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What Rajatthi Ammal got for keeping Maran away from Telecom dept.

Just one shred of what Karunanidhi's  family gained in the Spectrum scam is being revealed here in the taped conversation between, Radia, Ratnam who is the auditor for Rajatthi ammal, the third wife of Karunanidhi and Rajathi Ammal herself. This information is part of an article on how Rattan Tata is not clean as he claims to be. The whole article can be read here:



The taped conversation in which Rajatthi ammal appears is to do with a pay off by the Tatas, for her (Karunanidhi's) help in keeping Dayanidhi Maran off the Telecom department in the UPA II.

Let that be so. But in my opinion, that unholy dealing by Tata was in a way a  reaction to the unholy way of functioning of Maran in UPA I.

Maran was totally autocratic in his stint in the Telecom Dept, doing everything for the SUN network owned by his brother (and Himself?). Genuine aspirants like the Tatas were kept off at that time. The corruption of Maran must also be brought out. When other business people were marginalized, they had waited for the time to keep Maran out and get things done for them. This war has been started by Maran. An article by Dr S. Gurumurthy in the Indian Express published on May 2, 2006 must be recalled here to know how Maran behaved those times. The article can be read here :


The Tata's complicity in corruption at telecom can not be analyzed without bringing Maran also under the scanner.



The conversation is between Ratnam, Chartered Accountant of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi's third wife Rajathiammal, Rajathiammal herself and Niira Radia. The conversation took place on June 13, 2009, more than three weeks after the UPA II Cabinet had been formed and A.Raja had been successfully planted as the Telecom Minister and Dayanidhi Maran, was kept out, as desired by Ratan Tata and also Mukesh Ambani, as conversations of Radia with others clearly indicate.


Following is the full text of the conversation between Ratnam/Rajathiammal and Niira Radia:


Ratnam to Radia: Hii morning Madam.

Radia to Ratnam: Hii, hii, uhh uhh

Ratnam to Radia: Madam(Rajathiammal, third "wife" of Karunanidhi and mother of DMK MP, Kanimozhi) baat karna chahti hai, de doon?

Radia to Ratnam: haan haan, please ok,(whispers to someone nearby— Karunanidhi ki patni)— call is being transferred, (she takes a deep breath) call connects— oh I am so sorry, hello how are you(very sweetly indulgent)?

Rajathi to Radia: Hello, I am fine, how are you(in english)?

Radia to Rajathi: I am so sorry, I have not been in touch, I am busy! How are you?

Rajathi to Radia: am fine.

Radia to Rajathi: Yeah, keeping better?

Rajathi to Radia: ummm

Radia to Rajathi: Good, good, good. How is CM(Chief Minister M.Karunanidhi)

Rajathi to Radia: (mumbles) aahhh, —ok.

Radia to Rajathi: (tone is still sweetly indulgent), good, Kani(Kanimozhi), Kani, I met last week, I didn't meet her this week. Kani is in Chennai?

Rajathi to Radia: ahh yes.

Radia to Rajathi: Shes come no? How are things?(Rajathi mumbles again, clear she is not comfortable talking English), good. How are things?

Rajathi to Radia: mumbles something inaudible

Radia to Rajathi: Haan?(silence for sometime)

Rajathi to Radia: what happened?

Radia to Rajathi: (voice turning anxious) to?

Rajathi to Radia: aaahh

Radia to Rajathi: Tata?

Rajathi to Radia: ah, yes

Radia to Rajathi: (very anxious)not done?

Rajathi to Radia: no, not done( voice low )

Radia to Rajathi: Ratnam is there?

Rajathi to Radia: Yes.

Radia to Rajathi: I will talk , let me speak to him. I thought it was all done

Rajathi to Radia: (voice low) yes, ummm( hands over to Ratnam)

Radia to Ratnam: Hi Ratnam( tone changes, more authoritative)

Ratnam to Radia: Hi Madam

Radia to Ratnam: What happened its not done?( anxious indignation in the voice)

Ratnam to Radia: No Madam, it s not done(??). I just give you a message, no madam.

Radia to Ratnam: I didn't get a message.

Ratnam to Radia: Madam?

Radia to Ratnam: I got a new mobile, I thought you got my mobile. You don't have my new mobile number?

Ratnam to Radia: I am talking to you on that mobile only na? Same mobile he(?) also tried no.

