Monday, May 9, 2016

Anti- Hindu features in the DMK Manifesto

Anti- Hindu sentiment is in the DNA of the DMK party. The famous quotable quote of Mr Karunanidhi is the one characterizing the Hindus as thieves. Probably this view made him think that he can steal from the Hindus for after all they are all thieves! An instance of this mentality is seen in some of the poll promises given by the DMK in its election manifesto 2016.

Article 344 of this manifesto talks about the creation of "Arignar Anna Unavagam" which is obviously a replacement for Amma canteens that are popular with common man. The Amma Unavagam (canteen) is supported by the allocation from Chennai Corporation. The DMK wants to run the proposed Anna canteens with the support of HR & CE (Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments Department). Though NGOs and corporates are mentioned as other sources of fund for sustaining these canteens, what right the DMK has to lay its hands on the funds of HR & CE?

The Tamil version is given below.

This scheme will be under the direct supervision of the Chief Minister, says the manifesto. One can't imagine to what an extent Karunanidhi or Stalin as CM would go if they get a free hand with the Hindu temple funds!

Karunanidhi's anti Hindu propaganda and denouncement  of Hindu Gods is very well known and had continued for all these years. Recently I happen to see a photograph of his daughter Kanimozhi taking part in a DK meeting held to criticize the practice of carrying fire pot in Amman temple festivals.

The DMK's anti Hindu stance is also seen in its promise of reviving Sethu Samudram Project. The manifesto says that the project has been hampered by "reactionary forces"

The most damning feature against Hindus is seen in its promise to set up a committee to look into demands of long time occupants of temple lands to get such lands in their names. The English version of the manifesto refers to such occupants as those offering to purchase such lands. But the Tamil version does not make any such reference. It just says enabling them get the land registered in their names.

Temple lands are not poromboke lands. Even if such occupants are asking for transfer of the land in their name, where is the place for an arbitrator there? The deal is between the temple authorities and the occupants.  Already it is a well known fact that there are many illegal occupations of temple lands and where there are legal occupants, the rentals are very low, at the rates fixed many decades ago. The ideal way is to restore the lands to the temple and / or increase the rentals to the current rates.

The real face of the DMK can be known only when we read that part of the manifesto pertaining to the properties of Minority religious bodies. The manifesto says that the properties of Wakf Board will be recovered from encroachments and protected.

If it is Wakf property, the occupants must be removed. But if it is temple property, help the occupants to keep it for themselves. If it is temple fund, Karunanidhi himself will be there in his capacity as the Chief Minister to grab the funds! That is the essence of the DMK manifesto.

Update on 13-05-2016:

நெற்றியில் இட்ட குங்குமத்தை அழித்த ஸ்டாலின் |


R.Ramanathan said...

Madam any predictions of who could win? To me looks to be a hung assembly. I hear Anbumani Ramadoss's "Pracharam" in TV. Seems to be a decent guy. Talks more about problems and less about politics and less personal attacks. Atleast from his speeches, if he really does what he talks, he could be a good change. What do you think?

jayasree said...

PMK is a caste party. It can not appeal to all people. My assessment is that Jayalalithaa will sweep the elections. Since all the parties are contesting independently (PWF as a block will attract less votes)ADMK as a party with the highest vote share will come first in most constituencies. There is no anti-incumbancy and the sentiment is high that DMK should not come to power. People are with her only. What you are saying seems to be influenced by media reports. Media as always is paid and biased. I have written about in the blog and comment section of

jayasree said...

Everyone is banking on more than a crore new voters. If you had looked at the crowd that gathered instantaneously at RK Nagar meetings of Jayalalithaa, it comprised of both men and women below 30 years. You can not see young people like that in the meetings of other leaders, particularly of Karunanidhi and Stalin.

The fight is between ADMK and DMK only. No new voter is enthused by the DMK. No one could forget the power cut in DMK regime. The new voters have experienced the inept handling of the power front by the DMK when they were in the school final or in college. They had suffered most by power cuts of the DMK period. Now JJ had successfully solved that problem. That is the single most reason why the new voters and others would like her to be in charge of the next Govt also. Sensing that the BJP is trying to grab credit for itself in the power situation. Compared to JJ and the many improvements she brought out, PMK Anbumani is nowhere nearby. His is another kind of freebie lure wherein he is offering the impossible in the current times - of offering free education at all levels to all people.

