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Birth of baby in the star of a parent.




Half-baked knowledge of anything is likely to play a spoilsport.

In astrology such knowledge is dangerous.

One such bit of knowledge is about the birth star of babies.

The birth of a baby is a happy occasion for the parents.

But hear-say is that it will bring suffering or even death

if the baby is born in mother’s or father’s birth star.


The most popular source of this is – ironically –

the most respected and followed Brihat Parashara Hora sastra.

In chapter 85 detailing ‘Inauspicious births’,

sage Parashara does say that if a baby is born

 in the birth star of brother or father or mother,

they will undergo death like suffering (text below).

So saying, the sage continues to say that the malefic effects can be mitigated and

does give the remedial measures in the next chapter.

The details of the redial measure is also given below.

The recommendation to do remedial goes to show that this issue is not a grave one.


When two or more persons in a family are born in the same star,

they experience similar gochara (transit) effects in their lives simultaneously.

In the case of afflictions due to eclipses,

they will face similar prospects of badness.

Due to these reasons, it is told that birth in same star brings inauspiciousness.

But not all sages share the same opinion in this regard.

Different versions do exist.


One such version is given in ‘Brahma rishi Vaakhyam’,

supposedly narrated by the four-faced Brahma.

According to him, there is a qualified reference to same-star birth.

If a daughter born in mother’s star

or a son born in father’s star it will cause ‘eka nakshathra dosha’.

It causes problems to the concerned parent.

He recommends a shanthi pooja to avert the problems.



But a variation of this is given by Prithuyashas, the son of Varahamihira.

He does not consider the above births as causing hardships.

Instead he says that eka nakshthra affliction applies to sons only. 

In chapter 28 -30 of Hora sara, he says that

a son born in mother’s star is not good for the father and

a son born in father’s star is not good for mother.

The application is only to sons and not daughters.

This affliction caused by son’s birth can be averted by shanti pooja.


There is however another issue of birth stars that are said to cause malefic effects to the parents.

They are the gandantha stars that come in the sandhi (meeting points)

of the three groups of rasis in the zodiac.


Of these Aslesha (ayilyam) last pada,  Maga 1st pada.

Jyeshta last pada and Moola 1st pada are seen to be dreaded ones.

Revathy last pada and Aswini 1st pada are also gandantha stars

But they do not necessarily cause suffering.

It is because Ashwini is a curative star.

There may be exceptions to this and we need to study them.


In reality, we have seen the births in these stars causing concern –

say, due to difficult labour for the mother or caesarian births or 

complications in birth or some anxiety at the time of birth associated with birth.

In this context I request interested readers to send me the birth details

of those born in these stars (6 stars) or star padas.

I am doing a research on this issue and I assure you all confidentiality.

I don’t even require the name or any other details except the information

if there was any trouble at the time of birth (the troubles as noted above or otherwise)

The only details I require are the date of birth , time of birth and place of birth.


There is another group of stars that can not be ignored.

There are 5 stars that are said to cause suffering to parents

The 5 stars are

Poorvashada – 3

Revathy -3

Pushya -2

Chitthra -2

Uttara phalguni -1


In these cases too, there is no arishta (death) feared.

In practice we do come across these stars with the effects of gandhantha stars

(like difficult labour and caesarian delivery. The afflictions end with that.)


In the above 5 star-births, the father is not supposed to see the child

for specific months for each of these stars,

at the end of which a shanthi pooja must be done.


In any case of same-star birth (eka-nakshthra birth),

there is no need for panic.

Consult the Purohits and they will do the required poojas for remedy.




From Brihat Parashara Hora sastra:-



Ch. 85. Inauspicious Births


1-4. The Venerable Sage said. O Maitreya!

Now I will describe to you the circumstances, in which the births are inauspicious in spite of Lagna and the Grahas being well disposed.


Although Lagna may be well disposed, births will be inauspicious, if they take place on Amavasya (last day of the Krishna Paksha),

on Chaturdasi (14th Tithi),

in Krishna Paksha (dark half of the month),

in Bhadra Karan,

in the Nakshatr of the brother,

in the Nakshatras of father and mother,

at the time of entry of Sūrya in a Rāśi,

at the time of solar and lunar eclipses,

at the time of Vyati Pata,

in Gandantas of all the three kinds,

in Yamaghant, Tithikshaya, in Dagdha Yog etc.

The birth of a son after three daughters and birth of a daughter after three sons and the birth of a freak are inauspicious.

But there are remedial measures for obtaining relief from the evil effects of such births, which are being described in the following chapters.




Ch. 89. Remedies from Nakshatr Birth


1-7. The Sage Parasara said. O Maitreya!

If the birth takes place in the Nakshatras of the brother and the parents,

death takes place, without doubt, of the brother and the father, or mother,

or they have to undergo death-like suffering.

Therefore I am going to describe the remedial measures to be adopted to escape from these evil effects.

The remedial rites should be performed in a Muhurta,

when Chnadra and stars are favourable on a day,

on which there is no Rikta-Bhadra Dosha.

The remedial rites should be performed in the following order.

Install an idol of the Janm Nakshatr on a Kalash

in the North-East direction from the fire.

Cover it with a red piece of cloth and

then warp two pieces of cloth round it.

Worship the idol

by chanting the Mantras of the Janma Nakshatr.

According to one’s Gotra,

perform Havan 108 times with the recitation of the same Mantra,

facing the fire, with Ghī and other Havan material.

Then the priest, performing the Puja, should sprinkle water

on the parents and brother (whoever is concerned).

Give presents in cash (Dakshena) to the priest and his colleagues,

associated with the ceremony, to the best of one’s means and

then feed the Brahmins to the best of one’s means.







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Padmavathy Neelakandan said...


My father's birth star is Moolam & when he died the start was again Moolam. In addition, it was Durgashtami on the day of his death. Is there any significance to all these?


Jayasree Saranathan said...

If someone is critically ill, it is difficult to cross the day of birth star. Death occurs before or on the day of birth star or on the 10th or 19th star from birth star. Due to the critical nature of the birth star, ayush homa is done on one's birth star.

The star of the day when the illness begins also is a factor that decides the duration of the illness or whether it will end up in death.

There is another concept called shunya rasi which is based on birth thithi. Specific signs (rasi) are noted for specific thithis as shunya rasi. When the lord of the shunya rasi passes the shunya rasi in transit, death occurs. Like this, there are many parameters. We can not generalise them.

But timing of death depends on many factors. Dasa-bhukthi is a prime indicator.

Deepa said...


For your research, I am a mom belong to P Phalguni and so does my son - same pada #3. I did not have any problems in labor and underwent a very smooth natural delivery process.

Could you please tell me if we will have any negative effects of ek nakshatra dosham? I could email you the horoscope details


Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Deepa.
Thanks for the input.
P.Phalguni eka nakshathra has no problem. So don't worry.

If you have not done any shanthi puja which is recommended for any eka nakshthra birth, atleast ayush homa for the kid is to be done on the first year completion. If not, do it in his next birthday as he is also running the last part of 7-1/2 year saturn now.

The Devatha for P.Phalguni is Parvathy Devi. It will do good for both of you to worship Parvathy Devi on Fridays.

renu said...

My daughter and I are both purva phalguni star. From the time she is born we are facing lots of marital issues and loss of money.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Purva phalguni does not suffer eka nakshathra dosha. There are other causes for your suffering - one of then being the transit of Saturn.

yay said...

My daughter is Uttara Phalguni, 1st padam. My husband is also the same star. Please let me know what are the repercussions and shanti that has to be performed.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ yay,

Don't worry. I think you would had done ayush homa for your daughter on her first birth day (star birthday). That is enough. By gochara positions, Saturn effect is getting over. Worship Lord Anjaneya by puja and abhisheka on a saturday and in your daughter's name and distribute prasada to the people.

Manjunath said...


My Name is Manjunath, my daughther and son are born in same rashi & same Naksathra(Masha rashi, Kruthika naksathra) after my son birth iam experiencing lot of losses, wonder if this has any effect.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Manjunath,

Same star births are not inauspicious, but they give rise to a situation where more than one person from the family have the same dasa and the same transit effect. As a result the effect of these - good or bad - are felt more by the family.

When the same star births happen in the star of the parent, the dasa and transit effect will be simultaneously felt by both the parent and the child. This condition was called as a dosha, thats all.

We can not have any control on the birth star. That is why the pariharas are told for same star births.

In your sons' case, they were born in the same star and therefore will have same dasa of sun at birth. Sun is the signifactor of father. If sun is not auspiciously posited in the natal horoscope, the fortunes of the father can get affected. But such an affliction will also be found in the father's horoscope. So the child can not be faulted. Such an affliction is indicated in the child's horoscope because the comforts that a child enjoys in the formative years are dependent on the father's fortunes. That is how we must see.

In your son's horoscope sun dasa must be there until 4 to 5 years of age. Sun is one of the shortest dasas. So your problems may not continue for long. Pray to your family deity and worship Surya Narayana. If initiated into Gayathri japa, do that 108 times everyday.

sangswam said...


My husband and my son share the same Rasi and nakshatram, it is Punarpoosam and Mithunam,

from that day, My husband and I are working on different cities and my son stays with me, are these issues happenning because of the same star and nakshatra that my son and husband share..

please advice. Thanks

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Sangswam

Your husband and son have same transit effect. The bhaadak lord is also the same. These are the main features in same star births, which cause the trouble. Don't worry. When saturn moves to Scorpio after 2 and a half years, there will be a change in the status quo.

Anonymous said...

For ur research i have given my birth details:
Dob:29 march 1989
birth at exact sandhi rasi and nakshathra is differnet for differenr panchanga.In bhava chart my rasi is dhanush nakshathra moola.At the age of 3 and the year of 2001 my health condition affected severly.After 2-3 months it improved quickly.But my mother didnt feel difficulty at my birth.But my father business affected a lot after my bith.Lot of debt.Any remedy for it?What is my rasi and star?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ aninymous
What is your place of birth?

Anonymous said...


my daughter birth star is revathi pada 2. She was born with caesarian after deciding time and birth star at that time. my birth star is also revathi but pada is 1. will this cause any problem?


Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Mjay,
Only Revathy 3rd pada is said to cause afflictions.
Anyway, do ayush homa for your daughter in the upcoming birthday and saneeswara puja after that. Donate a cow to a Vishnu temple after that.

Anonymous said...

My husband is dhanusu raasi and moola nakshathra , & my son was born on aug 2010 with same raasi & nakshathra , any problem that the father & son are in same nakshathra??

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ anonymous,

For Moola nakshathra -
Consult your family priest and do eka mnakshathra parihara puja.

Anonymous said...

Son and father share the same birth star Kanya rasi and Uttaram Natchithiram . Please advise.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Consult your purohit and do shanthi puja.

Anonymous said...

I am talking here about my grandfather Late M. Damodara Menon (1923-2010), who died a month after his 87th birthday. He was hospitalized on 30th July 2010, three weeks after his birthday, due to many age-related problems. He was born on 10th July 1923 at Ottapalam in Palakkad district, Kerala, India. His birth star was Rohini in the month of Mithunam and according to the star, his last birthday in his life was on 9th July, exactly three weeks before the hospitalization. He had a severe fever some days before it, but on that day, he fell with a great force and after that, he was taken to the hospital. He was 5 ft 10 in tall and weighed 78 kgs. at the time of his death. He never had much complications until the age of 84, but after the death of his younger brother, his condition became worse. Then he had comparatively frequent hospitalizations. In 2008, he suffered a huge fall at the home of his eldest son (my uncle) at Ernakulam. Then, he could not walk.

The star on the day of his hospitalization was Poorooruttathy and a week later, Rohini star came on 5th August. We were praying for the survival of Achachan(I called him so because he was my father's father) and he survived, but died on 9th August, in Pooyam, which is my birth star. In addition, it was Karkkidakavavu too.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ anonymous,

There are several factors that determine the time of death of a person. The birth star of children or grand children has no connection to the death of a person.

Kiran said...

Good Morning!

My second son was born on 29-08-2010 in Aswani Nakshatram 3rd pad. The birth time is 22:27 and place @Hyderabad. He is not sharing any star with any one in my family. On consultation with some purohits, we were assured, Aswani 3rd Pad did not has any doshas and therefore we did not perform any puja. But exactly within 2 months of his birth I lost my job due to our project's failure. Along with me 2 of my colleagues also lost their jobs. I spent more than one year jobless and recently 3 months back I got a job but was not able to make it successful. Every attempt in my current job is getting futile. I have tried with some business ideas which were widely appreciated by eminent people, but could not succeed. Does my sons birth star has any play for my current situation. If it is there, why my other 2 colleagues also are suffering? Still I have serious financial worries. My star is Mrigasira 3rd Pad. my DOB is 20-03-1975 and TOB is 16:36 pm, POB is Kakinada, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh. (after my first sons birth, I got elevations of all sorts except losing my father). Will there be any improvement in my current situation, Does my second son's star has any dosha resulting for my current crisis.Do I have to perform any parihara? Request you to please guide Me.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Kiran,

Before replying to the questions raised in your comment, I wish to state here for the sake of all readers that a child's birth does not bring good or bad for the parent. If any good or bad happens to a parent soon after the child was born, it is a manifestation of a collective destiny and not the result of any luck factor. I request every reader of this blog -post not to link the good or bad that happens to you with the arrival of your sweet little child.

This post was written to dispel concerns when the child was born on the star of the parent. Only this aspect (same star birth) has been given importance in the Jyothisha sastra for which the sages have recommended remedies. My post brought out all that to help the readers having same star - born kids. The reason for the concern on same star birth is also explained in the article and the comments. Same star born ones - be they parent and child or even between any close members of a family will have the transit planets in similar positions. So a good or bad effect of a transit will be collectively more. Even then, it need not be so, because the dasa-bhkukthi of the person is more powerful than transit effects in causing good or bad events. If the dasa-bhkthi is good, the transiting planet can not cause any extreme effect.

So I request the readers not to worry about the same star births and spoil the happiness of the family on the arrival of your lovely kid. The stars that will have to be propitiated in the same star births have been given in the article. Poojas must be done only for those born in those stars. Others need not worry.

But at times one will find as a coincidence some good or bad happening to them after the birth of a child. In such cases, the good or bad will be definitely shown in the horoscope of the parent. Every one in the family whose fortunes depend on that person also will have this shown in their respective horoscopes.

For example in your case, the job-loss will have a deep implication on the family and the comforts that the child would have received if things had been alright. It will be reflected as loss of Bhaagya / luck in the child's horoscope also. This should not be interpreted in the reverse that since because it is shown like that in the child's horoscope, the parent suffered job-loss! I request you to accept that the troubles you have are primarily stemming from your horoscope / karma, the extension of which is reflected in the horoscope of the new born, the already born, the spouse and other close relatives who will suffer on account of your job-loss. Your friends also would be having their horoscopes showing a bad patch in the same period.

In this context I recall the times Ramalinga Raju had the fall. A month before that, a senior official working for him contacted me and expressed the worry about his job. He gave the birth details of Ramaling Raju and swore that Raju was so good at his job that nothing could go wrong with him. But Raju's time was not promising then. If a top person like Raju suffers, a whole lot of his employees would also suffer. You can not blame Raju for that, because these employees also would be having troubled times as per their horoscopes. In this way we see the concept of collective destiny working for many people who are unrelated to each other. In your case, you and your partners must be having horoscopic indications of tough times simultaneously. It is more correct to blame yourself and partners for the debacle and not your child.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

(continued from above)

Coming to your horoscope, in the current Jupiter dasa you would have seen growth in the first half and low in the second half (now) as Jupiter is the lord of an auspicious and an inauspicious house too. Jupiter is combust in the 8th house in Rasi (D-1) and is in debility in the 2nd house of family and money in Dasama (D-10) which is seen for profession. The profession related house (10th house) from Lagna and Moon are afflicted in rasi thereby showing a trend of loss in money and status in the last part of Jupiter dasa. It happened in Jupiter dasa-Rahu Bhukthi. Rahu occupying the sign of home and comforts show that the happiness at home is considerably lost due to this. Fortunately this period is coming to an end on the 27th of this month.

The next Mahadasa of Saturn starts on 27th feb, 2012 and in the first part of it, you will be able to pick up gradually. You can try any new business ventures from March 2015 onwards and not now. You have a fortunate combination of Mars and Venus - the Dharma karmadhipsthi lords of the Rasi joining in the 11th house of Profits thereby forming a fortunate yoga in the Navamsa. So be assured that the best times are going to come. Saturn is presently transiting the sign having very good bindhus thereby making the upcoming saturn dasa a period of opportunities and betterment.

I suggest you worship Lord Shiva with milk / ganga jal abhisheka in a Shiva temple on the day of next Paurnami (It happens to be Holi festival day when Rudra abhisheka or Abhisheka to Nataraja will dispel all hardships). Do Naga pooja on a Panchami. Worship Lord Vigneswara and your Kula deiva everyday at home. Worship Naga deva regularly and with milk abhisheka on Tuesdays at home or in a temple. God bless.

Yogesh said...


Myself Yogesh from Pune.
I have a query that the Rashi & Nakshataram of myself & my son is same ie - Vrishik & Anuradha. My son is 1 yr old & is very much adamant. are we suppose to do any Shanti? If yes, which? Can you plz through some light on it?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Mr Yogesh,

Mars being the moon sign lord will give adamant nature. In that case your child will be more like you in temperament.It is better you do Eka Nakshthra Shanthi puja by consulting a Purohit. Also worship Lord Shnai with puja and offering gingelly oil for lighting lamps for shani Bhagawan.

Anonymous said...

I have a unique situation. My brother & dad are born in the same raasi but different nakshatram. Makha and pubba respectively. They do not get along well.

Now my son and husband have the same raasi but different nakshatram (dhanishta & Shravana). What can I do for all 4 of them

Yogesh said...

Thanks a lot for same from Yogesh , Pune....
I had consulted with Purohit, he said the same along with a Pooja/Shanti of Mangal, Budh & Guru is also what he recommended...
Is it required? My son's DoB is 29/01/2011 @ 7.15 AM in Pune.
Kindly Guide.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Mr Yogesh.

Shanti puja for Eka nakshatra must be done.

His Mangal and Guru are well placed. Since Maha Budha dasa has started and Budha is the 6th lord and placed in the 12th in Rasi and the 8th place in Navamsa, I suggest you do Budha puja also along with the Shanti puja. I also suggest puja for Shani as both you and your son are having 7-1/2 year sojourn of shani. Nothing to worry, this is only a precaution. If at all any problems are to come, the child will get health issues with cold and digestion.

KnR said...

Hi, I have a new born son and his rasi and nakshtra is same as mine ( Magha nakshatra and simha rasi). My dob is 21st april 1975, Mysore, India and my son's DOB is 7th of march 2012 at Freehold, New Jersey USA. Can you please let me know if this is of any concern. If it is, what are the remedies.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ KnR,
There is no cause of worry. But it is better to do a shanthi puja for same star births.

Anonymous said...

in my case myself(dad) and my new born son we share the same nakshatra and rasi...thulam & swaithi.
The mother had a long labour and she ended up with C-section.
Let me know what i should do ?
Thank you.

Keerthi said...

My daughter and her father share the same nakshatra (jyesta) and also the same rasi. I had a complicated labour and underwent c-section. My baby was also placed in the ICU for 3 days. I had health issues intil she turned 1. Now her father is falling ill often. Can you provide us guidance on what we could do? Since you mention daughter sharing mother's nakshatra and father and son sharing the same nakshatra only causes problem.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

//Since you mention daughter sharing mother's nakshatra and father and son sharing the same nakshatra only causes problem///

Schools of thought vary, but the probability of hardships to close relatives is due to similar transitory effect of malefics and the dasa- bhuthi. In addition there will be indications in the horoscopes of the parent who suffered some problem after the birth.

Please furnish the birth details of the 3 of you for a specific guidance.

Anonymous said...

My doctor says my estimated due date is 13th december 2012 and it happens that amavaya falls on that day? I have been worried. Is it in auspicious?
Thank you

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ anonymous,

Birth time is not in our hands. It is also not right to change the birth time through medical methods. The birth time is a pre-determined one in consonance with the Prarabdha karma plot that one is born with. So don't worry about the day. Just pray God that your child will have a very good life and bring happiness to all.

May be I can suggest some prayers for a good time of birth for your child and easy delivery. Worship Lakshmi Narayana everyday and do Sathya Narayana puja on Full moon days from the next Full moon onwards till delivery time. Read the chapter on Rama jananam (18th chapter of Bala khanda of Valmiki Ramayana) every day morning after taking bath and offer sweetened milk to Rama after recitation. Keep doing this till delivery day. God will bless you with a good child and happy times with the child.

sunitha said...


My daughter was born on June 8th 2009. She was born in Detroit at 10.30pm.
I haven't done any pooja so far.
Do u recommend anything
I am guessing she is pada 2 - moola
U can email me

Vishal Sathyan said...

I had earlier mentioned that my grandfather died on 9th August 2010 aged 87, in Pooyam star in the month of Karkkidakam and Amavasya day - Karkkidakavavu, the first amavasya in dakshinayana and the day which is famous in Kerala for the pitru-karmas, or for the peace of the deceased people. Pooyam is my birth star. I was born on 17th October 1995 at Thrissur in Kerala. My uncle and one of my youngest cousins were also born in that star, but born in different months, I am in Kanni, uncle in Meenam and cousin in Mithunam. Does this cause any harm to us?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Vishal Sathyan,

The direct implication holds good for parent and son / daughter. For other relatives, the implication is much less because in today's situation these relatives are not living under the same roof and eating from the same source of income. This was not so in olden days and that is why they have said for relatives.

Moreover the implication applies at young age - within a family when the parent and child share the same Gochara effect due to same star. So you need not worry about the same star for relatives.

Mostly any adverse effect of same star will be seen within the first few years of life of the child as long as the dasa and gochara effect lasts. For that, shanthi poja and puja for birth star on star birth days are recommended. For elders like you there is no cause of worry or need for remedy.

If you are still worried, worship Saturn (planetary lord of Pushya) for 9 weeks on saturdays. For Pushya, the tree is Peepal. Donate peepal saplings to temple or take care of the maintenance of peepla tree which is a sthala vruksha in a temple.

Vishal Sathyan said...

What is Shunya rasi? Why it is based on birth thithi? My birth thithi is Navami. Does this also change like karanas in the case of dark and bright fortnights? My birth thithi came in dark fortnight. What is my Shunya rasi? Who is it's Lord?

subha said...

Dear Madam,
My husband and my son share the same Hastham naktchathra & kanni rasi. My husband DOB is 20.06.1972 & my son DOB is 14.01.2004 and he was born at Kuwait with a 3rd degree vaccum delivery.
My star is Swathi & rasi Thula. We have a daughter and her DOB is 01.06.2007. Her star is Anusham & rasi vrichigam.
Is there any problem for my family due to the sharing of same natchathra and rasi by my husband and son ? If so, kindly advice for the remedy. We all will be grateful to you.
Thank you.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Vishal

The application of Shunya rasi is generally connected with timing the death. I don't know why you are eager to know that? In practical use, I have found its relevance in terrorist attacks and unnatural deaths. If you browse my blog, I would have made a mention of it during terror attack times. My article incorporating Shunya rasi in terror time attacks is yet to be made public for copyright reasons. Its enough you know that Shunya rasi reckoning is considered in timing death.

The shunya rasis are fixed for thithis. Depending on the thithi in which one is born, shunya rasi is known. However there is no shunya rasi for those born on new moon and Full moon days.

The principle is that when the lord of the shunya rasi transits the shunya rasi, death occurs - on the condition that other factors indicating death are also present. In terror attack times, I have found that the lord of the shunya rasi of that day's thithi was either transiting the shunya rasi or aspecting the shunya rasi. So my contention is that the principle of Shunya rasi works in mundane affairs and not always in individual cases.

Like Kuja dosha, Shunya rasi concept originated in Kerala. There are limitations to these concepts and are no longer relevant universally.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Subha,

There is problem with the same stars in your family. If no shanthi puja is done in the past, do abhsheka and archana to Durga / Parvathy / Meenakshi in the next birth star date in the names of your son and husband. Thats enough.

Vishal Sathyan said...

Mrs. Jayasree,

What was the Shunya Rasi of the day of 26/11 attacks?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

26/11 started on Amavsaya day. So no Shunya rasi.

Vishal Sathyan said...

What about 9/11 attacks?

N.B.: 9/11 and 26/11 attacks were not occurred in the same month. The former happened in September 2001 and the latter happened in November 2008, but they are written so because in the United States, month is written first and in India, date is written first.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Shunya rasi affliction was there in 9/11 terror attacks.

Anonymous said...

Hello Madam,
My second daughter was born on an amavasya day ( 1st July, 2012) which was also an eclipse day. Though she was born after eclipse (2:53 pm) I would like to know if there are any pariharas required. She will complete yr this month, so is any pooja or shanthi required by then?
Also she shares nakshatra with her maternal grandmother (mother's mother).

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ anonymous

I think you meant July 2011.

Do ayush homa on the first birthday at home. Worship Shiva-Parvathy in a temple on that day by arranging abhisheka and feeding the poor.

There is no afflciiton seen in the horoscope. So don't worry.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Jayasree,
I was reading up on Gandamoola Dosha on your blog and would like to add some details for your research. I have a son who has the dosha, born in Magha 1st pada.. Born on 14th April 2011, 7:14 am at Bangalore, India. Incidentally, due to my prior medical complication, he being breech baby with cord around neck, I had to undergo a planned c-sec. We did not do much Astro-analysis of the date and time selection for birth and simply chose the day just 2 days before the delivery, more as a medical convineance. No complications in c-sec though, but my son has food allergies and a below average growth as of now. As per your blog, I understand that the ill aspect of Gandamool affects only during the delivery time and not after that. Please suggest us if we need to do any remedial measures and are overlooking it.
Thank you and Best wishes for your astrology data collection and research. Your's is a well written blog explaining the concepts of Vedic astrology very well. Kudos to you!!!
-- Gayathri

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Ms Gayathri.

Your son was not born on Gandantha. He was well past into Magha star when he as born. The causes for the troubles are traced to his birth time, which you could not have influenced as everyone is propelled by Prarabhda karma. So have no worries of ifs and buts in choosing the day / time for delivery.

Your son's lagna is Aries (which is related to birth time) and its lord is Mars. Mars is placed in 12th house opposed by Saturn. The 8th lord (for life) is also lorded by Mars. Since the 8th house and 8th lord are aspected by saturn, the ayush karaka, the child has good longevity.

But the the 8th house becomes 4th from Moon (karak for mother)and it has zero bindus in Mars ashtaka varga. So difficulties for mother and the child are simultaneously indicated at birth.

The birth star is in the astersm of Ketu and Ketu is in the astersm of Mars and aspected by Saturn. So there is simultaneous good and bad on health - meaning that there is no worry about longevity but issues of health will be there. The mild indication of Balarishta is averted by saturn's aspect on lagna lord, 8th lord, 8th house and 3rd house which is 8th from 8th. Saturn being posited in the 6th is good but its retrogression is not good. Jupiter's influence on Mars and saturn has helped only limitedly as it is combust.

All these show that the child will have health issues until he completes his 6th year. He will pick up gradually during this period and will be fine from 7th year onwards. Do ayush homa on every year's star birthday until 8 years. Worship Kekke Subramanya for appeasement of Mars (kuja) and worship your family's Grama devatha with abhisheka, archana and daana. The Grama devatha is the deity in the ancedstral village of your husband's side. Worship Lakshmi at home everyday and teach your son simple lakshmi sthotras and Lakshmi Bhakthi as he grows. This will help in his Venus dasa which starts in 2016 and is going to last for 20 years in good stead. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Jayasree,
Thank you again for writing such a well explained reply with your guidance. It has helped me overcome the related anxiety and made my day. I truly appreciate your guidance. Thank you again and wish you too a lovely, blessed day!

peacefulwarrior said...

my sister's husband and their daughter share the same nakshatra- Moolam.the delivery was complicated and we had to go for niece's DOB is 12 may 2009, Time- 1002 hrs and place ernakulam.please throw some light on its implication.. Also please advice remedies(if any) which i or my sister can do for this dosham..

Anonymous said...

Dear Jayasreeji, I have a son who is born on 10th nov 04, at Paddington, London and daughter who is born on 5th August 09, 3:12am at New Brunswick, NJ. I am now pregnant with third baby and Dr wants to induce either on 18th Sep or 25th sep (18 th would be Chitra nakshatra which is my son's and 25th would be Sravana nakshatra, which is my daughters) I am worried about same nakshatra dosha between siblings. Could you ls guide me on this. My details are dob 3/12/76 at 5:55am Kalyan, thane (ashwini nakshatra, meha rashi) and my husbands are 27/11/72 mumbai (ashlesha nakshatra, karka rashi) Pls help as I am stressed out thinking we are choosing wrong day and it will affect my babies.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ peacefulwarrior,
I think you had gone through the article and the comments. That would have given you an idea of the same star implication. There is no cause for concern of problems to others / dad or family. There is customary recommendation of ayush homa or puja on the child's birthday. Let the child and her parents worship at the temple of Kuladeva and Krishna (Guruvayur) every year throughout their life. Let the child be encouraged to worship Lakshmi with slokas. (recommended for all children born in Moola). Let the father of the child worship Sastha every year at sabari mala.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear anonymous.

You have written about the choice of date of delivery. I am sorry to tell you that I can not be of help to you. I am of the strong opinion that we must not interfere in the timing of birth. Even if we plan a date, destiny may play scruples. We can not avoid what is destined. If you ask me I would say that you leave the choice to the doctor.

I would like to say that there need not be any worry about same star births or moola, aslesha etc births. I have written these articles to show that there is no need for worry. It is enough that you do the Vedic pujas and worship for the child, whether there is dosha or not.

Anonymous said...

Jayasreeji, thank you for your response. I wasn't asking for a choice between 18th and 25th date. But what I wanted to know was if either of dates would create a same nakshatra dosha between siblings and if so, what would be the problems and solutions to the problems. Induction is not a c- sectin which means they could induce me on 18th and I could hav a baby on 18th or 19th. My only worry was when I read somewhere that a child born with elder brothers nakshatra will bring deathlike effects to one of them. Some said its only limited to brothers some say its for either elder sibling. Hence the anxiety. But by no means do I have the option of changing or choosing the date. But whatever the Dr chooses, I would like to know if there is dosha and what would be the solution, thats all. Hope this clears things. Thank you again for your prompt response.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Anonymous,

Your horoscope shows that you are indeed stressed now, but I would say that it is unfounded. Your stressed mood will change from the 4th week of August and you will be in positive frame of mind at the time of delivery. I would suggest you to worship Surya Narayana and Lakshmi and recite Adhithya Hrudhayam and Lakshmi sthothram in the morning hours and Vishnu Sahasranama at evening hours. The power of planets, Sun and Venus would be of immense help in helping you cross this period with stress free nature and happiness.

Don't worry about eka nakshathra dosha. As I have written in the previous comments, the eka naskhathra problem will arise only if supported by horoscopic indications. Horoscopic indications depend on time of birth (which determines the lagna). Only when the child is born we can ascertain the horoscopic details and the arisal of dosha. In any case the best remedy is do Vedic pujas, (Jatha karma, nama karma) and Ayush homa at the first star birthday and shanthi puja if the eka naskhthra happens.

Anonymous said...


I and my son share same nakshatra... Moola. Mine is 4th pada and his is 1st pada. Generally i only believe in 'karma'. As lord krishna says in bhagavatgita... We should only do our karma and not to worry about the results. So forget about all these and start thinking as how to do good things.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jayasreeji, I will do the shlokas and try to remain calm. Is it ok if I contact you once the baby is born to see what needs to be done? Would you want me to just post here or email you on an email address? If so, could you pls provide me with one so that I will get in touch with you once the baby is born. Thank you again for your kind words and prompt response.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Ok Mr Priti.

After the baby is born, write to me in this comment section with your e mail ID. I will write to your mail ID.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

//Anonymous said...


I and my son share same nakshatra... Moola. Mine is 4th pada and his is 1st pada. Generally i only believe in 'karma'. As lord krishna says in bhagavatgita... We should only do our karma and not to worry about the results. So forget about all these and start thinking as how to do good things.//

You are right. But not everybody is capable of thinking like this. And also not everyone can think like this when they are in the thick of a problem. There is another scenario also wherein too much of fear and unfounded ideas had crept in which must be clarified. This post comes under this category.

Vishal Sathyan said...

@ Padmavathy Neelakandan

When did your father die? At what time? How old was he? What was the reason for his death? How did his death occur? I want to know about it.

Siva said...

My husband and son are same nakshathara moola, we are facing so many economical problems after the wedding, but it is ok ,I'm afraid that it will affect one of them?? Is it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jayasree,

me and my daughter is having same nakshatra, Aslesha (ayilyam). My DOB is 26/11/1983 and her is 11/05/2011. From her birth, i have lots of mental stress. if it is because of her birth, can u suggest any remedies?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Siva

I think I have explained in detail on how same star can affect. The horoscope affliction must be there. More often than not the transit effect will cause difficulties. Now saturn coming to the 11th must bring better prospects. Pray to family Guru, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vinayaka.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ anonymous
//me and my daughter is having same nakshatra, Aslesha (ayilyam). My DOB is 26/11/1983 and her is 11/05/2011. From her birth, i have lots of mental stress. if it is because of her birth, can u suggest any remedies?//

No. You too must be having planetary combination for this. Make a pilgrimage to Punnainallur Maari amman in tanjore, Karkadeswara temple in Kumbakonam and Thirunallar saneswara. Keep the image of Punnainallur amman at your pooja and recite Durga kavacham everyday.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaya,

My Son and wife are born in same star.

Star of Son : Anuradha - 3 Padam
Time : 14-June-2011, 5:40 PM
POB: Pune
Star of Son : Anuradha - 4 Padam
Time : 7-Dec-1980, 5:15 AM
POB: Kurnool

Please Advice,havent performed any shanti pooja till now.


padmaja said...

After how many days of the birth of a baby with ek nakshatra dosha, should the shanti puja be performed?

My older son was born on August 28, 2007 in Nashua,NH,USA at 5:20 AM.

My younger son's birth details :
August 31,2012 in Shrewsbury,MA,USA at 9:10 AM


Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ anonymous (Anusha born)

No problem in sight. How and when the Shanthi homa must be done is given in the article itself.

If not done already, do it in the next janma nakshtra when the already mentioned combinations of Muhurtha exist. Or do Ayush Homa on the next birth day of the child (birth star) and donate for the cause of the animal, bird, tree and deity of Anusha nakshatra.

They are deer, sparrow, Magizha maram (Bahula) and Lakshmi.
Worship of Lakshmi is good for anusha nakshatra people and also for eka nakshatra of Anusha.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Padmaja,
Horoscopically there is no problem.
However worship Navagraha (saturn in particular) on Sadhayam (Satabhishak)days until your younger son completes 8 years. Do Ayush homam on his first birthday. Inculcate compassion in the minds of kids specifically towards people with walking disability and make them do charity to them.

vijay said...


me and my daughter born on same nakshtra .

i'm born on may 29th 1981 7:20 AM in guntur , andhrapradesh. my duaghter is born on sept 29th 2012 9:40 pm in Virgina.

both share uttarabaadra nakshatram.
do we need to do any shanti's or jappams ?? and how early we need to do this ?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Vijay,

Do Naming ceremony on the 11th day as per Vedic rites. Tell the purohit to do shanthi puja for Eka nakshatra dosha on that day. They will usually do ganesha puja and Navagraha puja for shanthi. It must be done in your case.

In addition I suggest that you donate a cow with calf to a Veda Pata shala on the day Uttar Bhadrapada runs. Also take up the maintenance of Neem tree in the ancestral village Amman temple where worship of snake is done. Do these two before 2013 year-end or around the time of the first birthday of your child.

Dont worry why I am saying these things to you. The child will be fine. It is for drawing maximum benefits for your family.

vijay said...

Thanks Jaya. we did shanthi pooja and namakarnam as you said. will plan for remanining by 2013 sept.

Padmaja Chamarthi said...


4 months ago i delivered my second child, a baby boy. the delivery suddenly turned extremely complicated and life threating for me. By the grace of god,i survived the ordeal but had to undergo lot of blood loss, 2 surgeries, an emergency c section followed by emergency hysterectomy. everything was perfect till my labour kicked off, suddenly things became so complicated that doc said they can't say anything. it was so scary. fortunately i made it through, but now i'm super anxious and sad why this happened and how my health and our life is going to be.
my dob - January 28 1979, hyderabad
my second child dob - june 18th 2012, los angeles usa.

could you tell how my health and longetivity is going to be. i'm so panic after this incident. i'm also curious as in why this complication happened suddenly when everything medically was perfect in my pregnancy. doc said its purely random and happens 1 in 1 lak deliveries where the mother faces life threat like me. i showed my chart to an astologer before conception, he said go ahead with pregnancy, despite all this happened. is it destiny that it had to happen.

Padmaja Chamarthi said...


Forgot to mention time of birth detials in the above query.

My DOB - 28th january 1979, 7.50Am Hyderabad

My second child. baby boy's DOB - 18th June 2012, 11.31pm Los angeles USA.

How is my health and longetivity going to be? I'm paranoid after this complicated delivery. how is our life going to be in genereal. do we need any shanti poojas. pls let me know.


Padmaja Chamarthi said...


I'm eagerly awaiting for your reply.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Ms Padmaja,

Be happy that you have come out of a bad phase which was short and sudden. Your dasa - bhukthi running then was not good, It was / is Rahu dasa- Mars bhkthi. Thumb rule is that Mars in Rahu / Ketu period or Saturn period would not be good. For you Mars is a baadhak and Rahu is in 8th with saturn. The delivery took place at the cusp of changing of Mercury prathyanthar dasa to Ketu prathyanthar dasa. The house of mercury (6th and 9th lord) has no bindus in lagna and Mars ashtaka varga. When saturn was transiting that sign in vakra and Mars transiting the 8th place, these troubles have occurred. There are other such issues which will be too technical to express here.

The most appropriate reason is that your son had a gandam at that time but survived. He was born in Mars dasa with with Mars in marakasthan and moon in zero degrees (rasi sandhi). Hardship to mother is indicated in his birth time. His mathru karaka (moon) and lord of mother's house are afflicted. That has a bearing on your well being which once again is indicated in your horoscope as an adverse dasa bhukthi and puthra karaka in vakram in its exalted sign.

But be assured that the phase is coming to an end in about 3 weeks. Kula deva puja, Guru puja and maintenance of Ashwatha tree (peepal) in a sacred shrine would help in improving health and happiness for you. For your son, form 2015 Oct onwards he will start doing fine overall.

Padmaja Chamarthi said...

Thank you so much Jaya Sree garu for taking your time in reading my chart!!!

By maintenance of peepal tree, what am i supposed to do? I didnt quite get it.

Is this a passing bad phase or do i need to be concerned about my health and longetivity as per my chart?

Never had any serious illness so far, suddenly seeing critical scenario in the face really scares me a lot. Is something very wrong in my chart?


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Ms Padmaja,

By maintenance of peepal tree, it means to take care of the expenses and manpower to keep the peepal tree of a sacred shrine well groomed, protected and keeping its surroundings clean and neat.

Don't worry about health and longevity. Its all fine in your horoscope.

Padmaja Chamarthi said...

Thank you so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaysree mam,
My son was born on chiitirai Amavasai day, from that day i hear people commenting that its not good for my husband and my child may indulge in some evil manners. We consulted 2-3 astrologers, one said to hand over child at any of lord Muruga's temple and consider him as his child so that dosha will be decreased. While the other said at his 10th age my hus will face some major problem in his life. Some ask to change his name as it sounds not good (actually his name means LOHITH- Lord Siva ASHWA- horse). I m much confused please give me some advice as well as remedies. I m listing some birth details.
Husband-Jayachandran-29.09.1977 at 12.42 pm, kadalur, TN. (Ashwini-Mesha).
Myself- Karthika Devi-29.10.1980 at 6.25 pm, Chennai. (punarpoosa-Mithuna)
Son- Lohith Ashwa-13.05.2010 at 3.31pm, Chennai.(Barani-Mesha)


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Ms Karthika,

I understand your anxiety. It is most unfortunate that astrology has become a tool to cause anxiety to people while the purpose of astrology was to guide people and not to harass them with findings such as the ones you have said.

Please be assured that there is no harm indicated for your husband, nor for anyone in the family. Your husband's horoscope is strong and well placed. This fear about Aamavasya is a not at all valid and it is surprising that it is being raised even nowadays. Leave alone this amavasya, what would you say for people born on eclipses? I know many people born on amvasya cum eclipse having no grave trouble in life. Troubles come in everyone's life and no one has a life of roses. Compared to many serious problems that we may face at some time in our life, the astrological connection to amavasya birth or eclipse birth are nothing.

Coming to the horoscopes of the 3 people of your family, your husband would not face troubles as told by some. They had probably arrived at that opinion because, sun, the karak for father is in 8th house. But it is in exaltation is something that has been overlooked. Moreover Sun is the 12th lord in your son's horoscope and it is in 8th house means it enjoys Vipareeta raja yoga which would give him some unexpected gain in Sun's dasa which starts in 2019.

Your husband's horoscope shows a solid future starting 2017 when his Mars dasa begins. His Mars is very well placed so also his lagna lord Jupiter causing a wonderful yoga called Guru mangal yoga. Both Mars and Jupiter are well joined in the 7th house having a whooping 36 ashtaka varga bindus. This goes to show that he will have one of his best periods starting from 2017.

So have no worry about your son's horoscope. However for himself to have amavasya combination in the 8th house needs to be remedied. The lord of that house, Mars is debilitated in the 11th. This has made the astrologers tell what they have told you.

But this is not a cause of worry. Since his lagna lord had joined this combination and is stronger than the 8th lord, there is no need for worries about him. Let me recommend some remedies which would remove your anxiety.

1) Let your family do the pithru ceremonies regularly as per your family tradition.

2) On every Pradosha day worship lord Shiva and do archanai to Shiva in your son's name. Once he grows up let him continue this Pradosha worship by himself.

3)Get a picture of Shiva- Parvathy with Bala murugan sitting on their lap and keep it in your Puja. Worship these deities in your regular puja. Teach your son Kanthar sashti kavacham as he grows up. Develop Muruga bhakthi in him. Take him often to Murugan temples and develop this bhakthi.

4)Since his Mars is debilitated in Aslesha in Kataka rasi, its tree (punnai) and lord (snake god) must be propitiated. I suggest you take him to Punnai nallur Mariamman temple in Tanjore, offer his hair followed by abhisjeka and archanai to that Goddess. After that take him to Swamimalai and do archanai to Lord Muruga in his name. Back home do milk abhisheka to Amman near your house and also milk abhisheka to snake god in that temple. (Amman temple where snake worship under the tree is there).

5)Do anna daanam in his name whenever possible.

6) After doing these, forget everything about astrology and don't consult any astrologer thereafter.

7) Your mind makes or breaks things. So dont have any worry and trust in Lord Muruga. Everyone will be fine in your family.

Unknown said...

hi jaisreeji,
i'm very anxious, kindly reply for my prev post.
me and my daughter are born on same nakshatra and thidi.
my dob:25 august 1980,4.45 pm,at nizamabad,AP,dhanista 2 pada,makara rasi
my daughter dob: 24 august,2010,9.40 am,hyderabad,AP,dhanista 3 pada,kumbha rasi
kindly tell if any pooja to b performed

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Ms Jyothi,

It is better to do Eka nakshatra dosha parihara puja. In addition worship Durga on all Tuesdays for general well being of you and your daughter. There is nothing to worry but this is said according to your daughter's horoscope and for overall welfare of your family.

Anonymous said...

Hello mam,
I need your help and advice.
I am blessed with second baby boy on 7th June 2012(02.11 pm). From the day of birth his health condition is bad. He is under hospitalization on and off.
Once a temple priest told me that me and my son share same rasi, because of that all this troubles are coming. I would like to know your view .
my DOB (01-oct-1979 10:15am)
we share same rasi makaram.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Nathan,
You have not given the place of birth. However going by the moon sign of you and your son, the same star is not an issue. The current dasa- bhukthi for you two are not so good. It will become alright for your son by 2015 and by next year for you. I would suggest Shanthi puja due to this reason.

The 6th lord from moon in your son's horoscope is in 6th aspected by retro saturn in both rasi and navamsa. Worship Lord Venkateswara of Thirumala and take the child to His shrine at the end of first year and offer his hair. Do Ayush homa for the child on his first star birthday. Worship your Kula Deiva everyday.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mam
Thank you for your reply. My son was bon in Bangalore. My birth place is karaikudi.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Noted Mr Nathan. It makes no difference to the charts I made. Means the prediction stands.

Raghu said...

Dear Madam,

Myson and I are born in same nakshtra (Hasta). I was born on Feb 22,1981 at 3.10pm, (Hasta nakshtra 4th padam and kanya raasi) in Anantapur, AndhraPradesh.
My son was born on May 3rd 2012 at 5.55pm (Hasta nakshtra 2nd padam and kanya raasi) in hyderbad Andhrapradesh.

should the shanti puja be performed? and Is there any problem due to same nakshtra?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Raghu,

Same star is not a problem. But I would suggest that you do Shanthi Puja. Nothing to worry. Both of you have the last leg of 7 and a half year sani. Better to do the Puja and ayush homa for the child.

Anonymous said...

Hi Madam,

I am born on 11th Oct 1983 at 11.55 am in Dharmasthala (Mangalore district) and my star is Jyesta and Rashi is scorpio. My mothers nakshatra is Aslesha and she has been harassing me physically since birth for all my dad deeds. I waited thinking there will be good time after some years when i start to work. But then she started to harass me for a reason that i dont give my complete salary to her. I didnt have any issues in doing that if they were organised. My dad and Mom both being govt employees couldnt own a house all through their career nor did save enough for their future. I had a tough way ahead so i started to take care of all the responsibility by self single hadedly (Sisters marriage, Owning a site for family and buying a house). But after all these she is still not happy and keeps on harassing me over silly reasons which any matured individual would laugh. I dont know whats her problem as she wanted car and harrased me untill i purchased it.But now playing silly games on who should sit in the front. She has ruined my life and also previously did same thing her brothers married life.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Read my comments (& article too) in the following link on Karma, Guna and taking care of parents.

Padmaja Chamarthi said...

Hi ma'am,

I contacted you earlier in October 2012.

My dob 28/1/1979 place Hyderabad time 7.50am.

I had a life threatening complication during birth of second child on June 18 2012. I contacted you after this incident.

Now my dasa has changed to jupiter in late 2012.

Yesterday I.e feb 21 2013, bomb blasts occurred in Hyderabad. Again I was supposed to be at the same place same time, but by god's grace I didn't go there as thre was auto bandh going on. So I didn't go to that place at that time otherwise I was scheduled to go to yoga class on that very road at that very time of blasts. I'm very great full to god for saving me second time post my delivery complication. But I'm very scared now. Why this sudden turn of scary events in my life? First my delivery complication during rahu-mars bhukti. Now the dasa has changed to jupiter, again this scary near miss. Could you pls have a look at my horoscope and let me know how this jupiter dasa s going to be? I see on net that makara lagna, it's not a good period, I'm very scared after these 2 incidents. Can you pls suggest any remedies if required. Thanks in advance.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Mrs Padmaja,

Please don't get panicky and be assured that you are being protected by a divine force. I also had a same experience when tsunami struck the Madras shores. I was supposed to be in the beach at that time on that day, but changed my plan at the last minute and was traveling to Sriperumbudur to pay obeisances to my Guru. I must say our Guru pulled me out of the danger. Lets count the blessings we have and not be worried about why it happened.

In your case, the near miss on 21st Feb happened on the day before your Guru sub-sub period ended on the sub period of Guru in its own main period. (Guru dasa - Guru antar dasa - Guru pratyantar dasa). The 3rd lord Guru is in maaraka sthan in retrogression in its sign of exaltation. Its sign dispositor Moon suffers planetary defeat in the lagna in Rasi and in 12th in Bhava chart. Its star dispositor Saturn happens to be the lagna lord posited in the 8th which is good as an ayush karak, but bad as it is in retrogression and in conjunction with Rahu. But none of them show accidents or untimely deaths though they do indicate gandam. To overcome this feeling of fear, recite Mruthyunjana mantra everyday. Worship Lord shiva during Pradohsa.

Padmaja Chamarthi said...

Thanks ma'am for the quick reply!!! I'm very scared ever since the life threatening complication during the birth of second child in June 2012( rahu mars dasa). I've not yet fully recovered from it yet now this incident has made me all the more panic. Till 5 pm, I was thinking of going to that place, then dropped the idea Bcoz of my mom. Very thankful to god and my mom.

I will recite mrutyunjaya mantra every day. Post my delivery complication, I got mrutyunjaya homa performed as I was very scared.

What is pradosha? I'm getting eka vara rudrabhisekhm one every Monday. Do you recommend any Japam for guru? I'm super panic after these 2 incidents. My life has been pretty much ok without major hassles, now suddenly from June 2012' I'm facing these scary situations. What upsets me is I'm gaining financially in these times which I care least now but my health and life is in sudden danger. Pls suggest remedies as I'm scared this dasa just started and its going to be for 16 years now. Thanks

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Ms Padmaja,

I suggest that you don't read too much into these things and don't read astrology. Be assured that your Guru Maha dasa is not a malefic dasa. Your Rasi and bhava lagnas are different and therefore what is adverse in one is nullified in the other. That is why you have faced hardships and also come out safely. Be assured that no more of such kind is going to happen. Your 8th lord Mercury in the Bhava chart is strong in shad bala in the apoklima house (12th). Therefore be assured of good longevity.

The delivery time trouble occurred in Dasa sandhi, in the antar dasa of Baadhak Mars. With that your trouble was over. Now in the new dasa, there is absolutely no danger. You are safe. Jupiter, the lord of 3rd house of longevity is in the asterism of lagna lord who is also strong in shad bala. Its occupation in the 8th house enhances longevity potential. In fact Saturn as ayush karaka is the only significator that is not subject to the dictum of 'karako bhava nashaha'. The presence of saturn in the 8th strengthens life. Now the dasa of Jupiter whose star dispositor is saturn ensures strength of life to you throughout this dasa. So remain calm and be not afraid.

What ever I have given was for the current dasa only. Worship of Rudra is good for Jupiter dasa- Jupiter bhukthi. Mruthyunjana japa is good for the next bhukthi of saturn. I suggested both now itself as Jupiter is in the star of saturn.

Google search Pradosha vratha and Pradosha puja and follow that. Continue the worship of Rudra as usual. Worship your family Guru and do service in his name on Thursdays. That is enough. Don't worry.

Padmaja Chamarthi said...

Thank you so much ma'am. I will try not to get panic and get on with life. I will follow your suggestions. Thanks once again.

Harsha said...

Hello Jayasri Madam,

My wife's birth star is Hastha-4 and my son's birth star is Hastha-3. My star is Punarvasu-2. Do you think we'll have Ek Nakshatra Dosa or its only for those birth starts as you discussed in your posts?


Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Mr Harsha,

It is better to do shanthi puja for any same-star birth. But there need not be any worry is what I am coming to say in the above article and comments. Even otherwise I would say that it is good to do ayush homa or a ritual as recommended by family guru or family tradition on the first birth day (star birthday) of a child born in any caste.

Unknown said...

HEllo Sir,

Actually my son was born on Nov 5 2012 5:55 PM EST in canad, toronto and he is facing health problems like going to opthalmologist an neurologiest we are worried abt his future and life please tell us pariharas/remedies for him. Also I am his mother and my star is also pushya - 1 pada (10 feb 1979 6:40 AM shimoga, karnataka, india) my husband was born on 11 May 1979 2:39 PM Mangalore, India. Please let us know how will his birth nakshatra affect my son himself, and my husband WE are extermely worried please let us konw rememdies for his health as well as remedies for my husband if mine and his star are the same. ?

Please eagerly awaiting for your reply

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Ms Sowmya,

I analysed all the 3 horoscopes. You and your son share the same star but different pada. The health issue for your son is not due to same star birth. There are karmic reasons that have bound you three, and hence this problem. You have a strong Karmic duty to endure this issue. This would last till 2019 for you. I suggest that you keep your calm. You would fight it out successfully.

Everyday chant Adhitya Hrudhayam sthothra followed by Mrithyunjana japa for 9 times. Then recite the 48th chapter of Sundhara khanda everyday. Keep a picture of Embar swamy in your puja and ight a ghee lamp everyday.

Back home, ask your close relative to go to all the navagraha kshetras in and around Kumbakonam and do puja in the star and name of yourself and your son. Then ask them to go to a place called Madhura mangalam (browse the net to know the details) and worship the lords and Swami Embar with puja and lighting lamps.

Consult a Purohit back in your native place and arrange for Mrithuyunjana homa for your son. This is the best remedy for your son born in saturn dasa - ketu bhukthi.

