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Rajagopuram of SriKalahasthi temple collapsed - what it tells astrologically?

The collapse of the Rajagopuram of the famous Kalahasthi temple has created worries in the minds of devotees. This post is aimed at setting at rest unnecessary worries.

Astrologically we can look at this from 2 angles - from the point of view of nimittha sastra (omens) and vaastu sastra.

As an omen, this is categorized as 'stable omen' denoting losses or something bad. (In contrast unstable omens bring gains). Any firm structure in stone crumbling down and any structure of the temple crumbling down with a noise is a stable omen for something bad. The nature of the trouble has to be ascertained from sky map at the time of occurrence of the omen.

From newspaper reports it is known that the time of collapse was 8-05 pm on Wednesday (26-05-2010). The chart is given here.

According to Varahamihira we have to see the rising sign, the star of the day and the direction.
The rising sign is Sagittarius in Moola lorded by Nirirthi. It is a fiery sign and occupied by Rahu. Note that lagna falls within the 3rd aspect of Saturn from U-Phalguni. The lagna lord is the 4th in own house (watery sign). The moon is transiting in Vishaka (Jup) in a movable and windy sign. The moon is nearing fullness.

In omen sastra, the lagna and moon positions are important. The upagrahas also are to be seen. Gulika, Dhooma, Vyatipata and Upaketu are not well posited. The cumulative result is fear from fire and wind. The direction is North West and East of the place where the temple is situated.

Upaketu (upagraha of Ketu) in Aswini also foretells fear from fire. It is in the 5th house joining the 10th lord and aspecting the 11th. Gulika in the star of Andhra (Revathy) adds to this and shows that the capital city of Andhra will undergo turmoil in the coming months. Some fire accident is not ruled out.

Jupiter in watery sign and moon in Jupiter’s asterism in a windy and movable sign shows fear from cyclones and waters. It is significant to note that the collapse has happened in Vaayu sthalam important for Rahu. The direction of the lagna has Rahu as a sub-deity. Some defect or disrespect with reference to Rahu is noted by this. Rahu stands for land and digging. It is probable that some unauthorized digging is / has happened in and around the temple or some landed property of the temple had been defaced or looted.

The lagna however is in benefic Drekkana. So the impact will not be that bad. Jovian connection shows some low for spiritual people or vaideeha community. Some spiritual leader or sect or some Hinduism oriented interests will face troubles. But the impact will be at a minimum level as Jupiter is in own house and aspects 8th, 10th and 12th places from lagna (Dhanur)

From another angle the collapse time indicates trouble in political stability which is also indicated in the chart of Andhra pradesh. Moon in the 11th (Assembly / parliament) and Saturn in retrogression in a friendly sign in 10th in the asterism of Sun shows that political troubles are in store. Andhra Pradesh is anyway heading for a period of turmoil which will peak in 2013. The Gopuram collapse is one of the omens showing that eventuality.

From the point of view of vaastu, any structure - be it a house or a temple come under the purview of vaastu principles and the kind of planetary combinations at the time of starting the construction. The life of the Gopuram is defined by such combinations. For a structure to last for more than 1000 years Venus or Jupiter must be exalted in the lagna or Saturn must be exalted in the 11th house. No planet must be in enmity. When this gopuram was built some 500 years ago not all the planets would have been there in auspicious places. Particularly some airy sign (Ge orLi or Aq) and Saturn would have been afflicted to create this kind of collapse with the above astrological factors.

There need not be any fear of 'wrath' of the deity. The rising drekkana at the time of collapse was a benefic with Jupiter as the lord. Jupiter has positional strength and not weak in shadbala. Sun and the Moon are high in naisargika bala. So the temple is safe and the main deities are powerful. In Drekkana Jupiter is opposed by sun and Saturn from the 10th. Worship and appeasement of Rudran (pratyadhi devatha of sun) will do. Let people do Soorya upasana (Surya is ati devatha for Jupiter) and recite slokas for Adhithya to ward off fear and suffering to themselves.

Updated on 31-05-2010:-

Spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravishankar today escaped bid on his life when an unidentified gunman shot at his car when he was returning after delivering a discourse

PVC pipes stored in the open in suburban Thirumullaivoyal caught fire on Sunday morning engulfing the area in thick smoke.It took fire fighters over three hours to put out the fire; no one was injured in the fire.

At least 30 people, including 10 children, were burnt to death early Sunday when the state-run bus they were travelling in fell off a bridge into a ditch and caught fire in Karnataka's Chitradurga district

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Bhumi Puja for Sita Mata temple in Sri Lanka: June 26, 2010

Bhumi Puja for Sita Mata temple in Sri Lanka: June 26, 2010

The letter of invitation included in the above URL is from India Foundation to participate in a historic event in Sri Lanka on June 26-27, 2010.

A Buddhist Monastery stands at the exact spot where Sita performed Agni Pravesh. It is in a village called Divurumpola near Nuwara Iliya, about three hours drive from Kandy town. The Buddhist leadership of Sri Lanka has offered to allot space within the premises of the Monastery to build a temple for Sita Mata.

Bhumi Puja for the proposed temple will be performed at this site on 26 June 2010.

Pujya Shankaracharya of Kanchi Mutt Swami Jayendra Saraswati Maharaj will grace the occasion and guide the ceremony. Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan, the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, leaders of the Sri Lankan Government and the Buddhist leadership of Sri Lanka will also be present on the occasion.

There are many pilgrimage sites in Sri Lanka associated with Ramayana, within a trekking distance from the spot.

An annual festival of the arrival of Bauddham to Sri Lanka (about 2300 years ago) from India will be held on 25 June. This will be held at Mihintala near Anuradhapura. Sri Shivraj Singh Chauhan will be the Chief Guest in this year’s festival.

The URL also contains the following:

Seetha in Sri Lanka – Article by Anuradha Shankar (May, 2010)

Write-up about the Pilgrimage site: Divurumpola – Welimada, Sri Lanka.

Divurumpola means ‘a place of oath’. This is the place where Sita underwent the ‘Agni’ test. She came unscathed and proved her innocence and purity. Read on…

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Mangalore air crash – some thoughts, astrologically.

It is extremely saddening to hear about the loss of life in the accident caused by the run-way overshoot of the Air India Express plane in Mangalore. The otherwise picturesque Mangalore airport gives a streak of fear and awe at the short runway on top of the hill surrounded by deep gorges. We always hear friends telling us to take a smaller plane if planning to go to Mangalore.

I first came to know about this airport when my son won an essay competition on the Millennium year as a primary school student and bagged free air tickets to a destination in South India. We chose a trip to Mangalore as we thought it would be a fascinating landing area that he would enjoy very much. It was his first trip by air. He was addicted to simulation games on piloting and he continues to be so even now as a college student. The first thing he did on hearing about the accident was to see if he can safely land in Mangalore strip in the simulation game! And he gave me a lot of inputs on the probable causes of the piloting error and about the difficulties faced in this air-strip.

