Friday, May 16, 2014

Modi wave stopped by Jayalalithaa in Tamilnadu!

Modi for India, Jayalalithaa for Tamilnadu had happened as I wished. This is a great victory for  the common man. India had voted for stability and good governance. Tamilnadu had voted to stall the DMK.

While Modi's victory is compounded by anti-incumbency against the Congress, ADMK victory is compounded by incumbency for JJ. (Now Messers Kudanthai amudhan, S. Krishnan, Srikrishna Sharma, Nikesh and rk can start abusing me and Jayalalithaa:) ).

I wish the present euphoria continues for the next 10 years until Moon Maha dasa ends for India. I would very much like to fail in my prediction of bad times in Moon dasa for India! On the prediction of PM ((My analysis here), only Narasimha Rao fits with Modi's horoscopic factors in not having the 4-7- sat-nodes combination that every other PM of India had in relation to Indian Independence chart. For a multi party system of India, we have to work out better methods to identify the PM probable.

Happy to see Modi meeting his mother and making grand children giggle. I wish he goes to his wife's place too and bring a smile on her face. An emotionally reaching out Modi as a family man makes him a complete man who is setting an example for the entire country and whom the country can look up with admiration and happiness.

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Sheela said...

Dear Madam,

its win/win situation for your blog readers & to you.

under Modi sarkaar country will move forward in good direction. our country & democracy is greater than any individuals so we celebrate this victory as a welcome change


Kudanthaiamudhan said...

I feel pity for you. i predicted long ago that modi will be the next P M for 10 years in my postings way back one and half year, even before his name was declared as P M candidate. i also predicted that jaya will get seats half way mark to good number of seats but her ambition and her aim will not be realized and she might lose this time since jupiter is transiting to 12th sign house of loses. Yes she really lost even though she got good number of seats now. how she lost ? she spent about 800 crores money for distribution to poorer voters each RS 1000 (most party workers gave just Rs 500 in cities)to get votes. She told repeatedly in every meeting during her campaign that she will decide the next government,her party will participate in the next government and she will dictate terms and conditions and they should listen to what she says ". She even sacked malayasami as she had little hope that Modi might end up with short of 10/15 seats in which case her help could be needed by modi and pinned hope for forcing
BJP leaders to come to chennai for seeking her support and falling at her seat when she could dictate terms with them and participate in their ministry too by demanding two or three key portfolios in the Bjp ministry. Unfortunately this also failed. She sacked malayasami as he spilled the beans well before.Now she lost not only the money Rs 800 crores but also her greedy desire to arms twist the central government. So she lost in both although she has 36 seats in her hand by spending huge money and putting great efforts.

Please see my last message that i told you that modi might give surprise to all since his Rahu aspected by sun 10th lord and exalted mercury in 11th house might elevate him to the P M post from C M post. I also predicated many times in my posting that modi might not need Jayas help in his government as his horoscope is more powerful.

what i told about jaya is that she will be disappointed ( yes on two sides - losing money and her ultimate desire to dictate terms with the central government).After saturn transit to 4th sign during jupiter dasa- saturn bukthi from july onwards, pending cases against her will follow and her health also will be troublesome to her.

i am not against jaya but purely on astrological perspective i write to you based on astrology. Hope you would agree with me.

skm said...

The one thing i am more than happy is that DMK has been washed out completely !!

skm said...

I am more than happy about is that DMK has been washed out!!

Unknown said...


Only a hardcore Amma sycophant like you can come up with such a title.Your motivated predictions that Modi shall not become PM has failed miserably.He has led BJP to the most spectacular victory ever in a long long time.And J stopping Modi in TN.Are u kidding me? It was expected the BJP should getting close to 5-6 seats which has reduced but does not really count in the big picture of 285 seats.And the woman has lost the ability to arm twist the center as BJP has got majority of it's own.I would suggest if you stop worrying about Modi's personal life as it does not really interest and affect anybody's life.I can come up several suggestions like you for Amma's personal life but would not stoop so low.

Krishnan S said...

The victory of ADMK is similar to a dog getting a coconut (pun intended). Even in this victory, TN will not be represented in the cabinet in a big way. So ADMK won, but TN lost.

Dr Rama Krishnan said...

