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Jayalalithaa or Karunanidhi – for whom Rajinikanth told the story in the Endhiran audio release?

Rajinikanth's speech is always watched keenly to know his mind on the political scenario of Tamilnadu. In his recent speech on the occasion of the release of the audio CD of his film Endhiran, he revealed a couple of ideas that was running in his mind.

Initially Rajini was all praises for Kalanidhi Maran to an extent that it irritated the viewers. Rajini and his Endhiran team had a reason to be thankful to Kalanidhi Maran. Because when the film was running into financial trouble, it was Kalanidhi Maran who chipped in time and funded the film liberally.

But the excessive praises on him reminded us of the numerous industrialists of this country who also risk their money through which the employees get a safe job but never were praised like this. Only these employees make the films run successfully in the theaters.

It also reminded me that this country gave a paltry sum of 100 crores to the ISRO to do the real science project of Chandrayaan whereas more than 100 crores were spent on making the science fiction film, Endhiran! Here they praise Kalanaidhi Maran for the cost he invested as though that was the life-saving investment. It might have been so for them in the team. So I find no offence with that. This venture coming under the showbiz industry gets all the attention, but let people not forget that the risk and contribution by numerous other industrialists have made our economy what it is today.

Rajini also indicated how quickly Kalanidhi Maran grew from 1993 to 1999 to become one of the top industrialists of the country. When your father is the Union Industry Minister, you can also become a top industrialist of the country – everyone knows this. Rajinikanth reminded us of this !!

Initially the speech by Rajinikanth was available in Youtube in 2 parts. The 2nd part of the Youtube has Rajini touching vaguely on some political issues. This 2nd part was not accessible due to copyright issues. So until the event was shown on the Sun TV on last Sunday, no one had a clue on what he talked towards the end of his speech. After seeing the show in the Sun TV, it was understood why the 2nd part alone was banned for viewing while the same copyright issue did not bother the first part. After the event was shown on Sun TV, the 2nd part has been posted as a recorded version from the TV programme. It can be viewed here.

First part here:-

Rajini talked about team work that went into the making of Endhiran. That far, it is fine. Then he went on to say that if proper 'koottani' (coalition) is made, all the 234 seats can be won. For whom he told this kanakku (calculation)? Who is in need of making 'koottani'? One thing is clear. He need not give this 'idea' to Karunanidhi nor remind him of that. Karunnaidhi already has a firm koottani. So it is someone else that Rajini is having in his mind when he made this observation!

Then before winding up his speech, he told a story. It was about a group of people going together to the top floor of a building. The climbing by steps was a tiresome experience that each one of them would tell a story while climbing the floors to reduce the feeling of tiredness. When they reached the penultimate floor – 69th floor and it was the turn of the one to tell a story to reach the last floor, that person told that he had forgotten to bring the key to open the door of the last floor. They all have to go together to the ground floor all the way to fetch the key. Only if they go together, they can get the key. Rajini told that one can not remain in the top for ever. One has to come down to achieve again.

Why did he say this? This story looked abrupt and not jelling with what he spoke until then. All his team members were humble beings and not the ones who gloated for being on top. Rajini himself told like this about them. Then for whom Rajini told this story? Who is sitting on top? Who is not aware of ground realities? Who has to come down and start afresh?

If you want to probe Rajini's mind, you can read this along with his 'koottani' talk. If 'koottani' was meant for Jayalalithaa, this talk on non-permanency of the top post seems to be meant for Karunanidhi.
Tamilnadu will be going to the polls in the near future. Going by past records, it will not be a free and fair election. The people on top will not allow the people on bottom to vote according to their conscience. Anything can be tolerated but not subversion of Democratic process. That is why we need a fresh 'koottani' (coalition) and the people on top must be grounded to the democratic system of fair polling. In my opinion, Rajinikanth succinctly touched on these two issues in his speech.

In the days to come, I expect him to voice his opinion openly and help in the restoration of fair polls. Let Karunanidhi face the free and fair poll and come back to power. But when he chokes the very life-thread of democracy, he must be stopped. Let all right thinking people voice their opposition to this subversion done and expected to be done by Karunanidhi.

Looking at Karunanidhi's horoscope, I strongly think that he can retire gracefully from public life now itself. Let his sons or party face the polls in honest ways. Allow the people to choose whom they want. If they choose DMK in a non-tempting environment, we will welcome DMK.

