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Mars – Venus combination in marital affairs.

Sharing here the salient features of a conversation I had with a reader on Mars- Venus combination with reference to marital happiness.


The question was:

What would be the effect of sukran and chevvai in the same house especially if in the 7th house (sukra being female and mars being male..Both being inimical to each other)


 My reply:     

In today's conditions, it foretells good chemistry between the couple. It is not harmful. Mutual aspect of each other also foretells fantastic rapport and love between them. Girl's Mars in opposition to boy's Venus and boy's Mars in opposition to girl's Venus also foretell a mutual attraction and bonding. This is as per Nadi readings and old siddha concepts. Fear of Mars dosha had vitiated this concept and had planted fears in the minds of the people.


Both Mars and Jupiter signify man and Venus woman. If one of them tows behind the other in the same rashi or in subsequent rashis without any other planet in between or in the same direction, it foretells good rapport and love between the couple. The one which tows behind shows who will love the other most. Eg if Mars is behind Venus, the man will be more attached to his wife and vice versa. This is an age-old dictum and cross checked in many horoscopes.

Mutual aspect of these planets in each other's horoscope also foretells mutual attraction. Eg: Venus in Cancer in one's horoscope and Mars in Capricorn in another's horoscope. When you overlap the horoscope of the man and woman, these two will be seen as mutually aspecting each other. Another combination is Mars and Venus in own house or in each other's sign in the two horoscopes. Eg: Venus in Taurus in one, while Mars is in Scorpio in the other's horoscope. Or Venus in Scorpio (Martian sign) in one and Mars in Taurus (Venetian sign) in the other. This also signifies a deep bonding between the couple.

There is another set of Nadi rules for couples who were couples in the previous birth also. The sign of lagna, of sun, of moon, of Venus and of 7th and 8th lords if they are seen (one  or more than one among them) in the other person's signs of the above mentioned factors / planets, then  it is said that they continue the purva janma bhandam in the present birth. In such case other matchings are not relevant.

I have written a set of 10 conditions for good compatibility in the comment section of Moola, aslesha article.


 Jup in 7th for girls is said to be a dosha as how Venus in 7th is said to be a dosha for boys. But that can be taken care of by matching with Jup in boy's horoscope whose Jup is in a sign that is Kendra / kona to the sign where Jup is placed in the girl's horoscope.


And for trouble in married life, the foremost and basic features are - 7th lord in 6th or 8th / 6th, 7th and 8th lords getting connected in 6th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses. This is seen from lagna / moon / Venus. I have studied more than 50 horoscopes of divorce and nearly 40 horoscopes of death of partner from which I have derived the basic feature that indicates marital problems or death. What I have said above is found repeated in all divorce cases. But there must be other malefic features too from lagna or moon and from Venus to make a divorce happen. So just be saying one feature or one combination we must not make a judgement. If Jupiter aspects them, or associates with them, the marriage will be definitely saved.


In the case of men, Saturn aspecting the 7th house, 7th lord (from lagna or moon) and Venus causes  a severe marriage dosha. If this exists in addition to the above mentioned (above para) features from lagna or moon or Venus and not redeemed by Jupiter to any one of these combinations, marital troubles are there. If Venus is aspected by either of the nodes (rahu or Ketu) and by Saturn or Mars without any association or aspect by Jupiter, there is denial of marriage to the man.


In the  case of women, Sun-Mars combination is 6th, 7th or 8th and 12th houses without redemption by Jupiter either by aspect or association causes severe marriage dosha or separation. For redemption check Navamsa and Shodasamsa. If Mars is aspected by either of the nodes (rahu or Ketu) and further aspected by Saturn without any association or aspect by Jupiter, there is denial of marriage to the woman.


The above 2 paragraphs pertaining to man (see the Venus factor) and woman (see the mars factor) must be further checked in Navamsa and shodasamsa for redemption. When redemption is there in those charts, union is possible between the couple. Don't come to a decision just by seeing one factor alone.  The running dasha- Bhukthis also must be supportive of a separation or union. Otherwise the said dosha would not materialise.


If in addition to the above described doshas , there are no bindus in 2nd or 7th or 8th or 12th houses in the ashtakavarga of lagna, sun, mars and Saturn, troubles are more likely to materialize when the dasha – bhukthi is supportive of such troubles and Saturn and mars come in association or aspect to those signs of zero bindus in gochara. 


Mars - Venus combination in the 7th or 8th in a horoscope. For lagnas Aries, Taurus, Libra and Scorpio, such a combination in the 6th or 7th or 8th from lagna is a matter of concern. But if such a combination happens to be in Kona (5th and 9th) to Moon sign and / or if Jupiter aspects them / or if the lord of the house where this combination occurs is in beneifc sign or connection / or if the 7th lord from lagna / moon / Venus (any two of them) are in benefic places in navamsa and not in 6th or 8th or 12th in navamsa, marriage problem would not arise.


Basic thumb rule for happy married life -  seen from lagna, moon and Venus the 2nd , 7th and 10th lords must be in any houses other than 6th, 8th, and 12th. If they are in 2nd , 7th and 11th houses, the native would have a happy married life with the partner towing  behind him or her. If in such a case the earlier-mentioned Mars- Venus combination is there in one's horoscope or between the couple's horoscope , the chemistry would continue forever.



A Senior Citizen said...

Jaysree Madam

Excellent exposition on the treatment of plants in marital affairs. Your analysis provides a very good ground work on the matching of horoscopes. You have explained in such a simple language that they can be taken as thumb rules.
I have one doubt. Whether the combination of Sun-Mars in the case of women are to be reckoned from Lagna? Or are they to reckoned from Raasi? Or they to be reckoned from Sukra? In case if reckoning from Lagna, Raasi or Sukra reveal combination in 1/2/3/4/5/9/10/11 (from Lagna or Raasi or Sukra) and 6/7/8/12 (from Rasi or Lagna or Sukra) what would be the impact? Even though Sun-Mars combination is noticed in 6/7/8/12 and if Guru is aspecting from 5/7/9 positions will the combinations impact?

Your guidance will enhance my understanding.

With best regards

Manivannan said...

Nice article Madam. I have a another question here. I have seen in most of the horoscopes where marital disharmony exists, Venus will be away from Sun more than 30 degrees either side. Should Venus be close to Sun to keep it under control.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Guru Raghavan,

There are 2 issues discussed in the above article - (1) planetary combinations such as Venus- Mars and Sun-Mars (2)the lords of 2nd 7th and 10th houses from lagna, Moon and Venus and their posiitons.

The planetary combination wherever it occurs is judged just as a combination and based on their nature - the bhava position not withstanding. In that sense Venus as female factor and Mars as male factor are seen in judging how the relationship between a couple exists. In this case, the lagna, moon sign or Venus sign take backseat. The reckoning is done on direction - which I had not elaborated in this article but made a fleeting reference. You may read my article on live-in-relationship in the link below where I have shown how to arrange the planets of the natal horoscope into directions and assess their connectivity.

Venus-Mars coming in same direction or opposite direction result in mutual attraction between the partners. If afflicted with other factors, particularly the nodes, erratic relationships develop. One word of caution is that if the nodes are associated with Venus it does become a cause of concern, but if in such a chart, Venus is kendra or Kona lord and not connected with 6,8, and 12 houses, the erratic or malfeasance nature does not arise. Like this, further on we have to see house positions and other associations and aspects.

Similarly Jupiter- Venus also are seen as male and female factors. The one which tows the other shows who is after whom. Since Jupiter is involved, this is a safe bet against any further afflictions- which can not be said of Mars- Venus which we can not say without looking at other factors too.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

On Mars - Sun combination, there is a verse in Jathaka Alankara, "Idar sevvaai sudum kathirudan sambhandam peRRal Balya vidavai" (இடர் செவ்வாய் சுடும் கதிருடன் சம்பந்தம் பெற்றால் பால்ய விதவை). Mars - Sun combination was seen as a dreadful one giving rise to widowhood at young age. In the today's sociological conditions, the application is different. In my analysis, I have seen this combination even in men's charts who lost their wife young in life. At the same time this combination in a woman's chart did not always lead to loss of spouse. I have seen either neutralization by proper matching or Jupiter's connection in reducing the effect of it. The dasa- nhukthi also must be there to give effect to this combination. With out a supportive dasa- bhukthi, no event can take place even if the planetary combinations indicate an event.

Where Jupiter's asepct is not there on Mars- Sun combination (even if they happen to be in successive houses with no planets in between them, they are to be deemed as being in conjunction) in one's chart, if they are matched with a chart where Jupiter is a sign that is 1st,5th,7th or 9th from the sign to where Mars- Sun is there in the former's chart, the Mars- Sun malic nature is reduced. What I am saying is, overlap the horoscopes of the man and the woman and see whether the malefic combinations receive benefic aspect from the other's horoscope.

If such combinations occur in 6th 8th or 12th houses in rashi, and if they are not so Navamsa it is good, and no malefic ness will be there. Further on check shodasamsa also to make sure that the combinations are not in 6th or 8th or 12th. Shodasamsa is the final determinant of whether they cause malefic ness.

In the case of the position of lords of 2nd, 7th and 10th, if they fulfill the favourable positions in Rashi, that is enough. In any case the 7th lord from lagna, moon and Venus in rashi is the primary factor and must be checked in Navamsa too to see how the relationship would continue. Usually the rashi position itself would reveal whether the marriage would survive or not.

