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Mangalore air crash – some thoughts, astrologically.

It is extremely saddening to hear about the loss of life in the accident caused by the run-way overshoot of the Air India Express plane in Mangalore. The otherwise picturesque Mangalore airport gives a streak of fear and awe at the short runway on top of the hill surrounded by deep gorges. We always hear friends telling us to take a smaller plane if planning to go to Mangalore.

I first came to know about this airport when my son won an essay competition on the Millennium year as a primary school student and bagged free air tickets to a destination in South India. We chose a trip to Mangalore as we thought it would be a fascinating landing area that he would enjoy very much. It was his first trip by air. He was addicted to simulation games on piloting and he continues to be so even now as a college student. The first thing he did on hearing about the accident was to see if he can safely land in Mangalore strip in the simulation game! And he gave me a lot of inputs on the probable causes of the piloting error and about the difficulties faced in this air-strip.

What I understand was that the length of the runway and the experience of the pilot are not at all the issues. The surrounding terrain matters. The abrupt end of the airstrip is an issue and the slightly lifted strip in contrast to the adjacent area is another issue that can cause a visual misjudgment. There is always one percent chance of something going amiss with the machine, the weather or the judgment of the pilot. In the case of Mangalore airport, that one percent chance means nothing but doom. Such doom had descended on the innocent travelers on the Saturday mishap.

If we compare the mishaps in the past in various airstrips due to overshooting the runway, we can see that Mangalore type death trap is absent in those cases. And the chances of a mishap of the scale seen in Mangalore had been less. There had been sufficient time for passengers to escape or there had been chances for more passengers to escape, as it normally takes some time for fire to play havoc on a greater scale. In Mangalore the primary reason for the havoc was the fall into the gorge. This must be taken into consideration and the correctives must be done – if it means abandoning this airstrip for passenger travel. The safety of the passenger is supreme and can not be compromised.

From astrological point of view, I have collected info on most major air accidents of the world and drawn the horoscopes in 2 ways depending on the information I could get.

I have drawn horoscopes for the starting time of the flight journey (where it is available – but not available in many accidents) and for the exact moment of the accident (which is available in most cases). I have not exactly made an in-depth study of these horoscopes though I have noted down some common features in all accidents. I have segregated them based on the causes, such as runway overshoots, those struck by lightening, bird-hit ones, mid-air collisions, pilot errors, bad weather, bombs etc.

The astrological features differ in these categories, though some basic features are seen in all. The affliction to moon determines the extent of the fatalities. In freak accidents involving less or no fatalities, the basic astrological features are not predominant. A positive influence by aspect or association of Jupiter on moon reduces the fatality rate. But Jupiter must be in own or exalted house with no retrograde motion. The positive strength of Jupiter is determined by the sign where it is posited.

Let me list down the most common features seen in all air accidents. These were deduced by me based on basic astrological tenets.

Mercury stands for transportation. The affliction to mercury is a basic feature.

• The 3rd house in the Natural zodiac stands for short trips. This is Gemini. Gemini also signifies airy sign. Affliction to Gemini is another primary feature in all air accidents.

• The 3rd from Mercury is afflicted in most air accidents.

• The afflicting planet in most cases is Mars signifying explosion and fire.

• Saturn as airy planet also has a role in air mishaps.

• If moon is transiting in the stars associated with the above points and is devoid of positive Jovian influence at the time of mishap, the fatalities are certain.

• Saturnine connection to Mercury or moon is also seen in most air mishaps denoting a hazard in the air.

If we look at the runway mishaps of the past, the crash at N'Dolo Airport in Kinshasa, DR Congo, on January 8th, 1996 claimed highest number of fatalities due to runway overshoot. The aircraft overshot the runway and ploughed into Kinshasha’s market killing 350 and injuring 500 people All but 2 were non-passengers. The dead were the common people in market place. Accordingly we can see a different astrological pattern in that mishap.

The 2nd highest fatality (199) occurred on 17-07-2007 in Brazil when the Airbus-320 skidded off the runway and crashed into a warehouse next to a petrol station and caught fire.
We find a parallel to this in the Mangalore air crash.
The chart for the crash time of Mangalore accident is given here.