As of now, what Rajini told in the story suits Karunanidhi more than anyone else. He is riding his peak time now. But one can not remain in peak at all times. By intuition or by some advice, Karunanidhi originally wanted to retire in July – while in peak- after the World Tamil Conference. This is the right time. But he chose to stick on – due to pressure from his children. This is not a wise decision.

The planets in dasa or bhukthi that were running in his life when MGR and Jayalalithaa were in power are making a reappearance next year when the polls are due to take place! He will be facing the next elections in Venus- moon period. Venus will behave like Jupiter in his horoscope as it is in the asterism of Jupiter. He knows that his Jupiter is weak. (That is why he wears the yellow shawl). In addition it has no bindus in its house in Martian Ashtakavarga. One more information – Jupiter is the 6th cuspal sub-lord. It will not give him 'nimmadhi' – a term Rajini wished him in the meeting where he spoke about Sarvajya.

I personally appeal to Karunanidhi to be content with what he has got so far and retire gracefully from office. Let him know that he has come this far due to the exemplary "Sreekanta yoga" – that comes to a person of devotion to Shiva. But that yoga had been maligned by a retro Jupiter which has gone into debility in the 6th house in Navamsa. A worst offence to the teacher in his last birth had afflicted the Sreekanta yoga as a result of which he gained prominence but reversed all that a sincere devotee would do.
He glorified the one as Guru who can not be glorified by any right thinking person.
He did everything to reverse the glory of Hinduism.
The inner Athma of Karunanidhi would be crying at all the reversal it was made to do as a puppet in the hands of destiny.

The power of destiny or Kaala purush is such that it had used him in its scheme of furthering Kali.
But Karunanidhi would come back –
in a future birth as an ardent devotee – of Rama – not Shiva as he is showing every sign of moving towards Vishnu.
He has gloated on everything he has done – but not on one thing.
That was the help he had silently done – and doing for writers.
Writing, writers, books and publishing come under the influence of Mercury or Vishnu.
Karunanidhi shows a genuine interest in these and had not sought to make a fuss out of it.
This shows he is coming under Vishnu's blessings.

It is probable that he would be re- born as an ardent devotee of Vishnu and who knows - he may even build the Ram Sethu that he wants to destroy now.
His present life is a reversal of what he was in the previous birth.
His future birth would be
a reversal of what he is now.
Such is the game that Kaala purushan plays.
Let Karunanidhi understand this uncertainty and make a wise decision of putting a stop to adverse karma caused by unholy subversion of democracy and retire from politics now while he is still in peak.

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Dr Rama Krishnan said...

Good article.Can you please tell us as per astrology,when will we see the end of DMK?

Bala said...

I feel that Karunanidhi will not retire from politics in the near future.

In my opinion, this is due to the fact that in his horoscope 3 planets are exalted. (the version of his horoscope I had seen shows 3 planets - Moon, Mars and Saturn exalted, giving him both ruchaka yoga and sasa yoga).

Other examples are Queen Elizabeth and Indira Gandhi.

Queen Elizabeth shows no sign of retirement even after being on the throne for more than 50 years. She has 3 planets exalted in her horoscope.

In Indira Gandhi's case 6 planets in 3 sets of 2 planets each were having parivarthana yogas (mutual exchanges) which is equivalent to 3 planets being exalted if I have understood it correctly.

She did not retire from politics but unfortunately her life was cut short cruelly.

Am I correct in my opinion madam?


Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

Karunanidhi will not retire from politics. But I suggest that he retires at the current juncture when he is riding high.

Ramalinga Raju has all the 7 planets in good stead by position - 3 exalted, 2 in own houses and 2 in friendly houses. But that did not help him. Why?

It is not enough that one has planets in exaltation and in Raja yoga. The star lords in which the planets are posited determine the results ultimately. The bhavas, the strength of ashtakavarga and the distance between the dasa lord and bhukthi lord also play a crucial role.

If his birth time is 12 noon, he must have faced the next elections before December this year for a thumbing win. (not possible because announcement of the election will be made 6 months before the elections). If his birth time is 10-40 am, he must get the election results declared before 7th April next year. The combination after these dates (for the 2 different times that people say as his birth time) are same as what he had when he was out of power.

