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Moola, Aslesha, Jyeshta & Vishaka – are they dreadful??

There are some popular beliefs and adages connected to 4 stars in particular –Moola, Aslesha, Jyeshta & Vishaka. All these beliefs talk unkindly on the nature and the future of the persons born in these stars. The disturbing part of it is that these are applied to women only..
For instance, the popular saying on Moola star is
"AaN moolam arasaaLum, peN moolam nirmoolam"

This means the man born in Moola star will rule the land whereas a woman born in this star will be a destroyer.
Similarly, girls born in any of the four stars – Moola, Aslesha, Jyeshta & Vishaka are supposed to bring some kind of ill-luck to her husband's family. Even now, marriage prospects of girls born in these stars are a question mark, unless remedied – which is done by the selective choice of the groom on respective issues.

But this kind of stigma is not attached to the man born in these stars. This post seeks to analyze these issues in a rational perspective.
Before analyzing the issues raised above, it must be made clear that no star is bad. Every star has some attributes and significances. Those attributes and significances are supposed to be found in the person born in a particular star.

For instance, the star BharaNi is regarded like this:-
"BharaNi dharaNi aaLum"
Those born in BharaNi are capable of ruling the world. Why and how? This is explained on the basis of the following reasons.
The Ati-devatha of BharaNi is Yama.
Yama is known for exact justice.
But that would make one a good judge, or a lawyer, not a ruler.
Here we have to see other attributes too.

BharaNi is lorded by Venus, the planet for comforts, riches, prosperity. So a BharaNi –born must be both a just person (having a good sense of discrimination of what is right and what is wrong) and also a rich person, having worldly riches in his command.

But can these two make one a Ruler? It is here you have to see in which sign, BharaNi is placed.
It is in the Aries, ruled by Mars. Mars signifies warrior tendencies and prowess at fighting a war. A person with warring or fighting instincts will not see right or wrong. He would just plunge into his target and smash it mercilessly. But if such a person (who is capable of winning territories) is endowed with the sense of Justice like Yama and is in command of vast riches bestowed by Venus (Mars also gives him command over lands), then he will definitely be a king!
That is how a BharaNi-born person rules the world.

The Ati-devatha of the star, the planetary lord of the star and the sign lord (Rasi lord) of the star along with the sign's attributes determine the primary nature of the person born in that star.
This is like an advantage that the star is giving to a person. But this must be supported by the rest of the natal chart. If it does not, it must be understood that the person will not achieve the final result. He would anyway possess the primary attributes, but they can not help him in getting the maximum result even if they were to work at their maximum potential! That is why, not all those born in BharaNi can rule the world. But they would exhibit the attributes of fighting against odds and being noticed wherever they are or ruling / commanding the area / group where they are.

It is with this rationale we must look into the working of any star. Apart from the three factors mentioned above (ati-devatha, planetary Lord and Sign lord) there are numerous other factors which make a star exhibit different profiles. With this background, let us examine the controversies related to the 4 stars.

The sandhi-stars!

The General rule is that the 'sandhi' or the meeting point between any two major units denotes neither this nor that. It is a period of difficulty, as transition will be taking place there.
There are 3 major places in the zodiac indicating Sandhi.

These are called as 'Gandaantham' – the end points of 'gandam' or trouble.
There are gandaamtham for everything. It is there for stars (nakshthra gandaantham), for thithis (thithi gandaantham) and for lagans (lagna gandaantham). These are the sandhis or meeting points of stars, thithis and lagans. These areas do not give clarity. They indicate troubles and therefore are to be avoided.

In the same way, Rasi gandaantham happens after every 4 signs (rasi). Starting from Aries, the stars keep entering the consecutive signs until Aslesha. In Aslesha or cancer, the stars end up and the next star begins in Leo.

In this way, gandaantham occurs in
Aslesha- Makha,
Jyeshta – Moola and
Revathy- Ashwini.

Usually if a woman is experiencing labour pain in these gandaanthas, there is a likely-hood of complications. The child in most cases will not survive the gandaanthas, that is, the child will not cross the sandhi and be born in the next star.

If it does, it will be a "Bhoopathy" (ruler or / Great person), says 'Brahma Rishi vakhyam'. Such sandhi occurs everyday in sun's sojourn. Birth at morning or evening sandhi, or at noon or at mid-night will see complications or even death of the baby. But if the child survives, it would lead a great life.

Popular examples are Sri Rama (born at noon)
Sri Krishna ( at mid night)
Ravana ( at evening sandhi).

The related information is that the mothers of these persons had a terrible time!
It is a known fact that Rama's and Krishna's mothers were not happy despite having the greatness of being mothers of Avataras of Vishnu! This is how the stigma comes to be attached to stars or births at sandhis!! The stigmas that hurt us in the present times are those connected with gandaantha stars. Let us examine them.

Moola for men and women.

Moola is a star in the beginning of a group. It is better known for certain attributes. Moola is ruled by the ati-devatha called 'Nirurithi'. Readers having knowledge of Vaastu know how Nirurithi is a dreaded devatha. Nirurithi stands for dreadfulness and destruction. It is always associated with wars.
If Nirurithi or the Moola star is in a favorable position for a person while going on a war, chances are that he would win. This star's utility is best exploited in waging wars! So a man who is born in this star is supposed to have the acumen and potential to go on war and become victorious too. 

Hence, 'aaN moolam arasaaLum'. The man of the Moola star would reign the country as this star makes him capable of inflicting defeat on his opponents.
Suppose a woman is born in this star.

Is such a woman cut-out for becoming a soldier?
Would she go on a war?
What this Nirurithi would make her or do with her?
If these questions are asked, we would understand why it was said 'peN moolam nirmoolam'.

The area of operation or reign of a woman is her family. Whether one agrees or not, the woman plays an important role in child-bearing and up-bringing. Her influence in the family can not be disputed. The family or home is her area of operation. (gemba). If the Nirurithi tendency rules a woman, her family itself would become a battle field.

This means her family would have to bear the brunt of nirurithi. That is how she can bring destruction (nirmoolam).

But as said in the beginning, the tendency given by a star is just one of the many factors. Not all men born in Moola become rulers. Similarly, not all women born in Moola cause destruction. The natal chart also must support such tendencies. In the case of Moola, only the ati-devatha has negative connotations.

The other factors are neutral or good. The family in today's world is nuclear and not like the one of olden days. So there is no need to worry about a Moola woman.
In this regard, my opinion is that any one born in Moola will be good fighters.
In this age of working women, Moola - woman has an advantage in outwitting her rivals. She would be an asset to the company if she is placed in fire-fighting areas of competitive business.
I hope the so-called stigma attached to Moola woman is understood in right perspective and applied in right contexts as to derive maximum advantage, to everyone's satisfaction.

Marriage afflictions of Moola, Aslesha, Jyeshta & Vishaka

Now let us see the 'Moola' stigma connected to woman in affecting marriage prospects. Moola as said earlier comes immediately after the sandhi. In the sky it is seen at the tail of the Scorpio. It is Lambda Scorpii of the constellation of Scorpio. It is known as "Shaula" in Arabic, which means 'the stinger'.
In the picture below, the delta sign at the head of the constellation is Anuradha. The alpha sign (Antares) in the body is Jyeshta. The lambda sign at the tail (bigger star in the twin stars) is Moola.

The first pada (3-2 degress) duration in the beginning is said to afflict the father-in-law. This is applicable to the girl only and not to the boy born in moola-1
According to Brahma Rishi vakhyam, if the 3rd house of the girl born in Moola-1 has benefic combination, there is no affliction. This is arrived by looking at the 9th house (for father) for the husband.

The 9th house for the 7th (kalathra) is the 3rd house. If the 3rd house has good connection, there will be no problem to husband's father.

This prediction and remedy had been given by many olden texts. But the exception shows how this operates. The exception is that this is not applicable to boys. In the Indian system, boys do not come to live in the girls' house. If the boy comes to live in the girl's house or get connected with the everyday life of the girl's family, his moola will afflict his wife's father!! That is the meaning of this affliction.

So Moola -1 for anyone will afflict the father of the spouse. It is not just for the girl. In today's world of nuclear families, this affliction loses its relevance. The couples live separately from their parents. And in addition, if the 3rd house is looked into, in both the cases (boy and the girl whomever having moola -1), there is absolutely no need to worry.

The same rationale applies to other stars too. The stigma attached to Jyeshta (kEttai) is that it would harm the elder brother of the husband.
Jyeshta known as Antares (Alpha Scorpii) is by itself the oldest star, in its last period of star-life. It is a red giant seen in the middle of the Scorpion body.
Scorpion image of the Constellation.

Antares means ' the rival of Mars'.
The star seems to compete with Mars in its colour which is red. Mars stands for brothers. Jyeshta in Sanskrit means the elder brother. The Jyeshta is the last star of Scorpio while
Vishaka pada-4 forms the first part of the Scorpio. These two are said to cause some trouble – Jyeshta for the elder brother and Vishaka (Beta Librae) for younger brother.

In the picture below, the constellation to the left of Libra is Scorpio, the star Anuradha (delta Scorpii) can be seen.

We can guess the remedies.
11th sign is the house for elder brother and 3rd is for younger brother. The 11th from 7th is the sign for husband's (spouse's) elder brother. The 3rd from the 7th is for the younger brother of the spouse.
This applies to both men and women born in Jyeshta -1 and Vishaka-4. While matching the horoscopes, the respective houses, that is, 5th house for Jyeshta -1 born and 9th house for Vishaka-4 born must be checked for benefic combination.

Aayilyam or Aslesha (Alpha Cancri) is known as "Acubens" in Arabic. It means 'the claws' of the crab. This is a faint constellation as seen with naked eye.

The atidevatha is 'sarpa'.
The star is said to afflict the mother – since it is placed in the natural 4th house of the zodiac, which signifies mother. One's own mother is also meant by this. But in the Indian system, the girl moves to her husband's house and treats the mother in law as mother. So the affliction is directed at her.
This is applicable to both men and women and as said earlier, in today's nuclear families,
this affliction has no relevance. However it is enough to just check the 4th house of the spouse (for benefic combination) which is the 10th house.

The injunction was laid to women, because women were married quite young in those days and they completely merged with the husband's family.. Nothing could be done about the boy who was born in any of these stars, for, he had to continue in the family. So the affliction of these stars was not exaggerated in man's case. But when it comes to finding his wife, the people had a choice. That is why they made these injunctions for brides.

In today's world, family means only the husband and wife. These injunctions pertaining to the relatives of the spouse have no relevance in these days.


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A Stoic said...

A discussion of Mars Dosha might also be relevant.
In olden days, women were to be Devatas of the family, confined to the household. Manly qualities, as given by a strong Mars, were taboo at home. Hence the disapproval of Mars Dosha.
Currently however, with women having to do everything and more of a male's Karma in the society, Mars Dosha is no longer a 'Dosha' in female charts. In fact, it might even be essential to fight life's battles.
I find that few girls these days do not have Dosha charts [that is, most have Doshas] whereas most boys have Shuddha charts.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Post Jayasree ji.. very nice.. your lucid explanations are wonderful and they throw great light on many misunderstood matters..


ps: Theres a nice software called Stellarium.. install and check that out. It will give you fantastic hands on experience with the sky, and you can get much more fantastic pictures than you get from wikepedia.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Mars dosha operates for both boys and girls.It is not exclusive to girls alone.
In 90 percent of cases of Mars dosha, automatic remedy also is found. It is because the exceptions and redemptions for Mars dosha are plenty. Almost all astrologers are aware of this and do not scare people on this.

Common public who are not so well versed in astrology must not decide by themselves on Mars dosha. It is better they approach a learned astrologer in matters such as this. There is Rahu dosha, Guru dosha and Shukra dosha also indicating trouble in matrimony. In many cases Saturn plays the havoc. So dont get carried away by Mars dosha.

It is also not right to say that most girls have dosha chart than boys. It is equally distributed. What you would have noticed was that those born in specific periods have had horoscope showing trouble. It is because there has been bouts of period of adverse planetary movement. To quote in the recent past, the period between AavaNi (Shravana month) and Margashira (Aug 2008 to Jan 2009) saw all the planets in kala sarpa. The long term planets like Saturn was in inimical sign throughout this time.The births that occurred in the fortnight on the other side of Rahu-ketu had seen moon in Kema druma. We can assume that half of the births that happened in this period had malefic yogas. The other half born in kala sarpa also would have had a mixed bag of luck.
This applies to all births irrespective of they being male or female.

This situation will change after 3 years when saturn and Jupiter enter their favorable signs. Correspondingly you will find horoscopes of that period with good combination. Kala (time) moves in a wave like this!

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Thank you Mr Raghavendra. I will look for that software.

Anonymous said...

I am having a planned C-Section for my 2nd baby boy ( first one is a girl) on Feb 8th 2010 in San Francisco , CA, USA
The local charts here say it would be Jyeshta Star on that day.
I have an elder brother who lives in India.
What are the implications? should I move the date to any other favorable date?


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Jyeshta star afflicts the eldest sibling of the one born in jyeshta star, and not your brother - the maternal uncle for the baby.

