Saturday, November 5, 2016

Trump does have an edge over Hillary – horoscopically.

The events happening in the electoral arena of the USA looks shocking, disturbing and saddening to say the least. Saddening because we have been thinking that the US voters are better informed and the system works on democratic values with all the pillars of democracy working in tandem to uphold the best principles of democracy and ethics. What we see in reality is two sets of media each catering to their respective political leanings and doing lot of mudslinging on each other. It looks that USA is much like India in this regard. There was even a report that Hillary offered money to voters. The recent one on #spirit cooking makes sickening reading.

With all that what made me write this article is the announcement by the FBI Director of reopening the Clinton email investigation and the subsequent fall in the support for Hillary with Trump gaining an edge over her in the poll predictions. The announcement and the subsequent change in the rating for Trump came at a time when Mars was entering to the next sign (Capricorn) which I thought is a trigger to Trump’s victory. 

In my article on Trump written in the first week of September 2016 and published under my pen name in the Astrological Magazine in October 2016 edition, I have outlined this transit as an important trigger that would turn the tables to favour Donald Trump. This trigger position of Mars along with 2 other planets namely Saturn and Jupiter means that the opponents’ woes would become gains for Trump!

A special feature of his horoscope is that the 6th house receives the aspect of Saturn- Venus combine from one side and also the 5th aspect of the 5th lord Jupiter. 6th house stands for adversaries. By getting aspected by these planets related to his profession and money, it has become the norm for Trump to gain from adversities and enemies. On the Election Day too  this combination exists (beginning from 31st October)as shown in  the above piece. Exactly when Mars entered the 6th house from his lagna and aspected by transit Saturn and transit Jupiter his adversary received the severest beating which turned the tables in favour of Trump. Now Trump is perceived to be honest and a good guy compared to Hillary who seems to have lied a lot.

Trump’s horoscope has the rare and an important yoga for ruling a country called ‘Akand Samrajya yoga’.  From my article:-

His horoscope also shows that he is a business man to the core. Whatever bad mouthing he did are so-called only, because he is one who would do anything to get success. The explanations can be read in my article.  Due to copyright issues, I am not reproducing the entire article here. However it can be bought online here.

His life’s journey as seen from his horoscope shows him to be flexible and not as one flexing his muscle.

Let me explain it by means of the following diagram.

The directional position of the planets in his horoscope can be rewritten as above.

The above chart gets Mercury (2nd 11th lord + business acumen) in mutual aspect with Mars, the yoga karaka and is reinforced with nodes that shift backwards. Jupiter the 5th lord also joins them. The success in business is ascertained from this.

Saturn and Venus in North joining Moon and attracting Sun in the South indicate his karma in Rajneeti too! The association of 10th house planets lend support to Sun as a professional politician.
Taking the life’s journey from Saturn, the karma planet the line-up is as follows.

Saturn => Venus (10L) => Mars (real estate) => (<= Jupiter + Rahu) => Sun => Mercury (<= Ketu) => Moon.

This can be deciphered as follows:

The karmic mission of Saturn went after the 10th lord Venus which indicated customer or end user related goods and arts (in TV, Hollywood, Ms USA pageants that he promoted) and Mars related projects in land and construction.

Dhana karaka Jupiter and Rahu in the star of Mars proceeded towards this karmic mission of Trump.
Once after getting satisfied in these ventures, his mission turned towards Sun –i.e.,  politics.
There again his business mindedness of Mercury dominated his mind and carried this goal forward.
Upto this we have witnessed Trump’s life.

What comes next is Ketu, the gyana karaka towards him. Sometime soon this would dominate him, meaning to say that wisdom would overtake him and he would mellow down his belligerence.
Till this all the planets were within Rahu- Ketu nodes. Now the last planet is Moon that has escaped the nodal axis. His entire journey that would gain wisdom from Ketu would end up with Moon factor.

 Moon stands for change and thought and in his horoscope it is the Amatya karaka. If voted to power, Trump would dump his crazy talks and thoughts and would settle down for wiser ideas. The Moon which made him think in controversial ways due to its conjunction with nodal axis, would behave well as he moves further in his life. A transformation of a ruthless and self-centred business man into a thinking person is what his entire life is going to be about.