Further note on Mars - Sun combination. In the case studies I have seen that the lordship of Sun and Mars and the bhava where they are positioned indicate the kind of impact on themselves and their parental family. For example, for capricorn lagn / moon sign, sun- Mars combination in Aries spell doom for the family of the native as the native (girl) eloped with lover by severing all connection with her parents. Aries is the 4th house of home, mother/ parental home where the 4th lord (Mars) had joined the 8th lord Sun. The parents were a shattered lot.

Suppose the lagna for the above case study (where Capricorn was the moon sign) is Libra, then 7th lord Mars joins 11th lord Sun in the 7th. 11th lord being a Baadhak for Libra, this is a malefic combination for matrimony and if not redeemed in Navamsa then, martial happiness is a sure question mark. In such case, horoscope matching is a must by which the malefic ness can be reduced or done away with.

Hope this answers your questions

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Raghuraman

//I have seen in most of the horoscopes where marital disharmony exists, Venus will be away from Sun more than 30 degrees either side. Should Venus be close to Sun to keep it under control.//

There is no known rule for this or found in case studies. But if Venus is in between malefics - sun is a malefic in marriage matters (papa karthari) it spells doom for the wife (sometimes death too - from fire) when found in a male's chart. In a female chart, Sun- Venus combination shows the girl to be highly respected wealthy and a philanthropist.

On Sun- Venus at 30 degree / adjacent signs, I can recall a horoscope for immediate reference. Just check my article on Kemadruma in the link below and go through the last horoscope discussed in that article.

It is a male's horoscope whose wife died by fire. Venus is in the sign next to Sun in rashi and in debility and papa karthari in Navamsa where the lord of the house mercury is in neecha. For the rashi lagna, Venus is the yoga karaka but posited in 8th. From the moon sign in both rashi and navamsa, Venus is the 7th lord and it goes to the 8th in rashi and 6th and debility in navamsa - Jovian aspect on it in navamsa is of no use as Jupiter is the 12th lord in rashi and posited in the 6th in rashi and 12th in navamsa.

What had actually triggered the trouble is Moon as the 7th lord in Kema druma and in rashi sandhi (zero degrees - a planet is zero degrees is a waste particularly for odd signs)

7th lord is the main determinant. You can see in this chart 7th lord from lagna going to kemadruma and aspected by saturn which is the 7th lord from Venus. Saturn is posited in the house of Venus which is the 7th lord from Moon. Such a venus is weak and afflicted and aspected by saturn from 8th house in Navamsa. Like this you will find the main factors getting entangled again and again with each other and in weak and malefic ways for an event to take place. Here Venus - Sun role is insignificant. Please check the 7th house factors in the horoscopes (where you find sun-venus next to each other) for marital problems.

By all this I once again state the one must not jump into conclusions by one or two factors. There are many factors that must be checked and analysed before saying that this is malefic or bad. It differs for individual horoscopes.

Unknown said...


I have gone through your blog on Mars-Venus and Sun-Mars combination in marital affairs and also your replies to comments. I have two daughters with birth details (1) DOB 25th May 1983 TOB 11.30 AM and POB Madurai and (2) DOB 14th May 1985 TOB 12.10 in the afternoon and Lucknow. In both their horoscopes I understand the Sun-Mars combinatrion is in 11th Place from Lagna. I am very much worried about the delay in their marriages. While God has been kind by providing excellent education and financial back gound to the children, their marriages not getting solemnised in time. I request you to guide me whether this combination is affecting them. We have everything - well behaved children who are well educated - professionally qualified - they are also well placed with decent jobs - but not getting married in time is leading us to worry all the time. We hope after perusal of their charts you may be able to offer some comforting and good news. With best regards R.Prema

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Smt Prema,

No need to worry. They will get married soon. Don't lose heart and keep looking for alliance. For the eldest daughter the time starts from this December. After her, the younger one also would get married.

Do sumangali puja for older sumangalis in your family. Do Vaibhava lakshmi puja for 11 Fridays and offer Tahmboolam for minimum 3 sumangalis after Puja. After the 11th Puja, feed 11 sumangalis and offer them Thamboolam. Worship Kula Guru. God bless.

Unknown said...


Thank you very much for your immediate reply, guidance and advice. I will follow your guidance and perform the Pujas and worships.

I believe Kula Guru and Kula Deivam are one and the same.

Can I perform the Vaibhava Lakshmi Puja in the morning hours or I have to perform only in the evening?

I have read somewhere that horoscope matching is not compulsory when the boy or girl has crossed 25 years. Is that true?

Also I understand Punarpoosam, Uthiram, Uthiradam, Karthigai, Pooratadhi, and Visakam & Moolam and Ayilyam are not matching stars for Visakam. But we are getting proposals with these birth stars as well.

I once again thank for taking time to go through my request and providing me the guidance with the comforting news that my daughters will get married soon.

With best regards


Sheela said...

Dear Madam,

Is there any harm to the wife if the venus is combusted in the 9th house and Mars aspects moon(5th place)
from the 11th house. The lagna is Rishabh.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Smt Prema Raghavan,

# Kula Guru is the Guru like Shankaracharya, Ramanujacharya or Sai baba. Kula deivam is the family deity.

# On Vaibhava lakshmi puja, usually it is done in the evening after a day's fast. There are rules and method of doing for this puja available in book form. I think it must be there in the internet also. Please check.

# Yes, no need to check the horoscope matching very seriously for late marriage. Late marriage itself is a dosha parihara. More than star matching, the horoscope matching is necessary.

Best wishes.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Ms Sheela,

// Is there any harm to the wife if the venus is combusted in the 9th house and Mars aspects moon(5th place)
from the 11th house. The lagna is Rishabh. //

No.This combustion is good for Libra ascendant. As lagna lord, Venus is strong and stronger in 9th house which is a friend's house. As 8th lord, this combustion removes the maleficness of 8th lordship. The result of a combustion is to remove the significance of the lordship of the planet that is combust or to incapacitate a planet from doing what it is entitled to do. As such combustion is good only in one case - where the 6th,8th or 12th lords are combust. Being lords of Dussthanas (malefic houses), these lords are malefic, but when they are combust their maleficness is removed by combustion. So 8th lord in combustion removes ashtama karak of Venus.

As signifactor of wife in a man's horoscope, Venus being in Papa karthari + receiving malefic aspect while being the lord of 7th from lagna and / or moon must be checked. Its navamsa position where such repeats take place, then it becomes a cause for concern. So dont worry.

The Moon Mars opposition signifies Chandra Mangal yoga between 7th and 10th lord happening in 5th and 11th houses. It signifies good money flow, a good wife and benefits from wife.

Sheela said...

Dear Madam,

Thanks for the reply. The chandra mangala yoga is between the 3rd lord(moon) and the 7th and 12 lord(mars). In Navamsa the venus is in conjunction with sun in taurus and is in papa kartari between rahu and saturṇ. But it receives the aspect of jupiter so i guess the affliction will be reduceḍ.

In another note, today I read your scribd column on Steve jobs Karmic missioṇ and i have doubt about the moksha yoga formed by ketu and jupiter. If a person has moksha yoga what happens to all the karma accumulated in that lifetime? There are a few controversies in Steve Jobs life like not acknowledging the paternity of his daughter for a long time and also being very nasty to some of his employeeṣ. Maybe his long suffering from cancer had balanced this karma. Just wondering.
Thanks again for clarifying my doubtṣ


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Ms Sheela,

As an oversight I took it as Libra ascendant. For Taurus ascendant, the combustion removes the sting of 6th lordship. Rest of the things as said by you.

On karmic mission of Steve Jobs, what is stressed in that article is the relationship between the 10th lord and the 9th lord from the 10th. Similarly the 10th lord from the 10th also matters during the dasa of that 10th lord. In such major periods, the native will be seen doing tasks with vision and mission which is the scripted aim of that birth.

This is said on the presumption that our lives are scripted on two counts - one to work out our prarabhdha karma and another to execute a task which our atham had decided to do in that birth. Freewill within limitations of prarabhdha karma is available to the athman before the birth in choosing what to do fresh in the new birth so that furtherance in the ladder of Liberation or just experiencing a wish can be done. As such the "karmic Mission" comes to be seen in the 10th house related maha-dasa. This is what has been told in that article. Steve Jobs had, Bill Gates had. Jayalalithaa has and is currently in that dasa and some wonderful beings in business, philanthropy and even in writing have been seen. We think social workers have that mission. But more often than not, they are doing it as working out their karma. so also with doctors.

Ketu- Jup connection for Moksha is found in Nadi scripts. They must be in successive stars or successive star padas or successive signs. This is one among other rules for Moksha. In my Sep article in the astrological magazine, I have given some more such yogas. I will upload it in scribd in October. In the final analysis no one really knows whether one will attain moksha at the end of a birth. It is not necessary that Steve Jobs attained Moksha but the ketu- Jup combination shows that he is way near Realization. Perhaps a few more births are there.

Sheela said...

Dear Madam,

Thanks for clarifying my doubts.


Confused said...

Dear Madam.

My Daughter has mars in the 9th house in capricorn with venus in 6th house in thula. While ketu in 5th house aspecting the mars in 9th house. And saturn also aspecting mars from the seventh house.
Will this be harmful to her married life?
Will these placements mean denial of marriage to her?
TOB 7:43PM
POB: Mysore

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ confused.

Have no worry. The planets have changed places in Bhava. Mars joins Jupiter in Aquarius and comes out of the aspect of saturn and Rahu. ( for Rahu- Ketu I follow 3rd, 7th and 11th aspects). So denial of marriage is not there. Moreover whenever a planet is in retrogression, it is deemed to be in the previous sign. By that the retro Jupiter would be clubbed with Mars in Rashi chart, which removes the sting of the saturine aspect.

