Tuesday, November 6, 2012

UFO sighting in triangular shaped Samudra Tapu.

Many Indian readers would have read the recent Yahoo news story on some 100 sightings of "UFOs" in the Ladakh region near Pangong Tso Lake.  ("Mystery sighting spooks soldiers" http://in.news.yahoo.com/mystery-sighting-spooks-soldiers-.html )

Pangong Tso lake (locally pronounced as Banggong Co)

The territory falling under the disputed Indo- China border, we cannot remain complacent with a justification that those are indeed UFOs and have nothing to do with security issues. But what caught up my attention in that report was the reference to a UFO sighting in another region nearby in the year 2004 by a team of scientists and geologists.  That story was published in Indiatoday.in on November 2, 2012. It can be read here (entire report reproduced below)


The location was a glacier with a name that proves that it was quite known to ancient people of our country and named suitably. The glacier is known as Samudra Tapu. On the plateau of Samudra Tapu is situated a lake called Chandra Taal- again a mythical name. There are indeed Puranic stories linked to this lake that celestial nymphs used to descend to this lake on moonlit nights and play in the waters.

The scientists did seem to have witnessed one such play by a mysteriously looking white object in Samudra Tapu in 2004. This object was 3 to 4 feet high with a cylindrical head and 2 balloon type attachments. It was visible for 40 minutes and came near them as close as 50 metres and then rose up steeply and disappeared in the air. One important observation was that its color changed to black when sun light fell on it.

The "UFO" sighted by scientists in Samudra Tapu.



Reading this, my immediate thought was what shape Samudra Tapu has. I browsed the net and my guess was right as I found Samudra Tapu glacier in triangular shape!

Regular readers of my post must be aware of the connection I showed between unknown forces and triangular shapes in my article:- Kali Yantra in crop circles of Europe!

When I checked the shape of the glacier, it was an astounding figure of the triangle – the female Yoni – a symbol of Kali!