Look at Mercury in the fiery sign, in the star of Ketu that stands for gory death. Ketu is aspected by retro Saturn. Saturn turning retro in a friendly sign becomes unfriendly! In addition it is in the star of fiery sun.

The 3rd from Mercury is Gemini. It is occupied by Ketu which is aspected by Rahu and Saturn. Venus also is posited there in the star of Rahu which signifies sky. Venus is afflicted.
Important point is that moon was transiting the star of Venus at the time of mishap. In addition, moon suffers papa karthari being hemmed in between malefics – mars in the star of mercury and Saturn in the star of sun. So the fiery element was the cause of fatalities. Jupiter in own house was helpless as it did not cast any aspect on moon or mercury or Gemini.

In comparison look at the Brazil crash (17-07-2007)

Mercury was in the 3rd house of the zodiac (Gemini) in the star of Rahu.

Look at the heavily afflicted 3rd house from mercury which happens to be a fiery sign. Saturn, moon and Venus were transiting the star of Ketu and Ketu was in the star of Venus. The affliction to moon is further aggravated by Mars (22 degrees Aries ) within whose 4th aspect falls moon (12 degrees Leo)

Jupiter in retro in a friendly sign makes it unfriendly and it could not cast its aspect on any major sign or planets involved in the malefic combination.

I am preparing a detailed analysis of air crashes for publication. I intend to add upagraha impact also. Utility of Upagrahas is a forgotten knowledge today. Upagrahas were looked into for determining the safety and success of a travel. Upagraha also plays a role in prasna because the position of the upagrahas is indicative of good or bad of a given time. It was in that sense sage Vyasa mentioned their position while recounting the bad omens before the start of Kuruskshetra war.

I will do a separate post on upagrahas. Let the astro-enthusiasts keep checking my scribd pages. I will be uploading articles on astrological issues every now and then. Recently I uploaded the completed series on prediction of earthquakes published in The astrological magazine.

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jayasree said...


The very fact that a crash has indeed taken place implies that something did go wrong. Though this was a first major crash of a commercial aircraft in the country in a decade yet it raises a few relevant questions. These are as follows.

1. If we believe the reports that the aircraft overshot the touchdown point by as much as 2000 ft couldn’t the Air Traffic Controller detect that the aircraft was too high? They ought to have but guess what? The airport is not equipped with Advanced Landing Radars to help these people. The question is- WHY? If the Minister for Civil Aviation can see that the runway is ‘tricky’ why the hell didn’t DGCA see it? Also, what about the other ‘tricky’ airports in the country like Leh, Port Blair, Srinagar, Calicut and Agatti? These airports are not a figment of my imagination. They have been listed out by Times of India in today’s edition. You can verify it here. All these runways have something or the other tricky about themselves. For instance, runways in airports at Leh and Port Blair are facing hills implying that once an aircraft lands, in case the pilot decides to take off again because he has overshot the touchdown point or for some other reason, he cannot do so because of the hills in front.

The question is - Do these other ‘tricky’ airports have Advanced Landing Systems to help the ATC in identifying faults in the approaches of aircraft trying to land in these ‘tricky’ situations? If not, what are they waiting for? More disasters like this or what? Also, some heads in DGCA definitely need to roll for not installing this system in Mangalore.

2. The rules of DGCA state that a pilot has to undergo a route check only if he has been out of action for more than fifty days. If reports in Indian Express are to be believed, the commander of the flight Zlatko Glusica had been on leave for the last 24 days and this was his first flight after joining duty. Well, on that score there was no flouting of rules, for sure. But think again guys, a pilot who is a foreigner to begin with, after 24 days of leave is given the job of flying to the ‘tricky’ airport immediately on rejoining. Isn’t it possible that after having been on leave for more than twenty days the man was slightly slow in reacting and judging which eventually led to this disaster? Don’t you think that DGCA needs to take a relook at their rules? Those of you who think that this is too far fetched only need to realize that this incident indeed happened and therefore every possible factor has contributed in it’s occurrence and has to be looked into.

