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Valmiki of Ramayana and Valmiki of Purananuru are the same.

In an earlier post
Purananuru contains Vaalmiki's Tamil poem we saw a poem from Purananuru written by Vaanmeekiyaar.

This Vaanmeekiyaar of the Siddha tradition is none other than Valmiki who wrote the Adhi grantha, Ramayana. This is told by another Siddha in his book.

Siddhar Bogar
has said in his work "Bogar 7000" that this Vaanmeekiyaar was the same Valmiki who wrote Ramayana. This is recorded in the verse 5834 of this book by Bogar. This information can be read in

In the next verse (5835) Bogar has mentioned that
Valmiki's age was 700 years + some days. He has also stated that Valmiki was a learned scholar in Tamil. From this work by Bogar we know that Valmiki lived in Tamilnadu and attained Siddhi at a place called Ettikkudi (It is now known as Ettuk kudi which is located in Nagappattinam)

I am on the look out of this book as it seems to contain many 'secrets' of the olden times. For instance, the verses by Bogar on how Sage Agasthya cured the headache of Thrunathumagni is further proof of absence of North- South division. This incident happened in Kapatapuram – which is now submerged under the Indian ocean off Kanyakumari. These verses can be read in Mr Jayabharathi's website

Thrunathumagni is none other than Tholkaapiyar, the disciple of Agasthya who wrote Tholkaapiyam. In his commentary on Tholkaapiyam,
Nacchinaarkkiniyar gives this real name (Sanskrit name) of Tholkaapiyar while explaining why Tholkaapiyar did not mention Agasthya anywhere in his work in spite of being groomed by Agasthya and inspired by his early Tamil work of Grammar, Agastheeyam.

Tholkaapiyar had a grooming in Sanskrit and belonged to
North India but came to Tamilnadu along with his teacher, Agsthya and composed the grammar book, Tholkaapiyam. This also shows the co-existence of the two languages Tamil and Sanskrit for long. While Sanskrit owes it existence to the Gods themselves, the spoken tongue of Tamil was codified and developed by sages well versed in Sanskrit.

Valmiki's early history

Now coming to think of Valmiki, Valmiki's early history shows that he grew up as an ordinary person. Though he was born to a sage by name
Prachetas, he was lost in the forests at a young age and was subsequently picked up by a hunter who grew him up as his foster son. Ratnakara was the name given by the hunter to this boy who was originally known as Praachetas (Praachetas is the son of Prachetas).

The rest of his story as a robber is well known to many. When he encountered Narada in a bid to rob him,
Ratnakara was still an unlettered man, who must have spoken the manushya bhasha. Narada also must have interacted with him in that manushya bhasha only. After his realization upon the goading by Narada, that one's sins will have to be borne by oneself, he sought Narada's guidance and started meditating on Rama naama. His mediation was deep and continuous in such a way that an ant-hill was formed around him in due course.

Later Narada came back, ended his meditation and hailed him as Brahma rishi. It was a rebirth for Ratnakara, a former robber from valmika, which means ant-hill in Sanskrit. From then onwards he came to be called as Valmiki.

This name Valmiki is thus a derived name, which is not a common name.

If someone by name Valmiki had penned a poem in Tamil which is complied in Purananuru, the probabilities are that the person himself was Valmiki or a descendant of Valmiki. From the accounts we have from Ramayana, we know that Valmiki led an ascetic life and was not married. So a lineage by name Valmiki is not possible.

Looking at
another episode from Valmiki's life, we can say that Sanskrit was alien to him as he was only conversant in the 'manushya bhasha' spoken at his times.

He was an unlettered robber until he became Valmiki. Language is not a requisite factor for meditation. He did the simplest japa of repeating the name "Rama' and attained eminence. When he set up his ashram near the
Ganges surrounded by disciples such as Bharadwaja, there is no way to assume that he learnt Sanskrit. He must have conversed in the manushya bhasha only.

This is known form the shock and startle he expressed upon uttering the
'maa nishada' sloka in Sanskrit on seeing the fall of the Krouncha bird.

From the verse
1-2-16 in Valmiki Ramayana, we learn that he was surprised at his own words – that such beautifully constructed words in Sanskrit had been uttered by him.

He 'discovered' it as a sloka only after uttering it that sprang from his inner mind.

"This utterance of mine has emerged out of anguished annoyance, and it is well- arranged with letters metrically posited, tuneful and rhythmical to be sung with string instrument, and hence, this shall be a verse, not otherwise..." [

Valmiki was quite overwhelmed that he kept on pondering on the sloka, its meaning and the way it has been well constructed in Sanskrit. Later Brahma deva appears in front of him and tells him that it sprang from His Will only. With Brahma's blessings, Valmiki started composing Ramayana with this sloka as the opening one. How he grabbed the rest of the epic is explained in this chapter of Valmiki Ramayana. He kept on saying again and again the first sloka and the other slokas started flowing out of his mouth.

This episode explains that Valmiki did not write Ramayana with a previous expertise in Sanskrit language and its grammar. The language and poetic nuances of Sanskrit were all new to him. He was able to compose the Epic only with the blessings of Brahma.

It must be noted that his native tongue was the one that was spoken by ordinary folks throughout the region. He had been well versed only in that Manushya bhasha. That he had contributed to Tamil Sangam and had lived in regions which are now known as Tamilnadu makes us deduce that Tamil must have been the manuhya bhasha even as early as Ramayana times.

It is also worthy to note that
Thiruvanmiyur in Chennai got its name after Valmiki or Vaanmeeki who worshiped Lord Maruntheewarar in that place.


The striking similarity of the two works is that Ramayana starts with ‘Maa’ – Goddess Lakshmi (Sita) and Puranauru verse ends with Laskhmi (Thiru).

விட்டோரை விடாள் திருவே
விடாதோர் இவள் விடப்பட்டோரே "

The central theme in both is Sita.

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Will discovery of ET shake our faith in religion?

The following article published in wonders if the discovery of Extra terrestrial life would shake the faith in religion.

This is not a problem for Hindus as we believe that many worlds and realms do exist. By this we mean that life exists elsewhere. If such an existence is found out by science, it only strengthens that faith.

But in reality, such an existence can not be found out by man. Any such physical existence will be accompanied with a 'security system' as we have the planetary systems playing a role in the existence of our earth. Our concept also is that numerous levels of 'beings' of different levels of consciousness do live with us or visit us - which can not be detected by physical senses and the apparatuses we have. We – as physical beings – are definitely special and our earth is a 'chosen' place for our existence.



Religion could survive discovery of ET, survey suggests

Could the world's religions survive the discovery of extraterrestrial life? Or would their beliefs be so shaken that they would eventually collapse?

A survey (pdf) discussed on Tuesday at a meeting on the search for alien life at the Royal Society in London suggests religion would survive.

The survey, designed by Ted Peters, a professor of Systematic Theology at the Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California, asked 1300 people whether they thought the discovery of extraterrestrial intelligence would shake their individual belief, the strength of their religion as a whole or would adversely affect the beliefs of other religions. The survey included both religious and non-religious people, and most respondents were based in the US.

None of the 70 Buddhists questioned thought that the discovery of ET would undercut their belief systems, although 40 per cent thought it could pose problems for other religions.

More Roman Catholics believed ET could pose a problem for their faith. Only 8 per cent of the 120 surveyed thought that their individual beliefs would be shaken, but nearly a quarter – 22 per cent – said it could adversely affect their religion. Even more – 30 per cent – thought it could threaten the beliefs of other religious people.

Singled out

The patterns were similar for the other Christian sects surveyed, including evangelical and mainline Protestants, but there was not enough data to draw firm conclusions about people of other religions, such as Hindus and Muslims.

Of the 205 people who identified themselves as non-religious (either atheists or those who describe themselves as spiritual but not religious), only 1 per cent thought it would affect their atheist or spiritual outlooks. But 69 per cent thought the discovery of ET could cause a crisis for other world religions. An average of only 34 per cent of religious people shared that belief.