Finally, the year results for Tamilnadu from the next year onwards (Kara, nandana, jaya, Vijaya etc)are going to be favourable for the people. With a incorrigibly corrupt party in power, such a good time can not happen.

Bala said...

I did not comment about Karunanidhi's retirement from a political angle, but from an astrological angle only.

I have been curious about this angle about whether and when politicians and industrialists will retire voluntarily.

Narayana Murthy retired when he turned 60. Now Ratan Tata is making the preparations for his retirement and to find out his successor post his 75th birthday in Dec. 2012.

Politicians normally do not retire, they choose to fade out from public memory instead of ending their careers with respect.

But is there a way to find it out astrologically is my question. That's when I became curious about the topic.

When I compared the types of horoscopes of Karunanidhi, Queen Elizabeth and Indira Gandhi, a pattern emerges. But this is too small a sampling quantity to come to a conclusion.

I would like to compare this type with the horoscopes of Morarji Desai, Charan Singh, Vajpayee, I.K.Gujral, Deve Gowda, V.P.Singh, Chandrasekhar, P.V.Narasimha Rao etc. All PM's who had to quit their office due to circumstances beyond their control. None of them retired voluntarily. Deve Gowda is still active.

"Do their horoscopes have less than 3 planets exalted or it was due to some other astrological combination?" is the topic of my curiosity.

I will be interested in knowing the answer.



Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

Rather than the exalted planets, it is the presence of Gaja kesari yoga which makes one rule the country or an organization. Or Jupiter and Moon must be Kona or kendra to each other or in benefic positions in rasi or in navamsa to give this status. Successful CEOs have this combination. It is noted in the horoscopes of prime ministers of India. FYI Sonia has this but Rahul does not have!!

On retirement, the dasa- bhukthi of the planets that have an influence on marring the career or afflicting the prospects give us an idea of when the active professional life will come to an end.

Bala said...

Sorry, I am somewhat disappointed with this answer. I am also confused now.

I am not an expert in astrology, but from my discussions with a few knowledgeable people I understand that Gaja Kesari yoga is fairly common among middle class and upper class people. That's why they are successful in their careers and comfortable financially.

Now many of the politicians are financially well off (through honest or other means!), which may mean that they may have Gaja Kesari yoga also. (I don't mean all of them, some of them at least).

Then it may mean that all such politicians may have a fairly good shot at becoming a CM or PM!

Not a convincing argument, correct?

From B.V.Raman's books I understood that for political power pancha maha purusha yoga is a very strong indicator. Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha both have - not one - but two pancha maha purusha yogas each.

So I thought that it is not surprising for them to be so successful.

While Karunanidhi has 3 planets exalted, Jayalalitha has only one planet exalted and I thought that due to this fact, she is less successful as compared to Karunanidhi.

With Karnunanidhi going great guns in the last two elections (whether by fair or foul methods) and Jayalalitha getting dejected of late, I thought the explanation must be due to the 3 exalted planets in his horoscope.

Well as I said above, now I am confused.


Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

Your confusion is because you want to generalize. In fact there are not less than 30 combinations that make one a king or ruler (refer Brahma rishi Vakyam - this book is available in Giri traders, Chennai). Many commoners would have one or some of these but they are not successful even in their jobs. The reason is that we have read the horoscope in totality. Karunanidhi also had his low periodically inspite of the exalted planets ( which you consider had made him successful). There are other players that upset the raja yoga combinations.

The most important we have to see are the Bhadak, the lords of dsusthanas getting connected to raja yoga causing planets, the 9th bhava and its lord not getting afflicted in rasi, navamsa and shodasamsa while judging the effect of a raja yoga combination. We can not make a judgment without understanding the probable impact of the dampeners. In this situation it is imperative that one has Gaja kesari yoga.

Why I say this? The adverse conenction between Jupiter and Moon gives rise to sakata yoga. It will turn the wheels of fortune however well placed the other planets may be. Though moon coming 12th to Jupiter is re-interpreted as Sunapha yoga, it can not undo a sakata yoga which you will find in Vajpayee's horoscope. But gaja kesari also is not a safe bet. If the planets falls in dussthanas from lagna the gaja kesari becomes helpless.

Another strong dampener is Kema druma. It is a classic yoga for making a ruler a pauper. How it works in common man's horoscope is written by me and will be shortly published.