Madam Ji, Could you show me even one instance where I have abused you? I have great regards for your views but I disagree with you on JJ. The head lines should be " Modi wave dwarfs JJ wave" ( Indian Express.)There is nothing for JJ to celebrate apart from the fact that DMK got wiped out. Thank God for that. What has JJ gained in this election apart from being the 3rd biggest party (but without any clout)? Zilt,nyet, nada, a big zero. By sacking Mr Malayasamy, she is just proving that she is very much a dictator. I thank Lord Krishna for giving NaMo Ji a thumping victory.Otherwise, he would have to horse trade with the likes of JJ and egocentric,arrogant Mammta. In JJ's party, you just cannot speak out.You even need her permission to go the loo! Leopards and JJ do not change their spots.

Bala said...

What a great relief! Some months ago, you had mentioned in one of your posts that India will be under moon mahadasa for a period of 10 years from Sept 2015 or so, which could signal disorder or communal problems.

With this clear mandate the BJP will be able to form a stable government for the next 5 years and if their performance is good, will get another 5 year term, which means that India can remain a peaceful country.


Kudanthaiamudhan said...

Ref your posting regarding modis enemies and their possible threat to his life, i totally disagree with you purely on astrological aspects.

For longevity,one has to see first the lagna and its lord, second is 9th and 10th house besides 8th sign/lord, house of death.Primary rule is that 8th lord should not be very strong with a weak lagana lord. That means lagna lord should not be weaker than 8th lord, house of death. Also either 9th,5th,1st lords disponent owners should not be neecha.In the case of modi, his lagna lord mars is in its own sign in lagna itself with neecha bhanga raja yoga with 9th lord moon. This gives sasi mangala yoga. He runs now moon dasa and later mars lagna dasa and by 2026 rahu dasa starts being aspected by exalted 8th and 11th lord mercury and 10th lord sun both are in the constellation of sun standing from 11th kanya rassi. Sure he will be the PM for 12 years and few more years as proxy PM like sonia did. i do not go very long to examine his longevity at this stage. Even if there is an attempt, he will not suffer at any cost. Hope you are clear. Surprised many astrologers never committed to predict Modis victory in this election as they either deny it or silence on this subject or non committal in their predictions. Many went wrong (including you)- you told possibility of Arun jetty for P M post (he was defeated now )and deny chances for Modi many times.
Even astrologers in gujarat predicted no chances for Modi.i think they must really understand the astrology properly particularly the planets characteristics before making the predictions properly.

Unknown said...

Dear Blogger Begum

The election results are a big disappointment for one arrogant lady and one motor mouth mamata. Though, these two ladies(!) won lions share in their states, our beloved leader NaMo is not dependent on their support. For all the abuses they hurled at NaMo, Kashi Viswanathar blessed him with enough seats to rule independently without any blackmail. This is the biggest outcome of this election. Atleast, MuKa and Stalin had the courtesy to take NaMo's name and congratulate him but your lady is arrogance personified. Unlike this lady, NaMo has made it clear that he is not going to waste his time by insulting the losers or by taking revenge against his rivals. He is going to start working right from the word go! If he delivers on his main promises like Ram Mandir, 370 abolition, UCC, Ganga cleaning and rivers linking, he will become the tallest leader in Indian History. Then I don't think there is anything wrong in Hero Worshipping this Man. Like we fondly talk about Raja Raja Chola, Krishna Deva Raya, Chatrapathi Shivaji, our future generation will also talk about NaMo. This is what all the nationalists want. This is what all the true children of Bharat Matha want!

Slaves like you have your own reasons to be happy and proud about boot licking. No harm. After all, this is what lowly births deserve

Sri Krishna Sharma

jayasree said...

Whatever had been said here by the readers, the victory margin of ADMK with more than 1 lakh votes in 19 seats, margin of more than 2 lakh votes in 12 seats show which way the people of TN had thought. Modi wave was stopped by JJ in TN. The JJ wave was stopped by Vanniyas in Dharmapuri and Hindu votes (anti-missionary) of Ponnar in Kanyakumari. Overall the local climate had mattered in TN in this election. The biggest gain is the total wash out of the DMK and the trio (Raja,Maran, Balu)in particular but for whom the anti incumbency against UPA could not have come this far to be ably used by MOdi and the BJP.

jayasree said...

On astrological side, I has written so many times in many blogs on Modi's individual horoscope, Bjp horoscope, Indian horoscope and methods of how to predict that so and so will become a PM. If something is applicable to Modi that makes him the PM, what made Deva Gowda and Gujral the PMs? Did the raja yogas and timing existed in their horoscope too? The proof of a rule lies in its applicability and verifiability in other horoscopes in similar situation. When that does not happen, what we say is not universal in application. In the absence of reliable time of birth for many politicians, I worked out a method which had an exception in Narasimha Rao. Going by the rest, I secluded Modi from the PM probable. Arun Jaitley who has saturn exalted in both Rasi and Navamsa could not win any election! This is an issue that needs analysis astrologically.