This is good news for everyone within and outside the USA for that means Trump as President is not a liability for the Americans and not a threat for outside world.

Having written so about Trump, I have to take a look at Hillary’s horoscope too. But it turns out that no one knows the exact birth details of Hillary! It is strange that she has not let out her original birth details. However with Trump’s horoscope being available, and showing the start of the powerful Raja yoga giving Jupiter dasa, Trump seems to have a definite edge over Hillary.

UPDATE on 9th November 2016.

Trump has made a resounding win over Hillary Clinton. Now comes the question whether Hillary would be tried / arrested as told by Trump in one of the debates. While I was apprehensive about analysing Hillary's horoscope during the present time as I was given different sets of time of birth, I remembered having analysed her horoscope in August 2010 issue of The Astrological eMagazine in an article on Kemadruma Yoga. It was analysed in the context of Moon's effect in her personal life. She is having Kemadruma Yoga of Moon - which is capable of stripping her of her position. Kemadruma yoga would make a king a pauper! I wrote in that article that she would not become President of the USA. Reproduced below is that part of the article. The entire article can be read here

I checked her horoscope for the time 8-02 am that I used in that article (DOB - Oct 26, 1947) and found her Bhava positions fulfilling the conditions for Bhandana Yoga (imprisonment) and Rajabhrasta yoga (fall from high position).

Bhandana yoga says that if the lagna lord and 6th lord joins a kendra or trikona with Saturn, Rahu or Ketu, this yoga arises leading to imprisonment. This is fulfilled in her bhava chart where the lagna lord Jupiter and 6th lord Venus join Rahu in kendra to Saturn. This conjunction happens in the 12th house of incarceration whose lord Mars apsects it and is in conjunction with Saturn.

Another yoga (Raja yoga bhanga) is Rajabhrata yoga which is formed when lords of the  Aroodha lagna (AL) and Aroodha Dwadasa (A12) are in conjunction. As per Rasi position, AL is Libra and AL lord is Venus. A12 is Pisces as per Rasi position and its lord is Jupiter. They (Venus and Jupiter) are not conjunct in Rasi. But they are conjunct in Bhava.

In the Bhava AL is Libra and its lord is Venus. A12 is Taurus and its lord is the same Venus. This makes the Rajabhrasta yoga operational. But as per one school of thought if the Aroodha falls in the 10th house (from the lord under consideration), the 7th house from that lord must be taken as Aroodha. This makes it Aquarius as A12 and its lord is Saturn. In this case AL Venus and A12 saturn are not conjunct. So this yoga is not manifest.

She is presently running Sun dasa - Saturn Bhukthi and Rahu antara till November 29th. Her Moon (Kemadruma) dasa starts in March 2019. It looks this time / horoscope spells trouble for her besides having denied Presidency.

However a silver lining is the presence of Jupiter in the combination of Bhandana and Rajabhrasta yoga, though it happens to be part of these malefic yogas. And the Bhandana yoga happens in Bhava and not in Rasi. This might reduce her woes to some extent. 


Siva said...

Very interesting and detailed analysis. Let's hope for the best for the world. You are very much right on the attitude of politicians of America we Indians are better off. Thanks Siva

Bala said...

I have mixed feelings on this election.

I was enthusiastic about the chance of US getting a female President for the first time in their history, as till last week, she was leading all the pre election prediction polls.

But as I kept reading the different news items about Hillary Clinton the past few weeks about her lies, her email controversies, her controversial donation aspects - getting large donations from the gulf countries - which will tilt her thinking towards supporting those countries, which in effect will blunt her efforts to contain islamic terrorism- it was even rumoured that she was in agreement for the creating & supporting ISIS, her evangelistic activities - offerring support to converting people from other countries (including India) to christianity, her hostile attitude towards Narendra Mody in particular & against India in general etc.

Bill Clinton as President & she as Secretary of State had always supported Pakistan against India in different matters.So, if she gets elected as the President, Pakistan will get a well wisher & India will only get lip sympathy whenever Pakistan carries out another cross border terrorist attack on US.

If she gets defeated it will be poetic justice for India for at least the evangelistic aspect & her soft corner for islamic terrorism.

On the other hand, all the news items regarding Donald Trump
were negative. Let us hope that as per your astrological analysis, he will get gyaan due to the ketu influence and will behave in a sober & responsible manner if he gets elected as their next President.

jayasree said...

Thanks Me Siva for your comment. I think Trump needs to be there as US prez at the current juncture, mainly to arrest the growth of Islamisation happening in the West and the spread of Islamic terrorism around the world. The US had done many mistakes in helping Islamist terrorism to get a foot hold in many places. Now it is knocking its own doors and people of the US had started feeling the heat of it. Those at the helm at the US political power must realise and recognise that atleast now and refrain from funding / supporting such elements. Nearer home, change in US policy wrt Pakistan would go a long way in curbing Islamist terrorism near our doors and globally as well. I believe Trump would be with us and not with Pakistan.

But when I wrote that article, I had none of these issues in mind but only the horoscope issues:)

jayasree said...

Welcome Mr Bala. Getting your comment after a long time:)

On the issues in your comment, I think we must not go by cliches like 'female' president or a 'black' president etc. Who does well must be elected, that is how a country must choose its leader. But it is shocking to come to know that many Clinton supporters are harping on having the female president for the first time!

I had absolutely not much knowledge on the 2 candidates until after wrote down that article. I was asked by my editor to write on both the candidates so that they can published in 2 consecutive issues (Oct and Nov). But he was not able to get me the correct birth details of Hillary. Of the 2 birth times he provided for Hillary one was a stark failure and the other was a resounding success in the current period of US elections 2016. But I had a different time with me which I used long ago in an article on Kemadruma yoga. As per that she would not get into power now. So having 3 different birth times, and the news in the internet that no one knows Hillary's birth details, I didn't want to venture into her horoscope. Already I have come across horoscopes of powerful people, who have not provided their true birth details for the public mainly because that would get them some problem. Means there is something to hide in their lives and they don't want astrologers to get a hint of it. Going by that, I would say that Hillary has something to hide about herself!

Looking at her palm lines, her left hand lines are not normal but smacks of a disturbed personality tinged on some crooked thoughts. Compared to her Trump has his palm lines balanced and normal. The US media made awful comments on his short palm, but people with small and short palm are capable of thinking and executing big ideas. It suits well for Trump as a businessman. Even if elected as Prez of US, he would be capable of picking up and executing mega projects and tasks that require a macro level thinking and bird's view. Trump's palm lines in both the hands show that he would be practical.

While I excused myself from writing on Hillary as her horoscope was not authentic, I concentrated on Trump's horoscope and found him to have Akand Samrajya yoga (Rulership of a huge country) which is also explained in the book 300 horoscopes by Dr BV Raman. It is a rare combination and Trump's horoscope fulfills it and its operational period had started now with the onset of his Jupiter dasa. Infact he was chosen as the candidate only after this dasa started.

jayasree said...

(continued from above)

I was not seriously following US elections, until the FBI director shot his salvo on email investigation. It surprised me as the timing coincided with transit of Mars into the natal 6th house in Trump's horoscope which I have explained in the article. Then only I started going through all the info - back and forth on Hillary and Clinton and decided to post this article here.

The present scenario of the US elections looks very much Indian and Tamilnadu elections where too much mudslinging is done on Modi and the BJP by the media aided Congi. In Tamilnadu the entire media barring one or two is under the grip of the DMK. The US people must see through the political machinations of the media and choose Trump over Hillary. Most of the nasty words attributed to Trump were said by him as part of the shows he was doing. And most Americans also casually use those terms / gestures. That is why many American males don't find him wrong and support him. Hillary's looks like the campaign of the Congress in India supported by the Presstitues.

From an Indian point of view, people need not worry about outsourcing issues if Trump comes to power. He is basically a businessman and would not hurt the business interests / calculations of business people in the US. Outsourcing is done mainly to cut costs. If that is needed, he would not jeopardise it wherever needed. But on Pakistan front, Trump would be India friendly for sure. India has experienced the worst genocide from Islamists. Now the Americans know the pain we had and are still undergoing. They would be on our side in understanding our concerns.

But there is one exception. That is the role of evangelists. In an interview available in youtube,Julain Assange said that all the establishments (media, corporates etal) are with Hillary. The exception is evangelists. Whoever comes to power, the evangelists would be with them to support their agenda of harvesting souls. The American people must realise what they are doing to others and particularly in India. If they have a conscience, they must denounce the agenda of conversion by the religion they follow.

Raghuraman said...

Dear Madam,

Good Analysis. Do you have astrological view on Jaya health and TN fate?

jayasree said...

Dear Mr Raghuraman,

My views on JJ's health is published in the current issue of The astrological magazine. A brief out line of it was written in the comment section of the blog "True history of Velankanni" The link is

JJ would recover now and come back.

Raghuraman said...

Congrats madam for your prediction coming true.

Shankar said...

Congrats madam for your accurate predictions. I hope Trump will behave as you have forecasted and hopefully we will have a better and peaceful world.

Unknown said...

Appreciate the correct prediction about Trump becoming the president of USA as he has just inches closer to the target of 270 members. I have not seen any other astrologer who predicted Trump being the winner as most of them gave predictions only in favor of Hillary.

Well wisher said...

Well done Ms.Jayasree..your astrological predictions are becoming true in TN weather and US politics. Praying God to give you more success in future..

Venkat said...

You have made a brilliantly accurate prediction ma'am! Trump has won.

Bala said...

Fantastic prediction made by you Jayashree madam on the basis of accurate analysis of Trump's chart. Hearty congratulations.

He has truly Trumped Hillary!!!


decefriteen said...

Dear Madam
When the entire world was predicting Hillary to go through,you were one of the few dissenting voices and got it absolutely right.And you went ahead and also wrote about it in the Astrological magazine.
You have proven the power of Astrology.

Pls continue to guide us with this science.

Bala said...

I am sure that Donald Trump will not complain that the election was rigged, since he has won it now!!!

Bala said...

I have shared your article on my facebook wall.

Unknown said...

congrats on your excellent analysis and prediction.It is the science and process of analysis which makes it as an interesting read. The prediction is just the cherry on the ice cream.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jayasree madam for your Amazing Prediction regarding Trump's victory.



jayasree said...

Added an update in the above article on Hillary Clinton, on the prospect of her getting arrested by the new regime.

Satchitananda said...

Congratulations Jayashree Madam on not just making a correct call. What you did is very appreciable. With so many half baked forces making mockery of this wondrous Indian Astrology, you did not hesitate to stick your neck out. What you did not only highlights your bravery, but also vindicates the veracity behind such scientific calculations available through Indian Astrology.

My namaskarams to you and let me use this opportunity to polambify that I am missing the spate of articles that used to flow from your pen like ganga. This Palar avatar of yours is not helping avid readers like me.

Lalita said...

I had posted a comment and then deleted it to make myself clearer.

I have been following Jayashree Saranathan's predictions closely. She has been accurate on the political front thrice to my knowledge. She correctly anticipated the victory of Jayalalithaa in two successive state assembly elections despite the media and the opinion polls suggesting a DMK victory. She has now correctly anticipated the election of Trump once again despite the media and opinion polls suggesting a Hillary landslide. This is excellent work. In my view, South India is the only place today where the art of Indian astrology is retained in its pure form. The North Indians are no longer as adept in the nuance of Jyotish. Many of them predicted a Trump loss.

jayasree said...

@ Mr Raghuraman,

Thank you.

@ Mr Shankar,

Yes. His first speech as at his party headquarters showed that he is not what he was made out to be. He sounded very conciliatory and he knows what to talk.

@ Mr Aravamudhan Gopalaswamy.

Thank you.

@ Mr Narayan TT

Thanks for your wishes and prayers.

@ Mr Venkat

Thank you.

@ Mr Bala

Thank you. Trump won't complain now that he had won. But I do think that Hillary camp was capable of rigging the elections, had they been aware that they would be trounced like this. May be she got the hints at the last minute only which can be guessed from the news of her calling off firework celebration on receiving the election results. I think Comey's announcements did her out. It was too late to undo the damage by getting him give her clean chit at the last minute. That was when she would have realized the writing on the wall. Otherwise she was pucca in getting things / people the way she wanted.

@ Mr decefriteen,

Thank you.

@ Mr Ganesh Radhakrishnan,

Thank you. Flattering compliment!

@ Ms Sarada,

Thank you.

jayasree said...

@ Mr Satchidananda,

Thank you for the good words and appreciation. I am still a leaner in astrology and every horoscope is a case study. I do wish to write regularly as I used to do, but currently I am hard pressed for time. That is the reason. But I hope to bounce back soon. You wrote //This Palar avatar of yours is not helping avid readers like me.// I dont understand 'Palar avatar"

@ Ms Lalita,

Thanks for your compliments. I agree that I follow some methods which others do not. An example is the trigger part of any event which I showed by the election day scenario in the beginning of the article. People generally think of transits from Moon sign and the good or bad placements of those transits. But that is not the right approach. The natal positions which are likely to influence certain planets and bhavas, when they cross the natal positions of those planets during transit cause a trigger. By this I mean, while everyone would have harped on Janma shani for Trump as doing a spoiler now, I am looking at the positions in relation to natal positions and how they set off a trigger. This is basically Nadi method. Also that was checked by me in 100 horoscopes in my PhD thesis.

Check my article on Jayalalithaa in Nov issue of The astrological magazine. There also I have analysed from such angles.

Jay said...

You, Madam, have been spot on with this prediction! I have listened to several astrologers who claimed Trump will not win because of his 'sade sati' (although I am mid-way through sade sati's effects currently and have faced NO ill effects), but you were the ONLY ONE who predicted that he might win, and he did!

Previously, since more than 5 years ago, I have read most of your astrological blogs and found them insightful and enlightening (except for your rain fall ones which I did not read). But nothing came close to elating and exciting me as your post this month on Trump possible win. I supported him fully and am so happy to see my country get not what it wanted, but what it needed last night.

Anyway, while you and I will probably never agree on some ancient Sanskrit scriptures, you & I have similar understanding on what is good and bad and on vedic astrology. I copied & pasted my facebook post from earlier today after Trump won:

"Vedic Astrology - Trump is in the middle of his 'sade sati' or 7 1/2 year Saturn aspect, having been born in Jyestha birth star (same as my young son). They said because of sade sati he will lose horribly and has zero chance of winning. Giants and the powerful were on Hillary's side - media networks, largest newspapers, wall street, arab countries whereas Trump had no one on his side. But Hillary lost & Trump won. I guess disadvantage from Astrology and powerful human influence is moot if the Omnipotent stands by your side."

Satchitananda said...

/*I dont understand 'Palar avatar"*/

Ganga is perennial, always flowing. Palar is not, flows only seasonally. Also Palar one has to dig a bit to get water. More like a reader's lament with respect.

jayasree said...

@ Jay,

Thanks for sharing your views.

jayasree said...

@ Satchitananda,

///*I dont understand 'Palar avatar"*/

Ganga is perennial, always flowing. Palar is not, flows only seasonally. Also Palar one has to dig a bit to get water. More like a reader's lament with respect.//

Too flattering. I am a not even canal, why compare me with rivers::(

harinee said...

For once not happy your prediction came true :) This man is an insult to that position. He bankrupted businesses so many times, born with a silver spoon, cheats, treats women as objects, compulsive liar ,bigot and racist. He cant solve any problem. I understand the voters anger but its misdirected. Obama-Clinton did not create the Middle East situation nor the recession or subprime crisis but Republicans like Reagan and the worst President they ever had George Bush.Obama actually saved them from war with Iran.
Hillary Clinton is not as bad as being made out, there is nothing in those mails to implicate her, yes it was a foolish thing to do.Unfortunately she has to bear the cross of her husband's sins being a woman but being a man Trump can change wives, make any derogatory comments and is forgiven.I still suspect Putin'S hand in her loss, why would FBI make a statement just a week before then withdraw 2 days after? Democrats should have picked a more likeable candidate also.
Trump cannot bring back jobs because the jobs wont exist in 2-3 years because the level of automation I am seeing(I am in technology) wont leave any and India also needs to be prepared for a job shortfall.

