Friday, March 27, 2020

Coronavirus pandemic – detection and course astrologically explained.

A one-in-a- century epidemic is staring at us at this time. Known as Covid-19  (Coronavirus disease 2019) it is caused by a deadly virus that jumped from bats, the flying mammals to man. The intensity and impact of this pandemic is such that for the first time we are seeing the closure of our temples – somewhat ominous of the displeasure of the Gods over our conduct and the unabated growth of Adharma everywhere. This is shocking and terrifying too reminding us of the stories of the past when Gods refused to open their doors over acts of Adharma. One such incident appears in the real life story of Silappadhikaram. This part of the outcome of the pandemic disturbs me very much that I consider this to be different from similar outbreaks in the past. Trying to figure out what makes this pandemic different from the previous ones I have analyzed this disease astrologically by bringing out the features of the outbreak and deciphered its course. 

In the absence of any literature on the astrological features for predicting an epidemic (turned pandemic), I earlier attempted to check certain features based on the fundamentals of disease and disease-spread in a country in my paper that can be read here. Let me begin from the salient features discussed there.

Identification of the place and source of an epidemic

A concept called “Ayadhi Varga” specifying the limbs of the Kala Purusha in terms of animals is found useful in identifying the species from which the disease causing microbes had jumped to human beings, the direction of the origin of the disease and the direction that bears the maximum damage from the disease. It is given below.

This must be super-imposed on the globe to identify the animals that make an impact through Kala Purusha. For example NE pertains to North eastern parts of the globe prominently identified with China. The animal of NE is Kaka, the crow indicating a flying animal. When Pisces (NE) is afflicted in the zodiac, danger from flying animals and / or from the nations of North East of the globe can be expected. To give another example North stands for Gaja which means elephant. The problems transmitted by mammals are likely to emerge from Northern part of the globe or from the affliction to the signs Capricorn and / or Aquarius.

These directions also indicate the potential regions (directions) of trouble even within a country. The only inanimate thing in this varga is “Dwaja” identified with East. Dwaja goes with empires and kingdoms and in modern world with Governments. The rest are animals and all these are tabulated below for easy reference.

The planetary affliction to the signs can be linked to the animals and / or the direction of the earth when such affliction is related to a disease. For example the Mad cow disease originated in west (UK) which is identified with Libra and Scorpio having Vrishabha as the animal. That refers to cattle and the disease spread from cows to human beings. Similarly Avian Flu that spread from birds to humans originated in North East (Kaka) where China is located in the year 1996 and later from Indonesia and Vietnam in 2004. MERS-CoV, another species of Coronavirus that affected Middle East in 2012 was found to have migrated from camels, a mammalian species. The signifying animal is Gaja in the Ayadhi Varga associated with Capricorn and Aquarius. Those two signs were found badly afflicted in that year.

The global view deducted from this indicates that the Ayadhi Varga has Bharata varsha (India) at the centre and the directions are with reference to India. Whether such an epidemic afflicts India or not is ascertained from the annual chart of solar ingress into Aries.

Identification of the outbreak of an epidemic

Traditionally the time of Sun’s entry into Aries (Mesha Sankramana / New Year) is taken as the lagna for the year for India as a whole. It is similar to the natal horoscope of the individual. The 6th house is the house of disease and based on the affliction to the 6th house and the 6th lord in that chart, the almanacs give predictions of a disease spread in India till the next Mesha Sankramana. Suppose the New Year starts with a disease already prevalent in the country, as it is happening now with the New Year (Mesha Sankramana) around the corner, starting on the night of 13th April 2020, the astrological features for disease found in the New Year chart must be treated as a continuation of the existing disease. In the case of Covid-19 threat, the annual solar Sankramana chart for both the current year (Vikari) and the upcoming year (Sarvari) must contain afflicting features for the disease.

The above can be checked for any country, by creating Surya Sankramana chart for the capital city of the country. The entry time for the capital city becomes the lagna of the country’s chart. A disease indicated in such a chart is applies to that country only. However the same chart is applicable for the world too. Here we take up Aries as the Jagat Lagna (the lagna of the world) and the entire zodiac is known as universal zodiac. It follows the usual sequence from Aries onwards. If disease indicative afflictions are found for that lagna (which is always located at Aries), the disease takes pandemic proportions. 


