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Advani – Modi tussle and what the BJP horoscope says...

The happenings in the BJP in the last few days were watched helplessly by many BJP sympathisers. For me, it was something I expected since a year ago. I find Advani's reaction as genuine and selfless – not like what many brand him as aspiring to become the Prime Minister. That is sheer non-sense. For a person who developed a party from scratch, catapulting it to power after 2 consecutive defeats would be the agenda and not getting himself the coveted post of a PM. Before he loses the vigour and health he would like to see the party capture power. But even before the party can capture more allies to capture power, if things move in such a way to drive out the allies and drive aside other leaders of the parties, any person in his place would do what he did. If I am in that position I won't rule out dissolving the party – something like what Gandhiji said of the Congress party. 

What I am going to write here may not be palatable to Modi fans, but they must know that I am no less an admirer of Modi - which can be made out from the many posts I have published in this blogspot.  At the same time I have also written to reader's comments on how there are limitations in gambling on Modi-Only mantra and that the time is not ripe for Modi to get projected as the PM candidate. 

Some sample comments are reproduced here before I explain some issues in projecting Modi as PM candidate at the current juncture.


jayasree said...

I just have no comment on Modi's address - its all known how he thinks and how he acts as per his thinking. What was running in my mind was how this is going to reach the majority of the electorate.

Whenever I hear Modi making a speech or attracting the attention of the literate people like us, I am reminded of the 4-fold classification that Chetan Bhagat wrote in one of his articles.

Today in India there are 4 classes of people, the politicians, business class, literates with awareness (us) and others. Of these, the first 2 are very less in percentage of the total population but have high stakes in controlling the 4th class of people who make almost 80% of the population. We in the 3rd in the order are aware of the designs of the first 2, and cannot be manipulated by them. But with our votes we cannot make much difference to the vote tally of the parties. That is why they (politicians) do not bother about us but clamour around the 4th class and throw biscuits at them. That is what Rahul reveals in his speech.

In contrast Modi is addressing us (3rd class) and to some extent the 2nd class. But we two (2nd and 3rd) constitute a very less percentage of the electorate. How would the 4th class come to know of what Modi is and what he can do for them? Modi may have managed to reach out to the 4th class in Gujarat, but how is he going to reach to the Indian 4th class?

For that he needs media support and support of regional politicians. How much he (or BJP) has succeeded in these two? That would decide his or BJP's success in the hustling.
 (end quote)
{Note:- Modi fans whom the BJP President and others call as cadres come under the 3rd class of literates. Can they make a difference in the vote-share?}
Things have come to such a level that the so-called cadres, the fans of Modi or the activists of the party, have become so frenzied enough that they cannot see reason. Read my other comment posted in Feb 2013. 


jayasree said...
The single tracked nature of the activists is one of the stumbling blocks for the BJP in choosing the PM candidate. The activists would not accept anyone other than Modi as PM candidate. But the allies would not accept Modi. If it is someone other than Modi, the activists and cadres would not involve seriously in the poll work. This is a pathetic situation.

But the same cannot be told for other parties. Whether it is JJ or MK or Sonia they have a power to make their cadres to obey and do what they say. But your house looks like a chaotic house of rebellious children not wishing to listen to the elders of the house. As long as activism and political role do not match, this chaos would continue.
(end quote)
Now coming to the core issue that matters to any citizen of India:-

What does the county need?

A credible party of non-corrupt and nationalist leaders who can replace the Congress -led government at the centre. Such a party must be capable of taking along the regional allies from different parts of India.


(1)    A party of leaders and not an individual leader is the need of the hour. An individual is not going to run the government in our country, but a cabinet of ministers is going to run the country. The people's confidence must be inspired on a party of leaders and not one man by projecting his achievements in his home state.  The party line must be: if BJP is voted to power, Modi type of governance will be delivered, but not Modi will be delivered. Unfortunately we are not hearing this kind of talk by anyone from the BJP.

(2)    In contrast, Congress continues to project itself as a party of leaders of capability. In the last election, the middle class reasoned that out in choosing Congress over the BJP. The same situation continues today also, notwithstanding the corruption charges. The way BJP is projecting Modi gives an impression that he is the only leader capable of delivering goods and not others. There again, Modi would be critically judged by the middle class that he could deliver in Gujarat because of nil opposition and brutal majority. In the sure absence of both at the Centre, middle class would go for safe bets with Chidambaram and Manmohan singh than with the one- man- army show of Modi. This is the psychology of the non-polarised middle class who form quite a chunk of the electorate. Moreover there is no emotional factor in sight now for this middle class to test a new set-up which they would see as euphoria created around Modi.

(3)    Coalition is an inevitable feature in the present times. Strengthening NDA or widening the NDA must be the need of the hour. Who can do it, Modi or Advani? Modi may think that he has friends like Jayalalithaa, but when it comes to electoral politics, it is do or die for anyone. No one would jeopardise their regional equations and compulsions for a friend.

(4)    On the other hand, the hard fact of the current time is that you name Modi and all allies would run away from the BJP. What more, the Congress is waiting for this anointment of Modi so that it can escalate minority card to the hilt than at any time in the past. There IS going to be polarisation of minority votes.  Advani's concern for the country and people in his resignation letter has risen from this worry. I am sure that there are millions like me who share the same worry and concern. At a time we have to move forward from minority politics, euphoria around Modi is going to put the country 2 decades behind. As a concerned citizen, I would not like this to happen.

(5)    Modi camp would claim that his elevation would offset the minority card of the Congress and that it would lead to polarisation of Hindu votes.  Why should it happen and how could it happen? Have ever the Hindus voted en bloc? Never. I am a staunch Hindu and a fan of Modi too. But that does not mean I would vote as a Hindu vote bank. I, like many would say, enough with these concepts. There should be no Hindu vote, no Muslim vote and no minority vote. At a time we have take the country beyond these regressive ideas, why give room for polarisation of Muslim votes and in turn expect Hindu- polarisation? This is precisely what Advani is having in mind but had been regularly snubbed for it ever since he made the Jinnah statement. Modi and Modi fans, please don't count on the Hindu votes. Hindu votes may come to the BJP in States where BJP makes a presence in opposition to the Congress. There are hardly 4 states where they can hope to reap a good harvest. But in rest of the states, there are other factors that would over-ride Modi popularity. An aggressive minority polarisation by the Congress would make a difference in most States.

(6)    More than anyone else, the Congress is in a do-or- die situation. It would go to any extent to return to power. I would say that even the current development in the BJP is as per the script of the Congress and the Congress backed media. The first ever talk of projecting Modi as PM candidate was started by the media only. The Congress leaders kept asking and teasing the BJP leaders on the leadership issue, in those debates Though Rahul was brought into the loop as Modi vs Rahul, he was soon let out by the media which kept up its debate only with who in BJP. The same debate was not taken to congress but to the BJP only and that is where Modi – than anyone else, fell into the trap.