Paul Davies, an astrobiologist at Arizona State University in Tempe was one of the first to suggest that the world's religions would not cope with the discovery of ET. And he still believes such a find would pose theological problems for Christians.

"They believe that Jesus came down to earth to save humankind – not dolphins, Neanderthals or extraterrestrials," he said in response to the survey results. "To make sense of this, either you need multiple incarnations [of Jesus on other planets] or a reason why this planet and this species was singled out for special attention."

'Extraterrestrial brothers'

Many survey respondents expressed no such qualms. A Roman Catholic said: "I believe that Christ became incarnate (human) in order to redeem humanity and atone for the original sin of Adam and Eve. Could there be a world of extraterrestrials? Maybe. It doesn't change what Christ did."

Another wrote: "From an evangelical Christian perspective, the Word of God was written for us on Earth to reveal the creator... Why should we repudiate the idea that God may have created other civilisations to bring him glory in the same way?"

"There is nothing in Christianity that excludes other intelligent life," asserted an evangelical respondent.

Indeed, Vatican astronomers have said in recent years that there is no conflict between believing in God and in the possibility of "extraterrestrial brothers".

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Vedic theory of Creation

The Vedic theory of creation can be depicted in the image of Nataraja and Chakkratthazhwar.

The doubts and questions on the many Gods of Hinduism can be easily explained in this model. This model also exhibits how infinite number of parallel universes can co-exist and the way our own universe is progressing. This model explained in the context of why it is said that the Four faced Brahma and Vishnu failed to see the crown and the feet of Shiva on the day of Deluge, that coincides with Maha Shivarathri is written by me and posted at

நாராயணன் என்றாலே, ‘அவன் எல்லாவற்றிலும் இருக்கிறான், அவனில் எல்லாம் இருக்கின்றனஎன்பது பொருள். அவனைப் பிரம்மம் என்பர். .. நமக்குள் யோகேஸ்வரனாக இருப்பதையும், சக்கரத்தாழ்வானாகக் காப்பதையும், பிரபஞ்சச் சுழற்சியைக் காட்டி நடராஜராக தாண்டவம் ஆடுவதையும் ஒரே உருவில் காட்டப்படும் அந்தச் சக்கரம் சு-தர்சனச் சக்கரம். சுதர்சனம் என்றால் சிறந்த தரிசனம் என்று பொருள்.

This article is in Tamil. Related articles on this topic can be read in English in this blog :-

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Purananuru contains Vaalmiki's Tamil poem

This is a break-through finding !
That Valmeeki contributed to the Purananuru - that he has delivered his poem in Tamil in the Sangam Assemblage.
Dr. U. Ve .Sa does concede that one 'Vaanmeekiyaar' did adore the First Sangam. But he was not sure if that was the same Vaanmeekiyaar who penned the poem that is compiled as the 358th poem in Pura nanuru.

The poem is as follows.
The most exciting information is the mention of Lakshmi in the last two lines.

"பரிதி சூழ்ந்த விப்பயன்கேழு மாநிலம்
ஒரு பகல் எழுவர் எய்தியற்றே
வையமும் தவமும் தூக்கிற்றவக்துக்
கையவி யனைத்து மாற்றா தாகலிர்
கைவிட்டனரே காதலர் அதனால்
விட்டோரை விடாள் திருவே
விடாதோர் இவள் விடப்பட்டோரே "

In the beginning the practice of offering pithru tarpan is made out in the first line.
பரிதி சூழ், அவிப்பயன் = movement of sun (during the day) connected to Avippayan = denoted pithru tarpan.
Everyday, someone will be engaged in doing pithru tarpan which will be received by the Sun.
Note that the time of offering in pithru tarpan is when the sun is overhead.

In verse 43 of Purananuru comes a reference to Sun traveling with sages - and taking the Havis - an obvious reference to pithru tarpan being done.

In the 2nd line ஒரு பகல் எழுவர் means the 7 horas in the name of 7 planets (days of the week) that follow continuously and endlessly. Infact according to astrology, the naming of days as Sunday, Monday etc are based on the hora at the time of sun rise.
The horas of 7 planets are continuously governing the time (1 hora = 1 hour = 2-1/2 naazhigai) .
The day that breaks with sun-hora in progress is called Sun day.
The day that breaks with moon- hora is monday and so on.
This is how the days got their name according Hindu astrology.
This poem reiterates that such a practice was there in the times of Valmiki. This is a major information that denounces claims that naming of days was borrowed from the Greeks.

The word காதலர் in the 5th line is noted by Dr U.Ve.Sa as ' வீட்டில் விருப்பமுள்ளோர்' -those in the pursuit of Moksha.
(It is unfortunate that we do not have the commentary for this poem. That is why this poem was not noted by people, I think.)

The last 2 lines present an amazing inference to Sita (Laskhmi).
விட்டோரை விடாள் திருவே.
Lakshmi does not leave the people in the lurch - who have renounced worldly pleasures.
விடாதோர் இவள் விடப்பட்டோரே
Those who are stuck in the Karmic cycle are those who have been left out by her - meaning they have not sought her blessings.

Valmiki's adoration for Sita is well known - he has called Ramayanam as the great story of Sita - "Sittayaas charitham mahat"
The Great soul, the mahaan by name Sri Narayana Iyengar brought out this and other path breaking info in the year 1938 in his book "Vanmeegarum Thamizhum" (வான்மீகரும் தமிழும்).

This book supports my obsession that Tamil had been the Spoken language since the beginning of this manvanthra - since the times the Tamil lands were spread beyond the Equator - close to Africa and Australia.

This book can be read at

The author's painstakingly- given quotes from other Tamil texts on the Ikshvaku lineage of Cholan kings have been vindicated by the inscriptions of Thiruvalankaadu Copper plates.

Cholas and Rama shared the same ancestors until Mandhatha. After him the lineage bifurcated. Rama came in the lineage of the eldest son while Sibi came in the lineage of the other sibling. Chola Varman was the founder of Cholan dynasty. He was the descendant of Sibi and from him earned the name Sembian. Many Verses are there in Purananuru to substantiate this. One of the following posts form my blog contains the link to the ASI page on the inscriptions of the copper plates.


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Migration from Dwaraka to Tamilnadu.

Discovery of Atlantis – Maya's Romaka connection?

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Don’t try patience of Hindus - Article by Dr Pravin Togadia


Enough is enough! Stop looting!
Don't try patience of Hindus

By Dr Pravin Togadia

Muslims ruled this nation for over 400 years and Christians ruled this nation for 250 years. Apart from breaking and looting various rich temples all over Bharat, Muslim rulers slapped jazia on Bharat and fleeced Hindus dry. Although their administrative rule withered away from Bharat, Islam did not go away; instead it crept into various aspects and systems in Bharat in such a way that today Islam is taking and further demanding a huge slice of the Indian pie, which has been created by Hindus through their conscientious hard work and hard-earned money. 

Who really are the Muslims in Bharat? There are three categories of them. One group of Muslims is the direct descendent of the erstwhile invading foreign rulers. The second group is the hybrid of invading foreign rulers and the local Hindus who were forced to create various relations with the rulers. Their progeny is also a large group in Bharat who keeps on claiming of 'royal' blood and lands 'given' to them by Humayun, Adilshah, etc (lands that belonged to Hindus anyways)! The third group is the one who, for the benefits of socio-political favours, converted to Islam during Islamic rule and therefore enjoyed great favours from the rulers. Even if some of them were forced to convert to Islam, ultimately as a part of Islam, the rulers gave them all benefits from jobs in military to lands to status. So, Muslims in Bharat are the beneficiaries of the ruler privileges and yet are now claiming to be underprivileged! This must be the first case in the history of the world that those who ruled the nation are pretending to be underprivileged and poor after looting the original people of that nation!

