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After Vivekananda, another Narendra for new India!


After Vivekananda, another Narendra for new India!

By Kiran Kumar S on September 13, 2013

After Vivekananda, another Narendra for new India!
More than a century ago, the great 19th century's visionary, Swami Vivekananda proclaimed: "My countrymen should have nerves of steel, muscles of iron, and minds like thunderbolt".  And this evening is one such moment, when 100s of millions of Indians are dreaming of such a leader! The whole nation is awaiting a historic announcement. This is not some speech by a Prime Minister or an emergency declaration by a top leader. This is not a declaration of war or crisis. This is not an announcement of some natural or man-made disaster. But this is, just an announcement by a political party, as to who will be their their next Prime Ministerial candidate. The extent of hysteria is so huge, that when I scanned five English news channels at 4.30 pm, four of them were showing Modi arriving at the airport, like some world leader arriving in India for the first time!

By the way, that quote about nerves of steel was by a Swami whose birth name was Narendra. And here, we are talking about another Narendra, who happens to be a deep follower of that 19th century Narendra, the very popular Narendra Modi, being projected as the PM candidate by the BJP.

But why is this historic? Don't parties project openly or subtly their top chair candidate in each election, anyway?

For that, we need to understand where India stands in September 2013. To put it simply, India is in a big mess. The Decade of Decay, as the name of the book by MR Venkatesh suggests, India has seen a horrible decade of misrule by Sonia Gandhi's UPA. Jobs are hard to get. Infrastructure is crumbling. India's currency has suffered extensively. The growth has plummeted. External security conditions have deteriorated. Internal security is bleeding as evident from this month's Muzaffarnagar riots in India's largest State. Confidence in this Government is at its all time low. There are much worse things, but we can list them some other day.
So getting back to this historic announcement of Modi as the PM candidate for BJP or NDA.

What it means to the youth of India?

Today, more than 65 per cent of India's population is below the age of 35. Nearly one-third of country's population is below the age of 15. This is a huge demographic advantage India possesses in comparison to many other countries. This young India wants a decisive leader who has a great track record of creating jobs and putting a State on the path of rapid development. They are simply chanting "NaMo For PM"! I saw dozens of my young friends on Facebook yesterday posting pictures of sweets, crackers and celebration items for Friday the 13th announcement. The euphoria and the keen sense of wait is telling me that Young India wants this man more badly, than anyone else. Yes, even the young India that is not labelled as 'majority' community, wants him to a large extent, if you talk to it in private.

What it means to India's immediate prospects?

You might have followed the deeply dividing topic of Telangana over the years. The mere mention of Telangana in Andhra Pradesh raised suspicion, anger, sadness, confusion and much worse feelings among the Telugu youth. I have interacted closely with people from all three regions of the State. And it took a man of Modi's stature to stand in a public meeting at Hyderabad and make the audience scream, Jai Telangana and also Jai Seemandhra. This is something no Andhra Pradesh leader, born and brought up there can even dare to do today, if you understand what is going through there. Such is the tension, and such is also the charisma of Modi. On the other side, just look at Sonia Gandhi and the 'future PM' — Rahul Gandhi. They have not even mustered courage to visit Andhra Pradesh in years! And this State is ruled by the Congress and more importantly, the State that elected the maximum Congress MPs in 2009. Therefore, Modi's stature as a unifying force of India, in spite of all the maligning media does against him, is what India needs.

What it means to an ambitious common man in India?
To put it simply, even a man with as humble a background as him, a chaiwallah once upon a time, can make himself eligible to become the PM of this nation. This path of self-made leader is going to give India's common man, suffering in poverty, pollution and misrule today, a great deal of confidence. "If Modi can do it, why can't I?" – will be asked by millions of Indians tomorrow. More importantly, this is a man who has deep understanding of Bharatiya culture and heritage. Someone who can easily connect with a eight-year-old and also an 80-year-old Indian. Someone, who has travelled widely in India, serving as a volunteer for social service. An achiever DNA is going to inspire millions more than just a lucky DNA (a golden spoon category).

What it means to India's media?

Disaster! Many of India's current establishment has prospered solely on maligning Modi over the past decade. India's media is currently ranked at 140 in media freedom, which is the worst rating in 11 years. He is undoubtedly their most vilified man. Majority of the vilification seems to have been sponsored by vested interests. They know that if Modi becomes the PM, their chances of succeeding via dubious financial backing or with the sponsorship of vested interests, maybe deeply curtailed. So, they are panicking more than ever before. Particularly, a channel which a British MP recently snubbed live on air as 'not respecting your own Supreme Court', will be very very nervous.

What it means to India's neighbours?

They will deeply introspect. If Modi becomes the PM, their chances of intimidating India like intruding 19 km inside India, beheading an Indian soldier, killing the Indian fishermen at sea, sending terrorists to commit grave crimes like 26/11, or sponsoring illegal immigration will be stopped. He's not just a talker, but an achiever. He's not a speech reader, but a tall leader. Any nation that is hostile to India, will be worried now as this leader will be 180 degrees opposite to the current spineless leadership.

What it means to India's economy?

This is easy. Just look at the track record of Gujarat's per capita income quadrupling in a decade. Just look at the increase in ground water in one of the most arid States of India. Just look at Gujarat's agricultural growth being so much higher than rest of India. Just look at the amount of investment pouring in via investment summits to Gujarat. Just look at the number of migrants heading there. Just look at the number of industries setting up units in Gujarat over the past decade. Modi means business. A supreme visionary who has transformed his State, in spite of him being attacked by political, 'cottage' NGO industry and the media for a decade, is worthy of occupying the top chair of India. This nation badly needs his leadership today after a decade of ruin by pathetic speech readers. India's demographic potential at present won't be available for centuries if we lose this opportunity. So, who else is better to lead India, to transform its economy, than a man with the best track record during 21st century India?

Love him or hate him.. but you just can't ignore him. That's the 21st century Narendra for you!


Shantha said...

Jayasree, what about the timing astrologically now for BJP and Modi? The time of announcement by the party - is that beneficial right now? For India and the people of India? Curiously waiting for your analysis!


Bala said...

While the nation waits with bated breath the anointing of Narendra Modi in 2014 as the possible PM, one has to exercise supreme caution in my humble opinion.

The hype, the huge expectations etc are reminiscent of those experiences of 1977 when Indira Gandhi was defeated in a huge anti wave due to her imposition of emergency and its various atrocities heaped on the opposition leaders and the common people.

But after the election and the victory of Janata party what happened? There was a dog fight among the various constituents of the hotchpotch party, so that the government collapsed and Indira Gandhi came back to power in 1980 negating all the expectations of the people.

My only worry is that such a pathetic history should not repeat again. If it happens again as during the dismal days of 1977-1980, nobody can save the country from anarchy and chaos.

Let us all keep our fingers crossed.


Raghuraman said...

Dear Madam,

Why did they choose Navami thithi to make this announcement. Also when he was appointed as election committee Chairman, it was Astami.

Aravamudhan Gopalaswamy said...

As i explained before in my posting about the horoscope of mr.modi, i still hold my view that mr.Modi will win and become the P M. pl see your earlier posting two months before.

jayasree said...

Dear Ms Shantha,

After a long time, a response from you. I thought you were busy and not reading my blogs.

Coming to the point, the time of announcement is 6-25 pm yesterday. The prospects are mixed, but towards betterment for the BJP. The Lagna is fixed with the lagna lord joining the 9th lord in 9th and aspected by 2nd lord Jupiter. Good.

The 7th lord is Sun posited in its own house and aspects the lagna - Good.

It goes to the 7th in Navamsa and in conjunction with 9th lord Venus and aspected by Jupiter - Good again.

But this 7th lord Sun is in debility in D-16 that ultimately decides the positional strength of a planet.

But in Dasama (D-10) which is crucial for job / here poll prospects, Sun is exalted in the 7th (very good) but the 2nd lord Jupiter goes into debility in the 4th!

Now looking at 10th lord in Rashi - Mars - it is in debility in the 6th in rashi (bad), 6th in Navamsa (bad) and in 11th in dasama with good connections (good).

From Moon the 10th lord is in 10th where it is exalted. Plus other factors combining, I would say that they had consulted some astrologers in fixing this date and time. Certainly this is the best possible time in the current period.

The combined effect shows that BJP does have an edge but can not capture power on its own. Definitely a coalition is in the offing with the BJP as the major partner.

The poll result will be coming in the Sun dasa - Rahu Bhukthi. The result will not give the requisite numbers. Lobbying will be done and by 28th May 2014 when Jupiter Bhukthi begins, things would be in place for the BJP to form a coalition. By this I wish (and this advantage is there if) the poll takes place in the normal course and not earlier.

But will Modi head that coalition?
I will come to that in my reply to the other comments.

jayasree said...

Dear Mr Bala,

The Deja vu effect will not be there if the BJP cobbles up good numbers. The splinter effect will be there if BJP if the BJP scores less and has to be dependent on others overly.

jayasree said...