Arrange for abhisheka and puja with milk payasa for Durga in your present place or in your native place. After the Puja, distribute milk payasa to devotees. Arrange for feeding the poor in your native place with white porridge or rice-milk payasa.

On the child's first star birth day, do ayush homa. Take all efforts on the medical front. He would become alright gradually.

Jothi said...

Hi, could you elaborate on the inauspicious of a son born after the birth of 3 daughters. What remedial measure should be taken.

Unknown said...

Dear Sir,

We are blessed with baby boy on Aug 6th 2013, 11:47 PM in Chennai, this day and time falls on Tuesday, Aadi Amavasya, ashesha nakshatra. I and my wife was so worried about the time of his birth, could you pls help me know whether his time of birth is good or bad, do I need to do any parikara poojas ? Pls let me know.


Padmaja Chamarthi said...

Hi Mam,

I contacted you twice before, you gave me correct suggestions. I need advise again. Pls help.

My son n I had unexpected life threatening complication during his delivery. Then i missed another threat in Feb 2013.I'm a worried woman since June 2012.

My DOB 28 January 1979 hyderabad 7.50 Am.

My second child, a Boy 18 June 2012, West hills california 10.31PM.

( it's actually 11.31PM with day light saving on)

My questions

1. Both kids (elder girl and younger son ) and I share same lagna makara and same thithi Amavasya. Does this need any pooja?

2. In fact both kids are born on same thithi Jeshta Amavasya. Birth stars are different but same rashi Vrishibha for both. Does this need any shanti pooja?

3. I know little reading of chart. My son's 8th house has mars. I'm very worried abt strong kuja dosha in his chart. How's his health and longevity and marriage ( ofcourse it's very far) going to be. I had rahu mars dasha during delivery. I'm so scared of mars now with all the health complications in my life. Pls suggest remedies if required. Is he going to be fine? I'm very worried abt him n me after our complications since June 2012.

Pls get back.

Thanks n advance

Padmaja Chamarthi said...

Hi Mam,

I'm sorry for bothering you so much. I'm very unrest since last yr. I'm worried with all the incidents in our lives.

My child's DOB June 18 2012, 11.31PM west hills california USA.

Day light saving was on during that time. I'm confused as the his lagna is Aquarius or capricorn.

Pls calculate and let me know how his ayush, health and horoscope is? I'm worried abt his mars position. Let me know if he needs any shanti poojas.

Thanks so much for your time.

Anonymous said...

wonderful information, I had come to know about your blog from my friend nandu , hyderabad,i have read atleast 7 posts of yours by now, and let me tell you, your website gives the best and the most interesting information. This is just the kind of information that i had been looking for, i'm already your rss reader now and i would regularly watch out for the new posts, once again hats off to you! Thanks a ton once again, Regards, 12th pass govt job

Unknown said...

Dear Mam
My husband, and twin son and daughter are all

uttaram star kanya rasi. we have had many good abd bad times in the past 20 years, but the bad times have been very very bad, especially where health is concerned. Please advise if there is any pariharam. Thank you very much,

subre said...


Me and my elder son are of the same nakshatra. My husband and younger son are of the same nakshatra. Please let me know if I should do any pariharams for this. My details:

Mine - DOB - 4th Dec 1974. Time - 6:29 AM at Thirunelveli.
elder son - DOB - 1st Sep 2005. Time - 10:01 AM at Chennai.
Both of us are poosam nakshatra.

Husband - Date of birth - 20 Oct 1973, Time - 10:10 AM. place - dindigul Tamil nadu.
younger son - DOB - 10th Nov 2009. Time - 7:28 AM at Chennai.
Both of them are aayilyam nakshatra.

Astral-Plane said...

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rajshri said...

My daughter was born on Saturday, 17, December 1988 in Pondicherry at 10.20 AM. Her birth star is Uttara Bhadrapada. She was born in Vyatipata yoga, which is considered inauspicious. How will it affect her? Also I came to know that any planet in Uttara Bhadrapada star for a Saturday born person is in the Kala dhanda yoga, which gives inauspicious results during its dasha. If this is true, are there any remedies for this?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ rajshri

Nothing like that.
Anyway be at peace becuse your child's Saturn dasha got over by March 1992.

There is no issue on Vyatipada yoga. Just make sure that ancestral worship is properly done in the family.

Vanaja said...

Dear Madam,

Myself and my daughter are born on in the same nakshatra Pls find the details below
Date of birth :28th Oct 1983
Nakshatra: punarpusam (3rd pada)

my daughters DOB:5TH AUG 2014
Nakshatra:punarpusam(4th pada)

I had too many problems during my pregnancy and in the birth time and doctors have said she has some birth defects.
Pls help me know if this eka nakshatra dosa is the cause for every problem I have been facing and what is the remedy


BInu said...

Can you please re-commend the best time for a baby birth time/date between September-27 to 30 this year.

BInu said...

Doctors planning for the Cesarean of the 2nd delivery of my wife. My self Sravanam (thiruvonam), wife Chitra(chithira), first dauhgter-Punarvas(Punartham). Can You please suggest a best time/date for new born birth between September 26 to September.30/2014.

Mrs said...

My daughter and husband have same nakshatra and same rasi they are born in simha rasi pubba nakshatra we didn't consult any purohit regarding this as we recently heard about this eka nakshatra dosha. She is 8 months old now so do we need to perform any dosha nivarana for these?

jigna said...

Hi.. my husband and my son share same nakshtra (vishaka)..what are the consequences of sharing same nakshtra and how to over gone this..please assist

Unknown said...

Hi mam,

My son was born on august 7th at 10.57pm ,2014 at santaclara california.i am not sure if his nakshatra is moola or husbands nakshatra is moola 2nd padam .can you please tell me what is my sons nakshatram and rashi and will it coincide with his dads nakshatram.if that is the case any dosha nivarana puja to be done.

Sushma said...


i have born in moola nakshatram 2nd padam .my birth date is 23rd aug 1988 early morning around 5:30 i don't know the exact time.
Please let me know how will be my future

Sushma said...

hello mam,

i have born on 23rd aug 1988 on morning around birth star is moola with padam 2. don't know the exact time with minutes.Please let me know how will be my future.please let me know any dosha nivarana pooja should be taken.

my husband birth star is arudra with padam 3 .he is born on 21st dec 1983 .Please let me know how will be our future.

abc said...

Hello mam,
My husband and elder son both share same nakshatra I.e krithika but different pada n rasi.. my younger son is born in jyestha.. and iam born in dhanishta.. do we need to do any shanthi poojas.. please advice..


abc said...

Hello mam,

I have nt given the birth details in previous comment, so posting it here..

My husband's DOB 23/5/82 1PM Vijayawada
Mine 26/1/82 7.10PM Kurnool
My elder son 25/10/2010 7.07AMKurnool
My younger son 8/5/2012 9.42PM Bangalore

My husband n elder son share same nakshatra krithika and younger son jyeshta, for both my sons there were complications during delivery and after the birth of my younger son im facing so many problems marital, health etc.recently in june I met with an accident n after tht due to health issues my younger son gt admitted in hospital.. Can you suggest any shanthi poojas to be done if there is any dosham in ang of our horoscopes..
Thank you,

கணபதி, திருநெல்வேலி said...

Sir my birth star is jyesta my wife's birth star is anuradha and my daughter's star and my son's star is also anuradha after my son's birth I'm facing lot of difficulties whatever I'm trying to do everything will go utter waste. Please could you advise me any remedies

Unknown said...

my name is mukesh i am born 07 05 1980 ----
my WIFE & MYSELF BORN SAME DAY SAME MONTH SAME YEAR in south india cochin city we r just 4 hrs in differance .

i am blessed with a son 22-11-2007 9 30 am.
we had to abort our 2nd child knowingly due to my wifes health problem i have been suffering since this situation very very much .

this is almost 6 years now i now feel travelled from the light to dark and now brought back to life for a reason called destiny i will appreciate yur indept analysis so that i may lern more on the people born same day i am born i have found 2 males all born in cochin itself they are having similar experiences .

0091 9995 32 42 00

Unknown said...

My son and my husband born on same rashi and nakstra ir mituna and arudra nakstra
what will be effects and please tell me remedies

sajo said...

Recently my brother died atthe age of 36&his star was revathy. That timemy wife was pregnant & now she given birth of baby girl & the baby star also revathy can u pls tellif there any problem with this star

Ravi said...

Namaskaram Jayasree garu,
We have our second son born via Caesarean section (due to medical reasons, semi urgent) 12 days earlier than expected.
He is born on 01/10/14 @ 12:37 p.m in Bedford, England. we have not yet named him.
Our first son is born 0n(Caesarean section due to Medical reasons) 13/11/2007 @ 05:45 A.M in Hyderabad, India.
I am born on 23/07/1972, 9:52 P.M in Tirupati.
My self along with our second son are clearly Moola Nakshatra and our first son is Jyeshta 4th Pada and some said he is also Moola nakshatra. We performed homam after my first son's birth; now as we are in England have practical problems to do homam.
I have read your blog well, still cant resist asking, What effects are anticipated as we three seem to be in the same Moola Nakshatra?
Can you please suggest first letter of name to our second son (first son is Yashwan Kumar)and kindly suggest remedies. we ar having difficulties in last many years and we seem to be fighting them o.k.
We are much obliged for the help.
Many thanks,

Unknown said...

JDear Jayshree, pls send your email id so that I can write to you in person

Thank you.

Ravi said...

Namaskaram Jayasree garu,
We have our second son born via Caesarean section (due to medical reasons, semi urgent) 12 days earlier than expected.
He is born on 01/10/14 @ 12:37 p.m in Bedford, England. we have not yet named him.
Our first son is born 0n(Caesarean section due to Medical reasons) 13/11/2007 @ 05:45 A.M in Hyderabad, India.
I am born on 23/07/1972, 9:52 P.M in Tirupati.
My self along with our second son are clearly Moola Nakshatra and our first son is Jyeshta 4th Pada and some said he is also Moola nakshatra. We performed homam after my first son's birth; now as we are in England have practical problems to do homam.
I have read your blog well, still cant resist asking, What effects are anticipated as we three seem to be in the same Moola Nakshatra?
Can you please suggest first letter of name to our second son (first son is Yashwan Kumar)and kindly suggest remedies. we ar having difficulties in last many years and we seem to be fighting them o.k.
We are much obliged for the help and advise.
Many thanks,

Unknown said...

Hello. I have two witnessed incidents in our family.
1) Father's death occur on the birthday/star of son.
2) Grandfather's death occur on birthday/star of grandson.

Could you pl. throw some light into these non-random events.

Unknown said...

hi me and my mom born with same nakshatra thiruonam and same zodiac too(makaram) is there any problem pls let me know sir

vaidehi said...