(7)    I for one expected Modi to have said that PM issue would be decided after the elections – same as how Congress is saying. I expected Modi to tell his fans / cadres to work for BJP to get numbers and not to work for making him the PM. After all the cadres are not going to make him the PM, it is the people - the Indians who have to make him the PM. Even those Indians who want him to be the PM are scattered throughout India. How could they vote in favour of him in the many states where he has no friendly allies? It sounds alarming when I hear Rajnath saying that cadres want Modi to be the PM. But how can Modi become PM unless BJP wins more seats? How are they going to get more seats without an expanded NDA or an Advani to liaise with allies?  Even Mulayam, the hard nut to crack, seemed to be ready to shake hands with Advani. But today they are losing a long time friend, Nitish. Nitish may even side with Congress at the right time.  Everyone would see what they gain electorally. If Modi is projected as PM candidate, the minority polarisation would take up monstrous proportions which no one – not even Modi's good friend Jayalalithaa is going to ignore. As an Indian waiting to see my country come out of these politikings within my life time, I cannot excuse Modi for helping in the formation of such kind of polarisations. Only he can make or mar things, as there is still time. I say this with conviction because of astrological reasons too which I will describe at the end of this article.

(8)    Now the script is going the way the Congress planned. Modi had been projected as the Man in the waiting to become PM. This euphoria coupled with frenzied opposition to Advani's views is going to be exploited by the Congress in effectively using Minority card. The euphoria had already dwarfed other leaders of the BJP as good –for- nothings. I can see a clear drubbing for the BJP with all its leaders becoming irrelevant after the elections.

Let us now see what BJP's horoscope says.

The following was written by me soon after the 2G scam broke out. In response to the queries of some BJP sympathisers and leaders, I wrote this highlighting the point that the BJP does NOT have a good horoscope, that it would become irrelevant in a few years time and that it has to re-constitute itself or initiate a new configuration as NDA-2 on an auspicious day which would make it powerful and be in power for the next 50 years. I believe that this mail from me was circulated to some of the top BJP leaders. The day that I suggested for a re-launch for the BJP came and it proved too good for P. Chidambaram as he was acquitted by the Saini court on 4th Feb, 2012, a day before the date I suggested for the BJP.

It is surprising that none from the BJP and the RSS who swear by Hindu ideals deemed it necessary to check astrologically if the future of the BJP is bright. Based on my above articulation, I can see how and why the BJP would become irrelevant soon. If the party is going to bet on Modi alone – thereby giving the minority- card advantage to the Congress, it is going to be clean wipe-out for the BJP. The Indian horoscope showing chaotic domestic scenario in its Moon Maha dasa from 2015 to 2025 re-confirms my fear that the BJP is going to be routed for worst.

The ball is in Modi's court. Let him make it BJP versus congress and not Modi versus Congress. Let him put a stop to this PM- projection of his name and declare that the PM would be chosen by consensus with allies after they make good numbers in the elections. Let Advani be projected as the Chief of the coalition NDA and work towards making friends with as many regional parties as possible.

To undo the bad horoscope of the BJP, let the BJP constitute a NDA-2 in an auspicious day – not now when Saturn is in retrogression but in August when Sun will be in Leo with Saturn in forward motion in its exalted house, and receiving the aspect of Jupiter.  Let Advani do that job of bringing allies which he can do effectively in the coming months. He is not after power – as we can see it from his horoscope. He is behaving like a soldier, let others learn from him.


(My mail on BJP's horoscope sent on September 2011)

The Horoscope of the BJP.
April 6, 1980, 11-40 AM, Delhi.

There are inherent weaknesses in the horoscope.
  • The lagna lord Mercury joining Ketu in the 9th,
  • This combination getting aspected by malefics such as Saturn, Rahu and Mars.
  • The manokaraka, Moon who also happens to signify home / family (the party members as a family) going into debility in the 6th (Rana, Runa , shatru sthana),
  • Jupiter, the lord of Karma- Jeevana sthana going retrograde in a friendly sign
  • Jupiter joining  malefics in the 3rd signifying diminution of the bhava significances such as dhairya, veerya and kaarya siddhi thereby making the members of the party appear weak and helpless,
  • The 6th lord (of enmity) Mars joining the 10th lord and aspecting the 10th house (of jeevana / karma/ capturing power)
  • Venus, the lord of purva punya going into the house of losses in both Rasi and Navamsa
are not good symptoms of success for a political party.

The horoscope shows lack of inherent strength and accrual of gains drawn from the weakness of the opponent.

The only redeeming feature is the exchange of lords of the 3rd and 10th houses (Sun and Jupiter) causing Sama parivarthana yoga.  
As a result of this, whenever the period / sub period of planets in the star of the sun occur, the party can get into power. But words and deeds of the past will trouble the party on and off.

A favourable  period of this Yoga  happened  between 1999 to 2002 when Venus Dasa- Rahu antra dasa was running . (Sun is the nakshathra lord of Venus and sub lord of Rahu)

The next best period is between 09-05-2012 to 09-05-2018 when the Sun Maha dasa will be running. After that the party will be in oblivion for 16 long years.

In the corresponding period, that is, between September 2015 to September 2025, India will be passing through a tough period of internal bickering and external threat, particularly from Pakistan. In the absence of a strong leadership and a nationalistic party in the Centre, the countrymen's woes will become terrible. A strong party with nationalistic ideals is in the interests of the country to tide over the future crisis in India's Moon Maha dasa (between 2015 to 2025).

The present horoscope of the BJP shows it to be nowhere in the reckoning at that time, or any time in future except for brief periods which occur very rarely. Therefore I suggest a re- birth or a new Avatar for the BJP to make itself strong and in national interests as well…………

(After this I gave the chart for a favourable date in Feb 2012, which I am not producing here as it is no longer relevant now. Let me continue my mail with suitable editing as follows)

I suggest the party to convene a meeting on a favourable date  and re- name itself with a new constitution / charter and a vision for itself and India at that appointed time.

There are many learned Pundits of astrology known to many BJP leaders. The leaders can discuss with them about this suggestion and date.

I hope they heed this suggestion to make themselves powerful.

In the interest of Bharat and the BJP,
Jayasree Saranathan.


Skandan said...

wonderful. No words to say. God Bless you mam.


Saranathan TG said...

