Monday, January 24, 2011

Are we going to have a second Sun?

After the story of shifting Zodiac, we now have a new story from scientists that the earth is going to see a second sun! I have all respect for the scientists and I don’t mean to disregard them or ridicule them. In fact I subscribe to many science magazines and keenly read latest developments. But this particular information that has hit the headlines comes with a prediction – which if made by an astrologer would have invited severe censure. It gives a time period for the sighting of the second sun varying from as close as a year to millions of years!!

The celestial body under scrutiny for becoming a second sun is an astrologically important one which also happens to be an important entity in Vedic parlance thereby giving us a clear-cut idea of what possibly could happen to it and when.
This entity is none other than the celebrated God of the Trinity – Rudra! 
Known as Thiruvadhirai or Arudra, this star in the constellation of Orion is a red giant nearing its end days.
But when the end will come is a matter of speculation to the scientific community. Usually they used to say that it would happen in the next few millions of years.
Now perhaps hyped by the Mayan date, they have started thinking of its end as early as 2012 itself!!

If this star explodes as a super nova, it will look bright and seen in the day time too. At night the brightness it emanates will be equal to that of Moon.

Will this happen in the near future?
Or will such a star, regarded as an important deity (remember Arudhra darshanam in the month of margazhi) come to an end?

Whether Arudra’s life will end or not is not a question in our dharma.
But if a second sun is seen in the sky, the world will come to an end – according to sakuna sastra.
At least a worst catastrophe will occur on earth wiping most of its inhabitants.
An explosion making it look like a sun will scorch the earth or affect the earth in worst ways.

The world will anyway come to an end when Rudra stirs up according to the principles of the respective duties of the Trinities.
But if we search for the answer for whether such an end will come now, it is not so. Vedic knowledge has answers for when the world for living beings came into existence and when it will die out.
The four faced Brahma did not start his work without a pre-plan.
The time and space determinants of how long this creation will go on have been stipulated.

As such we are at present in the day- kalpa of Brahma when life is brimming on the earth. The total duration of this period is 4,32,00,00,000 years.
Of this, nearly half the period is over now as we are in the 28th chathur yuga in the 7th manvantra.
By this year we have covered 196, 08,53,111 years so far.
Until we cover the rest of the period of the kalpa, no great danger will come to earth.
But human life might end much before that.

In this backdrop Arudra stands for destruction.
As long as Arudra keeps going, creative inputs will be there.
For instance Arudra stands for rains.
The day the sun enters the star Arudra is noted in astrology and predictions are made for the ensuing rainy season.
This is recorded in our almanacs as Arudra- pravesam.
So as long as Vedic dharma exists in some way and as long as some follower of Sanathana dhrama lives, Arudra will not disappear.
Its end can happen only when there is complete anarchy and Vedic dharma is completely forgotten – like how they used to say that Vedas were stolen by asuras and hidden somewhere.
So I don’t foresee the end of Arudra in the near future.

Some more info on Arudra:-

Rohini, Mrigashira and Arudra stand for the Trinity in that order.
In this figure of Orion, the pink arrow mark shows Arudra (Betelgeuse).

The green arrow shows Mrigashira.
It is in the direction of Mrigashira, our galaxy and Universe is progressing. 
At present this constellation of Orion can be seen rising in the east after sun set. 

Arudra stands at one end of our galaxy. In the visible sky, on the other side is the other olden star, Jyeshta. It is as though these oldies are keeping a watch on us.

In this picture, the green arrow on top points to the location of Arudra. The green arrow at the bottom points to the location of Jyeshta.

The further progression of the Universe will be in the direction of Mrigashira.
But then, for the duration of another Kalpa there will not be any creation of life.
The Universe will anyway keep moving.
By the time the day-kalpa of Brahma begins, life will be manifest at that time in that part of the Sky where the Universe has progressed.
To give the precise date according to Vedic knowledge, the next sighting of life can be seen in the direction of Mrigashira at a distance of 6,28,08,53,111 years ahead.

-         jayasree



Earth likely to get second Sun soon

The Earth could soon have a second Sun when one of the brightest stars in the night sky explodes into a supernova. The cosmic phenomenon, which may happen as soon as this year and remain for at least a week or two, is expected to be the most stunning light show in the planet's history.

According to astronomers, the Earth will undoubtedly have a front row seat when the dying red super-giant star, called Betelgeuse, finally blows itself into oblivion. The explosion will be so bright that even though the star in the Orion constellation is 640 light years away, it will still turn night into day and appear like there are two suns in the sky for a few weeks, the Daily Mail reported.

The only real debate is over exactly when it will happen. In stellar terms, Betelgeuse is predicted to crash and burn in the very near future.

Brad Carter, of the University of Southern Queensland in Australia, claimed that the galactic blast could happen before 2012 -or any time over the next million years.
"This old star is running out of fuel in its centre," Dr Carter was quoted as saying. -PTI


Ramki said...

I dont understand the logic behind this particular point. You said this star id 640 light years away. So if it is gonna burst out we will see the effect only after 640 years and not now.....Please reanalyse the whole stuff and redo the blog....Thanks

jayasree said...

I didn't say that this star (Arudra) is 640 light years away and my article is not about that also. That is the distance told in wiki article on Betelgeuse (Arudra).

My article says that when it is gone (explodes), mankind would not be there (according to Vedic wisdom). But mankind is not going to end for next 196 + crores of years. This calculation is based on the present manvantra. We are in the 7th manvanthra (manvantra means one set of human beings, each manvanthra will have different set of human beings) and there are 7 more manvanthras to go. So until then Arudra will be shining as a star and not grow as a sun (before it explodes as a supernova.

To know what these calculations are about, I request you to read the article in this link.