Presently Jupiter in transit is favorable in addition to the Jup bhukthi that is currently running. D-9 and D-16 position of Jup is good. Marriage chances are ripe now. Best wishes.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ confused,

Received 3 mails from you on horoscope matching for your daughter. I suggest you consult an astrologer in your locality and decide as I am not keen on doing services like this through my blog. Not for money. It is my principle.

Confused said...

Sorry Madam. I apologize for asking you about this. But I stay in London where I do not know any astrologer to consult with. That is why .. When I came across your blog and thought you could help me in this.
I also went through your posts in matching horoscopes. But I am not knowledgeable at all in astrology. Just thought that you could help in this.
Only when when we showed her horoscope to one of the astrologer in India, he said it should be matched properly for marriage. That is why seeking your guidance in this.
Not sure what is wrong in her horoscope because of which he had told that we should match the horoscopes for her marriage.

Please tell us if there is any marital discord indicated in her horoscope or any progeny related problems in her horoscope and how can we overcome it.

Please I request you to spare some of your time in your busy life to look her birth chart and indicate if there are any problems w.r.t her married life and progeny. and Please guide if her horoscope matches with the guy's horoscope. Please help us in this madam.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ confused.

Matching is one thing and wishing to see that there will be no problems in life (like progeny et al) is another. No one can have a life free of problems. But somehow people have come to think that through astrology one can have a problem free life. It is ABSURD to think so.

I suggest check for matching primarily on COMPATIBILITY because this is the single most common issue that mars the husband and wife relationship. If the understanding is there between the couples, they can handle any problem of life. This ensures that one does not become a problem to oneself and the other in marriage. But together they can face any problems and solve them too.

One must of course see the 5th house significances for progeny, but this can be matched by matching a stronger one with a weak one- if one of the horoscopes is weak in progeny.

If one wants to keep seeing for other things, I would say good luck, because it is difficult to find a perfect match on all counts (horoscopically). And more than astrology, there is divine blessings that had worked for good where astrology had shown something bad.

I gave you hope for marriage for your daughter and explained why I said so. For other questions you have raised (which I have not posted), I can not say in the negative as a matter of good speak. Just leave the matching to an astrologer and stop figuring out by yourself through what you have read in the net and here and there. Unfortunately the current trend is that parents of many prospective brides and grooms are stalling the marriage proposals by their scant knowledge of astrology.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

From Ramya Chandrasekaran on Google +

Dear Amma,

Read the questions and comments on this post.. I am sure the thumb rule you have given for horoscope matching will be very useful for the parents as many of the astrologers simply reject the proposals based on star matching and doshams.

This time my question is about "Maandhi". Why in tamilnadu not much importance is given to Maandhi (while in kerala, for marriage related issues they consider Maandhi). Is there any temple in TN for Maandhi? Would be really enlightening if you could write...

Jayasree Saranathan said...

My reply to Ramya:-

Let me caution that if one goes on adding factors like Mandhi, no marriage can take place by matching horoscopes.

Mandhi's role in marriage matters is one school of thought. I have read some articles on Mandhi marring marital happiness. But then even without Mandhi affliction, marital happiness has been bad due to other factors. Those factors were given by me in the article and comments. If mutual attraction is there (written in the comment section of Moola, aslesha article) the couple of the current age can overcome any problems of life.

I have seen a pattern over the decades on what affects people more. In the 1980s, people used to come for astrological counseling for family problems, litigation among siblings and problems from in-laws.

In the 1990s, losing a job was the biggest issue for people. This coincided with Liberalization policy of the Indian Govt.

In the 2000s people didn't come often for job issues. Even if they lose jobs, they somehow manage to make money. But the main problem was martial discord. This had heightened in the last 5 years. Nowadays every second client that I am coming across has this complaint. Even extra marital affairs of guys after a decade of married life is coming up frequently now. I see a connection to a mismatch in education and job prospects between the couple. When the man is an under performer and earns less than his wife, strains start between them. In all these cases the men have a complex about themselves or about the wife. Even a casual remark by the wife is taken seriously by the men. Indian men have not yet matured to cope with the rise of female's accomplishments. On the other side, there are men who exploit the wife and torture her as a means to keep her under his 'control'.

Now looking at the horoscopes of these men / women, Mandhi is not the afflicting factor, but the 7th lord being in 6th or 8th is!! The Mandhi factor is limited in application like Kuja dosha - which is also a Kerala concept - and was seen in Mangalya / longevity area. This is no longer applicable in today's social mentality where death of a spouse does not mean an end to every thing.Divorce has replaced the the clause of death of a spouse. In olden days death of spouse means end of life to oneself. Today, getting rid of an unwanted spouse (through divorce) is a happy thing that gives relief.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

As for your suggestion to me to write on Mandhi, I dont intend to, as that means that I would be frightening people. Today people are fed with lot of ideas on astrology through TV and internet to such an extent that they harbour more false ideas, absurdities and superstitions. I dont want to feed these hungry people on astrology.

I would however like to state some info on mandhi.
Both Mandhi and Gulika are Upa- Grahas of Saturn. There is a slight difference in their degrees and therefore different. Uttara Kalamrita attributes the idea that they are different to sage Mandavya . Perhaps from Mandavya, Mandhi came, meaning to say, that sage Mandavya was the author of the concept of Mandhi. But I am not sure.

As a upa-graha its scope is limited to horary astrology only. For travel queries, money matter prasna and "yes - or - no" type of answers to questions at a given moment, they are used as one of the factors to judge. That is how they were used in the past. Gulika is seen everyday like Rahu kala, to avoid doing an inauspicious thing. An action done in Gulika would get repeated. That is why Gulika is particularly seen in death ceremonies so that one would not be doing more death ceremonies.

In classical texts like Satyachareeyam, Gulika only is mentioned, not Mandhi. In horoscopy, Gulika is seen for Puthra sthana significance. When Gulika is associated with Saturn and the 5th house factors, one would go for adoption. Texts like Phala Deepika deal with Gulika phalan only (in horoscopy) which people have clubbed for Mandhi also. As per that Gulika (Mandhi) is good only in 6th 10th and 11th houses. Just imagine if you want to add Gulika / Mandhi with Nava grahas, for predictions in a horoscope, you cant say anything good.

Another factor is to see the lord of rashi where Gulika / Mandhi is posited. That lord in Kona or Kendra to lagna or lagna lord or a bhava lord was seen for predictions. These texts predict only bad effects for any planet that is associated with Gulika or Mandhi. If you go through many texts of yore, you will get conflicting views for the same planetary combination. Such kind of multitude of ideas were there even 2000 years ago. Varahamihira specifically recognizes the existence of such conflicting ideas and had said that he had written his text to remove the confusion arising from such opinions and had stuck to salient and reliable features.

From my experience and as a researcher, I would say that we must take the most prevalent features and leave out the all and sundry types. I was once lured by such articles that claim to have researched on small ideas mentioned in classical texts. But upon checking and researching, I am convinced that only widely prevalent classical ideas work on most cases. Popular example is dasa system. Vimshottari dasa works well than any other. Another area is the Ve-Mars role in marital attraction which is an old idea but written as bad in later period. Perhaps the passion raised by Venus - mars works well in the present age where people like to be demonstrative in love. That was looked upon with contempt in the Middle ages (1000 years ago and after)

In my own researches, I have found utility for Mandhi / Gulika in terrorist attack times. They are upagrahas and as such they would show distress at a given time in mundane affairs. That is their limit and limitation.

On your question on Mandhi temple, I dont know if there are any temples for Mandhi. But people might have consecrated them in Shani temples. If you find one, know that they are of recent origin. Even exclusive temples for planets is not a norm. Where grahas are consecrated they are there as Parivaraof a Major deity (Shiva). Temples for a particular graha is a recent phenomenon.

Hope this helps.

A Senior Citizen said...

Excellent explanation.

I totally agree with your observations. In my limited view the master pieces are

1) “I suggest check for matching primarily on COMPATIBILITY because this is the single most common issue that mars the husband and wife relationship. If the understanding is there between the couples, they can handle any problem of life. This ensures that one does not become a problem to oneself and the other in marriage. But together they can face any problems and solve them too”

2) “Let me caution that if one goes on adding factors like Mandhi, no marriage can take place by matching horoscopes”

3)”If mutual attraction is there (written in the comment section of Moola, aslesha article) the couple of the current age can overcome any problems of life.”

4)”Nowadays every second client that I am coming across has this (marital discord) complaint.... I see a connection to a mismatch in education and job prospects between the couple...”

5)”Today people are fed with lot of ideas on astrology through TV and internet to such an extent that they harbour more false ideas, absurdities and superstitions”

6)”From my experience and as a researcher, I would say that we must take the most prevalent features and leave out the all and sundry types.”

7)”Perhaps the passion raised by Venus - mars works well in the present age where people like to be demonstrative in love”

The central theme ‘compatibility’ has been very convincingly and effectively conveyed by you.

There is a trend in these days. Even after the parents match the horoscopes and agree on the background of the brides and grooms, the children insist that they would like to chat through internet/mobile and discuss to ascertain their interests and through that their compatibility and only after that they agree to meet. We need to encourage and support this requirement/trend.

In the circumstances, whatever may be the planetary combinations and positions, if the children are very firm in their decision and confident that they would sail together in their lives come what may, they will make their union through the institution of marriage, a very successful and long lasting.

