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From Doom’s day prediction to Lunar eclipse.

This title may be misleading, but I chose this title because I will be writing here what I missed to write throughout the period that started on 21st May 2011, when a section of people believed that the world will end on that day,-  and ended today when we will be witnessing  a Total Lunar eclipse in a few hours.  Due to some pre-occupations, I could not do active blogging for a 3-week period since 20th May.  I will write here the topics I wanted to write but could not write.

The interesting topic I could not write in detail was the Dooms day prediction made by one Mr Harold Camping that the world would come to an end on 21st May, 2011. This prediction did not materialize like many other Dooms day predictions before, simply because, like many other dooms day predictions it was based on unscientific notions of the Bible.  There is a wiki article on this prediction. Since the prediction has not come true, the author has revised the date!

There have been calamities form time to time, but none of them have wiped off Life completely. Hinduism takes a very pragmatic and scientific view of this. There is Pralaya – but it happens on a daily basis, in small areas and in big areas. Every night's sleep itself is akin to a Pralaya. Every fresh day, it is new birth for us. But every wipe-out that happens after a Yuga or Manvanthra is not final. There will be a phase of recuperation and Life will bounce back after some time. The dates of such wipe-outs coincide with some cosmic happenings.

For example, one of the scientifically identified doomsday causes, namely 'cosmic impact' did happen according to Hindu Thought when Pleiades (Kritthika star cluster which is by itself a separate galaxy) went past our galaxy about 100 million years ago.  When it happened,  the Saptha Rishi Mandala (Ursa major) was disturbed and the companion stars of 6 major stars denoted by 6 rishis were pulled out.  Only Arundhathi was left undisturbed. My earlier article on this can be read here.


In my opinion, that was the last time, the earth felt a disturbance in an enormous scale that led to a break-up of the earth and the broken one becoming Mars.  Mars in Hindu Thought is identified as Bhowman or Bhumi puthran, meaning,  the son of earth. Many people think that moon was part of the earth once, but this is disputed by the scientific evidence now. Moon was totally different; or rather a celestial entity of a chosen order from outer space as it signifies manas (mind) of man.  Its origin is comparable to that of the Sun as Sun stands for Athman or life, and moon stands for Mind. So far science has no clues to the origin of moon, but as per Hindu Thought, it must have originated before the birth of Solar system in a place or combination which was crucial for the formation of Solar system.

Scientific predictions of Dooms day go well with the views of the Hindu Thought. Top 10 scientific causes for the Dooms day can be read here:-

Of the 10 probable causes listed in this site, cosmic impact is close to the Final Day of earth's life according to Hindu Thought. There may have been small and localised catastrophes every now and then caused by  tsunami hits, earthquakes and asteroid hits. But a total wipe –out or sleep mode to Life will be seen when the present Kalpa ends.  The end of the present Kalpa coincides with the  clash with Andromeda galaxy. (wiki article on Andromeda ) which is likely to take place after 4 billion years. Andromeda is racing towards us from the south and this perfectly matches with the notion of death and destruction from/ in the South. It is around that time our Sun also will die out a natural death. This encounter with Andromeda causes complete overhaul of the present system and a new alignment will place in a new kalpa. It will take approximately 6 billion years for this new Kalpa to come up with Life. I will someday write more on this when I will be writing on Hindu concept of Cosmos.

In the present write up, in the context of Dooms day predictions based on Bible, we can say with certainty that Hindu Thought is scientific and does not make any prediction of Doomsday as told by Bible zealots.



The next topic I wanted to write was on the Ganga retreating in Varanasi. The retreat of Gangothri is already a news, but the retreat of Ganga in Varanasi is perhaps for the first time happening. People got panicky as this means the oblations and rituals can not be done on the banks.

