Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami in Japan and of course some astrology!

The most tragic display of destructive power of Nature is being witnessed right now in Japan and its surrounding areas. The earthquake of an intensity of 8.9 magnitude is perhaps the 4th severe one in the world recorded so far. The worst ever earthquakes exceeding a magnitude of 9 have all happened under the sea and perhaps this is the first time Japan has experienced this intensity close to 9. 

The accompanying tsunami and the simultaneous break out of fire have no parallel in the history of recorded earthquakes. The only time a worst ever fire accompanied an earthquake was on September 1, 1923. It occurred in Japan only. But there was no tsunami then. The cause of the fire at that time was that many people were cooking and the damage caused by the earthquake resulted in the cooking fire spreading rapidly and causing huge causalities. Nearly 1,43,000 people perished in the fire and the earthquake.

Looking at the astrological factors given by Varahamihira, the earth quakes that occur in the 2nd six hours of the day in a place is called ‘Agni’ earthquake. If the asterism of the day happens to be Bharani, Krittika, Pushya, Maga, Vishaka, P.Phalguni or P. Bhadrapada, there will be fire after the earthquake. The 1923 earthquake happened on Bharani in the 2nd six hours of the day in Japan and today also the day is witnessing the Agni star, Krittika.

My detailed article on earthquake predictions can be read here:-

The salient features in an earthquake can be read in that article.
For a quick understanding, I am giving here the most important features.
The lunar thithis from Chathurdasi (14th lunar day) and sashti (6th lunar day) are the vulnerable days for the earthquake to happen. Even though the earth is continuously experiencing some tremors on all days, the worst tremors happen on these days only.

The colored areas show probable earthquake days

The position and aspect of Mars and the nodes on earthy signs and the Martian signs of Aries and Scorpio also must be there.
The worst earthquakes have happened when the earthy Virgo has been afflicted by Mars and Saturn.
The affliction caused to watery signs by Mars and Saturn when the above afflictions are present would  result in tsunami.
When the above afflictions are partially present, but the affliction to watery signs are there by Mars and Saturn, there will be cold winds and severe snow-fall causing destruction.
The Martian collusion with the Sun and the Solar sign of Leo causes fire.

We can see these in today’s and 1923 earthquake which witnessed a widespread fire.

Let us first see the 1923 earthquake chart.

Date:           September 1, 1923
Time:           11: 58 hrs
Place:          Kanto, Japan
Magnitude: 7.5
Casualty:    143,000 +
Tithi:           Krishna  Shashthi
Star:            Bharani
Type :         Agni

Fire was the cause for the huge toll. The earthquake struck at lunchtime when many people were using fire to cook food that broke out in many places. The fires spread rapidly due to high winds from a nearby typhoon off the coast in Northern Japan and some developed into firestorms which swept across cities.
Note the malefic combination of Sun, Mars and Rahu in the fiery sign. Scorpio receives the aspect of Mars and Saturn while Aries is aspected by Ketu. Saturn is in Earthy sign while Rahu fans the winds of 2 airy signs from Leo. The stress is in Leo signifying eastern direction affecting Japan.

And now:-

Date:           March 11, 2011
Time:           14: 46 hrs
Place:          Off Honshu, Japan
Magnitude: 8.9
Casualty:    yet to be known
Tithi:           Sukla Shashti
Star:            Krittika
Type :         Agni


The vulnerable Virgo has been afflicted by the presence of Saturn and the 8th aspect of Mars.
Mars and Sun are together in a windy sign and aspect Leo on an Agni day of Krittika.
The 2 Martian signs receive the aspects of Saturn and Ketu.
The 2 watery signs (Pisces and Scorpio) coming under saturnine aspect is indicative of tsunami potential.
The direction is determined by the location of Moon.
The general direction is East (Both Aries and Taurus ).

After seeing the intensity of this earthquake, it is disquieting to think of the collusion that is going to take place in Pisces soon.
When Mars and Sun move over there – which is going to happen shortly – and when moon joins Saturn in Virgo, the earthquake – tsunami axis comes into place.
It starts for a week from March 20th.

But a more deadly combination happens in June this year which I have written in the above mentioned article.
At that time Rahu would have moved to the Martian sign of Scorpio and Mars will be in its own sign of Aries.
On June 1st there will be partial solar eclipse that can be seen in the now troubled ring of fire. 

On June 15th, there will be a total lunar eclipse which will be again visible in that part of the world.
Most indicators of earthquake are present at that time with a potential for tsunami and not fire.

Again the second half of 2012 will see a season of earthquakes.
This is in no way connected with the Mayan prediction.
The factors that accompany earthquakes are in good strength at that time.
In mundane astrology, like in any science, we go by the repeatability of features and the accompanying events.
Earthquakes come with regular features.
Such features repeat every now and then.
They repeat in the second half of 2012 too.
Let people not get jittery.

Tail piece:-
Recently it has been reported that moon will be coming closer to earth on 19th March. People are worried what it would mean. This close encounter happens every 20 years. From previous encounters, we can safely say that the world will not end!!

From astrological point of view, the location itself decides the outcome - come whatever be the distance of the moon. So the distance is not a grave threat. It  is the overall combination of celestial bodies that work in unison upon each other. On the upcoming Full moon day, barring Venus almost all the planets will be facing each other and at right angles to the nodes. Though Mars will still continue to be in Aquarius, its 8th aspect falls on Virgo, where moon will be joining Saturn. The days that moon crosses the problematic arc are vulnerable. But let me repeat that it is not to do with the distance of the moon but it is about the overall combination involving other planets also.

