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Andhra splits – Saturn effect?

From the mother of follies on State reorganization on the basis of language, is now born the birth of States within States.

Andhra heads the next generation of splits.

Thinking of Indian Independence chart, I used to worry and try to figure out the kind of turmoil the moon maha dasa would bring out once it begins in September 2015.

According to PulippaaNi Jyothisha (Tamil) (Verse 181),

if the lgna lord joins the 3rd lord, Saturn and moon in a sign, then the dasa of that sign will be terrible.

In the Indian natal chart Venus, the lagna lord joins moon and Saturn in the 3rd house of Cancer.

The moon maha dasa is going to be bad for the 3rd house significances of siblings, communities and in general, the different people of this country who are supposed to live as siblings. The Andhra split adds a new dimension to the kind of rivalries that we can expect in moon dasa. Almost every state of our country can be expected to ask for a split on some pretext with the self serving politicians whipping up emotions.

Looking at Andhra scenario, the star assigned in Medhini Jyothisha for Andhra is Revathy.

Saturn is transiting the 7th from Andhra's sign, while the sign lord Jupiter is in debility and in the sign-junction right at the moment.

The current transit of Saturn in Virgo will have an effect on the areas of the South that include Tamilnadu and Srilanka also in addition to Andhra. The mundane indication is that there will be disputes and agitations in the places denoted by the sign when Saturn transits that sign. The people in those places will suffer.

It is significant to note that the crisis in Andhra had happened at a time when Uranus, the planet for revolutions and emergence of new political alignments is close to entering the mundane sign of Andhra, namely Pisces.

The worst ever crisis for Andhra will be witnessed when Jupiter transits Pisces – the star sign of Andhra.

At that time Jupiter opposes Saturn.

Analyzing the Saturn- Jupiter opposition in the last one century, we can see success to insurgencies, civil wars and armed or violent struggle to liberation attempts during those times.

This shows that Andhra is heading for a permanent split.

When the exact opposition of Saturn and Jupiter takes place on 28th March, 2011, Uranus also joins the combination along with Sun and Mars. Mars the lord of 2nd and 9th for Andhra (Pisces) has latta on Revathy (the star of Andhra) at that time. The 11th lord (for legislature) Saturn goes retrograde in the 7th at that time. These combinations foretell political problems, strained relations within the people, disputes and parting of ways between those who were together until then.

Its woes will not end but continue after that when Saturn and Rahu joins in the 8th house (Libra) for Andhra in 2013.

This is not a good time for Indian internal scenario too as this combination happens in the 4th house to Indian natal moon.

India presents a strange kind of an exploited democracy – with no leader of vision with us.

However there is one leader who can be expected to capture a 'vision' from the Andhra model.

It is our invincible Karunanidhi who can be expected to bifurcate or trifurcate Tamilnadu to crown his three aspiring off springs!


The sky map on the day of formation of Andhra Pradesh is given below. The time of formation of Andhra Pradesh is not known.

As per Kurma charka of Varahamihira, Southeast parts of India including Andhra Pradesh come under the stars Aslesha, Maga and P.Phalguni. This is generalistic and therefore we go by the medini nakshathra assigned to Andhra Pradesh, which is Revathy. In application, this method works with other states – most importantly with Kashmir which becomes the eye of the storm very often.

So let me take the sign of Andhra as Pisces.

Till 4 o’ clock on that day moon was in Chitra in the sign Virgo.

Important observations are that 2nd lord of home and finance, Mars is in viraya in 12th in the star of janma lord Jupiter.

Jupiter is woefully in the junction of the signs having just entered Virgo into few seconds. This renders it very weak and vulnerable. It is in debility in Navamsa.

This indicates lack of will and strength in tiding over any crisis.

The 8th lord Venus is in debility at 7th which signifies interaction, inter relation etc.

Even though it has exalted in Navamsa, it has joined Ketu and opposed by an explosive combination of Rahu and Saturn.

Perverse thinking and explosive decisions come as easy to those in control of the state.