Though texts say that it applies to girls only, in reality it applies to all. As told in the article it depends on other planetary positions too. The 5th place from lagna matters. 5th from moon is Jupiter that aspects moon. The combinations are good. Also the 11th from moon (in Jyeshta) will be saturn which is upajaya ( good) for staurn. Moreover at the time you have mentioned, there is exchange (parivarthana) between Moon and Mars - which reduces the effect of debilitated mars (Mars is so for a long time until May next year)

I don't recommend timing for Ceasarian. Go ahead with what your doctor says. All will be for good.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jayshree,
Thank you for your prompt satisfying and encouraging reply.
Are there any more favorable/unfavorable dates from Feb 8 to Feb 15 2010 so that I can fix the date of my c-section? The doctor has asked me to fix a date between Feb 8 and Feb 15 2010. Tentativily it is planed for Feb 8 2010. As mentioned earlier, I am located near San Francisco, CA, USA.

Thank you again for the prompt reply

Unknown said...

Constellation of Moola has its own characteristics. Those born in Moola Natchatira definitely show certain mental affliction.Male or female born in Moola natchatira do have mental upheavals.In certain groups lost of spouse is present.Certain quarters don't mix with people freely.Some moola natchatira people show less give and take policy.In some people evil disturbances are noticed.

smith said...

jayasree mam,

am 28 yrs old female born in i hve 2 2yr.old daughter..she born on 6 oct 2007,and it was at 8.25 nite and it was that gandaatha timings..and mine was cs and it was complicated too..plz tell me whts my daughts nakshatra?she born in that bad timings?

and for me,life has played many gigantic roles throughout..worried it will happen for my daughter too?plz advce me mam

Jayasree Saranathan said...

The place of birth is not given.Baby's star is Aslesha.

smith said...

thanku mam for ur reply..the place of birth is kottayam,kerala..did she also born in that particular timings??what and all we need to overcome frm this

Jayasree Saranathan said...

There is nothing good or bad. It always comes in a package - both good and bad admixed. Why worry about all that when nothing is wrong.

Your child is blessed, as moon's position (your worry on gandantha) is well fortified by dig bala, ashtaka varga and in own house. In addition moon is aspected by bhagya lord Jupiter. The mother of the baby (yourself) will have better prospects after the birth of this baby. Dont worry about anything and go about your life, giving your best to your kid. God bless you.

smith said...

thanq mam for the response....hope evrythng will occur fne..thanq so much for ur advce too

Abhishek said...

My marriage has been fixed, and i am younger son in the family. Later on it was discovered that the gal was born in Jyeshtha nakshatra.So is there any possible remedy for prevent ill-effects?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dont worry Mr Abhishek.
The aim of the article is to show that there need not be any big worry abt these stars.

Being born in jyeshta does not invite problems to the BIL. The BIL also must have troubles shown in his horoscope. Even if you marry a girl of some other star, if your elder brother has to suffer, (just for argument I am saying this, dont assume that he will suffer) he will. So have no worries and look forward to happy times with your fiance.

My best wishes and blessings to you for a happy, prosperous and peaceful married life.

Abhishek said...

Thanks for your inputs :)

Nadana said...

Thank you mam for your detailed explanation on gand mool nakshatras. One of my friends born in jyestha (Quarter 4). Is that fine for a person to marry her if he is having elder brother. In your post, you mentioned dosha only for Jyestha (Quarter-1). Could you please provide predictions for Jyestha (Quarter 3 and 4) please? Thanks!

Praveen NP said...


I just went through this Blog and found it so useful and cleared my mind of so many repercussions . Thanks a Ton :)

I have a question...Pls I need to know more about this... I am planning to marry a girl with same star as mine ( Both are Jyeshta ) Is this okie....if not Why ?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Mr Praveen,
If you have planned to marry her, don't look at star matching and horoscope matching. Just avoid Jyeshta month for marriage. Anyway that month is past now and there is no issue about it. Good luck.

The reason for same star as Jyeshta is the issue about Tri-Jyeshta. I will do a separate post on that later.

Praveen NP said...

Hi , made my day...thanks a lot....will look forward for your upcoming blog on Tri-Jyeshta .... thanks once again :)

Rajesh said...

my son was at vellore T.N on 9th May2010 at 6:15 a.m. His Lagna falls at 29 degrees 57 minutes of Mesha.Is this lagna position bad for the longevity of the child.Also for prediction which should i consider as first house mesha or rishaba?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Don't worry Mr Rajesh. His lagna position is not a problem. Only the planets must not be posited in bhava sandhi.

For your other query, houses are reckoned from Bhava chart.His First house is Mehsa.

In your son's horoscope the lagna lord who also happens to be the 8th lord in debility in 4th and the 9th lord in 12th (though in own place) show that some kula deiva pooja and pithru pooja must be regularly done. Jupiter in dusthana and in kendra to Rahu and Gulika shows that sarpa pooja also must be done.

But these planets (mars and Jupiter) are exalted in Navamsa. So dont worry.

For the child, present a Thula baaram of his weight for milk or fruit in Guruvayur Krishnan temple or donate a cow. Regularly worship your Kula deivam and the deity at your native place. Donate to sanyasis and those who are engaged in Vedic rituals.

His current maha dasa is Jupiter. Do these before moon and mars sub periods begin.

Rajesh said...

thanks for ur reply mam.The lagna changes its sign by 7 seconds.i.e 6:15:7.How to ensure that the recorded birth time 6:15 is correct?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Please read the method of birth time verification and rectification in Dr BV Raman's Hindu Predictive Astrology.

The time is either 6- 9 am or 6- 18 am. In the latter, the lagna changes to Taurus while the bhava remains the same.

Unknown said...

Boy's DOB is 21.07.1983. he was born at 6:40 am at Badayun(UP).
he is born in Jyestha nakshatra. can he marry a girl who has an elder brother?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Yes Archana, he can. His jyeshta pada is 2nd only and his 11th from the 7th is good.

Unknown said...

I am Vidhya, in affair with a guy having Moolam nakshatra and I have a chevai dhoosam.

Will that affect our marriage proposals.

I am worrying since becz i heard from few of my friends that the guy who have moolam nakstra will destroy one of their in law.

How far its true?
And also the girl who have chevai dhoosam will affect the guy if he doesn't have dhoosam.

Will all these are tru??

Kindly advice

Unknown said...

Hi Mam,
Sometime back I requested you to check whether the jyestha grah of the gal can impact my elder brother if we get married.
Can you please check adn confirm your detailed remarks to that we can process further. I need your help to understand this, looking at the thread i'm sure you will help me out.

for your reference again putting the details
8 Dec 80 - 11:30Am - Almora
Moola - 1st charan

18 Sep 88 - 10:18AM - Jhansi
Jyestha - 2nd Charan

Please help !!

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Umesh,

More than the Jyeshta of the girl, your moola in exact 0 degrees, 3 minutes would harm the girl's father! Her Jyeshta is only 2nd pada. The 4th pada carries the stigma, but not the 2nd pada.

When checked both the horoscopes, I find that the moola pada-1 boy is not suitable for the girl. Whereas her Jyeshta -2 of the girl does not find an echo in your horoscope (concerning your elder brother).

These apart, I dont recommend a matching of moola- jyeshta persons. These two are major gandantha or sandhi stars. No astrologer would accept the marriage between these 2 stars.The rationale is that hardships will follow one after the other for the couple in turns.

If this alliance is love affair, I don't want to give this astrological opinion. Go by some sakuna method of seeking God's consent directly.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Ms Vidhya (Always in)

Horoscope matching comes into relevance in arranged marriages. In arranged marriages, this is done to make sure that no trouble of untoward nature hurts the couple. If the persons are involved in an affair, it means they are ready to face any trouble in life and cross the tides together.

If you say that you are in an affair and you also want to make sure that astrologically things must be fine, it means that you can not face untoward problems with determination. You will have doubts about the marriage when you face troubles. If so, go by astrology completely.

Coming to the astrological issues you have raised, moolam pada -1 afflicts one's father and father in law. I have told in the article that this may not be valid in today's conditions where no one lives in joint family with father or father in law. So stop worrying about it.

You said you have Chevvai dosha. I dont know how far it could be true. Chevvai dosha comes with many exceptions. About 90 % of the chevvai dosha are not dosha at all due to these exceptions.

Please read my article on "Marital mishaps analysed posted in my scribd page

In today's life style, zero ashtakavarga bindus in Mars, saturn and sun groups determine Chevvai dosha- not the traditional ones.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your reply.
can you please let me know what is the prob boy/gal can face if this marriage happens ?
I don't understand
"Go by some sakuna method of seeking God's consent directly"
what does it mean, sorry i don;t have any idea of this.

Is there any remedy which can cure this, i have heard in nadi dosha case one solution is gal marry first with the lord vishnu partima and then to the groom so that no dosha carry forward and went away with the pratima.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

We don't match moola with aslesha, they being sandhi and gandantha stars. Another reason is that the 27th star from one's birth star is not matched. So I said there is no match. The horoscopes also did not match.

But if this alliance is that of love affair, don't look at astrology. Go to the temple of your favorite God, do pooja and pray. Keep some items as sakuna and seek God's guidance. One way is to write "yes' and 'no' in 2 chits and keep in pooja before God. At the end of the pooja let some child pick out one of the chits. Go by what the chit says.

Or else trust God completely and go ahead with marriage plans.

The naadi dosha is no longer taken into reckoning nowadays in South India. But it is still seen in North India.

Since you have doubts as well as a strong urge to clinch this alliance, I advise you to see an astrologer or a Purohit in your locality and seek his advice.

Prashant Kanuru said...

My birth star is Jyeshta Nakshatra and I was born in Jyeshta Maasa. Now what would be the effects if i marry a girl who is the eldest child of a family and born in Anuradha Nakshatram or Makha Nakshatram?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Mr Prashant,

This Jyeshta issue is known as Tri Jyeshta dosha.

There are 3 issues in this.
1- birth as the eldest. By this the first birth in your mother's womb is meant. Suppose you have sisters born before you and you are the first among male children, jyeshta dosha by birth does not apply to you.

2- birth in Jyeshta star.

3- marriage in the lunar month of Jyeshta.

The Trijyeshta dosha comes when the first born person, born in the star of Jyeshta marries a first born person, also born in Jyeshta star in the month of Jyeshta.

All these 3 are rare to occur. In today's life style conditions the Tri Jyehsta dosha does not get manifest, according to me.

In your case, avoid marrying Jyeshta born girl and avoid the month of Jyeshta for conducting the marriage. Doesn't matter if the girl is first born. Anuradha or Nagha nakshthra are ok. But avoid Jyeshta month for marriage.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Spelling mistake, its Magha nakshathra

Unknown said...

The boy's DOB is 21.7.1983 at 6:40 am at Badaun(UP)and girl's DOB is 21.6.1983 at 11:25 am at Hazaribagh(Bihar).The boy's nakshatra is jyestha and girl has anelder brother.
Please tell the future prospects if they get married.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

There is no jyeshta dosha here Archana

Kamal Bohra said...

Hi Jayashree,

I want to marry my girl friend who is born with jyestha - 4. One astrologer told my dad that their is a risk to my elder brother's life. Another astrologer told me that for jyestha - 4 there is no harm. Was it pada - 1,2 or 3 it would be a problem. Hence it is safe.
Please comment on this so that i can convince my dad. Here r my n my gf's details
Boy: D.O.B: 19.06.1986 , Time: 1.02pm (i.e. 13.02), Place: Chennai
Girl: 26.07.1988, Time 7.55am, Place: Chennai

Waiting for your reply.

Thank you

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Jyeshta - 4th pada is not a problem. The dosha applies to 1-st pada.

As I wrote in the article, nowadays the joint family system is not in vogue. The so-called ill effects are foreseen when the elder brother (as relevant to this case) lives along with the girl and her husband. This can be avoided if the brothers live separately and not as a joint family. Moreover there is no Jyeshta dosha to this girl.

Assuming there is jyeshta dosha, when we check the moon (in Jyeshta) it is aspected by 2 benefics namely, Venus and Jupiter - which is good.

When we check her 5th house (11th from the 7th is husband's elder brother), it does not suffer affliction.

In your horoscope, your 11th lord is in 2nd and aspected by Jupiter. So the Jyeshta is not an issue at all.

Unknown said...

Hi Jayashree,

My name is Nethra and I am facing one big problem regarding my marriage. I am in love with one guy and his name is Raghav. Our kundali is not matching. I’m sending our DOB and nakshatra details for your reference. Please give me a good suggestion.

We already consulted 4-5 astrologers. But they all suggested in a different way. My nakshatra is JYESHTA and raghav has one elder brother. So… some astrologers telling that it’s a big DOSHA because you are in Jyeshta 1st pada & your kundali is not matching. You both will face the problems in future. And some of them are telling that it’s not important for marriage. After that we followed some sakuna method of seeking God's consent directly.In that we received positive answer.

