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The in-built protection mechanism of Ram Sethu – astrologically speaking.

The need to save Ram Sethu is being stressed mainly from two angles,

one on the basis of faith

and another, on the basis of the perspectives drawn from different sciences.

While both these are being ignored by the powers that be,

I want to speak from an odd angle, from the point of view of astrology.

Astrology is being considered by many as a hoax or as some thing baseless.

But I wish to talk about it to make a ‘prediction’ about the fate of Ram sethu

due to certain reasons.

The main reason is because astrology is about reasons or causes or about ‘hetu’.

Even all sciences are about causes.

But there is a difference between existence of a cause and the ability to notice a cause.

When the ability to notice a cause is not there, it will give rise to wrong conclusions.

This ability as per science is mainly related to ‘proof’

No one will accept unless there is proof.

In the absence of proof, no one will accept a body of knowledge.

But our elders did not consider so.

According to them the knowledge which is useful to man can be called a science.

‘Sasanath sastramuchyate’.

Any body of knowledge useful to mankind is sastra.

In this way astrology is a sastra and even a supreme sastra,

and is considered as the mother of all sastras applicable

at all places, times, countries and all beings animate and inanimate.

Its methodology is to start from the beginning of creation

and systematically coming down through every step of diversification and expansion

in the course of creation proceeding with itself.

In doing so, it is able to pinpoint causes and its effects in varying degrees

depending on numerous factors that influence the cause and guide the effect.

So whenever an effect is noted, its corresponding cause can be known.

These effects are known as proofs in modern terminology.

Astrology looks at these proofs as 'effects' to specific causes.

For instance,

a medical practitioner may diagnose a particular disease and administer medicines.

At times it may not work.

He will try another medicine, which may work or may not work.

And there are limits to this, as not all is known about a particular disease.

Again what works in a particular person, may not work in another person.

This is because of the difference in the constitution of the persons.

And this is not easily recognizable in medicals science.

But not so with astrology.

It can say what type of medicine will work in a particular person.

Because it deals with all possible causes for the given 'effect' in the form of a disease

and is capable of identifying the particular cause in a particular person.

This is being done in tune with the basic principles of matter and mind

and the fact of Nature that all beings, animate and inanimate in this universe

have sprung from these basic particles and principles.

The most basic of this is the recognition of two-some in nature.

Everything has two sides, a positive and a negative.

day and night, heat and cold and so on.

All these are recognizable as rays or energies.

This two-some nature must be known because they work in opposites.

Herein comes the utility of astrology.

If a negative exists, a remedy for it can be identified in its positive.

Astrology looks at these information

and uses specific terms and terminologies to identify them.

The knowledge of astrology when applied at Ram sethu,

brings out the following observations.

The raised bund of Ram sethu – be it natural or man-made - is calcareous.

Wherever calcium or any variation of it is seen ,

astrology recognizes it as the handiwork of the ray or energy of Mars.

But by the two-some principle, Mars indicates both positive energies and negative energies.

The calcium deposit as a raised bund indicates

a kind of fracture similar to bone fracture

-a fracture at the bottom of the sea.

I say this because of the presence of corals on top of this layer.

It is understood that coral stretch is not indigenously grown.

Coral always depicts the positive ray or energy of Mars,

as if to remedy an underlying problem.

This can be understood by a research in bone setting done in France

(from new paper reports)

Usually, in treating bone fractures, a rod is placed and a bandage is tied around it.

Later when the bone grows, the rod is removed.

But there used to be problems of infection and non-acceptance by the body.

The researchers found out that when coral was used to bind the fracture,

it slowly changed into bone and mixed with the original bone.

From 1982 onwards, 5000 patients were cured in this manner without any problems,

say the researchers.

The curious fact of astrology is that negative rays of Mars cause

bone cracks whereas

positive rays of Mars cure them.

Coral is the remedy by means of positive rays!

When applying this logic to Ram sethu,

the possibility of a fracture or fissure on the ocean bed is certainly there.

This was made out in my earlier write-ups quoting textual evidence

(sagaras’ digging, Mynaka’s growth and ocean god not giving in to Rama

to shoot this region with Brahmasthra. )

Calcareous deposit indicates a strong binding of the fracture.

A much stronger binding can be made when corals grow on this structure.

Going by the depth of the corals,

it is seen that someone very well versed in sastras of vedic origin,

had transported them there, knowing very well the property of it.

When such a binding by coral on a seemingly fractured base is there,


Mars, the celestial Commander General is in defense of this formation!

Wherever on earth (oceans, where this coral formation is there)

it can be checked for stubbornness and also whether it is growing

on fractured formations.

This formation will never give in.

Unless the entire coral cover in the Ram sethu is removed,

it is not possible to keep it broken permanently.

Another observation from astrology is that

this represents ‘swathi patham’.

Valmiki describes it as

"sa nalena kR^itaH setuH saagare makara aalaye.

shushubhe subhagaH shriimaan svaatii patha iva ambare."

"That beautiful and lovely bridge constructed by Nala

across the ocean the abode of alligators,

shone brightly like the 'Swathi patham' in the sky."

(Valmiki Ramayana, Yuddha khanda, 22-72 )

The star Swathi signifies a nature that can not be controlled.

The swathi patham starting from stars chithra and ending with anuradha (anusha)

denotes Prajapathi.

According to Taittriya Brahmana 1-5-2,

“Prajapathi is in the form of constellations

of chithra as head,

hastha as hands,

Swathi as heart,

Vishaka as thighs

And anuradha as feet.”

This group of stars astrologically stands for pithru kaaryam

and transfer to higher realms.

Varaha purana recognizes swathi, vishaka and anuradha

as auspicious stars for doing sharddha (oblations to departed ones).

While chithra is ruled by Mars,

Vishaka and anuradha come under the lordships of Mars in the constellation of Scorpio.

So the overwhelming dominance of Mars is found in these stars and in the area

where Ram sethu stands.

This is perhaps why, puranas assigned greatness to this place for pithru tarpaN

and for removal of gravest sins, so that transformation to higher realms can happen.

As per the description of Taittriya Brahmana,

Ram sethu depicts ‘Prajapathi’

(Perhaps the first humans sprang here.

The mention of Lanka in Surya siddhantha,

as nodal point in ascertaining directions

is indicative of some crucial importance to this place, perhaps

as zero degree longitude in olden days.

From many olden civilizations, it is known that

this longitude was earmarked in the east in olden days.)

The stretch of Ram sethu is swathi.

The water bodies on both sides to it are the hastha stars.

The head is at Sethu-k-karai – chitthra.

(The land where Sethu starts is well known for Chithra ppournami festival.)

Vishaka is in the region nearer Lanka.

And anuradha is in Lanka.

(The antecedents of Anuradhapura in Lanka must be looked into.)

This formation is governed by Mars, whose Lord is Mal-marugan,

He is Murugan, who has come in the tradition of Maal, Thirumaal

who, as Rama built this.

My final conclusion is that unless the entire coral cover gets removed,

there can be no danger to Ramsethu.

Any efforts to break it will fail.

The bund will self –heal itself under the positive influence of Mars.


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Puneet Goel said...

Thank you for the wonderful post.

Your views are corrabotated in the Ramopakhyana, which is part of Mahabharata.

Sri Vyasa says "nalaseturitikhyato yo'dyapi prathito bhuvi, rAmasyAjnam puraskRtya dharyate girisannibhah"

This proves that Rama-Setu still existed in the Mahabharata era. And also that it can not be undone because it is gifted with Lord Rama's command.

In my view, anybody who tries undoing the Rama-Setu, would himself be undone.