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Pinning hopes on the SC on Samacheer kalvi (Uniform education).


An anxious silence is running through the State that is comparable to the way the people were silently waiting for a good result at the recent elections.  And they got a good result with a  change in the government.  They are waiting for a good result this time as what is at stake is the future of our children. They (we) expect the Supreme Court to deliver a verdict to put aside the Uniform education policy of Karunanidhi and call for a rethink on how to bring about uniformity without sacrificing quality.


Any thinking person and anyone having the knowledge of what is happening in the education scenario from primary school to college level in Tamilnadu will say that the move by Karunanidhi to downgrade the syllabus in the name of uniformity in education is retrograde.  He has cleverly misused the concept of Uniform Education and the recommendations of the Committee that went into the details of that, to draw a name for himself without any idea of how such a concept must be put into application. Now out of power, he is searching for issues to attack Jayalalithaa and using the move by Jayalalithaa government to revamp the policy, to whip up the emotions of people who have no idea of the present scenario and the futuristic implications of this policy.  Only he is politicizing it by calling it a vindictive policy of Jayalalithaa for  reversing his policies. If Jayalalithaa's intention was to reverse every scheme brought out by Karunanidhi, she need not have redone the Medical Insurance scheme that was originally introduced by him. There is nothing she can gain by spoiling  the education of more than  one crore students. But Karunanidhi has everything to gain by portraying Jayalalithaa as an egotist (ஆணவம்) for calling for a change in the policy introduced by him.


It is unfortunate that the Madras HC played into this  argument of politicization over education policy and not care to see what the new syllabus is about.  Now that the case has gone to the Supreme Court, it is the wish of all thinking people of the State that the SC would see wisdom in abolishing the scheme in its present form and pave way for overall upgradation of the schools and faculty and bring the syllabus on par with the national level of education as enunciated by NCERT.

It is strange that no court found it wrong when Tamilnadu exceeded the reservation quota beyond 50%.

No court found it wrong when Tamilnadu was the only State to have abolished entrance exam  for admission into professional colleges.

But the courts are finding it wrong to stop an attempt to destroy the education system in Tamilnadu.

Just 200 crore rupees look important for them than what our kids are going to study.

If the courts think that this money should not be wasted, let the books be distributed, but please do not lose sight of the repercussions that the present scheme is going to have.

The reality scenario in Tamilnadu is that the existing system of State board for Higher secondary encourages only rote learning. Only marks for memory matter a lot. Centums carry no relevance. The extent of the decay of this system can be known from the fact that this year centum was given for English, a foreign language!!  By awarding many centums and hiking pass percentage, the government in the past had wanted to take a false pride that its policy on education is a fantastic one. But there is no intrinsic value in these achievements.

It is a pity that all those who are supporting Karunanidhi's scheme of Uniform education are not aware of where our kids stand in comparison with those outside the State. No one studying in the State stream of +2 at present can compete anywhere in India. None of these students can write an entrance exam in any other state in India and get a seat. None of them can write any competitive exam or a National talents exam. None of them can enter the NIT in Tamilnadu nor the IIT in Chennai. What will happen after sometime? Seeing that only CBSE students and other State students are entering these institutions in Tamilnadu, Karunanidhi & his followers would start agitations to stop them or call it as Aryan and Brahmin domination eating upon the chances of the local students.  


A shift to CBSE will be impossible in the scheme of Karunanidhi.  Until now Matriculation  system filled the gap between State board and Central Board. The students had an option to switch over to CBSE in plus one so that they can equip themselves well for competitive exams. This year's IIT topper from Chennai studied in Matriculation until 10th and switched over to CBSE in 11th as he wanted to appear for IIT-JEE. The proposed uniform syllabus can not come to the help of students who want to make a shift to CBSE. I think the student is entitled to a right to study in a stream he likes and if the government -imposed scheme in the form of Karunanidhi's Uniform syllabus hampers him from doing that, then that is an infringement of his right to education.  It is hoped that the SC takes a right decision as not to infringe this right of the student.  


Some arguments against Karunanidhi's education  policy can be read in the following links:-






Anonymous said...