3. Isn’t it really amazing that even in this twenty first century our people are still ‘looking’ for the Black Box and Cockpit Voice Recorders? What I mean is, aren’t these boxes supposed to emit some kind of radiations after the crash for the investigators to locate them? If not, I think it is rather stupid. This should definitely be no big deal in today’s times. I mean, just go to Mayapuri in Delhi and those guys will make this kind of a thing for you which could survive an intense heat of a blast and continue to emit radiations for anyone with a compatible receiver to locate them.

Well, these are just a few questions which have struck me, an absolute layperson I might add. There may be many more which the two inquiries which have so far been ordered will hopefully bring out.

As it always is, every disaster teaches you something. It is entirely upto us whether we learn those lessons from it or not. And therefore, the question is- Is our govt willing to learn it’s lessons or not? Though Praful Patel has indeed offered to resign but it is not his resignation we need. We need him to look at every safety measure which our aircrafts and airports, both ‘tricky’ and ‘non tricky’, are lacking and install them without any further delay. That’s what the lesson is from this crash.

info said...

so far astrology has treated air crash as a part of mundane astrology.

we are taking a little different approach, and our belief is that in case of aircrash, most of the victims should show accident signature .

a study on these lines is being developed at this link:

results are excellent as you can see.

In case of other air crashes, is it possible to collect date of birth of passengers involved?

a repeat study, on few aircrashes would help may be at a later stage in eliminating aircrashes for ever.

astrologers can really help here for the benefit of mankind.

rakesh singhal

jayasree said...

This is very useful information.
I will also work on this.

But I have a different suggestion. The take-off timings of the planes can be made in benefic drekkanas to avert disasters in travel. Drekkana lagna and lord have been accorded prime importance in travel yogas by ancients. Yatra Patalam of Varahamihira has this as the main theme. A detailed article on this is to be published soon in The Astrological magazine. Once it is published, I will note down in this blog the salient features of such issues which must be looked into to avert air disasters or any accident in movement.

Bala said...

I came across this blog site yesterday only. It is an awesome blog site with tremendous amount of details.

Since it took me a lot of time to reach this post about the Mangalore air crash I am able to make a comment about it only now. I hope that it is not out of date.

You have shown the astrological position as at the time of the air crash and have given us very convincing analysis about the various malefic factors leading to the disaster there.

My question is this: at that very moment definitely many other planes would have been flying in India and elsewhere. Since the factors were adverse for flying wouldn't the effects of the planets like Mercury, Saturn, Mars etc on the other planes be similar leading to possible disasters if not as severe as this case, somewhat less? Or was the chart made with reference to Mangalore city only? Even then the planetary positions wouldn't have changed drastically.

As an interested person in astrology with only some basic knowledge in the subject I will be happy to get clarification on these points.


jayasree said...

Welcome Mr Bala.
A good question. Let me attempt to answer in this way:

Everyday certain moments are impregnated with some fatality. But not all the people are affected by it. Those who have the vulnerability (by their birth charts) at such moments, will undergo the impact. In the same aircraft a handful of few survived because of this reason.

So the birth time or origin time is very important. In travels also, the starting time is an important indicator of the fate of the travel. In Yatra Patala, Varahamihira has stressed the importance of rising drekkanas at the time of starting a travel. In my upcoming article in The Astrological Magazine (July 2010 issue) I have written in detail about this.

The take-off timing of the aircraft is an important determinant of the fate of the travel. The take-off timings are not accurately available in most cases. Wherever they are available, I am noting them down. However the scheduled take-off time may be something and the air craft may have waited on the run way and taken off a little later. So the take-off time in most cases are not reliable.That is why we have to rely on the time of mishap. The basics of Prasna astrology is that the happenings / incidences are coded in a given moment. I have analysed the mishap from that rationale.

In my article in the magazine I have analysed similar type of mishaps and established the similarity in the sky map at the time of all those mishaps (where the landing had taken place and the plane had caught fire after that).

So the basic advice from astrological point of view is to fix the take-off timings in benefic drekkanas to avert disasters. Hope this clarifies.

Bala said...

Thanks madam for the explanation. Sorry for my late response.

I still have some doubts.

To put it briefly: some years ago when surfing the Boeing Plane co. web site I came across their statistical figures stating that air travel is the safest among all types of travel, namely by land, by sea/river/lake or by air.