The Bhadak lord Mercury who is also marak lord is in 8th scorched by the sun.

The exchange of 7th and 8th lords is not of much help.

The 6th lord Sun who signifies Governance in mundane astrology is in debility in the 8th!!

This is bad news as far as the strength of the government is concerned.

The sun goes to the 12th to Pisces in Navamsa while the janma lord Jupiter is in debility there.

The labha (also for political climate in mundane astrology) and vyaya lord, Saturn is eyeing the 3rd and 6th from his own constellation. The current maha dasa is that of Saturn.

Saturn and Rahu spoils the 9th house of dharma and bhagya. Right from 1995, the State is going down in these two areas.

The current transit of Saturn in the star of Sun in crystallizing the above bad effects shows that our judgment of taking Pisces as the birth sign is correct.

The current vimshottahri dasa of Saturn lasts till 2013 – 14.

In Navamsa moon joins Saturn and Rahu in 7th. Saturn and Rahu are a damaging company in the 9th house of fortunes in the rasi.

The transit of long term planets also is not good at the current juncture.

My assessment is that the state is bound to lose whatever fortunes it has built.

The wealth created would go down as waste. (mars in 12th)

Anyway they will pick up after the crisis period passes away.

That is when Saturn moves out of Libra in transit.

That happens in November 2014.

That period also coincides with end of Saturn maha dasa for Andhra.

But before that time, there is likely to be violent phase and trauma when Saturn joins Rahu in Libra.

The country also will face troubles in internal peace at that time particularly in May 2014. There are bound to be natural calamities and terror strikes in mid- 2014.

As far as Andhra Pradesh is concerned the split seems to be in the card which seems to come into force in 2011. Jupiter – Saturn opposition takes place again in 2012 in 2nd and 8th houses, though the opposition is not exact. There is bound to be internal turmoil in Andhra at this time too.

However, wealth creation by the people will not be jeopardized after that.


NVS Prakasam said...

Namastay madam,

Andhra Pradesh was formed on November 1, 1956. Andhra Pradesh lies between 12°41' and 22°N latitude and 77° and 84°40'E longitude. I am not sure of the timing of that decision or that day's first hour to be taken as birth time. Plz predict for me the future of the state regarding the unity due to large number of people are in favor of being united irrespective troubles to some areas by being so. Or its the chart of India that is only criteria for such decisions, plz clarify.

Eagerly waiting reply,
NVS Prakasam.

skm said...


Once again an excellent post. I would like to know what would happen to india in general during moon maha dasa and also the dasas thereafter. You had said earlier in a post that tribulent times are coming when we will be in moon maha dasa.

jayasree said...

Dear Mr Prakasam.
I understand your concerns. The future of India itself is of worry. The post is updated. I have added a note on the chart for Andhra in the post. Please go through it.

jayasree said...

Dear Mr SKM,

The moon maha dasa will be ridden with dissensions among the people of the country. In addition to the caste and community clashes, we will have clashes for statehood formation it seems. The affliction happens in the 3rd house. Our younger sibling Pakistan is likely to add to our headaches then.

NVS Prakasam said...

Namastay madam,

Really thanks for your analysis. So, its all Master Plan of GOD. I wish I develop enough consciousness to pray for the well being of all wholeheartedly without any partiality having known that its all part of the plan of GOD explained by you very cleary.

With sincere pranams,
NVS Prakasam.

jayasree said...

Dear Mr Prakasam,

I can understand the pain conveyed in your words. I too undergo the pain, while thinking of the state of the country today.

Whether you agree or not, astrologically speaking, the formation of Vishal Andhra on Nov 1st, 1956 was not a right decision. Jupiter, the lord of Dharma was in pangs of rasi- sandhi (junction) at that time. At the current juncture also, (when the Centre had nodded its head for the split) Jupiter is caught at the junction between signs.

This shows that both the decisions - formation of Andhra which heralded a new phase of formation of states on linguistic basis and the formation of Telangana which is bound to start a new phase of fragmentation of States - are not Dharmic. They are bound to create problems for the larger interest of the country.