Well done! I entirely agree with you that Modi himself should have projected BJP and left the PM name to come after Election. But as usual and as pointed out by Advani, personalities play a greater role, to our disappointment!
Regarding the horoscope, you have chosen the annoncement of formation as the birth of BJP. But actually it should me much earlier(I am unable to guess how much early).
It is my fond hope and wish that BJP comes to power. Even if we do not consider other issues, I, after analysing the inflation and cost index from 1972, have come to conclude that during congress rule the prices gallop, while in other parties' rule, especially BJP's during 1999 to 2004, the prices were controlled. Therefore, at least for the benefit of common man, congress should be defeated.

jayasree said...

Dear Mr Saranathan,

The time and date of BJP was approved by a BJP leader to whom I sent the analysis.

jayasree said...

The PM probables of Indian election 2014:-

last best buddy said...

while the horoscopical analysis is acceptable,the political analysis cannot be acepted. The political analysis is made more based on the perception that opposition forces are stronger than the pro-forces' strength.

jayasree said...

In the above quoted article (Indian election 2014) Salman Kurshid is named as one of the leaders having a good horoscopic combination. If Congress is to use minority card, Salman Kurushid is likely to be projected as PM candidate.

last best buddy said...

While the horoscopical analysis is acceptable, the political analysis is seen to have been made by giving more weight to the opposition forces than taking into consideration the due strength of pro-forces.

jayasree said...

//the political analysis is seen to have been made by giving more weight to the opposition forces than taking into consideration the due strength of pro-forces. //

Nothing can be left to chance. No guesstimates and no easy optimism.
You must always work as though the opponent is more powerful than you.

Seeker said...

'Whatever the future of Modi, Advani today stands diminished in the eyes of those who once venerated him. His new admirers will use him, but as a human shield against the advance of the very party he served with distinction for so long.' A perceptive analysis by veteran journalist SriSwapanDasgupta

Jay Sekhar said...

Every body here and elsewhere in Indian media is missing/messing something here, it wasnt Advani or Modi that created, built or developed BJP or took it to power. Last time I checked, it was Atal bihari Vaajpaye Ji!

jayasree said...

From: mkrishnaswamy

Date: Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 6:55 AM

Subject: Re: Non-random-Thoughts:Advani – Modi tussle and what the BJP horoscope says...

To: jayasree

I liked this extract from your message:

The Congress leaders kept asking and teasing the BJP leaders on the leadership issue, in those debates Though Rahul was brought into the loop as Modi vs Rahul, he was soon let out by the media which kept up its debate only with who in BJP. The same debate was not taken to congress but to the BJP only and that is where Modi – than anyone else, fell into the trap.

Some time ago (NY forecast in Astro Mag), i remember a post from you forecasting a bleak future for the continuance of the family rule by the Nehru family. Hope many events might combine to create a churning that will commence a new/favourable chapter in India's .

यत् यत् भव्यं भवतु भगवान् पूर्व कर्मानुरूपं |

If this divine Law holds true, the sacrfice of the patriots under the leadership of Gandhi shd bring a positive change to our country and the corrupt leaders who are guilty of massive corruption shd suffer.

Anant Krushn said...

Dear Madam,

Have you also analysed the horoscopes of Shri Modi and Shri Advani? Do either of them have it to become the PM? What about the Horoscopes of Congress, Rahul, Priyanka? Can they become the next PM?


Sheela said...

Dear Madam,

BJP relaunch is good idea!

Recently may be of long experience, Advani has become pessimistic in approach. In a do or die election he comments neither congress or bjp will form next government. such attitude does not inspire party workers. He unnecessarily compares Modi with Shivraj which is unexpected for his stature.

With or without Modi factor BJP is already a victim of polarisation. Vote bank and regions are clear. With nil Media support and Power of congress there should be a strong person to lead & give shivers to opponent camp. Anyway tough going to BJP.

Being in TN can only wish BJP well!!


jayasree said...

Dear Mr Ananth

Have you also analysed the horoscopes of Shri Modi and Shri Advani? Do either of them have it to become the PM? What about the Horoscopes of Congress, Rahul, Priyanka? Can they become the next PM?//

Yes. For other leaders too whom you have not mentioned.

For congress, the birth chart is taken as Congress (I) chart that was formed by Indira Gandhi.I follow the chart given by KN Rao who wrote

//The only correct horoscope of the Congress party that should be used and which has given convincing results is the one formed on 2 January 1978 after the Janata Dal government came into power at the center defeating the thirty years uninterrupted rule of the Congress party since our independence in 1947. The 1885 party died in 1969 when it split into two and then in 1978, Indira Gandhi formed another party calling it Congress (I) while other party Congress (O) of 1969 crumbled and got wiped out with some of the members of that party joining Congress (I).//

Per this, the congress chart is bad but not as bad as BJP's. The period of Jupiter- Mercury running at the time of elections and lasting till Feb 2016 gives it a better handle to sail through.

In Indian context, many individual leaders / politicians from across various parties have horoscopes showing good combination for winning the elections and enjoying some raja yoga. The alliances that come post elections make all the difference to who would become the PM. One such analysis be me can be read here:

harinee said...

Absolutely disagree on the political analysis. The biggest mistake Cong and you make is underestimating the educated youth population.These are the guys who are going to decide the next PM. The Middle east change(Egypt etc) was because the average age in a decade had changed from 70+ to 20+ and the leaders never woke up to it. BJP looks like a bunch of people fighting for the chair whereas Congress is very clear-cut it will be a Sonia-run Rahul or Sonia-run someone else.
You need a strong leader to rally the forces not a cacophony of voices.Last time BJP won when people knew it was Vajpayee and honestly to me and the people I know no one else but Modi is acceptable.
Sushma Swaraj showed promise but has no proven credentials on governance. Arun Jaitley's performance in DDCA makes him look more Congi than BJP. I cant see anyone else.
You had earlier predicted that MMS will not complete his term and Chidambaram may face jail. Not that I doubt your astrological capability I hope for India's sake you are wrong for once.

Ravi said...

Nice article.

What are your thoughts on this

eshan said...

Dear Madam

Could you please take a look at this blog where the astrologer has made predictions about bjp and its leaderṣ
Could you please include Rajnath Singh in your list of probables for BJP.

jayasree said...

Dear Ms Harinee,

I understand your concerns. I am also for a strong leader for the nation. Leave alone astrology, can you analyse and show how the numbers can be had for the BJP as it stands now with Modi at the helm? Remember such an analysis must be backed by some hard facts of ground situation and not guesses.

Coming to astrology you are free comment on whether I am capable or not. But the 2 examples you had shown is not what I said. There are two sets of time details for these two leaders. No one is sure which is correct. As per what is available on internet and what many astrologers stuck to, the time of birth for MMS at 12 noon did not work with the happenings in the last year. But TOB at 2 pm goes well with this. In my analysis posted in scribd, MMS has better planetary combination for a PM and that is how he survived. Moreover if 2 pm TOB is right, he is likely to come back as PM after the 2014 polls too. Bad news ehh? His Jupiter Mahadasa starts in March 2014. Jupiter is lagna lord in 9th (friendly house) joining Ketu- Rahu axis.