I checked with different features for fine tuning the predictive tools for an epidemic in my paper on Swine Flu and found two features more effective in supplementing the predictions for diseases based on Mesha Sankramana. They are Sahamas and the running Dasa-Bhukti of Indian Independence chart.

Sahamas are special points or positions derived from the longitudes of certain planets in one’s annual chart (Varshaphal or Tajaka) that are linked with certain important events for a year from one birthday to the next. For the country the year is counted from one Mesha Sankramana to the next Mesha Sankramana and the Sahama points are derived from the planetary positions at the time of Mesha sankramana.   Of the 35 Sahamas listed by Dr BV Raman (Varshaphal of the Hindu Progressed Horoscope) I have zeroed in on the following as applicable to detection of disease in a country.

Roga Sahama  :  Diseases
Kali Sahama    :  Misfortune
Mrityu Sahama : Death
Apamrityu Sahama: Untimely death

Though all these are indicative of problems of disease, it is imperative to check the Punya Sahama and Artha Sahama for the overall wellbeing of the country and the impact of the disease on wealth of the nation.

Punya Sahama  : Fortune, good deeds.
Artha Sahama    :Wealth

These sensitive points are first identified by the stars in which they occur. The planetary dispositors of these stars are checked to know whether they are afflicted and prone to cause affliction.

Another important feature to look for is the Indian Independence chart that is found to reflect the events affecting the country. The Dasa-Bhukti forms the canvas upon which the events indicated by the planets – both natal and transit – get manifest. In times of unfavourable Dasa- Bhukti, the adverse indicators of Mesha Sankramana chart also get manifest.

A combination of the all the above must be studied in unison to detect the outbreak of an epidemic and its impact in India. They are

·         the sky map at the time of Solar ingress (Mesha Sankramana) called Universal zodiac
·         the sky map with the local time of Solar ingress (lagna) for India (or any country),
·         the affliction to six sahamas found in the local time sky map
·         the running dasa-Bhukti and transit influence in the Indian Independence chart (or the country under scrutiny)

With these inputs let me first check the outbreak of Covid-19 in the Universal Solar chart for Vikari Year (the last time the Sun entered Aries).

Epidemic /Pandemic indicated in Universal Solar Chart?

Let me produce the solar ingress chart for the current year Vikari. It is the same as Indian Annual Solar Chart but the lagna is not relevant. Aries is always recognized as the Lagna of this chart.

Vikari Year chart for the world.

From the Jagat lagna at Aries, the 6th house is Virgo whose lord Mercury will be spotted in any year either in Pisces or in Aries (because Mercury will be seen in close proximity to the Sun) at the time of Mesha Sankramana. Jupiter is the lord of Pisces (12th house) and Mars, of Lagna (Mesha) and the 8th house (death). Therefore in any year the positions of Mercury, Jupiter and Mars and afflictions to them at the time of Mesha Sankramana are of vital importance.

In the current year of Vikari, Mercury, the lord of disease is debilitated in the 12th house (hospitalization) which happens to be the house of Jupiter and inauspicious to the Jagat lagna. Mercury is in the star of Jupiter which is in retrogression at the beginning of its own sign that happens to be the auspicious 9th house in the Universal zodiac. Jupiter joins Saturn, the Baadhaka planet for Aries (11L is baadhaka for Chara lagna) and also Ketu. Let us take a look at the longitudes of these planets and their planetary dispositors.