Dear Mr Raghuraman,

No problem with Navami or even ashtami. If other factors are good, if the thithi happens to be ashtami, one can do in the morning hours after worshiping Krishna. If it is Navami, one can do the thing in the evening after worshiping Rama. This anointment was done in the evening and other factors are generally good as I explained above.

jayasree said...

Dear Mr Aravamudhan,

I remember your analysis, but I have reservations on that which I already explained in that article.

There is no doubt that Modi will win the seat. But to become the PM, what is the criteria for judging that?

jayasree said...

My assessment of the situation particularly in the wake of Advani's resentment / isolation and the choice of words used by Modi and Advani.

Both Advani and Modi can not be doubted for their sincerity in making the BJP win more seats. Both of them are disciplined soldiers and can not be suspected of having personal ambitions. Note Modi's words yesterday. He is a Karyakartha and would be concentrating on winning more seats for the BJP. Getting into the PM chair is not his agenda.

Same with Advani. I find a clever strategy in the developments involving Advani whose sole aim also is to see that BJP captures power.

Certainly no party including the BJP can form a govt by majority numbers. It is going to be a coalition only. In the event of the BJP making 200 + mark or making more than the Congress, there is a scope for coalition with the BJP as the main partner. But will the others lend support to the BJP with Modi as PM candidate is a million dollar question.

Others would have fought on anti congress plank and therefore may not be willing to support congress for a coalition. If they think that Modi is acceptable to them, then there is no problem, the coalition can be formed. But what if they refuse to align with Modi at the helm? That means the trend will be for 3rd front with support from Congress or the BJP.

This must be stopped at any cost for the sake of Nation. In that case what is the cost that BJP would have to pay? Losing Modi will be the cost that BJP has to pay.

Modi had hinted on Teacher's day talk that he would finish his CM's job for the full term in Gujarat. This dialogue, I think was not a casual word. Posthumous developments must have been very well analysed by the BJP & the RSS and Modi had deliberately dropped that hint. In case, other parties show reluctance to accept Modi as PM, this dialogue is there to tell others "I told you then na,.." and quietly slip into the background.
A martyr - like how Sonia was made to do. The Congress would do its maximum to detract others to accept BJP with Modi as PM. A kind of revenge for Sonia having to step aside.


jayasree said...

In that scenario, the BJP would be wise enough to make amends and it is there Advani gets a role to play. His posturing against Modi now would help him to get acceptance among other parties as one who talked the language of other parties wrt Modi. Opposition to Modi that he is sounding now would give him legitimacy to lobby with other parties and make them agree to an alternative candidate for PM. The choice will be Arun Jaitley, in my opinion.

The expected elevation of Jaitley as Poll chief adds to my doubts. Modi was given this post in Goa and it was said that it would automatically make him the PM candidate - It was for this only Nitish left the fold. Now why should Modi give up this post? Can't he continue as Poll chief? By bringing in Jaitley as Poll Chief I guess, the BJP would find it easier to lobby with other parties in case of a need.

Advani would be effectively pressed into service to lobby for PMship for Jaitley which I think most other part leaders would accept. They may have reservations on Sushma due to her support scam tainted leaders, but Jaitley had maintained a clean image.

Whatever Advani had said now would give him acceptability when he liaises with regional leaders. He is being kept outside the loop now so that when a need arises he could chip in and lobby for BJP coalition. At the present moment Advani has stepped away but if the time comes, Modi would also step away if that could put the BJP in power. Their sole agenda is put a BJP govt in power.

I see another advantage at the present scenario of Advani being outside the loop. The entire media - both print and visual- is focusing on Advani's 'resentment'. That is the prominent news ever since Modi's anointment was announced. If this has not happened, is it difficult to imagine what the headlines will be today? It will be on Modi and his "communal" agenda. Now due to Advani's absence, Modi has become a poor fellow, wronged by his Guru!! The Advani issue will be focused by the Media and congress in the melee of which the usual negative talks on Modi had been forgotten at least temporarily. Some one in the BJP and RSS have gauged the media mentality and hit two birds in the single shot.

Having said all this, it can not be denied that Modi does have an advantage than others in his party to attract more votes. The party is using its leaders for they are worth. Modi now and Advani later if things go amiss.

jayasree said...

I am re-posting the assessment under "Advani - Modi tussle" article.

ASHISH said...

Shri Aravamudhan Gopalaswamy

Could you provide link to your comment "i still hold my view that mr.Modi will win and become the P M." I could not find it inspite of extensive search.

Sincerely yours,
Ashish Raje

jayasree said...

Dear Mr Ashish,

Mr Aravamudhan's comment is in this link.