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Karunanidhi's day-out to Delhi to save Raja..oops.. himself.

'Karunanidhi's day-out' to Delhi concluded on expected lines, with the same old expletives.
His hurried visit achieved its purpose that the Congress High command did not derail his interests in the Central cabinet.

We can guess how he could have managed to get Sonia do this - the clue lies in what he said after the meeting with Sonia - that he insisted that the women's reservation bill must be brought out. This has an element of deja vu in that exactly the same thing was told by Sonia when she attended the inauguration of New Assembly hall of Tamilnadu recently. The DMK numbers in Rajya sabha helped her getting it passed. Karunanidhi reminded her the same thing at the end of his visit to bail out Raja. Can UPA minus DMK survive? - this seems to be what Karunanidhi has reminded her. With this ends the 'tough' stance of the government on corruption. But with this remains unchecked Karunanidhi's major source of money to corrupt the voters in the next elections. This forms a funny cycle of  "I need your support but you need my support to enable you become someone so that I have to depend on you for your support".

To put this in easy language, Congress needs numbers for survival. That number is given by DMK. But DMK can not muster this number through fair election practices. It needs money - a main source of it being Raja - and a government at the centre that turns a Nelson's eye at everything - starting from  election booth onwards. Without these two, DMK can not get the numbers. Without the tacit support of Congress at these two levels, DMK can not win the elections and become  a force to reckon with. Then why should the Congress allow DMK to become like this and then become helpless in checking the monumental corruption practices (twin corruption - bribing voters and getting bribed) that no democratic society has ever seen in this world?

At some point of time, the congress must call a spade a spade. Perhaps it is contemplating to do so, I believe. Or else the until now speculated early elections to TN Assembly (which would be advantageous for DMK) would not have been given up by Karunanidhi who confirmed after this trip that there is going to be no early elections. Does that mean that Congress is not yet soft towards him? That it is in no hurry to affirm a continuing alliance with him as of now? It will be for the good of the polity and for the Congress to curtail this man, choke his money inlets and save democracy in Tamilnadu. Let me hope this in my own way - because the current Sun Maha dasa for India must give a clean governance and the next five years starting from kara varusham must bring cheers to the people of Tamilnadu.

The next issue in Karunanidhi's trip to Delhi is the use of Dalit card which is for the consumption of others.
I visualize a scene where Karunanidhi would have spoken to the Congress leadership that he would take care of any adverse fall-out of the Spectrum scam.
The one and only way he can handle this is by using the dalit-card!

If it is about himself, the sacred- thread would come to his rescue. We could have heard him blame the 'no-sacred thread' to him as the cause of all allegations. But Raja seems to be a level lesser than him - after all he is his servant. So the dalit- card is enough.

Usually I wont quote Manu smrithi in my write-ups except on vegetarianism and non-violence.
Since karunanidhi is a lover of Manu smrithi, I think I can quote from Manu.

Dalit or brahmin - whoever commits an offence - particularly against the State  - must not be spared. If the offender is a dalit, the punishment however stays - with lesser intensity. That is Raj-neeti of Manu.

"335. Neither a father, nor a teacher, nor a friend, nor a mother, nor a wife, nor a son, nor a domestic priest must be left unpunished by a king, if they do not keep within their duty."

337-338. In a case of theft, the guilt of a Shudra shall be eightfold, that of a Vaisya sixteenfold, that of a Kshatriya two-and-thirtyfold, that of a Brahmin sixty-fourfold, or quite a hundredfold, or even twice four-and-sixtyfold; each of them knowing the nature of the offence.
343. A king who punishes thieves according to these rules will gain fame in this world and after death unsurpassable bliss."

In today's world, Manu smrithi no longer holds water. We have Parashra smrithi for Kali yuga. But no smrithi lets go the offender.

The irony of 'Karunanidhi smrithi' is that it is not in tune with any known law of  Dharma.
Even in astrology dalit-hood is not considered as a mean identity.
Planet Saturn which stands for low birth, meanness and servant-hood  is in fact an up holder of Righteousness and Dharma.
It is always opposed to Sun, the signifactor of King.
Where Saturn attains exaltation as an up holder of Dharma (in Libra), the king (Sun)  has to bite the dust. Sun debilitates at Libra!