Similar is the case with Christians. Through East India Company they entered Bharat. They too militarily ruled Bharat, slapped various taxes, looted the then kings and again fleeced Bharat dry. East India Company had directly been giving money officially since 1811 for conversion of Hindus to Christianity. British, Portuguese, Dutch and French left Bharat but after completely looting Bharat and leaving behind large missionary groups, which have huge funds available to run their big number of hospitals and schools that have been directly and indirectly used to lure and convert Hindus to create a brigade to again snatch a large chunk of the remaining Indian pie. Again, those who benefitted due to being of the same religion of the rulers are claiming to be underprivileged making a shield of some tribal groups who, as converts get benefits of huge Christian facilities like hospitals, schools, colleges, etc. In fact, of the quota meant for all STs, 80 per cent is gobbled up by these 19 per cent converts among tribals leaving the real needy tribals further poor.

It is easy to sit in AC cabins, make politically motivated reports and offer large chunks of the great Indian development pie to Muslims and Christians. But the fact of the matter is that Muslims as invaders and one way or the other a part of ruler's beneficiary always have such grand designs on Bharat. In olden days, it was through invasions, then staying back to rule, then leaving progenies back and now misusing the greatest and largest democracy of Bharat to again loot Bharat through reservations. 

Islam and Christianity both brag all over the world that they do not have caste system the way Hindus have. They even steep so low to criticise Hindus and Bharat for the caste system and then lure the people from SCs, OBCs and STs to Islam and Christianity assuring that once converted they will be treated equally and there will be no discrimination based on their Hindu caste. Now suddenly, Islam and Christian looters have got this brilliant insight of their own majhabs that even they too have castes! Has the Quran been newly written or has the Bible been newly told to pronounce and start caste systems? It is just yet another ploy to re-loot Bharat and fleece Hindus dry again. 

And why Muslims and Christians dare to behave in such a way today? In any democracy, irrespective of caste, creed, colour, gender and religion people should be treated equally. But there is an anti-Hindu contradiction in Bharat's Constitution itself. Instead of the true form of equality, Articles 25 to 30 give more privileges to minorities than that to the majority treating Bharat as an animal farm where some are more equal than others! Why does the Constitution do so? Because it believes that these are the injusticed classes. This is the real logical and historical fallacy. Historically though, in Bharat, Hindus were the most injusticed lot being looted and subjugated by first Muslim and then by Christian invader rulers. So even if one agrees that the traditionally injusticed ones should get reservations, then it should be Hindus in Bharat who were poor pay to invasions after invasions and also of the cruelest ever rulers like Khilji, Aurangzeb, Lord Curzon and so on. Under Islamic and Christian rules Hindu was the most politically, economically and socially oppressed, obstructed, deprived and harassed class.

In any democratic nation, any reservation based on religion has been outright denied. Even in Bharat, Aligarh Muslim University's special status and Andhra Pradesh government's plan to give four per cent reservations to Muslims were rejected by the honourable High Courts. 

So, to look 'democratic' and manipulate the democratic principle of uplifting the underprivileged, now Muslims conspire to get further reservations claiming that Muslims are poor and illiterate in Bharat so they should get quotas in education, employment and economy. Muslims chose their Islamic way of life and after enjoying ruler's privileges now if their Islamic ways make them send their children only to madrasas and reject modern education, it is by their own choice. If they reject democratic principle of family planning and in the process lose own health and can't support unlimited children, then it is their choice. In Kerala literacy of Muslims is higher than that of Hindus but the rate of vasectomy and tubectomy is lower than that of Hindus. So, if Muslims claim that they are poor and illiterate therefore their women produce more children, then it is humbug. They do it in the name of religion to systematically increase Muslim population in Bharat so that they get more strength socially as they did in Indonesia, Malaysia and in many other countries. 

Recently Jamait-e-Ulema-e-Hind's Moulana Madni bragged on a TV channel, "Don't call us minority; we are the second largest majority in India." Here is the catch. All they are aiming at is increasing their population so much that Hindus finally become a minority and Muslims once again start ruling Bharat through majority power.

Why should Hindu tax-payers pay for such vicious design by Islamic fanatics? Why should Hindu SCs, OBCs and STs and other meritorious Hindus allow Muslims and Christians to snatch their school/college seats, jobs, loans, lands and political rights? The socio-economic point on which Muslims want to snatch these basic things from Hindus is itself an Islamic mindset. Not to contribute to the nation's development but to want a huge chunk in it. Supporting a religious group, which is not contributing to the nation's development and that too again in the name of religion and yet to give them a big part of development is going to kill the nation and this is exactly the plan of Islamic fanatics. Those who do not follow the common civil code, those who do not even salute the national anthem, want the nation to feed their growing population. Why should Bharat let them be beneficiaries of the national resources when they do not contribute to the nation's development? They follow Sharia law in their personal and social lives but they want Indian Constitution and government to subsidise their children, they follow ummah and do not believe in Bharat as a nation (and therefore don't respect Vande Mataram) and yet Bharat's majority should allow them to enjoy from the tax money paid by the hard-working Hindus!

No more. Enough is enough! Here is an action plan to stop any further looting of Bharat.

  1. STs converted to Christianity should not be allowed to retain and enjoy their ST reservations.

  2. Islam claims that they do not have caste system. Around four to five per cent Muslims claim that they are OBCs and are currently enjoying all the privileges of OBCs. Their OBC status should be cancelled.

  3. From SC reservation, no quota should be given to the converted Muslims/Christians.

  4. From 50 per cent merit quota, no reservation should be given to the Muslims/Christians.

  5. Special status to AMU should be withdrawn at once.

  6. Amending Articles 25 to 30, minority privileges should be cancelled.

It is as clear as that. When STs convert and join the Christian community, they start enjoying privileges like biggest hospitals, convent schools and special colleges. They are even sent abroad for education! How can such a privileged lot be called underprivileged, and be given double benefits? When it comes to looting Hindus and snatching Hindu SCs', OBCs' and STs' benefits, suddenly Muslims and Christians say, "Caste is a social reality and by changing religion it does not go away." Then internationally they should be forced to declare that even they have caste systems and for falsely claiming that they did not have castes they should be criminally sued for cheating and misleading the world. 

Their great realisation of 'social reality' strangely vanishes when it comes to seeing the stark socio-economic reality that because of their unlimited production of children, Bharat's economy is going for a toss and if they do not stop using their religion for not complying with the family planning norms, which are strictly applied to Hindus, then they have no right on the resources of Bharat. 

Why Muslims and Christians dare to behave undemocratically in Bharat and yet get away with it? It is because of the vote-bank politics. Hindus who were hoarded out of PoK at the time of Partition, have yet not been given Indian citizenship by the 'great' Indian government. It is more than 62 years now! But those Muslims who 'invaded' Assam and Bengal as refugees from Bangladesh are now occupying huge lands snatched from local Hindu tribes and have their voter IDs! All this is a political drama and Hindus are made out to be puppets in the Indian political opera. Sachar Committee or Ranganath Commission is not the beginning or the end! There are many examples and incidents that prove how governments have bent backwards for votes, putting Bharat at risk of being again ruled by Muslims and Christians. And if so-called 'secular' groups think that they will be spared by the upcoming socio-political and socio-economic Islamic and Christian invasions manipulating Bharat's democracy, then these seculars are in for a big rude shock. Such invaders do not spare anyone other than themselves and it has been proven again and again in many countries.

Hindus are not idiots. Hindus give a long rope to all as Hindus are intrinsically kind-hearted. But Hindus also learn from the history. The mistakes in the history which got long Islamic and then Christian rules over Bharat, will not be repeated now. If vote-greedy governments think they can divide and rule, then they are living in a fool's paradise. Hindus have bent to accommodate many things, even many socio-political and socio-economic mischiefs by the governments. But no more. It is a serious matter of the very existence of Bharat. If Islam and Christianity are allowed to get special privileges and enjoy double benefits-as once being ruling communities and now being what they are by their religious choices-then Hindus will be an extinct species and Hindus are not idiots. Any effort to appease Muslims and Christians or any efforts to even amend Bharat's Constitution and any efforts to snatch rights from Hindu SCs/OBCs/STs and meritorious Hindus in the fields of education, jobs, loan, land, etc, will be met with the severe national democratic agitation. Bharat is not a rehabilitation hub for religious groups who once ruled Bharat and now like bad losers again plan dirty designs on Bharat. Enough is Enough! Government must not try patience of Hindus.

