian community comprising entrepreneurs and professionals, including prominent businessman and consul-general of India, Lord Diljit Rana.

Some Indian IT companies also have a base in Belfast and other cities in Northern Ireland. .


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