Planetary longitudes at Mesha Sankramana (Vikari)


·         Jupiter is heavily afflicted by its position in Abhukta Mula (first 50’) in Sagittarius. That it is in retrogression further amplifies the affliction.
·         Such an afflicted Jupiter which signifies Dharma and Temples becomes the planetary dispositor of the 6th lord of diseases (Mercury), the Maraka lord (2nd and 7th lord Venus posited in 11th house, that signifies Baadhakasthan) and Rahu occupying the 3rd house that signifies longevity (8th from the 8th)
·         Jupiter is in the star of Ketu whose planetary dispositor is the Sun, the trigger planet for events.
·         Jupiter is joined with Saturn, the lord of the 10th (karma) and 11th (Baadhaka) which is transiting in the star of Venus, the Maaraka.
·         Saturn is moving towards Ketu within 2 degree distance. In other words the two malefics, Saturn and Ketu are closely encroaching upon each other.
·         Mars, the 8th lord (signifying death) is occupying the Marakasthan in the sensitive Rohini. From there it is casting its 8th aspect on the three inmates of Sagittarius.
·         Mercury, the lord of disease occupies the house and star of Jupiter. The sign (Pisces) being watery, the affliction is related to watery contents in the body. Among the significances of diseases related to Mercury namely breathing, nervous and skin, the location at watery sign can be linked with breathing related diseases (kapha)


·         The afflicted sign (Sagittarius) signifying North West direction, the affliction is most to the countries in the North West of the Globe.
·         With Mercury, the 6th lord posited in a sign signifying North East the country of origin is in the north east of the globe and the disease was transmitted by a flying animal. Both these fit with China and the flying animal (bat) as the source of this disease.  
·         Jupiter which is expected to be auspicious and powerful in its own house which also happens to be the House of Dharma is stripped of its power of Dharma. The Abhukta Mula does that stripping. This is in addition to the reversal suffered by Jupiter due to retrogression. 
·         Exactly after Jupiter had crossed the Abhukta Mula in forward movement, the favorable verdict on Ram Janma Bhumi was given (My analysis here), but its location in inauspicious degrees with inauspicious connotations at the moment of Mesha Sankramana had triggered events related to the associated significances (disease) right from the time the Sun had entered Sagittarius on 17th December.

·         The Baadhaka lord Saturn that happens to be the Karmic lord posited in the star of Maraka Venus and encroaching towards Ketu in the house of highly weakened Jupiter posited in the star of Ketu strips off all Fortunes through a disease.

·         The complicity of KETU DOES NOT RULE OUT FOUL PLAY in the outbreak of this disease.
·         The origin of the disease is traced to debilitated Mercury in Pisces and implicated with retrograde Jupiter occupying Abhukta Mula in its own sign that happens to be the house of Dharma. This is indicative of BLOW TO DHARMA or COMPROMISE ON DHARMA AND ETHICS.

·         From the Moon sign (Cancer) Sagittarius happens to be the 6th house (disease). The 6th lord Jupiter in retrogression in Abhukta Mula behaved as though the Lord of Dharma was trying to flee from the malefic collusion of Saturn and Ketu. But alas Jupiter was caught in the Abhukta Mula indicating complete collapse of Dharma or Ethics.

·         The collapse of Ethics is seen in two ways – one from the Jagat lagna where the affliction to Jupiter had happened in the house of Dharma and the other, from the Moon sign where the affliction had happened with reference to a disease.

·         Any disease has a variety of causes for its germination and spread, but here we are seeing an unusual affliction to Jupiter – the lord of Dharma and signifcator of Ethics. This cannot be dismissed if we find in an individual’s chart. But here….??

For comparison let me show the last time a similar combination occurred.

The year was 1722 when the Great Plague of Marseille had already started taking its toll for more than a year before. Look at the chart having Jupiter in Abhukta Mula with Saturn and Ketu encroaching towards each other in closer degrees and with Jupiter.

Jupiter – Ketu- Saturn combination in 1722

Jupiter was in forward motion then and the close proximity of all the three is indicative of a calamity of huge scale. But a point of difference is that the entire combination was NOT present at the time of Mesha Sankramana in the beginning of that year. Let me reproduce below the Mesha Sankramana chart for that location.