My daughter born on nov 4th 2010 4.18 pm in New Jersey has Chitra nakastharam 2 nd padam . She was born at 32 weeks and was in NICU ( intensive care unit ) for 22 days for being a premature baby. She recovered well but at the age of 1.5 she fell down from stairs and fractured her leg and was bedridden for 1.5 month .

Do we need to do any special shanti pooja for her please suggest

A worried mother

Unknown said...

I read your all comments..they all are very i want to discuss my problem with you
My child born on
9 oct 2014..
Under revati 4charan(gandmool)
I want to know.. 4 charan of this is good or bad..
I read many articles on net..
Their answers are not satisfactory..

Unknown said...

Hi Ms Jayshree,

My second son and I share the same nakshatra (pooradam). His date of birth is Marh 16, 2010 in San Jose California. I am not clear of the repurcussions of birth of child in the same star as parent. Please clarify.

I have not yet drawn up the horoscopes for both my sons yet.


Unknown said...

Dear Jayasree madam,

My son was born on November 17th Monday, Evansville ,Indiana 2014 at 958 am he is Uthram 3rd padam kannya rashi and I was born on February 14th 1979 Utram chinga rashi 5 15 pm kottayam, Kerala.

Do we have to do any Dosha pariharam ?

Eagerly awaiting your reply

Thanking you


Unknown said...


My daughter's date of birth 15/12/2011
time 3.55 pm, place mumbai which pooja i have to perform... is there any complication for any of us plz suggest
Mine is dob 12/10/1986, 6.02 am, mumbai
husband dob 16/06/1976, 11.15 am, udipi


Unknown said...

Namesta,I m blessed with twin daughters in Ashwini Nakshatra Pada 4 same of Mother's Nakshatra n in same pada. Till now the things have been very smooth n i was gifted an house by my father after the birth.

Lakshmi said...

My Daughter's DOB is 13 th december 2013 at 11.56 AM. I had a C-Section. Place of birth was at khammam, Telangana. We didn't do any shanti pooja , even not consulted any poorohit. Did any shanti pooja should be done for her bright future. which stage is going for her now. please advice.

Thank you,


swetha said...

my son's date of birth is on April 22,2012 at Jeddah saudi arabia at 1:30 pm. bharani natchathira. i understand that bharani star and sunday is considered inauspicious and comes under dagdha yoga. i am very much anxious and concerned about him. is there any remedy or parihaaram that i should perform? i know this is not relevant to this topic but i am very much worried. i request you to kindly guide me. thanks in advance

Unknown said...

Hi, jayasree,
I have been going through your blog. my daughter was born on 22nd November 2007 , at 5:52am and she was born in Revathi star (as revathi star was till 8:10am on 22/11/2007). as you pointed out, her mother had troubles in delivery and had walked out of the labor room twice.
I want to get some suggestion from you. can you
please let me know how do i contact you (email/ phone?)

Unknown said...

Hi. My daughter was born on 1st july 2013, at ashwini nakshatra pada1, after 9months from her birth i lost my husband, somebody told me if any chid who born at ashwini nakshatra pada1 brings danger to their father. Is it true? Plz tell me will i face any other problems, or my daughter will face any problems? Plz mail me

sri said...

Hello sir,
what does it mean If a baby born with cord around neck. I heard that it is not good for maternal uncle. Please suggest me the parikaram.

Unknown said...

Hi this is revathy born April 16th amavasai thithi Saturday revathi star meena rasi I want to know what does my horoscope says

Lakshmi said...

I recently gave birth to my daughter. My daughter and I are born in same nakshatra purva bhadra pada( purattathi). One astrologer had told my mother in law that I will have frequent fights with my daughter. This comment has upset me. Are there any remedial measures to avoid this? Is this due to eka nakshatra dosha ?

Unknown said...

hi Jayasree,
my star is Uttara Phalguni, rasi is Kanya. my daughter star is Chitra 1st pa rasi is kanya. can you suggest me..

Unknown said...

your blog was very thoughtful and accidentally i creeped in when my doubt was sitting idle in a corner of my mind. My wife vrishchika rashi and jyeshta nakshatra (DOB 7.10.1959/POB Bangalore TOB: 10.15 AM) and my son vrishichka rashi anuradha nakshatra.(dob 7.6.1990,TOB 0921 am, POB bANGALORE) Son studied upto B tech. Applied for Masters in USA/UK nothing coming. Worked for 1 year 6 months and now idle since 1 year 2 months. Not showing interest in job, further study and shows interest in reading books, photography. Please advise PARIHARA if anything to be done being mother and son SAME RASHI OF VRISCHIKA.

My Moments said...

I am blessed with a baby boy on 6 jan 2015 place of birth noida time 3:50 pm.I am born on 31 july 1981 00:17 hrs in jhansi we have same pushya naksharta but not same pada.I got nakshatra shanti pooja done by pandit on 3rd feb which was pushya nakshatra only i am a little worried as i had lost my 1st son who was born on 30 july 2013 just a day before my birthday and also i lost my father on same day in year 2000.kindly let me know if i need to perform any other remedy.

Unknown said...

i am blessed with a baby really happy...but unfortunately my husband and my son share same rashi...and as i got to know tats unlucky for father..i really got upset...please help me and guide me correctly what to do...details of my husband are(16/octuber/1982,10:45pm,faridabad)
My son details are(22/octuber/2014,10:42am/faridabad)

Unknown said...

Dear Sir,

I am Hema from Malaysia and would like to know whether there is any dosha if the son and mother share the same nakshatra and rasi. Me and my 3rd son are having same rashi and nakshatra (ashlesha, karkataka). But mine is 1st pada and my son's is 3rd. Many said it is not good for the mother's health. Since he born im facing lots of stress and problems. I am not at all peace for the past 2 years. One of the astrologer told me to give my son for adoption to lord perumal (kadavul ku tathe kudakanum). There are at times i feel like running away from the family to seek for peace.

Please advice me what to do on this. These are our birth details
mine = 28/6/1979 born at 4.09am, place of birth = teluk intan, perak, malaysia
my son = 11/7/2013 born at 6.54am, place of birth = johor bahru, malaysia

sug12 said...

Hi mam
my daughter and me (mother) share same rasi(scorpio) but different daughter has jaysta 2 charan and me anuradha nakshtra. Is there any doshas or if we need shanti puja pls let me know. She was born in march 12 time 9.39pm in newyork usa

Unknown said...

My name is Mahesh Kumar i dont know by date of birth. My son Dob is 25.11.2010 at 8.15Am, Thursday and Daughter Dob is 13.08.2013 at 12.28pm, Tuesday, My is 4.06.1991 time at 11.55pm , please tell how is our fortune and for kids Eduction and wealth and Health wise

Unknown said...

i born on my brothers star hastha kanyarasi..we are facing financial problems and career and marriage problems... am not getting job even am eduacted well, my brother isnot getting marriage please help us...

Unknown said...

Dear mam,
My son was born on 17th February 2015 in Colorado, USA. His nakshatra is Shravana(Thiruvonam) 3rd pada. Birth time 3:15 pm. The titi was krishnapaksa chaturdasi. if there is any dosha related to his birth, what are the remedies. please reply

Unknown said...

I am getting married on May29th 2015. My fiance and me are same rasi and natchathra. Meena rasi revathi natchathiram. Could it cause anything serious.?

Please advise.

Unknown said...

My DOB is 12th oct 1982
Born in uppala, kerala
Aslesha nakshatra, kataka rasi, mesha lagna
We have been trying for an allimacr since last 8 years aftter so many horo nothing had been fruitfull, finally before 2 years we receved a vaishaka nakshatra vrishika rasi proposal 13-06-1992, mumbai born
Apparently 1 month back we fixed date of marriage and suddenly before 15 days there is mis understanding and the relation is hanging without any confirmation..its been 7-8years now searching for an alliance
Plz let us know mu future

Unknown said...

My Husband and son are born on same nakshatra ie., Ashwini nakshatra.
Song DOB is: 2/july/2013 10:55 AM.

Please let me know is it effects any of us in family and what shanthi should be done as remedy.

dhanya said...

hi, please give me your id so that i can also share my doubts with you, thanks

Unknown said...


If Father and Daughter are both born in Arudra. Do we need to do shanti pooja ?


Identity Unidentified said...

Dear sir,
Both my husband and his father were born in ashlesha nakshatra, kataka Rashi. They don't share a good relationship and often get into misunderstanding between each other and fights. I would like to know if this is an effect of being born in the same star and also if this is likely to ever get resolved.

Unknown said...

Please help: my daughter has undergone with heart surgery as she had holes in heart at 2 months of her age. Dr said some valve replacement may need to be done at certain age later. please suggest any shanti/home to be performed to overcome her health issues and make her and our lives happy and healthy.
My Daughter's birth time: 14th, oct 2009 time 15:48 pm, gurgaon haryana. Her father's Birth date: 08-april-1979 08:00am, nandyal-andhra pradesh.

thank you in Advance.

Unknown said...

Good info me and my kids share same nakshatra hastha son born on 1st Feb 2013 at 2:19 pm and daughter born on 16th Dec 2014 at 5:20 pm my dob is 29th Aug 1984 at 11:29 am my husband's nakshatra is shravanam I am very eager to know if there is any problem involved with 3 of us sharing same nakshatra? Please do let us know if any poo ja is required

Sumi said...

Hi mam
My husband kettai vrishikam
Son chithirai thulam
Me mother swathi thulam
All 3 are undergoing 71/2 sani. Having very tough time since my sons birth. Lots of quarrels between me and my husband. Im undergoing death like suffering. Me and my son keep falling sick one after another. Please tell me the remedy mam.

kanika said...

Hi Jaya, my baby is due on 4th august. H/ver in the last 1 month, we had fire in his grandparents house and a car accident. Does it depict anything... please help if theres a path-puja to ward off this poor luck.

Unknown said...

My and my son's birth star (Jeystha) , pada different. Sade sati continue. Marriage negotiation on, when son stay in US. Can we have him happily married and it will be through before 6th.October,2015. My DOB - 15/3/1955 at 3:55 p.m. in Kanchrapara (WB). Son DOB - 14/11/1985 at 12:15 p.m. in Jalandhar (Punjab)

Unknown said...

Hi My name is Jaiju from Kerala, i would like to know about my kids .Both are boys and a age difference of 1.3 yrs and are of same nakshatra which is Moola, we are doing karuka Homa as per advice of our priest since birth of both kids.Please advice if any issue is there being same star and any karma has to be done here

Unknown said...

Hi Mam, my son and my husband sharing same nakshatra, same padham.. Thiruvonam.. After my son's birth,i have been suffering like anything.. Underwent a surgery in spinal cord. my husband's dob son dob dob is 08.09.1979..Till date no Shanthi Pooja has been done.. Please advise what to do??

Unknown said...