For most leaders with good Raja yoga, it is a question of comparison between horoscopes to judge who will become who. For example, if Pranab was retained in the cabinet, he would have replaced MMS as he was running a better period of Raja yoga than MMS. But he being elevated as Prez, left MMS free from competition. It is because of polemics like this, we consider Indian elections as a tough astrological nut to crack. But then you would ask me why then not give a benefit of doubt to Modi. I will come back to that after saying a few words about PC.

On PC I had written as follows in my comments. Though his TOB is disputed, I have cross references to check his prospects by which I expect his bad time to begin in the 2nd half of this year (2013). But that does not mean he would face the gallows, but through other means he would have to keep away from power and politics.


//In PC's horoscope (birth details given in earlier comment) Mars will be in his moon sign - his moon is considerably afflicted in his birth chart. If his lagna is scorpio, Saturine aspect will be twin fold as it will be asepcting mars who is the lagna lord and also the 6th lord.

So lets wait and see how things unfold. (When Rahu enters Libra and crosses Saturn, the internal chaos for India will be many more - this happens in 2nd half of 2013. I don't rule out that PC could withstand that long and bite the dust only then.) //

In the second half of September and first week of October, Rahu is crossing Saturn which would be a tough time for PC and for India in general. That period is beset with turmoil and problem in the domestic front. In the background of volatile political situation, we used to mark this as a period of collapse of the Govt too. But to say this with certainty we have to have more similar data which is not there.

Govind Kumar said...

Excellent article. Keep up the good work

jayasree said...

Dear Harinee, Ravi and Eshan.

It is not right on my part to comment on an article of another website in my blog. However, since I have been asked and I differ from the inference of that article, let me write my opinion here.

The writer of that web site is right in his observation of the planetary and dasa analysis of the first few paragraphs. But claiming happiness in Rahbu bhukthi is not right. From July 2013 to the end of 2014 - a time when the crucial lok sabha election will be held, the BJP will be running Rahu bhukthi in Sun Maha dasa! How can that be a happy time for the BJP? Sun and Rahu are sworn enemies. Rahu is sitting in Sun's house which is 6th (inimical) house from the Sun. (Shashtashtaka)

Even a friendly planet in shashtashtaka from the dasa lord can not give good results, however good may be its bhava position from the lagna. How can Rahu in shashtashtaka with Sun - and sitting in sun's house which is the 3rd house of internal coherence and dhairya, veerya kaarya siddhi and 10th house from moon sign- give happiness in its antar dasa in the maha dasa of Sun? Rahu "Midhicchudum" Dhwamsham paNNidum.

Moreover Rahu is in Magham / Ketu's star which conjoins lagna lord in Bhagya sthan! There is a vachan in Tamil, "magaththil pukkathOr sani". Saturn in Magam would cause havoc. Rahu in the nature of saturn (Shanivad Rahu) would be inimical in Magam.

Rahu is a Mleccha = muslims / Parashara always equated Rahu with Yavanas. In four places he brings in Yavana connection to rahu / Ketu / saturn / Mars dasa or antar dasas.

If and only if Rahu or Ketu are in friendly house, kendra or Kona or labha or dhana sthan to lagna and dasa lord, can they bring benefits from the Yavanas Mlecchas. If not not suffering from the Yavanas (Mlecchas). Rahu antar dasa in Sun Mahadasa for the BJP does not bode well in the election time. The Mleccha animosity is going to be there.

Individually, Modi is running sadesathi. By July 8th, the saturn would start forward motion in his 12th house from rashi and in the janma lagna. Jupiter, the star dispositor of lagna will be transited by Saturn in the crucial period before elections. Jupiter in retrogression in natal 5th will be considered to be in debility in the natal 4th in Rasi. It is in 8th in Navamsa. Its star dispositor is Mars which is in zero degrees (rashi sandhi) and is going to be encroached by an inimical saturn in transit.

Moon joins this Mars in the natal chart which is the 2nd house of home (Scorpio). There are no bindus in that sign (scorpio) in Saturn ashtaka varga. This sign is being approached by saturn in its sadesathi. Only after March next year Saturn would go retrograde in Libra which might give some respite for Modi then.

In assessing a situation, if one adverse factor is there, we would ignore, if 2 are there, we take note, but if more than two are there we consider it as a serious issue. This is how we judge a malefic event or disease in an horoscope. Such kind of multiple effects are there in Modi's as well as BJP's horoscope in the crucial election time (Rahu antar dasa). The elections can not go beyond 28th May 2014 when Rahu antar dasa ends.


jayasree said...

At the same time I strongly say that Modi does have political power throughout his Moon dasa which ends only in August 2022. Seeing his strong dasa people are saying that he would become PM. I say that he would win his election wherever he stands. But to become a PM, his horoscope and BJP's horoscope must be supportive at the time of elections. Both are not.

Madi has to pass through saturn's transit in Scorpio (janma rashi) where Mars, the bitter enemy of saturn is posited. Mars as 7th lord signifies the partners - such as electorate and allies. Such a Mars is in zero degrees and is posited in zero ashtakavarga of saturn with saturn crossing it in 2014 -15. How does it show good times for him assuming that he wins PM- post in the elections?

Usually we used to see the succeeding period whether it is favorable or not to judge whether he can sustain a supposed benefit in the election / previous period. It is nil in his horoscope. In other words, if he becomes the PM in May 2014, the favourable trend must continue in his horoscope which is not.

Till the time Saturn crosses his janma, conditions are not favorable for him. But things change after 2017 that is when I expect him to play a role in the national politics. Let him wait until then.

Let him work for BJP' resurgence now by evolving a new combination of NDA at an auspicious time - perhaps in the first three days after Sun enters in Leo in the middle of August. Particularly on 18th August, when Moon will be in Purvashada - in Gaja kesari and Chandra mangal yoga - Sun and Venus will be in exaltation and satrun in own house in Navamsa. (Hope PC does not get any court verdict on that day. If he gets I would say that he had done the best kind of optimal parihara). Cobbling up of NDA alliance on that day would see them tide over the electoral battle. The BJP horoscope would then take a back seat and NDA New would take up precedence.

For such a configuration to happen, Modi must inspire confidence on allies but can still be the party muscot.

Let a BJP led govt take place first and then project the Modi in action in governance which would make him even reach the coveted post later - perhaps after 2017 in due course. The "avasaram" - urgency to claim the title be shelved for now. He has time for 10 more years. Let him wait and then ascend gradually.

