Thursday, September 5, 2013

A to Z of Congress scams.


A — Ardarsh Scam

B — Bofors Scam

C — CWG Scam

D — Devas-Antrix Scam

E — Employee Guarantee Scheme Scam

F — Fodder scam, Food Security Bill Scam

G — Ghaziabad Provident Fund Scam

H — Harshad Mehta Stock Market scam, Hasan Ali Hawala Scam

I — IPL Scam

J — Junior Basic Trained Teachers' Recruitment Scam

K — Ketan Parekh Stock Market Scam

L — LIC Housing Scam

M — Madhu Koda Scam

N — Non-banking Financial Companies Scam

O — Oriental Bank Scam

P — Punjab State Council of Education, Research and Training Scam

Q — Quest for Gold Scam

R — Ration Card Scam, Rafale Jet Fighter Procurement Scam

S — Satyam Scam, Fire Prone Submarine Scam

T — Telecom 2G Scam, Temple Collection Scam, Congress President Travel Budget Scam

U — UTI Scam, UBS Illegal Accounts Scam

V — Volkswagen Equity Scam, Vadra DLF Scam

W — West Bengal Telecom Scam, Westland Helicopter Scam

X, Y, Z   (Still cooking at 10 Janpath)

UPA-2 Scams

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Edwardo Gills said...

The Congress-drove UPA government is reprimanded on many fronts; a standout amongst the most discussed of these is the ceaseless rundown of Congress Scams, debasement and renumeration cases under its run the show. The Indian National Congress was built up to give instructed Indians a more prominent partakes in government and to take dynamic and united part in the opportunity battle for the welfare of India. Be that as it may, when and how these targets reclaimed seat, and self-intrigue and Congress Scams turned out to be a piece of the Congress are the fundamental ranges of concern. This added to their notable thrashing in the sixteenth Lok Sabha race.

Congress Scams