This causes worries because the Ganga is supposed to remain as a sacred one capable of wiping out sins only upto 5000 years of Kali yuga. Verse 11-4 of Chanakya Niti says, " It is believed that God deserts the earth after 10,000 years of Kali yuga. After 5000 years of the same, the holy waters of the river Ganges desert the earth, After 2500 years the deity of the village departs from there".

The 2500 year cut-off, according to me is the time of Kannagi. I don't consider Kannagi's revenge on common people as dharmic. I will write some time later on the astrological combinations of the revenge which I characterize as the first ever terrorist attack on hapless citizens. The deities of the Directions and villages left when she set Madurai on fire. Until then the deities appeared in person for deserving devotees.  Kannagi episode coincides with 2500 years of Kali yuga. But now after 5000 years Ganga has gone out of reach for common people. I am reminded of this verse by Chanakya when I read the news on Ganga's retreat.  A casualty on the issue on saving Ganga has just happened with the death of Swami Nigamananda. This also makes me wonder whether Chanakya's prediction on Ganga is indeed true.



Another issue I wanted to write was the quiet ways in which the Government is strangulating the freedom of speech on the internet. The technical experts on internet who have been giving valuable information on internet and were cautioning us on internet censorship, have themselves faced the wrath of the government now. Their wordpress blog has been suspended without any notice or explanation.  However they continue with their other blog  . The recent news is that some blogspots also have become inaccessible.

This is a cause of concern for all of us having faith in democracy. Personally I am worried  as I have over 1000 posts in this blog and am working in my Tamil blog on Tamizhan Dravidanaa, with 20 + articles yet to be written.  



Another topic that I wanted write was the Uniform education system in Tamilnadu. I don't agree with the Uniform system proposed by the DMK Govt which I view as Uniform minimum education. Infact I don't believe that uniform syllabus would do justice to our children. Each child's capability varies and the children must have the freedom to choose from different systems of education. NCERT provides the bench mark and any attempt to re design the syllabus must aim at reaching NCERT standards and nor less.  I think many of the people who support DMK govt't education system are either not having school going children in their house or are not aware of the standard required to compete at college levels. Already scrapping off entrance exams to medical and technical under graduate stream has started telling on the quality of the students in college. If this trend is allowed, President Obama can stop worrying about competition from Tamilnadu students.


Other issues:-

Death of MF Hussain – good news

Baba Ramdev ' s fast – He made 2 mistakes which he could have avoided – 1. He must have asked for a single issue. 2. He must have courted arrest when police swooped on Ramlila grounds.

Abdul kalam is seen  in news often – good. He speaks on corruption at all those occasions. I wish he plays a role in anti corruption mood that is swelling now.

Maran to resign? – It is rumoured that TR Balu will be inducted into cabinet to compensate. If so that is good news as that would help in further eroding Congress's moralities.

Finally today's Total Lunar eclipse.

Waiting to see it.

The eclipse happens in the mid-heavens  and totality happens in the 5th part of the night (of 7parts). For such an eclipse, the predictions are as follows.


  • ·         Central provinces will suffer, it could mean some trouble to the Central government, but there will be happiness for the people.
  • ·         There will be a marginal fall in the price of food grains.
  • ·         Herbivorous animals and cows will suffer.
  • ·         Ministers and some business men will suffer, so also the household inmates.

I particularly foresee troubles for ministers in the central government. Someone asked about PC's prospects. I already wrote about it in a comment. From his moon sign no trouble is seen. But he does have a malefic combination which will pull him down like A Raja if he his lagna is Scorpio (Sep 9, 1945, Sivaganga) . Since his time of birth is not known, not able to say with certainty.  He is currently running Mercury dasa, in whose house the malefic combination occurs. This heightens the risk factor for him.

At the mundane level, presently the combinations are indicative of earthquakes, landslides that could cause havoc to vehicular traffic and flash floods caused by damage to water bodies or tsunamis. The time around this eclipse has more such probabilities. For details on how to predict these, please browse my old articles on earthquakes.