This also means Kings are not always right in their discharge of duties in tandem with dharma.
But Saturn never wavers a bit in discharging Dharma.

This is the age of kali - the dark Saturn.
It may seem to encourage lawlessness and adharma.
But ultimately Dharma will and must triumph.
Karunanidhis will be thrown out by destiny's own designs.
We have to wait and watch.

Given below is a statement by Dr Subramanian Swamy, followed by some thought provoking articles on what happened on Spectrum allocation. The Chinese angle to it is truly a cause of concern. The government can not afford to sit quite on this scam.

- jayasree



May 4, 2010
                 The absurd and ridiculous claim of the DMK leader Mr. Karunanidhi that action against Telecom Minister Mr. A. Raja on corruption charges is being sought by those of upper castes on the ground that Raja is a Dalit, deserves to be condemned as typically hypocritical of him. When I was pursuing corruption cases against Ramakrishna Hegde and J. Jayalalitha, Mr. Karunanidhi had praised me. He did not raise the caste issue then. In fact he invited me to dinner once to congratulate me for pursuing Jayalalitha by filing cases. Mr. Karunanidhi's real fear now is that his family members are also on the take in this scam.

                 Mr. Raja has committed the most monumental corruption in the history of the world in the allotment of 2G Spectrum. It has cost the nation Rs. 100,000 crores which is now confirmed by the recent auction going on in 3G Spectrum. Once convicted for the corruption in 2G Spectrum allocation  Raja's name will find a place in the Guiness Book of World Records.

                 I demand that the Prime Minister as Designated Authority under the Prevention of Corruption Act grant me the necessary Sanction to prosecute Raja under Sections 11 and 13 of the Act, and before the Delhi High Court hears my Writ Petition on the matter on May 18th. If the PM does not do so, he could become culpable as an accessory after the fact, which is also a crime under the IPC. I also demand that the corrupt 2G Spectrum allocation be cancelled, and an auction be held as in the case of 3G presently.   




FRONT PAGE | Monday, May 3, 2010 

More murky twists to Raja tale

J Gopikrishnan | New Delhi


In February this year, the CBI probe unit handling the spectrum scam laid its hands on highly incriminating evidence that indicated transfer of scam money to secret accounts in Switzerland and other countries, but under political pressure the 'lead' has been conveniently buried.

The CBI stumbled upon damning evidence of money transfer in the spectrum case while probing the arrest of Maharashtra and Goa Chief Postmaster General (CPMG) MS Bali for accepting a bribe of Rs 2 crore from a builder for issuing a No-Objection Certificate (NoC) for granting construction permission on postal land at a prime spot in Mumbai. 

Bali was caught red-handed in a Mumbai hotel late on February 24 along with Arun Dalmia, a frequent visitor to Telecom Minister A Raja's office and residence for five years. Dalmia's son Harsh was also arrested from the spot. 

During interrogation, Dalmia told the sleuths about his two Swiss accounts and property details and high-volume cash transactions flowing into bank accounts in Delhi, Chennai, Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia and other tax havens abroad. Dalmia was for years on the radar of the Intelligence Bureau and RAW, who had informed the CBI that this middle-aged man was a broker for a Chinese telecom equipment vendor. Raja's plan to grant an over Rs 20,000-crore deal to a Chinese telecom vendor for supplying GSM lines to BSNL was thwarted by the security concerns raised by these agencies.

Sources said the CBI suspected a link between the spectrum scam and the arrest of the duo when it learnt that Raja's private secretary RK Chandolia had asked Bali to visit the hotel and collect the bribe from the builder. "When Dalmia told us about their Swiss bank accounts and hawala transactions, we knew we had laid our hands on a high-value catch," said a Central Bureau of Investigation officer. Chandolia was elevated to the post of economic adviser in the Department of Telecom by Raja and his role in the spectrum scam and money transfer was already being probed by the CBI.