Many of us will find our grandparents who were mere matriculation passouts but seem to be far more knowledgeable than the current generation. Current scenario tells us that many of the engineers and post graduates across all streams find themselves unemployable. Many corporates find the candidates as mere degree holders. No value is attached to those degrees, as they are bought. The reason being our false and farce educational policy based on political gains and appeasement strategies. IITs and IIMs have reserved seats for SCs and STs but many of them find it difficult to cope up with the syllabus since they come on a quota and don't have a strong fundamental education at school level. By the reservation policy, this govt. is doing no good to the poor and down trodden, instead, spoiling the education system in this country. We once boasted of having Nalanda and Takshasila as seats of learning but now we run to Oxford and Cambridge. Their secret is only merit. Uniform education policy will further deteriorate the school education as it's compromising on quality and standards. This Uniform education along with the reservation policy should be done away with. It is to be noted that apex court initially quashed the bill for reservation in premier institutions but arjun singh moved heaven and earth to introduce it. Even SC once opined that reservations should not exceed 50% but TN is following 69% policy for which there is no scientific and statistical justification.

Steven Muller once said, "Universities are turning out highly skilled barbarians". In the case of our universities, no skill....only barbarism. Law college incident is the sample testimony to this.

You should also note that Jaya is no less a appeaser when compared to karuna. She played to the gallery on many occasions including this 69% reservation, doing away with entrance test for professional education, granting subsisdy to christians for going to jerusalem, to quote the few.

She lacks the conviction, vision, courage and the decisiveness which NaMo has. She should learn many things from that leonine leader, whom she claims to be her friend.

jayasree said...

NaMo does not face the kind of Dravidian mood and methodology that JJ faces. Her intentions are good but she has to work within the limited space that she can grab. Uniform edu policy of MK is yet another issue that she has to revamp but prevented from doing so due to her opponents. Certainly Na Mo does not face such constraints and opposition.

On space for other religions, even NaMo is extending his hand to muslims in Gujarath. I have already written on these issues.

Kudanthaiamudhan said...

One can not compare gujarat with TN becouse after modi this state is almost become an hindu state since i travel quite lot to Kutch dist in gujarat.Big improvement in roads,education,water and electricity,civic sense and removal of encroachments,medical facilities during past 10 years of Modis govt,made entire hindus to be proud of gujart state.People here are more religious.i have friends in some villages who told me that in one village,Rss has 4000 members and his next village has 1800 members.Is it possible in T N.

JJ only did the damages to the society by introducing 69pct in quota with full proff by passing a bill in assembly and ensuring this is amended for T N state alone in constitution bill passed in parliment.Now she goes on extending the quota by SC.main problem is that all christians converted from hindu caste are coming under this quota system of BC/MBC/OBC excluding SC/ST. This is to facilitate more christians getting in to educational institutions at the cost of hindus quota.In Srirangam JJ only made an amendment during her earlier govt to prevent brahmins living in srirangam and other temples not to register any properties documents.This problem is still lingering for which jj has not taken any efforts.I find JJ has no vision and pro-christians.Therefore
Hillary clinton visited her ( clinton is working for new life missionaries and travelling on missionaries work in africa,Hathi
south american nations ,Nepal for conversion agenda.Recently in Hathi
10 missionaries people of U S were arrested for abduction of 33 children for which Clinton went to Hathi to ensure that they were released.Recently North korea denied visa to him for missionaries work.Similarly Clinton came to cuddalore during Tsunami with missinaries.Radhakrish
then collector during JJ period prevented them in rendering conversion work. Hence JJ is carried away by songs and praises of people around her.

Anonymous said...

@kudanthaiamuthan I don't compare Gujarat and TN. As you said, Gujarat has a stong RSS presence and Gujaratis are more religious. Even the BCs among Gujaratis are very relgious.

I just tried drawing parity between the two individuals, NaMo and Jayalalitha. JJ is far behind NaMo and dont even deserve to be compared with NaMo, as many do.

NaMo is in power for ten years now and has brought ocean of changes to his state. JJ already had two tenures but did nothing notable. Jayasree Mam is saying that NaMo is not facing this kind of Dravidian resentment and mood. I don't think any democratically elected leader in this Universe has faced the kind of animosity, hatred and vitriol which Modi has faced and is facing.

a.) Congress once told that Modi should be tried in international court of Justice.

b.) Modi was made a persona non grata in US. No other democratically elected leader in the world is denied entry in US.

c.) Karan Thapar once told that Modi should be eliminated.

d.) Sonia termed him merchant of death.

e.) His own party men were against Modi as they are scared of him. Sushma joined the chorus with NDA ally Nithish to refuse entry to Modi in Bihar for campaigning.

f.) Vajapayee in 2002 told that Modi should follow Raj Dharma.

g.) Teesta setalvad lied against him and it was proved

So many instances to say but Modi over powered everything and delivered. Even those people who vehemently opposed him cannot stop admiring his work. Corrupt english media in India, which keeps all NDA ruled states under the scanner, cannot call Modi for corruption.