Another factor of concern is the movement of Venus in papa-karthari since March. Since March this year,  Venus has been moving with Mars and Sun on either side thereby showing propensity for fire mishaps. Now Sun has moved beyond, but Venus still continues to be in papa-karthari with Mars on one side and Ketu on the other. This continues till the month end after which Venus goes away  from the grip of malefics.  Hope the gory incidents involving fire will not be heard so frequently from next month onwards.

Another factor I want to write is that Mars will be moving across Rohini shortly. Rohini is a sensitive star and movement of malefic across that or aspects by malefic on Rohini are said to cause human sufferings. But fortunately Mars will be moving in northern declination.  A similar crossing of Rohini by Saturn was pacified by King Dasaratha who prayed to Saturn with Sani sthuthi. As  a result Saturn moved in the north and spared Rohini.

The crossing of Rohini is called as Rohini Sakata bheda which is supposed to cause human sufferings. But when the malefic move above (north of) Rohini, it does not cause mishaps. However, at the present combination of planets showing higher propensity for natural calamities through earthquake, and Mars positioned in an earthy sign of Taurus aspecting  Scorpio, the West  is likely to be rattled by earthquakes. Himalayan region in the north of India also is vulnerable.


Tom Yum said...

very knowledgeable writing. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mam, I have a doubt on astrology. It seems there are two ways of generating a horoscope; through vaakya panchanga method and thirukanidha panchanga method. What is the difference between these two and which one is accurate and reliable.

Which one you follow when you make predictions. Thanks

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...



BK Chowla, said...

Very intersting. Lets see, what happens in the central govt

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

The vakya panchanga position of planets are similar to bhava chart.Thirukkanitha shows the exact location of planets in the rasi. Here we must know the difference between rasi and bhava. Rasi starts from 0 degrees and ends at 30 degress of a constellation such as Aries etc. Bhava is also of 30 degree duration but begins 15 degrees before the birth time degree and ends at 15 degree after the birth time degree. in other words, the exact time of birth degree is at the middle of a bhava. It could happen at any place in a rasi (constellation)

Suppose the birth happens at 25th degree of Aries, the first bhava (lagna bhava) begins at 10th degree of Aries and ends at 10 degree of taurus. suppose there is a planet at 5 degree of aries at the time of birth, it will be in lagna bhava in rasi chart but in the 12th house in the bhava chart. The vakya shows the bhava positions. Whereas the rasi positions are helpful in knowing the yogas.

For example Venus is at 10 degree Pisces at the time of birth and the birth happens at 25 degree Pisces, the rasi chart will show Venus in exaltation in lagna, whereas it will be seen in exaltation in the 12th in Bhava chart. In this scenario. we take into account the exaltation and other yogas as per rasi, but phalans as per bhava chart.Hope I am conveying clearly.

In interpreting charts, bhavas take precedence as our astrological rules are for bhavas. In practice, i compare bhava and rasi and interpret by combining both. The planet will ultimately behave as in bhava.

Jhora version 7.4 is more or less accurate in bhava, rasi positions according to me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton. It's really informative and helpful for us.

Narayanan said...

Thanks for anothor interesting article.
Kazhiyur M Narayanan, Californa

Kudanthaiamudhan said...

pl tell me the rough timing of " Doom day in india " when india will be free from foreign operative who gets instruction from vatigan to run the country and who plunders the wealth of india". just plese inform from the astrological point of view.

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Narayanan


Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Kudanthaiamudhan

I don't have optimistic opinion about the future of India in next few decades - astrologically.
The current Sun dasa may be good - sun being the 4th lord in the 4th house (its own house) in bhava but in messed up combination in the 3rd in Rasi.

The next dasa of Moon starting from Sep 2015, and lasting for 10 years, will be a time of lot of bickerings both internal and external (border countries will be giving us headache) though, country's development will keep up its promising pace (because of moon in the asterism of saturn which is dharma- karma lord for Taurus lagna of Independent India).

Hindu dharma will never get governmental patronage in India. The lord of Dharma, Jupiter is in the 6th house and that too in mruthyu bhaga in that sign. This means Jupiter is always in a struggle for survival. Jupiter signifies justice system and Hindu dharma. Only in transit, when Jupiter moves in friendly signs and in auspicious angles from the moon sign, can there be some semblance of Justice or a breather for Hindu dharma. It is left to the individuals to uphold Hindu Dharma.

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

@BK Chowla

Thanks for your comment.

Kudanthaiamudhan said...

Priyanka Vadora horoscope is an interesting to find more about her brother and parents.Priyanka husband ROBERT VADORA runs antique shops both in italy and in delhi.After marriage with Priyanka, robert vadora disowned his father,brother and sister.All of them died one by one in car accident,suicide and some mysterious circumstances not much published in any news paper also about the legal fightings (public notice issues by robert against his family) between robert vadora and his father,brother and sister who are all no more now.
Priyanka was born on 12th jan 1972
at 14.40 pmt new delhi- lagna is rishba where yogakaragan saturn is in first sign of lagna, ketu- 3rd,
third sign signify brother which is moon attaining neecha in vrichiha at 7th sign from lagna, the maraka house.
sun,mercury,jupiter are all in 8th house from lagna while venus is in 10th at kumbha and mars is in 11th at meena.
Running dasa is venus and bhukthi is moon up to 17th dec 2011.
so venus dasa - moon bhukthi is very significance to her brother.
venus,the lagna lord in 10th house at the star of mars, the lord of 7th and 11th. Third house- brother sign as bhukthi lord- moon is neecha in vrichka at mars house.

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Kudandhai amudhan.

Thanks for giving the birth details of Priyanka and your assessment of her horoscope. You seem to convey that this period will be fatal for her brother Rahul.

But I see a different picture. We have already shared our views on Rahul Gandhi’s moon –Saturn period. I don’t consider that period of Rahul as maraka causing. Moon is not a maraka for Gemini ascendant. Bhavartha Ratnakara emphatically says this – ‘let there be no samshayam to people about this.’

To quote that verse:-

“mithunE jaayamaanasya thana naathasthu chandramaa/
maarakO na bhavasyeva maanavasya na samshaya:// “
(1- Mithuna lagna vichaara – stanza 6)

Moreover the marakas will behave depending on the longevity of the horoscope.
In Rahul’s case, the basic issue namely, lagna in common sign and moon in fixed sign ensures purnayusu. Lagna lord in fixed sign and moon sign lord in common sign ensures purnayusu. But lagna lord in 12th and in papa karthari reduces that long span. However comparing the relative strengths of lagna lord and 8th lord, the lagna lord mercury scores over the 8th lord in shad bala and in all its constituent balas, besides enjoying good ashtaka varga points. Like this if we go with each issue on longevity, we can assign madhyayusu to him. His palm line also ensures madhyaayusu upto70 years.

The bhaadak Jupiter becomes favorable in trinal sign and in retrogression and its aspect on 8th lord and the lagna strengthens his life. There are other issues (as already stated earlier) of Ayush karaka aspecting 8th and / or 8th lord aspecting 8th and 3rd lord

(to be cont'd)

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

(cont'd from from previous)

Moreover the planets change positions in bhava chart, thereby necessitating a combined reading of rasi and bhava. He lost his father in Venus dasa not because Venus was a maraka, but because venus was in the star of the 9th lord (who is debilitated ) and the death happened in the bhukthiu of Rahu who is posited in the 9th house.

His current moon dasa has given him some importance which he gained easily without any efforts. 2nd lord in 6th makes this possible. Moon can not be considered as neecha as it automatically gets neecha bhnaga (Kendra to itself), Moreover his moon was Full moon and has a whooping 7 bindus in its binnashtakavarga with bindus contributed by itself, lagna lord and 3rd lord. His moon dasa has been fortunate for him until now, but Saturn bhukthi will not be favourable.