In the Indian Independence chart, Jupiter has been severely maligned. Every time Jupiter passes a critical degree (like bhava sandhis or retrogression in in its own house and in exaltation or when it receives malefic association or aspect)the national interest has suffered. The Current time is one such occasion.

The very idea of state reorganization on linguistic basis is flawed. Instead we must have had demarcation on river basis.
If we look at the past history of the world, river valleys have sustained growth. Land, rainfall and river bind people as one. Prosperity is ensured to everyone alongside the river. There will be give and take within the people if they are linked by river. I think it would have more wiser to have river bound divisions as States.

NVS Prakasam said...

Namastay madam,

Yes. Formation of states on river basis would have let people of different mother tongues and cultures live together and would have broaden the mindset in many aspects. Quality of telugu language or telugu culture did not see any growth, but in fact declined with the formation of Andhra Pradesh because people might have felt that its now the job of Government to take care of those things, which in earlier times was the voluntary job of people both with an aim to better the language and to protect it.


"In the Indian Independence chart, Jupiter has been severely maligned and the same in case of Andhra Pradesh formation and now the announcement regarding formation of Telangana"-- no wonder experiencing political crisis or administrative crisis off and on with Guru of gods (Dharma) himself is maligned giving red carpet entrance to Adharma (Kali). Probably, all these things are happening to correct some mistakes done by everybody (Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema people are rich in culture and language due to them being under the ruling of British, not Nizams, so they dominated the locals in Telangana, whose people being under the rule of Nizam were deprived of modern day education and also old education. Now, God correcting the arrogance of Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema people shown clearly towards Telangana and allowing a chance to Telangana people to set themselves on equal terms with Coastal and Rayalaseema people, whether they use this chance or not is their Agami karma.)

GOD is running anti-virus software for system of Andhra Pradesh and will reformat it.

Lets Welcome Him.

NVS Prakasam.

PS: I always like the thought of holding the little finger of Mother Nature like a child with innocence and fair mind and walk through the streets of Life that she builds and collapses for Fun (creation of Universe) until I (Aham, Eeswara) get bored and sleep on her lap (Pralaya). I wish God keeps me in touch with those who are very, very rich mentally (bhagavathulu) even though they feel any discomfort having me in contact with. By the way, I belong to Coastal Andhra purely.

jayasree said...

Nice to hear your thoughts Mr Prakasam. Lets pray that things will be fine for everyone in this decision.

NVS Prakasam said...

Namastay Madam,

Plz see...Can we escape any negative Prarabhdha Karma with our sincere and persistent Agami karma. Like - If we are to suffer the loss of Rs. 1000/- on health, instead of that we spending that amount voluntarily on visiting a holy place. Result the same - losing Rs. 1000/-. In the first case, we do it with pain and in the second case we do with pleasure at least to some extent. But We should have enough poorva punya to at least know that we are to suffer some health problems and that we should seek the blessing visiting a holy place. Is it that.

Why I am asking this is Andhra Pradesh Was and Will never be United for sure on cultural basis discussed in my previous comment. And now, the state is clearly divided. Its Coastal Andhra + Rayalaseema Vs Telangana, clearcut. But if we are able to maintain this turmoil and do our best efforts like accepting that both sides made mistakes, will that be possible that once bad phase is over and good phase starts we can live together on political ground, but different on cultural ground as usually forgetting about this divide.

For me in this case Agami karma is: MLAs responded to the surprise of so many by resigning in large number and some people died on both sides and large section of people are calling for peace and United Andhra and I am personally waiting to see some Swamiji or someone to come out and start a Santhi Yagna of some sort and asking people to participate in such and requesting other religions to do the same in their own way. Will this kind of Agami Karma would help, keeping in the mind that the turmoil will be there until the bad phase is over and then goes to cold storage in people’s mind. Because this Telangana issue raised to very high level many times in the history of 53 years of AP formation; particularly in 1969. Can we check back that year and see same planetary combinations happened.