Sheela said...

Hats off to your prediction Madam. New world order will definitely bring change!!
Somehow I was not comfortble with face reading of Clintons her plastic wide smiles

hope for the best!!

jayasree said...

Cool down Ms Harinee. I want you to read the entire article. I have dealt with all the negative side of Trump and finally arrived at the conclusion which I have written in the above blog on how he will be a changed person. I believe that the world will be a better place with US under Trump up against Islamic terrorism which you can not expect under Hillary. That is precisely the reason why most people gave a thumbs up to Trump and his party in all areas - House and Senate including. The kind of hate campaign done by Dems and the media on him looks like how Modi was attacked in the run to the elections. I vaguely remember this point written by Chetan Bhagat long ago based on which he somehow implied that this would make Trump win.

Putin is not a threat but a better accomplice along with Modi in challenging terrorism. US, Russia and India can form an axis against radical Islam and terrorism. That is good for world peace. Nearer home, Trump and not Hillary would understand our concerns over Pakistan and can be expected to ally with us. Hillary's entire campaign and even her concession speech after the results are a replica of what we hear from Indian secularists and media. More than her email issue, her support for Syrian immigration, minority appeasement and quid-pro-quo in Clinton foundation dealings with Muslim regimes that fund terrorism and promote a culture in the name of Islam that any right thinking man would despise had done her in.

On your apprehensions on Trump's ability, his just started Jupiter dasa which is a core planet in giving Akand Samrajya Yoga would keep him popular. That means he would do things that are likeable by majority.

jayasree said...

@ Ms Sheela,

Thanks for your comment. She looks phoeney. Her concession speech reflected her mind and woefully it was like that of Indian politician of the 'secular' camp.

jayasree said...

Just read this article titled 'Thank you, Dr. Trump -- Our Stockholm Syndrome's finally been cured' This best explains why US went with Trump.


Dr. Keith Ablow

More than 15 years have passed since terrorists knocked down the World Trade Center, killing nearly 3,000 people. And I believe it has taken that long for America to begin to snap out of its version of Stockholm Syndrome and elect a president who doesn’t try to appease our enemies by apologizing for what America represents and dissolving our patriotism in a meaningless ocean of globalism.

"Stockholm Syndome," by the way, is the name given to a phenomenon that gripped hostages taken during a bank robbery in Sweden. The hostages unconsciously adopted the perspectives and demands of their captors, presumably because they intuited that they might not be killed by those who considered them allies—albeit newly-fashioned ones.

I think Barack Obama’s election was fueled, in large measure, by a similar unconscious phenomenon that followed the destruction of the World Trade Center: We hid behind a leader who never seemed, to me, to like us Americans very much—at least not in our desire for individual autonomy, our insistence on the rights guaranteed by our Constitution and our sense that the world would be better off, if more of the world adopted our core values.

Hillary Clinton, in serving with Barack Obama, in touting open borders (if only in private meetings), in refusing to use the words “radical Islamic terrorism” and in accepting large payments from foreign nations to whom she could be indebted, seemed to promise more of the same—a diluting, rather than crystallizing, of our national identity.

Clinton promised a longer run of Stockholm Syndrome—further denial that the America is truly great and that the world relies on our ingenuity and ideals and ideas to fuel freedom here and, everywhere.

Donald Trump won not only because he promised the middle class jobs, but because it turns out the brainwashing of an entire population to deny their core beliefs and sense of self doesn’t work, forever.

The truth about an individual or a people has a stubborn way of declaring itself, even after being suppressed, for decades, or longer.

Our Stockholm Syndrome could have gone on for another four or eight years, or even longer, of course, but not in the face of someone as blatantly, unapologetically American as Donald Trump—a brash, multi-billionaire entrepreneur and celebrity who strode onto the American political stage like John Wayne or Clint Eastwood and reminded us of what he had lost—namely, ourselves.

