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Earthquake in Indonesia (09-05-2010)

An earthquake of 7.2 magnitude had struck Indonesia hours ago at a place closer to the earlier devastating earthquake of 2004 that sent off a massive tsunami. This has created panic. Applying astrological parameters that I have discussed in earlier posts in this blog and in the series published in The Astrological Magazine, we can say with certainty that the causality rate will be less in this earthquake.

But this doesn’t mean that the earthquake threat is over. The real earthquake threat starts form today and lasts for a week from now. It can be recalled that in my post on Icelandic volcan ic eruption, I have predicted an earthquake around this time. From

Volcanic eruption in Iceland – an astrological explanation.

“The next probable date comes on May 13th (2 days before and after including) 2010 for yet another disturbance of the earth. But causality would be less.”

Today’s earthquake, though moderately high can not cause wide spread devastation due to its timing. The Thithi angle is the foremost requisite. The Dwadasi was just setting in at that time. Between dwadasi (12th day of lunar phase) and sashti (6th day of Lunar phase), the earthquakes are devastating.

Added to this are the elements noted by Varahamihira which I have explained in the current issue of Astrological Magazine (May -2010 issue which is available in print only).
Accordingly the day is divided into 4 parts of 6 – hour duration each, starting from sunrise at a place. They are known as Vayu, Agni, Indra and Varuna. The star of the day also matters. The stars too are divided into the above 4 categories.

If an earthquake occurs in the first 6 hours of the day (from sunrise) namely in the Vayu part and if the day’s star happens to be one belonging to that part (Vayu), the impact of the earthquake will be felt for 1000 s of miles. If the earthquake parameter (discussed in my earlier posts) are also present then the devastation will be total.

Applying these in today’s earthquake, the type was Agni which is less devastating. Both the time of the day and the star of the day belonged to Agni. In this type of earthquake there will be windiness, meteor showers and the affected people will be those residing in hilly tracts.

In this chart of today’s earthquake, Moon is aspected by Mars but still out of bounds for a devastation. The affliction to both the Martian signs is there. The 2 watery signs (Pisces & Scorpio) are aspected by Saturn and Mars respectively causing a tsunami alert. But there is no concentrated impact of the malefics on these signs. Therefore the threat of tsunami will be minimal.

But the threat is not gone. A fresh wave of earthquakes is possible in the next few days. Moon is shifting to Pisces and comes to be aspected directly by Saturn. The moon will be in the deadly arc of earthquake zone at that time. Again Moon moves in Aswini on 12-05-2010. That is the most vulnerable time.

If the earthquake happens on that day, China is likely to be the place affected. In India also northern and north eastern parts are vulnerable. This is being said on the basis of Kurma Chakra of Varahamihira according to which the above said places are ruled by Aswini.

From Indian angle the sign where the Moon- sun combination occurs is the 4th from Capricorn which is India’s Jag lagna. 4th stands for domestic areas, land etc. The sign is movable (chara) adding to the vulnerability. The planetary lord of Aswini is Ketu which is being aspected by Saturn and Rahu. The afflictions are many indeed on that day. But the tsunami potential will be less. The earthquake threat continues in the region for more than a week from now until moon enters 6th phase (18-05-2010)

The threat of a fresh eruption is also possible in Iceland as the sign (Aries) also signifies Northern regions. However the Icelandic eruptions will die down by May 26th when Mars moves out of Cancer.

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