Monday, March 31, 2014

Al Qaeda finds base in India, Modi is on its radar -- MD Nalapat

Anti- Indian Islamic forces nurtured by Al Qaeda are working on an agenda to eliminate Narendra Modi with a aim to disturb communal harmony in India for decades to come, says Mr MD Nalapat in the following article. Earlier this year, I pointed out in an astrological  research article published in The Astrological Magazine, that India is indeed entering a critical phase of terror attacks from 29th April to 10th May 2014 with a fortnight extended before and after these dates. Read here:-

Let everyone be on guard and pray to God on each one's capacity for the safety and well being of all the people of India. Let people pray to Lord Rudra to safeguard this nation and its people from any untoward disturbance. Let people pray to Lord Nataraja to bring doom to the enemies. Let people recite Dwadasha nama stotra of Maha Vishnu for protection of Bharat on all directions. Let there be peace and prosperity in our country.

- Jayasree



Al Qaeda finds base in India, Modi is on its radar -- MD Nalapat




New Delhi | 29th Mar 2014


A high-level source, now retired, warned that "the Intelligence Bureau has not been able to pay the establishment of Al Qaeda in India the attention it deserves", because "Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde has ordered the IB to focus primarily on uncovering what he calls Hindu terror networks". A considerable degree of IB attention and resources have since 2007 gone into "seeking to locate 'Hindu terror' cells, and to monitoring the activities of Hindu organisations across the country, to the neglect of focus on international terror organisations, including those spawned by the ISI", according to a senior intelligence analyst.

"Eliminating Narendra Modi is the key aim of AQAH," the source said, the calculation being that "taking out Modi would unleash a violent reaction across the country similar to that which took place in Gujarat after the 2002 Godhra train firebombing by a mob assembled close to the station." Such a calamity would poison communal relations in India for decades to come, and make it easier for Al Qaeda to fulfil the objective of their Pakistan Army allies, "which is to reverse India's economic gains and bring India to zero growth," an individual tracking the ISI pointed out.




Al Qaeda al Hind (AQAH), the Indian arm of Osama bin Laden's terrorist organisation, has achieved viability, more than a decade after Laden included India in the list of priority targets for Al Qaeda, and after his successor Ayman al Zawahiri called for the setting up of a base in this country.