Yet another dampener is the equation between Venus and Saturn. They both should not be powerful in a horoscope. If so one will pull down the native in their respective bhkthi in another's dasa.

So it is the overall judgment that gives a better picture.In karunnaidhi's horoscope the Venus dasa is on now. It is in the star of Jupiter. If his lagna is cancer then it is the 11th lord in 12th - a matter of concern in the first level observation. If his lagna is Leo (which some of my astrologer friends say - corrected birth time is 11-56 am)moon, the 12th lord which happens to be 2nd to Venus positioned in 12th to venus. Venus- moon can not be a happy time for him. You check the past when he was out of power and correlate to the planets that have been adverse to him.

Bala said...

Thanks for the elucidation on the finer aspects of astrology.

I welcome such discussions. I used to discuss astrological matters with some knowledgeable friends of mine, but our discussions will end shortly after a few initial rounds since most of us are only beginners or beginners+ in the subject.

I was a reader of Astrological Magazine of India for some years and used to enjoy reading the various charts analysed by various authors. One could learn a lot by reading such articles.

I will be very keen to read your article on Kema Druma when it becomes ready.



Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

On retirement:-

Some people take retirement gracefully. Such a period can be identified as one that will be adverse to active professional (or political) life. When such a period comes, if the person goes along with the nature of the period, the retirement will be smooth. I think of Bill Gates as a good example here. (28-10-1955, 10 pm, Seaton, Arkansas)

His horoscope has Kema druma yoga in rasi inspite of all other good combinations. His moon is the 2nd lord in the 10th - being alone. But in navamsa it is rectified by Jovian aspect. So to some extent kema druma must show up its head and then fizzle out.

The impact of this dasa as per the lordship and position of moon will make him lose his job and money. But what happened? He kept himself out of active job and is going on a donation spree as social responsibility.

His moon maha dasa started in November 2009. Gates kept himself off from active profession just before that time. Loss of money is voluntary in the form of donations. Had he been sticking to his job as the Chief of his empire in this moon dasa, he would have experienced some pain of losses.

We apply this rationale to big people whose life make an impact on their employees. When they undergo adverse dasa or bhukthi, they are advised to shift the responsibility to their CEOs and keep a distance from day to day activities.

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

Let us see what yogas actually worked in Karunanidhi's horoscope.

Since we are concentrating on the combinations that made him a ruler, we will see when he became the CM and when he lost.

The birth time details are June 3, 1924, 10-40 am, Thiruvarur.

First time CM berth, he got by default on Annadurai's death.
He became CM on 10-02 1969.
The period was Saturn dasa- Mercury bhukthi.

Here Sasa yoga did not work. Vipareeta Raja yoga worked as he got the post by DEFAULT. 8th lord saturn and 12th lord mercury aspecting each other from kendras (4th and crucial 10th) made this happen.

From then onwards until 31-01-1976 he was the CM. Of course a favourable saturn contributed to this.

He lost in saturn - moon!!
You will find that once moon bhukthi started, he started getting worries due to MGR.

For the behavior of a dasa- bhukthi, we have to first see the angle between the lords. In Sat-mer, the planets were in sama saptakam.

In Sat- moon they are in ashtama sashtakam / sashtashtakam. Such a relationship strains the relationship between planets.

Moreover, moon - though it is the lagna lord is weak in shad bala strength. Yes shadbala strength can not be ignored in assessing how much a planet can do. Moon is the weakest in Dig bala and very less in sthana bala and kala bala.

Its direction by lordship is North (Cancer) and by position it is south (taurus) Every time he rose or fell by the moon’s Dig - direction of North. If the North does not come to his aid, he can never win. This started from Indira Gandhi period.

The weak kaala bala and sthana bala of moon will work adversely in adverse dasa lords. He lost to MGR in saturn dasa and moon bhukthi. Saturn is 8th lord from Cancer and is in 6th from moon.

The learning is whatever be the planet that causes raja yoga, if the bhukthi lord is adverse to it and is weak on its own, there will be a dent in the raja yoga.


Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

MK got back the post in 27-01- 1989 when Mercury - venus was on. These 2 planets are on both sides of Sun and moon thereby causing Ubhaya chara and Duradhara yogas.