Mesha Sankramana in 1722

The 6th lord Sun joins the 8th lord Venus in the 2nd house (maraka) and together they aspect the 8th house. The house lord Mars is afflicted by the nodes in the 4th house (domestic). The 9th house is occupied by retrograde Saturn and Jupiter which happens to be the 4th from the house of disease. This is the region of affliction and it signifies West (Scorpio) (France in the west of India) This Mesha Sankramana chart shows only the affliction caused to the direction by the planets with no scope to deduce anything beyond that, say, foul play or mischief. Therefore a deadly combination of Jupiter in Abhukta Mula, Saturn and Ketu in the 9th house (Sagittarius) when it occurred on December 24th in 1722 and thereafter was indicative of deepening of the crisis caused by the continuing epidemic of Great Plague.

The same combination in the current year Mesha Sankraman is qualitatively different is what we make out from the comparison of the two dates.

Mesha Sankramana chart for India (Vikari 2019-2020)

The Mesha Sankramana chart for India is given below. The lagna was Cancer which also happens to be the moon sign. Let me name it as Annual Solar chart for 2019-20

Indian Annual solar chart 2019-2020

The fatal combination is seen in the 6th house from lagna and moon sign. Having seen the disease causing potential in Global chart (Jagat lagna) we see here an extension of it indicating the spread of disease in India too. That happened from the time the Sun started crossing the natal degrees of the three planets.

Salient features:

·         Venus, the lord of the 4th house (internal / domestic) and also a Baadhaka for Cancer lagna is in 8th (death) and aspected by Saturn and Ketu. Indicative of suffering to people of the land.
·         Jupiter, the 9th lord (Dharma, temples) is in 6th house of diseases and joined with 8th lord Saturn and Ketu. Indicative of affliction to temples. Dharma under stress.

·         Saturn, the 8th lord is in the 6th house joined with Jupiter, the 6th lord and afflicted by the nodes. The 8th lord / House signifies inherent disease (Nija) and the 6th lord / House, incidental disease. The location of these two is vital in judging how early the country can come out of the pandemic.

·         Mars, though Yoga Karaka for this lagna, is transiting Rohini and aspecting the 6th house inmates. Indicative of sufferings to the people, with the magnitude of war times. Usually when malefics cross Rohini wars and war like situations had come up.


The list of Sahamas is given below:
Punya Sahama       13 Sg 48' 06.86" PSha      Fortune, good deeds (Baadhaka Venus- 11L, 4L)
Roga Sahama        26 Cn 55' 04.91" Asre      Diseases (debilitated Mercury 12L, 3L)
Kali Sahama         8 Aq 36' 22.12" Sata      Misfortune (Saturn 7L, 8L in star of Venus)
Mrityu Sahama      26 Aq 55' 04.91" PBha      Death (Jupiter 6L, 9L in Abhukta Mula)
Apamrityu Sahama    1 Ta 57' 22.33" Krit      Untimely death (bad death) (Sun 2L in Ketu star)
Artha Sahama       17 Sg 08' 47.24" PSha      Wealth (Baadhaka Venus- 11L, 4L)

·         Venus is the lord of the Punya Sahama. Venus being the Baadhaka it indicates less fortunate times for the country.

·         Venus is once again the lord of Artha Sahama causing a big dent in wealth and wealth production this year (Vikari)

·         The Universal 6th lord Mercury debilitated in the 9th house amplifies the Roga factor.

·         Saturn, the 8th lord in 6th is the Kali Sahama lord. Needless to say how bad it can go.

·         Jupiter already suffering in Abhukta Mula is the lord of Mrityu Sahama. This substantiates death and devastation linked with beleaguered Jupiter – i.e., Adharma. This also gives us the clue on whom to propitiate or strengthen to come out of the current crisis. It is Jupiter.

·        Sun whose star Krittika being the lord of Apamrityu signifies fire related unnatural deaths. The anti-CAA protests turned violent by setting fire to vehicles around the time the Sun entered the 6th house (Sagittarius). That also coincided with the solar eclipse in the fiery sign of Sagittarius. Horrific deaths followed when the Sun was moving past this house. The Sun is the trigger of events in the Annual Solar chart.