Every atom in the universe contributes to the world positively or negatively. The formation time of State of Andhra Pradesh is negative (as mentioned in your analysis), but will that be managed through the positive Agami Karma (giving respect to every dialect of language and people, which is main cause of problem), but for this to happen there should be poorva punya (pure thought in people why others are asking for separate state and what made them to ask for so) of knowing that if Agami Karma is not pursued properly, the event predicted will happen.

NVS Prakasam.

PS: I am not in favor of being United or Divided, but just observing understanding the rhythm of the nature and how it can correct itself if it went wrong. Will stop discussing this topic if you feel I am eating too much time madam.

Nandha said...

I am greatly pained by the developments that are taking place in my favorite staet Andhra at this juncture. There was some sort of development in certain areas the last few years under YSR regime, but after his death things are getting a very bad shape. The people gave a massive favourable mandate in May 2009 elections, it seems to be a short lived one. KCR was kept under check by YSR but after his death he has struck at the right time to get his ambitions fulfilled. Thanks to the inefficient Rosaiah who like our PM is waiting on the door of Italian-born Sonia Gandhi to get approval of things. What an efficient chief minister who cannot function independently on his own !!!

The above article by madam is analysed well and points to the bad days ahead for my favorite state

I personally feel that the decision to delve into the wealth matters regarding Lord Venkataswara is the root cause of all problems and the state has invoked the wrath of the lord.

YSR opened the pandora's box and he paid for it. Even Karnataka was on the verge of crisis but somehow it ended peacefully but the Andhra crisis seems to not end soon.

I personally feel that the temple authorities arrange an expert prasna marga astrologer to find the Lord's mind and suggest remedies.

Though it may sound unrationalistic to many, I personally feel it can ease the problem to some extent


jayasree said...

Dear Mr Prakasam,
If we look at the birth chart on Nov 1st, 1956, there are some indications for a 'fracture'- a kind of an accident, to say in the ordinary parlance.

Venus, the 3rd and 8th lord ( for longevity) is in debility in the 7th. It is in the asterism of Sun (6th lord) who is in debility in 8th.

The maarak lord Mars is in 12th in the asterism of Jupiter whose star dispositor again happens to be sun in debility. The lord of 12 th Saturn also happens to be the lord of 11th placed in an house of enmity.

Another maarak and bhaadak lord Mercury is in 8th in combustion and in the asterism of Rahu.

Both rahu and saturn are in the star of saturn and are closing in on each other within 3 degrees' gap. This happens in the house of fortunes.

These combination foretells a kind of fracture or death blowing accident in the periods of planets involving saturn, sun, venus, rahu and mercury.

The current dasa is saturn.
Though we dont know the exact time of inking the document, the probable dasa running is saturn.

Assuming that the document was signed around noon, this is highly probable and rahu bhukthi will be on, in saturn dasa in 2010 and 11.
The venus sub sub period in this period will see a fracture (due to debilitated sun in whose asterism venus is posited ).

Going by this indication of the natal chart, some fracture is possible. But the lord of the lagna namely Jupiter aspects the lagna, the 3rd and the 11 houses. This saves the state from deterioration and ensures good 'health' for Andhra. Andhra Pradesh will certainly flourish well even after the fracture!

Critical times are in March 2011. By mundane transits too, this is bad time for the states in the South of India and in the countries in North west of India (Pakisthan and Afghanisthan)

Again around 18 & 19 of September 2013, we find a close encounter of Saturn, Rahu and Venus (planets critical for Andhra)in the 8th from Andhra's sign Pisces and in the 2nd house (home affairs)from natal moon.

In 2013 - 14, the Rahu- Saturn combination in Libra is not good for Andra and India as well as a whole.

These periods have to be crossed for better times to come.

jayasree said...

Even though Karnataka was created on the same day, the same fate can not be expected for karnataka, as its star will be different.

jayasree said...

Dear Mr Nandha,

The Lord Venkateshwara angle might perhaps be one of the indicators of things to come. Prayer and faith will not let one down - particularly the individuals and they will be least affected by the happenings around.

jayasree said...

My latest article on Telangana: