Thursday, April 16, 2009

Plot-shape is important in Vaastu!

Generally people tend to give importance to the rooms and directions of rooms in considering Vaastu. Some times the height of the floor is raised saying that it must be higher than the rest of the house. There is another practice of having low roof in east / north east and high roof at their opposites. But not many seem to know (particularly in Tamilnadu) that these stipulations on height and slope that are currently in vogue are not meant for houses / built structures. They apply only to the land / plot.

The land is the natural energy source which determines the quality of other energies that are trapped in the structure built on it. The location, the kind of surroundings, the availability of natural forces such as wind flow, water-slopes, soil type, sunlight etc only determine the Vaastu of a place and therefore the quality of life in a house built there.

In reality not many people give thought to these things. Worst of all, no one seems to give a thought about the shape of the plot they intend to buy nor about the overall shape of the colony in which the plot is situated.

The realtors buy the land that comes available at a cheaper rate and divide it without giving any thought on Vaastu. The Vaastu enters the scene only after the buyer has bought it and is planning to build a house there.

Sometimes, it is quite appalling to look at the overall- site maps that are published by the promoters. More often than not, the entire site will be in some peculiar shape and the plot divisions are done in such a way that not a single square foot of land is wasted.
When the entire site is of a shape that is inauspicious, it will affect the entire community that is going to live there. Those living in badly shaped parts of the site would bear the worst brunt.

This post is aimed at bringing to focus on the shape that must be definitely looked into while deciding to buy land for construction. There are other factors too – some of which I have been writing from time to time

In this post I am concentrating on the land shapes.

There are primarily 16 shapes identified. Of them only 3 are habitable.
They are square, rectangular and round shaped plots.

The square, rectangular plots are most common.
One may acquire a plot of some haphazard shape. But it is imperative that the land is corrected into square or rectangle shape by barricading and constructing a house only within that shape.
In reality it is difficult to come across a circular plot.
But the earth itself presents the look of a vrittakara bhoomi (circular shaped).

The Vaastu advantage in these three types is maximum.
Vaastu advantage is derived from the sun.
Ancient texts say that the sunlight carries 32 different types of energies which we call as ‘devathas’ (gods/deities).

When the sunlight falls on a plot or any demarcated land of square, rectangular and circular shape, these 32 energies are spread in a systematic fashion, energizing the respective parts. The rationale of this can be traced to Vedic hymns such as Rig vedic hymns on these deities and Yajur Vedic hymn of AruNam on the Sun.

It is based on these energies bestowed by deities that we say where the kitchen should be, where the treasury should be, where the bedroom should be and so on. I will do a detailed post on Vedic and Upanishadic rationale later. In the current post, let me impress upon the fact that the sunlight along with its energy flows can be trapped fully and beneficially only in the above mentioned 3 types of lands.

One may ask how such trapping can happen in a specific plot while the land stretches everywhere and the plots are continuous. It is for this reason, it is recommended that a plot must be fenced soon after it is bought. The exact shape of square or rectangle is pronounced in the plot when it is fenced. A fenced plot receives the sunlight in a systematic and beneficial way. This is similar to how the image of the sun can be captured in as many cups of water as possible. A single sun can be seen in billions of cups of water. In the same way, the entire energy of the sun can be captured separately in billions of plots that have definite boundaries.

The earth is beaming with life because the sunlight is enriching it continuously with its deities for ages. This is done is a specific pattern based on directions, landmass and slopes. What holds good for the earth also holds good for the individual plots.

Moreover when the plot is of a definitive shape such as square or rectangle, it is possible to identify the ‘dark’ areas of ‘marma-sthaan’ in the plot and avoid them while constructing the house.

When the plot is square or rectangle shaped, there is success and prosperity for the inmates.
If it is circular shaped, there is growth in wisdom and wealth.
It is advisable to have circular plots for educational institutes and finance houses.
Marriage hall constructed on circular plot also ensures good life for the people married there.

Apart from these 3, there is one more type which is good.
This has equal measures on opposite sides (like in a rectangle)
but the corners are curved and not at right angles.
(called as Bhadraasana bhoomi)

The curved opposites must also be equal to each other.
If so, it is good for living purpose.
This shape bestows all comforts to the inmates.

Sometimes the opposite sides may be equal but not curved and not at right angles.
This is not good for living.

In this type one side may be extended.
People think that if the extension is in north east, it is good.
But no expert in Vaastu of olden days, accepted even a pea-sized extension on any direction. It must be corrected to square or rectangle only.
The corners can be right angled or just blunt but not of any other angle.

The other ones that are prohibited for living are as follows:-

Wheel shaped plot.

One must not confuse circular with wheel shaped plot.
Wheel shaped plot has many corners, but can be inscribed in a circle.
But this is not qualified to be a circular plot.
Such a plot is not suitable for living. It will bring misery to the inmates.

