Sunday, March 13, 2011

‘Cho’ Ramaswamy meets Rajinikanth.

Yesterday Cho Ramaswamy has met Rajinikanth and the grapevine is that he is out to convince him to support the AIADMK combine.

That it needs someone to convince or persuade Rajinikanth, to voice his opinion against the DMK is a dot on the integrity and sense of responsibility of Rajinikanth.

Any person with concern for democratic values and good governance will find it irresistible to keep quiet at this juncture in Tamilnadu. It is obvious that corruption has made the DMK and the Congress to stick together for the upcoming elections. It is also obvious that large-scale scale rigging and malpractices are going to happen with these two parties on the same side. Why should the Congress keep insisting on the poll pact that they want, if they are not so sure of winning by crook? The EVMs are a suspect and with the Congress in the mood that it is now, I am worried that we are going to witness the most unfair election this time.

When every right thinking citizen is concerned about such  brazen violations of the norms of free and fair elections, here is the “Super Star’ who is reported to be out of station for a month during the polls. This is akin to running away from the responsibility.
Had he remained out of focus from politics all these years, no one would have expected him to be ‘responsible’ now. 

But having spoken against a bad regime in the past, he is expected to speak against the regime that he supported then for what it has done to the people and the nation.

He must speak up.




March 12: Superstar Rajinikanth held `secret' consultations with wellknown political analyst and Tughlak editor Cho S.Ramaswamy at his Poes Garden bungalow here on Saturday, triggering speculation whether he would extend support to AIADMK chief Ms Jayalalithaa in the Assembly poll. It is common knowledge that Cho had negotiated the alliance between her and DMDK's `Captain' Vijayakanth, bitter foes till then.

Even as the poll heat picked up amid much squabbling between the various allies and also within individual parties for seats and constituencies, Cho drove to Rajini's house in the morning and held talks for about an hour, over fruit juice offered by his good old friend. The two `discussed the prevailing political scene', says a source.

After the meeting, the two friends left in Cho's car to an unknown destination.
There was no other person in the car as Cho himself drove the vehicle. "We do not know where the two had gone. It does not seem that they went to see Jayalalithaa living close by," said the source.

Cho was unwilling to come out with a direct answer when asked if he had discussed the coming elec tions with Mr Rajinikanth and if the latter agreed to support the AIADMK. "I cannot say anything at present," he said. Cho had played a pivotal role in the forging of poll ties between Vijayakanth and Ms Jayalalithaa, despite their oft-professed dislike for each other. After three or four rounds of talks with the DMDK chief, he managed to get the mercurial movie star around to settle for the 41 seats that the AIADMK leader offered. It remains to be seen whether Cho would be able to repeat his `coup' with the superstar now.


Ranga said...

My personal view is that Cho & Rajini has to do prayachitam to the pappam he & Cho committed when they supported Moopanar-DMK front, in '95. Indirectly this was also the reason for DMK to retain power & loot. Now Cho is doing his part of the prayachitam & if Rajini does not, then he is selfish & as his industry is controlled by the 1st family, he does not have the guts. Hope better sense prevails Shivaji Rao... Jai Hind.. Vande Mataram

Suresh Kumar said...

but does Rajini really has that 'voice' anymore in this state or do we need his voice anymore..i dont think he would do anything against the current ruling party for the obvious reason that he is still in the cine field and would like to be in for few more years...i too wrote a post on similar theme very recently..
என்னை ஏமாத்திட்டாங்க

kppradeep said...

This is a Tweet from Dr Swamy
"JJ is a prisoner of Sasi. Sasi is crazy about money so controlled by MK and Sonia"
If at all Rajini gives his voice it should be to DrSwamy and BJP not to so called "dravidian" looters
Dr Swamy also says BJP leaders blackmailed by Sonia and may be thats why they are targetting MMS instead of Sonia.
Its very difficult to bring changes unless the people's mindset also changes.
IN Gujarat CONgress promised free TV but lost elections because when NarendraModi was asked about freebies,he replied he will go after persons who do not pay their electricity bills rather than give free TV.
We need some one like Modi who has transformed Gujarat and Gujarat is at least 20 yrs ahead of rest of India

muthu said...

As Ranga correctly said, the time has come for Rajini to do the 'prayachitham' for installing this heinous regime. Infact,no one including Karunanidhi can deny the fact that it was the word of Rajini that caused the final tilt in favour of him who was dead and buried at that time. Atleast, now that Rajini has made amply clear that he will never have any political ambitions ( much against the wishes of millions of Tamils), he should atleast give his support in removing this looters from power. Otherwise as he said in 1996, " Aandavan Vanthalum Thamizhnattai Kaapatra Mudiyathu"...

Raja said...

Situations changes and one must understand that during '95 their support to DMK was needed to stop Jaya for her mistakes... now its their duty to come back and bring back Jaya as she is the only power who can stop these looters...

Maya said...

It is shocking that Rajini is not rising to the occasion. No one is asking him to flout a third front or jump headlong into a political bandwagon. It is the need of the hour for people who are influential enough (like Rajini) to do their bit for the nation.. well, leave the nation.. but to do things for his own future generation. would he want the next generation of rajinis to be under the mercy of such goondas. Well back to the topic, Rajini has a moral responsibility towards the tamilians. He has espoused the cause of dharma in his movies, mesmerised his fans with his fancy dialogues (which we all believed r a reflection of his thoughts). He had proved tht his words carry a lot of weightage and he can alter the fate of tamilnadu (as when he supported the DMK) With all the spirituality he talks about, his association with spiritual leaders, one expects him to fight for dharma in his own land (like how he came back to help his poeple in the film Baba). But his present behaviour shows that he is an escapist (especially when there is a crisis). If he is really a conscientious person like he projects, then he has to show his fans/followers(and they will definitely comprise the ones who get influenced by freebies)the right way and urge them to make an intelligent decision.