According to sources close to Bali, the CPMG spilled the beans on the very first night of interrogation. Confirming this, a CBI officer told The Pioneer: "Bali told us that he got a call from Chandolia around 6 pm to go to the hotel along with Dalmia and collect the money."

But, shockingly, the role of Chandolia in fixing the deal never came up in the statements recorded by the CBI. "Bali became a scapegoat," sources said, adding that senior Dalmia also confirmed the role of Raja's office in fixing this deal. 

After the CBI's Mumbai unit alerted its Delhi counterparts the following day about the confession made by Bali and Dalmia and the possible link between the spectrum scam and Bali, a CBI team airdashed to Mumbai to interrogate the duo.

"But when we reached Delhi, our bosses got instructions from 'highest authorities' to delink the Mumbai case from our ongoing investigation. The Mumbai unit also got instruction to limit the case to Bali and Dalmias," said a CBI official, adding that they were denied permission to verify the transaction details of the two Swiss accounts of the Dalmias. 

According to Ministry insiders, Dalmia could be a key player in the spectrum scam. He arrived in early 2005 in Raja's office in Paryavaran Bhavan, when the latter was Environment Minister. Dalmia was accompanied by two young women and his visiting card showed him to be the Honorary Consular General of a little-known African country, Ministry sources said. "We checked with the External Affairs Ministry and found that he was a fraud. But, in the meantime, he established direct contact with the Minister," insiders said. 

Sources recalled that Dalmia was always escorted by young women whom he introduced as his secretaries. His fortunes shone when Raja became the Communications and IT Minister. Dalmia became the liaison man for a Chinese telecom giant in India, which had a significant presence in the southern and western regions of the country. He operated a slew of financial consultancy services across India and tax havens abroad. 

The CBI team found concrete evidence, including photographs, to establish the Minister's close link with Dalmia in the two-day-long searches at his house. Finding evidence of several high-volume foreign transactions, the Central Bureau of Investigation brought the matter to the notice of the Enforcement Directorate, but to date no progress has been made in the case. 

"We were told to stay away from Raja and his men," a senior agency official maintained. 

The swiss connection

CBI probe unit laid its hands on evidence that indicated transfer of scam money to secret accounts in Switzerland 

Probe into the arrest of Maharashtra and Goa Chief Postmaster General MS Bali after he accepted a bribe of Rs 2 cr led CBI to evidence 

Bali was caught in a Mumbai hotel along with Arun Dalmia, a frequent visitor to Telecom Minister A Raja's office and residence

Dalmia told CBI about his two Swiss accounts and high-volume cash transactions flowing into bank accounts in Delhi, Chennai, Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia and other tax havens abroad

Dalmia was on the radar of the Intelligence Bureau and RAW

The intelligence agencies informed the CBI that Dalmia was a broker for a Chinese telecom equipment vendor

Raja's plan to grant an over Rs 20,000-crore deal to a Chinese telecom vendor for supplying GSM lines to BSNL was thwarted by the security concerns raised by these agencies

-- In the Picture: Arun Dalmia (extreme right), arrested by CBI along with Chief Postmaster General MS Bali for accepting a Rs 2-crore bribe from a builder, is seen with Telecom Minister A Raja on his birthday on October 26, 2008, at his official residence in New Delhi 



https://secure.aperture.displaymarketplace.com/audmeasure.gif?liveconclientID=3405909694577&CreativeID=35963638&PlacementID=44527525&EventType=Impression&rand=5614867India Tells Mobile Firms to Delay Deals for Chinese Telecom Equipment


Published: April 30, 2010

URL : http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/01/business/global/01delhi.html?th&emc=th



Chinese telecom traps

A threat to India's national security, as The Tribune Roving Editor Man Mohan finds out

" INDIAN intelligence and security agencies are quite jittery about huge telecommunication contracts given to Chinese vendors by state corporations with blessings of the top political and bureaucratic leadership in the Telecommunications Ministry. They are wondering "what price we are going to pay for getting our national security compromised. "

URL:  http://www.tribuneindia.com/2009/20091227/edit.htm#1


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