(The writer is a renowned cancer surgeon and secretary general of VHP. He can be contacted at

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Lost land of Tamils

The following link traces the antiquity of Tamils to thousands of years ago.


As far as Tamil's past is concerned, I dont agree with 3 issues found in this link

1) The map of the sunken land of Kumari could not be as it is shown in the link. The Bay of Bengal was not in existence until the river Ganges flowed down the Himalayas.The Arabian sea was land locked like Caspian sea or a small sea trapped mostly by lands.

Read this:-

India as the base of Asian populations (genetic study)

2)The article also says that Srilanka must have separated form Indian mass about 7000 years ago.
That must be 10,000 years ago - separated deliberately by digging out the land between India and Srilanka - this is my contention.

Related articles can be read here.

BAY OF BENGAL was a high-land once!

SETHU – Digging of the Bay of Bengal ended here!

3) The long mountain chain of Kumari must be an extension of eastern ghats and not as shown in the map. We can see submerged mountain range in the NASA pics.

The pic can be seen at the end of  this post :-

Discovery of Atlantis – Maya's Romaka connection?

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My interview in Hindu-blog

Interview with Jayasree Saranathan – a Sanatana Dharma Blogger

I'm pleased to post the following interview with one of the Hindu bloggers that I've admired for some time – Jayasree Saranathan writes the blog Non-random thoughts. She introduces herself as Sanathanist.

This is a new section that we are starting in Hindu Blog. We plant to interview our readers, people who comment regularly, writers and editors associated with Hinduism, Hindu bloggers and editors, Saints, skeptics and other religious people.

There is a particular reason for starting the interview with Jayasree Saranathan – it is women who have always kept the flame of Santana Dharma steady. It is they how have always protected the flame of core teachings and tradition from numerous attacks from within and outside. And it is they who always passed the flame from one generation to another. It is through our mothers that we come into contact with this great tradition.

Hindu Blog – When you say I am a Hindu, what does it mean to you?

Srimati Jayasree Saranathan - When I say that I am a Hindu, it means to abide by the wisdom of Vedantha. The Vedanthic wisdom is encapsulated in 3 sources, namely, Upanishads, Brahma Sutras and Bhagawad Gita. The idea of the self, the Supreme, the Karma theory and the Realization of self as the Supreme Self are the essentials taught by this wisdom. Any effort that takes one to these thoughts will make one a Hindu, according to me.

Hindu Blog – What do you think is the greatest strength of Hinduism?

Srimati Jayasree Saranathan - Its eternity. Hinduism is not an 'ism'. It is the basic science of the Universe of the living and the non living – in manifest and unmanifest forms. So no one can destroy it. It always EXITS. At times it may be forgotten. Even then, someone will come up with the acumen to explore Nature and will eventually find out the Vedanthic wisdom. That is how even after a worst Kaliyuga where Hinduism seems to suffer a low, there will come up Krutha yuga or Golden Age when sages will restore this wisdom. No one can destroy Hinduism.

Hindu Blog – Do you think many scholars and politicians have purposefully misinterpreted the teachings of Hinduism? If yes, how do you think the Hindu society should be correcting the damages?

Srimati Jayasree Saranathan - My answer is yes and no. Many politicians and vested interests have misinterpreted it but not all Hindu scholars have purposefully misinterpreted. But the cause of the decline is due to the incorrect understanding of Hinduism. For example, worship and prayers are viewed as quick –fix solutions to one’s problems. That makes worship a kind of bargain with god. This is incorrect. Every birth comes with a balance sheet of positive and negative karmas and what you do in a birth brings out continuous corrections to it. Throughout the innings, God stands inside you, outside you and also as the Base where you work - giving you a lot of scope for bettering the balance sheet. What finally comes out depends on the status of your balance sheet that you brought with you at the time of birth. There is no instant waiver of your bad times. But God realization makes you overcome the pains and sufferings of the bad times and help you move beyond mundane sufferings.

Popularizing this Vedanthic wisdom and bringing out its subtleties in day to day issues, in relation to changing times and to newer life struggles, are needed to be done.

When misinterpretations are done by vested interests with malicious intent, we have to strongly thwart them.

Hindu Blog – Do you think Hindus are not active enough in the sphere of religious activities, especially defending it against misinformation and mudslinging?

Srimati Jayasree Saranathan - Yes. Awareness is less.

Hindu Blog – How would you explain Sanatana Dharma to a child who is constantly guided by monolithic institutions?

Srimati Jayasree Saranathan - I will explain it 3-fold – as why there are many gods, how a single God exists and what we must do.

I take our Body for comparison.
We have many organs and limbs to do specific jobs – such as hands to work, feet to walk and internal organ systems such as respiratory, digestive systems etc that work as independent systems with a specific purpose. Likewise many gods are assigned specific portfolios to oversee their respective jobs in the vast scheme of the Universe and Life. But all the organs owe their functioning to the Master computer called the Brain. They discharge their work only at the instance of the Brain whose control over them is not realized by us.

Similarly the Supreme Brahman is in control of the entire universe though His presence is not felt by us openly. Just as we think of only those visible organs which do work for us, we think of some Gods but such thought must make us realize the presence of the Super Brain like Supreme God.

Now think of life. When I say that I live, where is that life force or soul located? Is it in the skull, or in the heart or in the hand or in the leg? Everywhere in my body or in every part of my body, Life force has permeated. It is as though Life Force is everywhere in my body or my body is fixed in Life Force. Similarly, God permeates every part of Creation and every part of Creation is fixed in Him. This is the import of Narayana tattwa – He resides in everything and everything resides in Him.

Now what we must do with this realization of the Body and Life Force? Do we ever harm our body, our body parts or life? Never. We always take good care of every part of our body. We take utmost care to keep them in fantastic working condition. Likewise do the same to the many Gods, to the Single Supreme God and do whatever you must to make their name and fame shine at all times. That is the duty of every Hindu towards this Dharma.

Hindu Blog – As a mother what would be the first lesson that you will be teaching about Hinduism to your child?

Srimati Jayasree Saranathan - Faith, blind Faith that god is always with them, watching them. Wherever they go, whatever they do, God is coming along with them and silently watching them. If they do some mischief, God knows. If they tell some lies, God knows. Whenever they think that they have done something wrong or something that must not be done, tell them to tell God sincerely why they did that and pray that He forgives them and make them not repeat it.

Two things are achieved by this.
A sense of what is right and what is wrong is inculcated at the very young age and that they are answerable to god.

Modern age psychiatrists will say that we must allow the child to experiment and know. That works well with things but not with attitudes and behavior. If one keeps experimenting with life, entire life will pass on with experimentations. In Hinduism we have numerous stories of Rama, Krishna, puranas and Neeti tales to know what is to be done and what is not to be done. These stories must be told right from the young days and a Faith in God must be taught.

After that, once they grow up to think on their own, let them explore what they learnt as Faith. Let them search, seek, question and argue – but with a strong foundation seeded in their young mind about this Dharma. Only then they will come up with better understanding of this Dharma and not lose it due to ignorance.

In my life, I grew up like that and believed that I am always surrounded by Rama and Lakshmana on my right and left sides with Sita leading me in the front and Hanuman guarding me from behind. When all the four directions are secure with their presence, there is no need to worry, or fear – this was my childhood imagination. It continues even today.

