Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Retrograde Jupiter is Diwali time for the Congress party!

Jupiter is in retrogression from August 30th to December 25th this year. In mundane astrology, retrogression, conjunction, opposition  and entry into another sign bear an impact on the land, the people and the way people behave. Jupiter's current retrogression has particular influence for India.

This important planet which stands for Justice and dharmic sense is in Mruthyu bhaga (degree of death) in Libra – a sign that denotes Justice. This sign happens to be the 6th house from lagna and 4th house from the moon sign of India's Independence chart. From Capricorn, the mundane sign for India,  this happens to be the 10th house. An important planet  getting weakened in a house crucial for domestic affairs (4th), government / democracy  (10th) and health and enmity among inmates (6th) periodically throws up strains in these areas. Particularly whenever Jupiter goes retrograde in a benefic sign or in its own sign or in its sign of exaltation, we find arrogance, anarchy and adharma ruling the roost in India.

Currently Jupiter is in retrogression in a benefic sign. Needless to say what this implies at the current juncture. Right from 30th August, something or the other is being reported – all of which have some similarity. If two or three instances bear similarity, we will consider them as coincidences. But when many instances and almost all the acts of the Congress Government look similar, we call them as a planned design.

 I mentioned this August 30th date in one of my comments when Anna Hazare movement was at its peak. That was when Annaji was calling people to go for Jail bharo agitation from 30th August onwards if the Govt did not concede to his demands. That date being the time from which Jupiter would go vakri , I was apprehensive of some drastic  and insensitive action on the part of the Govt resulting in escalation of tension in the country.  Jupiter is currently in the 10th house from the Moon dign (Cancer) of India and this position of Jupiter does give headaches to the Govt. We found that happen until 30th August. But when such a Jupiter goes into Vakram, the Govt gets brute power and starts attacking others. I think as an ordinary but law abiding citizen of this country I have the 'privilege' to say that the Govt (Congress ) has lifted its veil and is exhibiting  the true face of it!

This started after 30th August – is a point to note from astrological angle. The charges against each member of the Anna team, against Ram Dev, the volte face of Govt agencies in the 2G case, the clean chit to Maran, selective use of CBI against opposition parties and the states where Opposition rules – all these show a breach of Dharma whenever Jupiter goes vakram in a benefic sign which happens to be the 10th house from the moon sign!

The Govt has found a sudden strength now and is shooting at all directions unmindful of the fact that WE, the PEOPLE are watching it. The Congress may even have a game plan to stifle our voices at the EVMs, or else I don't think any sane Govt would go about slapping charges on the very people who were backed up by the general Public from across India. Things are happening in such a way that India is becoming a fit example to show  how Democracy can be stifled  in the name of Democracy and by the very people who owe their position and power to that Democracy.

How long this will last? Is there a way that this will end?

This trend will slow down after Saturn enters Libra and checkmates Jupiter positioned in the opposite sign. Saturn exalts in Libra at a time when Sun (signifying Govt) goes into debility. The overpowering effect of Saturn will be felt from 1st November onwards. Though Jupiter ends its retrogression on 25th December, this entry of Saturn on November 1st will put brakes in its ways. Until then the Govt will go haywire hitting at its opponents.

In the immediate future, I want to watch Manmohan Singh. His birth details as I have are 26th September 1932, 2-00 PM, Jhelum. If this is correct , his best times are over by 12th September now. In the Indian Annual Tajaka chart also, there are many indicators for trouble for the Govt. The belligerent attitude of the Govt can not continue after 25th December.

As of today everything depends on the Judiciary.  It is hoped that the retro Jupiter does not play truant with them. 




BK Chowla, said...

I read somewhere that the period between 15tn sept onwards is very critical

Skandan said...

Respected Madam,

Congress is not bothered about the fact that People are watching how it is celebrating diwali. In the internet, on various sites, and blogs, I see people are really pissed off with this govt. They are waiting for a chance to show the people power. retrograde jupiter will allow congress to show its real face to public. People will show the real face in the EVMs. How best BJP going to gain on this is still question. Jaya capitalized on MKs wrong doings. She was shrewd on that and saturn transit also helped her a lot.

Wanted to know your views on SC directing Jaya to appear personally on the asset case on 14th sep.

on sep 15th the 3rd 2G chargesheet will get filed. whether Kani and team will get bail? whether Jupiter retrograde will support that?