Because of this confusion our parents decided to drop this proposal. Please give me a correct suggestion and clear our doubts. Please,,,,,,,

This is our birth details—

NETHRA , DOB--03.June.1985 ,
Jesta Nakshatra, Vruschika Rashi (Scorpio),
Birth Time 11.30 AM,
Birth place Shikaripura, Karnataka.

RAGHAV, DOB 05.November 1983,
Mithuna Rashi (Gemini),
Birth Time 4.35 PM,
Birth place Honnavara, Karnataka.

Thank you

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Ms Nethra,

It seems you have consulted enough and have been given some guidance already. In such a situation, I don't know how good it will be to seek a remote help from an unknown source like me.

Therefore I confine myself to the basic issue on Jyeshta only.

Your star is Jyeshta -2 and not 1. so absolutely no need to look at the dosha angle. Despite this if we look at your 5th (11th from 7th), the planet is Jupiter who is in debility in rasi. However it gains exaltation in navamsa and is in friendly signs in D-16 and D-60. So there is no cause for worry for the elder brother of the husband.

In Raghav's horoscope also, the elder brother's prospects are good. So my opinion is that Jyestha is not a cause of concern.

For rest of the things it is upto you and your family to decide.

Unknown said...

Thank you Madam thank u so much for your quick response....hope everything will occur fine.. But, I have one more doubt.
Our kundali is not matching. I’m sending our DOB and nakshatra details for your reference. Please give me a good suggestion. Because yesterday, by mistake I typed Raghav’s year of Birth as 1983. But 1982 is correct.
We already consulted many astrologers. They all suggested that our kundali is not matching. It’s 100% true the you both will face the problems in future.
After that, as I told yesterday, we followed some sakuna method of seeking God's consent directly. In that we received 75% positive answer.
Please tell me mam, what r the problems we need to face after our marriage? Please mam tell me in detail. Tell me any suggetion to solve this problem.
Because of this jyeshta and kundali problem our parents decided to drop this proposal. Please give me a correct and detail advice and clear our doubts. Please,,,,,,,mam it’s my humble request.

Once again I’m sending our birth details—
NETHRA , DOB--03.June.1985 ,
Jesta Nakshatra, Vruschika Rashi (Scorpio),
Birth Time 11.30 AM,
Birth place Shikaripura, Karnataka.

RAGHAV, DOB 05.November 1982,
Mithuna Rashi (Gemini),
Birth Time 4.35 PM,
Birth place Honnavara, Karnataka.

Unknown said...

On 10.Sept.2010, you given advice to Umesh that “ If this alliance is love affair, I don't want to give this astrological opinion. Go by some sakuna method of seeking God's consent directly”.
Mam, whether it’s love marriage or arranged,,,, kundali matching, dosha and all are important na?
What’s the difference? Because I also received same advice from 4-5 astrologers. So again we are in big confusion….Please advice regarding this arrange and love marriage and one exact opinion about our marriage. Please mam..

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Well Sanjota,

In olden days the marriage was decided by elders in most cases with a probable exception of Gandharva vivaha. In the arranged marriages, people went by very basic issues like birth star, advice of the Teacher (Guru) or some elder or a relative and by sakuna method only. They believed that marriages are destined and humans can not influence them. They did not resort to the elaborate match making astrology - it was a later development - may be in the last 1000 years when marriage mishaps were increasingly witnessed. Please read my detailed article on Mangalya Dharana in the scribd section

Earlier people were ready to face what ever happened to them in the course of married life. Love marriages were also common - but where troubles were witnessed, the causes were not difficult to understand - when the person chooses some one beyond the acceptable norms of one’s family / sect / society, the love marriages came under fire. It continues even today. Otherwise love marriage also was accepted in those days on the pretext that the would be spouse continues from the previous birth and that whatever is yet to be discharged by them in a give and take fashion, gets carried over to this birth and therefore they are united.

In such a marriage the spouses will be ready to face whatever is going to happen to them in life. That is a collective destiny which they have to share. Their horoscopes may not have matched. That means there may be troubles ahead for them. But they are ready to face such troubles with unity and equanimity due to a conviction that they have to work out their karma and would not blame others for any misfortune that they might face.

Such a mentality is not present in today's environment. That is why we see a rise in the number of divorces. We talk about rights, stakes etc in marriage which was unheard of in olden days in marriages. In the current atmosphere, people want to be extra cautious that no mishap or separation happens to them. Astrology, parental support to marriage and society’s acceptance are needed today because the general mentality of the spouses is NOT steeped in tolerance or acceptance of each other’s drawbacks or determination to face the hardships that may arise.

In this background we have to be very careful in giving advice to remote people (whose background we don’t know, whose parental stance we don’t know) so that we do not attract adverse karma for ourselves. So let me give the check list like this.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Foremost is parental acceptance. A marriage done without parental acceptance can not succeed. It might succeed in the immediate future or in this life time, but any sadness or ill- feelings they may have towards the marriage, will definitely affect the person (daughter or son) in the next birth with reference to spousal relationship and children. I have come across Nadi predictions to this effect. That is why I say this with a certain amount of vehemence. So don’t antagonize your parents. Get their concurrence.

If they concur with your wishes, just go ahead and don’t look at astrology.
If you want to see astrology, just abide by what astrology says and have no more feelings for love affair.
If you are sure of your love and ready to face whatever comes, proceed with your wishes and don’t worry about what mishaps could be expected through astrological predictions.

In your case, you came with a jolt on Jyeshta. The belief is that it would not affect you or your spouse but a third party (husband’s elder brother). So that is a cause for concern, and I clarified that it would not affect the third party.

Now the ball is in your court. If your parents and his parents are agreeable to your affair and they are ready to shun any worry of a probable Jyeshta fall-out, go by sakuna and decide. In your case we have to ask you to seek sakuna because there is no astrological matching of the horoscopes, but you say that your minds are united.

But you are asking me to tell you what could possibly go wrong with the marriage due to this mismatch. If it is not something serious we would not reject the pairing. If your anxiety to know about it is because you want to come to terms, then your love is not a serious one.
If you are asking this, because your parents are anxious that no mishap happens to you, then listen to them. Go by their decision.

Hope this long discourse clarifies your doubts.

vyjayanti said...

Dear Jayasree ma'm, daughter is born on 21.7.1983 morning 5.50 a.m at hyderabad A.p. may i know why her marriage is getting delayed and what remedies i can do as her mother? thanking you and awaiting a reply.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Smt Vyjayanthi,

Usually I do not entertain queries like the one you have raised, in the blog. That is why I did not clear your comment. Today when I decided to remove it, I checked the horoscope. There are indeed some undesirable combinations in the horoscope that hamper marriage. So I decided to reply your qustion. I request you to pardon me for the delay, but I explained my reasons.

The girl is running the dasa of the Bhadak lord (Venus) since 2003. The Bhava lagna changes to Gemini giving a different set of combinations of planets. Sun and Mars join in the Bhava lagna while 7th lord Jupiter goes to the 6th bhava. The 8th house in the Martian Bhinnashtaka varga has no bindus. The 8th happens to be 4th from moon.

The 7th lord Jupiter in bhava chart becomes the 7th sub cuspal lord. So Jupiter is capable of giving marriage. Jupiter is in Anusham whose devatha is Lakshmi. So pray to Lakshmi and arrange for milk abhisheka and archanai with a new cloth for lakshmi in a temple on a Friday. Prepare white sugared pongal or some sweetened milk item as parasad and distribute it.

Take her on a pilgrimage to all navagraha temples in Kumbakonam or Tirunelveli (vishnu shrines) and finally worship at Srirangam. Do archanai in all these temples in her name and offer ghee for lamp.

Look for a temple in your place or some place where 'Makiza maram' is the sthala vrusksham. Take charge of maintenance of that sthala vruksham.

She has bright chances of getting married in 2011. My best wishes to her.

vyjayanti said...

Excellent and elaborative explanation which threw light on many issues. my sincere thanks to you mam, for the remedies. Pl. accept my heartfelt thanks.i’ll follow the suggested remedies. JOYOUS NE YEAR!

Unknown said...

Hello Mam,

I have an issue with my star for my marriage. As per our Astrologer, there is no dosha in my chakram.

But when my parents are looking for an Alliance, they are avoiding only because of my star Aslesha- padam 4. I was born on early hours of 20th July, 1985 at 2:15AM in Guntur.

I got a match recently with Anuradha-4, 12th June 1984, 7.00PM in Machilipatnam. He likes me but his Astrologer said our jathakam doesn't match and it will be problem for his mother if we marry.
Is this true? If so, are there any remedies?

But our astrologers said that there will be no problem for our marriage life. Could you please help me out?

He likes me and we want to follow our parents and their wishes too. If there is anything that we can do to follow up, please help me.


MOHIT ARYA said...

Jayasree Mam,
quite an informative post you have provided regarding the birth stars, definately did clear out a lot.
i am myself born under the JYESTHA nakshatra. dont know how much it has to play for what i have been facing . life has been in turmoil for quite some time now.still not setteled and have been preparing for civil services for the past 4 years, but to no avail as yet.i would be highly obliged if you can give any input ...D.O.B-14/07/1981..TIME-3:17 AM...PLACE-ALMORA
thanking you

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Ms Sowmi,

There is no dosha of aslesha for you. The related issues also are not problematic in your horoscope. There is no corresponding trouble to mother in that guy's horoscope. On aslesha part, I assure you that there is no issue. For other issues, let the two sides decide and come to a conclusion.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Mohit,

From 2007 to 2010, things would have been bad. Rahu bhukthi was running then. Rahu in the astersim of 10th lord saturn who goes to debility in navamsa in the 8th house is one dampening factor. Another was that Rahu joins the 6th lord who is to be looked into for success in competitive exams. These 2 factors are strong enough to deny success in competitive exams in Ven- rahu period.

But now from Nov 2010 onwards, Jupiter bhukthi has started. Jupiter is in the asterim of Sun, the 4th lord of education. Jupiter and Sun has exchange benefit of the asterims - jupiter in sun's star and sun in Jupiter's star. So dont lose hope and try your best. You will succeed this year itself.

However your lonely moon is not a good one to have. You have to do parihara at Rameshwaram, Ram Sethu, a dip in the ganga and donation of Lord Lakshmi Narayana idol and dakshina to sincere brahmins.

Best wishes.

MOHIT ARYA said...

Jayasree mam,
thanks a lot for your reply, i will definately do the remedies provided by you.

vyjayanti said...

Dear Jayasree mam, is vishakha , so bad star or sade saath in vishkha is so bad?
my dob is 7/7/57.evening 5.15p.min ANDHRA PRADESH AT sirpur kaghaznagar. now sade saath is going. but i'm facing many scoldings for the mistakes of others at work place. not only that, however i try to register for Ph.D for a silly cause i was denied admission. but i continue trying. why all this to me? is it the dosha of vishkha or b'coz of saade saath? may i know the remedies please? kameshwari

neone said...

I need some help/clarification. I am the eldest son (jyesta) and my fiancee is the only daughter (only child) born in jyesta star. Does this make 3 Jyestas? Eldest son + Only daughter meaning eldest?? + Girl born in Jyesta the only child referred as jyesta ?? Any help is appreciated. Thanks - Kumar

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Ms Vaijayanthi,

No stars are bad.
Particularly for Vishaka born, benefic planets such as Mercury and Venus run their dasas during middle and latter part of life. So if Mercury and Venus are in good stead for a Vishaka born (also punavarvasu and purvabhadhrapada born) one will have a successful life.

In this horoscope Mercury is bhadak but well positioned. The Bhava chart is different thereby making Mercury lose bhadak status. So the best period would have been over between 1981 to 1998 when Mercury mahadasa ran.

The current period is that of Venus and Venus is not that well placed. According to bhava chart, moon becomes a bhadak. The current Venus dasa and moon bhukthi from Sep 2009 to April 2011 would have worked against the native.

I am sorry to stay that no great relief is seen in the near future as the next bhukthi starting from April is that of Mars who is neecha. This lasts till June 2012. It will be better than the moon bhukthi but will fall short of your expectations. Pray to Durga on Fridays. Pay for the upkeep of Peepal tress in temple. Worship lord Subramaya everyday and visit Vaitheeshwaran koil and do abhisheka and archana to Lord Angaraka there. Donate sandal,amla fruits, jaggery and a copper pot filled with toordhal wrapped up in a red cloth to a sincere Brahmin after the worship at Vaidheeshwaran koil.

The transit effect of Saturn is less on you because the ashtakavarga bindhus are better in the sign where Saturn is transiting. Anyway after worshiping at vaidheeshwaran koil, worship Lord Saneeswaara at Thirunallar. The severity of this period will come down. God bless you.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Mr Kumar,
Yours is eka jyeshta dosha - eldest marrying the eldest. This is not a bad issue in today's condition. Avoid having your marriage in the month of Jyeshta.

ts me said...

Dear Jeyashree mam,

as per vakiya panchangam i born in moola-4 padam but as per thiru kanidha panchangam i belong to poorada nakshtram. due to this confusion, we r not able to go for alliance matching. my parents were seraching for allinance since one and half years but could not get any good.

couls u pls let me know is there any impact reg my nakshatra to my spouse family and when will i get married and would like to know about my spouse(job,status,character,appearance) and is there any love marriage indication in my chart?
DOB: 18.5.1984
TOB:2.49 PM
Place of birth: Dindigul (India)

Awaiting ur reply


Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ tsme,

Your star is Puraadam -1.
Marriage prospects begin from October 2011 onwards. Do parihara to planet Jupiter. Worship Guru at Alangkudi. Feed Brahmins and sanyasis.

Amar said...

Am in love with a girl who is Moola 1st quarter. And i am shatapisha. If we marry ll there be any problem to both of us or our families? We dont believe in astrology. But many suggested to consider it. I cant live without the girl. Is there any remedy for that atleast? please help me out.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Amar.
Please read the comments posted above.

Anonymous said...

Very useful post. As you have stated, Moola doesn't cause problems only to girls but also to guys these days. I was born on Moolam 2 and whenever my parents ring a girl's house they say they dont want a moola groom. This happens after they find me and my profile compatible. This happens even when we find the matching stars like Thiruvonam etc. What is haunting is that people look with pity, at times, when I say I was born in moola.

Also, I noted one disturbing thing in the comments posted here. One person by name Maniam has stated that Moola shows some affliction always. He says they are moody, dont mingle, evil and so on. I am moody and I am an introvert and at office too, I stay away from gossips which makes colleagues and my boss think that I am not mingling and not easy going. At home, I am a me and myself category restricting myself to reading and surfing.

Do you think that it is a bad thing about Moola. I wanted to ask this since you haven't replied to this particular comment.

Thanks a ton.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Nagarajan.

There is no specific reason why I didn't reply to Mr Maniam. When the comments were of a nature asking me to respond, I had responded. When people had stated their opinion, I have not at all times responded. So is the case with Mr Maniam's comment.

But Maniam is not alone in holding that opinion. There are others who hold the same opinion. That is why I wrote this blog. But when people continue to hold the same opinion, I can not help but prefer to leave it at that.

There is an improvised article by me on this topic published some time ago in the Astrological eMagazine. You can read it in my scribd documents. The link is given in the side bar of this blog.

On your specific note on moodiness, the birth star alone is not responsible for this. The lagnalord, 5th lord and aspects to moon, the lagna and the 5th also matter. The navamsa posiiton of lagna lord, moon and navamsa lagna lord also matter. Your moon will be exalted in navamsa as you are moolam 2nd pada. So I don;t find any big issue with your mentality. Infact Ketu lordship of moon had given you an interest in spiritual matters. Don't you think that it is an advantage that Moola born possess?

Anonymous said...

Most intellects echo your views on Moolam. Even, I have read A.M.Rajagopalan holding a similiar view on this.

Much being said, we see Moolam borns suffer. Practically, for example, in the marriage market Moolam is a taboo. How much ever learned people differ on this, this is some thing that is prevalent.

If this is not because of Moolam star, is this unjust suffering is because of one's lack of Guru palan or poorva karma or one's chart? Which one to blame to draw solace? Or all these things interlinked?

I was told by someone that in my chart, I have lords of 8,9,10 Mars, Jupiter and Saturn associated and found in Leo, the fifth house from Mesha lagna. The association of these three in poorva punya sthana is malefic and Saturn casting its aspect on 7th house is even malefic. I was born on 28th June 1980 at 2.22 am.

Please share your valuable views and let me know your thoughts surrounding this. Thanks.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

What is your place of birth Mr Nagarajan?

Anonymous said...

I was born in Chennai..

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Nagarajan.

More often than not, moola is not the causative factor for marriage delays. Your horoscope also testifies that. The reasons for the delay are different but such a delay gets manifest at the mundane level by people faulting Moola.

The planetary causes for the delay written by you are true. The core reason is that Satrun being a baadjaka lord(11th lord for Chara rasi) positioned in the 5th of purva punya is aspecting the 7th house, 7th lord and kalathra karaka Venus. Additionally Rahu also is aspecting the 7th lord and Kalathra karaka.

For men, Venus is the signifactor of wife and it being in retrogression in its own house and receiving aspects like this is yet another factor. Venus in the asterism of Mars which is aspecting sayanasthaan also is an added factor. The absence of bindus in the binnashtaka varga of Saturn in the 5th from lagna and 12th from moon also are not good factors to have.

BUT Jupiter as 9th lord in the friendly sign of Leo in the 5th joining Mars and Saturn reduces the malefic results. Jupiter gets exalted in navamsa in the 10th house of and joins Mercury which is the 7th lord from moon in the rasi.This is the only redeeming feature in the horoscope for marriage prospects.

Saturn as karma lord (10th lord)occupying the purva punya and causing the delay in marriage shows a purva janma karma of having wronged wife or separating a couple. Note malefics in the 6th and 12th from 5th and the 8th from 5th being viraya lord occupying the 5th. The remedies can be traced from all the above features.

The baadak Saturn in the asterism of U-phalguni, shows that the deity to be appeased is Surya. Sun is in the 2nd drekkana of common sign. So the deity to be appeased is Lord Ganesha. Take Shankata hara chathurthi vratham and worship Ganesha for all times to come. This will help in reducing the baadak nature of saturn.

Do go-samrakshana and maintain the sthala vrusksham in a Shiva temple. Do worship of your family Guru. Worship Lakshmi everyday. You can start your daily daily puja with Adhithya Hrudhayam and Sri Sooktham or Sri sthuthi and do the other routine worships that you have been doing.

Your current moon dasa - rahu bhukthi is not too promising. The next bhukthi is that of Jupiter starting from 2013 only. Jupiter is in the star Magam whose ati devatha is Shukran. So daily worship of Lakshmi at home (NArayana in sayana kolam on Adhisesha and Lakshmi seated along) and pilgrimage to Srirangam Rangantha are advised to fortify Jupiter.

Your pious nature and sincere worship in the way as stated above may even result in happy marriage even before the onset of Jup bhukthi. The best way to ward off karma is chanting, japa and mental thought. It is by gyana that one burns bad karma even before it gets manifest - so say the scriptures. So have a deep thought of an unknown karma of having caused sufferings to a woman or wife of a past birth and pray Lord Ranganatha and Lakshmi for a reversal. You may even make a token action by helping a parent in the conduction of the marriage of his daughter. Such activities help you in depleting fast the hindering karma. Hope this helps.

God bless you.

Praveen NP said...

Hello Jayshree Mam,

I (Praveen ) had posted a comment here on Aug 17 2010. I had asked you if I can marry a girl with same star as mine that is Jeyshta. I did get married on Nov 28 2010. Everything was fine and now suddenly due to unforeseen circumstances I lost my job. I would not definitely blame my wife for this. But my relatives have pointed finger on this but I stand by her come what may. I am very happy to get her as my partner but this external factors like from my relatives is making me sad and disturbing. Please let me know what I need to do to come out of this and is my future secured in all aspects.In fact she is doing good recently she got a promotion too after marriage! I was born on 13 Oct 1980 10.25pm in Bangalore (jeysta 1st pada) and my wife was born on June 11 1987 (jeshta 2nd pada) 3.35pm in Bangalore. Please advise me

Anonymous said...

My sincere thanks for your detailed reply. I will religiously adhere to your suggestions. But this planetary does only cause the delay..It doesnt hamper the longevity of the marriage, when happens or progeny..

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Praveen.

The problem in same marriage is that you will mostly have same dasa- bhukthis running. Since predictions are valid from moon sign also, the dasa lord becomes the lord of the same bhava for both the partners. For example you and your wife are currently running Venus dasa. From moon it is both 7th and 12th lord signifying spouse and losses / viraya / loss of sleep etc. But this happens for any same star marriages not just Jyeshta.

So you can be assured that Jyeshta is not the cause for your trouble. You are running Venus dasa and Rahu bhukthi. Rahu bhukthi lasts until 2013. You will get back to your finer times from 2014 onwards. Meantime do Naga puja and worship Durga on Tuesdays. Do naga shanthi puja at Kalahasthi.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Don't have worries Mr Nagarajan.
The stated factors in my comment do have a bearing on the worries you have expressed and the remedy through Jupiter takes care all of that.

I am currently translating Naadi scripts for Mesha lagna with Mars in various houses. I checked with the script for the 5th position of Mars as found in yours. You will not have problem with progeny. I have seen horoscopes of same Mesha lagna with Mars in 5th. They have kids. Moreover the distance between Venus and Sun also determine the progeny as per naadi rules of Jyothisha. Venus will always be towing along with Sun. But the farther it is from the Sun it is better for the progeny. I have looked into this aspect also and had given a combined parihara. So have faith in God and keep meditating. You can have quick link with the Inner Self as can be made out from your horoscope. Also i have found you to be so from your comments to various posts on Dharma. So with will and worship, you can pave a happy life for yourself.

Another thing. You are not alone with this worry. I have with me 3 more horoscopes of guys all born between April and July 1980 with the same combination in Leo. All of them are not yet married. All of them are pious persons. This particular period has some hindrance. Anyway things will be fine.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for your kind words and able guidance. I will go by it as I am always inspired by it. Please pray for me. Thanks

Praveen NP said...

Jayshree Mam,

Thanks a lot for your advise. I will follow as you say.

nutwit said...


I have been reading your posts for sometime; your answers to people's queries has given me the courage to ask questions which are troubling me for sometime.

I am a native of Uttara Nakshatra 1st pada, Simha rashi, born near Bhatkal 13° 58' 0" N / 74° 34' 0" E on Oct 5th 1983, 7:05 am. Due to my family background and past karma, I am struggling with stress related digestive disorder. Perhaps due to sade-sathi, things have gone bad and are affecting my graduate studies in US.

1 Just wanted to know if I can get some remedy through astrology. I have done shanthi for Shani and try to do Gayatri and Ishta mantra regularly, but the state of mind isnt very cheerful.

2 I am also a bit concerned abt my marriage. Arranged marriage with a girl of orthodox background is difficult due to my family background. The girls of Indian origin I see in US are sometimes too westernized. Is there a solution to this? I happened to study in an institute of International repute during my Btech.


Jayasree Saranathan said...


You will have to wait for 6 years to see the best times of your life. Meantime keep worshiping Ratha- krishna and serve your guru. Good luck.

nutwit said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Mam,

Can you please tell if Rohini matches with Moola. Some say it can be matched based on certain criteria and many simply say it doesn't match. Same with Revathi/Moola, Satabishak/Moola.

Is it okay to check for other poruthams even if Dhinam is not there? Some say its enough if Rajju and Vedha are there but there is no single agreed upon view, it seems.

Please guide. Thanks

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Nagarajan,

Technically Rohini (Fe) does not match with Moola (male). But one can check the natal horoscopes for compatibility inspite of this. Let me tell you why and how.

Originally the star matching devised by Muhurtha Chinthamani (MC) was followed throughout India. But in Tamilnadu we don't follow it in toto nowadays and leave out Nadi poruththam which is given highest emphasis by MC. The other rules and exceptions are also taken into consideration because of changing life styles, ability of modern science to save life (applicable in Rajju which is about longevity of the partner) and changing views towards marriage as marriage is no longer considered as binding on a person and divorces and remarriages have come into vogue (found applicable in Kalathra dosha and Mars dosha)

Keeping all these in mind and seeing the applicability of the doshas as per modern life conditions, I look at the following in star poruththam.

I consider star matching as a screening test only (and not final)in which only 3 issues are of paramount importance.
They are explained below:

(1) Dina / star / Tara matching.

Counting is done from girl's birth star. Divide the 27 stars counting from the girl's into 3 rounds. If the boy's star comes in the 3rd,5th and 7th in the first round (of 9 stars) from the girl's star, reject it.

Exceptions as per olden texts are (fe -Male)
Arudhra - Uttra phalguni
Purva phalguni -Anusham
Punarvasu - Hastham
Rohini -Magha
Purva bhadrapada - Rohini
Ashwini - Punarvasu
Swathy- Uttrashada
Revathy - Arudra
Uttrashada - Revathy

If the boy's star happens to be 5th in the 2nd round, reject it.(Does not matter if it is 3rd or 7th in this round)

If the boy's star comes in the 7th in the 3rd round reject it. (Doesn't matter if it is 3rd or 5th)

Always avoid 22nd star from the girl's star (though there exceptions in terms of pada)

In the Rohini - Moola match, you have asked, Moola comes the 7th star in the 2nd round. So it is acceptable in Dina poruththam.

Here we have another issue of signs becoming 8 and 6 to each other. 6-8 from girl to boy forms sashtaashtakam but not this one (Taurus - Sagittarius - this is 8-6 axis).

However when 6-8 or 8-6 axis exists between moon signs, it is better to see the friendliness
of the lords of signs and also of the stars. In this case it is Venus - Jupiter for signs and Moon - Ketu for stars. Both are not good.

Among the signs, Venus treats Jupiter as neutral but Jupiter treats Venus as an enemy. So chances are that the Moola boy irritates the soft Rohini girl.

However, in this scenario, we have to look at the Navamasa moon lords and check for friendship. If it is there then there is said to be matching inspite of 6-8 or 8-6 axis.

In practice it is suggested to see lagna lords and / or Navamsa lagna lords for friendship. If one of them is there, this 6-8 or 8-6 axis is not a bother.

In the case of pratikula sashtaashtaka in which both the sign lords and star lords are enemies, I insist on friendship between lagna lords of the girl and the boy or presence of Vasya poruththam, (vasya kuta) for approving Dina / star matching.

When sashtashtaka persists inspite of these exceptions, charity of 2 cows is recommended as parihara - to avert the sashtashtaka dosha.

The other stars you have mentioned are Revathy - Moola and Shatabhishak - moola

You can check them as I told above.
Moola is the 2nd star in the last round which is good. Also it is the 20th star from Revathy which is approved as per Dina poruththam. Only 3,5 and 7 do not go well.

From Shathabhishak, Moola is 5th star in the 3rd round which is aggreable. Moola is 23rd star for Shatabhishak whereas it is 22nd from purvabhadrapada which must be avoided.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

(Continued from above)

(2) The 2nd factor I advise people to see among the 10 poruththam is Yoni. If there is complete enmity between the yoni, note it down. As I said before these matchings are only like screening tests. What is not found here must be checked in the horoscope. Check the Kalathra bhavas from lagna , moon and Venus in the natal horoscopes. One's 7th lord must be in 3-11, or in Kona (1,5-7) to each other. For example, if the girl's Kalathra lord (7th lord) is in Taurus, the boy's 7th lord must be in 1,3,5,9,11th signs from Taurus in his horoscope. The friendliness of the 7th houses / 7th lords is desired. More importantly there should not be zero bindhus in the 7th and 12th houses in the sarvashtaka varga of Mars and saturn. This averts the bad effects of absence of Yoni kuta.

(For Rohini- Moola there is Yoni poruththam)

(3) Rajju poruththam.

The stars must be in different groups and they must not be in same aarohana or avarohana. For Rohini and Mula, they both are in arohana and therefore no Rajjuporuththam.

When Rajju is absent, check the longevity factors in both the horoscopes. Check the 2nd and 8th from Sun also. Make sure that there are no zero bindhus in the sign where the nodes (Rahu and Ketu) are posited. Make sure that the upcoming dasas are not connected with Marak factors.

So I suggest only 3 as most important ones among all the kutas for star matching. They are Dina, Yoni and Rajju. If all the 3 are not there, reject outright. If 2 out of 3 are there check the corresponding issue thoroughly in the horoscope. If only one is there, then also check and decide. In today's conditions and for the kind of mentality of the people, star matching need not be a stumbling block. Check the horoscopes and decide.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mam,

Plenty of thanks for this precious reply. This information is really a wealth. Some naive astrologers outrightly reject certain stars saying it doesn't match without even seeing the horoscopes. They don't seem to realize the kind of havoc they play in the lives of guys and girls by this poor application of knowledge. Though Astrology is a vedic science, myths and foolish beliefs aren't helpful at all. I wish knowledgeable people like you come forward and educate as many parents to understand things clearly. This will be of great help to unmarried people and a service to our community in general.

Can you pls tell if there is a match in this case and tell how: my dob is 28.6.80 2.22 am chennai/girl 25.12.85 7.25 am chennai.

Many thanks once again.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ma'am,

We have got a proposal for my daughter who is chitra nakshatram kanya rasi and the groom is moola nakshatram. Is it safe to go ahead with the match. Kindly advice. Thank you.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

//We have got a proposal for my daughter who is chitra nakshatram kanya rasi and the groom is moola nakshatram. Is it safe to go ahead with the match//

It is safe as afar as Star matching is concerned. Chithrai's ruling planet Mars is in same varga with the Moola's ruling planet, Ketu. There is a saying "Kujavad Ketu". Therefore these 2 will go well and the other major poruththams are there. But check horoscope also. Since both the persons belong to common signs, the 7th lord for both of them also happen to own common signs besides holding Kendriya adhipayta Dodha and by being bhaadak lords. Your daughter's Jupiter dasa must have started by now. It is the 7th lord and also a Bhadak. Check in particular the relationship between the Jupiter in her horoscope and Mercury in the boy's horoscope. Consult your astrologer to do that.

Anyway do charity to a deserving Brahmin and take care of Go-samrakshana (upkeep of cow) in your daughter's name and her birth star in a Go-shaala attached to a Vishnu temple. Her marriage prospects are bright and will not be delayed.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

(Continued from above)

Infact bhaadak and Adhipatya doshas apply more to lagna than to moon sign. But anyway since she will be running Jupiter dasa, it is enough to check her Jupiter in relation to the boy's mercury and check the rest from Lagna.

Anonymous said...

I know you dont do astrological consultations but I have been wanting to ask this. Is there a definite sign in hand or chart which says this person cannot get married at all.
In the case I am mentioning all astrologers consulted say by end of this year. Many years have passed like this, all possible suggested poojas and visits to temples have been done. But somehow it just doesn't seem to happen.The positive is bhakti has increased.You can understand how depressing it is for the girl and parents.And it doesnt help that no astrolger will say clearly why marriage doesnt happen.If somehow we can know it is not destined at least acceptance will help.
I respect and value your opinion and would like your advise. Or at least suggestion of a extremely good astrologer who can suggest some pariharam if anything is left.All standard ones like Thirunallar,kalahasthi etc are already done.

yogi sunkara said...

Dear Jayasree mam, I was born on November 21st 1979, in khammam, AP at 10.51am. My star is Jyeshta 2nd pad a. I am married to a Kritika born. At this point of time, I feel very unsatisfied with my life and do not feel like doing anything worthy. Can you please let me know If me being born under this nakshatra is making my life miserable or is it the personality trait of this star that is so unpleasant?

I even doubt if there are any successful people born under Jyeshta nakshatra? Please advice, since I feel very depressed and this is causing me health related issues too.

Thank you very much! - Yogitha

sweety said...

My name is Potti Vidya,DOB-24/08/1989,time-11.15A.M. I am in love with a guy his nakshatram is aslesha 4th paadam.Many astrologers said that if u marry this guy your mother will die and also they said that ur horoscope is not matched there are many problems they this correct or not.thats why my parents are not accepting me to marry with him.his details are -Reddy jwala HArshavardhan,dob-13/01/1990,time-5.30p.m. please check these details and tell me wheteher there are any problems or not.please reply me soon.i will be waiting for your reply

Gnaneshwar said...

I am introduced to a girl and we developed good chemistry, later realized that her start is Jyeshta and I have an elder brother. Now should I stop pursuing this alliance or is there any santhi that can be performed. Please advise. Thanks a ton


srinath said...

i belong to moola nakshatra 2nd padam and i received a proposal from the same moola nakshatra girl, kindly can you please tell me if same star for both boy and girl is ok in case of moola


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Same star marriage for moola is not recommended.However if the candidates are older in their 30s, it is okayed if horoscope matching is there.

aaa said...


My name is Sandhya and born in Jyestha nakshatra and I am the elder one in my family. Can I get married to a person who is elder in his family and belongs to Rohini nakshatra?

Is Tri Jyestha occuring here.?
Please let me know whether we can get married or not?

Thanks in Advance..

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Ms Sandhya,
Replied earlier in this thread. Avoid marriage in Jyeshta month.

K Vanamali said...

Hats off to your painstaking efforts in enlightening lay persons and in the process sharing your knowledge. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Jayashree Ma'am

I am very worried about my son DOB 9th Feb 2010 Hayward California 10.55 am. He speaks and understands very little when compared to his peers. Because of that I am under tremendous tension i am expecting another baby in June. I know i should be happy and calm but i can't be. Please help. We got gandmool pooja for my son when he was 1 month old. please suggest some remedy, vrat, pooja for my son's well being and development.
Please help me.



Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Ms Shalini,
Moola nakshathra is not a problem, but the problem that you say is something that can not be ignored. Kindly consult an ENT specialist immediately. The hearing oriented factors in his horoscope show that you should not postpone action in this regard. Don't worry. Worship Chamundi on Tuesdays until his 6th birthday.

nidhi said...

Dear Jayasree Ma'am

Thanks for the reply. I shall start chamunda ma pooja. We took him to doctor and last month started speech therapy. My parents say that he is a late talker do'nt worry. I request you to please cross check there is nothing wrong. There is improvement in him over last 2 months. Sometimes i feel may be his mool shanti pooja was not done properly. I get this gut feeling that some astrological remedy would help. Please guide



Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Ms Shalini,

Chamunda worship that I have advised is meant for the speedy recovery from the affliction. The affliction period lasts till 2015 only. That is why I have asked you to do the worship until his 6th birthday regularly. To be precise this afflicting period is between Oct 2011 to Feb 2015. Ear related afflictions will be there in this period. With worship and faith and timely medical treatment, the child will be alright. Don't worry. Look forward to receiving your next child. God bless!

I want to convey through this comment that Moola nakshathra is not the cause of any problem in life. A combination factors must exist in the horoscope for a trouble to get manifest.

Ravi Teja said...

I'm first-born child born in Jyeshta star and based on your responses I understand that I can marry a first-born girl but is there any problem if she is also born in Jyeshta star ?
[avoiding marriage in Jyeshta month]

- Ram

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Ram,

Jyeshta boy marrying Jyeshta girl is one of the TriJyeshta dosha. Jyeshta born marrying the first born of some other star is ok - but not Jyeshta born. Jyeshta is one of the 8 stars not recommended for for eka nakshthra marriage. You may marry any other star- born person, but preferably a first born. The month of marriage is not an issue in that case.

The logic is Jyeshta born will have moon, the 9th lord form the moon sign, in debility posited in the star of mercury which owns inauspicious houses of 8th and 11th. It is better to avoid the same kind of presence to both the partners.

Sai Krishna said...

Hi Mam,

I am first born of Moola 4th and the girl is born in Jyeshta masa and Jyestha Nakshatra and is second born.

Can you please confirm if this amounts to Trijyesta or not.
i.e First born boy with secon born Jyeshta nakshhatra and Jyestha Masa born Girl.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Sai Krishna
N0 Jyeshta dosha, no Kuja dosha. You can proceed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mam,

Please help me, as my parents & family is very much worried for me, me as well. My date of birth is 24th November 1984, time, i think night around 10pm, i am not sure. Name-Surekha.Till my 22 years, i was known as kettai nakshatra girl as the jaatkam written shows like that when i was born. but after that we wrote my jatakam with a new Iyer, he sd mine is moolam frst padam...every1 saying if i get maried only then my parents(home) will be happy with no problmes, some say i have to marry a guy with no father...I am open to any kind of marriage(love or arranged)..
Please let me know if my nakshatra is kettai or Moolam?
-What are the good & bad things bcz of me for my myself, for my parents& family & my future husband&his family?
If sumthng bad in sumwhere above, how should I avoid that.
My aim is to be a successful rich in career, always be energetic & healthy, good married life.

Please help me, if my post cant be published here, please email me at, that would be really great & helpful for me.I would have not posted my name, but I did so, as wanted to give all mt details to you.

Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mam,

Please help me, as my parents & family is very much worried for me, me as well. My date of birth is 24th November 1984, time, i think night around 10pm, i am not sure. Name-Surekha.Till my 22 years, i was known as kettai nakshatra girl as the jaatkam written shows like that when i was born. but after that we wrote my jatakam with a new Iyer, he sd mine is moolam frst padam...every1 saying if i get maried only then my parents(home) will be happy with no problmes, some say i have to marry a guy with no father...I am open to any kind of marriage(love or arranged)..
Please let me know if my nakshatra is kettai or Moolam?
-What are the good & bad things bcz of me for my myself, for my parents& family & my future husband&his family?
If sumthng bad in sumwhere above, how should I avoid that.
My aim is to be a successful rich in career, always be energetic & healthy, good married life.

Please help me, if my post cant be published here, please email me at, that would be really great & helpful for me.I would have not posted my name, but I did so, as wanted to give all mt details to you.

Thank you!!!

all_bank_topics said...

Hi JS Mam

My daughter's birth star Vishakam (25th May 1983, 11.30 AM, Madurai). An alliance proposal has come from a boy with birth star Vishakam (12th May 1979, 3,25 AM, Palakkad) and the boy's side appears to be interested. Can we proceed despite the fact that they have the same birth star and rasi? Whether the Dasa Sandhi and Sama Dasa will impact them? Looking forward to your guidance

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Vishaka has eka nakshatra matching. So star is not an issue. There is no dasa sandhi. Consult your astrologer for horoscope matching and proceed.

all_bank_topics said...

Thanks a lot Mam for your immediate response and guidance. Will act accordingly. I have a thought to share - no two astrologers, am afraid, in my opinion and experience agree on a point. Hence most of the times, parents of the boy or the girl are unable to proceed further. Taking this as a clue, some people have started propagating there is no need for horoscope matching for marriage and instead they recommend to go for 'manaporutham' and 'status' matching. I am personally against this approach. Many times we humans propose but GOD dispose off. If a particular alliance has to take place, the two astrologers will agree, manaporutham will be established and everything would be okey. I know I belong to the old order. People around me are a bit confused.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Manapooruththam is important. But manapporuththam may not last long. In that case, Horoscope matching helps to ensure that the couple will carry on without big issues through tides of time. So with some basic assurance from horoscopic matching, you can explore the other issues in detail. Treat horoscope matching like a screening test. Best of luck.

Amsa said...

Dear Jaisree madam,
My son's dob is 26.11.2011, time 9.44 PM, place chennai.
Both my parents and in laws say as he is born in kettai, he will bring discomfort and something bad will happen.
Is that true? Will my son have comfortable and peaceful life? Pl check and give some suggestion. He s our precious baby and we want to give him a good life.
Thanks madam.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Amsa,

I hope you had read the article and the subsequent comments. It seems he is your first child. So don't worry anything. The child will have a good life.

For his horoscopic combinations, do Ayush Homa on his yearly star birth days till his 8th year. Whatever pitru tarpan, yearly pitru ceremonies are to be done by the menfolk in your family, must be done promptly and with care. Navadurgas must be worshiped for his sake for 9 years. You may arrange for worship in Navadurga sthals in Tamilnadu or in a temple where Nava durgas are installed. This worship must be done on his birth stars every year for 9 years. Take the child to Navadurga sthals after he is grown up, but before he completes 9 years. This will bring prosperity to the family and to the child.

For the readers to note :- These remedies are told only for this child and not for all born on Jyeshta. This is told on the basis of the overall horoscopic combination which has a combination of Sun, moon, retro Mercury and Rahu in the 5th house with Ketu apsecting from the 11th. The child's Ketu Maha dasa is due to start in July this year. Taking all these into consideration these remedies are told. There is no cause for worry. Just to be under the blessings of God through this period, I am saying these remedies.

tangoabhi said...

can the boy who is the only son and having a young sister with uttara nakestyra can marry a girl who is the eldest of the family and having jestha nakestra..

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Can marry.

Anonymous said...

Hello mam,

After going through ur article regarding moola star,I would like to clarify my doubt which I got .
Mam,I got married in March,2006.My dad was very healthy even though he has diabeties until my marriage.He used to play shuttle everyday with young people and never felt tired during his play.but from April 2006 we noticed some changes in his breathing sometimes and in June 2006 he had undergone open heart surgery but got so many complications and finally he was discharged in July.his heart was damaged and even doctors were lost hope and told us that we can't predict about how many days he will live.Everybody is surprised that why did not he ever feel sick even though his heart(not volves) is damaged by almost 50%.Before my marriage our family Is a very happy family.But after my marriage we lost mental piece in very aspect.Dad is also not feeling well all the time and mom is also not feeling well.My brother left the central govt job after my marriage and was seating for a SW job but was unsuccessful.My family is not happy now except they feel happy that I am happy.
Can you please let me know what went wrong with my marriage.Even I am also not completely happy now a days.
my husband Is born on 27th april1978 at 17.30 in Nandyal,Andhra pradesh.
My DOB is 17th April 1982 and time is 9.10am ,place is Nandyal,AP.

Please let me know when can we have those happy days again and also please let me know the remedies if need.
Thank you somuch in advance mam.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

The problems in your paternal home has nothing to do with your marriage. As you have said everyone must be happy that your life is hassle free. The good and bad happening in life is all about timing. Your father's time of ill health had started and it was a coincidence that it happened after your marriage.

amy said...

I never knew these until I have read this. I hope this one is beneficial. But I really think this is informative. Thank you for this.

Anonymous said...

hi mam,
i have gi ve birth to a baby girl on 2july 2012 at 6:33pm at banglore karnataka some are saying she is born in jyestha some are saying moola iam really confused is there are any ill effects of this. some told us to go rameshwaram for dosha nivaran
iam really tenssed. this is my second child first is boy
please help

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a wonderful blog, dealing with a very important subject and also providing very wise advice. Thanks to you. BTW, I am looking at an alliance for my daughter,(DOB 9-9-87, 10.25 PM at Chennai) & we have received a proposal- the boy's DOB 3rd July 1987 @ 11.27 AM at Chennai. Can you please see if their Jadagams Match? Both are First born Children. Some one mentioned that, being both Jeyshtas when they get their first child there would be 3 Jeyshtas at the house. Another said something related to Seemanda manthras which do not allow marriage between first borns. If you find it is OK to proceed, then when should the marriage done. Is there any other special instruction. Thanks for your advice. Regards

Murty said...

hi jayasree mam... my eldest daughter was born in jyesta nakshatra.can she marry a guy who is also an eldest son born in aslesha nakshatram?????

Anonymous said...


Greetings Ms. Jayasree! I just happened upon your wonderful website when I googled for "Balarishta Dosham". I immediately remembered your generosity to me exactly 10 years ago when you emailed me a beautiful "Raghavashtakam!" My heart felt gratitude to you again for this wonderful Ashtakam which brought me lot of joy!

Just wanted to find out if a male child born in 4th paadam of Sravana Nakshatram will suffer from "Bala arishta dosham?" Because a cursory search in your blog didn't list it so!

Thank you for this great service you are doing for all!
It is obvious that you care about your readers and answer them promptly with appropriate answers!

God Bless!

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Thanks for remembering Ms Usha. Raghavashtakamm is a beautiful composition by Adi Shankara which my mother used to sing in a calming tune. I consider it as a legacy I got from her though I remember nothing else of her due to the work of Balarishta in my case.

Balarishta could affect the mother too in which case, the child survives and the mother dies. Shravana being the star lorded by Moon - is positioned in the maraka house (7th from the house of moon which is cancer. Moon will be in cancer in Navamsa if the birth is born in the 4th pada of Shravana). But this would not cause Balarishta (death of child before 8 years) or hardship to mother unless otherwise supported by other Balarishta factors. The strength of lagna, lagna lord, 8th house and 8th lord, moon, and moon sign lord are crucial even if Balarishta factors are there. I will write them all in detail after 5th August, as I am in transit now.

Suman said...

Hello Jayasree ji, Vandanam.

You are giving a very useful and relevant inputs for the people here. Thanks a lot for that.
On Sunday 29, Jul 2012 - 7.08AM a baby girl is born to my wife and her star is Jesta 1 Paadam. I am feared a lot about her future because of this star and even the 5th house of Baby is not so friendly. Could you please review and confirm what can be done for this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your warm reply! I am happy to know that the child is not affected by "Balarishta"

Looking forward to your future posts with great anticipation.
Meanwhile have a safe/fruitful trip!


Srik_1968 said...

Hi I just hav a clarification. My Star is Jyestha and I have a younger brother for whom we are seeing alliance we have got a horoscope of a Girl who is also Jyestha. the Normal custom is a girl with Jyestha girl should be only with the eldest son. What is the repurcussion for me if my yunger brother marries that Jyestha girl. Please clarify.

Anonymous said...

hello madam,
i am born on 04-05-1988 @ 2:50p.m, in a place called chittoor in andhra pradesh,india.
i come under jyeshta nakshatra 2nd pada as told by the astrologer seeing my horoscope. when my horoscope was shown to an astrologer he said that my post married life would be a disaster and i will go through lot of problems in life since my bad time has started from 2008 and it would end after 20yrs i.e in 2028 according to his prediction.according to him my horosope is in a critical condition.
my query is regarding my marriage as to when will i married...also i would like to know how my life would be post marriage. i also have a query regarding how my career would be and will i prosper in my career and also how my financial stability wouldd be?
also i would like to mention a point that one of the astrologers told me that i have to wear a pushyaragam stoned ring and do some homam for dosha parihara so that i can reduce the bad effects of my planetary positions on me

hopin that you would go through the horoscope of mine by the time and place of birth given and provide me with an advice regarding the queries that i have and also if any dosha parihara is there

thanking you in advance..hoping you would do the needful

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@Anonymous / Usha

After some thought, I am not writing on symptoms of Balarishta as that would only scare people.

More often instant Balarishta (death soon after birth or within 1 year) is rare and can occur only if it comes with many classic features of malefic combinations. In such cases, a prior judgement can be made from the horoscope of the mother wrt the 5th house significances, the time of birth (delivery)occurring in the dasa- bukthi of malefic nature related to the 5th house in the mother's horoscope and the general transit of planets at the time of delivery being malefic in nature with malefic planets posited in kendra / kona position to each other.

Despite all these,

# a strong moon at the time of birth would avert any danger. Full moon, exalted moon or moon in benefic vargas in rasi and navamsa is of foremost value in averting Balarishta dosha.

# Even if moon is not favorable, birth at night in sukla paksha and at day in Krishna paksha would avert Balarishta.

# Even if moon is weak and is posited at malefic houses (6,8 or 12), association with or aspect by benefics would save the child.

# Even a single benefic planet such as Jupiter or Venus or Mercury at a Kendra (1,4,7,or 10) to birth time lagna would save the child.

# Jupiter at the 10th house is enough to ensure longevity, inspite of presence of malefic combinations of Balarishta.

Generally if lagna lord is stronger than the 8th lord, longevity is ensured.

Coming to birth stars, certain padas of certain stars are indeed identified as Balarishta causing. (Sravana / its 4th pada is not a Balarishta star due to the fact that Moon is the planetary lord of Sravana). But in reality, arishta does not happen. Even if malefic features are present for one born in Balarishta causing star - if benefics are there in Kendra or if Jupiter is powerful and aspects the lagna or its lord, in rasi and / or in navamsa, or if the above mentioned moon related feature is present, the child will live long.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Deepika

//i have gi ve birth to a baby girl on 2july 2012 at 6:33pm at banglore karnataka some are saying she is born in jyestha some are saying moola iam really confused is there are any ill effects of this. some told us to go rameshwaram for dosha nivaran
iam really tenssed. this is my second child first is boy
please help//

Please don't worry about these issues. Enjoy your child and be happy. As I have explained in the article, the fears about these stars have least relevance in today's social structure. I will soon upload in my article on this topic published in Feb 2011 issue of The Astrological eMagazine and post the link here. Read it.

The affliction was supposed to be relevant after marriage. Then again it was applicable in child marriages of those days. Today these afflictions have very less relevance.

Anyway for mental peace and to avert any possible ill-effect, it is ways better to do a shanthi puja on the day of Jatha karana -Namakarana and / or on the first star birthday of the child. I suggest whatever be the birth star or caste, let people do the ayush homa for the child on the first birthday of the child.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

//Can you please see if their Jadagams Match? Both are First born Children. Some one mentioned that, being both Jeyshtas when they get their first child there would be 3 Jeyshtas at the house. Another said something related to Seemanda manthras which do not allow marriage between first borns. If you find it is OK to proceed, then when should the marriage done. Is there any other special instruction. Thanks for your advice. Regards//

Let me answer to the core issues.
(1) I don't do horoscope matching for marriage. Please consult your family astrologer. My service in this blog is only to enhance a better understanding of astrology and explain the issues of general importance in astrology.

(2)Please refer my previous comments on Tri-Jyshta. All the 3 conditions must be there to fulfill the Jyeshta dosha. It is rare to happen. Even then the remedy is to conduct marriage in a month other than Jyeshta.

(3)The Jyeshta dosha was of relevance in olden days where the eldest had to bear the complete family responsibilities. Today with one child norm being popular, we are seeing most boys and girls as the eldest! In such a scenario, today's youth - both boys and girls - also have the responsibility of taking care of their home and parents in old age. We may call this as the Jyeshta issue of the modern times!

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Murthy

//hi jayasree mam... my eldest daughter was born in jyesta nakshatra.can she marry a guy who is also an eldest son born in aslesha nakshatram?????

My above comment replies to your question.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Suman,

Jyeshta is not a problem, but 5th house is. But note the aspect of Jupiter to the 5th house. Jupiter is in vargotthama and apspects the same house which becomes 9th in navamsa. This averts any ill effect arising from the 5th house combination.

The 5th lord in rasi is in neecha in navamsa. This is an issue of concern. A good thing is that the child will not come across the dasa of this 5th lord mars or Moon (Mars is in moon's asterism) until late in life.

As remedies, always worship the family deity of your side and your wife's side. A female deity is indicated as family deity. Durga and Lakshmi must be worshiped by your family. Also get a pic of Skanda as a little boy seated in between Shiva and Parvathi. This pic must established in your Puja and worshiped daily. Pray with Skanda sashti Kavacha and / or Durga Kavacha. These remedies are told for the well being of your entire family. There is no specific ill effect to your child. The 5th and 9th house coming in the picture makes me tell you to do these for the goodness of the entire family of the child. Nothing to worry.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Srik_1968

Younger brother can marry the eldest girl. She being Jyeshta need not be an issue in today's sociological conditions. I think I have explained in detail in the article and in the comments. I would suggest that you and your brother do not live in the same house after his marriage to her.

Unknown said...

Hi Madam Jayasree..The knowledge and explanation you have provided excellent which helps for many lifes.Thank you ...

It got a marriage proposal,both liked very much.Now suddenly they are saying there is padha Rajju for us..Mine is Moolam(2nd Padam) and Girls is Revathy ...Could you please help madam..whether its advisable or any remedies.Please help madam to advise and what can be done now.They are saying like any one partner will die..Will be waiting for your reply madam..