I believe the present day children are more responsible and they are very clear about their priorities. They also hold strong views on whom and when they should get married. They have also workable plans for their married lives and they also have ‘Plan Bs” if something were to go wrong.

They have also experience the lives of their parents and know what makes them happy. This being so, they would not repeat the mistakes of their parents, instead would focus more on the things that make the parents’ bonding.

Through your blogs you have been highlighting the best features of astrology as a pure mathematical and science and providing positive guidance and also caution. Please keep up this good work. We are fortunate.

Thanks for this opportunity to interact.

With best regards

Dr Guru.Raghavan

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Dr Guru Raghavan,

As you have stated in the comment, it is better to have one to one interaction between the boy and the girl to arrive at a decision of marriage. The horoscope matching is a screening test to shortlist a probable candidate. Upon talking only, people would learn about each other, get used to each other's way of talk and handling of issues.

On the contrary people had fallen in love and run into trouble later (after marriage). Most of the divorce cases I have come across come under this type only. It also happens that those who have checked the horoscope and got into marriage also have had troubles. It is where the clues I have given get relevance. What one must see in matching so that the marriage does not fall apart is what I have given. So it is always better to do matching and look for the most important factors that I have highlighted. What I have given here are old concepts of Nadi astrology and checked in divorce / widowhood horoscopes.

Priya said...

Kindly guide me with my life, any astrologers i have seen so far had not told the truth , everything goes wrong, still not married, have no mother, father not taking much interest , what is my fate

DOB 10-5-1984
BT. 7.50 am
Tamilnadu ,coimbatore

Thank u in advance for your support
S priya

Unknown said...

Dear Jayashree madam..

Please analyze the below chart if possible..
Is marriage promised for the below native

18:24 IST
Tuticorin, India.

7th lord Mars in 8th house also aspected by Saturn.
Sun and Mercury in 7th house
Venus in 6th hosue.
Venus and moon is comjunction with Rahu and Ketu respectively..


Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Karthick kk.

Mars is aspected by saturn and Rahu. But since it is a male, this is not an issue. There is no denial of marriage. For male, affliction to Venus by either of Mars or saturn and one of the nodes (rahu or ketu) must be there for denial of marriage. Even then if Jupiter aspects one of them the denial will be reversed.

But in this horoscope there are afflictions that give rise to delays and friction in marriage. The 7th lord in 8th is not a good augury. However seen from Moon and Venus, the 7th lords are in good places.

Though marriage is assured, the 7th lord from Moon, Jupiter going into debility in Navamsa, and in 8th house in Shodasamsa, 7th sub cuspal lord Mercury joining the Bhaadak lord Sun in the 7th, null points in the 7th and 9th houses in Martian and Saturine ashtaka varga are some issues that are likely to cause friction with wife. However Venus in exaltation in both rashi and navamsa and Jupiter joining it saves marriage. As Jupiter is towing after Venus in the same rashi, the male would adjust with the wife for smooth running of life.

Do propitiation to Kula Guru and Jupiter, and do sun worship or Surya namaskara every day with Surya mantras. Do Swayamvara Parvathi mantra japa and continue it after marriage too. Moon - Mars star dispositor exchange is there. This mantra would help have a amicable wife and avert problems in married life. In addition worship Lakshmi Narasimha or Muruga with consorts.

Unknown said...

Jaysree Madam - My daughter has the following combination - Venus/Mars combination in the Rasi (Gemini) - dob - 6/6/1970 - Place - Chennai - Time - 1:30 pm. She has several challenges in her married life presently, and is almost on the verge of a divorce. Currently running Mercury Dasa / Venus Bukthi.
Thanks in advance for your help.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Mr Sambasivam,

Very sorry to hear about the troubles in your daughter's life. But I would like to point out that Mars- Venus combination is not the cause of the trouble.

Let me take a look at the basics in the horoscope before going into why the current criticality is reached in Mer-Ven.

The basic feature is that the 7th lord from Lagna, Moon and Venus is Jupiter. There are no bindus in Sagittarius in the Lagnashtaka varga. Sagittarius is the 7th house from Moon and Venus and 4th house (home) from lagna. This house is weakened by null bindus.

It's lord Jupiter is in vakra in the 2nd and aspected by the 6th lord from neecha in the 8th house. This lord is saturn that joins the 10th lord Mercury and aspects the 10th house (karmic connection). More importantly it aspects the Baadak Jupiter. Thus marriage problem is karmically inherent in these combinations.

In all likelihood the native could have married in saturn - Merc or saturn- Ketu which are both inauspicious. The marriage anyway went on through the rest of the saturn period, because though Jupiter is a baadak, as an auspicious planet, its counter aspect on saturn made the marriage stay.

But once Mercury period started, as lord of Karma posited in the star of 12th lord (sun) {Note sun, the lord of 12th from lagna is posited in the 12th house from Moon and Venus, which happens to be the 8th house from the 7th lord} and conjoined with 6th lord in debility in the 8th house and aspected by Rahu, Mercury becomes malicious and weak. It major dasa became the period of deterioration in relationship.

looking through KP system, the 7th nakshatra lord is Saturn which is posited in the star of Venus. The 7th sub cuspal lord is Moon which is posited in the star of Rahu. Rahu is in the 6th and aspects Saturn (6L) and Mercury posited in the 8th. Thus once again the affliction is reinforced.

The sign dispositor of Moon is Mercury. We have to see the planets in the star of the 7th star lord and 7th sub cuspal lord. There is none in 7th star lord. But Sun is in the star of the 7th sub cusp. Sun is weak as 12th lord from Lagna posited in the 12th from Moon. Its sign dispositor is Venus. Therefore Venus bhukthi and Sun bhukthi become periods of separation.

kergot said...

Thank you for the detailed article. I have 8th lord Mars and 2nd and 9th lord venus in lagna (virgo) along with Budha; 4th and 7th lord Guru in 9th. I did have a love marriage but both of us are brahmins (iyer/iyengar). Interestingly, both of us have 7th lords in 9th (spouse: vrischika lagna; 7th lord shukra in 9th with 8th lord budha) and Rahu and ketu in 2, 8 position. Our major problem is stable finances. Before marriage, I never faced any financial trouble. Can you shed some light on our financial situation? My details: 6.55am, Bangalore, sept 8, 1976; spouse: 4.40pm, Bangalore, july 14, 1973. Thank you mam.

Dr. Tejaswini Patil said...

Namaste Jaysreeji
Interesting analysis here.
Could you provide some more guidelines for interpreting purva janma sambhandhan for marriage horoscope matching.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Nothing happens without a previous cause or connection or karma. Based on this premise, every marriage or every relationship within a single birth is not without a previous cause. Break-ups,unhappiness, abuses, ill-treatment and such other sufferings directly inflicted by spouse or others can be related to a corresponding act in the past birth. More often than not in the case of marriage and relationships, the same players will be discharging their debts to each other in a series of births. This is not the case with the first 2 Purusharthas, namely Dharma and artha.

One example for the first 2 purusharthas is that you get indebted to your parents in a birth but you pay back to another set of people who happen to be your parents in another birth. Only when some one (say X) gets specifically indebted to some one (say Y), these two will get into whatever give and take that is due, in another birth.

Similarly in the case of money which if X had betrayed Y whose money was in his custody and not settled it, X will be paying back or losing it in another birth to Y with the kind of agony that matches with what is caused to Y in the previous birth. There are many chapters of Karma Vipaka showing instances like this which one can download from

Kama is the 3rd purushartha, which if not handled wisely and properly will push one down to square one. Only after handling Kama with no back-up karma or new karma created, can one rise towards spiritualism even if one is a devout person. The foremost requirement is to have a happy married life. For this the foremost requirement is to have a spouse with whom you can have a compatible relationship - where you literally live like complementary items that Bharathiar speaks! (Veenaiyadi nee enakku, mevum viral naan unakku). This song describes an ideal couple. This is the dream of many people.

Astrologically speaking matching techniques are aimed at locating such persons and bringing them into matrimony. But nowadays almost everyone has some bombarding combination in the horoscope showing a troubled Kama life in the past. When I read that many in the USA are moving towards to polygamy, I am able to visualise how future is going to be. Troubled married lives are going to be the norms in future.

Until a generation ago, horoscopic matching for ideal couple was done on attraction potential that is carried through the births. Today people see 2,5,7 and 8 houses and reject the horoscope if there are malefic combinations there. This is not a method of compatibility matching. There is no perfect horoscope. Whatever is there inauspicious in one horoscope can be matched with an appropriate horoscope.

Let me give an example. We used to hear a popular saying "veetula eli, veliyila puli". The guy would be a terror in his office or among his subordinates. No one can guess what he will bad-mouth at any time. Such a person may be having a malefic in his 2nd house of speech. But he will be a very soft person, parama sdadhu in the presence of his wife. That is what is meant by veetula eli. If you are seeing their matching, it is not that his wife is also foul mouthed with a malefic in the 2nd house (this is how today's astrologers are matching. Two foul mouths make the house crumble down!) But his 2nd lord could be any of the following to have made him be soft with her which he is not able to do with outside world. If his 2nd lord is the lord of her lagna, or her moon or the star dispositor of her 2nd lord or aspected by a friend of his 2nd lord in a sign (in her horoscope) or in kendra or kona to his 2nd lord or 2nd house, he will not be foul mouthed towards his wife.This is how matching works.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

In the case of happy or ideal couples, when the bonding is there, we find them to be experiencing the fruits of a previous bonding in continuation. That is how the purva janma sambhanda is identified.