What I understand was that the length of the runway and the experience of the pilot are not at all the issues. The surrounding terrain matters. The abrupt end of the airstrip is an issue and the slightly lifted strip in contrast to the adjacent area is another issue that can cause a visual misjudgment. There is always one percent chance of something going amiss with the machine, the weather or the judgment of the pilot. In the case of Mangalore airport, that one percent chance means nothing but doom. Such doom had descended on the innocent travelers on the Saturday mishap.

If we compare the mishaps in the past in various airstrips due to overshooting the runway, we can see that Mangalore type death trap is absent in those cases. And the chances of a mishap of the scale seen in Mangalore had been less. There had been sufficient time for passengers to escape or there had been chances for more passengers to escape, as it normally takes some time for fire to play havoc on a greater scale. In Mangalore the primary reason for the havoc was the fall into the gorge. This must be taken into consideration and the correctives must be done – if it means abandoning this airstrip for passenger travel. The safety of the passenger is supreme and can not be compromised.

From astrological point of view, I have collected info on most major air accidents of the world and drawn the horoscopes in 2 ways depending on the information I could get.

I have drawn horoscopes for the starting time of the flight journey (where it is available – but not available in many accidents) and for the exact moment of the accident (which is available in most cases). I have not exactly made an in-depth study of these horoscopes though I have noted down some common features in all accidents. I have segregated them based on the causes, such as runway overshoots, those struck by lightening, bird-hit ones, mid-air collisions, pilot errors, bad weather, bombs etc.

The astrological features differ in these categories, though some basic features are seen in all. The affliction to moon determines the extent of the fatalities. In freak accidents involving less or no fatalities, the basic astrological features are not predominant. A positive influence by aspect or association of Jupiter on moon reduces the fatality rate. But Jupiter must be in own or exalted house with no retrograde motion. The positive strength of Jupiter is determined by the sign where it is posited.

Let me list down the most common features seen in all air accidents. These were deduced by me based on basic astrological tenets.

Mercury stands for transportation. The affliction to mercury is a basic feature.

• The 3rd house in the Natural zodiac stands for short trips. This is Gemini. Gemini also signifies airy sign. Affliction to Gemini is another primary feature in all air accidents.

• The 3rd from Mercury is afflicted in most air accidents.

• The afflicting planet in most cases is Mars signifying explosion and fire.

• Saturn as airy planet also has a role in air mishaps.

• If moon is transiting in the stars associated with the above points and is devoid of positive Jovian influence at the time of mishap, the fatalities are certain.

• Saturnine connection to Mercury or moon is also seen in most air mishaps denoting a hazard in the air.

If we look at the runway mishaps of the past, the crash at N'Dolo Airport in Kinshasa, DR Congo, on January 8th, 1996 claimed highest number of fatalities due to runway overshoot. The aircraft overshot the runway and ploughed into Kinshasha’s market killing 350 and injuring 500 people All but 2 were non-passengers. The dead were the common people in market place. Accordingly we can see a different astrological pattern in that mishap.

The 2nd highest fatality (199) occurred on 17-07-2007 in Brazil when the Airbus-320 skidded off the runway and crashed into a warehouse next to a petrol station and caught fire.
We find a parallel to this in the Mangalore air crash.
The chart for the crash time of Mangalore accident is given here.

Look at Mercury in the fiery sign, in the star of Ketu that stands for gory death. Ketu is aspected by retro Saturn. Saturn turning retro in a friendly sign becomes unfriendly! In addition it is in the star of fiery sun.

The 3rd from Mercury is Gemini. It is occupied by Ketu which is aspected by Rahu and Saturn. Venus also is posited there in the star of Rahu which signifies sky. Venus is afflicted.
Important point is that moon was transiting the star of Venus at the time of mishap. In addition, moon suffers papa karthari being hemmed in between malefics – mars in the star of mercury and Saturn in the star of sun. So the fiery element was the cause of fatalities. Jupiter in own house was helpless as it did not cast any aspect on moon or mercury or Gemini.

In comparison look at the Brazil crash (17-07-2007)

Mercury was in the 3rd house of the zodiac (Gemini) in the star of Rahu.

Look at the heavily afflicted 3rd house from mercury which happens to be a fiery sign. Saturn, moon and Venus were transiting the star of Ketu and Ketu was in the star of Venus. The affliction to moon is further aggravated by Mars (22 degrees Aries ) within whose 4th aspect falls moon (12 degrees Leo)

Jupiter in retro in a friendly sign makes it unfriendly and it could not cast its aspect on any major sign or planets involved in the malefic combination.

I am preparing a detailed analysis of air crashes for publication. I intend to add upagraha impact also. Utility of Upagrahas is a forgotten knowledge today. Upagrahas were looked into for determining the safety and success of a travel. Upagraha also plays a role in prasna because the position of the upagrahas is indicative of good or bad of a given time. It was in that sense sage Vyasa mentioned their position while recounting the bad omens before the start of Kuruskshetra war.

I will do a separate post on upagrahas. Let the astro-enthusiasts keep checking my scribd pages. I will be uploading articles on astrological issues every now and then. Recently I uploaded the completed series on prediction of earthquakes published in The astrological magazine.

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"Was Ancient India really scientifically challenged?" – write an essay and win

Students Essay competition for World Assn. for Vedic Studies: "Was Ancient India really scientifically challenged?"

World Association for Vedic Studies (WAVES), Inc.


(A Multidisciplinary Academic Society - Tax Exempt in USA)

In Collaboration with Center for Indic Studies, UMass Dartmouth, USA 

Invites original Essays for ESSAY-WRITING COMPETITION on

Topic: "Was Ancient India really scientifically challenged?"

(Word Limit: - 2500-3000)

as part of

Eighth International Conference on

"Vedic knowledge for Civilizational Harmony" 

August 4-7, 2010

University of West Indies, St Augustine Campus, Trinidad and Tobago 

Eligibility: Students from High School to Post Graduate levels

Note on Essay Topic: The common belief among western scholars today is that other than brief stints by Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, Europe (after the enlightenment period) was the only source of scientific development for the world. Though this has been the traditional belief, facts are now emerging about Ancient India's great achievements in the fields of Astronomy, Mathematics, Irrigation, Architecture, Town Planning, Medicine and other areas.

The essay must focus on areas that are verifiable or relatively easy to claim. Areas like those in science that just occupy a mention in Ancient texts like 'missile technology' in the Mahabharata' , but are hard to verify should not be the highlight of any submission.