Shanti said...

Rajini is selfish for sure. In case people have not realised it earlier, they should realise this atleast now and not build castles in the air. He will NOT go against the DMK regime, for they control the film industry, and they also produced his latest most expensive Enthiran. As far as he is concerned, Tamil Nadu can go hang, - he wants only his films to run. Cho of course wants to do what he can - good luck to him.

Rajan Alexander said...

If EVMs are suspect, hoe did Congress lose their deposits in almost every seat they contested in Bihar.

Battle for Tamil Nadu: Just How Formidable is the DMK Alliance?
Read more:

jayasree said...

//If EVMs are suspect, hoe did Congress lose their deposits in almost every seat they contested in Bihar.//

May be the Congress wanted to test their power in an Assembly election in the absence of EVM mal- practice.

But the 2009 Lok sabha elections were rigged by misuse of EVM thanks to the support of the then CEC, Navin Chawla.

Type EVM in the search box of my blog and read all the articles.
A sample link is given here which tells how the spreadsheets showing election results were seen in ECI website, 13 days before the announcement of poll results in 2009.

It is a pity that a person doing poll analysis like yourself is not aware of the way 2009 elections were rigged. The cases are in the court and let me hope that like Raja, KGB etc, someday, Chawla also will be made answerable.

I read your poll readings - it is similar to what a person told in NDTV. I wish you saw that programme in which the editor of Telegraph magazine countered.
What you have rolled out is data. Data are dry figures. But in an election the voters make decisions by emotion and /or intellect. This time the indicators are in the favour of intellect. If it happens that way, then it is a sign that our voters are maturing. These poll arithmetics will go awry then.

Maheshwaran Ganapati said...

Hi Jayashree
I used to think, if rajni makes a alternate option it will be nice. but thank god it did not happen as his true colours are emerging. many fans ( i used to be one of them) used to tell how humble and simple superstar is and he will never like publicity for doing noble actions. However i am thinking now this is all good marketing/branding exercise of rajni's fan association. if he is true indian, he should stand up against corruption. atleast vijaykanth has the guts to form a party without taggin castes/regional zingoism like sarathkumar/kartik/seeman and face elections bravely. I bet he will not speak against MK or DK party in general. Rajni is superstar only in tinsel world but is a loser in real life. same goes with Kamal, who is much more evil to society than rajni. rajni atleast shuns responsibilities whereas kamal spreads hatred against brahmin community and hinduism in general. for dravid kazhagam family which includes periyars followers, MK, kamal and satyaraj - atheism is pro christianity and pro moslemism, and anti hinduism. wish everyone realises the so called starts in our country. regards,Mahesh

BK Chowla, said...

Rajnikanth is God in TN. One word from him may change the equatuon

jayasree said...

//many fans ( i used to be one of them) used to tell how humble and simple superstar is and he will never like publicity for doing noble actions. However i am thinking now this is all good marketing/branding exercise of rajni's fan association.//

Even I used to be a Rajini fan. I mentioned that somewhere in my blog. In the formative years of my kids, I was particular about what my kids must view, read etc. So I was choosy about the films they saw. Rajini films scored in that account. Rajini's films - may be till padayappa were good entertainers.

I also believed that he is a spiritual person. Such a perception changed when I heard him mention in a show to K. Balachander that the dish he likes most is some non vegetarian stuff.

Eating habits are one's preference. I dont question that. But the one who is supposed to go on a spiritual path must give up non vegetarianism. As long as the non veg stuff is there in your body, you can not minimize the rajas and tamas traits.

The one who is claiming to be on spiritual search must have by now given up non veg. When he has not done that, one can not expect lofty ideals and timely intuition to come up in support of Dharma. How-much-ever he may say that he is spiritually inclined, it is all words - actual evolution can not take place.

After hearing him say that, his stature as a spiritual and dhramic person has gone down in my opinion. It is no wonder that he is failing to rise to the occasion.

jayasree said...

//We need some one like Modi who has transformed Gujarat and Gujarat is at least 20 yrs ahead of rest of India //

Mr Pradeep,
If you want some one like Modi, there is no other choice than Jayalalithaa!!

Merwin said...

Yes we want Super Star to raise his voice in favour of ADMK.

sri said...

I think the reason Rajini is silent is because he feels neither DMK nor AIADMK with all their alliance is worth the trouble. It's is high time we voters don't look up to what actors and superstars think and start thinking on our own. This is a time for us to focus on who really deserves our vote; not because the other option is more corrupted and unpatriotic but because we are casting our vote to a party that is not all corrupt and seriously works for the country. Then there is the option of 49-O.
Jai Hind

Attenuating Thoughts said...

Somebody made a comments about christianity and muslims, that is not right, i love christ he is my savior and God, but at the same time i accept my neighbour who may not be a christian. Love God and love your neighbour. God bless.

jayasree said...

//Somebody made a comments about christianity and muslims, that is not right, i love christ he is my savior and God, but at the same time i accept my neighbour who may not be a christian. Love God and love your neighbour. God bless.//

It is good if your neighbor is accepted as he / she is. But the problem begins when the neighbor is influenced to convert. We want a stop to conversion.