He lost in 30-01-1991 when Mercury - moon was on. Look at the repeat performance of Moon. Throughout moon bhukthi he was having trouble. This time the weak dig bala of Moon brought bad relationship with the North (Centre) He lost power on the death of Rajiv Gandhi.

His next rise was in 13-05-1996 in Mer - Jup period. You can see that Mercury has been too kind to him. As lord of the 3rd and positioned in 10th in rasi and navamsa in association with saturn it has helped him a lot in amassing wealth and power.

Though the angle between mercury and Jupiter is not good, the asterisms in which they are placed are Venus and mercury - a repeat of the best of solar and lunar yogas as mentioned above. (Ubhaya chara and Duradhara)

He lost in 13-05-2001.
The period was Ketu- Venus. This is the time most astrologers thought that he would take political sanyas. The strong reason is that ketu, venus and saturn share the tapaswi yoga in his horoscope.

Though Ketu and Ven as dasa and bhukthi lords shared a good angle in rasi, they are in 6-8 angle in bhava. Ketu is in mars and venus is in Jupiter. Jupiter as 6th lord has 1 bindu in martian ashtaka varga. The fall was inevitable. If we see the previous periods he had been to the jail for most times in Jupiter maha dasa. He had jupiter, rahu in bhukthi when he was out of CM's chair. This time almost sealed his return to power.

But that was not to be. Because as you said Mr Bala, the exalted planets also must give their contribution. He came back to power in Ketu - saturn on 13-05- 2006 - both these planets are in the star of Mars, the yogakaraka and 10th lord who enjoys Ruchak yoga. This is the Raja yoga caused by Pancha maha purusha yoga!!

His entire family grew in wealth more than ever before during this tenure. His courage found no bounds as he even questioned who Rama was. Without any inhibition he went about his ways only during this tenure.

This can be arrested only when moon sets in.
Venus – moon will be on from 07-04-2011 to 09-12-2012.
Venus – moon angle is such that moon is 2nd lord in 12th to Venus.
We have to see whether the weak dig bala comes into operation once again.
Moon is in the star of mars which has good strength in rasi but is in ashtama in D-10
Even if MK manages to come back to power, he will quit before moon bhukthi ends.

Bala said...

Thank you very much for such a very detailed analysis.

You have spent a lot of time explaining the very intricate aspects of astrology for my benefit. I have read it a couple of times already, but I will need to read it a few more times to fully understand it.

The details about Bill Gates is very interesting. In western countries astrology is taken as a joke (at least on the public platform like online news magazines like NY Times, Time and other well known ones). Hence any astrological discussion is never given serious consideration.

My point is : it will be interesting to find out whether Bill Gates did this renunciation knowingly or it happened by chance on its own.

I hope that Indian industrialists also get into the habit of voluntary retirement and creating trusts for the benefit of less fortunate people as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and many other western industrialists have done. We only have Tatas, Birlas and a few other industrial houses who have created such welfare trusts.

About the details of the dasas and bukthis of the horoscope of Karunanidhi: since I don't have the copy of the same with me, as I read your analysis I had to think hard to remember the positions of the various planets apart from Moon, Mars and Saturn whose positions I remember readily!

Thanks once again and regards.


Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

Bill gates is said to have consulted Vaastu experts for his buildings. I don't know how far this is true. It is probable he is regularly consulting some astrologers. Astrology is popular with Americans. Astrology is popular with most people of the world. My blog gets highest hits for articles on astrology than for anything else.

Indian industrialists do consult astrologers. Politicians rank first in seeking astrological advice.

Karunanidhi also consults through his family members. I guess that he has done all the needful poojas for the present Venus dasa. His Venus is 4th lord in 12th which means that there is wrath of the deity of his native place. Venus indicates female deity. His family keeps doing some pooja to this deity in his native place. Though he does not attend them, I guess they do the puja in his name.

I was present in a temple in a navagraha stahlam when Stalin's wife visited that temple. I over heard her saying the name and birth star of her daughter (who was expecting at that time)for the archanai. Similarly all the requisite poojas must have been done by his family for MK.

PS:- But he used official machinery to stall the poojas that Jayalalitha planned to do recently in a temple. Couldn't he realize that such acts invite greater wrath?

Bala said...

Since the public posturing of politicians is the opposite of their private beliefs and actions it is not surprising about what they speak in front of the public. I do not attach much importance to their public statements.


Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

>>>I will be very keen to read your article on Kema Druma when it becomes ready.<<<

My article on Kemadruma Yoga can be read in the current issue of Astrological e magazine. To subscribe

eshan said...

Dear Madam,

I have read the your article about the dreaded kemadruma yoga in scrid. I suffer from this yoga(DOB 30-5-1975, time 4.30 am, Salem, Tamil Nadu). My moon maha dasa passed in childhood itself. I was considered to be dumb and dull till I was about 10 yrs old. What kind of bad karma makes a person to be born with this karma and what remedies can be undertaken to minimize the suffering. My children too have lonely moons but it is a full moon so i am guessing the effects are somewhat reduced.
Your blog and articles are very informative to people like me who are trying to understand astrology.


Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Ms Sheela.

According to Brahma (as told in the text Brahma rishi vakhya) the previous karma for Kema druma is stealing the wealth of others and causing hardships to people around oneself (relatives, servants).

In ancient texts this yoga is mentioned as a dreaded one. When a king has this yoga he will become a pauper suddenly. In today's world we find this yoga in half of the population. That prompted me to analyse and write that article.

Based on today's conditions and the way this yoga is manifest nowadays, I would say that afflicted issues of this yoga as seen in the horoscope would have been the things that the native could have stolen or obstructed or caused damage to, in the previous birth.

In your case moon as lord of the fourth is in the 10th aspecting its own house (4th / cancer)and it is posited in its own asterism. Its sign dispositor is Saturn who is a Baadhak in your horoscope. Saturn is a mandha. However the Jovian aspect to the 4th house both in lagna and navamsa and itself becoming the star dispositor for saturn had reduced the impact of kemadruma. Mother, education, food intake, material comforts of life would have been affected during the moon dasa.

eshan said...

Dear Madam,
Thanks for your quick response. Are there any parigarams that can be done to reduce the afflication?


Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

Dear Ms Sheela,

There is no general remedy. We have to judge from the individual horoscope to arrive at it. However the remedy for moon-dosha is advisable for this also. The foremost of that is taking a dip at Sethu + worshiping at Thiruppullaani and then taking a dip at Rameswaram and doing Milk abhisheka for Shiva at noon.

Judging from individual horoscope, we must see the sign owned by moon, occupied by moon and the star dispositor of moon. The lords of all these three must be seen and used to derive the nature and extent of affliction. Based on that, remedies must be told.

In the case of star dispositor of moon, the deity, tree and bird signified by the star (this is given in most Panchangas) must be worshiped on all Mondays. The remedies recommended for moon dasa and moon bhukthi in various dasas must be done at the time of running of those periods.

In your case the moon dasa is over. In case you have not made the pilgrimage to Sethu and Rameswaram, do it now. The star dispositor of moon in your horoscope is Sravana. For this the deity to be worshiped is Vishnu. The tree / plant is erukku. Erukku is auspicious for Lord Ganesha. The moon's connection to saturn and capricorn in rasi and saturn's debility and conjunction with moon in your navamsa suggest that worship of Ganesha and the local devatha of your ancestral village is good. So I would advise you to worship Ganesa by offering erukkam maalai / regularly present erukkam poo to Ganesha deity near your house or in your puja itself. Or help in the growth of flower garden or maintenance of tress / planets in a Ganesha shrine and in the shrine of ancestral deity.

The bird for your star is naarai, a kind of swan. As told for the tree, this bird also must be protected. If not on all days, make sure to do something for their wellbeing on the star birthday.

In your case, the affliction falls on 4th house which happens to be the sign cancer. Worship of Durga with semi liquid or liquid dishes like payasam, milk etc must be done on Mondays. Donation of raw rice must be done to elderly mother like women.

Generally, the moon god must be meditated upon to strengthen it. Men can do Gayatri mantra everyday. Those who are not initiated can approach a priest and get initiated. Women can chant the name of Krishna (Om shree krishnaya namaha).

In fact for any affliction where Moon is implicated, Gayatri japa and Krishna japa are ideal japas. Pilgrimage to Sethu and Rameswaram is the ideal worship.Feeding Brahmins and offer of raw rice are the ideal donations. Circumambulation of Vishnu temple and banyan tree are ideal works. Hope this helps others also who happen to read this.