1} All essays must be typed in double spacing. Font size 12 – Times New Roman

3} Writers/participants can be up to 27 years of age

4} Marks will be awarded for originality, content, layout and presentation.

4} The closing date for submission is June 30, 2010……No late entries accepted.

5} One entry per participant is permitted

6} Essays or questions prior to Essay submission can be emailed directly to:

      Amitabh Sharma, <>

7} Results may be available at least two weeks prior to the conference.

8} The winner may present the essay at the conference or alternately it may be published in the souvenir covering the event. Winner also gets a $1000 cash prize + commendation certificate.  

If 2 entries are found equally good in each category- High School and College- then two awards of $500 each would be given (discretion of Board of Directors- WAVES)



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Hinduism Summit in Chicago on 5 June 2010

The Forum for Hindu Awakening, a nonprofit, tax exempt, budding Hindu organization in USA ( organizing the first ever Hinduism Summit (Hindu Dharma Sabha) in the Greater Chicago Area. This event will be held by the Forum for Hindu Awakening (FHA) with support from noteworthy Hindu and spiritual organizations. The Hinduism Summit aims to promote an understanding about the unique science behind Hinduism concepts and practices, and provide practical guidance on living Hinduism through recitation of Holy mantras, speeches by Hindu leaders, a novel exhibition of posters, books and spiritual products

The Hinduism Summit will be held on

Nija Vaishakh Krushna Ashtami,

5112 ((Saturday, 5 June 2010)

at Hindu Temple Of Lake County,

Chicago, IL, USA.

It is receiving blessings and support from Hindus around the world,

the latest being the blessings from

Jagadguru Sri Shankaracharya Swami Jayendra Saraswati of Kanchi Kamkoti Peeth,

P.P. Pande Maharaj of Sanatan Sanstha.

H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of The Art of Living Foundation and

Swami Sarvadevananda from Vedanta Society of Southern California, Hollywood Temple

The link below leads to the latest item about this event:

This will be a free, interactive event for anyone who is interested in understanding, living or preserving Hinduism. It will also be webcast live from FHA website.

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Is Tamil’s calendar out of sync with the calendars followed in the rest of India?

Given below is an article from on how 'mind-set' or 'scripted mind' becomes the cause for many mis- interpretations in such a way that the core theme gets lost in due course. In the process the author has lamented that Tamils have deviated from adopting the lunar calendar which is actually the Hindu calendar followed by the rest of India. He thinks that there is nothing called Tamil's New Year or Tamil's calendar because what the Tamils follow are the festivals of the lunar calendar. Without realizing it the Tamils think that they are following a calendar 'exclusive' to themselves which in due course became an object for manipulation and was twisted by political bigwigs.

There are some factual errors in the understanding of Tamil's calendar. The otherwise well written article needs to be read by all and that is why I am reproducing it here with a note on what exactly is this issue about Tamil's calendar.

The calendar followed by Tamils is a combination of Solar and Lunar calendars. You may call it as Luni-Solar calendar or Soli-Lunar calendar. The solar calendar is the basis for computing Deva years (calendar of Gods) and the lunar calendar is the basis for identifying auspicious time for prayers to the Gods. In addition we take into consideration the stars, (nakshthra mana / sidereal day ) and savanna mana (terrestrial day which begins with sun rise everyday) Even in the lunar calendar followed in the rest of India the star and terrestrial reckoning are part of deciding the important times. So a day of importance, say, a day of festival or vratham (austerity) are decided on solar, lunar, nakshathra and savanna considerations.

In deciding auspicious timings (muhurthas), both solar and lunar systems play an useful role. In other words, they are fused and used in unison in Soli-Lunar calendar. This has more practical benefits. For instance, the adhik masa of Lunar system is not suitable for auspicious events. But this kind of an issue is absent in Solar calendar. In effect we find that auspicious timings occurring in the solar month that corresponds to the adhik masa. According to muhurtha astrology, one can conduct a function in adhik masa or in an inauspicious lunar month if the solar month running at that time is auspicious. So astrologically speaking, the combined Luni-solar is useful and is accepted.

For instance in grahaarambha (starting construction) and grahapravesa (entry into newly built house), a combined calendar is used. Only 4 (corner / ubhaya rasi month) months are inauspicious in a solar year, whereas there is restriction on more months in lunar calendar. Adhering to them restricts the number of good muhurthas. So it is advised by sages to combine both lunar and solar months. Even if the lunar month is unfavorable, one can accept a muhurtha if the solar month is favorable. Particularly in deciding the month (maasa) for an auspicious event, solar month is acceptable.

For austerities and vrathams, the lunar thithis are relevant. Lunar calendar itself is based on Pithru's cycle. So Thithi -based austerities are decided on the basis of Lunar thithis.

For festivals and auspicious events, the star also must be considered. In that case, the solar month is given precedence. Only in the case of birthdays of Rama and Krishna we follow thithis – as they are times for vratham also. Otherwise auspicious events such as temple festivals, mundane festivals, marriages etc are decided on the basis of stars.

Therefore we can not say that Tamil's calendar is out of sync with other calendars. The Luni-solar calendar of Tamils is far utilitarian than an exclusive lunar -calendar -based system.

It is said by almost all astrological texts on selection of an auspicious time that you can not get a day that fulfills all the requisites of a good muhurtha. Such days will be less than 5 in a year. So the best way is to choose a day having more positives and less negatives than to harp on all-positives day. Combined Luni-Solar calendar helps in identifying such days.

On Tamil New Year day falling on the first day of Chithirai, it must be said that it was the right time. The Chathur Maha yugas started when sun entered 0 degree Aries. At that time moon joined the sun and the other planets (nodes excepting) were also close to the sun. That marks the birth of man kind and yugas. That was the original lagna of the world. That point determines the events of the world. That is why it is considered as the New Year.

In subsequent rounds, moon did not join the sun at the entry point of Aries (Chitthirai). That led to the development of 5-year Yuga (Pancha varshathmaka yuga). The adhik masa is part of this yuga to carry out the correction so that the sun and the moon join together at Aries. This also shows that primary importance was given to Sun's entry in deciding the New Year.

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- jayasree



Open Forum

The annual ritual of greeting on the new year
How many new years do we have?

By Ram Gopal Ratnam

EVERY year we witness a ritual of the political leaders right from the Prime Minister down to city Mayor wishing the people for a happy new year. The Tamils for a Tamil new year, the Bengalis for a Bengali new year, the Malayalies for a Malayali new year, the Assamese for an Assami new year. and believe me, all fall on the same day. Simple logic tells me that if it is new year for so many regions, it has to be a single, common new year and not different new years. Yet, thanks to Goebbels, this falsehood has percolated down and now newspapers, teachers, temples and social organisations have joined senseless chorus. The effect? A common Tamilian has started to believe that it is Tamil's new year. Now, it has gone beyond mere belief. He firmly knows that it is Tamil's new year. Is it so? Is it Tamil new year or a Bengali new year or an Assami new year or would you call January 1st as American new year, British new year, French new year, Australian new year? No. It is just Christian new year and is the new year wherever the Christians live.

What is a new year day? It is the first day of a calendar. There are many calendars, the Christian or Gregorian calendar, the Muslim calendar, the Chinese calendar, etc. Basically, there are two types of calendars, the solar and the lunar. The solar one is based on the Earth's rotation around the Sun and the lunar is based on the Moon's rotation around the Earth. These two calendars are different as these have different basis for calculation. The Christian calendar is solar and the Muslim one is lunar and we, the Hindus have both. This so-called 'Tamil' new year is a Hindu solar calendar and the other one, which is ignorantly called Telugu new year by all the 'great' leaders in Tamil Nadu and a Marathi new year by the same catagory of leaders in the North, is actually Hindu lunar calendar.

Let me elaborate. Why do you need a calendar? To know your festivals. When is the Christmas? December 25th. Where did you find it? In the Christian calendar of course. You can not find it in the Muslim calendar. This year it is on the 13th of the month called Moharram. Next year, it will fall in the month of Julhej. It will be a different month every year. Can you locate the Deepavali day in the Christian calendar? You can not? It may fall in October or November. It was in October last year and this year it will be in November. You have to refer to the lunar calendar to know the Deepavali date. It falls on Ashwin Amavasya day.

Which are the festivals celebrated in Tamil Nadu? The same as those celebrated in other parts of our nation. The Deepavali, Vijayadashami, Navaratri, Ramnavami, Skanda Sasti, Gokulashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Maha Shivaratri, Vaikuntha Ekadashi, Shravan Poornima, etc. etc. I challange you to locate any of these festival days in the so-called 'Tamil' calendar. You can not, because this calendar is solar based and all these festivals fall on lunar days like Sashti, Ashtami, Navami, Amavasya, Poornima. How sad that a community has a calendar of its own, but all its major festivals have to be located from the calendar of a different community, the Telugu calendar in this instance?

It is not Tamil calendar or Telugu calendar. It is a Hindu solar calendar and a Hindu lunar calendar. Most of our festivals are lunar based and are located in lunar calendar. The Earth's movement around the Sun is not cognizable for a common man. We can infer the same by observing the climatic changes. We can merely know it is winter or summer or rainy season. All these are solar phenomenons. It is a matter for the scientist or the Astro mathematician who computes the Panchang. The solar calendar can be called a scientist's calendar. Festivals are common man's domain. You need a more 'user-friendly' calendar. The lunar movement is visible. Even a lay man can observe and understand the lunar movement. You have to just observe the sky and do some simple calculations and you can arrive at the festival days. So, you can call this common man's calendar.

Both are Hindu calendars. Both are referred to and used in all parts of our nation. All the major festivals are to be found in the lunar calendar, except Makara Sankranti. This is an important festival for all Hindus and is found in the solar calendar. The 'Kumbh', Uttarayana and Dakshinayana Punya Kala, and monthly Pitru Tarpanam on every Sankranti day (Sankranti is the 1st of a solar month and makara sankranti is the 1st of the month called Makara.) are the other special days in the solar calendar. These are special not only to the Tamils, but to all the Hindus, throughout the length and breadth of Bharat. Is not Makara Sankranti an important festival for the Marathis? How is it that they do not have it in their calendar and have to reach out to the 'Tamil calendar' for finding it? It is neither Marathi calendar nor Tamil calendar, but just lunar and solar calendars.

Our formal education system does not teach these subjects which help us to know who we are. Long after Independance in 1947, we continue to churn out Mc'Caulay-putras from our schools. In my school days, Avani Avittam fell in the month of Aadi. Aavani Avittam is Shravan Poornima and Aavani and Aadi are names of fourth and fifth solar months. How can Aavani Avittam fall in the month of Aadi? It is like celebrating October revolution in November or Good Friday falling on a Thursday. This simple question arose in my childish mind and I used to ask many of my teachers, the social leaders in Tamil community. Unfortunately, none were able to give me a convincing answer. I had three options before me. I could have concluded that our ancestors were ignorant. I could have ignored and forgotten the question and concentrated on more practical things like career building, money making, etc. I could have pondered over the question spending restless moments till I found an answer. I chose the third option and was awestruck by the genius of our ancestors. The western mind wants to standardise everything. Uni-sex clothing, Uniform (American) breakfasts, uniform way of worship, uniform structures. It can not comprehend variety. It is not mature enough to appreciate more complex things. It wants to simplify everything. Many of our own English-educated are in the same mind frame. Nature is full of variety and is very complex. It requires a more mature mind and higher intelligence to understand, even appreciate complexities.

Our nation has nourished variety in every walk of life. We have so many ways of wearing our Dhoti and saree. (I've found 28 ways of wearing a saree in Tamil Nadu.) We have so many languages and dialects. Recipes? We do not have an Indian food. These words south Indian food and north Indian food are misnomers. There is no Tamil food either. The food system varies from community to community and region to region within Tamil Nadu and is very different from food in Andhra or Kerala or Karnataka. The same is the case in Maharashtra. The Warhadi is different from Konkani, which is again different from Khandeshi. That which is known as south Indian food is more a Tamil Brahmin food type. This vast variety flourishing in Bharat was exploited by the British, to drive a wedge, sorry, drive many wedges in the Hindu community.

There was one GU Pope in Tamil Nadu in the 15th century. He was a European Christian Pastor. He learnt Tamil and interpreted, rather misinterpreted the Tamil literature and sowed the seeds of separatism. Karunanidhi and other Tamil 'scholars' quote him for all their separatist ideologies. The British, under the chairmanship of Macaulay, laid the trap (and it is a well laid trap) and all our leaders, administrators, teachers and other 'intellectuals' have innocently, ignorantly, foolishly or willfully fallen in the trap. There is a Panchtantra story of a monkey fooling a crocodile wanting to kill and devour it, by saying that it has removed its heart and left the same in the tree. Now, it seems, all our intellectuals have removed and thrown their brains and thinking capacity and have decided never to use it again.

Let me conclude by narrating an encounter with a school principal. Shri Narayanan is MGR's brother-in-law and runs many schools and colleges in and around Chennai. His daughter, Smt Latha Rajendran was the principal of Janaki Ramachandran School in Chennai in the eighties. She is double MA, MPhil, and PhD. I used to go to these schools once a week to teach 'patriotism', as they called it.

On one occasion, I was invited to be the chief guest in their annual social gathering. There was the usual tamasha of filmy dances and filmy dialogues. There was one group dance with Bharat Mata, holding the tricolour, in the centre and girls and boys in pairs dancing around Bharat Mata. The Principal turned to me and proudly said, "We also instill patriotism through such programmes". "Who are these pairs dancing around Bharat Mata?" I asked her. "You don't know. I can't believe it. The third pair is a Marathi pair. That one is a Bengali pair. This a Manipuri, the next a Punjabi. These are all pairs from various parts of Bharat and the message is "We are One". said the principal. "The last pair on this side and the last one on that side. Which state do they belong to?" I asked her innocently. "That is a Muslim pair and this a Christian pair", she replied. One was dressed in lungi and purdah and the other in coat-suit and skirt.

"So you are teaching the Muslim and Christian students in your school that they are not Tamils, but Muslims or Christians. Are you teaching patriotism or separatism?", I asked her.

You should have been there to see her face and know the intensity of shock she got. She was so much disturbed that she came out of the pandal. She was dumb-struck for a few moments and then she said, "I have gone to so many institutions and got so many degrees. I have been the Principal here since last eighteen years. I have always heard the same thing everywhere and have been talking the same thing to students all these years. Now, this was the first time I have heard something different. I feel I have done injustice to thousands of my students all these years." She was so much disturbed that she went on talking, no, blabbering for the next half an hour.

The incident is not connected to calendar issue, but reveals the trapped mind set. So, what do you intend to do when someone accosts you with 'Happy Tamil New Year' wish next time?

(The writer can be contacted at 133, Nagmani, Abhyankar Nagar, Nagpur-440 010 and his e-mail address is

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Mythical Thomas, Devious Theivanayagam and Conniving Church (Articles by Mr BR Haran)



Mythical Thomas, Devious Theivanayagam & Conniving Church - I 


B R Haran

13 May 2010


Wrong report and right action


It was shocking to see a report (with an accompanying photograph) in The New Indian Express (3 May 2010) titled, "Stir seeking right to worship". The report said, "Members of the 'Federation of All Self-Respecting Tamils' observed a fast inside the Kapaleeswarar Temple demanding right to worship inside the temple in Mylapore. Federation president Mu. Theivanayagam said the fast was to condemn one section which had hijacked the rights of Tamils to perform puja inside the sanctum sanctorum. He demanded the state government appoint unbiased interlocutors to resolve the issue and ensure the rights to perform puja inside the garbagraha as in Kasi Viswanathar Temple."


The photograph showed film director Seeman, who shot to sudden (in)fame espousing the cause of LTTE, addressing the gathering of about two dozen people brought to the venue by Theivanayagam.


We at Hindu Dharma Padukappu Iyakkam (Hindu Dharma Protection Movement) were surprised as both Theivanayagam and Seeman are Christians and unashamedly anti-Hindu, and yet the Executive Officer of the famous temple had given (as per the report) permission to such dubious characters to protest inside a Hindu Temple. Moreover, the issue taken up by the protestors is sub-judice, as the 'All Caste Archagas Ordinance' passed by Tamil Nadu Assembly itself stands challenged in the Supreme Court of India.


We promptly got in touch with other Hindu organizations, some were out of station. Hindu Janajagruthi Samithi, Nandanar Peravai (Nandanar Forum) and Desiya Sinthanaiyalar Peravai (National Thinkers Forum) agreed to send volunteers to assemble in front of Mylapore police station and lodge a complaint against Theivanayagam and Seeman and later to protest against HR & CE. We prepared a letter to the Chief Minister demanding the ouster of Executive Officer, Joint Commissioner, Commissioner and the Minister for HR & CE.  


At the same time, we were amused as there was every chance that the report was wrong, as it is quite common for newspapers and magazines to file factually wrong reports and then publish a regret note in some corner, if required. So we decided to confirm the veracity of the news report. Unsurprisingly, we learnt that the event had not happened inside Kapaleeswarar Temple and that New Indian Express had wrongly mentioned the venue as Mylapore Temple.


By afternoon, while preparing for the protest, we learnt that the hunger strike demo was actually conducted at Rajarathinam Stadium, Egmore, with due police permission. It was simply appalling that the police gave permission to Christian bullies to demonstrate on a Hindu cause, even if this was not inside the temple premises. We decided to register our protest with the Commissioner of Police.


CoP being unavailable, we met a senior official (Intelligence) and apprised him of our concerns and feelings of outrage. We felt strongly that the police had erred in giving permission to Christians to demonstrate on a Hindu issue and questioned the locus standi of the demonstrators. The official, who never expected a well-articulated protest, could not give convincing answers. Later, we submitted a complaint against Theivanayagam, who has a notorious track record of virulent anti-Hindu activities for over three decades.


Mythical Thomas and his fake Indian connection


The Western Christian elite, from Max Mueller to Macaulay, distorted our history and fed us their distortions. After independence, Marxists and other Western stooges took over as 'historians' and continued the dark and sinister legacy of the West. The mythical St. Thomas was planted and thrust on South India by Western historians to give a solid foundation for Christianity in ancient India. Many attempts have been made at regular intervals to impose the concocted story of Thomas (his arrival, life in Mylapore and death at the hands of a Brahmin) on the people, thereby removing the facts about the persecution of Hindus and destruction of Hindu Temples by Christian invaders (Portuguese, French, British) from the fifteenth century onwards.


The planting of the St. Thomas story was not only to have a foundation for Christianity in India, but also to spread it throughout the country. This fabrication succeeded slightly over the years in the areas of Madras, Nagapattinam and Puducherry, mainly because the Kapaleeswarar Temple, Mylapore, Vel Ilankanni Amman Temple, Nagapattinam and Vedapureeswarar Temple, Puducherry, were destroyed and Santhome Basilica, Velankanni Church (Our Lady of Health Basilica) and the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception built on their remains respectively. Well known scholars of Archaeology have established that the details of the destruction of the original Kapaleeswarar Temple could be found in Tamil inscriptions on the walls of the Marundeeswarar Temple in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai!


The so-called history of St. Thomas had been totally demolished by historian Ishwar Sharan in "The Myth of St. Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple", translated into Tamil in elegant prose by Dr. B.M. Sundaram. Historian Vedaprakash wrote a Tamil book titled "Inthiyavil St.Thomas Kattukkathai" (Fake story of St. Thomas in India). Both authentically establish that the Thomas story was hundred percent false.


The most important part of Ishwar Sharan's research is the Vatican's letter of September 11, 1996, to him saying, "This Congregation for the Causes of Saints has received your letter of 26th August last in which you have asked for information regarding Saint Thomas' presence in India. We have not found in our Archives the letter supposedly written by this Congregation on 13th November 1952, of which you speak, because of a lack of more precise data (Diocese, destination, etc.). Nor do we have other data regarding Saint Thomas since this Archive was begun in 1588. His life is the object of the research of historians which is not the particular competence of this Congregation."