Modi built his image gradually in Gujarat. Let him do that in national politics too. Let him make himself - be there too - in National cabinet initially and then perpetuate his presence by his visibility through his works in government.

Today the country is definitely in a fractured state. Allegiance with Modi is not yet tested nationally. That is why no one is willing to ally with the BJP with Modi at the helm. They too have no choice. By driving them out, Modi is doing disservice to the nation. Let this election be fought with allies and with Modi also as a soldier of the party and not as a king of the party. If this set up passes the test reasonably electorally, Modi would gain greater acceptance across the parties and muslims. This is an intelligent and less risky strategy.

jayasree said...

Dear Mr Govind Kumar,

Thank you. I have posted new comments on Modi's and BJP's horoscopes. If you have any pro or counter arguments, please record them here.

last best buddy said...

'Nothing can be left to chance. No guesstimates and no easy optimism'
சூது கவ்வுவதைப் பார்த்து பயப்படாதீர்கள் ஆசிரியரே, தர்மமே வெல்லும் முடிவில்
'You must always work as though the opponent is more powerful than you'
But it cannot be 'the opponent only is powerful',which is not correct-rating the opponent

eshan said...

Dear Madam,

Thanks for your analysis. MMS having good time in horoscope is bad time for India. I sincerely hope BJP follows your suggestion forms a new NDA on Aug 18. Any word on Rajnath Singh. I think he might be the dark horse in the race.


jayasree said...

@ last best buddy

Rather than the opponent being powerful, I think it is better to make oneself powerful. That is what I am stressing in expanding NDA. I believe that some churning will happen and NDA will be kept up with better cohesion.

Post Rahu bukthi, the Jupiter bhukthi in Sun Mahadasa would help in consolidating cooperation from allies. The election time beset with Rahu bhukthi certainly makes it an uphill task and BJP has to retain a larger base with NDA intact.

jayasree said...

Dear Ms Sheela,

I dont have authentic birth details of Rajnath.

Ravi said...

The way things are going with the current NDA with JDU planning to exit, we might see a new NDA formed with new allies soon. Thanks for the in-depth analysis.

harinee said...

Thanks for the detailed analysis which you took great pains to explain. It is indeed a sad picture then.With present governance its full throttle for India to dark chasm.

rk said...

Respected Madam, I with reluctance disagree with the political analysis. I agree that we should get rid of " Block Vote" regressive mentality. Unfortunately, neither Muslims nor Christians ( example Kerala) will vote for the benefit of the nation.Hindus are the only suckers in this game.So until changes take place in these communities, it will be suicidal on the part of Hindus NOT TO VOTE EN BLOC. Even 50% Hindus vote as a bloc, the political scenario will change for the better. We have been on the receiving end of the minority appeasement policies of the Congress. It is time to change this.
Another interesting article from Niti central

eshan said...

Dear Madam,

In case the third or federal front comes to power is there any chance JJ can become the PM? I think that will be the best case scenario in case the third front gets more seats.


jayasree said...

Dear Mr rk,

How would Hindus vote en block is the question. They have never and they never will. Today's article by Chetan Bhagat in TOI is true to the core. I will post it soon.

Moreover where are the BJP candidates or allies across India for Hindus to vote to them en bloc? Even in TN one or two seats went to the BJP in Vajpayee's times. But today that would not happen. The issue is where are the candidates of BJP to whom the Hindus can vote.

jayasree said...

Dear Ms Sheela,

JJ's karmic mission dasa had started and she would be in power for next term too. She would do formidable work for the State. But how to judge this for PMship is an intriguing question. There is no credible literature or case study on how to pinpoint the PM material in a country like ours where a plethora of parties have a say in the govt formation and a plethora of leaders are around with good Raja yoga conditions. Even Nitish Kumar has better horoscope than Modi. But what makes one a PM has not been studied so far. I have done a simple / sample analysis on this issue and got it published in the Astrological Magazine (BV Raman's) in Jan. The link has been given in a comment above.

As per that JJ does not have overwhelming indication for PM ship. But Mamatha has, that is what is Puliya karaicchifying in our stomach!

Indian horoscope showing internal and external turmoil between 2015 to 2025 makes me wonder whether it signifies a period of instability in the centre and fractional politics of state leaders working for their states alone, in their central posts.

A small silver lining is that from 28th May 2014 onwards Jupiter antar dasa of the Sun Maha dasa starts in BJP's horoscope. You can note that election results will be out before that time - that is in Rahu antar dasa itself which is a matter of concern for me.

Jupiter and Sun in parivarthana yoga between 3rd and 10th houses in BJP horoscope, I expect that though there will be a fractured mandate, all parties would be keen on not bringing in / aligning with congress and instead strike a deal with BJP with a consensus candidate. Modi may agree to Arun Jaitley as his choice for PM which regional parties also would accept.

If you read my analysis in that article I mentioned above


Arun Jaitley has excellent combinations for PM ship in an anti- incumbency scenario. Perhaps with him at the helm, the regional parties might come for coalition.

rk said...

Dear Madam, may be I did not clarify my point better. Hindus should vote en block, IRRESPECTIVE OF THE CANDIDATE. The candidate and and his/her party will be obliged for it's own survival sake to look after the interests of this big block of Hindu votes. In other words, Hindus also should start plying this vote bank politics to it's advantage. I can bet even the Congress, DMK,DK, etc will be lining up to will rush to woo us the Hindus. The type of secularism being practiced now in India will die a natural death.

pratap ar said...

Not sure about the astro predictions but surely will disagree strongly with the political preictions.Hindus have voted en bloc(might be not across India but definitely in many pockets) especially in the Ayodhya period and the BJP got close to 60 seats out of 80 in UP and a majority in the Hindi heartland.I dont think anyone is looking at the BJP getting an individual majority and the if the party does well in UP and the Hindi heartland,western india(UP,MP,Delhi,HP,Rajasthan,Gujrat,Maharashtra)along with karnataka it has got a good chance to get close to 180-200 seats.An important point is that Modi has not been declared the PM candidate and is only the campaign head which gives him a status of first among equals.This is pertinently a great strategy to bring in the incremental voters and get the Bjp to a good tally.If the BJP gets close to 200,allies will flock to it and even any other candidate apart from Modi can be selected by consensus.Significantly,I have never seen muslims,christians vote in large nos for the Bjp to make a difference anyway and this is in turn split between other 'sickular' parties like SP,RJD, which makes it good for the Bjp.Its time for Advani to play the role of a strategist instead of trying to look like a factional head and compare one CM with another in the public space.

Sheela said...

Dear Madam,

Momentum gathered by majority of public is Congress should go!! To strike it hot instead of messing around is important. I think Nitish quitting is a blessing now BJP can have a free run in its core belts & try to win as many.