Again another astrological point of view is that the moon does affect any fluid of the earth. This includes the mantle under the earth's crust. As told in this article, moon's movement around the earth is one of the main factors for earthquake. Those days have been shown as a diagram above. On March 19th, the moon comes within the problematic arc. I have mentioned in the article the week starting from 20th March is vulnerable. The areas are south west and west of the globe in the ring of fire.


Phyllis said...

Thank you for the detail in this article. I live on the east side of Vancouver Island which is on the west coast of Canada.
I do nothing think for one minute that we are going to escape without some challenges from this period. At the moment my mind can do nothing more than focus on the souls in Christchurch and in Japan.
Phyllis Chubb

Ranga said...

Excellent article, hope you have not forgotten us, we sail in the same boat & we can share things better

Ranga said...

Excellent post, you excel always, you should get yourself a twitter a/c. you commented about me 20 yrs back

chakri said...

Would San Francisco be affected around March 20th? It is located at 37.7 North and 122.26 West.

We have a trip coming up, visiting San Francisco. Can't believe the coincidence. In your article, you say that the impact is likely to be greater around March 20th and also sometime in June.

And I came across your blog recently. Pretty impressed and inspired by what you write. Wish we are taught Vedic culture in our curriculum. I seriously wish about this. I have developed a strong interest in our Vedic culture after I moved to US. It started with Ayurveda. And I come across articles how Ayurveda is a small aspect which is derived from Atharva Veda and goes back all the way to the Creator Bramha who passed on.

jayasree said...

west coast of Canada does not come under the planetary effect currently. So be calm. Lets all pray that there is least damage.


I am trying to recall the Rangas I know. But I am not able to recognize you. Doesn't matter. My hi to you.
Can you tell me what I commented on you?

@ Chakri

Locating the exact spot of earthquake is difficult. I have not mastered that. We have hints at locating places in and around India as given by Varajamihira. For other nations, we have to go by individual horoscopes of nations. If an earthquake happens on 18 / 19 / 21st March, USA is likely to suffer.

Even these dates are probable ones only. Nothing may happen also. What we say are the different permutation combinations that have vulnerability for earthquakes. Earthquakes do not happen on all those dates. But when we look back at am earthquake, we find that it had happened on one such combination. Only God's will prevails and no one can read the mind of God.

So pray to God, have trust in him and go about your plans as usual.

For your information, June presents a far severe combination than now.

chakri said...


Thanks for the response. Yes, I am going with my plans. God will definitely take care of me and my family. No worries.

I have been reading your blog since a month now. This incident provided me to seek a response from you and also gives me an opportunity to thank you for all the wonderful work. I can see great passion and commitment from you to Vedic Dharma/Santhana Dharma through this blog and wish God blesses me to strive for it in my own life.

kppradeep said...
“The sudden cataclysms that occur in nature, creating havoc and mass injury, are not ‘acts of God.’ Such disasters result from the thoughts and actions of man. Wherever the world’s vibratory balance of good and evil is disturbed by an accumulation of harmful vibrations, the result of man’s wrong thinking and wrong doing, you will see devastation....

“When materiality predominates in man’s consciousness, there is an emission of subtle negative rays; their cumulative power disturb the electrical balance of nature, and that is when earthquakes, floods, and other disasters happen.”

ut Paramahansaji stressed that the negative vibrations of selfishness, greed, and hatred which bring disease and unhappiness to individuals, war and natural disaster to nations — can be overcome if enough men and women turn to God in meditation and prayer. By changing ourselves — through spiritual living and communion with the Divine — we automatically radiate vibrations of peace and harmony that do much to counteract the negative effects of inharmonious living.

Thus, as a channel for the healing power of God, prayer for others is one of the highest services we can offer. Material charity, social welfare work, and other forms of relief are valuable and necessary in temporarily alleviating the suffering of others, but scientific prayer strikes at the root cause of the world’s suffering: the wrong thought patterns of mankind.

Participation in the Worldwide Prayer CircleThrough participation in the Worldwide Prayer Circle, each of us can help in the most effective way possible to bring lasting peace and healing to the world and to any of our dear ones in need of aid

Sri Sri Paramahansa Yoganandaji

kppradeep said...

If we have remove "Red Chips" like hatred, jealousy selfishness and greed from ourselves such things can be prevented. Thats what Paramahansa Yoganandaji says, the author of Autobiography of an Yogi

MangalamRavi said...

dear jaysree madam

as soon as i heard the news i visited ur blog as i was sure that you would have analysed the situation. it is really heartning to see the way nature discharges its fury. True, i accept that the thought patterns of the men affect the environment and nature. I sincerely pray to god to give us a calm and peaceful earth.
Thank you

jayasree said...

Mr Pradeep and Mr Mangalam Ravi,
Thanks for sharing your views.

The coincidence of planetary factors and events do not seem to end. With most planets entering Pisces one by one and some of them overtaking Jupiter, I find the slated events falling on some crucial planetary positions.

For example one planet overtaking the other triggers some events in accordance with the significance of the overtaking planets which is said to be the winner.

Such an overtake of Mercury over Jupiter happens on 17th March, the day A. Raja's confinement gets over. Will the CBI seek extension of his confinement or will he come out free?

The same Mercury moves backward in April and crosses Jupiter - thereby allowing Jupiter to move forward over it on April 13th - the day of TN elections!!

And New moon in April is going to have almost 6 planets close Pisces and saturn in Virgo in opposition aspecting them and the nodes at right angles to them.

A near similar combination having Saturn also in Pisces happened at the time of birth of Kali yuga. Howzatt???

Sri Rama said...

Excellent Post. Thank you Madam.