Individually, Modi's current moon dasa that is yet to go for 10 yrs will keep him in power. I take only Libra ascendant as I am convinced of that from the source I got and further re-confirmed by other important sources from the BJP. For professional ethics, I can't reveal their names. His period is very critical now as there are text book rules from Sarvartha chinthamani and Prasna marga on what will happen if the Bhadagadhipathi (sun for libra lagna) joins nodes in the 12th, and Mars and Moon in 2nd, Mars in zero degrees at the junction of odd and even sign and sade sati to encroach Mars at that junction. Superimposed on Indian horoscope what would Indian Ketu on Modi's Moon sign mean is something astrologers know.

Only time will tell what all these signify.

Sheela said...

Dear Mam,

Jayalalitha wave has decimated DMK and MOdi Tsunami has destroyed Congress. JJ & Modi have both benefited by corrupt DMK & Congress respectively. In 2011 JJ would not have dislocated DMK to this extent but for 2G scam.

Defeat of Raja, Maran from strong DMK fort Central chennai & Balu is remarkable achievement by Jayalalitha. yes there were money distributions but to WIN crooks, tricks are essential. its ok.

If tamilians could understand hindi Modi effect could have penetrated powerfully. BJP/Tn with very weak structure has done its best to form alliance and to win atleast 2 in JJ wave (pon R needs to be congratulated for his efforts)

Kudanthaiamudhan said...

I told you before that for a man of strong energy (modi traveled 3.2 lacs K M and attended 441 rallies in a span of 5 months-wherever he goes he returns to ahmedabad same night) the amount of good energy in his body and sharp mind,firm decision and rigid in mentality,authoritative and autocratic in his approach is possible only with MARS in his own sign and in 1st sign Lagna.Moon with mars give him strong mind,firm decision and make him as an iron man.

surprised to see that you do not go by reality and logical predictions but sticking to your stand that correctness of your source of information about modi horoscope without realizing the basic principles of astrology. This shows your rigid approach and one sided leaning in every aspects of your study.

if modi lagna is libra,he will not be P M as 2nd and 7th sign maraga mars in its own sign will not allow him to claim up to this post
i feel your mind is concerned about modis personal life threat and hence you believe that his horoscope could be libra lagna.

i believe you are still the beginner in astrology by referring text books without knowing the hidden secrets in predictive astrology.
you can see the NDTV headings
" Jaya got 37 seats by a whopping victory that modi do not need "
" Jaya got the victory with bitter sweet "

was i not correct in making the predictions for both modi and jaya in this direction in right perspective from the astrological point of view ( i do not have any political affiliation )

Kudanthaiamudhan said...

For your information, i told my friend that 16th may, the day of election results, the star on that day is Kettai, modis janma nakshtra.He said janma star is not good and was concerned but i told him that kettai is the star of mercury and kettai is 18th star ( all mercury stars are in 9th,18th and 27th) and mercury being in conjunction with the sun sign of 10th profession and ruler( both rama and lakshman or sriman narayana and adisesha as sun (solar animal lion + mercury as serpent.Further mercury is the messenger of gods (ref hermies in greek, odin and wodden in norse mythology also mention this ). so adiseshan with lord narayanan + ketu are together aspecting the rahu in saturn star will make the results surprising to every one ) This came true .
No 18 is called as jayam sign of victory over evil. so you will see that modi will stay in power for 12 years and after that also as proxy P M for some time.

jayasree said...

@ Kudandhai amudhan,

I am surprised to read 2 things.

(1) Is Kettai as Modi's janma nakshatra? (On his birthday, ansuham was running till mid night.)

(2)Mars in zero degrees in Scorpio lagna (marana-avastha) and also as 6th lord going into debility in navamsa - how could that give so much vigour and energy to his body to go round for lakhs of kilometers in this campaign?

Kudanthaiamudhan said...

