Sunday, November 24, 2013

America sacrificed Mumbai to keep Headley in play - What the Congress Govt is going to do?

Are we safe? Recently the Prime Minister told in a rally that terrorists might disrupt the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections. Coming as it does from a Prime minister who must have said that he would thwart any design of the terrorist in disrupting the polls, this kind of announcement- like speech makes me think that he does have information on terror attacks and is just blinking his eyes as a response that he and his establishment did when Mumbai was attacked 5 years ago.

In these days of exposes of sorts, the revelation on America's complicity in allowing Headley to map and execute the Mumbai attack with Indian counterparts looking at the other way when informed of the plot, makes me think that another round of terror design is in the offing with the blessings of foreign Governments – not excluding the US - who do not want the BJP to come to power. One of Headley's confessions pertained to the role of Irshad Jahan as a human bomb to finish Modi. Is the Congress Govt still going to brush aside this revelation from Headley? What is the Congress Govt going to do for the revelations on Headley being a USA mole? Should the Congress Govt not be made to offer an explanation for not having taken action on USA's warnings? Now with the PM making an announcement on impending terror attack during the polls, what information has he got? What actions has his Govt taken to tackle? Let him not say that he cautioned the security forces - which is what he told in that rally- speech. How are we going to survive with his kind of people in power?




"This month sees the fifth anniversary of the Mumbai attacks, and the most complete survey to date of former and serving intelligence agents, diplomats, police, and survivors from 12 countries, reveals that the CIA repeatedly tipped off their counterparts in India to an imminent attack, using intelligence derived from their prize asset Headley. What they did not reveal was that their source, a public school educated Pakistani-American dilettante and entrepreneur, was allowed to remain in place even as the attack was realized. His continuing proximity to the terrorist outfit would eventually lead to a showdown between Washington and New Delhi.

Researching 'The Siege', we learned that Indian intelligence agents accused their US counterparts of protecting Headley and leaving him in the field, despite the imminent threat to Mumbai. Irate Indian officials claimed that Headley's Mumbai plot was allowed to run on by his US controllers, as to spool it in would have jeopardized his involvement in another critical US operation . Having infiltrated the LeT, Headley also won access to al-Qaida, making him the only US citizen in the field who might be able to reach Osama bin Laden. Three years before America's most wanted terrorist was finally run to ground in Abbottabad, this was an opportunity that some in the US intelligence community were not willing to give up."  Read on...




26/11: 'America sacrificed Mumbai to keep Headley playing'