(Ref: for complete story on mythical Thomas)  


No wonder Pope Benedict categorically said Thomas had never visited India!


The Arulappa-Acharya Paul show


Late Dr. Arulappa, former Archbishop of Mylapore, played a vital role in keeping the Thomas story alive despite being fooled by one Acharya Paul (formerly Ganesh Iyer), a Srirangam based Brahmin who converted to Christianity and became a Bible preacher. He claimed to have obtained a Doctorate from Benaras Hindu University and presented himself as Dr. John Ganesh, professor of philosophy and comparative religions. He met a Catholic priest, Father Michael, of Tamil Ilakkiya Kazhagam (Tamil Literary Forum) and impressed him with his articulation on the Bible and Christianity. Father Michael took him to Father Mariadas of Srivilliputhur, who in turn introduced him to Archbishop Arulappa.


Arulappa, who wanted to create some sort of "proof" for Thomas and his influence on Thiruvalluvar, was taken aback by the impressive presentation of John Ganesh and committed to finance his 'research' to establish the Thomas story as authentic. Between 1975 and 1980, John Ganesh got Rs. 14 lakhs from Arulappa in the name of research. Realising very late that he had been taken for a ride, Arulappa made a police complaint and John Ganesh was arrested on April 29, 1980, after due investigations. Though the Madras High Court awarded him ten month rigorous imprisonment, he got away with just 59 days remand period due to the compromise petition filed by Arulappa.


Senior journalist K.P. Sunil wrote this full story under the title "Hoax!" in The Illustrated Weekly of India, April 26 - May 2, 1987, Bombay. He concluded:


"What is even more curious is that even as criminal proceedings against Iyer were in progress in the magistrate's court, a civil suit for a compromise had been filed in the Madras high court. The compromise decree was taken up immediately after the conclusion of the criminal case. Since Iyer had admitted the offence, his jail term was reduced to a mere two months imprisonment. And since he had already served 59 days of remand, this period was adjusted against the sentence.


In other words, Iyer, who had defrauded the archbishop to the tune of about Rs. 14 lakhs, was let off without any further punishment. He was ordered to forfeit all claim on the money given to him by the archbishop. Accordingly, the ornaments and money seized from him by the police were returned to the archbishop. As part of the compromise, Iyer was allowed to retain the large bungalow he had purchased with the archbishop's money…


…And the case, though officially closed, remains in many minds, an unsolved mystery."

(Ref: -


(To be continued…)
Mythical Thomas, Devious Theivanayagam and Conniving Church - 2 
B R Haran

14 May 2010

Exit John Ganesh; Enter Theivanayagam

As Dr. Arulappa's attempt to establish the Thomas story was marred in legal tangles, the Catholic Diocese took the services of a low profile evangelist named Theivanayagam and encouraged him to spread the Thomas canard. While the court battle was going on between Arulappa and Acharya Paul (John Ganesh), Theivanayagam was busy "researching" the history of Thomas.

In 1985-86, he had authored a book titled, "Viviliyam, Thirukkural, Saiva Siddantham – Oppu Aayvu" (Bible, Thirukkural, Saiva Siddantha – Comparative Research), wherein he attempted to conclude that Thiruvalluvar was a Christian and a disciple of the mythical St. Thomas, and that most of the Saiva Siddantha and the vivid knowledge found in Thirukkural were nothing but the sayings of the Bible! To achieve this devious objective, he distorted and misinterpreted verses of the Kural and Shaivite philosophical works. The book was published by the 'International Institute of Tamil Studies, Adyar, Madras' and a 'Doctorate' was conferred on him by the 'University of Madras', which goes to confirm the unholy Dravidian-Christian nexus!

Later, Tamil and Shaivite scholars protested and Dharmapuram Adheenam, a famous Shaivite Mutt came out with a book of refutation titled "Viviliyam, Thirukkural, Saiva Siddantham oppaayvin Maruppu Nool" (Bible, Thirukkural, Saiva Siddantha –  Comparative Research – Refutation)) written by eminent scholar Arunai Vadivel Mudaliar. It was released before a congregation of over 300 eminent scholars, including Justice Krishnaswami Reddiar, who strongly criticized Theivanayagam for his perversion of history. This extreme step was warranted to deny legitimacy to such deceitful materials by future generations for 'research' purposes.

Senior Journalist R.S. Narayanaswami noted, "Justice Krishnaswami Reddiar strongly criticised the modern tendency of publishing trash in the name of research. He said research must have an aim, a purpose, to get at the truth. Research was not meant to find evidence to denigrate an ancient faith. Research should not start with pre-conclusions or prejudices. Here the author's motive was to show the superiority of Christianity. Religion was based not only on facts but also on faith and beliefs. The book had hurt Hindu beliefs. Justice Krishnaswami Reddiar quoted from the works of Sita Ram Goel and Ishwar Sharan and asserted that the visit of St. Thomas to India was a myth. He wondered how such a book could be published by [the International Institute of Tamil Studies, Adyar, Madras,] set up by the Government. It was a crime that such a book had been written and published and awarded a doctorate degree [by the University of Madras,] he said."

Since then Theivanayagam has been writing and publishing many books, all offensive against Hinduism.
Pope's shocker results in film production!

 As the Catholic Diocese was devising other strategies, Pope Benedict's statement "St. Thomas never visited India" fell on its head like lightening. This resounding statement from the Papacy, which shocked the Catholic community, shook the very foundations of Christianity in South India! As the Papacy didn't bother to listen to the Indian Catholic community, the Madras and Cochin Bishops met in Cochin, Kerala, during the second week of June 2008, to find out ways and means of re-establishing the history of the so-called St. Thomas.

As a step in that direction, the Archdiocese of Santhome, Madras, decided to produce a feature film on the mythical St. Thomas, at a cost of Rs. 50 crores, under the banner of the St. Thomas Apostle of India Trust; the office bearers included Archbishop A.M. Chinappa, Deputy Archbishop Lawrence Pius, Treasurer of the Diocese Ernest Paul and Script Writer Paulraj Lourdusamy.

The movie will present the life and times of the mythical St. Thomas in South India in general and Madras in particular. It will have supposedly important events like the alleged meeting between Thomas and Tamil sage Thiruvalluvar, establishment of Santhome Cathedral and alleged killing of Thomas by a Brahmin priest. As confirmation of the unholy Dravidian-Christian nexus, the Hon'ble Chief Minister Karunanidhi inaugurated this movie-magnum on the mythical St. Thomas!