He always reminds me of the Gita sloka "Tasmath sarveshu Kaaleshu Maam anusmara Yudhyacha"


Anonymous said...

Jayasree Mam is saying that Modi also granted space to Muslims. Yes, he granted space to them after muslims realized that Modi is invincible. Moreover, granting space is the duty of the ruler; it is different from indulging in appeasement. He never drinks nonbu kanji with them as JJ does. She promised Jerusalem trip to xtians but they didnt bother to vote for her. Congress won three seats in xtian dominated Kanyakumari district where she wooed xtians and sought Bishop's grace and help.After she came to power with Hindu votes she granted audience to those missionary mafias and took photo with them. She refused audience to some Hindu saints and Adheenams.

Modi had the conviction to not to apologize for godhra incident despite pressure from several corners. He believed that he didn't do anything wrong and he stood by that. JJ brought one anti conversion law but took it back in a hurry.

Modi acts on the basis of wisdom and principles. JJ is dancing to the tunes of sasikala. Many party insiders including shekar said the same thing.

I was deeply astonished when Jayasree Mam said that JJ has to work in the limited space and Modi doesn't face the kind of mood which JJ faces. Modi has come through fire whereas JJ had the guts to snatch away the party in 1987 after MGR's death; had the guts to throw paper weight on Karuna's head; had the guts to arrest him in the midnight
but can't fight against unjust reservation; unjust conversion; unjust admissions to professional institutions. Then what is the difference between karuna and her. Tamilnadu people are caught between devil and deep blue sea.

But one thing. We all suffer from Dhritarashtra syndrome at some point in our life, which doesn't allow us to see the follies of the people whom we hold dear. After all, we all are humans, mere mortals.

People think that she is very spiritual but she arrested the much revered Acharya on false allegations. SC opined that the allegations are prima facie wrong. The ignominy which she handed over to the Mutt, Kamakoti Peetam, and the Peetathipathi with whom the emperors dared to stand straight and talk, is unpardonable. Hundreds and hundreds of devotees wept and shed the tears of blood. If I think of it, even now, my heart badly aches.

Cho Ramasamy and Brahmanar sangam for the reasons best known to them,and others may rub that aside. Who knows what is the quid pro quo? But Truth will have its say. We believe paramathma is the embodiment of Truth. It should make her answer. Else, people will loose faith in it.

Anonymous said...

@Mr. Nagarajan and Mr. Kudanthaiamudhan

The political life of Mr. Modi and Ms. Jayalalitha has been a fight against every conceivable detraction. Mr. Modi has been in power for almost 10 years and has changed the mind of the people of Gujarat towards development. In contrast, Ms. Jayalalitha has not been in power for more than 5 years each time she was elected to power. Add five years is not enough to bring a change. There is always planning and laying the ground work. Then comes the implementation part. And each time she tries to bring about some change, the DMK raises a hue and cry over it and when they come to power, they totally reverse the trend. When Ms. Jayalalitha again comes to power, she has to work from scratch. Moreover the DMK men have made the people of tamilnadu to expect appeasement, freebies etc. It is a mammoth task for Ms. Jayalalitha to change the mental constitution of these people.

The US government system believes that two tenures (continuous) is needed for the president to bring in a change. While in Ms. Jayalalitha's case, she has never been given a chance because because of the hate politics perpetrated by DMK and which the Tamilians passively accept.

The situation is something like this. The people of Tamilnadu are like spoilt children - They have been petted (by DMK who have ruled for long time)to an extent that they expect reservation, freebies, religious appeasement as their birth right.SO how can one manage these spoilt mentality of the people? If all these benefits are suddenly stopped by Ms. Jayalalitha on one fine day, then she will become unpopular and lose out to DMK. That is the ground reality in Tamilnadu.

Hence her focus is to first gain the confidence of these people by offering these benefits, next to introduce these new ideas and provide a smooth transition for its acceptance. Then transform them into a new plane of thinking.

