Saturday, March 8, 2008

Rama Setu: case in SC, what an oil spill will do in Setusamudram

A must-be-read sent by Mr kalyanaraman.

This is a research paper by Sarvesh Tiwari on how an ecological
disaster is waiting to happen by an oil spill if a mid-ocean channel
is opened in Setusamudram. (This is in addition to another tsunami
more devastating than the Dec. 26,2004 waiting to happen according to
the Nature magazine report of Sept. 9, 2007).

Does anyone care for the security of the nation's coastline at all?

Lawyers representing Fali Nariman will do well to study this research
report and advice their clients in Congress Government to abandon the
Setu project.

Let the lawyer argue for their clients, but let them not leave an
impaired Bharatam for present and future generations. It is our
responsibility to preserve the integrity of the coastline and marine
wealth, the way our ancestors have bequeathed the wealth to us.

The disaster of a high-probability oil-spill will wreck the entire
Marine Bioreserve of Gulf of Mannar. I hope good sense will prevail to
avert such an eco-tragedy.

I request anyone who has access to Nariman to forward this note to him
either by fax or email or on phone. He has to read this research
report of Sarvesh Tiwari which should be an eye-opener to everyone
involved with saving Rama Setu and even those engaged in desiccating
this world heritage, not unlike the Taliban demolishing Bamiyan Buddha
calling it a mere piece of mountain-rock.



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