Thursday, January 21, 2010

My interview in Hindu-blog

Interview with Jayasree Saranathan – a Sanatana Dharma Blogger

I'm pleased to post the following interview with one of the Hindu bloggers that I've admired for some time – Jayasree Saranathan writes the blog Non-random thoughts. She introduces herself as Sanathanist.

This is a new section that we are starting in Hindu Blog. We plant to interview our readers, people who comment regularly, writers and editors associated with Hinduism, Hindu bloggers and editors, Saints, skeptics and other religious people.

There is a particular reason for starting the interview with Jayasree Saranathan – it is women who have always kept the flame of Santana Dharma steady. It is they how have always protected the flame of core teachings and tradition from numerous attacks from within and outside. And it is they who always passed the flame from one generation to another. It is through our mothers that we come into contact with this great tradition.

Hindu Blog – When you say I am a Hindu, what does it mean to you?

Srimati Jayasree Saranathan - When I say that I am a Hindu, it means to abide by the wisdom of Vedantha. The Vedanthic wisdom is encapsulated in 3 sources, namely, Upanishads, Brahma Sutras and Bhagawad Gita. The idea of the self, the Supreme, the Karma theory and the Realization of self as the Supreme Self are the essentials taught by this wisdom. Any effort that takes one to these thoughts will make one a Hindu, according to me.

Hindu Blog – What do you think is the greatest strength of Hinduism?

Srimati Jayasree Saranathan - Its eternity. Hinduism is not an 'ism'. It is the basic science of the Universe of the living and the non living – in manifest and unmanifest forms. So no one can destroy it. It always EXITS. At times it may be forgotten. Even then, someone will come up with the acumen to explore Nature and will eventually find out the Vedanthic wisdom. That is how even after a worst Kaliyuga where Hinduism seems to suffer a low, there will come up Krutha yuga or Golden Age when sages will restore this wisdom. No one can destroy Hinduism.


Sanatan Satyam said...

Thank you for the very nice Interview. I have a couple of articles on my blog regarding Sanatan Dharma.


jayasree said...

Thanks Sanatan.
Read your articles. Good work.