Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Reducing Cow-slaughter at EID – a suggestion from Stephan Knapp.


The Islam festival of EID is approaching in which in some areas many
hundreds of cows and bulls are slaughtered, making the streets flow with blood.
I've received requests from people asking how to help make this stop, or at
least reduce the number of poor cows that have the necks sliced open a then
left to die in the streets. Even in some areas of India where there are
laws against cow slaughter, the police and politicians do nothing about it.

One idea for everyone where this kind of thing goes on is that there should
be a campaign to get as much of this slaughter on video and film as
possible in order to document it, and then post it in as many places as possible,
such as on youtube, vimeo, and dailymotion. There needs to be a way to get
this out to as many people as possible so that the world sees what a
so-called sophisticated or religion of peace does in honor of such festivals.
The only way to get them to stop is to make them an embarrassment of world

You will not be able to stop this slaughter by talking philosophy with
these people. But many people in the West are now becoming highly adverse to
animal cruelty, and to show this kind of "celebration" with film of the
slaughter of so many animals is a way to create awareness of what goes on,
create an impression that people will react to, and hope that such a reaction
will become an uproar to a degree in which this slaughter can be reduced by
the criticism focused on this kind of harsh activity.

I have seen some of the videos out there, and they are most difficult to
watch for anyone of any sensitivity, and also making such videos of the
slaughter of so many animals will not be easy. But, other than trying to stop
this yourself, videos and film can create the awareness wherein larger
numbers of people may be able to participate in a campaign of asking why this has
to happen, and demanding that it stop, and embarrassing the Muslim
community in general that they begin to rethink the reasons for slaughtering so
many animals. At least it is worth a try, and can certainly expose a most
harsh aspect of this tradition.

Hari OM,

Stephen Knapp (Sri Nandanandana dasa)


seadog4227 said...

Please google and listen to the audios/ watch the videos of Rajiv Dixit on this subject. Apparently, Robert Clive arranged the annual massacre of 1,00,000 cows to break the back of India's agriculture. Also, please read Dharampal's work on the subject.

rk said...

The followers of this barbaric,Islamic cult,that advocates cruel killing by bleeding an animal to death, will not be swayed by any video. That is a fact.You can appeal to someone only if he has a bit of compassion for any living things. Do you think the word compassion exists in the Arabian language?!!!
India should legally ban cow slaughter. Period.

Aishu said...

It is not just Muslims who eat cow and buffalo.Christians also eat. On occassions like marriage, they slaughter these poor animals to feed the guests. Meat eaters see the animals as something edible and out of which mouth watering dishes can be made. Compassion for anything edible is out of question. What they ask is, why isnt anybody complaining about killing fish or chicken? Why only cow? They try to relate cow with religion. Whether it is cow or buffalo or goat, are above religion. They argue that plants also have life in them.
May God give them "Sadbuddhi".

Sheela said...

As Ms.Aishu says its not only muslims. we should spread vegetarian cult its every individual's especially women's responsibility. its very difficult to change a non veg into veg still we should honestly try.

Cow is highly sensitive & conscious animal than others. No animal is so beneficial to mankind than cow. We invite greater sin by cow slaughter. Plants also have life but they give and we do not kill them.


Anonymous said...

We need to stop meat-eating among Hindus before targetting other faiths.
Banning cow slaughter will not stop it, it will just happen illegally.And meat-eating has been prevalent even among Hindus in the past.There are stories of Agastya and stories in Periyapuranam which are examples of same.
I dont advocate it but I think an individual has to make a conscious choice on not to kill animals.
Also I dont accept the opinion that being Islamic makes you barbaric.Islam is going through a phase which Christianity went through during middle ages with Crusades etc.

Aishu said...

It is very true that we cannot associate non-vegetarianism with any religion. To kill a life to feed ourselves just because we like its taste when we have other edible options is unfair. The feeling must come from within the person who has to decide for himself as to what he wants to eat.

Even Brahmins in Bengal and Orissa eat fish/non veg almost everyday. What they say is that if we dedicate the fish or non veg to God, it would not invite any bad karma. (Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa liked fish ).

Hindus donot EAT cow out of reverence. Cow slaughter is banned in few states of india.

Vinay said...

I do not agree with the views expressed above about filming the cows being slaughtered and causing embarrassement for muslims. When parikshit maharaj saw cows and buffaloes being killed by a demon, he chastised the demon. Following in the footsteps of maharaj parikshit, we must also chastise these muslim demons. Not only the entire Hindu community but everyone who calls himself a human being must violently protest against such atrocities being conducted against poor animals and especially the holy mother cow. We must butcher the butchers and slaughter the slaughterers. This is not sin. This is Dharma. It is stated in Manu Smriti the Law Book of Humanity, that the one who attacks someone innocent with a poison or a deadly weapon must be killed immediately. There is no sin on account of that. Also those who encroach upon others property, plunder their wealth, set other's house on fire or abduct other's wives, daughters, sister, etc must be killed immediately. This is stated by Svayambhu Manu the father of Mankind. Thus, all those who salughter poor animals, be they of any religion, they must be killed. The law of God is above the Law of the land. Thus, we must also kill those law enforcers who try to protect the slaughterers of cows. Many people will not agree with my views, but there is a saying in Hindi, "laaton k bhut batoon se nahi mante" "Those who don't understand words of wisdom, must be thaught a lesson through violence".

Skandan - the way to wisdom said...

Respected Madam,

please see this link for the no of animals slaughtered this year.