This was primarily checked in olden days in making marriages. As I wrote in the article, lagna, sun sign, moon sign, Venus, Mars and 7 & 8th lords must be in each other's sign or on same sign or in each other's star dispositor of sun or moon or venus and so on.

These rules as per Nadi texts for purva janma connection can be summarized as follows and used in matching horoscopes:

1. The lagna of one becoming the moon sign of the other or vice versa (moon sign becoming the lagna of the other)

2. The lagna of one becoming the sun sign of the other or vice versa.

3. The sun sign of one being the moon sign of the other.

4. Venus being in the same sign for both.

5. The Venus sign being the moon sign for the other.

6. The Venus sign being the lagna for the other.

7. The 7th lord of one becoming the lagna lord of another or vice versa.

8. The sign where 7th lord is posited in one's horoscope becoming the lagna of the other.

9. The sign where the girl's 8th lord is posited becoming the lagna of the boy.

10. Jupiter in one's horoscope occupying the sign where Mercury is there in another's or vice versa.

Two or more the number of these combinations if present ensure their purva karma bonding

Dr. Tejaswini Patil said...

Thank you for the detailed reply

Unknown said...

Dear Ma'am,

I am not finding a job and have been very down in life from past few years and I have a loan of closely 20 lakhs to be repaid.
Please tell me if there is a way to come out of this situation.
My Birth details:
Name : Narendra
DOB : 15 – March – 1990
Time of Birth : 14 : 30 PM
Place of Birth : Bellary

Please give your valuable guidance.
Thank you very much in advance.

Sincerely yours.

Govindan said...

Respected Madam

Nice article.I have a query on my marriage. im 32 male and im born on 28-07-1983 16:19 IST. Place :Erode.

I understand there is dosha in my horoscope with 7th lord in 8th house and mars in 7th house.In this case,should i never marry in this lifetime?

Or can i marry any girl who is physically handicapped or widow if horoscope matches to certain extent.

Apologies for distrubance.

Unknown said...

Hello ma'am,
You say if Mars is behind Venus in the same rashi or adjacent rashis - the boy will be after the girl. Do you mean this combination should be there in the girls chart? Or the boys chart. Basically it should only be seen in an individual chart? And not by comparing boy and girl s chart simultaneously. Pls clarify. Thanks

Unknown said...

Hello ma'am,
When you say that Mars and Venus in subsequent rashis or next to eZch other in one rashi foretells good attraction! you see this in one individual horoscope, correct? I have a horoscope of a girl where mars is in mesha and lagna lord shukra in rohini lagna.

raj said...

Dear Jayashree madam..

Please analyze the below chart if possible..
I have Venus and Mars in 7th house from moon.Is there any martial issues with this formation.I have not yet married.Kindly suggest

05:28 IST
Bangalore, India.

Worried said...

A very good article indeed madam. Could you please tell me when would I get married. My DOB is 02/11/1985, Time-15.45. Place-New Delhi. My parents are getting worried as am I since as per Indian Standards I have reached a big enough age and am still unmarried.

sainath said...

Jayasree Madam, I am sainath from chennai. in my daughter's horoscope Mars and Venus are in 7th house Mercury and Moon in 8th, Ravi in 9th, Jupiter in 10th ketu in 11th, and San and Rah in 5th. we are worried about marriage prospects due to Mars and Venus in 7th/. pl advise

ash said...

Dear Jayashree Madam,

Can u plz analyze my chart for marriage predictions.
Will I have love marriage of inter-religion in nature. Also when is the possibility of me getting married and how will be my married life? Despite of high education, attractive looks, good family background and good job, I am facing problem for marriage. Can u plz help. It will be very gr8ful of u.

DOB: 26/07/1986
TOB: 22:45
POB: Jalagaon, Maharashtra

Thank You.

Unknown said...

Dear Madam

My brother has the following positions.

1. Lagna lord saturn combust and conjunct Sun in Leo(own house) in 8th house
2. Venus in debility placed next to sun but with malefic influence of Mars and Rahu
3. 6th lord(Mercury) and 7th lord(moon) in parivartana but with slight relief from exalted Jupiter in 7th aspecting Lagna
4. Running mahadasa of 6th lord Mercury

Madam, Is there enough strength left to exalted Jupiter and Venus(vargotam) for Marriage getting delayed and to save Marriage

Dob: 29 August 1978
Tob: 17:05 pm
Place: Pondicherry

Thanks in anticipation


PIPERATE said...

Your analysis is good and very informative. As for as "SUKRA MAHA DASA" (Venus) is concern, it is good but for me it is creating difficulties, like not getting sexual love from my wife( still she loves & cares me). Also I got major accident, after that major health problems, & family problems. Could you analyze the Horoscope:

Name: Mohan
DOB: 02-AUG-1969 ( 6.05 am Sunday)
Place: Srikakulam (A.P)
Nakhastra: Uttarbhdra, Karkata Lagna, meena rasi
Present maha dasa: Sukra Maha das (anter dasa : guru)

With regards,

PIPERATE said...

Your analysis is good and very informative. As for as "SUKRA MAHA DASA" (Venus) is concern, it is good but for me it is creating difficulties, like not getting sexual love from my wife( still she loves & cares me). Also I got major accident, after that major health problems, & family problems. Could you analyze the Horoscope:

Name: Mohan
DOB: 02-AUG-1969 ( 6.05 am Sunday)
Place: Srikakulam (A.P)
Nakhastra: Uttarbhdra, Karkata Lagna, meena rasi
Present maha dasa: Sukra Maha das (anter dasa : guru)

With regards,

Confused Person said...

Dear Jayasree Ma'am,

I read your article on Mars Venus in the same house and it's effect on marriage and I had a question about whether Mars and Venus both in the 12th house of a man's chart is not a good sign for marriage? Does it mean that this man can never have a successful marriage? What about a second marriage if the first one has failed?

Please help me out!

Confused Person said...

Dear Jayasree a Ma'am,

What if a man has Mars and Venus both in his 12th house? Is that a bad sign? Does it mean this man can never have a successful marriage? Does it harm the wife? What about a second marriage if the first one has failed?

Please help me understand this better!

Udghosh Garg said...

Hello Madam,

I have dainya yoga of 6th lord in 7th and 7th lord in 6th house. This mutual exchange is happening in my Lagna chart but not in Moon chart.

Also we have three of the purva janma connection rules applicable to us.

My DOB: 21/09/1983, 6:50 PM, Farrukhabad, India.
My wife DOB: 26/02/1984, 7:30 PM, Vrindavan, India.

I am still worried for my marriage because of the dainya yoga and presence of Mars in 6th house, Sun in 7th house and Saturn in 8th house in my horoscope.

Could you please elaborate that both of us will continue to reap fruits of married life together or do you foresee any problem.

Thanks alot and best regards,
U Garg

Unknown said...

Hello Mam , i want to ask about myself . Details : lalit 19/8/1984 , 11:15 am, nasik ,maharashtra Will my marriage is possible astrologers said tthere isvivah dosh as chandra is in 7 th position 7 th lord is aafflicted by ketu and shukra is combust marriage house is looked by strong saturn but jupiter has an eye on moon seventh house and venus so how will be my marriage life how will be my married life if it will be ? How will be my spouse i fear whether she will be virtous chaste or cheator ? Plz provide me remedies to get a good virtous and chaste and devoted girl as my wife plz plz answer dont reject my question

rashmi said...

Hello jayashree
hope you doing good
can you please analyse my kundali and guide me in my job, education and marraige concerns.
my dob is 31 mar 1983 in pune at 01.35 AM.
presently jobless, always land ip getting job outside pune after a lobg break, i am planning to study further for better job but lacks complete interest, marraige proposals do not materialize..


Unknown said...

hello jayashree

will you be looking in my kundali if i give you the details..going thru troubles since long now.
can you give me ur email id if possible


Rahul said...

In my birth chart Mars and venus in 4th house in Aquarius and Rahu in 7th house.....once will be happy married life with second?

ash said...

Hi Jayshree madam,

Very in depth article on marriage and compatibility. You have explained the things which are explained very rarely otherwise anywhere & you have taken lot efforts for arranging such a huge data.

Madam, I have question about my marriage. I am in love with a boy from another community. His parents are not agreeying for marriage and he is losing hope now and planning to remain unmarried and me too. Can u plz tell me if there are yogas of inter-religious marriage in our horoscopes? And when it will happen and will the marriage be lasting and peaceful.
He has Ve-Ma in 8th in Leo. Is there a manglik dosha? Or it does get cancelled by Ma in Leo? Also as u mentioned, this combi is aspected by Sa, Rahu. Will he remain unmarried? His 7th lord Moon is in 5th in Taurus and capricorn ascendent with Ju in ascendent. My Sun in 5th house coincides with his Mo, as u mentioned and our Ve are in same sign. My asc and moon sign is Pisces and I too have 7th lord in 5th but Sun also in 5th. Ve in 6th. Both are supposed to break affair. In mu kundali, Me is aspected by Ma 9th house lord sitting in 10th and Sa is in 9th house of religion aspecting Ve. Also Ve-Ke in navmasha kundali in libra is supposed give unconventional marriage but also said to break the marr. Is that true? Madam, will we be able to get married to eo and by when. We have great great compatibility so far and love & respect eo, but reading mangal in 8th and all aspects making me worried. And different astrologers saying diff things like someone said I will marry someone younger than me, different versions and I am frustrated. Madam, can you plz help. Before him I already had an affair of 4 yrs which broke suddenly. Madam I am M.E. and we both are very well educated, earning, humanity loving and family loving with high principles about right and wrong. Can u plz check the horoscope and help me to know about our marriage. Your help will be very very relaxing. Details, Mine- 26/07/1986 22:45 Jalgaon, MH
Boy- 03/10/1985 15:00 Nagercoil, TN.
Also if u have any remedies to convert our love in marriage and be successful, plz suggest if u can. I will do it.
Thank You.