A good example here is the uniform syllabus which she wants to upgrade. The people are so close minded that they are not able to see the long term evils of DMK sponsored uniform syllabus system. This does not show her lack of conviction - it shows that she understands people's mentality and is working towards a long term vision of creating a state even better than Gujarat. If she pushes her ideas down the throat of these kind of people, they will hate her and DMK will make use of this and propagate hate politics against her. And the end result - she will be touted out of politics in the next election - Enter DMK and I need not spell out the FUTURE.

She had the guts to do various things in the previous tenure like arrest Karunanidhi etc - but what happened. Sun TV and Kalaignar TV converted it into soap opera and swayed the people's sympathy.

And now Ms. Jayalalitha's every more shows her wisdom in making sure that she does not provide fodder for the DMK. As they say 'things happen at the appropriate time' - I am sure that Ms. Jayalalitha is just bidding time to implement the dharmic governance. I hope that the people of Tamilnadu understand that and not be swayed by non-sensical noise of the DMK and similar minded people.

-Dr Maya

Anonymous said...


Respected Doctor Madam,

"A journey of thousand miles begins with the first step". A long journey to good governance and to change the state should begin in the right note by putting the right foot forward.

I beg to differ, in fact sharply, when you say that a tenure of 5 years is not enough for one to take steps to revamp one region. Or atleast making reasonable efforts to achieve that.

Nithish Kumar brought substantial change in 5 years and was rewarded by Bihar voters for 2nd time. In fact he runs a coalition government. Bihar was completely in shambles when he took over. It was called gunda raj those days. But he brought remarkable change in many areas. Infra, law and order, sanitation etc. He did that because he is committed and focussed on the job. His road to power was not that easy. He had to face arrogant Lalu and rabri.

JJ's first tenure was a flop. Second tenure went in arresting spree and showed how power drunk she was. She had the audacity to do many things. The question is why she is not showing the same aggression in implementing right things. Your comment very well says that she is more interested in clinging on to the power by any means. All the soap opera of DMK shouldn't be visible to her eyes. If you want to do a good thing, there will always be one or many oppositions. A good leader should have the will to brave it out. JJ brazened it out. That's the difference.


Anonymous said...

Let me tell you one thing. Age or time is not a limiting factor to the committed people. Adisankara lived only for 32 yrs to revitalize Sanatana Dharma. Thirugnanasambandar lived only for 16 years to refurbish Vaidik dharma in Tamil soil. Chatrapati Shivaji lived only for 50 years and ruled only from 1674-1680 to establish Hindu Swarajya. He fought devilish aurangazeb and moghuls. So, its clear that time, opposition, environment and atmosphere can't be a deterrent to a committed soul.

Truth and Dharma should be the guiding light. After doing adharmic things and then presenting a car to Ranganathaswamy will certainly not please Him. He was the Kula Deivam for Ikshvaku Kulam, where Ina Kula thilakam Rama was born. "Ramo vigrahavan Dharma" says Ramayana. He is the mainfestation of Dharma and Truth. "Dharmasya Prabhur Achutha" says Vishnu sahasranamam. "Sritha Jana Poshaka Rama" sings Ramadasar. He is the ultimatum for all the innocent and truthful people.

The historic incident in Abhirami Bhattar's life tells us that Truth when observed in Thoughts, words and deeds can even change the course of nature. Amavasya was made Pournami for Him by the Godess.

A ruler should have unflinching faith in Dharma and proceed. Only unconditional surrender to His Lotus Feet will give that conviction. Gifting of car and riches won't. Even our one square meal is His grace. No need to tell about JJ's rulership, which is grossly misused.


Anonymous said...

@Mr. Ngarajan

One point to be taken here is that Mr. Nitish Kumar did not face a DMK. That is why he is able to bring out some development. But look at the Center. Given a political place, DMK has created havoc and made our nation a laughing stock. DMK is a parasite and has skewed up everything that it comes in contact with. Most importantly, as I said in my previous comment, DMK has skewed up the people’s mentality that any development she brings about is looked upon with skepticism. The herculean task is to change the people’s mentality amidst the constant hullabaloo created by DMK. Hence the dharma for Tamilnadu today is to get rid of the ideology and culture of DMK. Even Jayasree madam has said in many places that dharma is what must be done in a particular situation. And the only person capable of doing it is Ms. Jayalalitha. And she is doing it. Most of the voters of this state have trusted her on this account and even Mr. Modi supports her. So any withdrawal of some good policy can be only said as a temporary setback keeping in mind the politicization surrounding it. This cannot be attributed to her selfish interest to retain power. She is just bidding her time to strike – which shows her wisdom in not being hasty and pushy. Change cannot happen only by change in government at the state but also change in people’s outlook. Need for the hour is to support her and get rid of the negativity of the DMK mentality.