Reg yr query , since your predictions on modi based on libra lagna in his horoscope went wrong due to wrong birth time. so every thing went wrong with you since you do not want to reconsider. just think moon is the watery planet and his adidevada is ganga. moon in lagna in the constellation of mercury star-kettai the serpent as mercury is adiseshan ( auylium star) Serpent is the symboic of water and river. Therefore both serpent and rivers are called in the gender of feminine. Ganga is with chandra on the head of Lord shiva who himself is adiseshan ( he swallowed hala kala venom in samudra mandan and kept it in his throat and got name as "neela kandan " - only serpent keeps the venom in its throat and venom is symbolized as blue color, the color of rahu ". mercury is divided in to two as rahu and ketu since mercury planet is duality in nature. (pl read the full story)

So modi by god grace landed up in kashi kshetram and wants to clean up ganga giver during his moon dasa ( he did not look in to astrological point but his aim was to capture and have foothold in the region of the poorvachal, the region around varanasi in which 31 constituencies are located in eastern UP. This is only a coincidence.
Modi consider Sardar patel as his icon since patel only united all states and Rebuilt - somanath temple ,moon-shiva temple in gujarat. so modi wants to clean ganga water and clean kashi to make it as a tourist hub. This is due to his dasa of moon in the constellation of mercury - kettai.
only scorpio lagna will give him this power and you can rest assured that next 12/15 years modi is the ruler of country and you need not worry.He will built the ram temple by 2018 or 2022 since both exalted mercury and sun in the 11th sign of mercury,the house of gain is aspecting the 5th house, purva puynasthanam. Most possible could be before first 5 years term due to 9th lord moon dasa is running till 2019. modi is on a mission sent by god to clean our political system.

jayasree said...

@ Kudandhai amudhan,

You wrote that Kettai is Modi's janma nakshatra - //on that day is Kettai, modis janma nakshtra//

Answer to that. Is Modi's janma nakshatra Kettai? If so his lagna will be something else and not Scorpio.

Unknown said...

His janma star is kettai only and i think you want to prove your stand that modi will end up his life with a short tenure as PM by terrorist attack. if so i can not help in trying to impart you with astrology lessons for this purpose.

jayasree said...

What is Modi's birth date and time, tell me.

Unknown said...

sorry i was mistaken that his janma star is anusham as moon is in the constellation of saturn star which i
just realised. once again i make this correction and confess my fast and quick reply error by just overlooking the actual fact.

Unknown said...

sorry i was mistaken that his janma star is anusham as moon is in the constellation of saturn star which i
just realised. once again i make this correction and confess my fast and quick reply error by just overlooking the actual fact.

jayasree said...

Mr Aravamudhan Gopalaswamy,

You yourself had written in a comment on June 18, 2013 as follows where you have said that Modi's janma nakshatra is saturn's star (which makes it anusham). Read it yourself:

//Aravamudhan Gopalaswamy said...

Modi was born in meshana on 17th sep 1950- His ascendant is vruchika, mars the lagna lord is in its own sign at lagna along with moon, the 9th house lord (one who fulfills aspirations and give luck )-moon is neecha here but attains neechabhanga rajayoga positioned along with lagna lord. Both mars and moon are in the constellation of saturn lord of 3rd and 4th //

The link is

jayasree said...

I asked you

// Is Modi's janma nakshatra Kettai? If so his lagna will be something else and not Scorpio. //

This question itself would have made anyone halt before going to write what you wrote.

Before that I asked 2 questions.

When I ask a question know that I know 5 types of questions and ask the relevant one depending on the purpose to convey a point. It is obvious you have not understood why I asked those questions.

If you want to know what those five are, go to this link where I had written an article on matters of 5 in 2007 in a Yahoo group. You have to patiently browse through it to get that (5 types of questions) and you are welcome to analyse which one fits with my 3 questions asked to you.

I never under estimate anyone, but hardly find someone who is level headed!! I didn't react to many of your diatribes earlier not because I can't or I am wrong, but because I have known where you stand and was not keen on correcting.

jayasree said...

The link on matters of 5 where 5 types of questions have been explained by me:-

jayasree said...

Anyone reading that link would know that any discussion or debate at intellectual level can not just happen or get acceptance without a sound back up of literature of the concerned discipline.

In a subject like astrology coming under non-material sciences, the methodology includes 'testimony' of the texts. Refer Ramanuja's methodology of 6 components (wherein testimony is an important component) in my article here:

Without testimony (shabda for Veadntic studies), no idea can be validated. Let me believe that you understand why I am writing this here - it is with reference to what you wrote in one of your comments above. I detest to write that comment as such talks never come in mouth. Any repetition of such talks will not be cleared for posting here.

Nandha said...

It is sad that certain things are wrongly understood and led to unnecessary arguments questioning the ability of a person who has written so many articles anything under the sun. I personally feel that Mr. Kudanthaiamudhan should not have questioned your knowledge. Anyway i think u will take in your own stride.