His outsized persona was powerful enough medicine to cure our Stockholm Syndrome and remind us that we had been taken hostage and told to parrot a pathological, party line of self-loathing.

I’m not sure that any other candidate could have—at this moment in history—shaken us out of our contempt for our national character, our complacency about losing our fundamental rights and our turning away from our manifest destiny as Americans and America.

A country that was lost and wandering has found its way home, again, thanks to an unlikely hero who is hyperbolically American and apologizes to no one for it.

harinee said...

I don't agree at all on Trump vs Clinton, Hillary is plastic, corrupt but any day better than Trump but I wont debate further. And I am quite delighted to see our CM back, your prediction was truly blockbuster on this. It was really a great scare!

CurryLeaf said...

Congrats on the correct predictions Jayasree Ma'am. I am an avid reader of your posts and love the detailed explanation you provide us. You talk about Akhand Samrajya yoga for Trump.. but his Jupiter is retrograde. . Had read in an astrological forum that this yoga wont fructify if one of the planets involved is retrograde. Also if Jupiter is involved in a parivartana ( in a different case) does this yoga wrk? If possible pls do write another article on this yoga..

Today read in TOI that someone has predicted that Trump will be impeached before completing his term.. I would like to know your views on this..


jayasree said...

@ Ms Harinee,

Thanks for your comment on JJ.

@ Ms Sweatha J,

Thanks. If retrogression is a dampener, how did the Akand Samrajya yoga work for Trump? How did things pick up for him only after Jupiter Dasa began? So Trump's is a reality check of whether retrogression helps or spoils. I wish you had read the whole article in the mag. Following the para on Akand Samrajya yoga, I had written on the similar yoga, just titled as Raja yoga by Dr BV Raman in his book on 300 combinations of yogas. There is absolutely no talk on retrogression. But if the yoga giving planet is afflicted by malefics, the yoga bhanga happens.

On Parivarthana, usually it makes the planets powerful and works beneficially. Parivarthana yoga is next to Dharma karmadhipathi in its beneficial impact. I have no plan to write on these due to want of time and lack of interest. They can be got in any book or in the web.

You have asked on impeachment. It is akin to Rajabrashta or Bhandana or even Kemadruma yoga that can pull down a person from high position. All these are in Clinton's horoscope and not in Trump's.

CurryLeaf said...

Thanks for the reply Jayasree ma'am. Eagerly waiting for your next article. .

R.Ramanathan said...

Prophetic words mam.

Shiv said...

At least your prediction about Trump came true Jayasree ji.For sure astrologically you gave us a brilliant analysis.Fortunate are those who had their readings done by you.Thanks.

jayasree said...

@ Shiv,

Please don't think like that. I am an average person with nominal knowledge of astrology. Also readings are not always positive. Suppose I see something negative and say so, do you think the receiver of that is fortunate? First of all people should stop depending on astrology as problem solving or a quick-fix solution-like remedy. Horoscope says where your prarabdha karma is weak / giving you trouble and how you must wipe it out / reduce it or whether you can do it at all.

Anonymous said...

Jayasree Ji: Very informative analysis and prediction that came true. I was wondering whether you can analyze Trumps horoscope to see any mental perversions that he has. He has tendency to constantly lie to people, never admit that he lied, and things liking walking into a room on purpose when young girls are changing clothes. As per the ghost writer of his biography Trump seems to be a man without soul or atma (a black hole without soul).

Unknown said...

Dear Jayashree mam,

I read the article on Trump and it is true based on the astrological analysis. but now things has changed and how about the future of indians in USA Also there are many commotions in dealing with the foreign people working/dwelling in USA? How could you see this in prospectus way?


jayasree said...

Dear Ms Usharani,

You have asked about Indians living in the US. There is no scope to know that from Trump's horoscope. It depends on individual's horoscope. Personally I think the H1B restriction is justified from the American perspective. Eligible NRIs / Indian students in US can now stand a better chance to get H1B which was grabbed through unethical means by Indian firms.