Thursday, December 30, 2021

My book "When was the First Vedic Homa Done?"

Released a booklet tilted "When was the First Vedic Homa Done?" on 27th December 2021. It traces the story of Agni as given in scriptures and and how and when the first Homa was done. From the narration of sage Markandeya found in the Mahabharata it is known that Skanda conducted the 'marriage' of Svāhā with Agni - symbolic of the beginning of the Vedic Homa. 

The first copy of this book was presented to the Honorable Vice President of India, Sri. Venkaiah Naidu on 27th December 2021. I wish this copy reaches as many people as possible to spread the information about the beginnings of Vedic Homa. 

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The narration is in story form and brings out parallels from Tamil literature on Skanda's role in starting the first Homa. The location of the first Homa and the feasibility factors for the performance of the Homa are discussed. Sample pages are shown below. 

This booklet is of 22 pages and priced at Rs.50. Can be purchased by writing to 

Can be bought along with other books to save on the postage.
My other books are
"Mahabharata 3136 BCE" (Rs. 475)
"Myth of The Epoch of Arundhati of Nilesh Nilkanth Oak"  (Rs. 230)
"Oral Cancer: Astrological prediction and remedies" (Rs.250)
"ஆண்டாள் தமிழும் அறியாத வைரமுத்துவும்" (Rs. 50)

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

'Myth of “The Epoch of Arundhati” of Nilesh Nilkanth Oak' is brought out in print

 My book ‘Myth of The Epoch of Arundhati of Nilesh Nilkanth Oak’ critiquing Nilesh Oak’s book on the date of the Mahābhārata was originally published as an e-book in 2019. Upon request for print version, I am now bringing out a revised version of the e-book after dropping the chapters on validation of the date of Kali Yuga and Mahābhārata which however can be read with additional inputs in my recently published “Mahabharata 3136 BCE: Validation of the Traditional Date”. 

With no counters coming from Nilesh Oak to my critique till this date, I am adding additional questions in this book on his recently floated theory of Kali Yuga starting in 5561 BCE, from the last day of the war in his timeline. I have added more evidence on his ‘Analogy Nyāya’ too. I don’t expect him to refute my critique for, he never can, but this book is meant for the common man to not fall a prey to a work of untruth.

In an atmosphere of absence of knowledge of even the basic features of our culture, I find the youth of today getting excited over the thought of long past for Vedic India and modern software being put into use to establish the past. But they should not be fed with faulty understanding of texts and concepts and mindless use of simulation for establishing the meaning of even scriptural concepts as Nilesh Oak has done. My book aims to spread awareness about the mediocre nature of the Mahābhārata research of Nilesh Oak.

The first copy of this book was presented to the Honorable Vice President of India, Sri. Venkaiah Naidu when I met him at the Raj Bhavan at Chennai to give my books on 27th December 2021. While briefing him the circumstances that led me to do the research on validating the Traditional date of the Mahabharata war and Kali Yuga, I spoke about my Dharmic Anger against maligning the status of Arundhati and the mis-interpretation of the verses of the Mahābhārata and the date of Kali Yuga. The second copy was given to the Honorable Governor of Tamil Nadu.

This book of 12 chapters in 202 pages is available for Rs. 230. Postal cost of Rs. 36 for anywhere in India is additional. Interested readers may write to to get the book.


Monday, December 27, 2021

Presented my book “Mahabharata 3136 BCE” to the Vice President of India

 Following the release of my book “Mahabharata 3136 BCE: Validation of the Traditional Date” on 14th November by my family Guru-s at Kanchipuram, I sent my book to the Vice President of India, Sri Venkaiah Naidu for his reading with a covering letter explaining why my book should be read. I requested time to meet him in person to present the book and explain the salient features in person. The Vice president kindly consented to my request and granted me time to meet him at the Chennai Raj Bhavan today during his Chennai visit.

His simplicity and making himself accessible to a common man like me was uppermost in my mind when I met him that I quoted the Tirukkural verse (Kaatchikku eLiyan) on how a ruler who is simple and makes himself available to the people is praised by the world. I also told him that I didn’t bring any bouquets or shawls or costly items, but only a book that is a befitting a scholar like him. Disapproving the bouquets and such other stuff, the Vice president said he was pleased to receive the book than anything else. 

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I explained him how I have authenticated the Janamejaya grant in possession of the Bhimanakatte Matha (pages 148 to 158 in my book) and presented him the mail of appreciation sent to me by the Swami-ji of the Matha. The grant offers clinching evidence to the year of the beginning of Kali Yuga when Parīkshit ascended the throne following the departure of Kṛṣṇa and the Pāndava-s. Thirty-five years before that, the war had taken place. 

I conveyed the desire of the Swami-ji to commemorate the day of the grant (Pushya Amavasya) from next year onwards and the need to declare the authenticity of the grant.

This was the foremost request in my Letter of Request presented to the Vice President.

Other points of request are as follows:

Ø  Similar grant issued by King Janamejaya on the same date to Uṣā Maṭha in Kedārnāth to be retrieved (p.158 in my book).

Ø  Kali Yuga date to be corrected to 3101 BCE in the Gregorian calendar-reckoning (p.115).  

Ø  Kali Yuga date to be inserted in the Astronomical Almanac (p.114).

Ø  Probe to be undertaken to carbon-date the so-called ‘massacre-victims’ of the Lower Town of Mohenjo-Daro (p.278-281).

Ø  Probe to be undertaken to test the radiation levels at the Lower Town, as reported by David Davenport, to check meteor impact (p. 279).

Ø  Probe to be undertaken to determine the date of the impact at Langtang landslide location (p.284-285).

Ø  Marine excavation to be undertaken to the west of Prabhāsa to determine the location of Kṛṣṇa’s Dwārakā (Chapter 18).