- Dr. Maya

Sheela said...

We should agree with Dr.Maya, change in outlook of Tamilnadu to revive cultural erosion by DMK/ DK allied movements. For the sake of survival, she could have done mistakes in past.

But we could see a mature person in JJ presently. we should support and also keep in mind Tamilnadu has no better alternative at the moment.


Skandan said...

Dear Madam,

I am a regualr reader of your blog. I read an article in
I also understand that the same article appeared in times of india 17th July edition.

Kerala christians taking over our culture , dance and music. This week Kumudam jothidam, Sri.Rajagopalan has written with so much worry that if this continues, india will become a christian land very soon. I met one person recently for official purpose and he was a christian and he was saying that the Prajapathi mentioned in our vedas is actually the Jesus christ. By all ways our Hindu dhrama is getting converted right from vedas. Very soon they micgh also claim that the vedas were written by them. We need to do somehting for this. But I dont know what to do at an individual level. Kindly guide us. I read somewhere that nostradamus predicted that someone from east will come and guide the world. Will he come from our Hindu dharma.

sometimes, i feel that at my level, I should atleast take printout of some your blog writinggs and circulate it to friends to increase awareness.


jayasree said...

Thanks for your kind words of appreciation Mr Skandan.

'The Kali yuga is running' - I have no other explanation for why Hindu Dharma is under stress. The early evangelists translated Yajur veda and called it "Yesu veda" saying that it was the 5th Veda which was given by Jesus. Their tricks might work with the poor and the unscientific. But with more science getting unraveled, Hinduism will find more takers. Already 40% of the US people follow a Thought that is similar to Hindu Thought.

Looking impassionately at the problem of conversion, the convert's life and the way they live, suffer and undergo karma, I would say that this is the way they pay back for their misdeeds of the past births. From some nadi readings, I would say that a person who suffers from a acts of evangelists was perhaps repaying for a similar act he did in a distant birth when he forcefully converted others as a muslim invader or a christian evangelist. But that does not give a solution to the present scenario.

I would only advise to raise your kids by inculcating the wisdom of Hinduism, how scientific it is, how it is the only concept that exists for all times in Nature and so on. You can find many links in side bar of this blog giving inputs on this. Be cautious in choosing the schools for your kids. Don't put them in Christian schools. Be watchful of their friends and interact with them. I would say a clean 'no' to christian and muslim friends for our kids. They can be just friends due to association as classmates but not close friends. I may sound dogmatic but I have come across people for whom the suffering started with association with Christian and Muslim friends.

Hinduism can not be destroyed at any time. As long as planets Saturn and Jupiter are there, people with knowledge and awareness of Hindu thought will be born or shaped from time to time. Hinduism lives through the individuals who live by Hindu thought and not served by governments in this Kaliyuga.

As for Nostardamus prediction, the time from November this year to May next year may even see the birth of a person who will take Hinduism to greater heights. So there is no need to worry about Hinduism getting lost. But in this Kali yuga we will see it under dire straits and people propelled by their past karma raising to the occasion to work towards spreading the awareness about Hinduism.

harinee said...

This is in response to the comment on Hinduism and conversion. My thought on this is if people choose another religion then this is no loss to Hinduism. Their faith and understanding was so weak in the first place that even staying a Hindu would have added no value so good riddance.
And how much devotion will you have to God or your faith if money and the mere sign of trouble makes you jump ship.
God wants Hinduism to survive that is why every time it seems under threat he sends a jnani. Shankaracharya first then when Jainism reared its head ThiruGnanasambandar and then Vivekananda.This are just a few among many who have come.Many more will come I am sure of it!

Skandan said...

Our Sincere Prayers to Dr.Swamy to overcome this issue. But I am sure Dr.Swamy knows better than anybody else on how to face this issue. He is a Single Man Army.

Offended minorities' panel to decide on Swamy's article.

Subramanian Swamy had advocated disenfranchisement as a punishment for Muslims refusing to acknowledge their Hindu ancestry

The National Commission for Minorities (NCM) will take a final view on Tuesday on an article written by Subramanian Swamy where he advocated disenfranchisement as a punishment for Muslims refusing to acknowledge their Hindu ancestry.