Raghunathan K said...

Anbumani may talk sweet now, but people can't forget what all he did when he was in power at the Centre for a shortwhile. His father is known to openly exhort his partymen and people of his caste to see that they trap a brahmin boy or girl and forcibly marry inter-caste. DMK is still projecting MK, who even at this age is unable to give up his desire for power, as the CM. Conidering DMK's corruption of Himalayan proportions and the likelihood of their practices getting worse if they come to power (despite Stalin's claims), and the fact that the so-called third front almost vanishing, it looks like people have more confidence in the lesser corrupt AIADMK as of now, until a better party emerges in the State.

Prabhu Swaminathan said...

I personally feel JJ should have made alliance with BJP to unite Hindu force. This would have been a win win situation for both the parties and avoid splitting of Hindu votes. The problem we are facing today is if ADMK falls short of majority (Say they win 100-110 seats) and if DMK also gets close to that number then the rest of the parties would want to align with DMK and not ADMK. I wish we won't be in that situation. Let us wait and watch!

Kudanthaiamudhan said...

The poll predictions given by Dinamalar jointly with goodwill communications owned by Father gasper Raj who appeared on the first day of telecast by 7news giving the details of methodology and pattern of data collection for assessing the trend of poll, happens to be a close friend of kanimozhi and also Dinamalar is seen to be the supporter of BjP and DMK. They gave outline victory for DMK while on the ground it appears to be 50:50 unpredictable trend. The youngsters and women voters would decide the fate of this election. Hence i do not believe any poll predictions as we have seen what happened in bihar election when most of the T V channels predicted victory for BJP. So we have to go by correct astrological predictions.

jayasree said...

@ Prabhu Swaminathan,

Hindus can vote for any party but not to the DMK. For, DMK in power would certainly do things that hurt Hindus. But nearly 90% of DMK supporters are Hindus according to Stalin. I have no qualms in telling that only those Hindus who are not upright can support the DMK and are in the supporter list of the DMK. This means merely being a Hindu is not as important as being a Hindu whose blood boils over the misdeeds done against Hindu cause.

So by this, you are absolutely right in expecting JJ to align with the BJP. But without minimal 3 to 6% proven vote share, what is the use in aligning with BJP? If you recall the first story told by JJ in a marriage function in the beginning of this election season, it was meant for the BJP. (At that time there was a strong rumour that BJP was keen on alliance with JJ). It was about how one must develop oneself before seeking help from others. Many people missed this out at that time and talked about the 2nd story which was a veiled one on how Karunanidhi would not allow his son to climb the ladder and reach the top.

The TN BJP must have some hold on atleast 2 or 3 constituencies. That would make it meaningful to have an alliance with JJ. JJ is giving atleast 2 seats to Muslim parties only for this reason. The one seat given to Sarath kumar was to tap Nadars most of whom are converted Christians and are more inclined towards the DMK. She didn't give any to TMC (Vasan) because she can not take a risk with an unproven party that refuses to contest in her symbol but in a symbol that was got only a few days ago.

The current elections is a time when each and every party will come to know of its own strength. If the BJP is able to cross 5% vote share or atleast finish 2nd in a handful of constituencies, there is chance of an alliance with JJ in future elections. Only winnability is the criteria.

On the possibility of ADMK falling short of majority, it wont happen as the vote share arithmetic is in favour of ADMK. Whatever anti incumbency will be there, that would translate into votes to other parties and not to DMK. In other words, the anti ADMK votes will be shared by all the other parties and would not go into DMK alone. In any case, DMK's support base is numerically lesser than ADMK in most constituencies. Based on all these only JJ risked to go it alone in all constituencies with the few alliance partners contesting in the recognizable two leaves symbol.

Prabhu Swaminathan said...

I had the same thoughts Mam, I hope BJP does well this time and in future there will be alliance between the only two parties that cares about Hindus. When I say Hindu I mean real Hindus not the name sake Hindus.

Unknown said...

Give hands to modi.