According to them the percentage of fatal accidents in air crashes is the lowest and if I remember it correctly, they had mentioned it as only 30 deaths in 1 lac travellers.

Without doubt it is an outstanding safety record and the air craft technology is offering such fantastic safety.

But my question at that time (and ever since then) was: "What about the families of those 30 people who perish in such accidents?"

If I have to step into a plane for my next flight the lingering doubt will always be there in my mind, "Will I land safely?"

I had read in some astrological column that you should avoid ashtamies for travel since it signifies obstacles.

Not that doing so will land you in danger of death but if your horoscope shows certain adverse factors regarding your safety at the time of your travel (about which the common (wo)man is not aware) and if it also happens to be an ashtami then perhaps you may be in trouble or something like that.

Is that correct? If so what factors we should take to remain safe?

Should we simply avoid travelling on ashtamis?


jayasree said...

There are many travel yogas which are difficult to follow in today's condition of travel everyday even for work. Browse this link for minimum travel yogas.

Bala said...

Thanks once again madam for the clarifications given by you. I have saved it for my future reference.

I used to feel very disappointed whenever educated people ridicule astrology, numerology, palmistry etc without having any basic knowledge about the subjects.

In the popular press the media people make a presentation as if having some knowledge in such subjects is a crime.

Our Indian scientist Jayant Narlikar never loses an opportunity to ridicule Indian mythological thoughts and without any necessity makes some derogatory remarks about say rahu kalam or some such things, without bothering to understand any thing about rahu kalam.

Similarly when he commented about Indian marriages being arranged on 'stupid' basis of horoscope matching, I wrote to Times of India asking for explanations. (His article was originally published there some years ago). They never published my letter.

Then I found out his website and wrote to him straight, asking for his explanations mentioning that my letter to Times was not published, but there was no reply from him either.

So much for his “scientific temper”.

Scientific temper means that you should have the readiness to meet opposite types of arguments with the ability to give proper and 'scientific' replies.

So, it means that celebrities can say anything about astrology and get away with it. Those things will be published by the press. But if we ask for explanations the press will ignore it.

In this context, I am happy to note that knowledgeable persons like you are doing a yeoman service in creating awareness about Indian culture and disseminating the enormous body of ancient wisdom handed over to us by our rishis and munies.


jayasree said...

Thanks Mr Bala for your support.
I admire your efforts to speak for astrology. May you succeed in your efforts.

AHAM said...

sir, nice article

help me in understanding prasna chart for air crash in basics like
1) from houses 1 to 12 which house stands for pilot, which for passenger, etc.

2) role of mars in air crash
3) airy sign role in air crash
4) rahus role

jayasree said...

@ Aham,

The disaster time chart is taken and that is not treated as prasna chart Check my article on aviation disasters here:-

Apply the parameters given in that article and compare.

The Malaysian air craft disaster time is the time it went missing. It is 1-30 am, 08-03-2014, Kuala Lumpur.

jayasree said...

@ Aham

After seeing the prolonged search of the missing Malaysian air craft, I think we have to work out the missing time chart to trace the fate of the plane. Take lagna as pilot, 7th house as passengers. 4th house as plane and 10th house as the outcome for the plane.

When done like this, it can be seen that the lagna lord mars had gone to 12H in vakra joining 4H saturn (plane) and Rahu. This shows the plane is clearly lost without scope for revival. 7th lord Venus joins Mercury that fulfills the rules of aviation disaster. 10th lord is in 4th in airy sign of Aquarius that is often involved in air disasters. This also shows that the tragedy occurred in the air.

Coming to the location of the lost aircraft, the 1L and 4L are in 12H which is an airy sign whose direction is west. Further, these 2 lords are in vakra shoing their shift to Virgo which is south. So we have to check the west form the place of last sighting by radar and from there to south. In other words, in the south west direction to the course of the plane is likely to be the final resting place of the plane.

These planets in airy sign + saturn being airy and Mars being fiery, what could have happened involved some air (gas) + explosion + happening in the air. Decompression of the plane's system ideally suits this. When a plane decompresses, it might drag on to the left (west), lose height while shattering into pieces. Radars can not pick smaller prices and that is why the sudden vanishing.