Triangular plot is the worst of all.

I have seen in reality people living in triangular plots (even commercial complexes are prohibited) getting mad due to troubles. A king living in this would lose his kingdom. Just imagine the kind of fate for others.

The Cart-shaped plot has two opposite sides equal. The other two will have 3 types of measurements.

This ensures poverty!
But this plot can be reshaped into a rectangle or square one.

The long, Rod-shaped plot also is not good for living. The wealth will be lost!

One must not confuse this with rectangular plot.
This looks elongated.

The Drum shaped plot will destroy the women and kids.

The owner who lives in that plot will lose his wife and progeny.

The kettle-drum shaped plot will afflict the inmates, particularly the kids with eye diseases.

The kids may even be born blind!

A plot projected at one side (Brahnmukha bhoomi)
will make one lose his kith and kin.

His relatives will desert him.

The L-sahped plot will make one suffer in job.

He will lose job or lose money in business.

In all these cases, correctives can be done by fencing the plot in square and rectangle shapes and making constructions complaint only to the new shape.

There are Tortoise-shaped (Kurma) plots that would make one suffer imprisonment.

Bow shaped plots (Dhanuraakaara) will give fear from thieves.

The Winnow-shaped plot causes diseases and poverty.

There are rarely pot shaped plots, but they do cause leprosy to kids!

In reality we come across plots in some geometric shape which is not always square or rectangular.

One has to exercise caution while buying a plot and ensure that the shape is corrected and fenced properly in either of the 2 desired shapes (square or rectangular)
before planning to construct a house.


Unknown said...

Have identified a plot measuring East to West 34+40/2 ft and North to South 40 ft in all 1480 sq ft. The plot faces East and there are 30ft roads on both East and West of the plot.

The South East corner (Agni Moola) is 6 feet higher in dimension than the North East corner.

Please suggest if it is advisable to buy the plot and construct house thereon as am given to understand that it is not advisable to go in for such irregular shaped plot.

Your valued advise will be highly appreciated.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

From the dimensions, it looks like a Rhombus shaped plot, the west being longer than the east. It must be corrected to Rectangular shape by building the compound wall in exact dimensions of a rectangle. The extension is in SW which signifies loss and death. Strictly that part must be excluded. If you are ready for putting a piece of land into disuse, you can go ahead.

The height in SE is good. But check the slope from SE. If it slopes towards N, E and NE, it will be very good. Sloping towards other directions is not good. But this can be corrected before construction. For this plot it is ideal to make it level throughout. When you are leveling make sure that the left out corner in the SW is not lower than the plot. It must be higher.

About streets, it is good to leave some space towards the direction of the street. Since there are streets on both east and west and the plot is east facing, the house must be a little inward. East facing house is good and the space in the east must be more than the space in the west.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Rhombus is a shape which is equal on all sides not having 90 degree internal angle.
The shape which is shown for the Rhombus is actually Quadrilateral. So please do correct. and also do give the Vastu correctly as many people check the internet for suggestions now a days. Please be precise. If you correctly then post it on the internet, don't just post it, the entire WORLD is watching you.

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Raja Marthanda is the source text from which we were taught this Shodasa Bhu lakshana (16 shapes of plots). The Rhombus shaped is called as Vishamabahu bhumi. As per the commentary, it is a four sided site with equal sides but not in right angles. The caution given is that the seeming -to -extend NE corner should not be construed as auspicious.

In reality we do not come such a perfect rhombus shaped plot. The most common shape where people make mistake on a corner - extension is depicted in the picture.

There are many internet teachers and learners of astrology. I don't belong to those categories. Impolite and uncivil people will not get my advice as intended.

vivekanand said...

I'm playing to buy a house which is constructed on a triangular plot. main entrance of the house is at n/w direction and the hypotenuse of the triangle lies from south to north and
the owner has constructed a compound inside a plot to bifurcate some area in north east region..

Is this plot good ?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Not good.

Unknown said...

Hi Sir/Madam,

i have read lot of your articles on the blogspot and i really admire the knowleage that sarswathi has bestowed to you. all the articles are really so informative.
sir i need a suggestion on buying a plot, below is the details

There is a plot which is south facing and the dimention is
South is 71.3
east is 60
west is 60
North is 39

and the road is towards south and it ends at the east corner
my husband star is mrigashira, can we buy this plot. please suggest

K.Umashanker said...

Res sir,
I intend to purchase a res plot . In that both NE is extended to wards north & north west extended towards west .
It is a east facing plot with road on east side .
Diagonally west corner is more than north corner by about 4 ft
However south & east corner is in line & in that road is provided.
But the house is proposed to be constructed in a perfect rectangular shape .leaving the north west side un touched . Can I provide a fence in that portion to plant trees
Your direction in this regard is solicited
Thanks & regards ,

Unknown said...