New Alliances will happen once they have 250 plus in their favour.

Surveys show this a possibility only if Modi is projected especially in UP. BJP is poised to win around 50 if Modi., else it will be Mulayam/ Mayawati combination will capture majority out of total 80.
this duo has already played spoilsport for their selfish ends this term.

Other states also has factor to swing towards Modi which is the reason Rajnath has taken this bold decision. (Survey done by unbiased agencies and not by paid media crooks) Rajnath Singh has risen as a strategist and tall leader.

Also Hindus should not feel ashamed or guilty of voting en block for welfare of our country wherever possible.


jayasree said...

Dear Ms Sheela,

NaMo's popularity is definitely there, but ours is not Presidential form of election. It is difficult to convert this popularity to winnable seats unless BJP has presence or friends across the country. Except four states where BJP has popularity and where NaMo magic would work, it is a case of 3-pronged or multi pronged contest in most other places. In TN, if DMK cobbles up a coalition, even JJ would be in trouble. I would say that NaMo is behaving like JJ in believing in himself alone and refusing to see the need to bring allies to his side.

There are so many other factors that work at the ground level and BJP without a friend in many states would finish 2nd or 3rd and so on in many states. The Muslim factor is sure to be used in this election. Expecting Hindu polarization - that too in the absence of an emotional issue - will be a mirage. Ground reality is that while every Muslim knows who Modi is, not every Hindu knows Modi! That makes the difference to whom they vote out!!

The surveys and opinion polls that have come so far have focused on urban people only. A couple of days ago, a survey said that people are not happy with what Advani did and wanted Modi to be PM. The people surveyed are from the cities which voted for BJP last time! Would you say that surveying these people carry credibility or convey the mood of the vast majority? I would say that these surveys are another deceptive ploy by media powers that want BJP to be out and Congress to be in.

jayasree said...


What surveys don't tell us about Modi

There’s an old saying that “statistics don’t lie, but liars use statistics”. This is worth keeping in mind as we digest the plethora of polls that profess to take the pulse of the nation as elections approach.

Of many recent polls, the poll that by far has garnered the most play in the media asks respondents to compare possible prime ministerial candidates. The survey, conducted by GFK for CNN-IBN, finds that 38 per cent of respondents prefer Narendra Modi as PM, while Manmohan Singh weighs in at a measly 13 per cent and Rahul Gandhi fares only slightly better at 14 per cent.

The message from such polls for political commentators sympathetic to Modi is self-evident: the Bharatiya Janata Party will have no choice but to nominate him as its PM candidate if it is to have any hope of winning next year.

A screaming headline in FirstPost leaves little room for debate: “Three polls, one message: No alternative to Modi for the BJP”.

The BJP itself appears to have heeded this message this past weekend in Goa and has elevated Modi to campaign chief, a possible first step to becoming the PM candidate.

The political judgement that Modi is the BJP’s best shot at winning the 2014 elections may well be correct. But what is problematic is claiming a scientific basis for that judgement by appealing to opinion polls such as the GFK.

This is especially so as many such polls in India do not disclose in any detail their survey methodology. This is where one must separate fact from spin and keep that old adage in mind.


jayasree said...

Consider further the GFK poll, which reports that they surveyed 2,466 adults spread across 12 major metros. In Mumbai, for instance, 102 men and 102 women were surveyed, for 204 respondents in total.

For a city with a population estimated at 18 million people, to say this is a small sample is to put it mildly.

Nevertheless, as a matter of statistics, a sample, even if small, may lead to a reasonably accurate prediction, provided one crucial proviso is met: it must be representative of the population being sampled. This, in turn, requires that the sample be chosen truly randomly -- for instance, by using a statistical algorithm to draw names from voter lists. Failing that, there is the danger of what is known in the trade as “sampling error”.

Put simply, a sample that has not been selected randomly is likely to lead to biased predictions.

The GFK poll tells us only that interviews were conducted “in respondents’ homes and in street corners”, but gives us no indication that subjects were picked randomly. Also, as is typical with Indian polls, we are not told the margin of error, so have absolutely no way to assess the accuracy of the predictions.

This is not merely an arcane matter of arid statistical theory. Polls in advance of the 2004 elections uniformly predicted a thumping victory for the National Democratic Alliance. We all know how accurate those polls turned out to be.


jayasree said...

As my co-author and I have argued in a recent book, it is widely acknowledged by polling experts that a massive sampling error was one of the major culprits in 2004. The polls oversampled urban middle class voters -- the BJP’s natural constituency -- and undersampled other groups more likely to support the Congress or other parties, leading to predictions that were badly skewed.

The same caution applies to the GFK and other similar polls. Urban middle class voters are Modi’s natural constituency, and his polling strongly among them does not necessarily imply a similar pattern among everyone else.

Tellingly, the GFK poll reports that a whopping 73 per cent of respondents believe that social media will play an important role in upcoming election campaigns. Since only about 10 per cent of the population even have an internet connection, it doesn’t take an advanced degree in statistics to realise how unrepresentative of the Indian population the survey is.

There is a more basic point to be made that involves understanding how our Westminster parliamentary democracy works. Asking whether respondents support one or another individual for PM may be of interest, but there is no guarantee that people will actually vote on that basis.

In our model, unlike a presidential system, voters elect members of Parliament, and the national election is an aggregation of individual contests across constituencies.


jayasree said...

While a party’s presumptive or declared leader may be one criterion that affects a voter’s choice, so will be a host of local, regional, and other factors that often have nothing to do with the person at the top.

The upshot is that even those people who say they prefer Modi for PM may not necessarily vote for the BJP. And since the party’s support has historically been bunched in about 300 or so constituencies, the vote to seat translation in our first-past-the-post system is unlikely to favour the BJP. This, whether one likes it or not, makes it less likely that a Modi-inspired vote for the BJP will translate into big electoral gains.

The Indian electorate may yet make fools of all of the pollsters, pundits and prognosticators.

The writer is an economics professor at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, and is co-author of Indianomix: Making Sense of Modern India (Random House India, 2012)

jayasree said...

Posted an analysis on Modi's winnability by Chetan Bhagat

sri5 said...

Dear Jayaji,

I first came to know about your site from astrosushil website. He once mistakenly pasted your link of "modi tussle". From there i have been searching your blog. After nearly a week I got know your blog URL. From that time onwards (for the past 4 days) am reading your articals.
Your analysis is exceptional and real time practical.

Keep up the good work.


jayasree said...

Thank you Mr Vishnu.

jayasree said...

Modi has been made the PM candidate yesterday. Some observation on the timing (originally written under )

The time of announcement is 6-25 pm yesterday. The prospects are mixed, but towards betterment for the BJP. The Lagna is fixed with the lagna lord joining the 9th lord in 9th and aspected by 2nd lord Jupiter. Good.

