Friday, March 4, 2016

Early announcement for late elections – any Jaya- phobia wrf to Rajiv Killers?

Should I start this blog with “At last the election date has been announced” or “Oh, the election date is announced”? I would have chosen the first option, if the elections were announced in April or a month later than now. Though the date of announcement was expected around now, the date of election at a far, far time makes it look strange, giving rise to a question why such a long gap between the date of announcement (and the code of conduct coming into operation) and the date of election. The reason could be very simple as the first date of the election in other states starts on 4th April, just a month from now. For Tamilnadu, the election date coming at the last date (on May 16th) in the list makes the gap too long.

But then a question comes, why make the announcement for TN now. They could have waited for some more time for TN and have a reasonable time gap before the elections in Tamilnadu. No new mischief can be done in that period, and the monetary bribes in particular, as everyone knows that the elections are round the corner.  By brining in the code of conduct for too long a period – to the tune of a Mandala (perhaps this could satisfy  Dr Subramanian Swamy who is thrilled at anything Hinduised, even if it happens with the DMK), the election commission is putting itself in tremendous stress and work load.

There is something else that does not escape our attention in this scenario. It is the prospect of Jayalalithaa stealing the thunder out of the election agenda that she herself has set yesterday. Her moves on putting the BJP Government in a spot at a time the JNU heat is yet to subside on nationalism issues, by raking up the issue of release of Rajiv killers seem to be a good reason for finding out a way to stop her from gaining one-up-man-ship at this crucial election time. By bringing in the code of conduct today itself, Jayalalithaa had been stopped from making any move to release the Rajiv killers.

But that does not stop her from making a political capita out of it. Though it may be argued, that this issue would not give her additional votes, it could certainly serve an efficient tool to embarrass all the major opponents in the fray. This could also help her to deflect the focus from any other poll-time issues.

There can be another point of view. This long gap helps the BJP in tackling the ‘errant’ Vijaykanth. Should he side with the DMK, I don’t think the BJP (at the helm) would take it lightly after all the back-bending it has done with even their central leaders. In that event, there is ample time to ‘teach a lesson’ to Vijaykanth. This can be expected to be done by speeding up the existing cases on DMK people or just raking up a new issue on some of the top brass of the DMK. In that case,  Vijayakanth has to carry the burden of all the misdemeanours of DMK and Congress if he sides with them.

Let us wait and see if there is any other game plan behind this unusual time gap before the elections. 


Sheela said...

Dear Madam,

i have something personal i need ur suggestion, my birth day n time 22/11/66
time 4.55am - had lot of struggles to gain reputation which i thought had achieved but last 8 years its a great fall to my materialistic n careerwise ambitions when i consulted n found its ketu dasa n to bear with grin. my peculiar problem is my own sister who achieved status officially through my name, but she is huge hurdle always and insults unleashed endlessly. caught in vicious circle i turned myself into spiritual world n undergone lot of spiritual pilgrimages & transformed to a great extent.

my question is there a way out for me though any specific parihars for my changing sukra dasa next year. i need to be financially well off to achieve few spiritual goals i have set in life. iam not a greedy person to amass wealth. i would like to prove a few points on my career as well.
kindly give me few suggestions though i have explained my problem vaguely to you but with ur insight n intuitions you can guide me. for your interest
her birth time is 11/7/1969 time 11.30 am


jayasree said...

Dear Ms Sheela,

As you seem to know astrology, just compare the two horoscopes (your's and your sister's) and know why things were tough for you while your sister got it easy through you. You will notice some obvious combinations for gains from elder sibling in your sister's horoscope. Venus, the 2nd and 9th lord (wealth and fortunes) joins exalted 11th lord (elder sister) in the 9th, in its own house and aspects the 3rd house (sibling) where Mars, the signifactor for siblings is posited. Mars in 3rd (upachaya) is a benefic, but as sibling karak in the house of sibling spoils the house. She is bound to get gains through sibling but the sibling will be put into distress.

The same issues checked in your horoscope shows that Mars, the sibling karak and also the Dhana lord (2L in your horoscope) is in the 12th. There will be attrition on account of your sibling and you monetary fortunes will also not be of use to you. Your 3rd lord signifying the house of sibling is in the Karmasthan (10H) and is retrograde in exaltation. The Karma lord (Moon) joins the Sukha lord (saturn) in purva punya and is in 6-8 axis with sibling - karak Mars. Therefore the strains with your sibling and loss of fortunes on account of her is due to your purva karma. Its manifest period is in the Maha dasa of Ketu whose star dispositor is the 3rd lord of sibling.

Looking forward, the Venus Dasa will be a better one with its position in the 2nd house but I wish that you reduce its weakness as its Navamsa position (neecha) is weak. Moreover Venus joins the Baadhaka sun in the 2nd. The 2nd lord Mars (Dhana lord) though posited in the 12th is in Marana avastha thereby neutralizing the ill effects of 12th position. The remedies must aim at strengthening Venus, reducing the Badhaka nature of Sun and removing the distress of Mars.

For this I suggest the following remedies:
Host a Mangli puja for the married women in your husband's side. Buy a Vishnu idol studded with red stones (could even be Surya Narayana or Lakshmi Narayana) and a silver idol of Lakshmi and do puja to them along with the women. Offer food which must include white / milk payasam and curd rice. Distribute the prasad to as many ladies as possible. Make small packs of black urud dhal and almonds separately and gift them to the ladies at the end of the Puja along with other Thamboola items.Let the oldest sumangali lady from the your husband side (preferably in the relationship of Anni (husband's elder brother's wife) take the Vishnu idol and Lakshmi idol and hand them over to you. You keep them in the northern part of your house and start worshiping them everyday by suitable Vishnu and Lakshmi slokas. You may start this on an auspicious Friday and continue to worship Vishnu and Lakshmi every day from then onwards. Whenever possible feed buffaloes and cows. Feed crows and dogs everyday. Forget about the past happenings with your sister and look forward to peaceful and prosperous future. God bless you.

Raghuraman said...

Dear Madam,

Who do you think (Jaya / Stalin / others) has more chance to win election based on their astrological prospects.


jayasree said...

Dear Mr Raghuraman,

Jayalalithaa (ADMK) will win while Karunanidhi led DMK would lose. Stalin's time of birth is not known. Based on his date of birth, he will be the successor of the DMK. In this respect, I have just uploaded my article published in the astrological magazine in Aug 2014. Read it here to know how in the absence of time of birth, the rise to power and highest post can be detected:-
You can cross check the techniques (of that article) with the horoscopes of popular politicians.

Vijaykanth will win the elections, but his horoscope does not show prospects for him as "king".

Sheela said...

dear madam

thanks n iwill carry out ur advise asap.