Me and my brother have purchased east facing villa plots which are odd sites . For me it has 40 ft depth(east to west) and 40 ft width(north to south) in front(making it right angle on 2 corners) but from back side it is 48 ft giving it an irregular shape stretching towards north west.
Kindly advise if it has any defects.

Unknown said...

wat about a house with reversed pie shape? 82 front, 120left, 148 rit and 30 back with front facing east?

Unknown said...

We found one North facing plot ( directions N04 42'43 W ) measuring North to south -> 91.39+65.70 ft
and East to West ->145.70+119.59.

Please suggest if it advisable t buy this plot and construct a house and please let me know if it has anything bad in this.


Unknown said...

Please let me know your suggestions.

Unknown said...


I have seen a west faced plot with southwest extension. The builder says he will cut the plot into west facing rectangular shape and will leave the small triangle shaped southwest extension as it is and not register in my name. Can I go for this plot and build a house ?


Unknown said...

sir,my plot is east facing with dimensions 36 on east and west sides,60 on north and south sides,now we got an offer to take 240 sq.feet (4 feet east and west sides,60 feet north and south sides) that south side plot owner want to sell and asked us.we have not even started any plan to construct house,so before of construction of house can we take plot on south side and construct our new house.

ramaa ganesh said...

we are planning to purchase a property plot
the dimensions are 12 meters breadth which is road facing and then beyond there is a river. This direction is north east roughly
towards the other side , the dimensions increase †o breadth 14 meters
the length is 40 meters on one side and 47 meters on the other side
this plots is between one larger plot and one smaller plot
the house plan is to construct the house on the riverfront side i.e 12 meters
based on your site information , does this make it a cow face plot?
we plan to construct second home for occasional use
any help will be highly appreciated
many thanks in advance
r. ganesh

Unknown said...

I purchase one plot have face towards me.House was constructed before in the me side.plot is irregular of all 60',nw 70',sw 87',se 110'.please suggest for remedies.

Unknown said...

Hi All

I Have a plot measuring w-38,E-27,S-30,N-32--total 980 Sqf.

Having main road on south side 40 ft and west side 30 ft road.

Though i know this is not vastu compliance,can you please tell the remedy of this defect.


Shrenik Jain said...

I just came across this blog online. It's very knowledgable and I appreciate you sharing your it with the world. How can I contact you via email ? I have an plot image to show you which may have an south west cut. Please reply madam

Satya said...

My father had a L shape plot. Extended on north east. If we cut the plot into two rectangular pieces can we build a house in upper part of the L section by using north east section as garden and parking area.This is the only plot he has and got this from his father. Please advise me in this.

Jayasree Saranathan said...


Fence them into rectangular plots. The extended one not fit for living but can be used as garden.

sanjay prasad said...

want to purchase right angle triangle plot two sides north and west adjacent to other house hypotenous side colony road extended towards north east for commercial purpose godown and office

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Not advisable. Make it into rectangular or square plots and leave the rest without fencing or outline. Consecrate Shakti Devi in the left out regions.

Unknown said...

Rod-shaped plot
What is the ratio of length to breadth to calculate
Site dimensions
N:25 S:25
E:83 W:83
Is this rectangle or rod shaped?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Rod shaped.

Unknown said...

If 83ft is the length(N-S), what should be minimum width to make it rectangle shaped?

Nanrigal pala

Jayasree Saranathan said...

Ideal measurements given in Maya vaastu is 1:1.25, 1:1.5, 1:1.75 and 1:2

For household and commercial purpose 1:2 is recommended. For spiritual institutions, 1:3 is good.

In the case of 83: 25, I suggest to divide the plot into two: one, 25: 50 and another 25: 30 with 3 feet gap in between.

Madhan Kumar said...

Namaskaram Ma.

When doing the corrections on an already built compound, do you advise to do the changes on the foundational level or just the new walls are enough while the old foundation structue can run continuous according to the total plot's dimensions?

Jayasree Saranathan said...

@Madhan Kumar,

Let the old boundary be hidden under the ground, that is, make it just below the ground level and cover it. Get the new boundary a visible structure above the ground.

Madhan Kumar said...

Thanks Ma.

In that case how does one deal with conjoined compound structures with neighbours? This is the norm everywhere, even in villages. How do you see this development? Compound structures attached to one another without any space? Neighbouring plots could be sizes which are not vastu compliant.


Jayasree Saranathan said...

In such cases we suggest to create proper square or rectangle fence within the plot. The building for residence should lie within that square or rectangular part only. The region lying outside the fence but within the plot can be used for garden with a gate to access that, if that region looks substantial. Never leave any portion of that into triangular shape.