The 7th lord is Sun posited in its own house and aspects the lagna - Good.

It goes to the 7th in Navamsa and in conjunction with 9th lord Venus and aspected by Jupiter - Good again.

But this 7th lord Sun is in debility in D-16 that ultimately decides the positional strength of a planet.

But in Dasama (D-10) which is crucial for job / here poll prospects, Sun is exalted in the 7th (very good) but the 2nd lord Jupiter goes into debility in the 4th!

Now looking at 10th lord in Rashi - Mars - it is in debility in the 6th in rashi (bad), 6th in Navamsa (bad) and in 11th in dasama with good connections (good).

From Moon the 10th lord is in 10th where it is exalted. Plus other factors combining, I would say that they had consulted some astrologers in fixing this date and time. Certainly this is the best possible time in the current period.

The combined effect shows that BJP does have an edge but can not capture power on its own. Definitely a coalition is in the offing with the BJP as the major partner.

The poll result will be coming in the Sun dasa - Rahu Bhukthi. The result will not give the requisite numbers. Lobbying will be done and by 28th May 2014 when Jupiter Bhukthi begins, things would be in place for the BJP to form a coalition. By this I wish (and this advantage is there if) the poll takes place in the normal course and not earlier.

But will Modi head that coalition?


jayasree said...

My assessment of the situation particularly in the wake of Advani's resentment / isolation and the choice of words used by Modi and Advani.

Both Advani and Modi can not be doubted for their sincerity in making the BJP win more seats. Both of them are disciplined soldiers and can not be suspected of having personal ambitions. Note Modi's words yesterday. He is a Karyakartha and would be concentrating on winning more seats for the BJP. Getting into the PM chair is not his agenda.

Same with Advani. I find a clever strategy in the developments involving Advani whose sole aim also is to see that BJP captures power.

Certainly no party including the BJP can form a govt by majority numbers. It is going to be a coalition only. In the event of the BJP making 200 + mark or making more than the Congress, there is a scope for coalition with the BJP as the main partner. But will the others lend support to the BJP with Modi as PM candidate is a million dollar question.

Others would have fought on anti congress plank and therefore may not be willing to support congress for a coalition. If they think that Modi is acceptable to them, then there is no problem, the coalition can be formed. But what if they refuse to align with Modi at the helm? That means the trend will be for 3rd front with support from Congress or the BJP.

This must be stopped at any cost for the sake of Nation. In that case what is the cost that BJP would have to pay? Losing Modi will be the cost that BJP has to pay.

Modi had hinted on Teacher's day talk that he would finish his CM's job for the full term in Gujarat. This dialogue, I think was not a casual word. Posthumous developments must have been very well analysed by the BJP & the RSS and Modi had deliberately dropped that hint. In case, other parties show reluctance to accept Modi as PM, this dialogue is there to tell others "I told you then na,.." and quietly slip into the background.
A martyr - like how Sonia was made to do. The Congress would do its maximum to detract others to accept BJP with Modi as PM. A kind of revenge for Sonia having to step aside.


jayasree said...

In that scenario, the BJP would be wise enough to make amends and it is there Advani gets a role to play. His posturing against Modi now would help him to get acceptance among other parties as one who talked the language of other parties wrt Modi. Opposition to Modi that he is sounding now would give him legitimacy to lobby with other parties and make them agree to an alternative candidate for PM. The choice will be Arun Jaitley, in my opinion.

The expected elevation of Jaitley as Poll chief adds to my doubts. Modi was given this post in Goa and it was said that it would automatically make him the PM candidate - It was for this only Nitish left the fold. Now why should Modi give up this post? Can't he continue as Poll chief? By bringing in Jaitley as Poll Chief I guess, the BJP would find it easier to lobby with other parties in case of a need.

Advani would be effectively pressed into service to lobby for PMship for Jaitley which I think most other part leaders would accept. They may have reservations on Sushma due to her support scam tainted leaders, but Jaitley had maintained a clean image.

Whatever Advani had said now would give him acceptability when he liaises with regional leaders. He is being kept outside the loop now so that when a need arises he could chip in and lobby for BJP coalition. At the present moment Advani has stepped away but if the time comes, Modi would also step away if that could put the BJP in power. Their sole agenda is put a BJP govt in power.

I see another advantage at the present scenario of Advani being outside the loop. The entire media - both print and visual- is focusing on Advani's 'resentment'. That is the prominent news ever since Modi's anointment was announced. If this has not happened, is it difficult to imagine what the headlines will be today? It will be on Modi and his "communal" agenda. Now due to Advani's absence, Modi has become a poor fellow, wronged by his Guru!! The Advani issue will be focused by the Media and congress in the melee of which the usual negative talks on Modi had been forgotten at least temporarily. Some one in the BJP and RSS have gauged the media mentality and hit two birds in the single shot.

Having said all this, it can not be denied that Modi does have an advantage than others in his party to attract more votes. The party is using its leaders for what they are worth. Modi now and Advani later if things go amiss.

krishna P said...

Dear Jayasree ma'am,

Namaskarams, I would like to know if you have also looked into Arvind Kejriwal's horoscope? His intentions sound noble, but he too practices minority appeasement politics like the Congress. Moreover his team members include people like Prashant Bhushan, Binayak Sen and others. If he comes to power, it may prove to be a disaster for India's integrity.

Do you forsee him playing a bigger role in years to come, maybe an important player at the centre?


jayasree said...

@ Krishna
I have not yet come across Kejriwal's horoscope. Let me see his horoscope before making any comment.

sri5 said...

Hi Jayasree,

In the current run-up of the general elections there is a proposal to project Sheila dixit as next PM. Do you think congress will be able to form next govt? Since Modi becoming PM is still dicy.


jayasree said...

Dear Mr Vishnu,

I have not checked Sheela Dixit's horoscope. So cant say. If authentic birth detail of her is available forward it to me.

krishna P said...

Dear Jayasree ma'am,

With Kejriwal's intentions of taking Modi head-on are public.. it would be great if you could analyze the effect of AAP during the 2014 elections... It may lead to an unstable government at centre and severe destabilization.
His details on the net: 16 Aug 1968 23:46:00 Place: Hissar

You have previously mentioned that the next 10 years could be very tumultuous for India.. really hope for a strong leadership to steer India in such times.


jayasree said...