The NCM had taken suo moto notice of the article at its meeting on July 19. The article appeared in the Daily News and Analysis (DNA) on July 16 – three days after the serial bomb blasts in Mumbai. NCM chairperson Wajahat Habibullah told The Hindu that while the NCM found the article offensive in the extreme, a final decision on the commission's response would be taken when the full bench reconvened on Tuesday. He said the NCW will go by legal advice it had procured from within the government: “There are no two opinions that the article is highly offensive and violative of the law. I'm fairly clear about the course the NCM should follow, but the decision has to come from the full Bench.”

Since its publication, Dr. Swamy's article has been hotly debated on Twitter and Facebook, and last week it raised a storm in Harvard, where he taught Economics in the 1960s. In an online petition, students and faculty members demanded that Harvard end its association with him. The petition said: “While free expression and the vigorous contest of ideas are essential in any academic community, so too are respect and tolerance for human difference. By advocating measures that would grossly violate freedom of religion and the unqualified right to vote for different religious groups, and by aggressively vilifying an entire religious community, [Mr.] Swamy breaches the most basic standards of respect and tolerance.”

In the article titled, ‘How to wipe out Islamic terror' Dr. Swami, who is also president of the Janata Party said that by 2012, he expected Islam to confront Hindus to “complete unfinished business.” He said: “Fanatic Muslims consider Hindu-dominated India an unfinished chapter of Islamic conquests”. All other countries conquered by Islam 100 per cent converted to Islam within two decades of the Islamic invasion. Undivided India in 1947 was 75 per cent Hindu even after 800 years of brutal Islamic rule. That is jarring for the fanatics.”

Dr. Swami prescribed strategies to defeat the political goals of Islamic terrorism. Among them: “Implement the uniform civil code, make learning of Sanskrit and singing of Vande Mataram mandatory, and declare India a Hindu Rashtra in which non-Hindus can vote only if they proudly acknowledge that their ancestors were Hindus. Rename India Hindustan as a nation of Hindus and those whose ancestors were Hindus.”

“Enact a national law prohibiting conversion from Hinduism to any other religion. Re-conversion will not be banned. Declare that caste is not based on birth but on code or discipline. Welcome non-Hindus to re-convert to the caste of their choice provided they adhere to the code of discipline. Annex land from Bangladesh in proportion to the illegal migrants from that country staying in India. At present, the northern third from Sylhet to Khulna can be annexed to re-settle illegal migrants.”

Skandan said...

Respected Madam,

The below news is related to film industry. But when i came across this, i immediately felt to share it with you. Its interesting to note that Prabhudeva's first wife was a muslim and she adaopted Hindu practices after marrying Prabhu deva.

Conversion to Hinduism may not be the right term as they are returning to the source.

The article is given below.

Nayanthara converted to a Hindu

Well she did mean every bit of her word when she earlier said, “I will make it a point to get what I want if I have made up my mind.” Earlier it was Ramlath who converted from Islam to Hinduism and now Prabhu Deva’s second wife too has opted for a ‘change of faith’. A Christian girl baptized Diana Mariam Kurian, from this day on she will be addressed with her screen name Nayanthara after the Kollywood glam doll decidedly converted to Hinduism.

On Sunday, yesterday morning 11 A.M. Nayanthara arrived at the Arya Samaj Temple at Waltax Road in Chennai. She observed the Vedic ritual of Shuddhi Karma purifying herself and the Homan ceremonial in front of the burning fire. Nayan also chanted hymns from as part of her soul-cleansing act, seeking blessings of the Holy one in this new journey. On completion of her holy duties she has now been issued a Certificate of Conversion to Hinduism and a change of name with Nayanthara being her official Hindu name. The actress successfully kept the shutterbugs at bay and only after rushing back home to Chennai did she confide, “Yes, I have become a Hindu and it’s my own personal decision. I went through the entire ceremony with passion and conviction.” Nayanthara will be next seen playing Sita in her upcoming telugu flick Sri Rama Rajyam.

jayasree said...

Yes, I read that news and even toyed with the idea of writing a post about it:)

Bouquets for Prabhu Deva that he is
(1) a symbol of Hindu rising?
(2) populating the world with more Hindu kids in competition to how Muslims populate the world with more Muslim kids.
(3) showing a way to counter Christian conversions.
(4) becoming a role model for Hindu boys not to convert if they marry girls of other religion.