The Vice President promised to forward the Request Letter to the concerned people.

Then I got my book autographed by him for my possession.

Then I presented two other books, the abridged print version of my e-book “Myth of The Epoch of Arundhati of Nilesh Nilkanth Oak” and a booklet titled, “When was the First Vedic Homa done?” I told him how my Dharmic Anger against the so-called Epoch of Arundhati led me to validate the Traditional Date of Kali Yuga and the Mahābhārata war.

It was a satisfying visit and I thank the Vice President for making it memorable.

I am thankful to the staff of Raj Bhavan for delivering my three books (Mahabharata, Myth and Vedic Homa) to the Governor’s Desk since I didn’t get prior appointment to meet him personally to hand over the books, particularly “Mahabharata 3136 BCE”.  

With the blessings of my Acarya-s and the Swami-ji of Bhimanakatte Matha my task continues to stop the distortion of Vyāsa Mahābhārata and Kali Yuga Time scale.

The books can be obtained by writing to


My meeting with the VPI to present my Mahabharata book was reported as box- news in Eenaadu, the popular Telugu Daily the next day (28th Dec, 2021).  It was earlier reported in 'News Today' published from Vadapalani.

It reads as
"Here is the picture of Dr. Jayasree Saranathan, Writer & P.hD holder in Astrology, accompanied by her husband, handing over the book 'Mahabharata 3136 BCE' authored by her to Vice President Sri. Venkayya Naidu at Raj Bhavan on Monday."

Monday, December 13, 2021

Tamil New Year controversy -Part 3 (On Tiruvalluvar's birthday and Thiruvalluvar Year)

Part 1 - Arguments against New Year in Thai

Part 2 - Arguments in support of New Year in Chitthirai

In the 3rd and the final part of my interview at Desiya Siragugal channel, I am explaining the historical background of the Thiruvalluvar Year and the bungling up of the birth date of Thiruvalluvar by Mr. Karunanidhi. Further on, I am establishing the date of Thiruvalluvar around 7000 years ago - at the end of first Tamil Sangam, on the basis of Sangam poetry evidences. 

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Tamil New Year controversy - Part 2 (My arguments in support of New Year in Chitthirai)

 In continuation of 1st Part posted yesterday on arguments challenging the 'evidences' presented by the supporters of New Year in Thai, the 2nd part is posted today. In this part, I focus on the evidences in support of Tamil New Year starting in the month of Chithirai. I am quoting the records of the colonial period on how 'Tamil Varusha Pirappu' was observed in Chithirai in Madras Presidency. I continue the arguments by quoting the verses attributed to sage Agastya and Sangam age poems. Finally I am giving epigraphic evidence for the start of the year in Mesha. The talk continues tomorrow also and the topic is Thiruvalluvar Andu.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Tamil New Year controversy - Part 1 (My arguments against New Year in Thai)

Regular and long time readers would have known that I have been consistently questioning the attempts by the DMK governments in the past to change Tamil New Year from Chitthirai to the month of Thai. One can see my talks and articles questioning the change of the New Year, in 2012 archives. Now with the installation of the DMK government in the State, the New Year controversy has come up after the Govt printed New Year wishes on the Ration products distributed for Thai Pongal. In this backdrop, my interview to the You Tube Channel Desiya Siragugal is telecast in three parts starting from today. 

In the 1st part, I am examining the evidences presented by Mr. Karunanidhi and Tamil scholars in support of Thai as the New Year and prove them to be wrong. I am also bringing out the true relevance of  "Pongal" and the genesis of  the three festivals - Bhogi, Pongal and Maattu Pongal - which were basically related to the cattle-breeding Yadava people having allegiance to Krishna. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Mr. Joachim Seifert's view about my book "Mahabharata 3136 BCE"

Mr. Seifert is a familiar name for those who have read my book "Mahabharata 3136 BCE". He works on the climate models of the Holocene, researching on meteor-hits that have caused dip in temperature recorded in GISP2 graphs. Our researches in respective fields matched remarkably that while I pointed out the references to a series of meteor-hits caused by a fragmented comet from the Mahabharata in the year 3136 BCE, Mr. Seifert showed me the scientific evidence for the hit in the same year 3136 BCE. I am glad to reproduce the part of his email to me about my book.


"Thank you for your 3136 BC e-book, I read every page (but only to page 276, when the download stopped). In any case, I read inclusive the Chapter 10. The book is a tremendous work, I reckon its your lifetime work, with so many fine details collected and now presented as comprehensive book. I am sure you illuminated every angle of the topic!

Plenty of room was also given to the meteor impact.

I am absolutely certain that you gave a blow to all other interpretations, and, as it is in science, there always come up certain know-it-all-persons, who then use the general method of doubting one and two items and then cast negative opinion onto the whole....

I am sure that you gave all  all of them hell.

What would be the task of the future? Your book needs to be included into the official history of India and that history teaching will follow your path....Also one more detail about the Mohenjo Daro event: For me the positions of the skeletons do not resemble the action that some dead bodies were centuries later carried to the site and cast away to get rid of some dead corpses., as someone commented. The positions of the skeletons rather resemble an catastrophic event.

Your future task should be to get in touch to some historians and pressure them to obtain an accurate bone age dating.

Furthermore, it was said that in one location an increased radioactivity was observed, which should  be dated as well..

Congratulations again for the good job done. I hope, many people would read your book."

Dr. Karan Singh's view about my book "Mahabharata 3136 BCE"

I am humbled to receive an email from Dr. Karan Singh, a scion of the Royal family of Kashmir, a Statesman and an educationist (Dr. Karan Singh) appreciating my recently published book "Mahabharata 3136 BCE". It is reproduced below.