Unknown said...

Dear Madam, here is my brother's detail. Can you please check if it indicates two marriages? Chennai, 23:25, 4th January 1975. Thanks in advance.

Unknown said...

Dear Madam, here is my brother's data. He has seventh lord in sixth house. Does it indicate two marriages for him? 4th January 1975, 23:25 Chennai. Thanks in advance!

Pbhola said...

Hello Mam,
I have this MARS VENUS RAHU conjunction in my 8th house.
Gemini lagna
10 March 1990
Some astrologers suggest this to be deadly/fatal combination.
While others acknowledged it as Vipareet Raaj Yoga.
I went through ur blog and articles and wud like to know ur take on this.

Unknown said...

Very interesting and useful blog for parents like me.
My daughter also has sun mars in 11th house, with mars being lagna lord and saturn in lagna and in 7th from moon. I am worried abt delay and married life . Her dob 10/10/1987, 10:15 am, Secunderabad. Thanks in advance for your guidance.

Unknown said...

Hello Madam,
I would request you to help me since my marraige is in grave trouble.
My DOB is october 12, 1976. place of birth mumbai. time 2 :09 p.m.
Husbands DOB is August 4, 1972, place of birth chandigarh. time : 9:01 AM.
My husband has walken out on my in March 2015 and is living in with a woman who is 20 yrs younger than him. He says he is in love with her and does not want to have anything to do with me. He has been having an affair with this woman since the last 4 yrs. Please tell me if there is any hope of a him coming back to me and a reconciliation. What pooja / mantras can i chant? when is this possible? We have 2 children aged 10 and 6.
Thank you in advance.

Unknown said...

Jayasree Madam

I need your email ID for this mars and venus concern. if you can please share the same.

Anonymous said...

Plese tell me the below details birth 04/05/1983 12 :35 PM and her 10 house mars and sun and 12 th hose venus rahu and 4 is satrun kindy chck
Any issue in marriage life or when will be get married vary sacared her plese help her

Krishna said...

JayaSree mam,

I could not understand clearly this paragraph - could you reproduce with an example or small explanation.

Krishna said...

JayaSree mam,

I could not understand clearly this paragraph - could you reproduce with an example or small explanation --

"" There is another set of Nadi rules for couples who were couples in the previous birth also. The sign of lagna, of sun, of moon, of Venus and of 7th and 8th lords if they are seen (one or more than one among them) in the other person's signs of the above mentioned factors / planets, then it is said that they continue the purva janma bhandam in the present birth. ""

Unknown said...

Dear Madam

Could you please provide some suggestions. The following details are for my sister
August 11, 1980; 11:30 pm; Delhi

Thank you

vino said...

Dear Madam,
Thank you for your explanation.Thank god,I have found this and you.I'm a woman born on 06/03/1983,8.10pm in Pondicherry.My first marriage is a failure(I'm waiting for my divorce).My family and friends are advising me for a second marriage and I'm very afraid to get married.According to my horoscope I have some dhoshas including chevvai dhosha which gives me fear.But some of my friends told me that after 28 years the malefic effects of mars will be cancelled.As I have venus that conjoins mars,I was told that the venus will pacify the mars and my dhosha will be neutralised.I'd like to know whether I'm manglik.Will this kill the spouse?I'm not very good in explaining astrological concepts.Could you please have a look at my birth chart and give me your suggestions? I'm in total despair and I hope your advices will give me hope.
Thank you for your kindness,

Unknown said...

hello sir iam balaji I ve chevvai/mangal dosh at 8th position. if I marry a girl with chevvai at 7th position.....will there be a problem... plz reply sir

Molo said...

Hello mam. I'm v worried for my daughter as we cannot get her married. It was fixed a few days back but got called off. Can u please help us. We are very worried. Her DOB is 25/08/1985 and POB is Dhanbad, Jharkhand and time is 6.45 am.

Subu said...

Hi All,

You are here with your problems. Well to calculate and to elaborate it takes time. You must not bomb with questions like these.

Looking at the questions i am 100 % sure you have at least some knowledge about astrology. My suggestion will be search on internet you will have your answers.

Just saw someone with love marriage. Just to top up Mercury is in fifth house and see saturn in 9th house will give tendices to marry someone from other caste.The lady has also elaborated about the navansa chart having venus + ketu combination for unconditional marriage.

Well its it will give martial problems also notice jupiter in 12th house which is Retro. Definitely her husband will be opposite to what she thinks. They grow they will have many problems.

To overcome with remedies "Nadi Sashtra" will be helpful. As they dont require your birth time. ALL problems / Sin comes from your past karma.One need to find what u have done your last life.

Good Luck

Unknown said...

Hi Madam,

I am Sandhya. I am worried about my daughter's marriage. She has mars and venus mutual aspect in the Rasi chart and in Navamsa, mars venus conjunct in virgo. Venus is debilitated in Rasi and Navamsa charts. This is the cause of my worry. So could you please read my daughter's chart for marriage purpose.
D.O.B: 16/11/1988
T.O.B: 11:40 AM
P.O.B: Bangalore

Thank you

Subu said...


Seems there shouldn't be any problem with marriage. But there would be difference in opinion with her husband as she is over smart.
The combination what u saying can give her a cesarean baby.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Madam,

Nice Article. I have a question about swayamvara parvati mantra. could you please tell the benefits of chanting this mantra by women? Will this give them a amicable husband and help prevent problems in married life/Divorce? If yes could you let me know how many times daily should this be chanted?


Unknown said...

Hi madam

I m ritu bagga worried about my mars position
Can you plz suggest something?...
Ritu bagga
2jan 1988
Boys details:
Amit goel
4 sep 1988

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Dear Madam,

My name is Pubudu (Male) born 1979 June 5th at 2.55pm in Kandy Sri Lanka.
According to my horoscope Mars and Venus in 7th house together. I'm still not married and my parents are looking for a partner. I had a traumatic past. could you please tell me is there any possibility to have a good partner. I am really concern about this and feel like I dont want to get married. Is it true that I must get married to a girl who has same combination of Mars and Venus in 7th house.

May Triple Gem protect ou.y

Well wisher said...

Hello Madam,
Recently I read a post from another astrologer on Saturn - Mars in the same house in a horoscope, which he says is not good. Can you provide your views on this Saturn - Mars in Virgo which is the 10th house from the ascendant (Saggitarius)?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

On Mars - Saturn conjunction, some special issues have been published by Mr Niranjan Babu, son of Dr BV Raman in the Astrological Magazine. Read my article in the May 2016 issue of that Magazine on how we must interpret Saturn - Mars conjunction . The link is
There are a few more articles on the same combination in different houses in that issue.

The previous issue (April) also has some articles on the same subject. Read them here

In the current issue (July 2016) I have written on Muhamamd Ali's horoscope which has Mars- Saturn conjunction in Aries which is his 10th house. Read here

Well wisher said...

Thanks a lot for the references provided. Your article on Muhammad Ali was an interesting reference for me. I can understand that for him Saturn was 'neecha' and Mars was posited in his own house.Hence Mars would have had an upper hand and no doubt he was ferocious. At the same time he was also patient.. like getting all the beatings in the initial round - effect of Saturn and finally one knock out punch will put down the opponent - Mars effect. In the reference I have taken.. it is quite opposite. In Virgo Sat has an upper hand (Mer being a good friend of Sat and not so with Mars). Does that mean it can influence a profession like a surgeon, IPS officer (dealing with blood,dynamic, active but not ferocious)? Need your thoughts..

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Narayan TT,
Saturn - Mars conjunction in any sign is troublesome, more so in Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn and Aries. There is no blanket rule to say this and that location is very bad without seeing the star dispoitors of these two planets, their lordships, the lordships of these two planets themsleves, the distance between them, their movement with respect to each other, the aspect by other planets, the bhava position of this combination etc.

Regarding Ali's horoscope, my article must be read fully to know what I am coming to say. It is not what you have said here. Since the article is in stands now, I am obliged not to divulge the details.

shikhar said...
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shikhar said...

Dear Sir/Madam,
Me and wife are both of scorpio ascedant and married for 2.3 years now, but we have been mostly fighting almost every second day, due to this there is no mental peace and harmony between us. Also the stage has come that we don't listen to each other and if we say anything even normally, the other one reacts and converts into fight for days.
I have Jupiter in seventh house with Mars-Venus in 5th House; Sun-Mer in 6th House and saturn in 9th house with moon in 2nd house. Ketu/Rahu in 5/11 or some horoscopes shows in 6/12.
My wife has Sun-Mars in 7th house with Mer-Ven in 8th house; Jup-moon-saturn in 11th while ketu/rahu in 3/9 houses respectively.

Besides, I have started my sade-sathi in Nov 2014 and her sade-sathi ended at that time.

Please suggest if there is a problem in our match or there needs to be some more patience until a conjunal bliss.

Amit said...

Madam my dob is 26-12-77 in udaipur rajasthan at 4.15 am and my wife dob is 26-1-80 in jodhpur at rajasthan.we had seperation for about 9 there any hope of case of divorce what r the chances of remarriage..thanks

viju said...