Aishu said...

In one of the earlier articles too, you have mentioned that Jupiter (R), is bad for the country. Can we attribute today's bomb blast to that too as something that is working against the dharma?

jayasree said...


I have written the terror time combinations in the above post at the time of Mumbai blasts. You will find that every factor fulfills the terror time attack today.

@ BK Chowla

From 9th september onwards. Mars and Venus in debility. But for terror to strike in India Jupiter retrogression in a benefic sign has been the crucial factor and Sun's antiscion afflicted by malefics. At present Sun in Leo and Virgo comes with affliction of the antiscion of the sun. During this period Jupiter in the retrogression shows foul play of terrorists.

To know more about the antiscions, browse my scribd documents (link in the side bar) for an article on "Toppling game by Kaikeyi"

@ Skandan

JJ will come out unscathed.

A. Raja will definitely bear the brunt. Kani's moon sign based indicators are bad. No authentic info on her birth time, if it is good she will escape with mild punishment.

I infer that the present retro Jup can not be very bad on Dharma

Reason 1- Jup is in Northern declination.
2. It is moving towards exaltation - but only a temporary setback by retrogression
3. Generally in Arian stars Jup is auspicious
4. it does not reenter former sign (Pisces)
5. saturn's influence on Libra begins 3 months before the actual entry.

But saturn is in southern declination shortly joined by Mercury and Venus which are crossing to the southern sky this week.

When Saturn, Sun, Mercury and Venus join together in Virgo and at that time when moon passes Scorpio, Taurus and Gemini, sufferings to mankind by terror attacks and natural disasters are possible.

I think you can make out why I mentioned the 3 signs for Moon's transit. Moon is afflicted by malefics in those signs when this combination occurs in Virgo.

@ Aishu

You are right.
But the real danger to Dharma is from people like PC and Congress.
Even if the Muslim terror outfit claims responsibility, these people in congress will not agree. They will finally come out with a revelation on Hindu terror.

In my opinion, the attack happened due to complete lack of will on the Govt to curb suspects. Did they make a single arrest after the Mumbai blasts?

All the suspects have Muslim names. That is the reason. Can our country ever tackle terrorism with these people at the helm? Added to them is the 'human rights' champions. Even if the culprit of this blast is ever caught and tried, he can remain safe with the campaign of our adharmic 'human right people.

nutwit said...

That is great news Jayasreeji. "Apke muh mein Ghee - shakkar". Sooner the likes of Veshti-PC, Sonia et al go to jail, the better it is for India

Skandan said...

Respected Madam,

Request to please read this blog link

You will be shocked. We need a leader like vivekananda to stop all these nonsense. Dont know who is going to come....
It was very disturbing for me


jayasree said...

Dear Mr Skandan.
Yes, they are doing a pretty bad job. They have not yet responded to the challenge to them given by people including Mr Jeyamohan - an article in a recent issue of Thuglak says so.

I have posted many articles on the Christian efforts to usurp Hindu space and Thirukkural. Just type St Thomas in the search box of my blog and you get the list of articles on this topic. Similarly type Thiruvalluvar and get the articles.

Currently I am concentrating on Thirukkural, Thiruvalluvar and other sangam litt to establish the Hindu root of Tamils in my Tamil blog on Thamizan Dravidanaa?
I will hike up my tone in the upcoming articles in that series.

For the information of readers, my recent blogpost on change of Tamil New year to Chiththirai by Jayalalithaa received quite a few hate comments in filthy language - apparently from missionary zealots - prompting me to delete them.

mosurh said...

This article is very relevant to this post
I think we are already seeing lot of Hindu leaders this era. None of them may be Vivekananda but definitely there is a significant spiritual growth happening among Hindus the past 5-10 years.

jayasree said...

@ mosurh

Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

Namaskaram Smt. Jayashree. Just wanted to know how correct the predictions of Sonia Maino are as put up on this webpage. http://www.astrodaily.com/astrodaily/dailypredictionsdetail.aspx?dpid=65&pgid=16. Hari Om.

jayasree said...

@ K.P. Ganesh.

The article says about the time in near future - Nov 17th onwards. FRom Nov 17th to until when? There is no information on that. After the end of current Mercury - Saturn on 23-08- 2012, what is her future going to be like when Ketu maha dasa starts? The author is silent on that.