Dear Mr Krishna,

If the birth details you have given are true, Kejriwal is a short term spark. His present shot into fame can last between June 2012 to Feb 2015.He will become irrelevant after 2020 when his Saturn dasa starts. Saturn, though a raja yoga causing planet for his lagna is also a Bhaadhak and posited in the 12th. It is in debility and in vakra. Saturn's position in debility is compensated in Navamsa by joining exalted Sun. That is why the current shot into authority.
Till April 2017 he would go on. After that Mars Bhukthi comes which is in debility in Rashi and Dasamsa (for profession). He would make lot of enemies and would lose sheen by then. His 10th lord saturn too is in debility in Dasama. The Dasama 10th lord Mars in also in debility in Dasama in the 6th house.All these do not bode well for him to be a successful leader or a powerful politician.

His horoscope (if this is the one)does not match with Indian horoscope. His is comparable with Sharad Pawar's who aspired for a big role but ended up as a regional satarap and licking the feet of Congress. What else Kejriwal is doing other than licking the Congress feet?

If he is a morally upright man who respects the people's mandate he must have aligned with the BJP and formed govt with it on a common minimum program. The Mandate of the Delhiites is clearly anti-congress mandate. The electorate equally placed their faith on both BJP and AAP. The inference from this mandate is that both AAP and BJP must govern together. But even before the results were out, AAP accused BJP of horse trading. Soon after the results, Kejrwal bluntly refused to take or give support to BJP or Congress. But he is happy to take the support of Congress against which the people had stamped their vote. Whatever he says on asking people etc, it is fooling others. The fact is that his victory is because of the Muslim vote. The Muslims shifted from Congress to AAP. If Kejriwal joins BJP to form Govt he would have drawn flak from his muslim friends - perhaps his muslim bloc has discouraged him to align with BJP.

The so called urban people can not think more than what meets the eye. The Delhi people have behaved like the vote bank of Vijaykanth which is intoxicated with his filmy dialogues. These urban people can not even punish the congress when a terrible terror struck them - I refer to Mumbai people here. It is shocking how no one talks about the Muslim vote that won seats for the AAP. AAP is an explosive mix of communalism and communism. Let the people pay for their folly.

He can not take on the Nation.

krishna P said...

Dear Jaysree ma'am,

You have completely echoed my thoughts on Kejriwal. But, the elite is too overjoyed that they finally have someone who is better than Rahul, and willing to take on Modi. Given left-centrist ideology, his being at Centre does not bode well for India in the long run. Also, the Mainstream media which leaves no stone unturned to malign Modi, has completely forgotten that BJP won in 3 states.. and is solely focusing on Kejriwal.. this may be a very well thought out strategy given that elections are really close.
Lets all hope for a Congress mukt India.

Thanks and Regards,

jayasree said...

Jan 2014 issue of The Astrological Magazine is available in

I have written a research article on terror threat in April - May 2014 during the elections. Maximum care needed for Mr Modi's security. Suggested Mruthyunja homa.

krishna P said...

Dear Jaysree ma'am,

I went through the articles written by you and Shri Niranjan Babu in the latest Astrological magazine edition. I am somehow growing skeptical of Modi's chances of becoming PM, despite soaring popularity and being the best option we have today. Will BJP atleast win enough seats to form a coalition?? Also, will an exalted Jupiter help the Congress regain power in the 2014 elections?? It is a really scary thought.

P Krishna

jayasree said...

Dear Mr Krishna,

Primary importance must be given to the horoscope. As such BJP's horoscope shows getting into power after the elections. From 28th May 2014 onwards, Jupiter antar dasa in Sun Mahadasa starts. Jupiter and Sun have parivarthana yoga between 3rd and 10th houses with sun going to the 10 the house both in Rasi and Navamsa. This would put BJP into governance with allies (3rd house / friends). I don't think there is any doubt on that.

But my worry is that they must sustain it and not lose it after Sun dasa is over which happens in May 2018.

jayasree said...

Dear Mr Krishna,

In my article in the astrological magazine, I had apprehended terror attack in the 2nd half of April and first half of May. Precisely I have pointed out the time between 29th april and 10th May to be showing malefic combinations that have been witnessed in earlier terror attacks. The damage may not be wide spread in terms of death toll, but could be precise on a specific target. I do apprehend danger to Modi in this period.

Gaurav Bhatia said...

This article is nothing but crap. BJP will come to power with more than 272 seats. Your knowledge on astrology is half baked. Better improve it.

krishna P said...

Dear Jaysree Ma'am,

With the election dates announced, how do you foresee the prospects of various parties?

P Krishna

sri5 said...

Dear Jayaji,

Since elections are in progress and more than half the seats have been contested, Will there be a stable govt at center which can solve the internal and extenal threats and issues and bring peace and prosperity for india. Please suggest.

jayasree said...

@ sri5

Predictions have to be based on rules of astrology and not on what we see in the electoral scenario now. As such I have the same thing to offer as what I wrote in my article on PM probables. By that Modi wont be the PM!!!!!

There is no other way to ascertain PM probable than the methodology I had written. If Modi becomes PM, it would mean that this methodology is wrong and we have to look for other methods.

BJP's time is good now and therefore I foresee a BJP led govt in the centre. Since BJP has an adverse antar dasa running until 27th May 2014 - a time that covers the date of results, I foresee that NDA would not make a majority but has to depend on support from others. BJP's present good dasa for power and authority runs till May 2018.

India's time is inching towards a chaotic and rebellious phase that starts from Sep 2015 onwards.

Among BJP men, I foresee Arun Jaitley to become the PM. Modi's time as per dasa-bhkthi and gochara are not good now. His lagna is Libra as I have been maintaining. For that Lagna, Modi is a married man. For Scorpio lagna which many people are thinking, it is marriage denied for Modi. For further discussions and arguments that is currently going on in my recent article, read here:-

AAP and Kejriwal horoscopes show good times presently though they would not last long in politics. Looking at the political scenario now, I expect AAP to do what it did in Delhi elections in checking BJP. I expect the current elections as the first election in Independent India where Muslims influenced the electoral outcome thereby deciding who not to rule according to them.

I may have to repeat the ideas expressed in the above article after the election results are out. Waiting with crossed fingers.

Unknown said...

Now that Narendraji Modi has won landslide and is also running a very popular government, conquering state after state, what do you have to say about his and BJP's horoscope?

A Senior Citizen said...

Respected Madam

I decided to read today all your previous posts one by one and this post Advani Vs Modi was very interesting. Your following lines exactly captured what was to happen and they happened exactly in the same manner and style you have predicted

"But today they are losing a long time friend, Nitish. Nitish may even side with Congress at the right time. Everyone would see what they gain electorally"

Hats off to you Madam. I have no words to express, how you analysed the horoscopes, the situation and predicted the future scheme of things, some years before.

You are indeed an asset, a kind of jewel in the crown, for the field of astrology and future reading.

I am waiting for the other developments - Moon Mahadasa and the things are not rosy as of now.

With best personal regards

Dr Raghavan Guruswami, Hyderabad