Friday, May 23, 2014

Seva to Maa, but no Krupa to Patni – whom to pity??

Vaasanas at work for Modi!

வானம் தண்துளி தலைஇ, ஆறாது
கல்பொருது இரங்கும் மல்லற் பேர்யாற்று
நீர்வழிப் படூஉம்" என்பது திறவோர்
காட்சியின் தெளிந்தனம் ஆகலின், மாட்சியின்
பெரியோரை வியத்தலும் இலமே;
சிறியோரை இகழ்தல் அதனினும் இலமே."

(Pura nanuru – 192)



Narendra Modi's wife: No invitation for swearing-in has been given to me so far, but if invited, I will surely go

Lakshmi Ajay | Ahmedabad | Updated: May 24 2014, 04:44 IST

She smiles child-like, soaking in the attention as the prime minister designate's wife. Jashodaben, 62,who will also be under SPG protection due to her status as a prime minister's wife, is awaiting an invitation to Modi's swearing-in ceremony in Delhi on Monday.

"It is the happiest thing for me that he has become the prime minister," she told The Indian Express on Friday, in an exclusive interview.

"No invitation has been given to me so far to attend it, but if I get one then I will surely go, why would I not go?" says Jashodaben, who is just back from a two-week tour of south India that ended at Tirupati.
Agreeing to take SPG cover, she says that she would even go to Delhi if called. "If he calls me I will go. After all it is my husband who is calling me and not someone else," she says.

From Modi's entire family, his mother Hiraba finds a special mention. "I shared a good rapport with Hiraba. She used to treat me well and we had briefly met once, years after our marriage. I may go and meet her."

Jashodaben says she last spoke with Modi on January 1, 1987 (the year in which Modi joined the BJP). Asked to recall a happy moment, she says coyly, "Once I had gone to meet him with Hiraba at the RSS shakha in Vadnagar. He had hurt his hand and I put medicine on it. Another time he had acted in a play called 'Ek Phool, Do Maali' for which I went. I told him later that he was very good in it. If it is in my fate that we are meant to be together then we will be. I have also moved forward in life because of him. I have never interfered in his life and neither has he in mine."

Flanked by her relatives, she takes questions at her nephew's modest tenement in Ahmedabad, dressed in a colourful floral saree teamed with a dark pink blouse and neatly pinned-up hair. Her right hand ring finger has a permanent vermillion mark, indicating her devout way of life.

This paper was the first to interview Jashodaben in January last, after Modi was announced the BJP's prime ministerial candidate. In April, Modi who used to put a dash in the spouse column in the affidavits filed so far, declared her as his wife

K.C.R must stop the hate-campaign against people of Andhra/ Seemandhra

Posted here is a mail I received from an anguished reader of united Andhra Pradesh who wants to remain anonymous as this reader had faced enough brickbats in the face of expressing the anguish over the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. I have received quite a few mails from this reader expressing the sorrow over the bifurcation which is equal to getting oneself cut into two pieces. In the wake of the shocking report of K.Chandrashekar Rao, the newly elected CM of Telangana,  removing the people of Seemandhra region from their jobs in Government in Hyderabad, I am posting this mail from this reader.

I share the anguish of this reader along with lakhs of other people of Andhra who did not want a bifurcation. As a citizen of India I see this bifurcation plan a prelude for more bifurcations in the future. What we feared in the guise of such bifurcation had started taking place in the form of removal of Seemandhra people from their jobs. (News report at the end of the mail by the reader.) Many more can be expected to follow in the share of natural resources. I do think that this act by KCR is unconstitutional and can be challenged in the court and stopped. But what to say of the bitterness created in the minds of the people on both sides of the border....

From the mail:-

"Many of us (people from Andhra/Rayalaseema Regions) have repeatedly written  that Govt Employees' lives and lives of ordinary people from Andhra/Rayalaseema Regions will be destroyed because of bifurcating Andhra Pradesh in the way Smt Sonia Gandhi wanted.

Supreme Court dealt the final blow to people of Andhra and Rayalaseema regions.

Supreme Court the Highest Court which should see justice is done to all people of India declined  granting stay on Andhra Pradesh bifurcation.

There is  no one to hear the agony of Common man of Andhra Pradesh.

K.C.R. is not behaving like Chief Minister of a State. He is telling that no person from Andhra/Rayalaseema regions will be allowed to work in Secretariat in Hyderabad.

There is no security for ordinary Govt Employees and people from Andhra/Rayalaseema regions who are settled in Telangana Region under the leader ship of K.C.R. and T.R.S. Party.

K.C.R. does not want to work with new CM of Andhra Pradesh Chandra Babu Naidu and see that injustice will not be done to Govt. Employees who worked in Hyderabad.

K.C.R. created hatred between People of Andhra/Rayalaseema and Telangana. He led agitations and destroyed the State of Andhra Pradesh. Now he became Chief Minister of Telangana. 

Instead of working for the welfare of People of Telangana and neighbouring state Andhra Pradesh he is spewing hatred against Andhra and Rayalaseema people.

How can a Chief Minister the highest head of a State threaten people just because they came from another region ?

The general way of Nature is no one should cause unnecessary agony to ordinary people or any person.

If ordinary people cry from their heart that they are being threatened and their lives are destroyed for no fault of theirs then that agony will become a curse to the Person/people who caused that agony.

Congress Party destroyed ordinary people's lives in Andhra Pradesh.

What was the result of the agony of ordinary people of Andhra Pradesh ?

Congress has been wiped out in Andhra Pradesh and also entire India.

All leaders who played their role in destroying Andhra Pradesh have been defeated.

For eg Chidamabaram's son in Tamil Nadu, Home Minister  Shinde, many Congress leaders in Andhra, etc.

Digvijaya Singh the most shameless Politician whose aim is only to worship Sonia Gandhi has been involved with a married woman (who is not yet divorced from her husband). 

N.T.R.'s daughter left Congress Party and switched to BJP and contested the election. She lost the election. 

Here I am not talking about BJP leaders like Sushma Swaraj. 

We hoped that she will loose her election. She has been saved because of the anti UPA Govt wave which swept the nation.

People of Andhra Pradesh will remember the Politicians who helped Smt Sonia Gandhi in destructing their State and their lives.

It is high time K.C.R. stops his hatred campaign against people of Andhra/Rayalaseema regions and start rebuilding his State of Telangana."



No Seemandhra workers in Telangana office: KCR

Set to be sworn in as the first chief minister of Telangana in a few days, TRS chief K Chandrasekhara Rao on Thursday said that he would not allow a single Seemandhra employee to enter the Telangana secretariat.

"Would not let the Seemandhra employees (if conferred Telangana cadre) to even touch the Telangana Secretariat gate," said the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) chief while addressing a meet of the Telangana employees here.

"Telangana employees should work in the Telangana secretariat and Andhra employees in Andhra. There should not be any adulteration here," he added.
An issue is raging in Hyderabad over the distribution of employees working in the united State's secretariat and where they should be placed after the bifurcation on June 2.

1865 secretariat employees were distributed between Seemandhra and Telangana in 52:48 ratios. But Telangana unions are objecting to the 193 employees, which they say are Seemandhraites, given the Telangana cadre. 
Though the Seemandhra employees have largely come to terms with a shift, a few of them who are settled in Hyderabad from several decades want to stay back.

"Except these few, no one wants to stay back here taking abuses from the Telangana leaders," said Murali Krishna of the Secretariat Seemandhra employees association. "Give us options and we all are willing to go to Seemandhra and work under the trees for the growth of our state."

Despite assurances, the employees are not provided with options, which would have given them an opportunity to choose where they should remain, added Krishna.