I used to ask lot of questions – more like an atheist, but the deep faith within me always makes me search for that answer that conforms to that Faith and not that which shakes that Faith. Even if there is something that is not convincing, I used to tell myself that Hinduism or Vedic Wisdom can not be wrong.

May be I have to grow up better to understand the correct import.

Hindu Blog – Which book (s) would you be suggesting to a teenager who wants to learn about Sanatana Dharma?

Srimati Jayasree Saranathan - Presently David Frawley’s and Stephan Knapp’s books are there. In Tamil I suggest to start with Kannadasan’s ‘Arthamulla Indu matham’ series and ‘Deivatthin Kural’ by Kanchi Paramacharyar

In my case, I have always depended on original texts. Vedartha Sangraha by Ramanujacharya is a small book that contains the essence of Vedic wisdom.

Hindu Blog – How have you fared as a blogger writing about Sanatana Dharma?

Srimati Jayasree Saranathan - I don’t know.

As for me, whatever knowledge we have, must be imparted to others without any kind of expectation. It is a duty that I write. Whoever is there in the similar frame of thought, or whoever is searching for these information, will come to my blog. That’s all.

Hindu Blog – Do you think Hindus are not active enough on the internet?

Srimati Jayasree Saranathan - I don’t think so. Internet has opened up a better scope for more people to access the info on Hinduism. In those days, we have to search for books in old and new book shops. Today, net has made it easy to the reach of people. Sharing and forwarding has also made the spread of information faster and effective. Many Hindus who are non serious in religious activity, do stumble upon the views on Hinduism and pick up inertest as a result.

Hindu Blog – What would you like to say to Hindus who are the readers of Hindu Blog?

Srimati Jayasree Saranathan - Life will teach them appropriate lessons at appropriate times.
If they have the awareness of Vedic wisdom on karma and dharma, those lessons can be well received by them and can help them grow in Self realization.

The Ultimate Vedanthic wisdom is that our Consciousness must grow to become one with the Supreme Consciousness. How that happens are all schools of thought – like whether they become one with That or become identical to That.

But what is to be understood is that we are in the continuous process of evolution of the consciousness. Dharma, Artha and Kaama exercised in the right spirit and within norms help us to achieve this evolution. For this, we need to know what Dharma sastras say. Simple way is to study the Bhagawad Gita – particularly the 2nd chapter and absorb what is told in it and live by it.
Let everyone develop the habit of reading this chapter atleast and keep thinking on the meaning. That is sure way for evolution of the Consciousness.

My thanks to you for giving this opportunity to express my views.
Let there be Peace at three levels of existence.
Sarve janah sukhino bhavanthu!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Combat terrorism – remove the moles – lecture by Dr Subramanian Swamy

A wonderful explanation of how and why terrorism strikes India and how terrorists have their moles planted in the Establishment was given by Dr Subramanian Swamy in his lecture yesterday at Thiruvananthapuram . The news item can be read at

The main part of his lecture on these issues is posted here. My sincere thanks to Dr S. Kalyanaraman for sending the lecture contents. The complete lecture can be read at

Reading his views, I wish to bring to the notice of whoever is concerned with terror- handling to note a certain time this year.

Between July 24th and November 1st of 2010, the country's and people's safety are going to be grim. Jupiter will be retrograde in its own house which also happens to be the 9th from natal moon of India's Independence chart.

The two distinct factors in addition to the regular calamitous factors for terror strikes in India are Jupiter going retrograde in its own and exalted houses and the antiscion of the Sun getting afflicted with malefics. In addition the Vimshotthari dasa bhukthi must be malefic.

All these are happening at that time in addition to the malefic combination 4 malefics in quandrants around July- August. Some terror strikes can be expected before Independence day and on days when moon transits Pisces and Virgo in July- August and when sun transits Cancer and Virgo. In general the Sun- Mars period between 28-06-2010 and 04-11-2010 will be terror prone.

I will do a detailed astrological analysis of this time period later.

But the establishment must be vigilant and serious.

Importantly, Dr Swamy's analysis of terror roots can not be ignored.


-         jayasree


Lecture on




Fmr. Union Minister For Law & Justice

Delivered on

19th  JANUARY 2010 AT 6.00 PM






Hindustan originally comprised the present day India, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Afghanistan.  It may be recalled that Kaikeyi was from Iran, while Gandhari was from Afghanistan.  It was a 100% Hindu land till Muhammad bin Qasim's Arab army attacked Sindh in 711. But that attack was repulsed by the Chalukyas of Gujarat. The Turks then arrived in force 275 years later and then began the Islamic onslaught of Hindustan.

Despite fighting valiantly to defend their dharma and motherland during repeated Muslim invasions for over seven centuries thereafter, Hindus lost Afghanistan in 987, Iran in 1011;  and present day Pakistan and Bangladesh in 1947 to Muslims  After 1947, truncated India i.e. Bharat has seen genocide and eviction of Hindus from Muslim majority Kashmir, not to mention Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Alert Hindus today apprehend that because of higher Muslim population growth rate and infiltration from Bangladesh, they will be outnumbered soon by Muslims (in a few decades) and face the same fate of Hindus in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, which also was once a land of Hindu.

It is ironic that despite repeated waves of foreign invaders for over 1,200 years, Hindus resisted converting to Islam and Christianity.  But now we are acquiescing in a demographic invasion.   

Hindu civilisation today is a demographically challenged civilisation. Many districts in India bordering Bangladesh have seen abnormal increase in Muslim population because of infiltration. The nature of Islam as a religious theology is such that wherever Muslims are in majority they behave most intolerantly and violently towards Hindus and other minorities. Within India, we see this not only in Kashmir but even in pockets like Mau in UP and in 40 nagarpanchayats in Tamil Nadu where Muslims are in majority. Hence, one aspect of terrorism we face is the Islamic demographic invasion from Bangladesh which is compounded by a higher population growth of all Muslims in India. By 2061, at this differential rate of population growth, India would become a Hindu-minority and Muslim majority nation. So the first anti-terrorist objective is to check this infiltration and impose uniform family planning on all communities including Muslims.

By its judgment dated July 12, 2005, Supreme Court had struck down the Illegal Migrants (D.T.) Act, 1983 as unconstitutional; and termed Bangladeshi infiltration as "external aggression" and directed that "Bangladeshi nationals who have trespassed into Assam or are living in other parts of the country have no legal right of any kind to remain in India and they are liable to be deported."

But, instead of deporting the infiltrators, on Februaty 10, 2006, UPA government brought in the Foreigners (Tribunals for Assam) Order to nullify the apex Court's judgment. On December 5, 2006, Supreme Court quashed this Order also as unconstitutional, and called for implementation of its earlier judgment dated July 12, 2005 for deporting illegal immigrants.

Despite this judgments, hardly any no infiltrator has been deported by the government those that were, just cranked back Instead of being deported, infiltrators are being quietly acquiring voting rights, since, the government is busy with terrorist and infiltrator-friendly `confidence building measures' like soft borders, peace talks, Indo-Pak and Indo-Bangladesh bus and rail links, which are bringing more and more Pak-Bangla nationals into India every day.

          What did the despicable terror and mayhem in Mumbai on November 26th signify for India? Shorn of the human tragedy, wanton destruction, and obnoxious audacity of the terrorists, it fundamentally signifies a challenge to the true identity of India from radical Islam securely based in Pakistan. Pakistan is a Muslim majority country and therefore by definition cannot be a secular peace loving country.  It is to be regarded instead as Darul Islam where minorities have no place.  Islam commands Muslims of Darul Islam to wage jihad, and hence India will continue to be attacked by terrorists from Pakistan.  To end this patriotic Indians must force them to sign a Al Taqqiya contract.

For this any patriotic Indian government, as a second anti-terrorist objective,  must not permit any area of India, from State to District to Town panchayat, to be a Muslim majority area because then it will become a breeding ground for Jihad based terror.

The third anti-terrorist objective is straight forward—prevent terrorists attacks.