The angle between dasa and bhukthi lords do play a crucial role. It is 6-8 axis. Saturn as 3rd from moon in 6th is good, but as 4th lord in 6th is bad for mother. Saturn in neecha in rasi and in 12th in Navamsa and in the star of 5th and 11th lord Venus, will erode the benefits as 3rd lord in 6th. That is, he is likely to lose benefits, money and comforts in this bhukthi. His mother also is likely to suffer .

(to be co9nt'd)

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

(cont'd from previous)

I find a similar happening in Priyanka’s current dasa bhukthi. For her also the bhava positions change and those changes can not be ignored. Without going into details of the dasa bhukthi lords, which you are aware, let us look at the connection between them. Dasa lord Venus is in the 4th to moon. Moon as lord of 3th in neecha becomes good for 8th house Jupiter. 8th lord in 8th confers longevity for her. The 3rd from 8th going neecha strengthens her life.

But moon does not enjoy strength as in Rahul’s horoscope. With 4-10 axis between Venus and moon and Venus aspecting the 4th house and joining Rahu in the 9th in bhava (which is 6th from 4th) will affect moon’s karakathwa (which is mother).

Even otherwise, moon bhukthi in Venus dasa will affect 4th house karakathwa. (mother, house, comforts, vahana etc)

The 3rd house significance as brother is not affected as we go on with further checks. In her annual Tajaka chart the Bhrathru sahama lord (for brother) is Mars which is exalted and in good angle to Tajaka lagna.

Sonia’s current dasa- bhkthi also is troublesome and the current dasa- bhkthi of the two kids also point out troubles for Sonia (mother)

For Rahul, his problematic period will be Mars dasa. His mercury in 12th and some other combinations show that all is not well with his health. He is likely to suffer a kind of disease that is comparable to what his great grand father suffered.

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

(cont'd from previous)

Shockingly, I find some odd combinations in Priyanka’s horoscope also. Rahul was also accused of some weird thing recently but the accused was silenced. I do not want to write openly but give hints from my forthcoming article on behavioural abnormalities. Perhaps readers will understand what I mean if I mention Ricky Martin, the popular singer. Here are the hints:-
“The most prominent were as follows:
(1) Saturn – Venus exchange can happen in Rasi
(2) Saturn – Venus conjunction
(3) Jaimini aspect of Saturn – Venus.
(4) Debility of Venus and Saturn
(5) Navamsa lagna occurring in Saturn sign
(6) Conjunction or opposition or Saturn - Mercury and Saturn- Venus
(7) Saturn, Venus or mercury joining or separate in saturnine Navamsa.
(8) Trimsamsa lagna falling in Saturnine signs.
(9) Opposition or conjunction of Sun and moon with Mars afflicting them.
(10) Uranus, the planet for unconventional behavior joining or opposing any of the combinations mentioned above. “

Astrological enthusiasts may check these hints in the horoscopes of Priyanka and Rahul.

The two kids (Priyanka and Rahul) are not chosen kids, sadly for any parent. The Congress is seeking its nemesis by heavily depending on these two and Sonia.

graghave said...

aaah very nice.. your last statement, "they are not the chosen kids" gives hope for the future in india :-)

Also In sonia gandhis horoscope the 7th lord is in lagna, i've heard that in those cases, you can apply another
dasha, ie dwi-sapthathi-sama dasha,
that shows a total span of 72 years.

What does that mean Jayasreeji ? do the dashas re occur after 72 years OR will there be an end before the 72 years ?


Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Raghu

If you are dependent of internet for learning astrology, you will come across a number of articles on other dasas and such other techniques. I do not follow all that. I go by traditional astrology which is using Vimshothari dasa. There is even a verse attributed to Sage Parashara that Vimshoththari is best suited for Kali yuga.