My date of birth 16oct 1983 .time 22.05pm.muzaffarpur bihar..mithun lagna ketu in 6th house.7th house lord in 6th.pls reply.kya hoga.mars+ venus in 3rd house.budh+ surya in 4th house.5th house in shani.moon in 9th house.rahu in 12th house.pls reply.hows my married life?

rsg said...

Dear Mam, Thank you for all the valuable information that you have provided in this blog. I would be really great full if you could please help me.

Name: Ravi
DOB: 29-01-1981
Time: 1:45PM

DOB 28-09-1981
Time: 7:30 AM ( Amavasya Born)
Madikeri, Karnataka

We have been married for 10 years now, however since 2015 have been facing lot of issues with wife. She is in her last stage of Rahu Mahadasha, which has actually ended around Aug 11, 2016. She is staying with her sister for more than 2 months now and no communication. In the past also she has gone like this but I begged her to come back but she is lost in her cell phone world. I have tried talking to her sister but she claims it’s all my fault and my wife is looking for a divorce.

I will be very thankful if you could please check her charts and give your expert opinion. When Rahu Mahadasha has already ended then why is she still under the influence of Rahu? Her next mahadasha is Jupiter, but the main question is has the change over happened or not? And how long will it take for the Rahu dasha sandhi to end? And the main question will she every come back?

Thanks a lot.

Akhil said...

Dear Sir,

I am really impressed with your detailed explaination on the causes behind marital disharmony annd separation.

I would be really grateful if you can analyze my and my wife's chart as our relationship is going through lot of troubles.

My Details:

Name: Akhil
DOB: 15-Nov-1983
TOB: 01:03 AM
POB: chandigarh

My Wife's Details

Name: Harsha
DOB: 23-June-1986
TOB: 18:30 PM
POB: Delhi

I would be very grateful for your revert

My e-mail id is

Akhil said...

Dear Sir,

I am really impressed with your detailed explaination on the causes behind marital disharmony annd separation.

I would be really grateful if you can analyze my and my wife's chart as our relationship is going through lot of troubles.

My Details:

Name: Akhil
DOB: 15-Nov-1983
TOB: 01:03 AM
POB: chandigarh

My Wife's Details

Name: Harsha
DOB: 23-June-1986
TOB: 18:30 PM
POB: Delhi

I would be very grateful for your revert

My e-mail id is

Ramesh said...

If Venus, Mars, and Rahu (Ketu in Danush Lagna) are in 7th house of a male, then what would be the prospects? Should he marry or take to sannyasa? Is Ketu in Danush lagna (no other planet in Lagna) consistent with Sannyasa?

Similarly, if Ketu and Chandra are together in 9th house of a female chart, what are the prospects of marriage / sannyasa?

shilpa said...

 I could like to know about my marriage, I am 32year old, but not able find suitable life partner, please let me know whether do I get married, presently, none of proposal r coming,  bit worried please suggest me  to lead my life happly

> >  My questions:1) When do proposal will come 2) when do i Get married?3) how d0 my life will be after married? do i get good life partner?4) Do my life patner will be welsettled?


shilpa said...

 I could like to know about my marriage, I am 32year old, but not able find suitable life partner, please let me know whether do I get married, presently, none of proposal r coming,  bit worried please suggest me  to lead my life happly

> >  My questions:1) When do proposal will come 2) when do i Get married?3) how d0 my life will be after married? do i get good life partner?4) Do my life patner will be welsettled?


Unknown said...

Sir iam not getting any facours from any side in my life iam not married yet,my mother died when ia m23 years old,even though i studied mtech iam unable to get good job,my family peoples are not at all cooperative,luck is not favouring me iam not interested to live due to many obstacles and sorrows.

my date of birth is 15-11-1984
time born is morning 6.00 AM
Place is chittoor district andhra pradesh could you tell any remedial measures why every thing happening to me only my mail id is

Rubish said...

Sir, my(male) dob is 11/11/1985, 12.12 AM, VELLORE. Girl's DOB is 20/7/1987, 12.35 PM, POB: Eluru (Godavari). In Girl's rasi chart, Sun and Mars are in the same house, so one astrologer told me that it will affect the boy's life and marriage will not go well. Please suggest if there is a remedy or whether we could proceed with the marriage or not.

Shiv said...

Hi Mam,

Please advise for a girl with Mars Rahu Venus conjunction in 9th house. And Jupiter alone placed in 5th house. Is there any adverse effect? Much worried. Please help

Vicky friendly guy said...

Dear JAYASHREE ma'am
Namaskarams. I have information to share.

Once a nonbelever in astrology during my engineering student days, I was forced by difficult circumstances in life to search for solutions from ancient Sasthras including astrology. I am researching in astrology too but I am not expert like you. Infact I consider you as my guru. More than astrology,I am more interested in researching about ancient temples in Tamil Nadu.

I found that there are many temples in which Shivalingams have been installed by the planets themselves including Mandhi.

One of your readers had asked for temple for mandhi.


2. There is another MANDHEESWARAR TEMPLE in Andhra Pradesh.

3. Also there is a maandhi idol in the other THIRUVALANGADU (CAUVERY BASIN)

finding_shiva said...

I need your help. How do I contact you?

ARK said...


There is a school of thought (or rule) that says that if the 7th Lord and Kalatrakaraka for Marriage Viz., Venus are together, it is a bad combination. (General rule- if the Karaka planet conjoins the Lord of the respective Bhava, it spoils the Bhava). Can you comment about this .

Secondly will there be a cancellation of this application if one or more conjoining lords are in exaltation. (Eg: Meena Lagna, 7th Lord Mercury and Kalatrakaraka Venus togeher, with Venus in Exaltation and Mercury in debilitation).

Are there any other cancellations?


Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Mr ARK,

Karaka would spoil the bhava. That is the rule. But it can be checked by matching horoscopes properly. Venus as Kalathra karaka is more applicable to men and not women. For women Jupiter in the 7th house is a kalathra dosha but it can be checked by matching with Jupiter in man's horoscope in kona with the girl's Jupiter. Another point for matching this is benefic in the 8th house for the man.

For Venus in the 7th for man, match it with a benefic in the 8th for woman. Venus in 2nd also is a dosha for men. Venus joining the 7th lord in the 7th must be checked along with the nature of relationship with the 7th lord, whether a friend or enemy. In any case, match with benefic in 8th for woman.

In the 2nd case you have given, what comes to my mind at first is that Venus as 8th lord is exalted in lagna. Where is lagna lord and how strong he is? 8th lord becoming strong in the lagna and getting conjucnt with Badhaka is an issue. For this combination look for benefic in 2nd and 8th in woman's horoscope. And the 2nd and 8th houses and lords must not be spoiled in woman's horoscope. Also make sure that Rahu / Ketu are not placed in Pisces (the sign of lagna + 8L + 7L / Badhaka in boy's horoscope) in the girl's horoscope.

In the 2nd case, Mercury is the Badhaka and a Badhaka will be a Badhaka only. A Badhaka getting debilitated or getting cancellation of Badhaka by exalted planet would not reduce the badhaka nature. His Badhaka nature will be manifest in his period. But his association with lagna and 8th lord will be the areas where he will show badhaka nature, provided Sun(6L) is also in weak position in rasi or navamsa.

The basic idea behind matching is not to increase troubles by bringing the boy and the girl together through marriage. There may be severe doshas in a horoscope, but how they manifest depends on the dasa- bhukthi of the concerned planets coming into operation and also the planets in the other person's horoscope. The severity of a combination of one can be minimized by the influence of the plants of the other among the couple. Suppose the 2nd case you have referred is not yet married, you can get minimal adverse effect or nill effect by matching properly.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Vicky Friendly Guy,

Thanks for the information.

@ANM said...

Namaste madam,
like gods gift i found your blog today, as there is lot of confusion in my daughter 's horoscope.some say arranged marriage and some she will marry whome she wants.
A friend who is younger to her has proposed.can you please tell us if this will happen without any problem now or in future.
I'll be eternally greatful if you could guide me.
8:50 pm
09:08 pm
POB :bangalore

Jayasree Saranathan said...


This doesn't seem to be question from the parent of the girl. If you are ok with the affair / the boy who has proposed to her, don't look at the horoscope. I don't like the idea of horoscope playing the villain or a scapegoat to be used and misused by people. If horoscope matching alone is the clinching issue, see it before deciding on an alliance. If an affair is through, don't look at horoscope, instead advice the couple to be ready to face any calamity if that is to happen.

Unknown said...

DOB :03-10-1966; POB : VIJAYAWADA TOB:6,55AM;MALE;female-1 : 10.08.1967, RAJAHMUNDRY,7. 25AM; female-2- 22.11.1985, 10.40am, RAJAHMUNDRY. Please compare with female-1 & female-2. Miraculously matched each other as per the above Nadi rules. Please comment.

Unknown said...

Respected Madam,

Please tell me if I am going to do love marriage or arranged marriage.?Would love marriage be good for me?
My DOB : 20 JULY 1995, Time : 7:46 pm.

Please reply.

Unknown said...
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Jayasree Saranathan said...

@Rao Unvss,

It depends on the queries - for me to share something.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Swati Sethuraman said...

Hi Jayashree Maam,

I have a horoscope wherein 7thlord Mercury is with 8th lord Venus and Mars(does not own any house) , all three in the 7th house. Also the 8th house(owned by Venus) has Rahu. The Navmasa of the horoscope also has Venus n Mars in seventh house. Jupiter aspects 5,10,12 and 2nd, and is in 5th house(It owns 2,6,10). Will there be any marital issues with such arrangement of planets?