Dear Sir/Madam,

In dec 2014 i have shifted to Noida ,earlier me and my children were staying in husband is working in Gurgaon.But after shifting mmy personal and professional life in not good feeling very stressed and tensed...
My DOB 12-12-1974 21.05 jalandhar punjab(Female)
My children 12-07-2005 15:33 jalandhar punjab(Male)
29-06-2009 13:05 chandigarh(Male)
My husbnd details 30-07-1976 22:40 Bilaspur(HP)
Need your advice and suggestions

vani said...

HI there,

me n my younger daughter born in the same punarvasu nakshatra mine padam -2 and my daughter's is padam -4. now she is 7 months old. do I need to do anything.

sanjay malhotra said...

Hi Jayasree,

Read your blog and loved the article. Thank you for your efforts. we had our daughter born on 30th march 2015 16:11 mumbai in ashlessha nakshtra. my wife almost didnt survive the surgery and was in icu for 2 days. but miracle that she was saved. I live in u.s and as soon as the baby was in womb, my wife had to go back to india due to some visa issues and when baby was born I could just be there for 2 days and had to come back to new york. and now my job is gone in last 3 months, my residency is gone and everything is just too stressful. I was working in one of top most consulting company. and never believed in all this but I do at this point of time realize the power of destiny. Please do advice what should we do as me and my wife are separated due to visa issues and no fault of ours.

Deepa said...

Hello Jayasree

Need a small help from your end . My star is Pooradam - Poorvashada ( 8:05am - Dubai , UAE , 30/5/1983 ) and my 1st child -Daughter is born on 21/09/2012 - Pooradam @ 3:45am - Dubai , UAE . I'm due with my second one and the doctor is planning to induce me on 29th / 30th July 2015 which might again turn out to be a Pooradam / Uthradam . Can you tell me if there is anything wrong in having 3 Pooradam in the same house . My husband lost his job just a week before my first child was born and then has not been successful in finding another suitable job till now . Is there any poojas to be done if the new child is also Pooradam.

Deepa C

Unknown said...

Hi Jayasree,

Thanks for your social help.
My Wife DOB 1-11-1989 around 5.15 AM she is Scorpio with anuradha nakshatra
My Son DOB 06-06-2015 around 01:00 AM he is also scrpio with Anuradha nakshatra
My DOB : 16-02-1984 around 5:15 AM
There is lot of misunderstandings going on between me and my wife this is going on since our marriage on 09-06-2014
Please help is from this.


SwethaL said...

Hi. My daughter was born on 30.01.2012, at Ashwini Nakshatra Pada1. Since her birth we are facing lot of troubles especially my husband’s health. Recently somebody told me that it’s because of daughter birth at ashwini nakshatra pada1.
From past three years there is no peace we are all stressed, I’m so confused. Can you help?
I can pass my email details for more info.

SwethaL said...

Hi, I have one more questions to add,

My husband and Son has same rasi.

My son born at Pushyami Nakshatram Pada 1 and My husband Ashlesha Pada 3
is this some thing to worry.


Geet said...

Me my son and my husband share the same nakshathra-moolam.also he was born on the same birthday as his father.My delivery was an emergency c -section.
Plz do advice

saimahima said...

Hi my son born on September 2nd,2015 ,Morning 1:20 Am in Pittsburgh, USA.I had some Complication at the time of delivery and went in to C-section.I heard that my son's birthstar is Ashwini 1 paada that causes some bad to father and it may need some shanthi. Could you please clarify on it?

Unknown said...

hello sir.i m an woman of jyestha nakshatra.brishchik raasi and i think i m having the problem of gand mool dosha.
i m having problem on my marital life.dont know how to get get rid of this problem.please help.i donot know about pada.but my birth time was at 2:30a.m.

Unknown said...

HELLO SIR, my son's date of birth is 31.10.2001, my date of birth is 17.10.1976 and my husband date of birth is 01.08.1970, how the time is now, since we are facing lot of troubles in family and business

Sneha said...

Hello Sir,

My mother and me born in same month.
My name is Sneha More and my birth date: 18 September 1988 and timing: 10:07am and place :Mumbai and day: Sunday

And my mother birth date: 2 September 1962 and timing: 09:47 am and place: Mumbai and day: Sunday.

We both faced some health related serious issues and in my case I have faced health as well as career and job and study related problems.

I heard that if mother and daughter born in same month so they both or one of them have facing problem in their life please can you clarify this issue and tell me how to deal with this issue... Please

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir,
Both my son and myself are MOOLA padam- 3.
my DOB-3/12/1986 3.35pm and my son 23/09/2012 9.32 am
do we have the same star dosha..? My husband's start is Atham. DOB:26/07/1982
If yes how can I reduce it?


Unknown said...


just came to know hus& son same rasi, makaram. son born 25/12/2014 (avittam) in london.
hus(18/11/1985) in india, trivandrum. l do no his akshathra. And Im hasta. Do u think any problem.

Venky said...

Dear sir,
Your post is very helpfull. My daughter born on 08-sep-2015 in same nakshatra (punarpusha) as father's(me). Any pooja we need to do.any impact ..please suggest..

Unknown said...

Dear Sir

My baby was born in Jan13th 2016 at 8:13pm, As time was not good.. People are suggesting to do Ayush and Mruthinjaya homa on 11th day..

I am hearing these homas will be done at 1st year birthday or later.. i am confused now..

Baby has Low sugar when born, we need to carefully and more cautiously look after.. as well...

Need your suggestion on this..


Lavanya said...


My daughter's DOB: 01 Oct 2004 Bharani 4th padam Canada, My DOB: 10 Jun 1980 Bharani 3rd padam India, My husband's DOB:
13 Aug 1971 Bharani 2nd padam India. My whole family born in Bharani nakshatharam. I read your blog eka nakshathra doshas so do i need to do any santhi poojas? Please reply me i am worried about my family well being.


kavitha veerabomma said...


My daughter is 18months old now and she is not walking yet and she didn't even crawled we are so worried. After one year of her birthday her activities are also not so active. She used to tell many words now she stopped saying them. Her height is shrinking and weight is reducing we are doing lot of blood tests and consulting many doctors but no proper result has came. Can you suggest any puja or is there anything we can do from our side. After her birth we haven't done any kind of homams, shanti puja etc on her name.

Please guide us��

Date of birth details:
Name : Vamika veerabomma
DOB: 21-July -2014
Time of birth : 11:52:06 PM
Place of birth : Atlanta(city) , GA(state),USA

Anitha said...

Dear Sir,
My son's name is Prithvi Narasimha Jagadish; he was born on April 20 2012 5:51 PM in Houston, Texas, USA. He was born in Aswini nakshatra, but Amavasya day and yamaganda kalam.

Please let me know if there are any issues and remedy suggestions based on his birth time.


Unknown said...

I hv got sweet baby born on 25.11.2013 at kalyan in Magha nakshatra. I belong to shravan nakshatra. pl. inform remedies to be done for my baby. Om namah shivaya. thankis

Faith in the god said...

Hello madam,

My daughter is born Aslesha nakshatra pads 4
Dec 1st 2015, time 11:12 am, Place of birth is Virginia, USA.
My birth details Feb 18th 1986, 8:48 am, Hyd India. rohini nakshatra
My husband birth Sep 6th 1983, 9:10 am Missisippi USA. Magha nakshatra

Is there any dosha for me or my husband regarding my daughter or individually?
There is no mental peace in the family. We frequently fight and this is causing lot of stress to me.
Sometimes I feel like I wanted to run away to get some peace. Please evaluate our horoscopes and give an advise to get some marital happiness.
Also since my child is born I am facing few health issues. 2 months after my delivery I am bleeding
continuously for about nearly 2 months now and have some creaking sounds in my lower head when I move my head.

We did perform nakshatra shanti for our daughter on the day of her nakshatra when she was 29 days old. My daughter has some allergies and itchy skin which turns into rashes which is painful to see.
Please advice if we have to perform for her Better health and peace in our marital life.

Thank you very much

Faith in the god said...

Also kindly evaluate the longetivity of my husband, my child and myself.

MS said...

Namaskar! You have mentioned about issues when parent and child are born in same Nakshatra. I've read at some astrology websites that the Nakshatra on the day of conception must not be the same as the father or mother's birth Nakshatra. Please clarify this. If this is a genuine and big problem, is there any remedy? I was born under Swati Nakshatra and plan to conceive on June 16,2016 acc. to garbhadhana samskara. All other Hindu criteria are getting fulfilled except this birth Nakshatra issue. Kindly clear my doubts and show me the way. Many thanks in advance.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ MS

Conception on the day of birth star is not advisable. Anything connected with body is not to be done on day of birth star. In all probability, birth in that case might happen on the star of the parent. Please read my article on what you must check for conceiving a healthy child.

xyz said...

Hello Gudevng,
I am blessed with baby girl on 8th April 2016 7:36 am,pune
I was told by my uncle that she is born in mool nakshtra
Which is inauspicious to family members and asked me to go
For mool shanti Pooja as soon as possible.
I don't have much awareness about this and does it really impact
Any of the family members health or life.

Kindly suggest.

Unknown said...

Hi jayashree mam,

My elder son born in mysore on 29th March 2010 at 12.55 am purvaphalguni /pubha nakshatra.

My second son born in mysore on 18th April 2016 at 12.50 pm purvaphalguni /pubha nakshatra.

Both my son's have same nakshatra.are there any effects to parents and kids.I have read in your previous post there is no dosha for purvaphalguni/pubha nakshatra.can u please confirm?


Shveta said...
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Anonymous said...


My son was born on 18th November 2014 at 1.46 pm- Attam Nakshatram.
Is there any dosham to father due to his birth on attam star. Please let me know.

Arun said...


My raasi nakshatra is Rishabham-Kiruthigai and my husband is mithunam-thiruvathirai.There were lots of problem between me and my husband from the day i got conceived and i was blessed with boy baby on july 3rd 2013(10.05 pm)mesham -kiruthigai.And now we are separated but not legally.Is there any way that we will rejoin,will my husband accept me and my son.please advice.

Abi said...

Dear Sir,

My son is Sathaya nakshtra. There is a belief in family that sathaya nakshtra will not have any younger sister or brother. In other way, they are saying son with Sathaya nakshtra will not have any sister. Is that true? Please help me to resolve this confusion.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Abi,

As far as I know there is no such theory attached to Sathaya nakshatra.

Unknown said...

My elder son born in mysore on 29th March 2010 at 12.55 am purvaphalguni /pubha nakshatra.

My second son born in mysore on 18th April 2016 at 12.50 pm purvaphalguni /pubha nakshatra.

Both my son's have same nakshatra.are there any effects to parents and kids.I have read in your previous post there is no dosha for purvaphalguni/pubha nakshatra.can u please confirm?

MS said...
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