In his speech, the Chief Minister did not mention the alleged meeting between Thomas and Thiruvalluvar. Karunanidhi, being a Tamil Scholar and well versed with Tamil literary works, refrained from talking about the connection between the Bible and Thirukkural or Thomas and Thiruvalluvar, thus confirming that the 'Thomas story' is an absolute falsehood!

But true to his policy of minority appeasement and majority provocation, he waxed eloquent on the supposed killing of Thomas by a Brahmin and went on to say that the particular scene alone would be enough for the success of the movie, though the church does not have an iota of proof of this alleged murder! The Chief Minister, a well-known expert on Thirukkural, felt it unimportant to ascertain the truth of the so-called meeting between Thomas and Thiruvalluvar. He knows well that questioning the historicity of Thomas will cost him votes, unlike questioning the historicity of Rama or Krishna!

After the much touted inauguration, there has been no information about the film. It is not clear if the Diocese has shelved the idea of producing the film on mythical Thomas.

"Thamizhar Samayam" (Tamilian Religion) or "Thoma Kiruththuvam" (Thomas Christianity)
Close on the heels of the inauguration function, Theivanayagam organized a four-day meet titled, "Thamizhar Samayam – Muthal Ulaka Maanaadu" (Tamils Religion – First International Conference), from August 14 to 17, 2008, under the aegis of Dravida Anmeega Iyakkam (Movement of Dravidian Spiritualism), a movement started by him to spread the canard called "Thomas Christianity", in the name of "Adi Christhuvam" (early Christianity). The event was backed by the Mylapore Archdiocese (headed by Archbishop Chinnappa) which hosted the event in its own premises in Santhome near Mylapore.

Here, the following blasphemous distortions were projected as researched facts:
-        Adi Christhuvam (early Christianity), promulgated and established in Tamil Nadu by St. Thomas, is the original religion of the Tamils.

-        The Aryan invaders distorted Thomas Christianity and conceived new concepts called Shaivism and Vaishnavism and hence they must be treated as sub-sects of Thomas Christianity.
-        The 'holy trinity' of 'Father-Son-Holy Spirit' is denoted by 'Shiva-Muruga-Shakti' and the same is also denoted by 'Brahma-Vishnu-Rudra'
-        The 'holy trinity' concept has beautified Indian Religions. The 'Holy Spirit-Father' combination can be identified with 'Ardhanarisvarar' and 'Sankaranarayanar' formations.
-        St Thomas's teachings abound in Thirukkural and Sage Thiruvalluvar was a disciple of St Thomas.
Due to the timely posting of an article titled, "St. Thomas who taught Tamils to think" by famous Tamil writer and novelist Jeyamohan in his blog and timely action by and some individual Hindu activists, Theivanayagam tasted defeat and his four-day meet ended in miserable failure. Later he released a book titled 'Thiruneeraa, Siluvaiya?' (Sacred Ash, Or, The Cross?), which piled on fresh distortions:

-        The Hindu practice of applying 'sacred ash' on the forehead actually started from 'Ash Wednesday' the first day of the 'Penance' (Lent-days). The sacred ash comprises within it all the three stages of 'Death, Resurrection & Pardon due to the fact that the 'ash' cannot be destroyed, as the resurrected body cannot be destroyed.

-        When Vaishnavism got separated from Shaivism, the style of applying sacred ash was changed from horizontal pattern to vertical pattern.

-        Shiva is supposed to have given his left half to Shakti. If that left half is worshipped as woman, it becomes Shaivism and if the same is worshipped as man it becomes Vaishnavism.

-        'Thiruneetru Pathigam', a collection of Shaivite Hymns sung by Sage Thirugnaana Sambandhar comprises a number of messages of Christianity.

-        All Shaivite literatures namely 'Thirumurai', 'Thevaram', 'Thiruvasagam' and 'Thirupathigam' do not talk about the four Vedas namely Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva; as they carry the messages of Christ, the 'Bible' is the only 'Veda'.

Hindu Munnani president Ramagopalan filed a complaint with the then Commissioner of Police in November 2008, but the Tamil Nadu Police has so far not taken any action against Theivanayagam. Hindu Munnani failed to pursue the matter further despite Theivanayagam slapping a legal notice against it.
(To be continued…)
Mythical Thomas, Devious Theivanayagam and Conniving Church - 3 
B R Haran
15 May 2010

The Sri Lankan connection

Late last month, Theivanayagam proclaimed in an interview to Tamil biweekly Nakkeeran that he and his supporters would storm into the Kapaleeswarar Temple and capture it, as it was constructed on the ruins of a Church, which allegedly stood at the site centuries ago! As a first step, he has organized a 'hunger strike' with hand-picked supporters on May 2, 2010. His further plans include:

-        May 10 – 20: workshop for volunteers to involve them in the forthcoming protest.
-        May 23: march from Thiruvalluvar Temple, Mylapore, to Santhome Basilica and Kapaleeswarar Temple; public meeting near temple.
-         June 13: storming and entering sanctum sanctorum of Kapaleeswarar Temple and Santhome Church to perform pujas and conduct prayers.

Theivanayagam claims the present Santhome Church was originally a Shiva Temple built on the cemetery of St. Thomas and that the present Kapaleeswarar Temple was originally a Church! The inclusion of Santhome Church in the 'protest march' and 'storming entry' agitation is just a ploy to show he is also against the Church. He pretends he is not a Christian and that he practices only "Tamil Religion" (Thamizh Samayam, or, Thomas Christianity). But the fact remains that the Mylapore Archdiocese (present head Archbishop Chinnappa) has stood solidly behind all his activities for more than 30 years. The very fact that he is able to peddle nonsensical theories, author books on the same and print and publish them without any known sources of income for over three decades confirms that the Catholic Church is backing him.

Theivanayagam claims to have conducted a meeting uniting three categories of people namely, Tamil-Hindus who have got liberated from enslaving Brahminical thoughts; Tamil-Hindus who have got liberated from enslaving European Christian thoughts; and Tamil-Hindus who follow atheism, on December 27, 2009, under the aegis of "Federation of All Self-Respecting Tamils." This was followed by a meeting on February 27, 2010, wherein they resolved to liberate Kapaleeswarar Temple from Brahmin priests through various agitations.

On March 27, 2010, he wrote to the Chief Minister requesting him to liberate Kapaleeswarar Temple from Brahmin priests which would have special significance to the World Classical Tamil Conference. Copies were marked to Minister and Commissioner of HR & CE Department. The same day, he shot off letters to Archbishop of Mylapore and Head Priest of Kapaleeswarar Temple conveying his plans to storm both Santhome Basilica and the Temple.

On April 2, he wrote to Tamil Nadu BJP President Pon. Radhakrishnan of his plans to storm the temple.