Thank you for the knowledge share. Your posts have been extremely helpful.

Unknown said...

Hello mam,
My daughter has this Venus and mars combination at 8 house from lagna. I am so worried about her future. Please guide me mam. I am spending sleepless night from the day I found it.
Her name Sarah

Please help mam.
Thank you mam...

Waiting for your reply mam. Please

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Dear Jayasree Ma'am,

My daughter is a libra ascendant and Gemini moon. She has mars venus combination in the fifth house where mars is ahead and venus is behind. Fifth lord saturn is in scorpio second house. In navamsa, mars is again in the fifth house aries and venus is in second house Capricorn. There is no jupiter aspect in both rashi chart and the navamsa. How do you see this combination playing out for her? Any concerns or any remedies required to be done?

Thank you in anticipation.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

@Unknown / Ramya,

No issues with the information you have given. Lagna lord joins 7th lord in the 5th and not aspected by Saturn is good. Hope this is not aspected by Rahu / Ketu. 2nd and 5th lords in Parivartana, however malefic they are, is good. Jupiter (7th from Moon) and Sun (7th from Venus) must be checked for non-malefic positions and aspect. Just make sure Rahu / Ketu is not there in Aquarius in the boy's horoscope when looking for alliance.

e-publishing said...

Dear Madam,

I would like to know your answer for the following 2 combinations.

1.What if Mars (12 degrees) and Saturn (11 degrees) conjunct in Leo - 2nd house for Cancer ascendant and aspect by Retrograde Jupiter from 6th house?

What if Mars (4 degrees) and Saturn (2 degrees) conjunct in Leo - 2nd house for Cancer ascendant and no aspect by any other planet?

V. Harshavardhana

Jayasree Saranathan said...


Saturn- Mars combination wherever they occur is not good. Bhava significance will be affected. Here 2nd bhava of family, finance and speech. Check the location of Bhava lord too.

In the first scenario, Mars wins the planetary war. Mars is yogakaraka for cancer. It wins over the 7th and 8th lord Saturn. 6th lord Jupiter's aspect from the retro position in the 6th wont help much but invites trouble in the dasa - bhukti - antaram of Saturn / Mars / Jupiter in any order within these. In the dasa or Bhukti of saturn, 7th and 8th bhava significances will undergo stress. Mars Dasa will be good overall for profession provided Sun is in auspicious position. We have to see the star dispositors of these planets too. Don't want to comment more than this in public.

In the 2nd scenario, planetary war not there. Rest, same as explained for saturn and mars.

HSachdeva29 said...

Dear Ma'm
I am fascinated by Astrology and am an avid reader of the subject.
I really wanted to consult you but not sure whether you practice consulting.
Query - What kind of relationship could the below man and woman have? Would there be any kind of attraction/love between them? Would the man be interested in this woman?
Man's Ascendant = Gemini with planet Jupiter, 2nd house - Moon and Venus, 3rd house - Mars and Saturn. Sun and Mercury in Tauras.
Woman's Ascendant = Virgo with planet Mars, Moon in 4th house, Venus in ninth and Jupiter and Saturn together in 12th house. Sun in Gemini.
Do Dashas also play a part when you fall in love with someone?
Thanking you in anticipation.
kind regards,
Harleen Sachdeva

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Ms Sachdeva.

The attraction is because Gemini and Virgo are 'vasheekarana' rashis. The lagna of the two falling in these two rashis cause the attraction. Additionally only the woman has extra attraction lent by Ketu- Mercury connection. The attraction potential ends here.

The more basic Mars - Venus position must be noted. Though they are in 3-11 axis, we must know the position of Rahu and Ketu to ensure that they don't play spoilsport. From the position of long term planets I deduce that the woman was born on 29th June 1980, between noon and 2 pm when Purvashadha was running. The horoscope constructed for this shows Rahu in Cancer and Ketu in Capricorn.

The man was born on 11th June 1978, anytime between 6-30 to 8-30 am in Aslesha. His horoscope has Rahu in Virgo and Ketu on Pisces.

Now the crucial matching technique which is done by superimposing one horoscope over the other. The Rahu- Ketu of one should nor fall on Mars or Venus of the other to ensure trouble free married life. Particularly woman's Mars should not have man's Rahu or Ketu in the same sign. For man it is Venus.

Now look at the horoscopes. Man's Rahu is in woman's Mars in Virgo. Woman's Rahu in man's Venus in cancer! So trouble in married life if these two are combined. There is no redemption by way of Jupiter's aspect for both.

Moreover man's current period is Moon dasa - Rahu Bhukti till April 2021. For woman it is Rahu dasa- Moon Bhukti till August 2011. So some sort of frenzied attraction triggered by uncontrollable passion will last till the dates mentioned for each. But the Rahu -Ketu connection to Mars and Venus makes me doubt the longevity of this relationship.

If the birth dates are different, get me the correct ones, for, Rahu - Ketu position is important. If they are the same as given, (Rahu- ketu position to be the same, since you have not given), I would suggest a go-slow and take a decision after April or August next year. Since the two are older enough, I want to sound only a caution and call for a calm sorting out of issues and go for the knot after April or August. If anything bad were to happen in the relationship it would, within the dasa-bhuktis indicated. Beyond that it is safe relationship. Pray things turn out good for the two. Blessings.

HSachdeva29 said...

Thank you so much. The dates and timings you deduced are absolutely correct.
I bow to your expertise and would love to stay in touch. The fundamentals of astrology are unbelievable.
Warm regards

Jayasree Saranathan said...


Thanks. I take up ONLY problem solving. You can contact me if needed through this comment section. If personal, leave the email to be contacted. It won't be posted here.

HSachdeva29 said...

Sure. Really appreciate.

Ganesh said...

"Basic thumb rule for happy married life - seen from lagna, moon and Venus the 2nd , 7th and 10th lords must be in any houses other than 6th, 8th, and 12th. If they are in 2nd , 7th and 11th houses, the native would have a happy married life with the partner towing behind him or her. If in such a case the earlier-mentioned Mars- Venus combination is there in one's horoscope or between the couple's horoscope , the chemistry would continue forever."

In my horoscope, the 7th and 10th lords are in exaltation in the 10th, the 2nd is in the 8th but in parivartana with 8th lord, and there is mars-venus combination. Still I have been living divorced and am living separated for the past 10 yrs. I think that's because Venus is debilitated, and aspected by Saturn and Jupiter. So there are other combinations that can affect the above prediction adversely.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Unknown

Thanks for the feedback.
That is a thumb rule, but seen from lagna, moon and venus and must not be afflicted.
More importantly the sign having Mars/Venus in one's horoscope should not have Rahu or Ketu in the partner's horoscope. That is the thumb rule for lasting marriage.

Durga prasad said...

Dear jayasree madam
I have a doubt regarding sun, venus combination
One astrologer said sun versus combination leads to death of spouse
I saw this in my sister chart she is widow at young age she is cancer ascendant she has sun and venus in 3rd house jupiter in 6th house,Saturn in 4th house, i saw same combination in another girl she is also widow at young age
Same combination in my relative girl chart, she got married two years before
She is cancer ascendant
Moon and mars in 2nd house both are at same degree i.e 26 degree
Rahu in 4th house
Saturn retro in 5th house
7th, 8th lord in 9th house at 1 degree
Mercury in 11th house
Sun and venus in 12th house, venus in mars nakshatra
Mars 4th aspect on jupiter and 8th aspect on Saturn
Jupiter 5th aspect on Saturn
No good and bad aspects on sun and venus
Ketu in her upapada lagna
In D9 Taurus ascendant 7th and 8th lords venus, sun, moon in 2nd house, how will be her married life, she got married at starting of rahu maha dasa, two years since married till now ok
Is sun and Venus combination is bad in girls chart, what happens if jupiter is retro in girls chart, is jupiter aspect is always good, please give me reply, i am not good at English, forgive me anything wrong in my language
Thank you madam

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Durga Prasad.

Thanks for the comment. Due to my pre-occupation with writing the current series on Mahabharata date that you can see in my blog on a daily basis, I will look into the combinations o=you have given after finishing the series and reply you.

Meanwhile, Sun- Venus conjunction and Venus behind the sun within a degree and Venus- sun conjunction in Leo are bad in man's horoscope. They affect the longevity of the wife or shows lack of interest or potency in marital relationship. But they get nullified by counter aspects, if any in the horoscope. For women Sun- Mars combination is bad for longevity of married life. But nowadays finding separation instead of death of the spouse. We have to judge the spouse's horoscope too in the case of longevity.

Durga prasad said...

Thank u madam

Manaswini said...

Namaskara Ma'am
I am Manaswini born on 12th September 1996,08.55am, Nayagarh,Odisha
Ma'am I have Venus mars in 10th house while sun and moon in 11th house, Jupiter in 3rd house and rahu Mercury in 12th ,also Saturn and ketu in 5th.
Ma'am I am confused about my marriage and also career. As I born on AMAVAS and mars is debilitating.So , warned about marriages. Also some say sun moon are obstacles in career. Please guide me.

Manaswini said...

Ma'am Namaskara
I am Manaswini born on 12/09/1996,8.55am,Nayagarh Odisha.
Ma'am I have Venus and Mars conjunction in 10th house ,Also sun and moon both in 11th house.Jupiter in 3rd house , Saturn ketu in 5th house .Mamm I am warned about career always as they say sun n moon would create obstacles. And Venus mars conjunction is deadly for marriages also. ma'am please enlighten me what to do !

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Ms. Manaswini, Check your DM.