Indian Independence chart:

In the Indian Independence chart, India is running a tough period throughout the Moon Maha dasa between 03-09-2015 to 03-09-2025. With Moon in the 3rd house, afflicted by conjunction with four planets, it loses its strength though it is in its own house. With the 3rd house signifying siblings, the country will face troubles from the co-born countries, particularly Pakistan and Muslims.

Currently Saturn Bhukti running between 03-12-2019 and 02-07-2021has coincided with the outbreak of anti-CAA protests and now the pandemic disease. The slow moving Saturn slows down progress besides giving troubled times. This continues throughout the period of the Solar Annual chart of this year (Vikari) and next year (Sarvari). However in its capacity as Yoga Karaka, Saturn is likely to have milder impact in slowing down the economy.

Mesha Sankramana for Sarvari (2020-2021)

The next Mesha Sankramana happens on 13th April 2020. The planetary positions are shown below.

Salient features:

·         The lagna is moving (Chara) located in Libra, a sign identified with Balance. The people get what is due.

·         The 6th lord turns out to be Jupiter which goes into debility in the 4th house (domestic / internal) showing the affliction by the disease on the country. However the presence of the sign lord Saturn in the same house makes Jupiter overcome the debility (Neecha Bhanga)

·         Mars the signifactor of vitality, though happens to be the lord of Maraka houses (2nd and 7th) becomes exalted in the same house (Capricorn) further releasing Jupiter from debility and accentuating life force.

·         Saturn becomes the Yoga karaka for Sarvari Annual chart. Its 10th aspect on the lagna whose lord it is friendly with, is beneficial in bringing out the country from troubled times.

·         This Yoga karaka offers succor to the beleaguered Jupiter too. Its aspect on the 6th house and its association with the 6th lord whose debility it reduces, offers relief from this pandemic as far as India is concerned. Propitiation of Saturn, worship of Village deities, Hanuman and Iyyappa greatly relieves the misery of the people.

·         Saturn and Jupiter have exchanged their houses in the Navamsa chart signifying mutual benefit from each other. Saturn removes the debility of Jupiter and restores Dharma while Jupiter aids in establishing fortunes of the people

·         Mars by asepcting its own house (Aries) and its friend, the exalted Sun (though a Baadhaka) reduces Maraka and Baadhaka potential of the disease.    


Punya Sahama  (7 Pi 38' 04.08" UBha) signifying Fortune and  good deeds is in the star of Saturn, the Yoga Karaka which offers the great balm to the country (Positive)

Artha Sahama   (27 Le 55' 40.02" UPha) signifying wealth is lorded by the Sun, exalted in the 7th house. Though the Baadhaka for this Annual solar chart it is aspected by the 7th lord Mars from its exalted position and gains vargotthama. This should make a bounce back possible but not an absolute one as the Sun does not cross Mars anytime in this year. (Mixed)

Roga Sahama   (29 Le 18' 54.28" UPha) signifying diseases is lorded by the same Sun in the same sign as Artha Sahama. Combined reading of the two shows that cost or stress on finances caused by this pandemic is going to be substantial for the country. However the astrological relief gained by the Sun is a factor in minimizing the impact of the disease. (Mixed)

Kali Sahama   (5 Sg 31' 35.82" Mool) signifying misfortunes is in the star of Ketu joined with Moon in the 3rd house whose lord Jupiter enjoys Neecha Bhanga. Business houses will be able to bounce back with limited damage. Losses caused by this pandemic will be within bearable limits and there is scope to pick up. (Mixed)

Mrityu Sahama   (29 Ar 18' 54.28" Krit) signifying death is lorded by Sun which is also associated with Artha and Roga. The damage will be limited for reasons explained already. (Mixed)

Apamrityu Sahama  (15 Ge 28' 36.21" Ardr ) signifying untimely and unfortunate death caused by the pandemic is lorded by Rahu positioned in the 9th house. Rahu is in its own star and not aspected by any planet. Its sign dispositor Mercury is debilitated in the 6th house but attains neecha bhanga by occupying its exalted own house in the Navamsa. That this happens to be the 6th Navamsa is a caveat that pulls us back from giving a clean chit. However in the absence of any modifying effect on Rahu, it can be expected to behave like Saturn. As such the death count from this pandemic is likely to be limited. (Positive)

Further course of the Pandemic for India.

