Thursday, September 17, 2009

Swine Flu - astrologically explained!

The astrological explanation for the outbreak and duration of Swine Flu in India written by me can be read in the following link of the Astrological magazine.

Click this link and log in to read the article on Swine flu in the October issue.

This article was written by me on 12th August, 2009, soon after the outbreak.
The number of casualties will find a spurt in September and will come down by October end.

Worship of Vishnu on every Vishu (Solar New Year / Tamil New year) will go a long way in saving the masses from hazardous diseases. Explanation can be found in that article.

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krishnaswamy mk said...

Emerging New Monkey Malaria Species Potential Deadly In Humans
9 Sep 2009 ... Researchers in Malaysia have identified key laboratory and clinical features of an emerging new form of malaria infection.
Another infection seems to be spreading from the East.
krishnaswamy mk