First priority is the third objective.  We need a strategy of deterrence.  Second priority is the first objective; and third priority is the second objective.

As regards the first priority, i.e., third objective, what to do, for examples, against terrorist attacks against Hindus of Kashmir who have been driven out?  They number 5 lakhs, mostly in 'refugee' camps since 1989.

A nationalist government must as a strategy ensure a population re-settlement to restore the Hindu-Muslim balance in J & K.  The Indian government must thus resettle 10 lakh ex-service personnel of the armed forces to reconstruct the population ratio of Hindus in Kashmir.

Secular intellectuals may wax eloquent about the "true Islam" being humane and peaceful on TV programmes, but it is clear that they have not read any authoritative translations of the Koran, Sira and Hadith which three holy books together constitute the theology of Islam. Together these are a complete menu of intolerance of peoples who are not Muslim, derisively labeled as kafirs and dhimmis.

Hence instead of talking about the "correct interpretation" of Islam, those who call themselves as 'moderates' in the Islamic community, ought instead to urge for a new reformed Islamic theology that is consistent with democratic principles.  Of course, then like Salman Rushdie and Taslima, they will have to run for over to escape fanatic murderous Muslims.

         In 2003, two years after the 9/11 perfidious Islamic assault on USA, resulting in killing of more than 3000 persons within two hours, and which crime of terror was perpetrated by leveraging the democratic freedoms in USA, the Saudi Arabian Embassy in the website of its Islamic Affairs Department [] laid down what a "good" Muslim is expected to do.  In that site it is stated:

"The Muslims are required to raise the banner of Jihad in order to make the Word of Allah supreme in this world, to remove all forms of injustice and oppression, and to defend the Muslims. If Muslims do not take up the sword, the evil tyrants of this earth will be able to continue oppressing the weak and helpless"

The above quote is what in substance is being taught in every madrassa in India, and can be traced back to the sayings of Prophet Mohammed. I can quote a plethora of verses from a Saudi Arabian translated Koran[e.g., verses 8:12, 8:60, and 33:26] which verses justify brutal violence against non-believers. If I delved into Sira and Hadith for more quotes, then I could risk generating unbearable shock, so it will suffice to say that Islam is not only a theology, but it spans a brutal political ideology which we have to combat in realm of ideas sooner or later.

          Some may quote back at me verses from Manusmriti about brutality to women and scheduled castes. But as a Hindu I have the liberty to disown these verses if such verses exist [since it is a Smriti] and even to seek to re-write a new smriti as many, for example, Yajnavalkya have done to date.

Reform and renaissance is thus inbuilt into Hinduism. But in Islam, the word of the Prophet is final. No true Muslim can disown these verses, or say that they would re-write the offensive verses of the Koran. If they do, then they would have to run for their lives. Leave alone re-writing, if anyone draws a cartoon of Prophet Mohammed, there will follow world-wide violent rioting. But if Hussein draws Durga in the most pornographic posture, the Hindus will only groan but not violently rampage.

We Hindus have a long recognized tradition of being religious liberals by nature. We have already proved it enough by welcoming to our country and nurturing Parsis, Jews, Syrian Christians, and Moplah Muslim Arabs who were persecuted elsewhere, when we were 100% Hindu country.  But today's systematic infiltration of Muslims from Bangla Desh and Pakistan is not because of persecution of Muslims in these two countries, but for Jihad in India.

Despite a 1000 years of most savage brutalization of Hindus by Islamic invaders and self demeaning brain washing by the Christians, even then, Hindus as a majority in 1947 had adopted secularism as a creed. We have not asked for an apology and compensation for these past atrocities. But the position of Hindus in this land of Bharatmata, where Muslims and Christians locally are in majority, in pockets---such as in Kashmir and Nagaland, or in small enclaves such as town panchayats of Tamil Nadu, is terrible and despicable. Even in Kerala where Hindus are 52% of the population, they have only 25% of all the prime jobs in the state, and are silently suffering their plight at the hands of 48% who vote as a vote bank. Recently, out of 37 new engineering colleges given state clearance, 19 or more than 50 percent were given to Muslims. Hindus got only 6%! If the proposed Islamic Bank comes through and $50 billion in funds West Asia Arab nations are capitalized in this bank, it will be made available as loans more easily to Muslim youth.  Those Hindus who want  a loan will be quietly told to convert.

If we do not stand up now to this Islamic explicit and implicit terrorism, then India will end up like Beirut, a permanent battlefield of international terrorists, buccaneers, pirates and missionaries, or in the end a Darul Islam of Muslim majority.


This means we have to deal squarely with the incubator of Islamic terror namely Pakistan. Today Pakistan's civil and democratic society is impotent. They are paying the price of Benazir Bhutto who as Prime Minister helped Taliban to strike roots and infected Kashmir with the call for "azadi". Time has come for us to stand up against all this.

          What does it mean in the 21st century for Hindus to stand up? I mean by that a mental clarity of the Hindus to defend themselves by effective deterrent retaliation, and also an intelligent co-option of other religious groups into the Hindu cultural continuum.

          Mental clarity can only come if we are clear about the identity of the nation. What is India? An ancient but continuing civilization or is it a geographical entity incorporated in 1947 by the Indian Independence Act of the British Parliament? What then does it means to say "I am an Indian"? A mere passport holder of the Republic of India or a descendent of the great seers and visionaries of more than 10,000 years? Obviously our identity should be of a nation of an ancient and continuing Hindu civilization, legatees of great rishis and munis, and a highly sophisticated sanatana philosophy.

If Hindu culture is our defining identity then how can we co-opt non-Hindus, especially Muslims and Christians? By persuading them by saam, dhaam, bheda and dand that they acknowledge with pride the truth:  that their ancestors are Hindus. If they do, then it means that they accept Hindu culture and its liberal enlightened mores. That is, change of religion to Islam does not mean change from Hindu culture. Then we should treat such Muslims and Christians as part of our Brihad Hindu family, and even welcome them to re-convert.

For a clear strategy we need to learn lessons from our own history.

The first lesson to be learnt from recent history, for tackling terrorism in India is that the Hindu is the target and that Muslims of India are being programmed to slide into suicide against Hindus. It is to undermine the Hindu psyche and create fear of civil war that terror attacks are organized. And hence since the Hindu is the target, Hindus must collectively respond as Hindus against the terrorist and not feel individually isolated or worse, be complacent because he or she is not personally affected. If one Hindu dies merely because he or she was a Hindu, then a bit of every Hindu also dies. This is an essential mental attitude, a necessary part of a virat Hindu[ for fuller discussion of the concept of virat Hindu, see my Hindutva and National Renaissance [Haranand, March 2010]. 

Therefore we have to have a collective mindset as Hindus to stand against the terrorist. In this response, Muslims and Christians of India can join us if they genuinely feel for the Hindu. That they do, I will not believe, unless they acknowledge with pride that though they may be Muslims or Christians, their ancestors are Hindus. It is not easy for them to acknowledge this ancestry because the Muslim Mullah and Christian Missionary would consider it as unacceptable since that realisation would dilute the religious fervour in their faith and also create an option for their possible re-conversion to the Hinduism. Hence, these religious leaders preach hatred and violence against the kafir and the pagan i.e., the Hindu [for example read Chapter 8 verse 12 of the Koran] to keep the faith of their followers. The Islamic terrorist outfits, e.g., the SIMI being the latest has already resolved that India is Darul Harab, and they are committed to make it Darul Islam. That makes them free of any moral compunction whatsoever in dealing with Hindus.

But still, if any Muslim or Christian does so acknowledge his or her Hindu legacy, then we Hindus can accept him or her as a part of the Brihad Hindu Samaj, which is Hindustan. India that is Bharat that is Hindustan is a nation of Hindus and those others whose ancestors are Hindus. Even Parsi and Jews in India have Hindu ancestors. Others, those who refuse to so acknowledge or those foreigners who become Indian citizens by registration can remain in India, but should not have voting rights[which means they cannot be elected representatives].