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@Prakash Govindan.

Please check whether they are serious about proceeding with the alliance. It looks it is an excuse to come out of the alliance.

Paadha rakjju is said to give rise to Desantharam - in today's condition it means separation due to work in different places. It is very common in today's world. For the stars you have given, the Padhu rajju is not same. One is aarohana (Yeru-mukam / ascending) and another is avarohana (irangu-mukam / descending) which means there is poruththam (matching).This Rajju poruththam is of medium character.

Even where rajju poruththam is there, couples have separated. Death may not be the cause, but in today's scenario, divorce is more widespread. One must understand that togetherness or separation is not based on only Rajju poruththam.

Moreover mere star matching (of which Rajju is a part)is not correct. Horoscopic matching is more relevant. If Rajju matching is absent, it does not cause death or separation if the horoscopes show long life. If some one still harps on star poruththam issues, it means they are far behind in knowledge of matching horoscopes in today's social set up.

Here is my article on what to see in matching horoscopes.

In today's mental make up of men and women, we have to take a revised look at traditional techniques of marraiage matching. Given below is a 10-point scale for matching which is tested and established in the mental / spousal behaviour of couples of today. These issues must be written as a separate article. May be I will do that in near future.

In this system to check marriage compatibility, the mutual disposition between a planet in one horoscope must be seen with the planet in the horoscope of the other. Give 10 points for Kendra (1,4,7,10) and Kona (5,9) position, 0 points for 3-11 position and -10 points for 2-12 and 6-8 position. A minimum of 100 points is needed for excellent Rna-bhanda that continues from previous lives and for discharging the remaining in this birth.

There must be mutual disposition between

(1) The lagna lord of one chart with the 7th lord of the other. And vice versa. Give 10 + 10 points. Eg;- If lagna lord of A is in Aquarius and the lagna lord of B is in Leo, seen from A’s lagna lord, the lagna lord of B is in the 7th house (Kendra). Therefore 10 points.

(2) Rasi lord of one chart with the 7th lord from the rasi of the other and vice versa (10+10 pts)

(3) Lord of the sign where Venus is posited to the 7th lord from the Venus in the other and vice versa (10+10pts)

(4) Lagna lord of one with the 9th lord of the other (vice versa & 10+10 pts)

(5) 9th lord of one with the 9th lord of the other (vice versa & 10+10 pts)

(6) Lagna lord of one with the lagna lord of the other (vice versa & 10+10 pts)

(7) Mars of one with the Venus of the other. (vice versa & 10+10 pts)

Anonymous said...

Jayasree ji!

I whole heartedly support your decision not to elaborate on Balarishta Dosham! You are right...
Poor parents- instead of enjoying their baby worry about this Dosham....
Having 3 healthy children whose horoscopes were not "cast" I decided to just let the Good Lord's and our Acharya's Blessings guide us!

May Lord Sri Rama Bless you Richly!


Unknown said...

I have gone through the information in the Blog and it is very fine and interesting to know the entire Astrology.
ThanQ very much
With regards
RK Murthy Challa

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Thanks Mr Murthy Challa.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Uploaded my article published in an astrological magazine on dosha of stars such as Moola, aslesha..

Anonymous said...

Hello Mam

i really dont know how to contact you other than leaving a comment here. My question is not about my star - Aslesha but what is wrong with my entire horoscope. Why is that EVERY alliance has failed?...any remedies please help.

Date of birth 29/10/1972 evening 6:05 pm sunday....please let me know what is wrong or right!

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ anonymous,
You can go ahead. There is matching.No Mars dosha for both.

A word for readers: I am keen on explaining misconceptions of astrology and problem- solving than doing matching of horoscopes. As I am receiving a number of comments asking me to check the matching / compatibility, I have to make this clarification and the reason why I am not posting those comments.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ anonymous

//i really dont know how to contact you other than leaving a comment here. My question is not about my star - Aslesha but what is wrong with my entire horoscope. Why is that EVERY alliance has failed?...any remedies please help.//

Aslesha is not the cause, but the planetary combinations are.

I presume that you are a male and your lagna is Mesha (you have not indicated your place of birth). For male, Venus must be devoid of afflictions from Saturn and the nodes. For females, Mars must be devoid of afflictions from Saturn and the nodes. If afflicted they will remain unmarried. If Jupiter is aspecting some of them, marriage will take place.

By affliction it is meant the well known aspects of 3rd,7th and 10th house aspect of saturn and the 3rd, 7th and 11 aspect of the nodes. In addition if these plants are in the same direction of Venus or Mars as the case may be, the affliction is said to be there. The directions can be known as east, south, west, north starting from Mesha onwards.

In your horoscope, Venus (happens to be 2nd and 7th lord) is in debility at the 6th house and joins a malefic Mars. Venus and Saturn are in the same direction thereby fulfilling the affliction by 50%. Though the nodes do not cast any aspect nor share the same direction with Venus, they do have a share in affliction as they aspect Venus as per Jaimini aspect. There is no Jovian remedy in rasi or navamsa.

Looking at the planets, sun in the 7th causes a kalatra dohsa. These are the major issues that cause a near no-marriage dosha.

However I have seen horoscopes with no direct affliction caused by the nodes -as in yours - facilitating marriage. Therefore I do foresee that you will get married and have a compatible partner as Mars and Venus are in close degrees.

Your current dasa bhukthi and annual Tajaka chart show that you will get married before next year end. Planets to be appeased are Venus, Mercury and Saturn. Worship all these planetary lords in there sthals and also Jupiter. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Dear Madam,

i am born on 21/12/1984 at Berhampur(Orissa)around 10-11 am

Please explain me whether i am suffering from kuja dosha or Rahu dosha?

I have been struggling for last 5 years or so and not getting a right placement?

I heard that after attaining the age of 28 years,kuja dosha disappears? is this right?

Thanks & Regards
Sudeep Epari

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Sudeep Epari,

No Kuja dosha or Rahu dosha for job prospects. You have good times in job coming up from 2016 onwards. Try jobs overseas also.

Unknown said...

Do I suffer from manglik dosha?
my details are:
dob: 9 July 1988
time: 1.01 pm (Malaysia time)
place of birth: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Unknown said...

Dear Madam,
This is a humble request to you from a distressed mother.
I have been reading your blog for some time and decided to seek your guidance and suggestions for my
elder son, who is 7 ½ yrs old and is mentally and physically challenged. Please guide me to make his life
better and lessen his pain and suffering. Presently I am separated from my husband as he is not doing
anything for both my sons. My brothers are supporting me and I am looking for a job.
Son’s DOB - 30 - 8 - 2005
TOB - 2 : 21 PM
POB - Kanpur, U.P
Child ‘s Mother & Father DOB & TOB are -
Father : Manmeet Singh DOB - 4th November , 1976, TOB - 10:35 AM, Kanpur , U.P
Mother : Maneet Kaur DOB - 13th July , 1983, TOB - 5:30 AM, Hyderabad , A.P
Thanking you,
(Mother of child)
PS - My son’s brain is damaged because of TORCH infection - Multiple calcification i.e., damage in brain stem, brain parenchyma & cerebellum. He is unable to talk except for uttering 1 or 2 words. Injures himself many times per day while trying to walk.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Ms Maneet Kaur,

It is painful to know the kind of suffering you and your child are undergoing. The 5th and 8th lords will be afflicted in the case of congenital issues and it can be seen that your son was born in the dasa of the 5th lord Jupiter which is in the 6th lord's star and in the antar dasa of the 8th lord which also happens to be the sign dispoitor of the 5th lord.

One can see the corresponding planetary dasas running for you at the time of birth of this child and afflictions to the corresponding planets. While you son's horoscope indicates curse of the Guru, yours indicate curse of a woman from the maternal grand mother's side.

I suggest that you worship your Kula Guru regularly and fast on Full moon days till Moon rise or any corresponding ritual in your sect. Get the advice and blessings from your Guru for your son. Both for you and your son, things would become better from September 2015 onwards.

Look for a job seriously and you would get one soon. Since you belong to non-Hindu sects, I am not able to suggest any other pariharas. If there are any propitiatory works for mother and mother goddess in your sect, start doing them. With the blessings of Guru and Mother Goddesses, you would tide over the problems and face better times once Moon dasa starts in Sep 2015. God bless you and your child.

Unknown said...

Dear Madam,
I am grateful to you for taking out time from your busy schedule and responding to my mail. Your analysis of congenital issue is accurate (as expected from your in-depth knowledge of the subject) During the most challenging and painful times, your kindness, analysis and suggestions have come as a relief. I’ll definitely worship our kula guru and fast on full moon days to lessen my son’s suffering and cope with my struggle. Apart from these, any other advice would be invaluable and I am determined to perform.
Thanking you,
Maneet Kaur

Unknown said...

For instance no Nakshatra is good or bad. A person's fate is prefixed by the creator and sent to earth. If the girl born in jeshta or moola is to be blamed, then check the horoscope of mother or mother-in-law whose fate is decided based on the entry of the girl in the family. Analyze the fate of mother or mother-in-law & not the girl coming to the house.

Unknown said...

Dear Ma'am
I found your blog very pleasing and hence i write with a query ..i am satabhisha [25/08/72 8:55am calicut kerala ]and my husband pooradam [04003069 20:20 pm pallakad kerala]..we had a late arranged marriage but facing a lot of problems - my husband looses money, didn't get promotion and we dont have children either. Please tell me if we can have a child so that we go ahead and meet a doctor? and when will our tensions? be over ..should i take up a job? my husband is highly tensed and gets angry all the time which i cant bear ..please reply

krishna said...

Dear madam,

My sister's star is Vishaka-3rd paadam, tula raasi. Before seeing your blog i thought that my sister's star will be harmful to groom's younger brother. On this belief i rejected some matches which came for my sister. Can you confirm me that visakha-3rd paadam won't have any problems regarding this young brother issue.
Also we have been seeing matches from last 15 months but nothing is successful. she is 27-02-1989 born. Is there any other complications regarding her marriage.

chocolate1986 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
samatha said...

madam my name is deepthi.. born on 7:26 am 3rd august 1990 at amalapuram A.P.. and i got a match of pradeep kumar born on 16th august 1984 at dundigal hyd and time is 5:20 PM.. will our horoscopes match .. can i marry him. iam worried about moola star.

karataka said...

Dear Madam,

I have an elder son ( aged 7) Aarudhra Nakshatram. Now, I have a second son, born on the 2nd of September 2014 at 18:29 London ( summer time is on now).
My understanding is, my second son is Kettai.
I will be grateful if you can tell me if this will it affect the eldest son? Are there any remedies to be performed?


Unknown said...

Dear mam, I am jyestha nakhastra pada 1 born child. I am elder one in my family and I don't have any elders. Does jyestha pada 1 effects suffers me? Please clarify my doubt..

Unknown said...


I have question,
I am the eldest son, and my wife is also eldest daughter and she is born under jesta nakshatra, though our marriage did not hapen in jesta masa, will it be still counted as trijesta??

waiting for your reply,

Thanks in advance

Praveen NP said...

Hi Jayasree Madam,

I had asked your advise in this same blog for my marriage on 17/08/2010. I am happy with my family with a 2year old son. My concern now is I was told some graha change has happened and Shani has come to Vrichika rashi. A I and my wife are same rashi and nakshatra i.e Jyeshta. Please let us know the graha change and its repercussions. Regards, Praveen

Anonymous said...

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sattya said...

Hello Madam. I am satish. Myself and and my family have seen a girl who is born on 01.11.1989 @ 21:30. ( her star is Jyesta ). I have an elder and only brother. Can I marry that girl. Pls advice.

Unknown said...

srikanth from Hyderabad. Jayasree madam. Rohini ( M), Jeshta ( F) are these stars match for marriage, explain about this madam, and Girl DOB 2-12-1986, time 6:15, pm Born in AP. Boy is younger in his house. Please clarify madam.

4rockstar said...


Mine: DOB 14th June 1989 @ 1.30 AM

Elder Son

Rashi: Kanya Rashi
Nakshathra: Chithra/Chitha

Her: DOB 12th Oct 1991 @ 11.45 PM

Elder Daughter
Rashi: Vrishika
Nakshathra: Jyeshta

We went to the astrologer they said that if i marry her my younger brother will be in trouble if i get married her , Kindly suggest me the solution

Is this true or false

Unknown said...

I have an issue that
I born in sandhi nakshatra that is
between jyeshta and moola nakshatra.which nakshatra should be considered for my jathakam,jyeshta 4th padam or moola 1st padam.
my DOB is 9th june 1990 at 4:45 am to 5:00 am.
Please look into my issue and help me out.

priya said...

Hi mam
My son is born in vishagam pada general m not a good beliver of jathagams but since i read abt the characteristics of vishaga natchathiram am badly worried for my son his weekness towards sex and drugs . He is just a month old. I came across this while searching names for my kid from this sites
Pls suggest wht i could do to keep my son happy and good in his life… also the point related to moms affection in his life too disturbs me

Thank u in advance

Unknown said...

Can Rohini(m),Jyeshta(f) both get marry? boy has elder brother?

