Monday, May 9, 2011

EVM tampering aided by mobile phones??

At today's meeting, the EC, Mr Praveen Kumar has said that cell phones will be allowed to be used by the poll observers and others in the counting centres. I wonder whether it is a right decision. I am even tempted to ask if there is any foul play behind that decision. The mobile phones were not allowed at the time of voting. Why do they allow it at the time of counting? We often come across information on how mobile phones can be used to unlock the cars and such other electronically controlled items. How can we check if some one uses such technology for select EVMs to favour of select candidates?

The credibility of using the EVMs is highly suspect in our country. With the Congress in the Centre, we do  not believe that they would not indulge in any manipulation of EVMs. There is strong suspicion among the public that EVMs were manipulated in the last Lok Sabha elections. The change of election results of P.Chidambaram is still fresh in our memory. The various ways that they could have manipulated the EVMs in select constituencies has been widely publicized in the net.
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Today there is every scope to believe that the Congress in the Centre is up with an 'action plan' to win the election in TN.
The reasons are circumstantial at present.

(1) Tamilnadu is a crucial State because of 2G Scam, If Karuna gets implicated, it means days are not far off for Sonia to get implicated.Everyone knows that it is for this reason the Congress is sticking to Karuna.So somehow their alliance has to win.

(2) Karuna did his best by distributing money to the voters to manipulate them to vote for the DMK.  The Congress is tech-savvy that it can use technology to tamper EVMs to help its candidates to win.

(3) Everyone knows that Congress will get a drubbing in this poll. It is for telling this openly in public, S,Ve. Sekar was suspended. But wonder of wonders, the Headlines Today came out with a post poll prediction that the combine will win. It was telecast on 2 days but no action was taken against that TV for violating the EC's code. It looks obvious that the telecast was made at the instructions of the Centre and the EC was to remain as a mute spectator. Why should they have telecast it? They wanted to create an image that the Congress combine is going to win in TN. When the results come out on the same lines, through EVM tampering, no one would blame the EVMs, as they would be thinking that it is how the people had voted. Like me, thousands of people  would have worked out the calculations but still we are not able to get the numbers for them. The numbers can come only if Congress makes a decent mark of 30 to 40 seats. The ground reality is that there is absolutely no scope for that.

(4) This gives rise to the suspicion whether the Congress is planning to manipulate its numbers through EVM tampering. If the election results give more seats to the Congress, then there can be no doubt that they have 'played' with technology.

Under these circumstances, I strongly believe that allowing mobile phones in the close vicinity of EVM machines, is highly suspect. I wish the political parties and others connected with the process of elections object to the use of them near the EVMs.

The Election Commission did a commendable job in curbing movement of money for so many days, but at the last minute they lost control of the situation. As a result 1000s of crores of  money flowed just before the elections,. Similarly, with all the toughness in controlling malpractices, we seem to be heading for a time at the crucial hour when EVM tampering can change the entire  result. The one whose victory is suspect by EVM manipulation is now at the helm at the Home Ministry. Can we trust him that he will not do a repeat of it in 2 dozen seats where the Congress is contesting?


BK Chowla, said...

I dont know about the technicalities, but, EVM are a doubtful creation

Adv.Vijay Khadse said...

Every computer has his ownes data feeded by company and secret data and feeding procedure is supplyed by vendor as technical assistance so manipulation and tempering is possible. The buyers can set the data beneficial to them.