I have been buying many astrology tamil magazines, or the general books which has devoted pages for astrology which focused on who will be the next PM and around 90% of the articles/astrologers did not chose Modi as PM. When I surfed the net I found that even Gujarat-based astrologers also did not think that he would become PM. When most of them said he is not the man for PM gaddi, then i think all are thinking in a certain way from a single perspective in their mind which may be true also.

Anyway let us hope that nothing bad is going to happen in the near future for him.

But still the pulippani munivar's point on the dasa of third house lord and its placement cannot be ignored and according to it the moon dasa from 2015 will not be good. If the dasa is going to be terrible then we can take this way that a weak person is going to rule and not a strong one like Modi. So the threat to his life cannot be completely dismissed. Let us hope for the best and hope that Modi is not a bubble to burst and he really delivers and live a long life to deliver good things for the country.

Unknown said...

Dear Jayasreeji,

I understand that there is a threat to Modiji's safety and to our country from all your discussions.

Please suggest some homam or other pariharams that we may do to reduce the ill effects. I am sure you will agree that prayers will have a good effect. I like many Indians believe that sincere prayers of thousands of Indians has enabled Modiji to achieve this historic success against all odds. By saying so, we are in no way underestimating the hardwork and strategic efforts and enthusiastic mobilization of votes by Modiji, Amit Shahji and team and all the volunteers of BJP and RSS.

Let's continue to pray for the welfare of Modiji and India.

Dear Shri Kudanthaiamudhanji, Shri Srikrishna Sharmaji, Shri Aravamudhan Gopalaswamyji,

I am able to see that all of you are experts in jyotisha sashtra. Jayasreeji too is an expert. You all may differ on certain nuances, but please refrain from ridiculing each other.

Let's together work to save our nation and our heritage from the greater threat posed by others.

I am including myself with you all because every effort small or big will contribute to the greater goal of preserving and propagating the knowledge gifted by our great Rishis, Siddha purushas and Mahatmas to generations to come.

We should appreciate Jayasreeji for her excellent effort in spreading this knowledge through her research and blog. Otherwise, an illiterate like me (as far as the knowledge of our scriptures are concerned) will not feel assured about the veracity of these texts.


Unknown said...

ref yr replies noted.i reiterate my stand on the predictions pertaining to modi birth star,his lagna and his horoscope, there is no change in the predictions based on this. since i quickly replied, i stumbled in to the pitfall by writing as kettai instead of anusham not exactly due to the typographical error but my mind was obsessed with mercury due to my present research about mercury planet and its connection with rahu-ketu which prompted me to write as kettai by mistake even though i have worked out the horoscope of modi and its predictions only based on scorpion lagna and anusham star which i have mentioned in the past many many times in your blog. sorry for the error due to my mercurial mentality.

jayasree said...

@ Ramakrishna Kowluri

//Please suggest some homam or other pariharams that we may do to reduce the ill effects. I am sure you will agree that prayers will have a good effect. //

Yes, prayers could help. His current dasa- bhukthi, Saturn's transit to Scorpio where there are no ashtaka varga points in Modi's saturn- bhinnashtaka varga, Mars in zero degrees at the junction and broken head line with a line coming from that touching his life line where life line is weak in his right hand which coincides with the present age (+ 1 or 2 years) can not make one think positive.

I think he has started doing the pariharas for the past few years. He is doing Durga / Chamundi related vrathas. The main parihara told in the texts is to take bath everyday with water with gems and herbs of the planets done with japa for propitiation. I used to wonder whether it is for that reason he went back to his house everyday after the campaign from any part of India, so that the next morning he could fulfill the ritual bath.

The Rudrabhisheka he did at Kashi itself is also a best remedy. I think mrithyunjana japa and homas were done for him.

As far as people like us are concerned, let there be Vishnu sahasranama recital done every day at as many places of India by as many people as possible with a sankalpa of protection to India from any untoward happening. Vishnu sahasraman, followed by Panchayuda stotra and Dwadasa nama stotra of vishnu can offer protection to our country.

Let there be ucchi kaala milk achishekam on Amavasya and Pournami days in shiva sthalams in the name of Modi. In prime sthalas like Rameshwaram, Hrishikesh, Kashi and Somnath this fortnightly abhisshekam with ganga jal would remove or minimize the effect of the defects in his horoscope.

Aishu said...

I remember, in one of your articles, you had mentioned that Mahatma Gandhi too had similar ashtakvarga for saturn. I really wish nothing untoward happen.