·         The Solar Year chart opens with Saturn, Jupiter and Mars together in a sign. For an individual this combination signifies a scar from some damage or wound. For the nation, the Solar year opens with a scar, perhaps a dent on its resources. By the time the solar year begins, the country would have considerably bled, exhausted and caused damage to its resources.
·         Though recovery in terms of number of cases detected and dead is possible by 13th April, certain movements by Saturn and Jupiter are going to cause troubles on and off.
·         The first trouble comes from Saturn which begins retrogression on May 11th. This is followed by Jupiter when it begins retrogression on May 14th. These two movements show reversal of the gains made on 13th April. There is likely to be an increase in cases after 11th May.
·         With Jupiter re- entering Sagittarius on 8th July there is likely to be a drop in affliction.
·         On 13th September Jupiter turns forward in its own sign. Ketu is about move over to Scorpio. Globally the intensity of the pandemic would come down. Break-through in treatment also is possible after this.
·         On 29th September Saturn also comes in forward motion. Signs of improvement likely globally and in India.
·         On November 20th Jupiter re-enters Capricorn and attains Neecha Bhanga once again. Substantial improvement in containing the disease in India and globally.
·         On December 22nd, Jupiter overtakes Saturn moving in the star of the Sun. That signals the end of threat from this disease.
·         By the time Sun enters Capricorn on 14th January 2021, healing will be in place – in terms of effective medicine against the disease, prevention (like vaccination) and rebound from economic slowdown.
·         On April 5th, Jupiter moves over to the next sign, Aquarius. The disease will be completely controlled worldwide.
·         As far as India is concerned the current Dasa- Bhukti not supporting positive features, the economic rebound will happen by July 2021.

The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn where Jupiter debilitates and Saturn comes to the rescue of Jupiter is a once in sixty year event. During the last round too an epidemic passed off. But in the current closely inter connected world the impact is felt higher. A revolutionary kind of change in the perception of Life and practices can also be expected with Pluto moving over to Capricorn now.

Another take away is the resurrection of Dharmic ideas of the Hindu society. We have reached far into breaking point now. The re-emergence of Jupiter from its sign of debility is likely to usher in revival of Dharma and glory to Vedic religion.

asato ma sadgamaya
tamaso ma jyotirgamaya
mrtyorma amrtam gamaya
om shanti shanti shanti.


With the US worst affected by this pandemic, I am giving here the analysis for the US.
The annual solar chart of the US for Vikari year (2019-20) is given below.

Annual Solar chart for the USA 2019-2020
Punya Sahama lord: Rahu
Artha Sahama lord : Ketu
Roga Sahama lord : Ketu
Kali Sahama lord : Saturn 
Mrityu Sahama lord : Ketu
Apamrityu Sahama lord : Rahu 

The lagna falls at Capricorn with the 6th lord Mercury in debility in the star of Jupiter. Jupiter being the sign dispositor, the same story repeats that I wrote for the Jagat lagna of Vikari year. 
  • The trio (Saturn - Ketu - Jupiter) falling in the 12th house, the country had gone into ICU after the Sun crossed the lagna. 
  • The lords of all the relevant Sahamas are badly placed.
  • Saturn the lord of 2nd (wealth) is in 12th (Vyaya) indicating dissipation of wealth on medical expenses. 
  • Venus, the Yoga karaka is in the 2nd house of wealth, but posited in the star of afflicted Jupiter and aspected by Saturn and Ketu from the sign of losses.
  • Mars, the Baadhaka transiting Rohini in Purva punya afflicts both Rohini (significator for people) and the 12th house. 
  • Needless to state what all these mean. We are witnessing now. 
Now the most crucial question: Was the US the target of some foul play?

In the case of diseases for man, we categorize the diseases arising from Visible (drishta nimittaja) and invisible (adrishta nimittaja) causes. If 6th lord and 6th house related planets are causing the affliction, there are visible causes for the disease and its manifestation. If the Baadaka lord is seen involved in causing the affliction we cannot pinpoint any known or visible and palpable cause for the disease (affliction). Such diseases are attributed to sorcery, foul play etc. They can not be scientifically analysed nor cured. 