On April 18, he wrote to the Chief Minister reminding him of his previous letter and demands. He urged the Chief Minister to appoint unbiased scholars as interlocutors to conduct his proposed dialogues with the Church and Temple authorities. Copies were marked to Mylapore Archbishop, Temple's Head Priest, HR & CE Department and others.

On April 16, he wrote to the Commissioner of Police requesting permission to for a hunger strike near Rajarathinam Stadium on May 2, which was permitted. Previously, when he sought to conduct a demonstration on April 14, against the Brahmin community, the police refused permission citing law and order problems.

On April 22, he again wrote to the Archbishop and Temple's Head Priest that he had informed the Chief Minister and other authorities of his plan of action. He mentioned that the Archbishop of Mylapore had agreed for talks and asked the Head Priest to reply at the earliest. (Ref: Monthly magazine "Thamizhar Samayam" run by Theivanayagam- May 2010  issue)

As mentioned in the police complaint lodged by Hindu activists on May 3, 2010, Theivanayagam has a notorious track record of virulent anti-Hindu activities for over 30 years. Theivanayagam takes advantage of the tolerance shown by Hindus, who have also made the mistake of ignoring him for many years. The hunger strike conducted by him and Seeman indicates a new trend - the development of an unholy nexus between Christianity and Tamil Chauvinism. This combination, in the absence of the Sri Lankan Tamil issue, will seek to destabilize society by playing "caste-cards" and "Tamil-cards", both aimed at Hindus.

This must be seen in the backdrop that the Church has a longstanding agenda of forming a "Tamil Christian Nation" comprising Tamil Nadu and North-East Sri Lanka. In fact, it is well established that "Tamil Eelam" itself is a Christian agenda.

As observed by Radha Rajan, Editor, "This new convergence of interest between Theivanayagam and the violent Tamil extremists like Seeman is a new trend and is headed only in this direction -

-        The Sri Lankan Tamil issue is for now over. The extermination of the LTTE has denied the violent Tamil extremists in TN all avenues for creative self-expression and has brought their political career to an abrupt end. The Tamil extremists in TN and Sri Lanka in turn play the roles of engine and coach. Whenever the LTTE found the going tough for them in Sri Lanka they hitched themselves to the ideological engine in TN to keep themselves going. Whenever the LTTE gained in strength in Sri Lanka, the Tamil extremists in TN hitched themselves to the militarily powerful LTTE engine. It has been a mutually profitable association for both sides.

-        The Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora in the US, Canada and Europe funded the extremists in both countries generously as did all Church denominations in Sri Lanka, America and Europe. Now that the Tamil Diaspora is scattered in North America and Europe and the TN extremists have been deprived of their military might and the LTTE decimated in Sri Lanka, one leg of the Tamil tripod - LTTE, TN Tamil extremists and the Tamil Diaspora – has been sawed off. The TN leg is shaking, while the Diaspora leg even if it is strong in itself, cannot support the tripod alone.

-        The idea is to strengthen the shaking TN leg and inject blood into a lifeless limb. The only way to keep the idea of the Christian state of Tamil Eelam alive is to keep the pot boiling in TN - keep this violent constituency united on an issue and keep them from being scattered. If there is one thing all Dravidians have in common, it is their congenital anti-Hindu hatred. Karunanidhi may find Tamil extremism in TN courts difficult to explain to judges here and in Delhi, but he can point the blood-thirsty ghouls in the direction of TN's Hindus to turn them away from the police and the government.

-        So, in the guise of Tamil pride, the violent Seeman, Thol Thirumalvalavan, Pazha Nedumaran and other erstwhile LTTE acolytes are now being actively courted by Christian Tamil priests to take up the cause of demanding that all castes be allowed to enter the sanctum sanctorum of all TN temples to offer poojas.

-        TN's Hindu organizations have long disappeared from public life and the field is empty of all protest and challenge. The TN government and the Church have nothing to lose and everything to gain by pointing this violent group in the direction of Hindus and Hindu temples.

-        They stand to gain if the Dravidian parties abjure separatism and seek a huge bite in the Delhi pie; they stand equally to gain if the church succeeds in realizing the Christian state of Tamil Eelam from out of TN and the north and east of Sri Lanka. They may even concede their own Pakistan in Amparai if the Christian state of Eelam comes into being."

When the Eelam War-IV was at its peak and LTTE was getting decimated, Theivanayagam planned a demonstration at Memorial Hall in Chennai on April 7, 2009, in the name of "Thamizh Eezham Vendi Thamizhar Samaya Maanaadu" (Tamil Religious Conference Demanding Tamil Eelam). But police refused permission. In the literatures prepared for the conference, he claimed:

-        Sri Lanka connected with Tamil Nadu was a part of Kumari Kandam (Continent of Kumari aka Lemuria) before it was separated by Tsunami.

-        Eelam Tamils are original inhabitants of Sri Lanka; Sinhalese migrated from India during the time of Emperor Ashoka; the Tamil indentured labourers were sent by British government from India

-        Sinhala Buddhists are persecuting Eelam Tamils and the birth of Tamil Eelam is the only solution.

-        Tamil Eelam and Tamil Nadu will together constitute Tamil Nation via Thomas Christianity, which is the religion of Tamils.   

This will help readers to understand the association of Christian Tamil chauvinist and LTTE supporter Seeman with Christian Theivanayagam. We learn that Pazha Nedumaran, president, Tamil Nationalist Movement, and a known LTTE supporter, pulled out from participating in the event at the last minute for reasons known to him only. 

Tamil Hindus must understand that the Church is frustrated at the decimation of LTTE and would get back with more vigour and venom, applying different strategies. Tamil Hindus are certainly in for tougher and troubled times. The onus lies on the various Hindu organizations to rise to the occasion and thwart all attempts made by alien and chauvinistic forces.

Hindus missed the opportunity first when Arulappa and Acharya Paul were fighting in court; they missed a second chance when Dharmapuram Adheenam demolished the perverted distortions of Theivanayagam; they missed a third opportunity when Theivanayagam organized a four-day conference hosted by Mylapore Archdiocese.

Here is yet another chance, which must be utilized at any cost. Theivanayagam's theories are not only anti-Hindu but also anti-national. Lumpen elements like Theivanayagam and Seeman are a serious threat to communal harmony and national integration. Criminal complaints have to be registered demanding immediate police action. His premises must be raided, blasphemous books and materials confiscated, and financial sources screened.

The role played by the Catholic Church in backing him must be investigated. Simultaneously, watertight legal cases have to be filed to expose their nefarious activities and to assert the real identity and true history, and safeguard our temples and culture. Conferences and public meetings must be organized throughout the state to tell people the true story of Mylapore and the sham story of Santhome.

This is a perfect opportunity to demolish the so-called Thomas story once and for all!        


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