The second lesson for combating the terrorism we face today that we need to learn is: since demoralising the Hindu and undermining the Hindu foundation of India in order to destroy the Hindu civilization, is the goal of all terrorists in India we must never capitulate and never concede any demand of the terrorists. Terrorists are encouraged by appeasement but never satisfied by it.

In fact, the earliest terror tactics in India were deployed in Bengal 1946 by Suhrawady and Jinnah to terrorise Hindus to give in on the demand for Pakistan. The Congress Party claiming to represent the Hindus capitulated, and handed 25 percent of India on a platter to Mohammed Ali Jinnah.

Therefore, no matter how many Hindus have to die for it, the basic policy has to be: never yield to any demand of the terrorists. That ne cessary resolve has not been shown in our recent history. Instead ever since we conceded Pakistan in 1947 under duress, we have been mostly yielding time and time again.

In 1989, to obtain the release of Mufti Mohammed Sayeed's daughter, Rubaiyya who had been kidnapped by terrorists, five terrorists in Indian jails were set free by the V.P. Singh's government. This made these criminals in the eyes of Kashmiri separatists and fence sitters as heroes, as those who had brought India's Hindu establishment on it's knees. To save Rubaiyya it was not necessary to surrender to terrorist demands.

In 1991, when Chandrashekhar was PM, and I was his senior Minister handling the Law & Justice portfolio, Saifuddin Soz's daughter was kidnapped by the JKLF. They too made the same demand[release of four terrorists in jail], but we refused. We also took some secret retaliatory action which made the JKLF frightened and hence Soz's daughter was put on a autorickshaw and sent home unharmed. This toughness was shown at a time when our government was tottering and about to fall! The difference with the V.P.Singh's government was in our mindset: it had become clear from day one to the JKLF that we meant business as also that two can play the game of terror.

We also showed similar grit and guts when we received information that LTTE had established a parallel establishment in Tamil Nadu, with Karunanidhi's connivance. Most of the senior bureaucrats of our government had warned that we risked bloodshed and rise of separatist Dravidian movement. But we dismissed the DMK government, sacked the Governor for inaction, and smashed the terror infrastructure in the state. Had we not done that then, Tamil Nadu would have been worse today than Kashmir. Thus toughness on both occasion was rewarded.

The third lesson to be learnt is that whatever and however small the terrorist incident, the nation must retaliate—not by measured and "sober" responses but by massive retaliation. For example, when Ayodhya Temple was sought to be attacked, or the Institute of Science in Bangalore was targeted, these were not big terrorist incidents but we should have massively retaliated. Our Intelligence agencies keep telling me in private that we have clinching proof of terrorist training camps in PoK and Bangladesh, and if that is so, we should bomb them by despatching our airforce. There is some evidence that the US agency, the FBI, has presented to a district court in California satellite photos that do establish that terror training camps exist in near Balakot in northeast Pakistan. Indian government claims proof which has not been made public that there are 57 camps in Pakistani held territory and 36 camps in Bangladesh.

If instead of being supportive, Pakistan and Bangladesh protest or retaliate if India bombs these camps, then it means that they are sponsors and not unwilling hosts to free lancing terrorists, and hence we should be ready for war. We could retaliate then by fulfilling our pre-1947 commitment to NWFP, and openly help the Baluchis and the Sindhi to meet their legitimate aspirations. We could demand territory from Bangladesh for all those illegal Bangladeshis settled in India. After all, Partition was for those Muslims who could not bear to live with Hindus. Hence, the territory of Bangladesh should be reduced in proportion to millions of Bangladesis that have come to India and the Hindus pushed out since 1947. Strategically, northern one-third of Bangladesh could then be annexed if Bangladesh goes to war with us. 

Otherwise what is the alternative? Walk meekly to death expecting that our "sober" responses will be rewarded by our neighbours and their patrons? We will be back to 1100 AD fooled into suicidal credulity. We should not be ghouls for punishment from terrorists and their patrons. This is Kaliyug, and hence there is no room for sattvic responses to evil people. Hindu religion has a concept of apat dharma and we should invoke it.

What then should be our measured retaliatory response to terrorist attacks, viz., our strategy to deter terrorists? It is argued by secular 'liberals' that no retaliation against terrorists can be effective because of the motivation of terrorists.

What motivates the Islamic terrorists in India? Many are advising us Hindus to deal with the root "cause" of terrorism rather than concentrating on eradicating terrorists by retaliation. And pray what is the root "cause"?

According bleeding heart liberals, terrorists are born or bred because of illiteracy, poverty, oppression, and discrimination. They argue that instead of eliminating them, the root cause of these four disabilities in society should be removed. Only then terrorism will disappear. Moreover they argue, terrorists cannot be deterred by force since they are irrational, willing to commit suicide, and have no 'return address'. Before replying to this, let us understand that I have serious doubts about the integrity of these liberals, or more appropriately, these promiscuous Supari. They seek to deaden the emotive power of the individual and render him passive. A nation state cannot survive for long with such a capitulationist mentality.

The fourth lesson to learn is that more than the overt threat of the terrorists in India, the more sinister corrosion of our nation state occurs from within. This corrosion provides 'a force multiplier' to the terrorists. That is, the terrorists are able to leverage the influence of highly placed individuals in the government, media and academia, who have been compromised by the terrorists and blackmailed on sex, drug money and illegitimate favours, into collaborating with them.

The widow of Rajiv Gandhi, Ms.Sonia Gandhi for example finds nothing wrong with having political alliance with parties like book which praise the killers of her husband, the LTTE. Furthermore, Ms.Gandhi wrote to the President that the four LTTE/DK criminals to be hanged on the orders of the Supreme Court [May 12, 1999], should be given a lesser sentence of life imprisonment even though the four criminals did not ask for mercy!! Is this her concept of zero tolerance for terrorism, or is there some mysterious reason why Ms.Gandhi wrote this letter? And why is it that ever since the assassination Ms.Gandhi did not written a single letter to the President or raised in Lok Sabha demanding the immediate extradition of the LTTE supremo and Accused No.1 in the Rajiv murder case, V.Prabhakaran, or even ask for carpet bombing of his hideout in Mullaitheevu or wherever in Sri Lanka?  Why does not the media raise this question with her of alliance of Congress with pro-LTTE parties? What is behind this conspiracy of silence? One thing is for sure—terrorists in India of all hues and background have their compromised moles in the India's Establishment, and hence no anti-terrorist policy can succeed unless these fifth column elements are weeded out. The IB/RAW/MI/CRPF all have files on them and so identifying them is no problem. The political support these traitors have to withdrawn and some have to be made examples of.

It is rubbish to say that terrorists who master-mind the attacks are poor. Osama Bin laden for example is a billionaire. Islamic terrorists are patronized by those states that have grown rich from oil revenues. In Britain, the terrorists arrested so far for the bombings are all well to do persons. Nor are terrorists uneducated. Most of terrorist leaders are doctors, chartered accountants, and teachers. Islamic terrorists certainly do not face discrimination and oppression in their own countries. In fact in these countries it is the non-Islamic religious minority which is discriminated and oppressed. In Kashmir valley, where Muslims are in majority, not only Article 370 of the Constitution provides privileges to the majority but it is the minority Hindus who have been slaughtered, or raped, and dispossessed. They have become refuges in squalid conditions in their own country. The gang of 9 persons which hijacked four planes on September 11, 2001 and flew them into the World Trade Towers in New York and other targets were certainly not discriminated or oppressed in the United States. Hence it utter rubbish to say that terror is the outcome of the poverty of terrorists.

It is also a ridiculous idea that terrorists cannot be deterred because they are irrational, willing to die, and have no 'return address'. Terrorist master-minds have political goals and a method in their madness. An effective strategy to deter terrorism is therefore to defeat those political goals and to rubbish them by counter-terrorist action. How is that strategy to be structured? In a brilliant research paper published by Robert Trager and Dessislava Zagorcheva this year["Deterring Terrorism" International Security, vol. 30, No.3, Winter 2005/06, pp. 87-123] has provided the general principles to structure such a strategy.