In the above chart of USA for Vikari year, the Baadhaka lord Mars is sitting in Purva Punya house thereby denting the gains of the nation. By aspecting the 12th house of the dreadful combination it  signifies hospitalisation, losses and death.  
I leave the deduction to viewer's wisdom and of course to TIME.

The same Baadhaka planet becomes the 6th lord (incidental disease) and joins the 8th (inherent disease) in the 8th house (Maraka) along with the Baadhaka Jupiter in Sharvari Annual solar chart for the USA. It is shown below. 

Annual Solar chart for the USA (2020-2021)
Punya Sahama lord: Jupiter (Baadhaka)
Artha Sahama lord : Sun (3rd lord exalted in 9th from 3rd)
Roga Sahama lord : Ketu (Maraka)
Kali Sahama lord : Mars (6th lord)
Mrityu Sahama lord : Ketu (Maraka)
Apamrityu Sahama lord : Mars (6th lord)

  • 6th (Mars) and 8th lord (Saturn) going to 8th house (death) of inherent disease foretells bad times ahead. The Solar year opens with worser times than what it experiences now. 
  • The two (Mars and Saturn) joined with Baadhaka Jupiter in the 8th is once again an indication of the 'Invisible hand' (Adrishta nimittaja) in wrecking havoc in the country. This feature appearing for the 3rd time after annual solar chart for the the globe in 2019-2020, the USA annual chart for 2019-2020 and again for 2020-2021 is an unmissable feature of some foul play targeted at the USA. A case of Adharma going beyond a limit that the God houses in the USA are all closed. 
  • Moon, the 2nd lord (wealth) has joined Ketu in the 7th house (Baadhaka and Maraka). Not a good sign for wealth and health.
  • Mercury, the 4th lord (domestic) which also happens to be the lagna lord is debilitated in the 10th (Karma, Jeevana) The sign dispositor is Baadhaka Jupiter in debility in the 8th. The neecha bhanga is of little use in that location. The damage is done. The country is beleaguered. 
  • The only redeeming feature is the Sun (lord of Artha Sahama for wealth) which happens to be the 3rd lord (action, courage, resurrection) exalted in the 11th (Labha) which happens to be the 9th house from the 3rd signifying positivism and some luck in making gains. 
  • The trigger point of resurrection starts once the Sun enters the 3rd house (Leo) on 17th August 2020.
  • In a nutshell, disease and death continue, more spending on disease and a turn around in economy and finances from mid August. 
To make sure that things will become alright thereafter let me check 2021-2022 Annual solar chart for the USA. It is given below.

Annual Solar Chart for the USA 2021-2022

Punya Sahama lord: Rahu 
Artha Sahama lord : Jupiter 
Roga Sahama lord : Sun 
Kali Sahama lord : Venus 
Mrityu Sahama lord : Mercury
Apamrityu Sahama lord : Rahu

  • Jupiter emerges from debility and is posited in the 7th in the star of Mars, which happens to be both Yoga karaka and Baadhaka. Mars in the 11th (Upachaya) makes it auspicious.
  • 6th house position of the 6th lord Saturn in its own house stems out its inauspiciousness. Complete recovery indicated by this.
  • Mars (Yoga karaka and Baadhaka as well) aspecting it from the 11th (8-6 axis) shows strides in health and medicine sector besides developing strategy to checkmate the invisible enemy.
  • Mercury, the 2nd lord (wealth) in the 8th and  Ketu in the 4th are factors that show that people are not yet back to routine life. 
  • However lagna lord Sun getting exalted in the 9th and joined with 10th lord Venus shows great revival by a highly motivated country. Rahu in 10th will help in taking bold steps for moving forward. 
  • In a nutshell, the year from March 2020 to March 2021 will be tough, though economic recovery will be possible from August 2020 onwards. 
  • 2021 will see the country move forward. 
  • All is not lost.