Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Utility of ashtaka varga in matching horoscopes.

In the current times of easy going tendencies with reference to relationships and increasing prospects of divorces and re-marriages, traditional methods of matching horoscopes have to be redefined. Popular concepts such as Mars-dosha and kalathra dosha look irrelevant today, as termination of marriage is very common nowadays due to reasons other than the traditional notion of separation only by death. Earlier mars dosha was feared for its potency to cause death of the partner. But in today's context, the dosha seems to cover a spate of causes for separation leading to divorce or estrangement. In this context, we have to explore other areas of astrology to identify the potential for such separation. My recent article in these lines using Ashtakavarga indicators to assess the extent of marital stability can be read in the June issue of The astrological magazine. The details are available at
The magazine is available in print or can be read online by subscribing to the magazine.

For those not having any idea of ashtakavarga, the book "Ashtakavarga system of prediction" authored by Dr BV Raman is an excellent guide. My article on how to use ashtakavarga for matching horoscopes for marriage can be easily understood with basic knowledge of ashtakavarga.

Ashtakavarga is about the kind of influences exerted by the 7 planets (the nodes are not included except for certain reckoning) on each other by means of rays. Lagna (ascendant) also is included and that is how this system got the name 'ashtaka varga'. According to this system, each planet exerts some influence or null influence on certain distances from themselves. In my opinion this is about some unknown scientific fact on the mutual influences among planets and on each other. This is different from the aspects. I wish some astro- scientist takes up the ashtaka varga rays of the planets to find out whether any coupling or decoupling of planets happen as per ashtaka varga angles (positions).

It is difficult to rationalize how and why Parashara and others arrived at the 'fall of rays' at certain distances from the planets with reference to each one of them. But that it exists and that the cumulative effect does reflect the good and bad of specific issues of life make me think that serious sceintific research on this would certainly revolutionize our understanding of the way the constituents of the solar system hang in equilibrium. It might also reveal the reasons how earthquakes are so patterned thereby helping the scientist do the job of predicting earthquakes in advance.

In my article I have noted the importance of Bhinnashtaka varga (BAV) of Venus in assessing the mutual attraction between prospective partners. The bhinnashtaka varga of sun, mars and saturn reveal the hidden mishaps to matrimonial stability. If we see zero bindus in any house of the BAV of the malefic, care must be taken to assess what prospects get affected by them and how they are compensated in the BAV of the prospective partners. Zero bindus in 2,4,7,8 and 12th houses in in the BAV of Mars are indicators of trouble in married life.

Ashtaka varga has greater relevance in assessing the impact of planets in gochara. Even if a planet like saturn is in ashtama in gochara, if the sign where it is transiting has more than 28 points in sarvashtaka varga and more than 4 points in saturn's BAV, then the ashtama sani would not be malevolent. Moreover there are divisions of a sign into 8 parts which will determine the nature of effects in gochara. They can be read in the book written by Dr BV Raman. Due to these fine-tuning offered by ashtakavarga in assessing gochara results, the general predictions offered in many magazines and dot coms on gochara results are unreliable. The ashtaka varga of individual horoscopes determine these results.

BAV of Mars has wide-reaching relevance. For a successful personal life and financial health, Martian BAV must be ideally present. Realtors and share brokers must have a good BAV of mars.
One must not risk buying or selling land on the month where (indicated by the sign) Mars has less than 4 bindus in its BAV.
Likewise the 12th sign and the 12th bhava should not have high bindus in martian BAV. That would erase all the profits and make one indebted.


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