Applying these principles, I advocate the following strategy to negate the political goals of Islamic terrorism in India, provided  the Muslim community fail to condemn these goals and call them un-Islamic:

Political Goal 1: Overawe India on Kashmir.

Strategy: Remove Article 370, and re-settle ex-servicemen in the Valley. Create Panun Kashmir for Hindu pandit community. Look or create opportunity to take over PoK. If Pakistan continues to back terrorists, assist the Baluchis and Sindhis to struggle for independence.

Political Goal 2: Blast our temples and kill Hindu devotees.

Strategy: Remove the masjid in Kashi Vishwanath temple complex, and sequentially 300 others in other sites as a tit-for-tat retaliation.

Political Goal 3: Make India into Darul Islam.

Strategy: Implement Uniform Civil Code, make Sanskrit learning compulsory & singing of Vande Mataram mandatory, and declare India as Hindu Rashtra in which only those non-Hindus can vote if they proudly acknowledge that their ancestors are Hindus. Re-name India as Hindustan as a nation of Hindus and those whose ancestors are Hindus.

Political Goal 4: Change India's demography by illegal immigration, conversion, and refusal to adopt family planning.

Strategy: Enact a national law prohibiting conversion from Hindu religion to any other religion. Re-conversion will not be banned. Declare caste is not birth based but code of discipline based. Welcome non Hindus to re-convert to the caste of their choice provided they adhere to the code of discipline. Annex Bangla Desh territory in proportion to the illegal migrants from that country. At present, northern one-third from Sylhet to Khulna can be annexed to re-settle the illegal migrants.

Political goal 5: Denigrate Hinduism through vulgar writings and preaching in Mosques, Madrassas, and Churches to create loss of self-respect amongst Hindus and fit for capitulation.

Strategy: Propagate the development of a Hindu mindset.

India can solve it's terrorist problem within five years by such a deterrent strategy, but for that we have to learn the four lessons outlined above, and have a Hindu mindset to take bold, risky, and hard decisions to defend the nation. If the Jews can be transformed from lambs walking meekly to the gas chambers to fiery lions in just ten years, it is not difficult for Hindus in much better circumstances[after all we are 83% of India], to do so in five years. Guru Gobind Singh has shown us the way already, how just five fearless persons under spiritual guidance can transform society. The Vijayanagaram empire was founded by two re-converted[from Islam] persons Bukka and Hakka under the spititual guidance of Shankaracharya of Sringeri. So did Krishnadevaraya, Rana Pratap, Shivaji, Rani Jhansi, Kattaboman, and Netaji Subhash Bose inspire the nation to greatness. But since 1947 and so far we Hindus have meekly followed Jawaharlal Nehru and his cheap imitations in other parties. 

Today the Hindu dharamacharyas have to play a similar role to forge an instrument to implement the above strategy to deter terrorism in India. Swami Dayananda Sarasvati has already taken a big step in forming the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha of Shankaracharyas, Muttadeeshs, Mahamandaleshwars and Akhadas, and adopting the Tirupati Declaration calling on Hindus not to vote for those who work as against the Hindu religion. Even if half the Hindu voters are persuaded to collectively vote as Hindus and for a party sincerely committed to a Hindu agenda, we can forge an instrument for change. And that ultimately is the bottom line in the strategy to deter terrorism in a democratic Hindustan: to develop a Hindu vote on the basic of a Virat Hindu identity.  

Noted author and editor M.J.Akbar calls this identity as of "Blood Brothers". It is an undeniable fact that Muslims and Christians in India are descendents of Hindus. In a recent article in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, an analysis of genetic samples [DNA] show that Muslims in north India are overwhelmingly of the same DNA as Hindus proving that Muslims here are descendents of Hindus who had been converted to Islam, rather repositories of foreign DNA deposited by waves of invaders. Of course for Southern India Muslims, we do not need a DNA test to learn this.   It is obvious.

Akbar thus asks rhetorically: "When have the Muslims of India gone wrong?" and answers: "When they have forgotten their Indian roots". How apt! Enlightened Muslims like Akbar therefore must rise to the occasion and challenge the reactionary religious fundamentalists. That is, India is not Darul Harab to be trifled with.  It is in the interest of the Muslims of India to accept this reality. Hindus must persuade by the time-honoured methods, the Muslims and Christians to accept this and its logical consequences.

This identity was not understood by us earlier because of the distorted outlook of Jawarharlal Nehru who occupied the Prime Minister's chair for seventeen formative years after 1947 and for narrow political ends, had fanned a separatist outlook in Muslims and Christians. 

Without a resolution of the identity crisis today, which requires an explicit clear answer to this question of who we are, the majority will never understand how to relate to the legacy of the nation and in turn to the minorities. Minorities would not understand how to adjust with the majority if this identity crisis is not resolved. In other words, the present dysfunctional perceptional mismatch in understanding who we are as a people, is behind most of the communal tension and inter-community distrust in the country and our failure to deal with Pakistan.

To deal with Islamic terrorism and infiltration and culturally assimilate Muslims of India has to be our strategy.  India thus needs a Hindu renaissance that incorporates modern principles, e.g., of the irrelevance of birth antecedents, fostering gender equality, ensuring equality before law, and accountability for all. It is also essential to integrate the entire Indian society on those principles, irrespective of religion. Uniform civil code for example, is something that the vast majority of Muslim women want. But the Muslims think that this is the first step in several to subjugate them or wipe out their identity. But Muslims have quietly accepted Uniform Criminal Code[the IPC] even though it contradicts the Sharia.

In other words, Hindutva has two components---one that Hindus can accept[such as caste abolition, eradication of dowry etc.] without any other religion's interests to consider. The other is the embracing by minorities of the core secular Indian values which have Hindu roots. This would require, particularly Muslims and Christians, to acknowledge that their ancestry is Hindu, and thus own the entire Hindu past as their own legacy, and to thus tailor their outlook on that basis. This would integrate Indian society and make the concept of an inclusive[Brihad] Hindutva and rooted in India's continuing civilization. 

Once Indianness means Virat Brihad Hindutva, we can tackle terrorism of Pakistan by an effective strategy of defence. The components of that strategy has to be formed by taking Pakistan as a failed state, a sponsor of terrorism, and hence, we need to dismember it unless there is evidence that Pakistan's civil society is ready to reform Islam in keeping with modern principles of civilisational values and age old dharma of Akhand Hindustan.

We can manage infiltration from Bangla Desh by either assimilation into the Hindu cultural mainstream or by asking Bangla Desh to part with territory in proportion to the Bangla Deshis in India (which is about one-third of that country), since Partition of Indian territory was on the basis of population ratio of Hindus and Muslims. If we draw a line from Khulna to Sylhet and annex all territory above it, it will be just compensation as also a great boon for our military to go from Bengal to Assam. Of course, Bangla Desh can avoid this by taking back their infiltrators without our having to deport them


Terrorism can be fought only with generous allocation of resources that need to be closely monitored in its uses.   The recent disastrous corruption in the purchase of bullet proof fests for Mumbai police that sent brave officers to their death on 26/11 terrorist attack is a case in point.

Hence, it is important that the Supreme Court direction {in (1998) 1 SCC 226} on Police Reforms be carried out so that the present trends in the Police towards corruption will not only waste resources but actually enable terrorists to infiltrate it…… a dangerous development indeed.


The conflict resolution between the sufficiency of response to terrorism and the protection of human rights has to be worked out in India in Indian context, which is that the main terrorists confronting us today are Islamic by religion and swear by it.

          The Jihad that terrorists have launched against India is stated to be "complete the Islamization of India" and to make India "part of the Caliphate".  That Islamic terrorism is for "unfinished business" to make India a Darul Islam from the present Darul Harab.