Unknown said...

Hi.. Jayasree madam Can Rohini(m),Jyeshta(f) both get marry? boy has elder brother? Please Reply

Unknown said...

Dear madam. My name is Sreekumar. My DOB is 10-10-1975 around 2pm Kanni Moolam. My wife's was Vrischikam Atham on 02/12/1980. I lost her on 5th November 2014 while undergoing treatment for blood cancer. We have 2 kids of 7 and 4 year of age. Jyotsyan told me that I have chovvadosham. Her's jathakam was also having chovvadosham. Daughter Makaram-Karthika - 15/01/2011 and Son Kanni-Chithira-12/10/2007. I am very much disappointed now. I thought after matching our jathakam why jyotsyan foresee anything? Kindly reply me madam. CRSREE75@YAHOO.COM

Unknown said...

Dear Mam,

I'am jyestha nakshara born and faced many problems in my family life will my future be good, or should i do any remedy for this..
my DOB 5th November 1975, 21 PM in bangalore karnataka

Unknown said...

Respected jayshree mam,
I'm worried a prospect as the gun milan is very low but mangal dosh is cancelled. We are confused abot the relationship as other dosh are also there. I would appreciate your valued view on this prospect. Kundly spae some time.details are as below:
8:15 am

23:40 am

Unknown said...

I seek a clarification on the tri-jyeshta condition for performing marriage. My first / eldest child(son)'s marriage has been fixed with a girl who is the only child of her parents. Is it permissible / mediocre/ banned to perform the marriage during the jyeshta month (June 2015) ?
Ananth H.R

565758 said...

hello mam,
if a anuradha- 3 gal marries ashlesha-2 boy ,is there any problem to girls mother if she stays with the couple for few months in a year?

vishu said...

DDear madam
i am reading your blog from some time due to problem i am facing due to this kundali matching .mam i want to marry a girl but my parents found she is from moola star ..mam will you please help me to give your advice on this i am giving the birth details of both of us

My details
new delhi

Girls details
new delhi

Is there any problem we or our family will face..? Please mam please help i will be grateful to you my whole life..

Unknown said...

Dear madam, I stumbled on your post since i was desperately searching for expert advise on our situation here. Me and my wife have been recently blessed with a little princess (on 13March2015, 2:43pm, at Pune) . She was a twin and her brother did not survive after the 7th month for reasons we are not aware. This is our first baby after over 7 years of marriage and I am concerned after having read about Vrushik rashi, Jyestha pada -3 that she belongs to. I am willing to do anything to make sure she grows in the right environment, full of positivity, good values , unconditional love and happiness to create a good , mature and responsible citizen of our country. Your advise here will be very helpful.

padma said...

Hi Jayasree,

I need your help on one of the assumption my parents are fearing on my nakshtranam. Here are my details:
TIme: 7pm
Place: chennai
Few people say that i have Moola 3 padam and i should married only to moola nakshtram guy and others say that i have purvashada nakshtranam Padam-3 and moola dosham also... so could clarify me on these predictions?

Also is there anything moola nakshtranam male/female should get married only to moola nakshtram only...please help

padma said...

Hi Jayasree,

I need your help on one of the assumption my parents are fearing on my nakshtranam. Here are my details:
TIme: 7pm
Place: chennai
Few people say that i have Moola 3 padam and i should married only to moola nakshtram guy and others say that i have purvashada nakshtranam Padam-3 and moola dosham also... so could clarify me on these predictions?

Also is there anything moola nakshtranam male/female should get married only to moola nakshtram only...please help

padma said...

Hi Jayasree,

I need your help on one of the assumption my parents are fearing on my nakshtranam. Here are my details:
TIme: 7pm
Place: chennai
Few people say that i have Moola 3 padam and i should married only to moola nakshtram guy and others say that i have purvashada nakshtranam Padam-3 and moola dosham also... so could clarify me on these predictions?

Also is there anything moola nakshtranam male/female should get married only to moola nakshtram only...please help

kala said...

Hi Jayasree,
My name is kala and DOB is 29-06-1988, 05.37 AM born in Hyderabad, software engineer. I was going through your blog and found very informative. Till now never bothered about kundli and star of mine. My parents are looking for matches from the past one and half year but no luck. Many has approached us but not interested in alliance giving the reason of my star (moola,pada-1) and it will affect groom’s father . I heard from my parents that my father had met with an accident in the first month of my birth and they performed some shanthi after recovery of my father. I am really feeling very bad by hearing this. My parents are so much worried about my marriage. Did my star is really bad? Will it affect life of in-law’s family and parents family?
Could you please suggest remedy for this.
Thanks in adavance.

sneha said...

Hi. My name s sneha. I need clarification/help. my date of birth is 30-5-1991, dhanu rashi with moola nakshatra 2pada and I want to marry a guy whom I love, he is born on 13-5-1991 with mesha rashi and bharani nakshatra 2pada. So I request you to help me that this marriage is possible or not. and also mention remedies to overcome the doshas.. Thank you..

Scarlet Pimpernel said...

Hello sir,

I am Aslesha 4th pada. I live and work in London and my family of brother, sisterinlaw and mother live in Hyderabad. I have got a proposal from an Aslesha 2nd pada girl. Kindly advise if it is OK to marry.

Thank you for your precious advice. I look forward to your reply.
Kind Regards

Unknown said...

Hello Jayashree Mam,
Good Evening!

We need your inputs regarding match suitability of my sister. Please check and confirm your detailed remarks so that we can process further. We need your help to understand this, looking at the thread i'm sure you will help us out.

The following are the details
25 Feb 1983- 3:30PM- Delhi
Pushya - 4th Charan

16 Nov 1984 - 04:20AM-Delhi
Ashlesha -3rd Charan

Please help !!

jitskreig said...

ms jayasree, my daughter was born on 10 april 2015 jyeshta nakshatra. would like to know how this would affect her life. she was born at 1229 am at bhatinda (punjab).

Unknown said...

Hi Jayasree Mam,
I have a cousin who is born on 31st Oct 1991 at Jangareddygudem, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh. We have been looking for matches for past one and a half years, but nothing is getting fixed due to some or the other reason. Would you please be able to advice when she will get married and if there are any remedies that needs to be performed. Also request you to please let us know if she will lead a happy life. Awaiting for your kind response.
Best Regards.


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Ravi Kota said...
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Kota Visalakshi said...
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Unknown said...

Hello madam,
Please help me... I'm working in a govt bank I like to marry my colleague..
My name jayendran, dob:12.12.1988
Birth time 3am place ooty
Girl name Banu dob:30.11.1989,time 6.58
Place — ooty
Girl is moolam star 1st pada, I'm danushu rasi uthrashda 1st pada,
My parents are in coimbatore living separate, my dad s also moolam star
Can I marry this girl..

kiranmayee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Respected Jayasree mam,

I was born on 01-06-1988, 12:20 pm, name: majunath, sex: male, madanapalle , AP.
comes under Jyeshta star , and i am elder son to my parents. my parents are seeing match with the girl of 18-06-1993, 9:20 am,vasavi, madanapalle, ap, which comes under
krittika -4npada, born in jyesta month. will tri-jysta applies to Jyesta Month also. she is second child to her parents. please clarify me.
thank u

Sanpra said...

Hi Jayasree Madam,

I am the eldest daughter in my family born in Jyesta (1st pada).Following are my birth date

details :

D.O.B : 15th July 1989

Time : 2:10 PM

Place of Birth : Narsapuram (Wet Godavari, A.P.)

My parents are in search for a bridgegroom and we are really having tough time about

trijyesta.Following are the couple of questions for which we are having ambiguity :

a) Can I marry eldest son in the family ?
b) Can I marry a person who is the only one in the family ?
c) Can I marry a person who is having elder brother?
d) Can I marry in the Jyesta month\or a jyesta star boy to avoid trijyesta ?
e) what are the compatible stars for m nakshatra ?
Your quickturnaround would be really appreciated !!

Thanks in advance !!

Unknown said...

Respected madam,

please help me.I am moola nakshatra 3 pada (female) and he is jyestha nakshatra. we are in love. we can not live without each can we marry ??? wiil every thing be alright if we marry ? and please tell me the remedie. please suggest me what to do.

Thank you.

priya said...


I have read your blog and found that very helpful. It helped me a lot to understand some of the believes and myths in a rational way.
I need your help. I am about to get married. I am born in jyeshtha nakshatra (28th Mar, 1989 at 6:02 pm in Muzzafarnagar,U.P., India). The boy has an elder brother. Our astrologer has suggested me to start fasting on Sunday starting from arnd 15th Nov till next 6 months.
I want to know if there is going to be any ill effect on my husband's brother because of our marriage. If yes, then what are the remedies that may help us to eliminate these ill effects.
I do fasting on Monday for almost last 3 or 3.5 years. I use to pray daily morning and I have been doing this for almost last 10 years. Do these deeds not help in neglifying the ill effects if any associated with my kundali?
I would eagerly wait for your reply and would appreciate an early response.


PavanKumar said...

Hi Madam,

My name is pavan born in AP, my parents are looking out for a match/partner, i am born in Jyeshta nakshatra. Wanted to verify does trijyeshta is good , like me born in jyeshta nakshatra, elder son, marrying elderly girl and also on below.

Dob: May 29 1988.

a) Can I marry eldest son in the family ?
b) Can I marry a person who is the only one in the family ?
c) Can I marry a person who is having elder brother?
d) Can I marry in the Jyesta month\or a jyesta star boy to avoid trijyesta ?
e) what are the compatible stars for m nakshatra ?
Your quickturnaround would be really appreciated !!
Thanks in Advance.


roja said...

Hi jayashree madam,
My sister has been in love with a boy for the past 4 years.Parents are against the marriage proposal saying that he has manglik dosha in his chart . There has been a conflict of opinion among astrologers regarding his janma saying it is rohini and another as mrigasira. Kindly look into the horoscopes and suggest madam.
Boy DOB: 7th march 1987...7.15PM..GUNTUR..ANDHRA PRADESH
Girl DOB: 8th march 1991...7.10 PM..GUNTUR...ANDHRA PRADESH
Thank you mam,

Anonymous said...

Hello mam,

my self rahul M in love with a girl and we have 8 year relationship which is still fine and we really love each other. Mam we both want to spend our whole life with each other but her family people force her to match our horoscope(kundali) and now they are saying that she has jyestha dosha. Could you please check the same and if any solution is there please let me know mam please.

Our details are:
9-aug-1989, time-12:30am
Birth place: pauri garhwal(uttarakhand)india

14-jun-1992, time-3:45pm
Birth place: delhi(india)

Please am waiting for your reply that can we go ahead or not, i have a elder brother and a younger brother also please check the jyestha dosha also.

Awating your responce..

DEV said...

This regarding my daughter. DOB 27 Apr 2015 at Srinagar(J&K) at 1105 am.Star Jeshta.
Please comment on follwing.
1. Does her birth have any adverse effect on her elder brother ( DOB 18 Nov 1997. Kerala at 0830 pm.
2. Whether she is having Manglc dosha and if so what is the remedy?
3.What is the right age for marriage and what religious steps to be taken for timely marriage?
4, We have done MOOLSHANTHI POOJA at home before she completed one year of age. Any additional step to be taken ?

Philo Creations said...
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Philo Creations said...
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Philo Creations said...

Dear Madam,
My date of birth is 25th jan 1980 11.30 pm Karwar (karnataka) and the girls is 16th may 1986 Karwar (karnataka)timing not known but i guess in evening or night.
Kindly suggest whether can go ahead with marriage. its a arranged marriage

Unknown said...

Hello mam ,
my dob is 25-08-1993 (female) 1:30pm, it is said that i belong to jyeshtha nakshartra (kindly please check) , is it really true that it will effect my future husband's brother ?
Kindly suggest .

Unknown said...

Hello Mam,
I am born in Ashelsha nakshatra and my marriage has been fixed with a boy who is chitirai nakshatra.Will we both make a good couple and be successful after marriage.?Appreciate your immediate response

Unknown said...

Hi madam,

Myself is nagababu, recently i got a match, but the girl star was star is Dhanista... some pundits told if i marry that gal it will effect my elder brother.

In searching of this reason i find ur blog which is very useful and informative. am providing my details please check whether i should marry the gal.

Boy Details:
Name: nagababu,D.O.B :5-5-1983, Time 10.00p.m , Place: Eluru
Gal Details:
Name: Sirisha, D.O.B 9-11-1991, Time 1.00 A.m,Place : Eluru

rohan verma said...
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arthi said...

Hello mam
Iam jyeshta born girl (28011984) and the guy who iam suppose to marry is elder son of the family and have a younger sister (21071982) I want to know if this match is fine

Unknown said...

hai mam
my grand daughter birth date 25/02/2016 time 12.33
which is her star bad or good some said its affects her fater iam very worried

Unknown said...

hai mam
my grand daughter birth date 25/02/2016 birth time 12.33 pm

Unknown said...

hai mam
my grand daughter birth date 25/02/2016 time 12.33 pm which is her star good or bad some said its affects her father am very worried plse send reply

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