In practice I find Vimshoththari useful and suppliment it with Tajaka annual horoscope and gochara movements based on ashtaka varga.

ASHISH said...

Could you please suggest a title for Basics of Astrology.
Ashish Raje

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

The book 'Varshaphal' by Dr BV Raman is a good book in Tajaka. Tajaka is an extended horoscope of natal horoscope. The natal dasa - bhukthi is integrated with Tajaka position of planets and sahama lords to assess the nature of results. This gives a more reliable interpretation of the natal phalan.

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Ashish,
Perhaps you can start with "Hindu Predictive astrology' by Dr. BV Raman. After getting a concise idea of horoscopy from that book, you may start with his 2 volumed book on 12 signs. In addition the Varshaphal and Ashtakavarga books by Dr BV Raman would make your understanding complete.

Hari said...

What will be the future in regards to sanatana dharma in India , I mean can it come to its past glory here.
Will Veda ever gain prominence here in the future.Will people be more dharmic in the future.

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

@ Hari,

It is long since Sanathana dhrama has been patronized by the State. Such a thing can never be expected to happen. It is only through individuals and by individuals, it can be upheld.

ASHISH said...

I read the following
Sree Padmanabha swamy temple. The Temple cellars opened after a court petition.
Malayala Manorama daily - The protector of Church's agenda was very much over enthusiastic in publishing the details of treasure hunt in Sri Ananda Padmanabha Swamy temple. The Bishop houses close to Manorama offices too have much hidden in their cellars. Will Malayala Manorama ever dare to publish the glossy details about Vatican's and Bishop House's and Church's financial assets

SHAM SECULARISM has destroyed the Kshatratej of idiot Hindus. The only way to recover is rebellion against an unjust order. God help those who help themselves. Hindu apathy in wake of all frontal assault is mind numbing.

Ashish Raje

Hari said...

Dear Jayasree,
I have a little hope on sanathana dharma prevailing. I just read a book called "Hinduism invades America" , it says that christianity and all other religions are just fading due to the modern intellect and scientific thinking but hinduism is the only religion which stands still and poses question even to the scientific world.
And I wanted to share my grandfather's view on sanathana dharma. Once my grandfather who was a dwivedi(rig and yajur) said that sanathana dharma will prevail and only it will exist as it is the absolute truth. And truth does not need the support of others to exist, it will exist on its own.And all the acts of saving sanathana dharma is just our own belief that we are helping it, in reality even if we stand up for it or not sanathana dharma will prevail.Its like Krishna saying to Arjuna that even if he kills or not the kauravas will be killed but if he kills them, he would obtain the punya of performing his duty.
SO he told me not to worry and perform my duty sincerely.

Kalaivani said...

HI Mrs Jaya,

I was reading this comment:
"The most prominent were as follows:
(1) Saturn – Venus exchange can happen in Rasi
(2) Saturn – Venus conjunction
(3) Jaimini aspect of Saturn – Venus.
(4) Debility of Venus and Saturn
(5) Navamsa lagna occurring in Saturn sign
(6) Conjunction or opposition or Saturn - Mercury and Saturn- Venus
(7) Saturn, Venus or mercury joining or separate in saturnine Navamsa.
(8) Trimsamsa lagna falling in Saturnine signs.
(9) Opposition or conjunction of Sun and moon with Mars afflicting them.
(10) Uranus, the planet for unconventional behavior joining or opposing any of the combinations mentioned above. “

Opposition in astrology means the planets are 7th position from each other? ( in opposite direction?)

It isnt a coincident, but i have seen many of my friends who are in this modern fad of being bi-sexual having the conjuction of venus and saturn or the parivarthanai of venus and saturn in their lagna chart.

Dr Jayasree Saranathan said...

//Opposition in astrology means the planets are 7th position from each other? ( in opposite direction?)//

yes Ms Kalaivani