Radia to Ratnam: No, no, this is my regular mobile, the other one, my indicom, my indicom(she gives the number)

Ratnam to Radia: no, this(new number) has not been given to us.

Radia to Ratnam: I had told Cecilia(Personal assistant to Krishna Kumar, Director, Tata Sons, and one of key aides of Ratan Tata, and also Chairman, Tata Realty and Infrastructure Ltd.) last week itself.

Ratnam to Radia: You know Cecelia(?) is totally last one week , not in touch.

Radia to Ratnam: no, no, I will tell you why. Her mother's is in hospital.

Ratnam to Radia: yeah, that I know.

Radia to Ratnam: She's been very sick. So that's why Cecilia has been a little problematic.

Ratnam to Radia: ummm, ummmm. But you said no, you yourself has done.(Radia—yeah!), But that has not come. That's why I sent a message to you.

Radia to Ratnam: (short silence) I cant believe it, is it?(Ratnam—yeah madam, yeah madam) That can't be possible( anxiety in her voice)

Ratnam to Radia: No mam, it(?) has not come.

Radia to Ratnam: (short silence) What about Tatas? Whats happening on that?

Ratnam to Radia: Mam, Tata everything's ok, but this rent 50 percent, yesterday I got a mail, that's why yesterday also I tried you.(Radia—haan) This agreement, they say that 50 percent of the rent has to be paid by us. So I have already sent a mail to Krishna Kumar(Director, Tata Sons and key aide of Ratan Tata and Chairman, Tata Realty and Infrastructure Ltd.) stating that its not possible. Then I made a call to Krishna Kumar, he did not picked up(sic) and then I called Sanjay Ubhalia(Managing Director, Tata Realty and Infrastructure ltd) (Radia—haan). He says that he will take up the issue with Krishna Kumar and sort it out that(sic).

Radia to Ratnam: No, but when you were in Bombay, it was agreed that no rent and—

Ratnam to Radia: Everything was clearly agreed and Krishna Kumar also said that he will talk to Voltas(a Tata Group company) and he will waive that. But yesterday I tried ten times to call Krishna Kumar and he didn't pick up, and he was in a meeting it seems.

Radia to Ratnam: No, No yesterday there was a board meeting of Indian Hotels and the annual results were being announced, and also they were in the middle of buying Sea Rock Hotel in Bombay, you know? (Ratnam—ummm). So that's why it was very difficult to reach him yesterday.(Ratnam—-yeah, yeah)

Ratnam to Radia: yeah, yeah, that's why I called you , I want to tell you this yesterday.

Radia to Ratnam: No, I will speak to him, ahh Ratnam, I will speak to him Monday, because you know today he is not there, he has gone with the Chairman(Ratan Tata). I hope he hasn't gone, he was supposed to travel to the US today(Ratnam—who mam?), Krishna Kumar was supposed to travel to US today.

Ratnam to Radia: No mam, only one day, Thursday only he come back, na madam?

Radia to Ratnam: No, no, he has gone again. He is going with his Chairman today. (Ratnam— is it mam?), Yeah, yeah, he was scheduled to travel this morning by Air India(Ratnam—oh!), let me check, le me check. I will have a word with them. But then I am surrrprised!

Ratnam to Radia: Yes, Mam, that's why I am repeatedly calling Cecilia, and that mobile is totally switched off.

Radia to Ratnam: ummmmm ahhhh, let me talk to her. I will talk to her annnddd, you got my other number na?

Ratnam to Radia: I got your number, that number is what you are talking now na?

Radia to Ratnam: yeah, yeah, do me a favour Ratnam. Give me a missed on that number from your phone. (Ratnam— yeah, yeah) You don't have any other phone Ratnam?(Ratnam—I have Madam) Give me a missed call from that number na, which is— (gets disconnected) 





The issue being discussed in this conversation becomes clear when one peruses the Internal evaluation report of the Directorate General of Income Tax

( see

http://indiasreport.com/magazine/data/the-radia-papers-raja-tata-ambani-connection/ )

 wherein the report clearly states:


3. Tata through Voltas(a Tata group organisation) is in touch with Niira Radia and Ratnam, CA of (Rajathi)Ammal, wife of (Chief Minister) M.Karunanidhi,. They are apparently going to construct a building in Chennai on a land controlled by "TRIL" (Tata Realty and Infrastructure ltd.) with the Karunanidhi family as a payoff to DMK for keeping Maran out of Telecom(ministry).


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